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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Dark_Cecil

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 08/02/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Disgaea Infinite Walkthrough
    Created by: Dark_Cecil (greenzsaber@gmail.com)
    Version 1.00
    Disgaea Infinite is a spin-off story to the Disgaea series. Unlike the main
    games, which are strategy RPGs. This game is a visual novel in which you can
    make some choices that drive the story. It also features multiple paths and
    Table of Contents
    -Gameplay                                         (HOWTODOSTUFF)
    -Character Summary                                (DOODZ)
    -Walkthrough                                      (PLAYTHEGAME)
     *Prologue                                        (PRINNYPROLOGUE)
     Part 1
     *8th Hour                                        (HOUR8)
     *9th Hour                                        (HOUR9)
     *10th Hour                                       (HOUR10)
     *11th Hour                                       (HOUR11)
     *12th Hour                                       (HOUR12)
     *13th Hour                                       (HOUR13)
     *14th Hour                                       (HOUR14)
     *15th Hour                                       (HOUR15)
     Part 2
     *13th Hour                                       (HOUR13-2)
     *14th Hour                                       (HOUR14-2)
     *15th Hour                                       (HOUR15-2)
     *16th Hour                                       (HOUR16)
     *17th Hour                                       (HOUR17)
     *18th Hour                                       (HOUR18)
     *19th Hour                                       (HOUR19)
     *20th Hour                                       (HOUR20)
     *21th Hour                                       (HOUR21)
     *22th Hour                                       (HOUR22)
     *23th Hour                                       (HOUR23)
     *24th Hour                                       (HOUR24)
     *25th Hour                                       (HOUR25)
    -Extras                                           (EXTRAEXTRA)
     *Netherworld Database                            (EXTRA-1)
     *Music                                           (EXTRA-2)
     *CGs                                             (EXTRA-3)
     *Characters                                      (EXTRA-3)
    -Version History                                  (VRSN-0)
    -Credits, Copyright                               (CRDTSCPY)
    Prinny - The player character of the story. A former criminal who works
    as a slave in the Netherworld to atone for his crimes.
    Laharl - Master of the castle where Prinny works and main character of
    Disgaea 1
    Etna - Laharl's right-hand vassal, though she is always plotting things behind
    his back.
    Flonne - An Angel Trainee who stays at Laharl's castle
    TickTock - A magical watch who can transport its master back in time
    Captain Gordon - A hero from Earth who works under Laharl after losing to him
    in battle.
    Jennifer - Gordon's sidekick who wears barely anything.
    Thursday - An all-purpose robot built by Jennifer.
    Mao - A mad scientist who is always looking for things to examine
    Raspberyl - Mao's partner who is very polite for a demon.
    Most of the gameplay will be watching scenes until a prompt asks you to do 
    something, but here are some things you can do while scenes are showing
    Triangle - brings up a menu where you can choose to save/load your game, view
    the database, go back in time, or change the settings. If a Mind Control
    prompt appears, this button lets you Mind Control a person and influence their
    decisions. Pressing Start while in this menu also allows you to skip the 
    current event and move to the next hour. If a Mind Control prompt is present 
    in the scene and you skip it, the story will continue as if you skipped using
    Mind Control.
    Square - brings up a sub menu where you can choose to skip the current event
    that is playing or view a log of any previous dialogue, complete with voices!
    Skip event allows you to proceed to the next hour unless there's a Mind 
    Control option. Very useful indeed.
    Start - saves your game
    L or R - possesses somebody, lets you follow the person you possessed.
    Select - Autoskips text until you get to a decision point. Very useful 
    The title screen
    Red Flonne portrait sprites in character extras
    Before you start the game, let your PSP idle at the title screen. After about
    30 seconds a neat little preview will play retelling Disgaea 1's story in a
    rather bizarre way. Watch the whole thing to unlock one CG art and a set of
    sprites for Fallen Angel Flonne.
    Database entries
    C-9 Prinny
    A-8 Netherworld
    O-9 Dood
    C-2 Etna
    O-19 Hell (HL)
    C-3 Flonne
    O-10 Theatrical version
    C-1 Laharl
    A-1 Laharl's Bedroom
    O-1 Pudding
    O-37 Cleaning Duty
    O-16 Pocket Watch
    O-1 Pudding
    O-11 Assassination
    O-12 108 Punishments
    CG art
    The story begins with a Prinny contemplating on his life and how miserable it
    is. After that monologue, we cut to a scene in the Overlord's castle, where 
    the Prinny is cleaning. He bumps into a "billboard" who so happens to be one
    of his superiors, Etna. She gets angry at this comment and after some pleading
    from Prinny, she shoots him and walks away. 
    Flonne enters the scene. Prinny openly blurts out Etna's flat-chestedness in
    the process. Flonne reveals to Prinny that Etna didn't kill him due to this
    because she's getting limited edition Super Rare pudding from the Sea of 
    Gehenna. She then makes Prinny promise not to tell anybody, especially the
    Overlord, about the pudding's existence in exchange for her not telling Etna 
    about what the Prinny really thinks of her chest.
    Flonne leaves, then Prinny has another monologue with himself, saying that he
    better keep this a secret. A voice pops out in the background, asking about a
    secret. Prinny openly spills the beans, and the screen shifts to the speaker,
    who is none other than Laharl, the one whom Prinny promised Flonne not to tell
    in the first place. Prinny finally realizes his mistake, but it's too late.
    Laharl is now determined to find and steal Etna's pudding for himself.
    Laharl gathers a few Prinnies and asks them to find the pudding. In the 
    meantime Prinny mumbles about how bad this idea is. He then decides to forget
    his worries by cleaning up. He then finds a watch among the junk and tinkers
    with it. He then starts hearing voices in his head and passes out.
    The Prinny then wakes up to Laharl demanding he search for the pudding. In a
    moment of panic Prinny goes nuts and starts rushing around the place, 
    eventually colliding with the screen! He then falls out of the castle and 
    stays outside for a while, then hears a huge explosion.
    Laharl then concludes he was "assassinated" then deduces that Etna and Flonne 
    were not responsible, which leaves only the Prinnies. He then threatens all
    the Prinnies so the culprit can step up. When no one does, he decides to
    punish everybody. This makes our hero Prinny understandably upset, and his
    overwhelming emotions activate the watch, officially starting the game!
    Database entries
    C-10 TickTock
    O-26 Tutorial
    So the watch transports the Prinny to the past, and you end up back where
    Laharl finds the Prinny asleep. The watch reveals itself to be a sentient
    being known as TickTock who can transport the user to the past. She will give
    the Prinny a tutorial on possessing things. Basically you are now playing as
    the Prinny's soul, and can choose to possess characters to follow them around
    and see what's going on from their perspective.
    The Timetable option is unlocked, which allows Prinny to go back in time
    to his soul's last "restore point"
    The Diary option is also unlocked, which keeps a log of things that have
    transpired around the castle.
    You can choose to possess Laharl if you want, but let's stick with the Prinny
    for now. After the Prinny falls, he will wait for a long time until the
    explosion happens again. At this point, he realizes it's futile and goes back
    in time again.
    When you get back, TickTock will introduce a new mechanic: Mind Control (MC). 
    This allows Prinny to mind control whoever he's currently possessing whenever
    his host struggles to decide something. She'll go through another tutorial 
    with you on how to do this. Make sure you know Possess and Mind Control well, 
    for that's all you'll be doing for the rest of the game!
    From this point on, the guide will be broken up into hours and the events that
    happen during each hour. Each event description will have anything important
    or interesting that you may want to know. The events will be organized by hour
    and each event will be set up as follows:
    *******Event Name*******
    How to reach- self-explanatory
    Unlockables- any database entries, CG art, or endings that appear in this 
    event are listed here. E-# denotes an ending, CG-# denotes a CG art, and
    everything else are database entries
    MC options- whether you can Mind Control a character and what the options are.
    A (C) by the option means picking that option will cause an important change.
    What happens- this summarizes what happens when the story progresses naturally
    (i.e. Mind Controlling a character didn't change anything)
    MC results- summary of what happens when a change does occur due to Mind 
    Controlling somebody. Basically, what happens when you pick a Mind Control 
    option with (C) in it.
    Ending 1
    A-04 Castle: Outside
    O-28 Geo Symbol
    Ending-1 Prinny Geo Symbol
    Where to start: Angry Laharl (8 Hr)
    Possess Laharl as the tutorial says and when you get to Mind Control him, do
    so but let the timer run out. Prinny will get sent outside the castle again,
    but there will be new dialogue this time. Advance a few hours, and there will
    be a new object in the scene: A Geo Symbol! Possess it and stick with it then
    you will get this ending.
    Part 1
    8th hour (HOUR8)
    *******Angry Laharl*******
    MC options (Laharl)
    -He's dead! I can't wake him up! (C)
    -He must be broken. (C)
    -He's too cute to wake up (C)
    What happens normally: Laharl finds a Prinny, wakes him up, and Prinny falls
    off the castle.
    MC results: Prinny will be left alone. Any option will do
    9th hour (HOUR9)
    *******Heroes 2*******
    How to reach: Possess Laharl
    C-4 Gordon
    C-6 Thursday
    O-38 Defender of Earth **
    O-40 Space Dryer Paper
    O-14 Tsundere ***
    A-2 Throne Room
    O-39 Scavenger
    MC options (Laharl, must have left Prinny sleeping in "Angry Laharl")
    -What's with the shininess? 
    -What's with the fluffiness? (Unlocks Space Dryer Paper entry) 
    -Don't go into my bedroom! (C)
    MC options (Gordon, must have chosen "Don't go into my bedroom!" with Laharl)
    -Let's go to the Throne Room (C)
    -Thursday is broken
    -Let the Prinny sleep (C) (Unlocks Throne Room and Scavenger entry)
    What happens: Laharl meets Captain Gordon and Thursday. 
    **Unlocked if the Prinny falls off the castle in "Angry Laharl"
    ***Possess Thursday or Gordon after choosing "What's with the shininess" or
    "What's with the fluffiness?" option to get this entry
    MC results
    Gordon and Thursday will go to the throne room instead of Laharl's bedroom.
    10th hour (HOUR10)
    *******Laharl and Jennifer*******
    How to reach: Possess Laharl in "Heroes 2"
    C-5 Jennifer
    A-3 Hall
    O-3 Sexy Bod
    MC options (Jennifer)
    -Give the Prinnies a bonus
    -You and Etna are so close
    -Go apologize to Etna
    What happens: Laharl meets Jennifer, who thinks he has a thing for Etna
    How to reach: Possess Gordon or Thursday in event "Heroes 2". Prinny must not
    be sleeping
    O-41 Dresser and Vase
    MC options (Gordon)
    -Learn Lord Laharl's secret (UNlocks Dresser and Vase entry)
    -It's tea time
    -Clean the room first
    What happens: Gordon and Thursday enter Laharl's room, to find a mess. They
    decide whether or not to clean the room.
    *******HeroMaid 2*******
    How to reach: Prinny must still be sleeping. Don't choose "Don't go into my
    bedroom!" in "Heroes 2" and possess either Gordon or Thursday
    What happens: Gordon kicks the sleeping Prinny out
    *******Hero v Etna*******
    How to reach: Choose either "Let's go to the Throne Room" or "Let the Prinny
    sleep" in "Heroes 2"
    O-43 Gentleman 
    O-44 Hero's duty
    MC options (Etna)
    -Leave it to Master Etna
    -Gordon you're tired (Unlocks Hero's Duty entry)
    -Be good to the Prinnies
    What happens: Etna runs into Gordon and manages to get away from him.
    11th hour (HOUR11)
    *******Flonne and Laharl*******
    How to reach: Possess Laharl in "Laharl and Jennifer"
    A-6 Shop
    O-4 Flat Chest
    O-2 Crab Brain
    MC options (Laharl)
    -I'll help (C) **
    -Come back tomorrow (Unlocks Flat Chest and Crab Brain entry)
    -I'll go find him for you (Leads to a nice Zelda homage)
    What happens: Flonne whines about a delivery boy messing up her delivery
    MC results
    ** Choosing this option sends you to event "Search Together"
    *******HeroMaid 3*******
    How to reach: Go through either "HeroMaid" or "HeroMaid 2"
    O-23 Gordon [skill name]! (If coming from "HeroMaid")
    O-66 Cockroach (If coming from "HeroMaid")
    O-42 Teriyaki Pizza (If coming from "HeroMaid 2")
    O-65 Mom (Choose "Learn Laharl's secret" in "HeroMaid" to get the entry)
    What happens: Gordon freaks out over a cockroach if coming from HeroMaid. If
    coming from "HeroMaid 2", or if coming from "HeroMaid" and the room is cleaned
    Gordon talks about Teriyaki Pizza.
    *******Odd Room*******
    How to reach: Possess Gordon in "Hero v Etna"
    What happens:  Gordon tries to futilely beat up a flame
    *******Etna and Jennifer*******
    How to reach: Possess Etna in "Hero v Etna" or Jennifer in "Laharl and 
    O-22 Previews
    O-46 Stupid Laugh (Must be possessing Jennifer coming into this event)
    What happens:  Etna runs into Jennifer
    12 hour (HOUR12)
    *******Etna and Laharl*******
    How to reach: Possess Laharl and do not choose "I'll help" in "Flonne and 
    A-10 Celestia
    What happens: Laharl finds Etna and reveals that he knows about the pudding
    *******Search Together*******
    How to reach: In event "Flonne and Laharl" MC Laharl and choose either "I'll
    help" or "I'll go find him for you"
    What happens: Laharl stops searching for the delivery boy and looks for Etna
    *******Find Mao!*******
    How to reach: Possess Flonne during "Flonne and Laharl"
    What happens: Flonne looks for the delivery boy
    *******Super Thursday*******
    How to reach: Go through event "HeroMaid 3"
    O-47 Power-Up Unit
    What happens: Jennifer installs a new powerup unit on Thursday, but it causes
    Thursday to go berserk instead.
    New Diary info: Thursday went crazy and something shot out of body. Was it the
    fuel pack?
    *******Super Thursday 2/Stop the Rage*******
    How to reach: Go through "Odd Room" or possess Jennifer in "Etna and Jennifer"
    NOTE: This event will be renamed Stop the Rage once Prinny figures out what's
    going on.
    MC options (Jennifer, event must be renamed to Stop the Rage)
    -Power switch off
    -Final check (C)
    -Final Arts
    O-31 Spit up the sky (Must go through "Etna and Jennifer" to unlock)
    O-48 Netherworld SP Healing (Must have chosen "Leave it to Master Etna" in 
    Hero v Etna event, then possess Gordon)
    What happens: Same event as Super Thursday
    MC results: Doing the final check will stop Thursday from going wild, and this
    will create a new restore point that opens up part 2
    13th hour (HOUR13)
    *******Etna and Laharl 2*******
    How to reach: Possess Laharl or Etna in "Etna and Laharl"
    O-33 UFO
    MC options (Etna, must have possessed Etna in "Etna and Laharl") 
    -It's a gift for you (C)**
    -It's a UFO (Unlocks UFO entry) 
    -Let's share
    What happens: Etna tricks Laharl and escapes, Laharl finally figures it out
    and goes off to find her.
    MC results
    ** Sends you to Miffed Etna event if possessing Etna, sends you to Pudding?
    if possessing Laharl
    *******Find Etna*******
    How to reach: Possess Laharl in event "Search Together"
    What happens: Laharl looks for Etna
    *******Odd Parts*******
    How to reach: Possess Gordon or Jennifer in "Super Thursday 2"
    O-18 Thursday's Body Part (Possess the Prinny)
    What happens: Gordon and Jennifer look for Thursday
    New Diary entry: That Prinny in arms looks like he wanted to say something.
    I wonder what it was?
    After possessing Prinny
    New Diary entry: The pudding Lord Laharl gobbled up was probably the fuel pack
    *******Got Mao!*******
    How to reach: Go through the event "Find Mao!" or possess Flonne in event
    "Search Together"
    C-7 Mao
    O-50 Angel Trainee
    What happens: Flonne finds Mao, and after an exchange of words Mao seems to
    have taken an interest in her.
    New Diary entry: The delivery boy with glasses openly admitted to swapping the
    packages around... He's very suspicious, dood...
    New Diary entry: The fake pudding Master Etna got... I'd bet my cut salary 
    that the delivery boy swapped it around, dood!
    *******Catch Thursday!*******
    How to reach: Possess Gordon or Jennifer during "Super Thursday"
    What happens: Gordon and Jennifer look for Thursday
    *******Crazy Thursday 2*******
    How to reach: Possess Thursday in "Super Thursday 2"
    What happens: A still berserk Thursday goes through the hall.
    *******Crazy Thursday*******
    How to reach: Possess Thursday in "Super Thursday"
    What happens: Thursday runs through the throne room
    14th hour (HOUR14)
    *******Find Etna 2*******
    How to reach: Possess Laharl in event "Find Etna" or "Etna and Laharl 2"
    What happens: Laharl finds a Prinny who says he saw Etna in his room. Laharl
    goes there.
    *******Not Pudding?*******
    How to reach: Possess Etna during "Etna and Laharl 2". Do not choose "It's
    a gift for you" when given the MC option.
    O-45 Great Overlord
    What happens: Etna finds out the pudding is a fake
    New Diary Entry: The pudding Master Etna received was actually a fake!
    *******Miffed Etna*******
    How to reach: Choose "It's a gift for you" in "Etna and Laharl 2"
    A-5 Secret Room
    O-15 Diary
    What happens: Etna gets embarrassed about her previous decision
    *******Scary Mao*******
    How to reach: Be in event "Got Mao!"
    What happens: Mao stalks Flonne, but is stopped by Thursday going out of 
    *******Catch Thursday! 2*******
    How to reach: Go through event "Catch Thursday!"
    What happens: Gordon and Jennifer still look for Thursday
    How to reach: Possess Laharl after choosing "It's a gift for you" in
    "Etna and Laharl 2"
    What happens: Laharl eats Etna's gift, which explodes
    15th hour (HOUR15)
    *******Prince Boom*******
    How to reach: Possess Laharl
    What happens: Laharl finds a mess in his room, cleans it up, and finds a
    mysterious object thinking it's the pudding, then eats it then explodes.
    New Diary Info!
    What was the pudding Laharl ate really?
    *******Prince Boom 2*******
    How to reach: Go through "Super Thursday 2" then go through "Find Etna 2"
    What happens: Laharl eats Thursday's fuel pack and explodes
    *******Etna and Flonne*******
    How to reach: Be in the event "Not Pudding?" or possess Flonne in "Scary Mao"
    What happens: Etna and Flonne meet up, hear a large explosion from Laharl 
    eating the "pudding"
    *******Flying Mao*******
    How to reach: Possess Mao in event "Scary Mao"
    O-35 Geoffrey
    What happens: Mao gets tossed out of the castle
    *******Thursday Stops*******
    How to reach: Possess Thursday in event "Scary Mao" or go through event "Catch
    Thursday! 2"
    What happens: Gordon and Jennifer find Thursday and Thursday stops his rampage
    How to get to Part 2
    8th hour
    Possess and MC Laharl, pick any option. Stick with possessing Laharl
    9th hour
    Still possessing Laharl, MC him then choose "Don't go into my bedroom", then
    possess Gordon and MC him. Choose anything but "Thursday is broken"
    10th hour
    Possess whoever
    11th hour
    If at event "Etna and Jennifer", possess Jennifer. if at "Odd Room" you just
    need to advance.
    12th hour
    Possess either Gordon or Jennifer
    13th-15th hour
    POssess the Prinny
    Go back to hour 8
    8th hour
    Possess and MC Laharl, pick any option. Stick with possessing Laharl
    9th hour
    Still possessing Laharl, MC him then choose "Don't go into my bedroom", then
    possess Gordon and MC him. Choose anything but "Thursday is broken"
    10th hour
    Possess Etna
    11th hour
    Possess Jennifer
    12th hour
    MC Jennifer, choose "Final Check"
    Part 2
    13th hour (HOUR13-2)
    *******New Journey*******
    How to reach: Choose "Final Check" in "Stop the Rage"
    O-34 Glasses
    What happens: Defenders of Earth realize they have the wrong item and set out
    to find the one responsible
    14th hour (HOUR14-2)
    *******Laharl and Jennifer cont.*******
    How to reach: Possess Jennifer in "New Journey"  
    MC options (Laharl)
    -I'm interested in Jennifer
    -I'm interested in Thursday
    -I'm interested in your body
    What happens: Laharl meets Jennifer
    *******Go, Gordon*******
    How to reach: Possess Gordon in "New Journey"  
    What happens: Gordon searches for the delivery boy
    *******Go, Thursday!*******
    How to reach: Possess Thursday in "New Journey"  
    O-17 Death Flag Cliche
    What happens: Thursday finds the delivery boy harrassing Flonne
    15th hour (HOUR15-2)
    *******Etna and Flonne 2*******
    How to reach: Possess Jennifer and stick with her, or possess Thursday at the 
    beginning of "New Journey", then in "Go, Thursday!" possess Flonne. Note that
    Etna will NOT be present in this event if you don't come here possessing 
    What happens: Flonne and Etna talk
    *******Laharl and Beryl*******
    How to reach: Possess Laharl in "Laharl and Jennifer"
    O-51 Love Mania 
    What happens: Laharl meets Raspberyl
    New Diary entry: If Flonne got her precious DVD, maybe she could save the
    Prinny Squad's salary using her power of love, dood...
    *******Gordon Stares*******
    How to reach: Possess Gordon in "New Journey"  
    What happens: Mao captures Gordon
    16th hour (HOUR16)
    *******Delinquency 101*******
    How to reach: Be in "Laharl and Beryl"
    O-56 What is an Overlord?
    O-13 Volunteering 
    O-52 Another World's language
    MC options (Laharl)
    -Let's volunteer
    -Jennifer's class is better (Unlocks Another world's Language entry)
    -Let's study together (C)
    What happens: Raspberyl talks to Laharl about delinquency. Laharl eve
    MC results
    Go to event "Delinquency 102"
    *******Angry Etna*******
    How to reach: Possess Etna during "Etna and Flonne 2" Must have possessed
    Flonne in "Go, Thursday!" to do so.
    O-69 Mystery
    MC options (Etna)
    -He's super cute
    -That's just how he is (C)
    -He's dead
    What happens: Etna boots the sleeping Prinny out
    MC results
    Etna leaves the sleeping Prinny alone
    17th hour (HOUR17)
    *******Student Jennifer*******
    How to reach: Possess Jennifer
    O-53 Hellmarks 
    What happens: Jennifer meets Raspberyl, who gives her a talk about delinquency
    *******Where's Etna? 2*******
    How to reach: Possess Laharl in "Delinquency 101" Do not pick "Let's study 
    What happens: Laharl looks for Etna
    *******Delinquency 102*******
    How to reach: In event Delinquency 101 MC Laharl then pick "Let's Study 
    What happens: Laharl finds the real pudding and eats it
    18th hour (HOUR18)
    *******Student Jennifer 2*******
    How to reach: Be in "Student Jennifer"
    O-54 Sea of Gehenna
    A-9 Human World (Possess Raspberyl to get entry)
    What happens: More talk about delinquency and demons. An explosion is heard in
    the distance, and you have to restart
    *******War of Pudding?*******
    How to reach: Possess either Laharl, Flonne or Etna at hour 17
    O-55 Battle Cry
    MC options (Laharl)
    -You can have it back (C)
    -Pudding explanation
    -I wanna do a pudding dance
    MC options (Flonne)
    -It's not the pudding
    -Crab Brain (C) (Unlocks Battle Cry entry)
    -Smack (C)
    What happens: Laharl attempts to eat the pudding, which is actually the fuel 
    MC results 
    Move on to 19th hour, Our Goal
    How to reach: Possess the Prinny in "Where's Etna? 2"
    What happens: Laharl eats the fuel pack offscreen
    19th hour (HOUR19)
    *******Our Goal*******
    How to reach: Prevent Laharl from eating the fuel pack in "War of Pudding"
    O-20 Old-looking Bottle
    E-6 Etna sucks the Prince!
    O-68 Ivoire
    O-70 Special Range of Effect
    MC options (Etna)
    -Fair and square (C)
    -Everyone unite (C)
    -I'll attack first (C) (unlocks Special Range of Effect entry)
    What happens: Ending 6 plays here. Laharl gets sucked into a Bottlemail and
    gets sent to the world of Phantom Brave.
    New Diary entry: If I could give the pudding to Master Etna, not only will my
    salary be safe, but I might get a bonus too, dood!
    MC Effect
    Any one of these options will cause Laharl to not eat the fake pudding
    20th hour (HOUR20)
    *******Etna Volunteers*******
    How to reach: Possess Etna in event "Our Goal" Must have MC'd Etna in same 
    O-5 Amazombie
    C-8 Raspberyl
    What happens: Etna meets Raspberyl, who forces her to put up posters
    *******His Kids?!*******
    How to reach: Possess Laharl in event "Our Goal" Must have MC'd Etna in same 
    O-49 Evil Quotient
    O-27 Guffaw
    What happens: Laharl meets Mao
    *******Flonne and Jennifer*******
    How to reach: Possess Flonne in event "Our Goal" Must have MC'd Etna in same 
    What happens: Flonne finds Jennifer, who has the real pudding. She exchanges
    the fuel pack she has for the pudding and both girls part ways.
    21th hour (HOUR21)
    *******Flonne Volunteer*******
    How to reach: Possess Flonne or Etna in 20th hour
    O-57 Cool
    O-32 Trendy
    MC options (Etna)
    -I'm gonna do my best (C)
    -I've got new ideas for posters (Unlocks Trendy entry)
    -Let's go to another place
    What happens: Flonne helps out Etna and Raspberyl
    MC results
    Raspberyl leaves and Etna sticks around, next event is "Castle Cleaning 2"
    *******Guffaw War*******
    How to reach: Go through event "His Kids?!"
    O-58 Manga
    What happens: Laharl engages in a laugh-off with Mao
    22th hour (HOUR22)
    *******Crisis Etna*******
    How to reach: Possess Etna in "Flonne Volunteer" If you MC'd her, do not
    choose "I'm gonna do my best"
    O-67 Woman's Intuition
    E-7 Mao's Caught specimens
    What happens: Mao captures Etna
    *******Castle Cleaning*******
    How to reach: Possess Laharl in "Guffaw War", or have Etna leave in "Flonne
    Volunteer" and do not possess her
    O-59 Laharlisms
    O-8 Fish Cake
    O-29 Meatopia Chocolate Bar
    MC options (Laharl)
    -This poster is crooked (C)
    -I approve (Unlocks Laharlisms entry)
    -Let's put some posters up (C)
    MC options (Flonne, must have MC'd Laharl earlier and said "I approve")
    -Fish Cake (Unlocks Fish Cake entry)
    -Take something else (Unlocks Meatopia Chocolate Bar entry)
    -You can have the pudding
    What happens: Go to event "Cleaning Canned"
    MC results
    Go to event "Overlord Volunteers"
    *******Castle Cleaning 2*******
    How to reach: MC Etna in "Flonne Volunteer" and say "I'll do my best"
    MC options (Etna)
    -You can have the pudding
    -Let's put up these posters 
    -I'll just watch (C)
    If Etna is not MC'd, you will get Ending 6. If you MC'd Etna but didn't
    pick "I'll just watch", you'll get Ending 2
    What happens: Either ending 6 or 2 will play
    MC results
    Go to "Cleaning Hell"
    *******Jennifer in Danger*******
    How to reach: Possess Raspberyl when she's about to leave in "Flonne 
    O-60 Fixing Up
    O-25 Honor and Delinquency
    E-8 What?! No Specimens?!
    What happens: Raspberyl finds Mao planning to capture Jennifer and asks Mao to
    let her be. Mao complies and releases Gordon and Thursday.
    23th hour
    *******Cleaning Canned*******
    How to reach: Be in event "Castle Cleaning" but do not pick "This poster is 
    crooked" or "Let's put some posters up".
    O-6 Prism Rangers
    O-7 Effort Ninja Gorillian
    E-2 Savor the Pudding
    What happens: Laharl eats the real pudding
    *******Poster Work*******
    How to reach: Possess Raspberyl in event "Jennifer in Danger"
    What happens: Raspberyl decides to go back and see how Laharl and Flonne are 
    *******Overlord Volunteers*******
    How to reach: Be in event "Castle Cleaning" and pick "This poster is crooked" 
    or "Let's put some posters up".
    O-61 Netherworld HP Healing
    What happens: Laharl puts up posters
    *******Jennifer's Crisis*******
    How to reach: Possess Jennifer in "Crisis Etna"
    O-36 Sea Cucumber
    O-24 [Number] Arts
    MC options (Jennifer)
    -I love them (C)
    -I don't really care
    -Marinated food is good (C) (Unlocks [Number] Arts entry)
    What happens: Jennifer gets captured by Mao
    MC results
    Jennifer beats Mao up and frees her captured comrades
    *******Cleaning Hell*******
    How to reach: MC Etna at "Castle Cleaning 2" and choose "I'll just watch".
    O-21 Poster 
    What happens: Flonne forces Etna and Laharl to clean up.
    *******Hero: Back*******
    How to reach: Possess Jennifer in event "Jennifer in Danger"
    E-11 Defender of Earth
    What happens: Defenders of Earth are free and celebrate
    24th Hour (HOUR24)
    *******Done Volunteering?*******
    How to reach: Possess Raspberyl in "Cleaning Canned"
    O-7 Evil Academy
    E-9 Mao and Beryl's Mistake
    What happens: Raspberyl finds Mao, and they both return to their own world.
    *******Hero: Back 2*******
    How to reach: Choose "Marinated food is good" or "I love them" in event 
    "Jennifer's Crisis"
    E-11 Defender of Earth
    What happens: Defenders of Earth are rescued, they laugh as the game ends
    *******That Prism Ranger DVD*******
    How to reach: Possess Flonne in event "Overlord Volunteers"
    E-4 Prism Ranger Flonne!
    What happens: Flonne is ecstatic to finally have her DVD
    *******Etna's Pudding*******
    How to reach: Possess Etna during event "Cleaning Hell"
    O-62 Bonus
    E-5 Etna, My Dear Pudding 
    O-63 How Many Prinnies?
    MC options (Etna)
    -Picture time
    -I'll share with the Prince (C)
    -I'll share with the Prinnies (Unlocks How Many Prinnies? entry)
    What happens: Etna enjoys her pudding
    MC results
    Go to Etna's Pudding 2
    *******Our Treasure*******
    How to reach: Possess Laharl or Flonne in event "Cleaning Hell"
    E-12 Praising Laharl
    What happens: Raspberyl gives Flonne a limited edition DVD as an apology for
    the mix-up. Flonne leaves, and Raspberyl tells Laharl that the Prinnies are
    praising him.
    25th hour (HOUR25)
    *******Two Rivals*******
    How to reach: Possess Raspberyl in event "Our Treasure"
    O-64 Kyoko and Asuka 
    E-10 Mao and Beryl Volunteer!
    What happens: Raspberyl and Mao head off
    *******Etna's Pudding 2*******
    How to reach: MC Etna in "Etna's Pudding" and choose "I'll share with the
    O-30 Time
    E-13 Best Ending
    What happens: Etna offers Laharl the pudding, in exchange for saying something
    to Flonne. Laharl reluctantly accepts. He and Etna see Flonne, who's 
    struggling with her DVD. The Defenders of Earth show up and fix it. Laharl
    reluctantly congratulates Flonne for passing her first Angel exam, and the
    best ending plays.
    *******Flonne's Unplayable DVD*******
    How to reach: Possess Flonne in event "Our Treasure"
    E-3 Flonne's Unplayable DVD 
    What happens: Flonne can't play her DVD. Ending 3 plays. 
    Secret Ending
    How to reach: Unlock all endings. This one will play after seeing one of the
    regular endings
    C-11 Asagi
    E-14 The Name Is Asagi
    Extras (EXTRAEXTRA)
    Netherworld Database (EXTRA-1)
    If you want to know where to find this entry, ctrl + F (C-#), where # is the
    number of the entry
    1. Laharl 
    2. Etna
    3. Flonne 
    4. Gordon
    5. Jennifer
    6. Thursday
    7. Mao
    8. Raspberyl
    9. Prinny 
    10. TickTock 
    11. Asagi
    If you want to know where to find this entry, ctrl + F (A-#), where # is the
    number of the entry
    1. Laharl's Bredroom
    2. Throne Room
    3. Hall
    4. Castle: Outside
    5. Secret Room
    6. Shop
    7. Evil Academy
    8. Netherworld - Prologue
    9. Human World
    10. Celestia
    If you want to know where to find this entry, ctrl + F (O-#), where # is the
    number of the entry
    1. Pudding
    2. Crab Brain
    3. Sexy Bod
    4. Flat Chest
    5. Amazombie
    6. Prism Rangers
    7. Effort Ninja Gorillian
    8. Fish Cake
    9. Dood - introduction
    10. Theatrical Version 
    11. Assassination
    12. 108 Punishments 
    13. Volunteer
    14. Tsundere
    15. Diary
    16. Pocket Watch
    17. Death Flag Cliche
    18. Thursday's Body Part
    19. Hell (HL) 
    20. Old Bottle
    21. Poster
    22. Previews
    23. Gordon [skill name]!
    24. [Number] Arts
    25. Honor & Delinquency
    26. Tutorial
    27. Guffaw
    28. Geo Symbol
    29. Meatopia Chocolate Bar
    30. Time
    31. Spit up The Sky
    32. Trendy
    33. UFO
    34. Glasses
    35. Geoffrey
    36. Sea Cucumber
    37. Cleaning Duty
    38. Defender of Earth
    39. Scavenger
    40. Space Dryer Paper
    41. Dresser and Vase
    42. Teriyaki Pizza
    43. Gentleman
    44. Hero's Duty
    45. Great Overlord
    46. Stupid Laugh
    47. Power-Up Unit
    48. Netherworld SP Healing
    49. Evil Quotient
    50. Angel Trainee
    51. Love Mania
    52. Another World's Language
    53. Hellmark
    54. Sea of Gehenna
    55. Battle Cry
    56. What is an Overlord? 
    57. Cool
    58. Manga
    59. Laharlisms
    60. Fixing Up
    61. Netherworld HP Healing
    62. Bonus
    63. How Many Prinnies?
    64. Kyoko & Asuka
    65. Mom
    66. Cockroach
    67. Woman's Intuition
    68. Ivoire
    69. Mystery
    70. Special Range of Effect
    If you want to know where to find this entry, ctrl + F (E-#), where # is the
    number of the entry
    1. Prinny Geo symbol
    2. Savor the Pudding
    3. Flonne's Unplayable DVD
    4. Prism Ranger Flonne!
    5. Etna, My Dear Pudding
    6. Etna sucks The Prince!
    7. Mao's Caught Specimens!
    8. What?! No Specimens?!
    9. Mao & Beryl's Mistake 
    10. Mao & Beryl Volunteer!
    11. Defender of Earth
    12. Praising Laharl
    13. Best Ending
    14. The Name Is Asagi
    Music (EXTRA-2)
    1. Makai Infinite 
    2. Flying Prinny
    3. Candy-Colored Gallery 
    4. Netherworld's Whisper 
    5. Overlord's Castle 
    6. You Go, Girl 
    7. Angel Smile
    8. Mischievous Steps 
    9. The Anthem of Braves
    10. March of the Planet Earth 
    11. Akuma Drops
    12. Fancy Ball
    13. Hysteric Kingdom 
    14. Hell Pics
    15. Wanderer
    16. AKUMA Galops 
    17. Baby PIG
    18. Tiny Diary
    19. Sir Laharl's Hymn
    20. Allies
    21. Etna Rock
    22. Mao Goes!
    23. Lovely Combination
    24. Midnight Hero
    CGs (EXTRA-3)
    1. Trapped Prinny - Get Prinny Geo Symbol ending
    2. Laharl, Etna, and Flonne with sparkles - Watch the preview, it shows up 
    near the end.
    3. Defender of Earth - Get "Defender of Earth" ending
    4. Mao and Raspberyl - Get any of the endings with Mao or Raspberyl
    5. Asagi - Get secret ending 
    6. Laharl with explosion in the background - Prologue
    7. Happy Cast - Get "Best Ending"
    8. Etna eating - Get ending "Etna, My Dear Pudding"
    9. Flonne and Prism Rangers - Get "Prism Ranger Flonne" ending
    10. Laharl and Prinnies - Get "Praising Laharl" ending
    Characters (EXTRA-4)
    You can view all the character portait sprites used in the game here. To 
    unlock a character's set of sprites, you simply have to meet them once. The 
    one exception is Red Flonne, who does not appear in game, and is only unlocked 
    by watching the preview scene.
    Characters included are
    -Prinny (Soul)
    -Red Flonne
    -Geo Symbol
    Q and A
    Q: What is this game about?
    A: This game is basically a visual novel (a la Phoenix Wright) where you solve
    a mystery behind events that occur in Laharl's castle.
    Q: Do I need to play any Disgaea games to understand this one?
    A: If you've never played a NIS game before, a lot of the humor and jokes will
    be lost on you. Most of the characters are also from the first game so playing
    that will help you understand the characters a bit better. You can get by 
    without having played any Disgaea game before though.
    Q: How long will this game take?
    A: Probably 2-3 hours. If you want to get everything, add another hour on top
    of that.
    Q: In some scenes I occasionally see this cat making some appearances. What's
    up with that?
    A: That's Toro, one of Sony's characters. He makes some cameos in NIS games
    from time to time.
               VERSION HISTORY
    Walkthrough is complete for the most part, and includes most of the paths you
    will take throughout the game. All the Database entries are also included, as
    well as where to find them
    I'd like to thank the Disgaea Infinite board for helping me find info about
    some obscure database entries.
    I'd also like to thank Nippon Ichi Software, for making this wonderful game, 
    and NIS America, for localizing it.
    This FAQ is written by Dark_Cecil
    Copyright © 2011
    You can reach me at greenzsaber@gmail.com if you want to provide feedback.
    Please DO NOT e-mail me with simple questions that this guide already answers.
    They will be ignored.
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