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Finally, my long wait is over, as I got a copy of THQ's action-packed "UFC Undisputed 2010". This game is based on the fast-rising sport called "MMA" or mixed martial arts.

To people like me, who is a fan of the sport, you will be happy to hear that this game won't disappoint, and really gets you going from the moment you hold your PSP. You will have goosebumps as you watch the introduction, just like watching a real pay-per-view UFC fight card. It's nice to think that you could go "watch"(or play) a UFC fight anytime you pick up your console.

But enough chattering, LET'S GET IT ON!!

GAMEPLAY (9/10): My experience from this game is close to perfect. There are lots of game modes to choose from. You can start a career and create your own MMA fighter to slug it out with the famous MMA fighters in the UFC. You start from amateur and make your way up to the big time, like a rag-to-riches story. There are a lot of customization that can be done, from head to feet, shorts, mouthpiece, and the likes. You can even pick which moves you can learn by going to training camps in the Career Mode.

The controls can be a little confusing at first, but after an hour or two of playing, you will become accustomed to it. Because the PSP lacks buttons from other consoles, the game developers deviced a plan to fit it in handheld, and man, they did an awesome job. I would suggest that you play some exhibition games first, so you can get the feel of the control before starting Career mode.

The game, for me, is average to hard in difficulty. The difficulty varies from your opponent from time to time. There are times that even the best fighters can be KO'd with a head kick. And there are times that you thought you had the win, but then your opponent, with a win-loss record of 0 - 13, would take you down and make you tap with a kimura.

The only downside that this game has are the long loading times, especially when you're sparring and before each fight. It takes almost a minute or two before it loads. I think these load times only makes the players bash the head of their opponents more for making them wait for them to do exactly that!

GRAPHICS (10/10): Man, I can't really say something bad about the graphics for this game. The fighters look exactly the way they are in the game as in real life.THIS IS AS CLOSE AS WE GET! Even the player's gear are the same. It's like stepping in the Octagon with the real-life UFC fighters. Hell, even the Bruce Buffer, Yves Lavigne, Herb Dean, Mario Yamasaki, Joe Rogan, and Dana White were done as accurately as possible. This pushes the limitations of your handheld to a higher level, and it just keeps getting better.

The cutscenes and player's mannerisms and actions are done as accurately as possible. Even Bruce Buffer's "Buffer 180" is done accurately during fighter introductions.

SOUNDS (10/10): The sounds and voice acting are very good. I get chills down my spine everytime I hear Bruce Buffer's voice as he introduces the fighters in the main cards, and when Joe Rogan Interviews a winner in the main cards. Even the horn after every round reminds me of the real-life sport being played and watched today. They are not exaggerating when they said, "As Real As It Gets" as far as the sounds and music go.

Longetivity/Replayability (8/10): I think this would be a mainstay in my handheld for a very long time. I will assure all of you MMA fanatics out there, this game will never get boring for you. You will never get sick of seeing that head kick landing, knocking your opponent out, that very hearing Joe's comments in the weigh ins, seeing Bruce Buffer strut his stuff in the octagon.

You will mostly play in the Career mode, and this will take up most of your time. I've played it for over 30 hours, and I'm still not satisfied with the way my fighter was setup, as the "Decay" will balance most of your skill set almost evenly. I wukk assure you that this game will keep you interested until UFC decides to make a sequel of this very hard-hitting game.

FINAL RECOMMENDATIONS: To all MMA fans out there, this is a must have for you all. I'll assure you all that It is worth buying. This game is as real as it gets for the PSP, and honestly, there's just one thing that I think we UFC Fans deserve better.


So, Do you want to be an Ultimate fighter?

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/09/10

Game Release: UFC Undisputed 2010 (US, 09/07/10)

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