Anyone know how to get through Story 14? ( Have to kill all 3 bosses at once )

  1. Anyone know how to get beat Story 14? I Have to kill all 3 bosses at once, i have scrolls equipped but keep dieing

    User Info: LightFusion

    LightFusion - 7 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    do any bady have thes game I need thes game any one

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    uhvt123 - 7 years ago
  3. Clarification Request::
    I Killed Them All But The Giant Beetle I Don't Know How To Hit Him There Are No Trees

    User Info: Mero_1999

    Mero_1999 - 6 years ago
  4. Clarification Request::
    I think I need like a thousand shurikens to make taisa mad,And how do I get the book attacks lvl. 4?

    User Info: alanwake900

    alanwake900 - 6 years ago

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  1. I came through it very easy Book of attack level 4 is needed for at least naruto. What I did spam O>/\ at taisa (poision dude) than he will get stunned team attack after 20 combos I pressed X since that save and you really need to pres X cuz it make the differents of winning or not. after taisa I went after yomito (confusion dude) spamming O>/\ as well same thing and than after Rukya or something... Dont forget to use square button for assist attacks and look for the best heal tags their are to use make differents to Also use Ninetale power and dont use giant rasengan unless you got the transform Taisa and Yomito (note dont use it when they are at their strongest since they wont be down for long anymore). Taisa goes down by lava this time not by trees just walk near the lava he will follow you I was happy since I didnt need to spam shurikens anymore.

    User Info: theRedLeg16

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  1. I'm trying to finish that mission too, I can't give you many advices, use your best scrolls and fight, beat the most annoying guy who can confuse your team first, then the little guy, then it's easy.I beat them, then failed because i didn't have enough time to beat the little guys's beetle form.

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  2. Just kill the weakest which is the kid, then kill the female and finally the guy who throws the mask and makes u goes confuse.

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  3. Beat the strongest girl first cuz she has the strongest attack and she can be easily stun.

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  4. First beat the Annoying guy that confuses your team, then the kid since he's kinda faster and will poison your team. Last is the girl coz she had an attack pattern which you should know by know that makes her less way difficult. After that 3 more battle awaits you wherein you'll face them one on one in their second form. The girl goes first but you already know the drill to defeat her. Next is the kid in his beetle form, make sure he'll be on the spot where the magma will knock him down and then hit him. Last is the Confuse guy, constant attack him at the back then wait him to fall down and hit his head since magma won't work against him.

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  5. I equipped my strongest scrolls that raise my attack power: book of attacks lvl 4 and lvl 3 and book of health lvl 3 or you may equip amagiri or tenro secrets to nullify either confusion or defeat taisa,.you must lure him on the lava sprout so that he will be stunned.

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  6. First Taisa then Yomito Then Ryuka. Give Naruto the best scrolls

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  7. First kill Taisa
    Second kill Yomito
    Third kill Ryuka

    When your allies died and you don't have a kizuna points ..
    you should Activate your

    the cwcheat is :

    _S ULUS-10571
    _G Naruto Shippuden: Kizuna Drive [USA]
    _C1 100.00% Kizuna Points (1)
    _L 0x604837DC 0x00002710
    _L 0x00020001 0x00000908
    _L 0x604837DC 0x00002710
    _L 0x00020001 0x00000910

    When it is activate you can revive your allies one by one.
    When Ryuka, Taisa and Yomito got evolved.
    Ryuka is the first one to come out. (Always use Giant Rasengan and Always use assist).
    Taisa is the second one to come out when you defeated Ryuka. (go behind into the lava and use your shuriken and hit Taisa when he comes after you dodge every attack he will do. And when the lava explodes he'll flip over then hit him into his stomach).


    Yomito is the third to come out when you defeated Taisa. (Always hit Yomito in his legs and he'll lay down. When he lied down just hit him on his head..

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  8. Just Always Raise YOUR ATTACK !!

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  9. Get powerfull scrolls by doing free missions. See tutorial on utube and if u dont want to for every body put null poison and null numbing scrolls. all the best !

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