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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kwing

    Version: 0.98 | Updated: 01/28/15 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    |_T |_H |_I (_S   |_I (_S   /_A |_N   |_R |_P (_G        |                |
                                                             |  VERSION 0.98  |
    ~ A comprehensive walkthrough by Kwing ~                 |________________|
    [00Dun] DUNGEON
    - Hiyo's Cave          - Cave of Beginnings
    - Dragon Forest        - Burning Cave
    - Absolute Zero        - Golden Shrine
    - Mystery Lab          - Monster House
    - Scorching Desert     - Nostalgic Castle
    - Enemy Cave           - Courage Wanted
    - Energy Square        - Place of Beginnings
    - New Enemy            - Last Boss
    - Land of Oblivion     - Khamun's Revenge
    - Land of Remembrance  - Evil Map
    - Overfiend Map        - Land of Remembrance (lv999)
    - Evil Map (lv999)     - Overfiend Map (lv999)
    [00Ran] RANGEON
    - Search Area          - Forest Area
    - Plank Area           - Dragon Area
    - Novice Area          - Fire Area
    - Ice Area             - Trap Area
    - Ninja Area           - Mid-Tier Area
    - Mine Area            - Mujun Area
    - Naon Area            - Knight Area
    - Veteran Area         - Still-Half Area
    - Sort of Tiring Area  - Quick Area
    - Sorcerer Area        - Barrier Area
    - Magma Area           - Bonus Area
    - Ice Age Area         - Almost Done Area
    - Giant Area           - Monstrosity Area
    - Freak Area           - All-Star Area
    - Last Area            - Dark World
    - Connecting Forest    - Legendary Castle
    - Magma Ocean          - Glacier Forest
    - Dwelling of Evil     - Ancient Ruins
    [00Equip] EQUIPMENT
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    Version Updates:
    12/13/11 - Uploaded version 0.80, missing Overfiend Map walkthroughs.
    3/25/12 - Uploaded version 0.90, added Overfiend Map info and tips.
    4/21/12 - Uploaded version 0.91, added a strategy for Overfiend 4F and Yam Hero
    10/31/12 - Uploaded version 0.92, added walkthroughs for the Ran-Geno areas and
    multiplayer levels.
    4/13/14 - Uploaded version 0.93, added the three Legendary Magic Circles.
    4/19/14 - Version 0.96, added walkthroughs for all lv999 maps except LoR 4F.
    5/30/14 - Version 0.97, added walkthrough for LoR 4F (lv999).
    1/26/15 - Version 0.99, added tips for beating Rangeon at lv999, speed guides
    for lv999 Dungeon maps, and equipment lists.
    Q: What class should I be?
    A: When you start the game, there are a couple class combinations you’re going 
    to want in order to get strong quickly. If you’re not interested in changing 
    classes, Merchant has both Fire and Ice spells and a regenerative ability that 
    will help in almost any situation. Or just use a Spirit (Soul title) weapon to
    be able to damage any enemy.
    Q: How do I change classes?
    A: Go inside the tree in the top left of Arcanus Cella and talk to the red Hiyo.
    He will allow you to change classes when you're at least level 10, which resets
    your level back to 1.
    Q: How should I mix and match class changes to conserve SP?
    A: Switching from Warrior to Guardian will also help, as you’ll have F. Element
    and I. Element from Warrior and Heal from Guardian. Leveling up as a Guardian 
    also means unlocking the Magic Circle “Core”, arguably the best Magic Circle 
    that you don’t have to unlock via Ran-Geon. The Element abilities only require
    one casting for your weapon to be powered up for 20 seconds, so they’re great
    for conserving SP. You also don't have to add artifacts to make them strong.
    Q: How should I mix and match class changes to be stronger?
    A: Switching from Wizard to Guardian is another good combination, as you’ll get
    the homing spells G. Fire and G. Ice in addition to healing spells. These are 
    good for long-ranged attacks, and also have an element regardless of your
    status; alternatively, if you used I. Element while on fire, you would still 
    heal fire enemies!
    Q: What's the best way to grind?
    A: My favorite method of stat grinding is to switch a character to Wizard class
    and bring them to Newgeon and grind up until they're level 99, then do it again
    and again until they have 999 MP. Then I do the same with Dragoons until they
    have 999 HP. Then switch them to a moderate class like Warrior, Merchant, or
    Guardian and bring them up to level 99 to see where their stats are, so both HP
    and MP can be 999 at once. I especially like to do this with Guardian, since it
    boosts Angel Guard in Newgeon. If you use your preferred main character as a sub
    for all this time, grind them as a Dragoon or Guardian to max out their attack
    and defense, and max out their SP as a Wizard if you can, too. A particularly
    effective way to level up quickly is to hit a bunch of Hell Gates in New-geon,
    crank up the enemy level until you land on a double level floor, run away from a
    large group of enemies, and spam Hell Dragoon when there are a bunch of monsters
    on-screen. You can rake in immense amounts of experience doing this.
    Q: What weapon should I use?
    A: Swords are the fastest weapon type, but are not as strong as axes. The sword
    is easier to use but the axe is the better long-term weapon, and can also break
    some blocks. As for staves, they are decent weapons but are really for spell
    casters, as they halve SP consumption and cast time for all spells.
    Q: How should I fight monsters?
    A: Most enemies can be defeated without taking a hit. When you encounter enemies
    one at a time, you should try to neutralize them this way. When you find enemies
    in groups, though, oftentimes you’ll have to take some hits, so you’ll have to 
    be a bit less precise and more practical to save time and health.
    Q: Why do I keep dying?
    A: The HP bars on the top right have very low contrast, making it sometimes hard
    to notice if one of your party members is at low health. Keep this in mind and
    try to keep an eye on it as much as possible.
    Q: What are the pros and cons to spells?
    A: Generally speaking, you should use physical builds for longer levels (like 
    Ran-Geon and New-Geon) and reserve high-powered magical builds for bosses (like
    Khamun or custom bosses). Of course, if you want to get to the end of Ran-Geon,
    you’ll have to fight bosses along the way, so make sure to bring a hybrid
    build. If you’re planning on doing a Ran-Geon or New-Geon run, you should also
    make sure that you can deal some kind of elemental damage.
    Q: What is Fame good for?
    A: Fame unlocks things in Coco's shop and grants you access to more items from
    the green face in Arcanus Cella. You can find the face by going to the top right
    of Arcanus Cella and following the path along the left.
    Q: How do I get Fame?
    A: If you’re having trouble getting fame through the dungeon levels, use the
    level 36 Magic Circle Jet from the Merchant class, which has 22 slots for Speed
    boosting artifacts. With the help of some Widens, you can create a character
    that can really roar! Just be careful to balance between your Walk and Run stats
    so that your character is still at a manageable speed. You can also play the
    multiplayer maps alone, although they are designed so that you finish faster
    with more players.
    Q: How do I stop taking hits?
    A: Slide often! Sliding allows you to dodge most attacks and traps, maintain a
    high speed for clearing tar and grass quickly, and finish levels quickly!
    Q: Why is my character so weak?
    A: When setting up a Magic Circle, always check to make sure you aren’t applying
    useless artifacts. For instance, giving extra HP-boosting items to characters
    with 999 HP, boosting SP when it’s already at 999, or tacking on items that
    boost attack speed when your attacking speed is already at 1.
    Q: What are the best Magic Circles?
    A: As a general rule, you’ll probably want your Magic Circles to be the
    Guardian’s ‘Core’, the Merchant’s ‘Jet’, or the Wizard’s ‘Divine’ at all times.
    These are the best Magic Circles for physical, speed, and magical builds
    respectively. Unlocked Magic Circles such as Ran-geon King or Dungeon Master
    should be used once acquired.
    Q: What items are good?
    A: Most items that you don’t need should be sold. The only things you should
    hold onto are Raikiris, Rebellions, Angel Staves, Dual Walls, and any kind of
    armor or artifact. Almost any other weapon type or shield type is fairly useless
    compared to the ones mentioned above. Just make sure to keep all copies of the
    items I’ve listed, as they will help power up your D99 equipment.
    Q: What artifacts should I buy?
    A: Attack and defense artifacts are definitely the best, but soon you'll want
    to use only rare artifacts, when possible, due to their reduced mana cost. The
    things you'll continue to buy in stores will be for HP, SP, speed, CRT, and for
    spells. Speed is easily the most important of these.
    Q: What is D99 equipment?
    A: D99 equipment mimics the titles of all other similar pieces of equipment, so
    long as you own 99 of that particular piece. For instance, if you have a D99
    Gladius and 99 Duct and 99 LvUp copies of a Gladius, you will gain extra EXP and
    leech HP from your enemy at the same time.
    Q: What if I have 99 Fire title weapons and 99 Ice title weapons?
    A: Good question. Ice overrides Fire and the Fire element becomes inert. It
    would be nice if you could get an element-seeking weapon but you can't. Just go
    with the Soul element and discard any Fire or Ice element weapons, unless you
    need a specific element for a dungeon map.
    Q: What are good drops from Rangeon and Newgeon?
    A: Armors and artifacts you should look out for and try to keep are Spartan
    Armors, Saint Leaves, Magic Robes, and Abyss Plates, along with any rare
    artifacts. And if you get a Widen in Rangeon or Newgeon, find the closest exit.
    Q: How do I get more G?
    A: If you’re short on G, you can grind millions of G in a matter of minutes
    with this simple method: Set your custom boss to a red or blue Hiyokki, then
    play the map New Enemy and defeat it. Bring the Merchant ability G Get and use
    as many boosting artifacts on it as possible, as well as strong projectiles to
    kill it. Divine is the best Magic Circle for this. With good enough stats, you
    should be able to get 99,999 G each round, which can take about 15 seconds if
    you’re quick. I highly recommend this for maxing out your D99 equipment.
    Q: What are Widens?
    A: Widens are a very rare and powerful artifact that double the effect of all
    artifacts placed after it. When placed on an ability slot, they will boost that
    ability, usually by tripling the projectiles that are fired.
    Q: How important are Widens?
    A: If you ever win a Widen in Ran-Geon or New-Geon, play the rest of the level
    as defensively as possible and look for an exit no matter how far you are into
    the level. There are people that have played for hundreds of hours and still
    only have two or three of this incredibly valuable artifact.
    Q: How do I use Widens carefully?
    A: When using Widens, carefully think about your multiplication. For instance,
    say you're placing Widens on the top half of the Dungeon Master Magic Circle.
    Each section on the top has 7 slots, 6 for attack or defense, and one for a
    critical hit or break rate booster. One Widen will remove a slot but double the
    rest. So look at how it breaks down.
    0 Widens - 6 Stat, 1 CRT
    1 Widen - 10 Stat, 2 CRT
    2 Widens - 12 Stat, 3 CRT
    3 Widens - 12 Stat, 4 CRT
    4 Widens - 10 Stat, 5 CRT
    5 Widens - 6 Stat, 6 CRT
    6 Widens - 0 Stat, 7 CRT
    Make sure to do your multiplication to get the most out of your Widens. Also, if
    you're working with more limited mana, think outside the box and bump the Widen
    down a space if you have too much left over. You might be able to use up more of
    your mana and end up with a stronger character.
    Q: How do I unlock more Dungeon maps?
    A: Set a new record at Newgeon, probably by reaching floor 200 or so. This is
    really easy if you can get +11 floor jumping from a Hell Gate and then let it
    slowly creep up farther from Regular and Angel gates.
    Q: How do I beat the Rangeon?
    A: Make sure you can beat enemies at around level 150 before trying, and keep
    the enemy level as low as possible. Ambush enemies one by one if you're having
    trouble, and get good at dodging traps and fire.
    Q: What is the level 400 Magic Circle?
    A: The Magic Circle Dungeon Master is unlocked when you beat Rangeon with the
    enemy level at 400 or higher. It has spaces for several subs, plus 64 slots for
    set buffs and artifact placement. You can easily get your attack and defense up
    to 700 using it, and buff up your spells to unimaginable power. Getting it is
    very hard, however. From floor 80 and on, you have to avoid all enemies and walk
    slowly to avoid Quake traps or start the entire dungeon over.
    Q: Are there any other unlockable Magic Circles?
    A: In addition to Ran-geon Master and Dungeon Master, there is a Magic Circle
    awarded for beating Rangeon with an enemy level of 999. Supposedly it isn't
    quite as good as Dungeon Master; however, both are listed in this guide so you
    can decide for yourself. Ultimately the Magic Circle excels in boosting spells
    and abilities, but is weaker in CRT/BRK, SPD, ATK and DEF slots. Hypothetically,
    if you logged several hours of grinding into the game and had characters with
    naturally high stats, this would probably be the best Magic Circle.
    Q: What is Dark World?
    A: Dark World is a Newgeon theme in which the floors are black and the monsters
    have special abilities like the ones in Land of Remembrance, Evil Map, and the
    Overfiend Map. It's the most dangerous place in Newgeon, but only appears once
    every 100 floors, when a floor's number ends in 00. It is inaccessible in the
    normal Rangeon because the Rangeon ends at floor 99.
    Q: What can I do about the multiplayer lag?
    A: Not much, but some spells will help you. Homing spells are great as you don't
    have to worry about aiming. Widened F. Slash or I. Slash will allow you to hit a
    big area in a small amount of time. Elemental Vortexes are also good because
    you only have to be close enough to an enemy for the attack to connect.
    Q: How do I beat the lv999 maps?
    A: Get the Dungeon Master Magic Circle and equip it with sub characters who all
    have 999 HP and MP. With some clever planning and a lot of Widens you should
    have a character with 800+ attack and 900+ defense; grind your main character
    to have higher attack and defense if you have to. It's also critical to have
    one very strong ability, such as Heal, F Slash, I Slash, or Axeboom. Make sure
    this ability costs 1 SP so you don't run out while using it. In certain levels
    you may be able to get by with a slightly higher SP cost.
    Q: I have a very powerful Magic Circle but I still need more ATK and DEF!
    A: You can speed up level grinding a LOT with the right Magic Circle. I prefer
    to use Castle in order to grind characters, since it has slots for ATK GAIN 3
    and DEF GAIN 3 while still being fairly powerful. In a single run, I had a
    Guardian on the ATK GAIN 3 slot go from 236 ATK and 227 DEF at level 99 to
    269 ATK and 229 DEF. The Guardian job prevented DEF from going down (it
    actually went up a small amount) while the ATK GAIN slot caused a very large
    increase in ATK. However, the same trick later on only increased my ATK from
    269 to 283.
    Q: What the heck happened to my New-Geon gate?
    A: There are a few anomalies to watch out for when grinding in the New-Geon.
    First is that there is a small chance of a Normal Gate increasing the enemy
    level dramatically (500 to 2000+). Second is that sometimes a Hell Gate will
    increase your Drop Rate and Rare Item Rate to 999 and increase your Floor
    Jump by 50 or 100 (without transforming into an Angel Gate) - this has only
    happened to me once in over 200 hours of playing. More common things to watch
    out for are the Full Recovery from an Angel Gate, a 1/3 chance of a Demon
    Gate becoming an Angel Gate, a 1/6 chance of a Hell Gate becoming an Angel
    Gate, and a Gamble Gate multiplying your floor jump by 2, 3, 4, or even 5.
    Q: How do I beat the Ran-Geon with enemies at level 999?
    A: The hard truth is that it's mostly luck. You have to use the anomalies
    from gates to your advantage (see the above question.) Since you have 99
    floors and have to increase the enemy level to 999, you need to average
    having the enemy level go up by 11 each floor, which is nearly impossible.
    Hit every Hell Gate you can. If not, hit a Demon Gate, and if neither are
    present, go for a Normal Gate. All three of these gate types can increase
    monster level by a dramatic amount. Around the first few floors, the amount
    is always lower (about 50) but toward the end the numbers will creep into
    the hundreds (400-999) so don't feel bad if you aren't keeping up with
    the average level perfectly - even if you don't get rare level spikes, the
    increase will always accelerate. Also, don't give up no matter how close
    you are to the end, since there is ALWAYS a chance of getting a level spike,
    and it's easier to beat 10 levels with level 999 enemies than it is to beat
    50 levels. Personally, it probably took me around 20 tries to successfully
    get the level high enough, and when I did I had to run through about 50 levels
    playing very cautiously. It should go without saying that you are able to beat
    Overfiend Map 4F with your character before attempting this run.
    Q: Which is better, F. Slash, I. Slash, or Axeboom?
    A: It depends on what level you're playing and what you're fighting. For most
    purposes, Axeboom is stronger because it connects more per casting. It is the
    ability of choice to use versus lv999 Khamun, for instance. However, a lot
    of monsters are resistant to blunt damage, so for those it's better to use a
    Slash ability. Typically I. Slash is better than F. Slash, because you can
    get fire status more easily than ice status to use with normal attacks, but
    the downside is that neither Slash is an effective cure-all against all
    enemy types the way that Axeboom is. In short, Axeboom is better, but there
    are times when you will need I. Slash.
    Q: What are the most important titles to have?
    A: If you're just starting to build up a piece of D99 equipment, there are a
    few titles that are very useful. First, anything that boosts movement speed
    will be very helpful, such as Wind or Die. Duct and Soul are also very good
    because they improve general versatility; Duct is good because it prevents one
    sub from having less health and straggling (with the exception of your rear
    sub, who cannot be healed by Duct equipment.) Soul is important for weapons
    because it means that you can deal damage to any monster, regardless of what
    abilities you have. After that, you'll want to look at the most powerful ones
    such as Hero, Rip, Evil, Fort, ESP, and Psy.
    [00Dun] DUNGEON
    > Since I wrote this walkthrough as a high-level character, I may not remember
    if some areas were difficult for my level. However, each guide still gives
    instructions for a speed run once your characters are strong enough, and what
    to do in order to unlock which area.
    > When I refer to the ‘right wall’ or ‘left wall’, I’m referencing the player’s
    left and right, but when I say ‘take a right turn’, I am referring to the right
    side of the screen regardless of direction. Keep that in mind.
    > As a last note, I’ve put periodic double dashes between some sentences on
    longer levels in order to break up the content a bit more. This because I gave
    each floor of each dungeon its own paragraph separated by a blank line, but
    don’t want to give separate paragraphs describing the same floor the same
    treatment. I think you’ll find this format easier to navigate.
    Hiyo's Cave
    1F - This is super easy. All you have to do is run through to the end, beat the
    King Man (bull), and get to the ladder. For a speed run, I suggest taking the
    middle path when you first get to an intersection in order to avoid being cut
    off by the Fodder (yellow) on the left path. Also, since the King Man is an Ice
    elemental, you may want to give your sword or axe fire affinity by walking in
    the fire before you face him, to do extra damage. As soon as he's beaten, rush
    to the exit.
    2F - This one is pretty easy as well. All you have to do is run forward, then
    right, and defeat another King Man (bull) to open up the exit. If you bring an
    axe, however, you may want to destroy some of the destructible wall for
    treasure. Also, because you start off with traps in front of you, make sure to
    dash and jump right before you hit them in order to vault over them, as they
    will deal considerable amounts of damage.
    3F - This may be the easiest map of all of them. You can win by running up and
    around the wall and then to the finish, but the fastest way to complete it is
    to bring an axe, destroy the wall, and dash right to the finish.
    Cave of Beginnings
    1F - To beat the level normally, you have to make a wide arc around the level
    (or go straight down if you don't mind taking fire damage), then arc right
    again and go left while avoiding the Lager Man (bull) racing back and forth,
    go up, and break open the treasure chest there to unlock the door at the
    beginning. In order to get there, you'll have to go all the way back and take
    the opened path to the finish.
    - - However, if you want to beat par time, all you have to do is bring a
    character with the right ability. The sword abilities F Slash and I Slash should
    work, and the axe abilities Boomer and Axeboom should as well. If you're a new
    player, you should try and bring along a Warrior as your main, who will most
    likely have one of these abilities. Once you enter the stage, all you have to do
    is use that ability through the wall to destroy the treasure chest and you'll
    save yourself the entire round trip there and back.
    2F - Depending on which enemy you defeat, a different set of walls will vanish.
    For fastest completion time, go straight up and around the first room and kill
    the Fodder Ice to uncover the treasure chest. Destroy that, then head downward
    and go all the way to the far right of the map until you find another treasure
    chest to break.
    - - Head all the way back to the left for the exit. To cut more time, you may
    want to use the trick from 1F to skip running around the first room and just
    destroy the chest outright. Also note that for every enemy you destroy on the
    lower level, another wall will be unlocked, giving the trapped enemies access
    to you.
    3F - To beat this level, you'll have to go up and defeat a Self Man (bull),
    then go up and to the left and defeat another, then up and right to defeat a
    Raoh Man, which will unlock the finish and leave you free to finish. If you
    find that the enemies are taking too much health, get out of their way and let
    them hit a wall; this will give you plenty of time to unload attacks on them.
    4F - This level is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is defeat the
    enemies on the red carpets to unlock the next area. After defeating the second
    monster, go up to find the third and wrap back around to the next area. The
    area after that will be slippery, but this actually works in your favor; while
    decreasing your traction, you can also slide at insanely high speeds on them,
    cutting back on your completion time!
    - - Defeat the fourth enemy, head on to the fifth, then dash straight down
    once you enter through the bottleneck you just came through (beware, there
    will be an enemy on the same Y axis). Now just weave up and down (and try to
    avoid the traps) as you make your way to the final enemy and to the finish.
    Again, sliding is a good move to help you dodge projectile traps... Even if
    they hit you! And unlike jumping, they won't bring you to a halt.
    Dragon Forest
    1F - Make your way up first, then take a right and follow the right wall into
    an area with an Anijun (green lizard). Defeat it to unlock the next area, then
    hurry back left and down into the small passageway. There's a really tough
    fight coming with an Atadrya (dragon), so be prepared to take a lot of damage.
    Get out of the way when he charges an attack, run to get him from the side or
    behind, and counterattack. You also may want to kill anything else in the area
    so you don't end up fighting several enemies at once. Once he's defeated, just
    go back the way you came and go up until you reach the finish.
    2F - Go down immediately and then right. The traps here will slow you down and
    make your screen go dark if you hit them, so be very careful as these can
    sabotage a speed run very quickly. Go down at the intersection, and weave
    around to the finish.
    3F - This level is composed of two major forks. If you're good at combat and
    fast (or if you're going back for a speed run), then take the north path first,
     then the right one, and defeat both enemies at the end of each section. At
    the end will be a single Hydra (dragon). Beat him and go up to finish.
    Burning Cave
    1F - Annoyingly enough, this level starts out with an area in which you have
    to beat a fire monster to advance. That means you lose a good 5-10 seconds of
    time if you catch fire, because you'll be healing him! However, if you run into
     water or use the Guardian ability Recover, you should be able to save time by
    rushing straight through the fire and curing Fire status as soon as you approach
     him. After that, just follow the left wall all the way around to the finish.
    2F - The prompt to this level is "Right or left?" The simple answer is left.
    You'll find a treasure chest that unlocks the finish. All you have to do is
    dash. Alternatively, going right will give you two treasure chests. Also,
    there's a lot of fire, so if you're low level, be careful.
    3F - For this, go right until you see a path going downward, then go up and
    around the path. Here you can either go straight through the flames or go
    around. For a speed run I recommend the latter. At the next intersection is a
    fiery path to the south and one to the right. Take the southern one and you’ll
    find yourself in another very fiery area. Again, either navigate through it or
    just ram through the fire and keep going. Keep moving north until you find a
    Katadrya (dragon) and kill it to unlock the finish room.
    Absolute Zero
    1F - Stay right at first, then kill both of the King Mans (bull) to unlock the
    door to the right. Go at top speed by sliding on the ice, then take the north
    path, slide through the tar, and beat the enemy here to unlock the finish.
    2F - For this level, all you have to do is go down the south path, defeat all
    of the enemies, then rush through the door and up to finish. Sadly, the area
    is kind of big and it’s easy to miss an enemy in a corner.
    3F - First, go left and take an immediate north turn and kill the Green Bunno.
    Continue left, then up, and kill the White Scissy. Go back to where you started
    and go right then up again. Defeat the Fodder (yellow), then continue right and
    kill the Anijun (green). Go all the way back to the center of the map and dash
    Golden Shrine
    1F - All you have to do for this is step on the summon traps and kill each enemy
     that appears. None of them are very strong, so just dash into the traps. If
    you really want to cut back on time, memorize where they are and which ones
    make an enemy appear where, as some will materialize in other rooms than their
    corresponding trap.
    2F - This one was extremely hard for me when I first encountered it. Kill the
    first two mandatory enemies, then consider attacking the Mujun lizards through
    the walls so you don’t have to deal with them later (if you’re a high level, 
    don’t worry about it).
    - - The level is symmetrical, so the fastest way to beat the level is to lean
    toward one side after killing the Cat Raider (green) and go around and back
    down to take out the Mujun on the same side, which will allow you to go up and
    then more toward the center, fighting a dragon, then a Great Cat Burglar
    (black), and then finally an Eyeman (black) to unlock the finish. Low level
    players will want to lure each enemy in separately, as the Eyeman is an
    extraordinarily difficult opponent to beat.
    3F - This is one of the shortest levels there is. It’s composed of several
    rooms each with five enemies, four being the same and one being an outlier,
    which stands somewhat to the north. After beating that enemy, you unlock a
    teleported to the right which will take you to the next section. Simply dash
    to the north enemy and beat him in each section to finish as quickly as
    4F - This level is composed of three mandatory battles; two eyes (both fire
    and ice), and an Eihiei (black ninja). The best strategy for this is to use an
    ability like Axeboom to attack the left eye through the wall, then take the
    right path after dashing right to run into the Eyegirl (blue), which will
    unlock the gate to the last battle.
    Mystery Lab
    1F - At first, you only have one option: Dash left, destroy the fire block,
    then destroy the black treasure chest and go back. After that you have to go
    back right through a fiery gauntlet of both destructible and indestructible
    fire blocks. The best way to get a good time here is to stay to the right and
    destroy all of the fire blocks you come in contact with, instead of navigating
    it slowly. Since you can slide right through fire without taking damage, you
    won’t be in much danger once you memorize the course.
    - - Destroy the black treasure chest in the middle of the path going downward
    and proceed cautiously to the bottom right to find the next treasure chest on
    the bottom left of the next room. You can dash through the tar on the way there,
     but the way back will invariably be slow. You may want to use a projectile
    attack to save time. After it’s destroyed, head straight left and run through
    the water for your final treasure chest. Go back to the center and run through
    the open door into the finish.
    2F - Go down, then count up from the bottommost path until you reach the
    eighth path branching out right. Go up at the intersection, then back down and
    take the next to last path right to find the finish. The unique treasure
    chests in this level contain garbage, so don’t bother.
    3F - To save time, you’ll only want to break the correct treasure chest in
    each room before proceeding. The correct treasure chests are:
    1. Top left AND bottom right    2. Top right AND left
    3. Middle AND left              4. Middle AND right
    5. Right                        6. Right
    7. Trick question, kill the Great Beetle (black) to unlock the exit.
    Monster House
    1F - Take the top left, bottom left, and middle teleporters in that order.
    Other than that the level is pretty easy, but make sure to find a good opening
    in the area with the Pain Mans (white) and avoid being hit by the Again Fireball
    s (blue) when you enter the third area, as ice status can make it very hard to
    get the middle teleported while you’re navigating between two other ones.
    2F - This is an extremely confusing level to beat with seemingly no logic as to
     which enemy to defeat next. For this reason, I find it necessary to cheat in
    order to make the level take one tenth the time it normally does. Bring a
    character with Axeboom and head left as soon as you can, then south to find a
    Great Beetle (black) inside of a building. Use Axeboom to kill it, then go up
    and right until you find yourself walking alongside a wall with enemies on the
    other side. Continue right along the path until you find an opening. Go up
    through it and left for the finish.
    3F - Follow the path until you reach a fork. Take either path and defeat both
    Raoh Mans (black bull), then go up through the new path and head right at the
    intersection. Defeat both bombers, go back, then go up and left. Go up and
    smash through all of the Anijuns (green). Go back and continue upward and
    right to find your way to the exit.
    4F - You start this level with a three way fork. Go up first, then take the
    bottom path, then the middle one. For the first two, all you have to do is
    fight a weak enemy, and for the last one, you have a one-on-one fight with a
    Red Knight. To beat him, read the Knight entry under the ENEMY STRATEGIES
    Scorching Desert
    1F - This is just a quick run through fire and sand with a boss battle at the
    end. The most annoying thing about this is that the boss, while fairly weak,
    is a fire elemental. To save the trouble of finding water, just bring a strong
    ice spell to use on him once you encounter him. The only way you can get lost
    is if you don’t go left at the first fork. Also, note that sand slows you down
    a lot, so it may be hard to time your slides over the tar while you already
    have limited momentum.
    2F - For someone who’s just unlocked this level, you’re going to have to be
    careful. Go straight into the pool in the middle of the first room, but be very
     careful of mine traps, which cannot be slid over without taking damage. Take
    out both of the Blue Scissy enemies and continue going right. You’ll encounter
    another Scissy-in-water situation here, but if you’re a high enough level to
    bear the brunt of her attacks, ignore her and keep going right. Next, an Ogre
    Beetle (red) will attack you from behind a wall of fire. This can be a pain,
    as he’s a fire elemental and the wall is very hard to jump over without being
    hit by it, so be ready to run past him into the water on the other side.
    - - There is another Scissy in the water here, too, though, so you may want to
    deal with her first, or just run through them all. Go left to fight yet another
     Scissy in water, then continue on south, around north, and left to fight two
    Ogre Beetles. This battle can be annoying, since you have to slide over the
    tar and get set on fire to even enter, and the two water squares in this room
    have mine traps on them. Just bear the brunt of the mines, wet yourself down,
    and take care of the beetles to unlock the finish. Alternatively, you may want
    to use an ice spell.
    Nostalgic Castle
    1F - I’m not sure what the point of this map is exactly. All you have to do is
    kill all of the enemies in the starting room to unlock the finish at the top.
    None of the enemies here are hard or new, so just unload your attacks.
    2F - You can go either way at the first fork, but make sure to go the opposite
    direction at the next (so that you end up in the center). If you go north after
     the room with two Hydras (fire), you’ll find a Green Knight. Take him out,
    then go back and take the other path (which would have made your route from the
    beginning right-right or left-left) to find a bigger room with three Scissy
    enemies in them. Kill the black one and go all the way back to the beginning
    to finish.
    3F - Go to the far right of the map, then go down and break the treasure chest.
    Go back up and the finish is right there, plain and simple. The treasure is
    just another randomized item that sucks, so pass it by.
    4F - This is just a very short battle. In the beginning, you’ll have to
    navigate through a path of fire blocks or ice blocks. It can be hard to get in
    the middle without taking too much damage, so just wing it and see how it
    works with your personal movement speed. After that, you have to fight two
    Gotsu (black ghosts) and a Hellbelos (black boss monster). All of them are
    immune to physical attacks, so bring F. Element or I. Element. Alternatively,
    bring a weak spell to deal with the ghosts and a strong one to take out the
    boss. After that, just go up to beat the level. There are also two unique
    treasure chests unlocked by beating this level. Take them if you want, but
    they’re lame no matter what level you are.
    Enemy Cave
    1F - This level can be extremely short if you have the fire resistance for it.
    Go down and left immediately and kill the Arnejun (fire) before heading back
    north and right a little bit to enter the unlocked passageway. Slide through
    all of the fire and take as little damage as possible. At the end of the path
    is a 1-on-1 battle with a Red Knight. Take him down, then return south and go
    right just a little bit to find the finish.
    2F - Follow the left wall until you find a White Scissy in the middle of a
    four way intersection, then go northeast and immediately southeast. Next you
    will encounter two pillars in the middle of a room. Don’t be fooled into think
    that it’s an intersection; both are just giant circles. Once you hit the top,
    go left, then down to encounter a Bossdra (black). Defeat it and the exit is
    3F - In this map, you teleport around randomly until you find yourself in a
    place filled with water, at which point you make one large circle around the
    perimeter of the map and find yourself at the finish. For those low enough
    level to be troubled by the fire blocks, I suggest thoroughly destroying each
    one you encounter so that you can dash with relative safety after you’re done
    teleporting. For those interested in a speed run, simply take the left, right,
    left, and downward teleporters in that order. This is the quickest path to the
    finish. For super fast completion times, make sure to slide through the tar, as
    it will slow you down more than anything else.
    4F - You have two objectives for this map: Defeat the Raoh Man (black) and the
    Oyajun (black). There are several sets of objectives needed to be able to get
    to these creatures, but with Axeboom, you can skip them all for a delicious
    clear time. Go right first, then down to find the Oyajun. Use Axeboom on him,
    then go back and take a left. Go up, left, then down to find the Raoh Man
    sandwiched between two walls that are opened by keys. Use Axeboom on him as
    well, then dash back to the first intersection and up until you find the exit.
    Courage Wanted
    1F - Take either teleporter, go to the end of the path and get the black
    treasure chest. Take the teleported in the same area to return to the start,
    then take the other path and get the chest at the end of this path, too.
    Instead of going to the teleporter a third time, go south to find a previously
    locked path now open. Go to the end of it to find a teleporter.
    - - Now you’ll go through three consecutive areas with fire blocks, traps, and
    a teleporter at the end. Slide to avoid being damaged by fire, hit by traps,
    or slowed by tar, and when you reach the end with the four exits, make sure to
    go through the second one, as the first, third, and fourth will teleport you
    back to the beginning of that area.
    2F - This was an incredibly hard area the first time I encountered it. You
    have to break three treasure chests, then defeat two ghosts and a boss, all of
    which are immune to physical attacks. There are also lots of very powerful mine
     traps that you have to step on if you want to take a shortcut.
    - - To save a few seconds, bring Axeboom, and beginners should also jack up
    their fire resistance as much as possible. At first, go down and left through
    the hidden passage and use Axeboom to get the treasure chest beyond the chasm.
    Go back and follow the left wall until you find a treasure chest. Destroy the
    chest, obviously, then go down through another secret passage and destroy the
    chest just beyond that, too.
    - - Now make a beeline downward, then left once you hit the bottom, and take
    down the two ghosts and boss. Beginners should guard while going across secret
    passages to minimize damage from the mines, but high-leveled players can just
    dash through. It’s also worth noting that there’s a ring of fire surrounding
    the boss, which makes it much easier to deal fire element attacks to both it
    and the ghosts surrounding it. Elemental spells will work too, and are
    recommended to lower level characters that will take high damage from the
    boss’ short-range radial attack.
    3F - The design of this level gives you 12 small areas to fight in. In each,
    you must defeat all enemies inside in order to unlock a teleporter that will
    take you back to the beginning. These 12 levels are divided into a 4x4 of three
     levels, with only one row being accessible at first. This means you start off
    with six possible levels.
    - - Go into the sixth level (out of the six you start with) as soon as you
    begin the level and defeat the Eyehags (white) to make it to the next row. In
    this row, all you have to beat are the first and fourth levels to unlock the
    finish. The fourth level of this row has a Knight, so be careful. This is also
    a good place to farm Knights to unlock bonus info, as the plain yellow variety
    are quite rare.
    4F - This is a ‘one-on-one’ battle with a Saturdemon, ‘one-on-one’ being in
    quotes because it will summon other monsters to take you down. The Saturdemon
    has quite low health, but will be invulnerable during its main attack (which is
    summoning other monsters and sometimes shooting projectiles). Dress yourself
    with the intention of dealing maximum damage, while also storing the potential
    to do either Fire and Ice damage, or Spirit damage, in case the Saturdemon
    summons a ghost. Either guard or dodge the Saturdemon’s attacks while it’s
    summoning, and unload as many hits as possible in between them. The first few
    hits will be important, as you’ll have the drop on it before it can summon
    - - After it’s dead, you can take the left teleporter to get a bunch of unique
    treasure chests (containing anything but unique treasure), or simply go right
    to exit. Preparing a single, very powerful spell is the best way to do a speed
    run on this.
    Energy Square
    1F - You’ll start off on the left side of a hallway full of ice blocks. With
    high enough speed, you might be lucky enough to slide through almost all of
    them, but if you’re not that strong yet, just slide once and stay guarded when
    you slow down until the ice stops and you can do it again.
    - - At the end of the hall is a teleporter that will take you to a giant
    circular path. Treasure chests on this path unlock more treasure chests on it.
    In order, the treasure chests you can break will be on the right, left, top,
    bottom, top, and bottom sides of this area. That means that if you have Axeboom
     handy, you can just go to the rightmost chest on the bottom and slash it
    through the wall before going to the northeast corner to exit.
    - - After doing that, all you have to do is zigzag back and forth through
    slippery corridors while an Eihiei (black) chases you. You could kill it, but
    for a speed run you could just slide on the ice, which will get you to the
    finish very quickly.
    2F - This is another teleporter maze. For the best completion time, dash right,
     then go up all the way, left past the two Self Mans (green), then down and
    into the first teleporter you see. Most teleporters except for the last one
    will take you to the closest teleporter, usually on the other side of an
    intersecting path, simulating an underpass.
    3F - I remember this being a level I got stuck on for quite a while, due to the
     monsters being very strong and hitting you quite often. To avoid getting in
    serious trouble, you’re going to want to take out each enemy one at a time, if
    possible by luring them to you. Once you go down for a bit, there are two mine
    traps. I guarded while walking over one of them in order to damage a nearby
    enemy; this is a very useful tactic, especially if your fire resistance is high.
    - - At the end of this section, the path curves left and you’ll find yourself
    fighting two Great Beetles (black) and a Some Fireball (red), all using ranged
    attacks, protected perpendicular fire blocks. The fireball is the most difficult
     opponent, since the edges of the map are layered with fire, making it easy
    for you to be unable to damage him. You might do well to bring ranged attacks
    of your own in order to dispose of these enemies, or find a way to slip by
    without taking too much damage, as I did.
    - - After you make it past, there’s an intersection spanning left and down. You
    can help make a later area easier by going down, but in actuality it won’t
    matter since you’ll be sliding across this area when you come to it. You can
    still risk going down there if you want, though. I suppose it depends on your
    - - In the next clearing, you’ll find yourself once again surrounded by ranged
    enemies (two Great Beetles). Take them out, then probe the right wall for a
    secret passage. Be careful; as soon as you find it, another fireball will begin
     shooting at you, and if you want to get past, you’ll have to kill it, so don’t
     get lit on fire. After that’s done, head left and repeat the process with the
    fireball there, then go down. The enemy here can be entirely avoided, so just
    brush past him.
    - - If you keep going south, you’ll find a bunch of tar with the fire blocks
    from before lighting it up. There’s also an Eternal Fireball (black) at the end
     of the path. Get as much momentum as you can and slide over as much tar as
    possible, then guard for both the fire blocks and the fireball. The fastest
    way to traverse the rest of it is to slide when it’s safe. Once you’re across,
    there will be a teleported right in front of you to take you to the exit.
    - - There’s also an optional boss if you go right, but the reward for beating
    him is a measly 6 treasure chests filled with random and most likely useless
    4F - This area could take quite a while, but you can help speed it up by
    bringing Axeboom, which will REALLY help you out here. Also make sure you can
    deal some kind of elemental damage, as there’s a ghost you have to defeat that’s
     mandatory to beat the level.
    - - Kill the spider just left of you at the start first, then after reaching
    the teleporter, take the left path at the first intersection and use Axeboom
    through the wall on the enemy there. Follow the right wall to find another
    enemy in a dead end, and also use Axeboom on the spider beyond the wall there,
    too. Continue straight down, ignoring the left path until you see yet another
    enemy behind a wall on the left. Use Axeboom again and continue downward. Go
    south at the next intersection to find an enemy southwest. Return to the
    intersection and take the remaining path (southeast) to find the last enemy in
    this area. Go back to the same intersection and take the northeast path to get
    back to the start, where the now unlocked teleporter will be.
    - - Go south immediately and take out the enemy there, then go up and attack
    the Beetle through the wall. Continue up, left, and down to find another enemy
    at a dead end and an Eye behind the dead end. Kill them both (the Eye might
    take a few hits) and return up. Return to the beginning and go right, staying
    as far to the right as possible until you find the last enemy and get it. Go
    back to the teleporter.
    - - Take out the Beetle on the left through the wall, then go right and down,
    and take the second path left to find an Eye. Go as far as you can back up and
    take out the eye beyond the wall when you see it to unlock the teleporter back
    at the beginning.
    - - There’s a Black Scissy on the right as soon as you materialize. Kill it
    and go right and then down. There are two enemies here, one on the right and
    one beyond the wall on the left. Take them both down and return back up. Behind
    a seemingly dead end in the top right corner is a ghost. Use your elemental
    attack to deal with him, then continue left until you find an Eihiei (black).
    Attack him through the wall and from behind, as this will deal tons of damage,
    then return to the teleporter, which will take you to the finish.
    - - As a last note, some of the enemies here are pretty tough, so it might be
    wise to use artifacts to boost the strength of your Axeboom. I recommend the
    Magic Circle “Divine” for this, as you can use two Widens on either side of
    your sub character to boost your speed by a ton and still have space for
    juicing up Axeboom to your heart’s content.
    Place of Beginnings
    1F - This area has a lot of fire and fire monsters, and the only bodies of
    water have summon traps on them. For this, I suggest you either bring an ice
    ability that’s cheap and with low cool down, or the Guardian’s ability Recover
    to cure fire status.
    - - With that aside, go up, right, and then down once you start the level. As
    soon as you see ice, go left and back up. Here, you’ll go through a fire maze
    with a teleporter at the end which will take you to another teleporter. After
    all of this you’ll find a battle against two Red Scissy monsters and a Red
    Knight. Defeating the Knight unlocks the finish.
    - - The best strategy for this level is most likely to run through everything,
    ignoring all of the monsters until you find the Red Knight. Stepping on the
    water here summons an Eyegeezer (red), but if you can take out the Knight quick
    enough, then it’s worth it. But again, you might just get by with a really
    strong ice spell to take the Knight off guard, as spells cannot be affected by
    your status ailments. And of course, Recovery works as well. The biggest
    problem with a speed run is that you can get surrounded by enemies very quickly,
     at which point you might not be able to move around to attack the Knight from
    the side.
    2F - In this level, you run around to different areas through a teleporter and
    break chests. These chests can unlock other teleporters, or could unlock the
    exit itself, which is right next to your starting position. To get this map
    done as quickly as possible, you’ll only need to break two chests.
    - - To find the first chest, go to the top right, then left when you see the
    path stretching left. Go through the teleporter at the end, then go to the
    bottom right of this area and break the treasure chest there. An Eimaro (blue
    ninja) will be following you now. Either keep running or kill it, your choice.
    Go up along the far left side of this map and you’ll slide right into the next
    teleporter, which will take you to the center of the map. Go to the right and
    head down as soon as you can until you find an opened teleporter at the very
    bottom of the map, close to where you started. Go through it.
    - - In this area, all you have to do is rush to the bottom left and break the
    chest there before returning to the teleporter in the center-ish of the area.
    You’ll respawn in the same area you were in last time, so just go right, down,
    and left to find the exit open.
    3F - This map is titled “misleading”, and rightfully so. It takes a lot of
    teleporting around to master this level, but I’ve found a way to beat it in a
    very short period of time using, you guessed it, Axeboom (or F. Slash or I.
    Slash). Set up a character with one of those moves and follow these
    - - Run all the way to the right. You’ll run past four teleporters and run
    straight into one more at the far end. On the other end of it will be four
    more teleporters, with three at the top of the room and one at the bottom. The
    top three teleporters will be arranged in an upside-down triangle. The way to
    crack open the chest we have to destroy is to use Axeboom between the top two
    teleporters, aiming it upward. The chest is off the screen, but will still
    - - After that’s done, take the top left teleporter to find yourself in a
    sideways F-shaped room. Go to the right to find another teleporter that will
    take you to ANOTHER room with a teleporter, which will then take you to the
    room with the finish. Just dash south until you reach the finish.
    New Enemy
    1F - In this area, you fight a one-on-one battle with a level 1 Fodder, unless
    you bring a custom character. This can be beaten in 9 seconds if you fight the
    Fodder, but will be significantly harder with a custom character, who will
    fight a scaled boss that you chose when you created that character. At a
    certain point, this enemy will be level 9999. The best way to defeat it is to
    bring a very strong spell with an element it’s weak to and unload attacks on
    it nonstop, as most physical attacks will bounce off. Yellow, green, and 
    specially white and black monsters will be exceedingly difficult to kill as
    they won’t have any real weakness.
    Last Boss
    1F - This isn't so bad if you have the right setup. For someone who's about
    the same level as the mask, the best thing to do is bring the Wizard's Magic
    Circle Insist or Divine and load up a spell to be incredibly strong. Make sure
    you can cast it once or twice, and obliterate the enemy with it! Remember that
    equipping a staff lets you halve SP consumption and cool down.
    Land of Oblivion
    1F - There are lots of hidden paths here. Go down and right, then down and
    right again after beating the fireball. Go right, up, then continue up and go
    left just above the section you were in. Go left, then go right at the point
    parallel with the island with traps on it. To get to the next bit of solid
    ground, go right, up, right, down, and then right. There's a small intermission
    with a fireball before you have to go right, up, left, up, and left on another
    black area. 
    - - This next section gives you a choice between a long path and a boss fight.
    For the boss fight, kill the two beetles, but for the easier but longer path,
    go up and around the battle area and find an opening into the black on the
    left. Advance downward until you find a treasure chest and smash it open to go
    to the next area.
    - - Now it's time for the invisible fire maze! I uploaded a map of it here
    which will take you to the end. It's pretty much impossible and guaranteed to
    take a good 10 minutes with a good chance of you dying if you don't use it, so
    if you don’t want to find the map, I’ve created an ASCII version for you here,
    with the start labeled 'START' and the exit labeled 'EX':
    XXXXXXXX           START XXXXXXXXXXXXXX   |                    |
    XXXXXXXX   X      X        + X  XXXXXXX   |                    |
    XXXXXXXX   X  X   X 1 X  XXXXX    + 2 X   |  X = Wall          |
    XXXXXXX> + X +X + + + X    + +  XXX   X   |    = Path          |
    XXXXXXXX      X   X   XXXXXXXX  X +   X   |  > = Fire block    |
    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   V   XXXXXXXX  X + XXX   |  + = Emitted fire  |
    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   XXXXX    + +  X + XXX   |____________________|
    XXXXX  X   XXXX   +   XXXX +    X +   X   1. Make sure to get to this point from
    XXXXX      XXXXXXXX      X  EX  X ^   X      the first intersection; it’s easy
    XXXXX  X   XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX      XXX   X      to miss it.
    X   > +X + + + ++ XXXXXXXX   XXXXXX   X   2. It’s dangerous to get to here; make
    X   X  XXXXXXXX   +          X  +     X      sure to slide and guard.
    X    4 XXX  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   XXX   3. Getting here is even more dangerous
    XXXXX ++ + + X+ < XXX  X   XXXXXX   XXX      as you are going parallel to fire
    XXXXXXXXXX      XXX        X    +   XXX      paths.
    XXXXXXXXXXXX >+ XXX + XX + XXXX + XXXXX   4. As you go up and left, be careful
    XXXXXXXXXXXX          XX   X    +    XX      not to get caught in niches.
    2F - This map can take quite a while due to there being tons of tar in it. First
    , go down and use Axeboom on the Black Scissy behind the south wall. Then, go
    straight up and defeat the Bunno EX (black) to unlock the next area. Slide all
    the way to the right, then go down, avoiding as many Hydras as possible until
    you find an south passage. Prepare for a fight with a demon.
    - - If you take it by surprise, you might be able to stop it from even attacking
    , but this thing is a high enough level to be quite dangerous if you’re caught
    at a bad moment, and could leave behind several cronies, too. Once it’s dead,
    go to the far top-left corner to find a previously locked area now accessible.
    Go all the way to the right as Eternal Fireballs (black) attack you and then
    rush downward to the finish. The biggest problem with this level is the
    ridiculous amount of tar in it. For better times, you might be able to use
    ranged attacks.
    3F - This can be an annoyingly long level, mostly because you’re just running
    so much. Basically you start in the middle of a spiral-esque maze and you have
    to wrap around it in order to get to the black treasure chest on the outermost
    layer, then go all the way back to the finish. You’ll have to alternate
    clockwise and counterclockwise to get there, and to make matters worse, many
    of the corners are fitted with traps to slow you down or summon enemies.
    - - As soon as you leave your little alcove, you’ll have to go counterclockwise,
     then clockwise at the first path that takes you closer to the outside, then
    counterclockwise again. At one point, you’ll see a black treasure chest above
    you and at an angle. Using Axeboom, you should be able to destroy it earlier
    than you normally would be able to and get back to the exit. This will shorten
    your completion time to less than a minute.
    4F - This level really wants you dead by virtue of all of the traps in it. Go
    along the initial path, sliding as far as you can between the bursts from the
    ice blocks, and try to keep yourself from taking damage when you’re not
    guarding. This first area is surprisingly exhausting, so it might be a good
    idea to bring ice resistance.
    - - After that is an area with zigzag patterns appearing and disappearing.
    Move when they’re disappeared and be careful not to touch them, as they can do
    pretty high damage. Take out the bombers in this area, then jump over the 
    ierce traps. Alternatively, you could slide past all of this if your character
    is fast enough to not get stuck and take loads of damage from it all.
    - - At the end of that hall, turn north and slide through all of the fire
    (there’s water at the end). Slide past the tar above it, then prepare for a
    fight with three Eihiei (black ninjas) at once. Using an explosive spell or
    an elemental slash is a great way to hit all of them at once, and you’ll want
    them dead fast, as they deal a lot of damage. Defeating them unlocks a path to
    the east with an Eternal Flame (black) surrounded by mine traps. You could
    either set a bunch of mines off while guarding or simply avoid them, but this
    battle isn’t too hard.
    - - After that, you’ll unlock a path a little left of that area with a Raoh
    Man (black bull), breakable blocks on the left and right, and a Golem King. If
    you want, you could lure the bull into the blocks, but it’s really not
    necessary, certainly not for both sides. These sides will allow you to destroy
    fire and ice blocks on the battlefield where you fight the Golem King, but
    with proper sliding, you should be fine, especially when you should be using
    ranged attacks against the Golem King to begin with and therefore being
    distant enough from him so you don’t have to reposition yourself that often.
    Take him down and run to the finish!
    Khamun's Revenge
    1F - This modified version of the final boss has a new attack pattern, and
    summons various monster types to attack you as well as using spirit attacks
    and making fire and ice blocks materialize around you. Simply dodge out of the
    way of any incoming attacks and don’t move when the fire and ice blocks appear.
    The boss has several attacks, including these:
    - - It can shoot out magic projectiles of all elements, especially Spirit.
    - - It can spawn a pentagram on the ground, through which Spirit crystals pop
    - - It can summon a monster for a split second to perform one attack before it
    - - It can spawn four blocks of either Fire or Ice, which shoot out all around
    you, forcing you to stay still or slide under them until they vanish.
    - - It can spawn four ghosts of itself to attack diagonally of itself, dealing
    physical damage.
    - - It can spin around itself and deal physical damage. Stronger ghosts.
    - - The way I beat this boss at first was to create the strongest spell I
    could and use it against him. If I didn’t have enough SP to bring him down,
    I readjusted the spell to be able to cast it one more times, weakening the
    spell slightly until I found a good balance.
    - - Now, I just use physical attacks against him and dodge all of his attacks.
    With 394 attack and maximum attack speed, it took about 50 seconds to beat him.
     Also, once you memorize his attack pattern, it’s fairly easy to avoid all of
    the attacks except for the ones from the monsters he summons, which can appear
    in random places. Also make sure to protect yourself against Spirit as much as
    possible. Saint Leaves and Magic Robes are the best protective armors to use.
    Land of Remembrance
    1F - I can't remember my exact setup for this level, but I remember using
    high-powered elemental projectiles. Pick off both of the eyes in the beginning
    without letting the golem notice, then sneak up on him and load him up with
    your strongest attacks. Run to the next area and kill the Scissy. Be careful;
    as soon as you clear the burners, there's a black Scissy with an upgraded
    attack. Stick to the left as much as possible and get it from behind or from
    the side so it can't hurt you, then go down through the maze of more burners.
    - - Either snipe the fodder with your spells or run past as you find the black
    one on the bottom right. Make a quick retreat and go up and left. Either set
    yourself on fire to attack this next summoner enemy, or get him with projectiles
     from a distance. If you choose the latter he won't even advance or attack you.
    - - After that, go up, right, and down, and you'll have to navigate through
    another one of those invisible mazes while a couple ghosts chase you. Don't
    worry though; this one is pretty easy and all you have to do is take out the
    ghosts to unlock the finish. There's also a more complex route that will allow
    you to unlock several treasure chests, but you're better off farming treasure
    chests on 4F of this dungeon.
    2F - This is another very tough level. Make sure to bring strong but cheap
    fire and ice spells, and a way to heal yourself of course. Once you begin,
    dash right, avoiding the fire, and going all the way to the right up against
    the wall. Ready ice spells for any enemy that follows you here and pick them
    off, then slowly advance left and assassinate each remaining enemy one by one
    until the path on the right is open. The Arnejuns (red lizard) are the only
    monsters you don’t have to defeat to advance.
    - - Defeat the Plus Men (red bull) one by one, then dash down and strafe back
    and forth until the Black Scissies stop attacking you. Snipe the Hydras in
    this area with G. Ice one by one from your little opening until they’re all
    dead, then sneak in melee attacks to the Again Fireballs in the corners without
    alerting the Wednesdemon until they’re dead.
    - - If you can, snipe the Fodder Ices before you engage the Wednesdemon, as
    they have upgraded attacks, then take out the Wednesdemon, most likely with G.
    Fire. However, you could be running low on SP by this point, so consider a
    melee attack from behind. Once he falls, you’ll be thrust into a battle with
    Hydras, Imojuns (blue), another Wednesdemon, and a Gorice (blue golem). Back
    up and try and kill them one at a time without alerting the Gorice, then once
    they’re all gone, sneak around behind him and ambush him. Once he’s gone, you’re
    free to finish.
    3F - Begin this level by cornering both Raoh Men (black bull) and defeating
    them, then take down the Bomber Bombers (black) on either side of the screen.
    You don’t have to defeat the Fodder Defenses, but if they see you, you really
    should unless you want to be put in a world of hurt.
    - - Once both Bombers are dead, go down and toward the center and use a surprise
    elemental attack on the Eizaemon (white ninja). The Scissies below are seriously
    bad news, so go down the far side of the room and sneak around behind them so
    you can take them out before they even see you. Continue downward.
    - - This next area is just a bunch of gut reflexes in a row. You’ll fight a
    bunch of Fodder and Mujuns while a Knight chases you around. Once the Knight
    is the only one left, carefully deal with him, then go right and left,
    defeating the Green Knights there to unlock the finish at the bottom.
    4F - I believe my setup for this level was purely magical. Load up on defense
    and bring along a healing spell as well as I. Storm and F. Storm. Don't move
    as soon as you step on the teleporter; just ready your storms and blast the
    burglars to bits.
    - - After the coast is clear, carefully examine which direction to go in;
    diagonally will make two sets of burglars come after you, so choose a cardinal
    direction and take care of them. After that, you'll only have to take out one
    enemy of each set individually before you can sneak behind the entire set and
    either use your spell or melee attack them from behind. At high enough levels,
    you can brute force this with a sword for lots of artifacts.
    Evil Map
    1F - This level is extremely hard! My personal strategy for beating it was to
    use the Wizard's Magic Circle Divine and build up very high attack and defense.
    Using two Widens to the immediate left and right of my sub character, I was
    able to bring both my attack and defense over 350 while still being able to
    use very powerful spells. I used G. Fire, G. Ice, and Heal 2. One projectile
    did lots of damage but took lots of SP and a bit of cast time, while the other
    could be rapid cast. Heal 2 only had a power of 115, but I made it cost 1 SP
    and a cast time of 1 as well.
    - - With this setup, I beat the level by advancing on enemies very, very
    carefully and ambushing them one by one. The strategy is simple and requires a
    lot more skill than good judgment, but once you try it out you'll realize that
    I can't give you any more advice; you just have to be fast and evasive.
    2F - The game prompts you to fight or flight... Well, you'll be doing a little
    of both! I used a setup similar to the one for 1F and managed to take out the
    first two spiders without the fodder destroying me. Then I rushed in and took
    out their measly health. After that you should rapid-fire the ninja on the top
    of the next room with projectiles until he dies, load up a strong projectile
    and alert the one on the bottom. As soon as he teleports and attacks, I let it
    loose and he's toast.
    - - Let a Haste trap hit you and dash through the dragons and boss enemy. The
    ambush method won't allow you to conserve enough SP for this level, so you
    should skip them and attack the Scissies you encounter as you run back left,
    as you will die otherwise. Run past the bombers and dodge everything that comes
    your way. Ignore the fire as you wrap around left and make it to the finish!
    3F - My biggest mistake in this level was using a character too fast for me to
    control. I ended up beating this level by getting a character with the Magic
    Circle Jet and using a good balance between walking and running artifacts to
    boost him up to a comfortable speed. Since you won't be attacking, go ahead
    and give him all defense artifacts for the corresponding slots. As you run
    through the level, stay on the side with the single goo block and slide over
    it; the other side usually has a Man enemy on it that will stop you and
    promptly kill you.
    - - Time your slides so that you can also be sliding while the fire and ice 
    shooters are erupting so you can dodge through the beams. Also, once the ninja
    starts chasing you, it's somewhat a matter of luck whether you win or not, since
    it can teleport in front of you and kill you in one hit if it decides to. I also
    believe that the bottom stretch with the ninja chasing you is the only exception
    in which the Man enemy and goo are on the same side. Basically this level is
    like a racing game in that you just have to know your environment before you
    can beat it.
    Overfiend Map
    1F - As I recall, I beat this level by using the Ran-geon King Magic Circle.
    This should not be too hard to get if you were able to beat Evil Map, so go on
    and make sure you have that for one of your characters. You'll also want to
    have Heal, F Slash, and D. Song equipped. I gave my Heal and F Slash spells
    about 100 power but only 1 SP and 1 Cast Time, and I also made sure D Song was
    adequately powered up. Alternatively, give F Slash a little more power and SP.
    - - The first thing you'll want to do when you start this level is run into the
    teleporter at the top, and then run down and around the Mujun. If done
    correctly, only he will be alterted of your presence and the other two monsters
    will ignore you. Now you'll have to learn how to fight in the Overfiend Map.
    Much like Knights, enemies in all floors of this dungeon will be highly
    resistant to frontal attacks, so make sure to hit them from the sides or better
    yet from behind.
    - - Dodge around the Oyajun, staying as low and to the right as you can, and
    when he's dead, creep up the right wall until you find the Katadrya (white
    dragon). Lure him down to the bottom corner and only hit him with
    counterattacks. Then simply go up and do the same with the Bicgei (black wasp).
    - - Now ready your F Slash and go to the left. You'll want to carefully take
    out the Scissies one at a time, as their attacks are devastating and very hard
    to dodge. Ideally you'll want to kill them before they can hit you. Only then
    will you be able to proceed (but if you can, attack the Hellbelos through the
    wall on the far left with F Slash). You may want to cast D. Song now.
    - - Slide immediately to the left before the Bomber Bombers can act. One or both
    of them might see you, but whatever happens, stay away from them and nail them
    with F Slash repeatedly as soon as you can. Their attacks will easily kill you
    in one hit, both your subs and main, so dodge and attack viciously. Then do the
    same thing you did before with the Scissies on the left.
    - - In this next area, immediately pounce on the Saturdemon on the left and wait
    for his summons to end before hacking him senseless in between his attacks. You
    might have to fight a variation of ninja if he can summon a few times, but you
    have to kill him first either way. Then, carefully ambush the rest of the
    monsters on the area before going right and assassinating the Scissies again.
    - - This next area has tons of Fodder royale. Slide to the left immediately and
    use F Slash to kill off any that come near you until you have a safe corner to
    rest in. Then carefully sneak out and kill one at a time until they're all gone.
    As before, take out the Scissies before proceeding.
    - - In this area you have to fight one or two Hellbelos, depending on whether or
    not you killed the first one early, and a Golem King. Go down immediately and
    lure over one boss at a time if you can. When you're done, take out the Scissies
    at the top and then go into the next teleporter, the one after that, and then
    right into the exit.
    2F - This level appears winding and confusing at first, but it's really not. All
    you have to do is kill the first two Knights in the first area, then explore
    every additional area one at a time and kill the Knight in each one, along with
    any minions that are too tough to run from. The big issue is the level of the
    enemies, which hovers around 650. For this, you're going to want the big bad
    level 400 Magic Circle, Dungeon Mastery. It's very tough to get, but pretty much
    a necessity.
    - - You're going to have to kill off 5 or 6 Knights, each in their own areas,
    and then go through the locked area in a big intersection and fight the Black
    Knight. Despite the level being simple, there are some important tips to know.
    For the ice area, go around the perimeter of the area first and kill all the
    Eimaro (blue ninja). This is even better if you were set on fire in the previous
    area, but since fire is a lot easier to contract than ice, bring I Slash for the
    fire area.
    - - For the green area, take out the Green Bunno so she doesn't heal the Green
    Knight. And for the white area, make sure to lure over the Eyehags (white eyes)
    and kill the first, as they go down easy but deal lots of damage. The Square
    Beetles will also have to be fought, as they can see in all directions, making
    it impossible to only kill the White Knight.
    - - When you get to the Black Knight, make sure to take out the Gotsu (black
    ghost) soon, as they're weak but can put you to sleep, and the Scissies as
    always. The Knight is strong, but very managable once his horde is gone. When
    they're all dead, poke around a bit until you find the path to the finish. The
    treasure chests will be filled with garbage, as always.
    3F - This level is really easy to just run through. Bring as high defense as you
    possibly can and also a simple Fire or Ice projectile, then run through the
    whole thing. Make sure to memorize where the Quake traps are, as they will
    take out a sub in one hit. Also make sure not to get ice status, or monsters
    will catch up with you and kill you quickly.
    - - When you slip between the two golems, go down into the secret black area
    to avoid the tar and ready your projectile spell. Find the first part of the
    left wall that starts zigzagging to the right and down (the first section will
    zigzag to the left and down), then get in that corner and fire your projectile
    to the right. It will hit the treasure chest there and unlock the next area
    without wasting time on tar.
    - - Dash back up between the golems and slip inside another black area. Avoid
    the summoning traps and keep running past the bombers and other very high-level
    monsters (although the Eihiei, the black ninja, may be weak enough to kill) and
    dash past the fire and ice blocks to the finish!
    - - The three white monsters before the end can cause a lot of blockage, so look
    for an opening before slipping through.
    4F - This is the final level before you get the chance to redo several maps with
    level 999 monsters. The boss here has several different attacks. This is almost
    the same as Khamun's revenge, only you're under a lot more threat because your
    enemy has massive health and deals ridiculous damage.
    - - Make sure to bring a fully powered up D99 weapon, fully powered Dual Wall
    shield, and a fully powered up Magic Robe. This will maximize your protection,
    speed, and damage output, and Duct is a lifesaver too.
    - - If the mask deals too much damage, consider bringing all three resist spells
    (fire, ice and spirit) and cast all of them three times before plunging into the
    battle. This makes your resistances go even further... So high, in fact, that
    you can heal from elemental attacks without even blocking! However, I neglected
    to bring F. Resist and I. Resist because the only attacks which deal fire or ice
    damage hit you only when you're moving, and my strategy was to tank next to the
    boss and attack repeatedly.
    - - Unlike previous versions, this mask can face different directions, but you
    can't tell which just by looking; you have to go by how much damage you deal,
    - - When I beat this level, I had about 750 attack and defense, and the spells
    I brought were S. Resist, War Song, and D. Song. I cast the latter two once,
    and the former three times, then ran up to the mask head-on so he would face
    forward as I ran behind him. This is a reliable way to make sure you're
    attacking from the rear. All I did then was attack repeatedly, moving away when
    he summoned a pentagram attack, or repositioning myself when he faced another
    direction (I dealt about 150-200 damage per hit with my stats).
    - - When he gets low enough on health, he lets out a burst from himself and
    then begins summoning pentagrams five at a time which follow you regardless of
    where you are. What I did here was simply continue dashing in a circle before
    running up to the boss again and hitting him a couple more times. I was lucky
    enough that my strategy finished him off.
    |                                                                             |
    |  On lv999 Levels...                                                         |
    |                                                                             |
    |  Keep in mind that the lower level the enemies were in the original         |
    |  permutations of these levels, the higher their level boost will be!        |
    |  Therefore, enemies in the Overfiend Map will be a closer level to those    |
    |  you are used to, while enemies in Land of Remembrance have received a      |
    |  larger level boost. I suggest taking these levels in reverse order unless  |
    |  they involve simply fleeing from enemies. Also, replaying the original     |
    |  levels is great practice for the lv999 versions, since you've most likely  |
    |  spent the last few dozen hours grinding in the New-geon and might need a   |
    |  quick refresher.                                                           |
    |                                                                             |
    |  One general tip is to have a high leveled spell with a low SP cost. I      |
    |  lean towards using Heal or F Slash. With a few Widens on the Dungeon       |
    |  Master circle you can max out an ability at level 17 with an SP cost       |
    |  of 1. This is extremely important, even if it comes at the cost of a       |
    }  few attack points.                                                         |
    Land of Remembrance (lv999)
    1F - With F Slash this is pretty simple. Guard elemental attacks to regain HP,
    and use your ability when you can in lieu of an attack. Guard and dodge, and
    don't fight any enemies you don't have to. Consult the original 1F to see tips
    on finding the black monsters required to unlock the finish. Recommended to use
    a Slash ability over Axeboom.
    2F - As a general rule, instances where on element is more useful than another
    are quite rare in Cladun. However, this level just so happens to be dramatically
    easier if you come with F. Element equipped on your character. Three mandatory
    bosses at the end of the level are of the ice element and using fire will make
    a big difference.
    - - You've already beaten this map. Run past the Scissies and walk up and down
    once you're past them such that they stop attacking but you don't alert any more
    enemies. Kill the Bunnos and red Scissy to unlock the next area, then kill off
    the bulls and repeat the processes with these Scissies.
    - - If you can, bait the red Dragon enemies over to you one at a time and defeat
    them, then use combo hits with a longer range to take out the fire enemies. You
    can also dash out to kill the Fodder enemies but it's best to make sure you can
    face the demon alone. Use F. Element to boost your attack against him, guard,
    and of course be careful not to let the Ghosts he summons put you to sleep.
    - - This next area is very similar to the last - bait enemies out if you can.
    Since the dragons don't have a very long attention span, you can probably lure
    the Mujuns away and then the second Demon without having to deal with them at
    - - This next part is my favorite. Creep along the top edge of the area. The red
    dragons probably won't see you. At the top left corner, cast F. Element, then
    sneak down behind the ice Golem and use your strongest attack on him. Guard, and
    run to the next area if you have to until he goes back to his starting point.
    Repeat until he's dead, then head left to the exit.
    3F - This level was a lot easier than I thought it would be, but required a lot
    of caution. You're going to have to rely on high defense and Duct titles to heal
    you. Since so many resources on your Magic Circle will go to attack and defense,
    you'll probably only have space for one good spell, and it should be a long
    ranged technique such as F Slash. Just for reference, mine was F Slash with
    an SP cost of 1, cast time of 30, and power of 343 when I beat this level. For a
    speed run you should decrease cast time further. You may also compare and
    contrast F Slash with Axeboom.
    - - Taking care of the bulls at the beginning of this level is easy, just hit
    their backs. The Bombers are much tougher; you need a hit-and-run strategy to
    make sure they don't hit you with their own long-ranged attacks. If you run far
    enough, sometimes you can hit their back as they retreat to their start point.
    Thankfully it won't take many hits to kill them.
    - - This next part is fairly easy, you can kill everything fairly quickly.
    Block magical attacks to heal up if you have to, just don't do it too much as
    your shield defense will decrease.
    - - Once you beat the Scissies you'll go down a hallway with fire and ice, and
    then the room opens up to a bunch of Fodder, Mujun, and a Knight in the center.
    Remember that sword techniques are slow but powerful. One casting is about the
    same as a three-hit sword combo in duration, but stronger and with greater
    range. Take on enemies one at a time and clear the room before taking on the
    bosses on the sides. Kill the black Knight to unlock the side doors.
    - - The green Knights are basically the same as you're used to. Hit them once
    to bait them away from their friends, then kill them. Run down to the exit.
    4F - There are two factors that come into play here, and both are extremely
    important. First is your setup; I ended up spending several hours grinding a D99
    Rebellion just for this map, while every other map I beat with a Raikiri. This
    is partially due to the raw power that the Rebellion affords, and partially due
    to the ability I used.
    - - You're going to want to use a really powerful version of Axeboom. My setup
    involved the lower right quadrant of Dungeon Mastery being Widened three times,
    and then filling the four spaces for Ability 1 with Skill Rise 2, SP Decrease 6,
    Widen, and Speed Cast 30. The resulting ability cost 26 SP, had a Cast Time of
    only 1, and had 56 Power. For reference, my attack/defense was 815/938.
    - - The second trick to beating this level is NOT attacking the instant that
    you teleport into the circle of Burglars. I was very tempted to teleport in and
    use Axeboom or a charged attack instantly, but you're already delayed from the
    teleporting animation and you need all the time you can to run. Head up
    immediately, and then bank right or left. The higher up you are, the fewer
    Burglars will notice you when you deviate from your center position. The game
    will lag a bit as you use Axeboom, so try and keep it together while you pick
    off all of the Burglars. The level will get easier as you go on, so once you
    take care of all of the enemies attacking you, you can focus on sneaking up on
    the rest of them. Don't hesitate to kill an enemy that hasn't seen you if it's
    in your way; this will probably happen with the four Burglars on the bottom of
    the level. Also, don't look at your health; you're going to take hits no matter
    what and honestly the whole fight is going to be quick and dirty.
    Evil Map (lv999)
    1F - Since 1F does not require you to defeat any monsters, I suggest bringing a
    fully defensive build, and perhaps a projectile spell. Remember that the two
    black treasure chests that cumulatively unlock the exit gate are on the top
    right and bottom left sections of the level. You may want to ambush enemies one
    by one if their attacks are troublesome - particularly enemies of the Scissy or
    Ninja variety.
    - - To summarize, get one chest, hit the teleport, get the other chest, and rush
    to the finish. The chest on the top right is easy to get to but can be quite
    deadly since there are many enemies there. This is a good place to use a spell
    such as Fire to get the chest from a distance and save time on the trip back.
    The chest on the bottom left is a bit trickier, since the Bombers are directly
    in your way there. See if you can get them to shift out of alignment or bait
    them away from the area. A weak Axeboom may also work, since it has a helpful
    knockback effect.
    2F - Your biggest enemy here is that the enemies will physically get in your
    way. Fighting lv999 monsters head-on is probably a deathwish unless you've been
    doing a LOT of grinding. You may take out the Spider and Fodder enemies first
    if you wish, otherwise I suggest you just run through the level. Zig zag when
    you can, otherwise you might run into an enemy, or have a Ninja teleport right
    in front of you. Stopping for even a fraction of a second will get you killed.
    Get to know the level, memorize the track, and turn it into a race.
    3F - This is the second map you should try after unlocking these lv999 Dungeons.
    The strategy is nothing new; just run through fast and don't get hit. Just note
    that if you take a hit this time around you'll be in even bigger trouble.
    Overfiend Map (lv999)
    1F - Welcome to hell. Aside from Land of Remembrance 4F, this is the hardest
    level in the game. Bring a strong, cheap spell, it will effectively replace your
    weapon attacks for this level. Same as last time, dash right into the teleporter
    and then down. Take out the Mujun, Dragon, and Wasp individually, then run up
    and hit one of the Scissies with your ability. Get into a rhythm of running from
    the giant spike attack and counterattacking between hits. Hug the corner of the
    Scissy you defeated and you can avoid alerting the second one. Finally, run to
    the far side by the Hell monster and wait for it to notice you through the wall.
    Once it does, strangely enough it will face downward no matter what. Spam your
    ability, hitting it from the side until it dies, then go through the teleporter.
    - - These two Bombers are the crux of the level. The axe attacks are ridiculous
    and to boot the terrain slows you down significantly. The best way to deal with
    these guys is to bring a decent walking and running speed and to run straight
    past them, baiting them to attack to the side while you're running to their
    side to attack. Turning and counterattacking will deal a lot of damage, and you
    can kill each one in 2-3 hits with this method. If you can spawn into this room
    and only alert one of the Bombers, this will be much, much easier. Repeat the
    processes with the Scissy on the left and continue on.
    - - The Demon monster here is not particularly tenacious, so run up and down,
    killing the Spider and Flame respectively before trying to tackle the Demon.
    Using the same method with the Bombers, you can trap the Demon into an attack
    animation while it faces to the side. However, this time you have to carefully
    time your attack such that it hits just as the Demon's attack is ending, due
    to its invulnerability. If it spawns Ninja, kill them quickly and hit them from
    behind if they spawn without noticing you. Kill one of the Scissies and hit the
    next teleporter; you can't hit the Helluton through the wall here.
    - - Just a bunch of black Fodder. Pick them off one by one and be careful not
    to alert the Scissies. The bombs dropped by Fodder hurt, too. Block them. Kill
    a Scissy and proceed.
    - - Since you killed off a Hell monster earlier, there should only be one now,
    along with the Golem monster. This can be tricky since both bosses have very
    different attack patterns. Surprisingly, the Golem is more vulnerable here and
    also has a tendency to walk right past you. This is a great opportunity to run
    and get in a rear attack on him - only a few hits are needed for a kill. Just
    be careful of the Hell monster chasing you during this time.
    - - As you noticed before, the Hell monsters can be a little buggy. These lv999
    monsters have very high defense, so your best bet is banking on him glitching
    and standing still facing sideways. Spam your attack and kill him. Once again
    kill a Scissy and proceed.
    - - This next area has two Hiyos, and the final area has several treasure
    chests lined up. These have no special properties; take them or leave them but
    if you're weak I suggest you skip the Hiyos and head over to the exit.
    - - If you're looking to beat this map in par time, I suggest bringing a sword
    and F. Slash or I. Slash rather than Axeboom, because the enemies tend to have
    higher blunt defense in this level, and the elemental damage will allow you to
    kill the Hell monsters in the final room. Also consider trading attack speed
    and run speed for walking speed, since you'll be using your ability more than
    normal attacks, and you'll be stopping too frequently for a high running stat
    to be useful. You might also be able to get away with having a main attack
    ability that costs a few extra SP - when I beat this, I had a lv.13 I. Slash
    that cost 8 SP. Finally, while the flames by the demon in the third room are
    not necessary to kill, it IS convenient to kill the Scissy in the last room,
    as it will give you an advantage in sneaking around behind the Golem and
    killing him faster.
    2F - For reference, when I beat this my attack was 748 and my
    defense was 996. More importantly was a heavily customized Heal spell with a
    cost of 6 SP, 60 cast time and 340 power.
    - - Killing the first two Knights should be easy - run along the side and alert
    them one at a time, and make sure you run around them quickly to attack from
    behind. Even from the side, damage will be reduced greatly.
    - - After making it into the main area, I suggest taking on the hardest areas
    first. Try the white area on the bottom right - alert the Eye monsters one at a
    time, and defeat the Beetles if you have to. Finally, bait the white Knight out
    and beat him. For speed runs, you can take out the knight in just a few rear
    hits but it is very difficult, especially with all of the enemies attacking.
    - - The ice area should be next. Sneak in and kill the blue ninjas first, then
    hit the blue Knight and run, hoping he follows you. Fighting him on slippery
    terrain is a bad idea, so lure him off of it if you can. Still possible to
    fight on ice during speed runs.
    - - The fire area is similar - sneak in and get the Knight's attention. Don't
    wander too far from him as you run, as he might not be able to follow you. Get
    a fair distance from the fire, use Recover if you must, and then engage him.
    For speed runs use Axeboom or I Slash, since you don't have to worry about
    having the fire status effect when using them.
    - - The green area is nice and easy if you know what you're doing. Move along
    the bottom of the map, then go up and take out the Bunno behind the Knight and
    Scissies. With a sword, attack twice a fair distance behind the Scissies such
    that your third strike hits it and takes most of its health. Creep forward
    gradually so you can kill it without alerting the Knight. Not hitting him can
    be tricky. If you're using an axe, find another way to defeat the Scissies
    individually or simply alert the Knight and bait him away.
    - - The final area is winding, which makes it confusing but also easier, since
    enemies are more spaced out. Creep forward slowly. When you run into a Scissy,
    run away from it as it attacks and get it to follow you out of the area. When
    it follows you and you have a chance, take it out. For Ghost monsters you can 
    probably just guard against its attacks and take it out in a few hits. When I
    took on the black Knight, I noticed an off-screen monster healing him but beat
    him anyway. The fight is no different from the rest so just keep your cool and
    fight smart. Just note that when you run away and heal, he's healing too.
    - - If you're looking to beat this map in par time, you will want to use one
    of the F. Slash or I. Slash abilities rather than Axeboom, and use it for your
    main attack. Either way you will have to face a Knight immune to one of those
    abilities, so I suggest I. Slash because you can bring your fire status from
    the fire in a previous room into a fight with the Knight in the ice area for
    normal attacks. Aside from the green monsters (which you can kill quickly,)
    the Ninja in the ice room (which will follow you) and the black monsters
    (which can corner you if you get lost,) it's typically best to avoid all of
    the unnecessary enemies.
    3F - This is the first map that I recommend you try if you've just beaten the
    normal Overfiend Map. You have to be precise, but under the right conditions,
    it's not so bad. Just do what you did the first time and completely forget about
    fighting these super juiced-up enemies.
    [00Ran] RANGEON
    Search Area (Floors 1-3)
    - This area is pretty much impossible to lose at. The enemies are weak in level,
    color, and species, and the ground allows you to move quite quickly.
    Forest Area (Floors 4-7)
    - Another simple area. There's some grass here, so be sure to slide over it to
    maintain speed. Also charge any Scissies that try to attack you, as they will
    attack from a distance.
    Plank Area (Floors 8-9)
    - This is basically Forest Area, but with a few slippery panels thrown in. Use
    them to your advantage and slide on them to traverse great distances.
    Dragon Area (Floor 10)
    - This is a pretty easy boss level, just be careful of getting surrounded and
    guard for the attacks. These boss monsters can do a lot of damage if you're
    similar in level to them.
    Novice Area (Floors 11-13)
    - Basically the same as Plank Area, but has a higher monster density.
    Fire Area (Floors 14-18)
    - Be ready to fight some ghosts with Ice or Spirit element, and be careful not
    to step in the fire. Get those right and you should be fine.
    Ice Area (Floors 19-23)
    - Time for everyone's favorite enemy, the eye! Stay out of its way or hit it
    with fire; their already weak resistance to elements will compound with fire
    Trap Area (Floors 24-29)
    - This area was designed with a bit of intelligence. You have quite a few ghosts
    hiding behind certain structures, some of them protected behind tar. Use
    projectiles! Or slide over the tar.
    Ninja Area (Floor 30)
    - Come prepared, that's all I can really say. Ambush the ninja one by one and
    don't get stuck in the tar. Guard every attack.
    Mid-Tier Area (Floors 31-35)
    - Pretty unremarkable area, but there will be more eyes. Everyone hates eyes.
    Mine Area (Floors 36-38)
    - This area is easy, but slow-going. The sand and occasional spider will drive
    that point home. Still, most monsters are just wasps, which makes for easy
    Mujun Area (Floors 39-42)
    - Eyes and fire can make this somewhat difficult, but overall the high quantity
    of Mujun enemies makes this place quite easy.
    Naon Area (Floors 43-49)
    - The magic users here are laughably weak and the level design is also quite
    easy. The only real problem here might be a Naon outmaneuvering you and getting
    a lot of rear attacks in.
    Knight Area (Floor 50)
    - Aside from a possible Hiyo population, the only thing you'll fight here is one
    little Knight. Just run around for rear and side attacks and guard against his
    and you'll be fine.
    Veteran Monster Area (Floors 51-54)
    - Bulls, Beetles, and Bombers. Three enemies that have very direct attack
    patterns and are very weak if you can close in on them and fire off a few hits.
    Beetles may have troubling Spirit projectiles, but otherwise this area is quite
    Still Half Area (Floors 55-60)
    - The Beetles have been replaced with Burglars. Could this be any easier? Just
    make sure the Burglars don't have a chance to take your equipment.
    Sort of Tiring Area (Floors 61-65)
    - At this point in the Ran-Geon, you may have started dozing off. That's exactly
    what the game developers want; while the enemies aren't dangerous, a Quake trap
    or two will catch you off guard and kill you very quickly. Just keep paying
    attention. The enemies are leveling up and so are the traps. Stay on guard.
    Quick Area (Floors 66-69)
    - Sand and tar... An obnoxiously slow combination. Why did they call it Quick
    Area? Anyway, this part shouldn't be too hard, just keep an eye out for the
    Ninjas. If you don't want to run headlong into one while being chased, go on
    the offense and take them on from behind. Elemental attacks work great.
    Sorcerer Area (Floor 70)
    - Two sorcerers to take care of this time. Definitely a step up from the Knight
    we fought back on Floor 50, but this is doable. Hug the sides and see if you can
    creep up behind one of them and clobber him with a rear attack. If not, just
    switch off guarding and attacking. Also be careful not to fight both of them
    at once; lean toward the side of the map so only one sees you at a time.
    Barrier Area (Floors 71-72)
    - Thankfully there are only two floors of this, but they're a big step up from
    what you're used to. The barriers may be constant or flashing on and off, but
    either way you don't want to mess with them. The damage is quite high and you
    can't slide through them, either. The best you can manage is creeping over them
    with your guard up, and this only works if you're quite high-level. On top of
    the barriers themselves, there are quite a few Ninjas here that will only help
    pick away at the health you're already losing. Tread carefully.
    Magma Area (Floors 73-76)
    - Out of the frying pan and into the fire! Magma Area features some of those
    flamethrowers you may have seen on previous levels. They deal high damage and
    can sometimes move. These ones in particular also happen to be unbreakable. The
    best way to avoid them is to slide under them.
    - Be careful of the Fire status, as you may be affected by it quite frequently.
    If you lose here, consider bringing Recover so you don't have to seek out water.
    Water is not only scarce here but oftentimes guarded by Ghosts. And if they put
    you to sleep in an area like this, you might not wake up.
    Bonus Area (Floor 77)
    - This level is good for everyone but especially great for axe users. There are
    plenty of treasure chests here and even more hidden behind breakable walls. The
    only monsters here are Hiyos, too, so you're not in much danger unless you pick
    a fight with one at low HP.
    - This level has a high risk and reward factor in New-Geon. Because the enemy's
    level will be doubled, you can expect a high payout for slaying a Hiyo. But
    their already high attack will be even higher, too. Projectiles will work
    wonders here.
    Magma Area (Floors 78-79)
    - Not much will have changed. Mostly the same old stuff.
    Ice Age Area (Floors 80-86)
    - Ghosts, Dragons, Eyes, and Ninjas. Not a very pleasant combination, but of the
    Dragons are of course the worst part. Use the ice here to your advantage and
    slide over areas when you have to. A couple ice machines are also breakable, so
    you may use that to your advantage. Above all, keep an eye on your health!
    Almost Done Area (Floors 87-89)
    - The Dragons are still here, now in multiple colors, but other than that this
    is thankfully easier than the Ice Age area. Just be careful of the level enemies
    are at now. Though most non-Dragon enemies here are easy, they still are kind
    of strong by now.
    Giant Area (Floor 90)
    - You have to fight two black Golems here. This could be easy or quite hard
    depending on your health, SP, and general setup. I have a guide for taking on
    monsters, so look up the part I wrote for Golems there. Otherwise, just make
    sure to steer clear of traps and fight one Golem at a time. One good strategy
    if you're using an axe or hammer is to hug the wall and sneak behind one of
    the Golems, then unleash your attack and run to the bottom corner of the map.
    He won't follow you there, so you can repeat the process until he dies. Just
    keep an eye on the traps so you don't kill yourself trying to exploit it.
    Monstrosity Area (Floors 91-95)
    - You are fighting some of the absolute toughest monsters now, so you're going
    to have to use your surroundings to your advantage. Note that this area is
    comprised mainly of big open spaces. This means you can run from most Dragons,
    as they have weak homing. It also means you have lots of space to take on the
    boss-type monsters you'll regularly encounter without running into another one
    of them along the way.
    Freak Area (Floors 96-97)
    - This area is a small rehash of the previous one. Ninjas and Dragons still
    serve as the grunts, while this time you'll be fighting Hell and Golem monsters
    for semi-bosses. Just be careful not to get surrounded, as the areas here are
    somewhat smaller. There's also a bit of fire as a minor hazard.
    All-Star Area (Floor 98)
    - A Knight, a Golem, and a Helluton walk into a bar... Okay, not really. But
    these are the three bosses you fight. Obviously the Knight will be the easiest
    to take out, but whichever you want first (the Knight or Helluton) you'll want
    to sneak up on one of them from the side and attack from behind. After that you
    can retreat and do it again on the other side of the map, or go for the Golem.
    You don't need to learn anything new to beat this.
    Last Area (Floor 99)
    - Two Hellutons stand beside Khamun. Lure them away one by one and stomp them.
    It's very important Khamun doesn't see, or you'll be in a lot of trouble. It's
    also a big mistake to step on a Summon trap, because it can summon ANOTHER copy
    of Khamun.
    - After you beat the Hell monsters, sneak up behind Khamun and start the fight.
    This would also be a good time to cast something like Defense Up or Attack Up.
    When he's morphing, timing your attacks for the moment his invincibility ends
    is a great strategy.
    Dark World (Floor 100)
    - If you've played any of the extra-hard maps in Cladun (Land of Remembrance,
    Evil Map, or Overfiend Map) then you'll recognize the enemies' attacks. Fodder
    will use their bomb attack while other monsters will shoot projectiles. And
    because the floor level ends in double zeroes, their levels will also be
    doubled. This does not bode well for you.
    - The best way to beat this level is to sneak and take out enemies one at a
    time. Using projectiles is also a good idea. If you have any abilities you've
    been saving up, now's the time to use them, as this is the single hardest floor
    that you can encounter while doing New-Geon runs.
    Multiplayer maps can be played with only one player, but these maps are designed
    specifically to be played with teammates; earning Fame is nearly impossible
    going solo. Also, the game will still lag, even if you're not connected to
    another PSP (don't ask me why).
    Connecting Forest
    1F - As this is meant for two players, it's best if you bring two! You and your
    partner start on opposite sides of the map and will come together where the
    finish is. You'll have to keep going onto the other side if you're playing alone
    but otherwise you'll want to use a pincer movement to unlock the finish fast.
    2F - This level seems to work a lot like 1F, only all 4 players will start in
    different areas. This means you'll have to run around and kill all 4 black
    Cat Burglars before the exit is unlocked. Axeboom or F. Slash would speed this
    up, but not by much as you can't nail anyone through the walls.
    Legendary Castle
    1F - Again, division of labor is crucial here. There are four rooms, and after
    beating the green Bomber in each of them the finish on the far left will be
    unlocked. If you only have one player, you'll have to unlock them after beating
    a few fire monsters in the middle. There's tons of fire there, so just use I.
    Slash to wipe them out regardless of status ailments.
    2F - A bunch of consecutive rooms will string you along to the finish, each
    separated by a bunch of monsters that unlock the next room. This game's
    multiplayer levels lag pretty badly, so homing spells are your friend! They
    save time that you would otherwise spend on targeting! Widen will also allow
    spells to hit multiple enemies.
    Magma Ocean
    1F - Same basic concept as previous levels. Four teleporters lead to four rooms.
    Use something with a large area of effect to clear the enemies fast and make
    sure you can take on fire monsters even with the fire status ailment. This is
    very difficult to beat in par time on solo, because the treasure chests needed
    to unlock the finish can't be destroyed with I. Slash through the wall. Your
    best bet is to use an ability that will one-shot the entire group of enemies in
    one room, fire a projectile into the room with the chest, and rush to the next
    one, but even under optimal conditions the difficulty is likely to hover around
    "barely possible."
    2F - This is a long weaving level that ends with an exit that has a fire demon
    due north and south of it. Only the demons have to be beaten to unlock the exit.
    The fastest way to beat it is to just bring a strong ice spell, race through the
    level, and then slam both the demons and run to the exit.
    Glacier Forest
    1F - The ice here is what makes speed difficult. It also makes the teleporters
    very difficult to see, so you'll have to use a bit of guesswork to know where to
    look for them. Other than that, this level is quite simple. You just have to
    beat each of the 8 sections surrounding the center where the exit is. The more
    people you bring, the easier this is, as you each start in a corner, making it
    much faster if you have 4 people.
    2F - You start off in an icy room loaded with teleporters that drag you back to
    the beginning. They are nearly impossible to see, and the game won't even tell
    you which one is the right one. But fortunately for you, this walkthrough will
    tell you! Follow along the bottom of the starting point, going right. There are
    three teleporters on the bottom if you look carefully. They will be on the very
    bottom, or one space above it. However, there is a fourth teleporter that's
    a couple blocks higher. That's the one you want.
    - After that part, you'll be taken to an area with three ice monsters. Beat them
    to unlock a teleporter to the center. In the center are two ice Dragons and the
    exit. Kill the Dragons and you're free to go.
    Dwelling of Evil
    1F - This is the easiest multiplayer map. Charge in a circle around the area and
    kill every boss monster you encounter. If you're with a friend, go clockwise
    while he goes counterclockwise. After you beat all the bosses the exit is
    unlocked at the bottom and slightly to the left. Since there are only a few
    enemies, load up strong spells that can only be cast a few times. Or just come
    back as a high-level player.
    2F - Defeat the Ninja you start next to, then charge into the middle of the map.
    There are 8 boss monsters arranged around the center exit. Just kill them all
    to unlock it. Alerting the summoner enemies may delay you, as they're impervious
    to damage while attacking. It might be best to use projectiles against them or
    just kill them from behind.
    Ancient Ruins
    1F - These last two levels will lag in addition to the usual button delay.
    Ignore the first teleporter you see and go straight up, killing the bull
    and then cracking open the chest. That will unlock a door back at the start, so
    go back and take the passage up. Kill the Ninja to unlock the next part, which
    is a Yin-Yang shape with some monsters around it. Kill them to unlock the
    teleporter in the middle of the Yin-Yang, then go inside it and kill the Scissy
    and Knight on the other side to unlock the exit.
    2F - This level seems confusing but it's really not. All you have to do is kill
    every enemy and then take the teleporter that was previously locked to the exit.
    Since the teleporters are kind of smeared all over the area you're in, it might
    be a good idea to plan with your partner who's going to take care of which room.
    Other than that it should just be a simple rush-kill.
    [00Equip] EQUIPMENT
    This section of the guide contains a list of equipment that can be found in
    the game. These are the stats of weapons which have the Norm title, and are
    a good baseline for figuring out the kind of stats you're looking for. After
    all, a fully-powered D99 of any weapon will have the same bonuses, so the
    original stats are the only real differences between them. Out of laziness I
    decided only to include rare armor. However, keep in mind that the lack of a D99
    version of any rare items severely squelches their usefulness.
    NAME            PRICE  POWER %  ATK CRT BRK WT                       <<WEAPONS>>
     - SWORDS -
    Gladius            20   70-100    4  12  10 15
    Claymore          150   75-100    6   9   8 13
    Knight Sword      320   80-100    8  10   3 13
    Flamberge         680   82-100   11  13  10 15
    Crimson Peony     900   86-103    7  20   0 10
    Nemesis          1400   87-100   14  14   6 12
    Dragnade         2200   90-100   18   8  10 13
    Raikiri          2800   93-100   22  15   3 12
    War Axe            30   40-125    3   1  25 18
    Dwarven Axe       200   40-130    5   3  35 19
    War Hammer        400   40-132    6   2  20 21
    Ogre Club         750   40-136    9   1  22 22
    Rune Axe         1000   40-138   11   5  20 20
    Diablo           1500   40-140   13   2  24 21
    Kaiser           2500   40-145   15   2  23 23
    Rebellion        4050   40-150   17   3  26 21
    Prinny Stick      200   10-160    0  20   5 24
     - STAVES -                                     ELEM.
    Common Rod         35    50-80    0   4   4 23  S +10
    Rune Scepter      100    50-70    0   0   0 25  S +12
    Ebon Rod          250    50-70    0   0   0 25  S +15
    Mage Wand         500    65-90    0   1   5 22  F +20
    Rune Scepter      700    65-90    0   1   5 22  I +25
    Strength Rod     1000    65-90    0   1   5 22  I +30
    Stave            2000    65-90    0   1   5 22  F +35
    Angel Staff      4500    65-90    0   0   0 18  S +38
    NAME            PRICE   \S/ DEF Walk WT CRT   Sl   Pi   Bl   Fi   Ic   Sp
    Wood Shield        30   18    0    0  0   0   65   65   65 -100   50   50
    Kite Shield       120   14    0    0  0   0   70   70   70   50   50   50
    Warrior Shield    300   20    0   -1  0   0   70   70   70   30   30   30
    Ogre Shield       420   30    2   -2  3   0   85   85   85   50   50   50
    Flare Shield      600   20    0    0  0   0   50   30   50  110    0   30
    Ice Shield        750   20    0    0  0   0   50   50   30    0  110   30
    Mind Shield       900   25    0    0  0   0   30   50   50   50   50  110
    Wind Shield      1150   10    0    3 -2   5   40   40   40   60   60   60
    Dragon Shield    1500   40    3   -2  5   0   70   70   70   60   60   50
    Dual Wall        3000   60    0   -1  3   0   80   80   60   60   60   40
    NAME            DEF Walk CRT BRK WT   Sl   Pi   Bl   Fi   Ic   Sp <<RARE ARMOR>>
    Saint Leaf        5   20  50  10 -2    0  -30    0    0    0   50
    Dark Garb        50   10   0   0 -1    0    0  -50   60   60  -20
    Rune Robe        35   10   5   5 -1  -20  -20   30   40   40   20
    Holy Mail        40    0   0   0  0    0    0  -30   30   30   30
    Phoenix Robe     50   10   0   0  0  -70   30   30   40   40   10
    Dragon Mail      60  -10   0   0  0    0  -30    0  100    0    0
    Angel Garb       55   10  10  10 -2    0    0  -30   50   50    0
    Abyss Plate      75  -10  20   0  0    0  -20    0   20  130    0
    ARTIFACT       SELLBACK  TYPE  BOOST  MANA                    <<RARE ARTIFACTS>>
    Lieutanent           40   ATK      4    12
    Phoenix Troop        60   ATK      8    32
    Dragon Troop        120   ATK     12    60
    Obelisk Troop       600   ATK     16    96
    Tiger Troop        1000   ATK     20   140
    Divine Troop       1900   ATK     24   192
    Monster Castle       10   DEF      4     9
    Elegant Castle       20   DEF      8    21
    Shelter Castle       60   DEF     12    40
    Maggot Castle       200   DEF     16    64
    Animal Castle       400   DEF     20    95
    Maple Castle        600   DEF     24   135
    Widen                 1  SPEC      0     0
    > Here are some short (and not so short) explanations as to how each enemy
    attacks and how to deal with them, along with special abilities they gain as
    they reach higher levels.
    Burglars - These things are pretty weak and go down easy. The biggest problem
    is that if your guard is down, they can reduce attack and defense to nothing
    by unequipping you of your items for a few seconds. If you can, ambush them
    when they're alone, as they can leave you vulnerable to other monsters. If
    they keep running away, turn your back to them and let them approach, then
    turn back and smash them to bits at the last second. Also make sure to guard
    if you know they're going to hit you with an attack. The last thing you need
    is for them to do tons more damage, or worse yet, reduce your damage to next
    to nothing.
    Tarantula - These things are quite a nuisance if you get hit with them. Try to
    guard their attacks as much as possible, as they can slow or poison you. The
    worst part about them is that they'll zigzag to hit you as you approach them,
    making it hard for you to get a clean advance on them. Once you're on top of
    them, circle them so that they're trying to face you but unable to, and attack
    them between their attacks.
    Fodder - These creatures can lay traps, but pose very little threat in terms
    of combat ability. Just advance on them and kill them. At higher levels, they
    can lay down bombs in front of them and deal ungodly amounts of elemental
    damage, so it's important to stay guarded. Even more importantly, though,
    you'll want to rush in and deal with them in between attacks, as their health
    is still low. Just be careful of fighting them in groups, as they can be
    remarkably deadly.
    Fireball - These can either advance on you, or attack in a clockwise fashion.
    Either way, you'll want to stay clear of their projectiles and attack them
    from the side if you can. The Fire and Ice versions can inflict you with Fire
    and Ice status, making you heal them. If this happens, you may be able to use
    it to your advantage against opposite aligned enemies in the area, or find a
    way to cure yourself (water cures fire cures ice). Fire will do damage while
    ice will make you slip and slide (much worse than a slippery surface, I might
    Hiyokki - These things can be a pain. Approach them from the back or side and
    use the strongest attack you can against them before they know what's going
    on, then continue to bombard them for as long as possible. Their attacks are
    short ranged but do tons of damage, so stay out of their way if possible.
    Chasing after them can be frustrating if you don't know the map they're in,
    so you may want to stay where they started, as they will eventually return.
    Worst of all is that while running, they can alert other enemy types of your
    presence, bringing them down upon you as you wait.
    Wasp - These guys are pretty easy, although they can also be pretty determined.
    They're fast and I don't think I've ever seen one give up when you're fleeing.
    Their offense and defense are both pretty weak, though, so you may want to deal
    with them as soon as you see them to avoid getting ambushed by them in numbers.
    The worst experience I’ve had with them is being ambushed by a bunch of the
    fire variety while I was on fire, as I was completely blocked in.
    Ghost - These are some of the worst enemies, as they're immune to physical
    attacks. You'll have to bring an elementally charged weapon, a staff, or an
    elemental ability capable of disposing of them. My personal favorites are the
    sword slashes and elemental spells from the Warrior class. Like the wasps,
    they will never stop hunting you, but unlike them, they use a ranged attack
    that can hit you through walls and even put you to sleep. Get in close and use
    an attack that will work against them, and they fall pretty quickly.
    Helluton - These use both fire and ice attacks, and can be a serious threat,
    considering they're boss monsters. They're also immune to physical attacks and
    have high health, so my best encounters with them have been because I used the
    Warrior elemental abilities. Spells that can fire rapidly and take them by
    surprise are good as well. Once they start chasing you, it might be best to
    stick with ranged attacks, and maybe slip in a melee attack or two in between
    their attacks. Having good equipment to build up resistances against the
    elements is essential to dealing with them, as guarding against their attacks
    allows you to stay close and unload more melee attacks into them if your weapon
    is elemental. At high levels, they may also shoot a projectile, but I’ve
    noticed that these can actually miss you if you stand close enough to them.
    Mujun - These will either only attack when you attack them first, or attack on
    sight, depending on the level. Either way, their attacks are too frequent to
    allow you to dodge their attacks entirely, so you'll have to alternate
    attacking and blocking. Having rapid attacks works great here. Fighting them
    in groups can be problematic if they're high level. Also, at a certain level,
    they can fire projectiles or use a tripled version of the Warrior slashes. The
    projectiles can be handled if you guard or dodge them, but the slashes tend to
    make fighting them in numbers suicidal.
    Golem - As a boss monster, these aren't as bad as they could be. Their only
    weapon is a fairly short-ranged radial attack. If you can, get in and bombard
    them with melee attacks at first, then use a hit-and-run strategy to whittle
    away the rest of their health. Projectiles are a godsend against them as well.
    Demon - These can summon more monsters to attack, including ghosts, while
    firing a triple projectile at you. They're also invulnerable while summoning
    or attacking. However, they have very low health, so as soon as they stop
    their attack animation, it's absolutely vital to hit them with rapid fire
    attacks or use a single very strong attack. Ignore the enemies they summon as
    much as possible and try to deal with them later, but if you can't dodge the
    Ghosts' attacks, you might want to take them out so they don't put you to
    Eyes - This enemy is extremely tough to beat, and seems to have very high
    attack and defense. They also will never stop chasing you. Their laser attack
    is slow enough that you can dodge out of the way of their attacks and move to
    attack them from the side indefinitely, but this is quite risky and absolutely
    impossible when facing them in large groups. I've noticed that using elemental
    attacks against them seems to deal with them very, very quickly.
    Bunno - These strange creatures have a tornado-like attack with limited homing
    ability. Since it's ranged, the best way to deal with them is to get in close
    before you can get taken out too quickly. The infuriating thing about them is
    that after each attack, they change positions very quickly, oftentimes moving
    behind you. At high levels, they can fire a devastating projectile attack.
    Really the only way to deal with it is to dodge and have high enough attack to
    defeat them before they can fire off another one; even guarding you'll take
    lots of damage. White versions can cast healing spells.
    Dragon - I've found these to be pretty dangerous, especially as the Fire and
    Ice variants can inflict you with Fire and Ice status. Their two main attacks
    are rushing at you, dealing high physical damage, and then turning around and
    using a breath attack, which uses up some of their HP. At high levels, they
    also have insane health. Projectile attacks are good for keeping them at a
    safe distance, and when facing them one at a time, it's also possible to dodge
    all of their assaults on you. In numbers, however, there is no tried and true
    method of neutralizing them without putting yourself in serious danger.
    Scissy - These creatures follow you and use a ground-up attack similar to the
    ghosts. Since they have no melee attacks, the best way to kill them is simply
    to rush them and use melee attack after melee attack; they don't even retreat!
    At high levels, they can make gigantic 5x5 squares of spikes pop out, or make
    the spikes attack constantly. Both of these keep you running constantly and
    are close to impossible to survive; when they gain this ability, virtually the
    only way to defeat them is to ambush them and kill them before they can move
    at all.
    Knight - These enemies have incredible defense from the front, so the best
    thing to do is guard through one of their attacks, then quickly reposition
    yourself to their side and attack them there before they turn to face you again.
    Back assaults are the best, but can be tough to pull off without wasting a lot
    of time. Their attacks can also extend very far if you continually run from
    them, so stay in close and be sure only to fight one at a time.
    Man - This bull-like enemy will rush in your direction and stop once it hits a
    wall, only to turn around and rush you again. Some variants only run back and
    forth, ignoring you completely. They damage you on impact, and stop after four
    or so hits. You can also bait them into running into destructible walls if you
    don't have an axe with you. These are generally easy to deal with, as they
    don't deal very high damage. Both attacking them when they hit a wall and
    guarding their rush and attacking once they stop are easy ways to dispatch them.
    Bomber - This creature uses a double axe attack that goes out and does damage,
    and then reels back in and does damage again. While appearing in later levels,
    I've found them to be extremely easy to defeat. While it's hard to get out of
    the way of their attacks, their damage is so incredibly low that you can guard
    against their attacks and stay close to them while using melee attacks. At
    very high levels they will use the character ability Axeboom, which will do 
    enough damage to make you want to just run from them.
    Ninja - These monsters teleport behind you and use a very strong attack before
    repeating the process. They're extremely dangerous and can have pretty high
    resistance to physical attacks. Generally the best way to deal with them is
    just to guard through their attacks and put in your own in between. They’re
    also quite weak to elemental attacks. Fighting multiple ones can be a pain,
    especially because you can' outrun a teleporting enemy. Strong spells can work,
    and rear ambushes do ridiculous damage to them.
    Beetle - These creatures like to center themselves with you and fire projectiles
    at you. The knockback from these is their biggest threat, as it prevents you
    from advancing on them. Other than that, they're not too dangerous unless you
    encounter them in numbers or with other kinds of enemies. 
    Khamun - This boss is somewhat unique in that it always faces forward and will
    always take more damage from behind. Its attack pattern consists of moving
    around randomly and firing homing projectiles at you. As its health goes down,
    it will transform into other boss monsters and back again. When its health
    becomes very low, it will move back and forth while rapid-firing tons of
    projectiles (which do not have homing). During this time, it is invulnerable,
    but when it stops it can be hit again. When fought in later Dungeon levels, it
    gains three new attacks: Creating a pentagram which spirit spikes pop out of
    after a few seconds, spawning four fire or ice blocks around the player (this
    can be dodged by standing still), and shooting out spirit element projectiles.
    The final version of this boss also can rapidly summon the pentagrams five at
    a time when low enough on health.
    1 Fist
    2 Wolf         S) W Slash
    3 Phalanx      S) Ring, A) Tank
    5 Leader       S) F Slash
    6              S) I Slash
    7 Fair
    8              A) Boomer
    9 Back
    10             F. Element, I. Element
    11 Firm
    12             A) Axeboom
    13 D-Fens
    15 Troll       S) Stab
    17 3-Guard
    18             A) Combo
    19 Schemer
    21 Thorough
    24 Iron
    25             A) S Slash
    28 Master
    32 Twin
    36 Big Wing
    40 Snakes
    45 Storm
    50 Flash
    60 Kaiser
    1 Suicide
    2 Blast
    3 Law          S) Charge, A) Swing
    5 Price        S) F Slash
    6              S) I Slash
    7 Bully
    8              A) Empower
    9 Vanguard
    10             A) S Slash
    12 Train
    14 God Hand    S) Ring
    16 Tyrant
    17 Crush
    18 Fortress    A) Boomer
    20 Backs
    23 Warcry
    25             A) Axeboom
    27 Javelin
    31 Sparta
    35 Bump
    39 Teamplay
    43 Triangle
    49 Dragon
    61 Glory
    1 Last S.      Fire, Ice
    3 Dualcast     G. Fire, G. Ice
    5 Dual S.      Burn, Cool
    8 Test         Time Burn, Time Cool
    10 Great S.    G. Burn, G. Cool
    12 Rage S.
    14 Servent
    16 M&S
    18 Triple
    20 Insist      F. Storm, I. Storm
    22 Blood
    24 Wall
    26 Teamwork
    28 Wizard
    30 Clone
    32 3 Wishes
    36 Dark Tie
    42 Parallel
    48 Compleate
    56 Divine
    1 Life         Heal
    2 Sprout       Recover, E. Recover
    3 Guard A.  
    4 Clumsy
    5 Secret       D. Song
    7 Lifefarm     F. Resist, I. Resist
    9 Defy
    10             Atk Break
    11 Final       Def Break
    13 Inner
    15 Security    S Resist
    18 Blade
    20             Heal 2
    21 Armor
    24 Castle
    28 Mountain
    31 Mirror
    36 Blocker
    41 Maxim
    51 Seven
    61 Megalow
    81 Core
    1 Loyal        G Get
    2 Dual G.
    4 Boss
    5 Blame        War Song
    7 Dwarf
    8              Time Burn
    9 Giant
    10             Time Cool
    11             F. Storm, I. Storm
    12 Mania
    14 Twirl
    15 King!
    17 Gulliver
    18 The Star
    20             S. Heal
    22 Spin
    24 Extra
    28 Do/Die
    32 Job
    36 Jet
    41 Rescue
    49 Civil
    56 Peace
    71 Champ
    Cladun: This is an RPG features three Legendary Magic Circles, unlocked by
    beating the Ran-Geon with certain parameters. Specifically, Ran-Geon King is
    unlocked by beating the Ran-Geon at any level, Dungeon Mastery is unlocked by
    beating the Ran-Geon with the enemy level set at 400 or higher, and Completed
    is unlocked by beating the Ran-Geon with the enemy level at 999.
    The below image is a representation of a Magic Circle. You can see that each
    slot for a sub character is represented by the letters A-H. This will be used
    to show which character has what slots. If a letter is replaced with an X, it
    means that there is no slot for a sub character.
    CD EF
    Ran-Geon King
    CX XF
    A = EXP UP 3
     SP > SP > ATK/DEF > CRT > HP/SP > HP/SP > HP/SP > HP/SP
     SP > SP > ATK/DEF > CRT > HP/SP > HP/SP > HP/SP > HP/SP
    C = EXP UP 3
     SP > SPD > Mana x2 > CRT > ATK > ATK > ATK > Ab 3
    F = EXP UP 3
     SP > SPD > Mana x2 > CRT > DEF > DEF > DEF > Ab 3
    G = EXP UP 3
     Ab 2 > Ab 2 > Ab 2 > Ab 2
     Ab 1 > Ab 1 > Ab 1 > Ab 1
    H = EXP UP 3
    Dungeon Mastery
    CD EF
    A = EXP UP 3
    C = EXP UP 3
     Dist 50%
     ATK > ATK > ATK > ATK > ATK > ATK > CRT
    D = EXP UP 3
     Dist 50%
     ATK > ATK > ATK > ATK > ATK > ATK > CRT
    E = EXP UP 3
     Dist 50%
     DEF > DEF > DEF > DEF > DEF > DEF > CRT
    F = EXP UP 3
     Dist 50%
     DEF > DEF > DEF > DEF > DEF > DEF > CRT
    H = HP GAIN 3
     HP > HP > HP > Mana x3
                    DEF > DEF > DEF > DEF
                    SPD > SPD > SPD > SPD
                    ATK > ATK > ATK > ATK
     SP > SP > SP > SP
                    Ab 1 > Ab 1 > Ab 1 > Ab 1
                    Ab 2 > Ab 2 > Ab 2 > Ab 2
                    Ab 3 > Ab 3 > Ab 3 > Ab 3
    CD EF
    A = NONE
     DEF > DEF > DEF > DEF > Ab 1 > Ab 2 > Ab 3 > Mana x4
     HP > HP > DEF > DEF > DEF > DEF > DEF > DEF
    B = NONE
     HP/SP > Ab 3
     HP/SP > Ab 3
    C = NONE
     HP/SP > ATK > Ab 1 > Ab 1
     HP/SP > Ab 1 > Ab 1 > Ab 1
    D = NONE
     HP/SP > Ab 3
    E = NONE
     HP/SP > Ab 3
    F = NONE
     HP/SP > DEF > Ab 2 > Ab 2
     HP/SP > Ab 2 > Ab 2 > Ab 2
    G = NONE
     SPD > SPD > CRT > CRT
     SPD > SPD > CRT > CRT
    H = NONE
     ATK > ATK > ATK > ATK > Ab 1 > Ab 2 > Ab 3 > Mana x4
     HP > HP > ATK > ATK > ATK > ATK > ATK > ATK
    WARNING: This section contains spoilers. In fact, it's one big spoiler. So if
    you don't want to know how this story ends until you unlock it for yourself,
    don't read on, simple as that. Also, considering that Adventures of the Yam Hero
    is the ONLY plot progression after the Asagi event and continues until midway
    through the Overfiend Map, you should definitely think twice before spoiling the
    final chapter.
    Long, long ago, there was an old man and woman. The old man went to build a
    bonfire in the mountain. The old woman went bathing in the river. While the old
    woman was bathing, a giant yam floated down the river. She picked it up and took
    it home, wanting it for dinner that night. After returning home, she tried to
    eat the yam but a baby popped out from inside.
    The old man and woman named the baby "Yam." The young "Yam" then grew up, slowly
    but surely. One day, Yam said, "Grandpa, Grandma, I want to become a hero." That
    was the day the Yam Hero was born. On the day that Yam was to depart, the old
    woman made him some Natto dumplings.
    Yam first went to a town where people complained about monsters who wreaked
    havoc. But he hated walking, so he ran. By the time he arrived, it was already
    infested by monsters. "I must help these people," he said. Thanks to the work
    of Yam, peace returned to the town. But that peace did not last long. Another
    danger crept close to Yam.
    The Evil Lord had kidnapped the princess. Determined to make that princess his
    bride, Yam headed off to her rescue. After arriving at the castle, he found
    both the Evil Lord and Princess. "You must be Yam! The princess is mine!" Yam
    couldn't tell which one was the princess. "You can have her." Yam turned around
    and left.
    Yam returned home to the old man and woman. "Grandpa, Grandma, I'm home." But
    there was no response. Apparently, the old man and woman were dying from hunger.
    "Grandpa! Grandma!" Yam didn't know what to do. He had never thought so long and
    Yam finally decided on one thing. If it is for the sake of the old man and
    woman, he didn't care if it cost him his life. Yam turned himself into some
    grated Yam. "Grandpa. Grandma. Please eat!" The nutritious yam satisfied them
    right away. "Thank you, Yam." The old man and woman happily ate the grated yam.
    The End.
    Special Thanks to:
    NIS America, for making such an amazing game!
    GameFAQs, for hosting this FAQ and many others.
    Steele Blade, for providing a complete compendium of Magic Circles.
    CronoDAS, for advising me to use the Magic Robe for its Spirit resistance.
    Legal Information:
    This guide may not be redistributed for commercial use, nor redistributed for
    non-commercial use if it is modified. If, however, this document is left in
    its original form, it may be redistributed for noncommercial use.
    © Copyright 2012
    If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to send them to me at:
    TheJunkieBox [at] gmail [dot] com

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