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"Zombies are the new black"

Before I get carried away I'll tell you what age of zombies is about, this mini involves your main character Barry Steakfries go through massacring huge zombie hordes using any weapon you can lay your hands on. You'll fight through various time frames including ancient Egypt, feudal Japan to the future. Now onto the review.
Graphics: - 8/10

Well I wasn't expecting next gen graphics and they wouldn't work with the games charm anyhow. The graphics are solid and lend the game a unique charm. The character designs work, the ninja zombies look like a ninja and the cavemen look primitive. A little more variation in some of the designs would have helped the score here but overall the looks hold up well.

Sound: - 6/10

The sound is perhaps the weakest area of the game, the music in the levels is good, at first. Unfortunately the size of the game being small highlights the repetitive music and sound throughout the game. After a long 10 minutes killing hordes of gangster zombies I was completely bored of the background music. On the other hand the voices in game were okay they were varied from area to area and kept to a minimum so they didn't become as annoying as the music did.

Game play: - 9/10

This game is built on the addictive game play. The premise is simple enough, pick up guns and grenades and use them to kill large groups of zombies, once all the zombies are killed onto the next level. Every area will have a boss at the end which will needs its health depleting in order to beat. It's this simple base that makes the game so great, it's not over complicated and most importantly its fun. The guns are varied enough; you're given a basic pistol to work with but can pick up other guns which run on limited ammo. Notable guns include the shotgun, flame thrower and the mini-gun. The guns all have their strengths and you'll need to learn them if you want to take on the more challenging levels.

The difficulty is forgiving to an extent; your health is represented by your screen going red around the edges when you take damage. Get swamped by too many zombies and you'll lose one of your few lives. The early levels have smaller groups of zombies running at you, whilst later levels give you many more zombies and abilities such shuriken's to throw or guns to fire. The late levels are challenging enough giving you a feeling of progression as you make your way through the game.

Lifespan: - 7/10

The main game isn't lengthy by any means, you can probably finish it within a couple of hours, however the addictive game play will have you crying out for more. The other game mode available fulfills this desire giving you the ability to select one of the levels and play through and set a high score, you get one life to survive and kill as much as you can, the weapons and zombies are all the same as the main game so there is no more learning to be done here.
Overall: - 8/10

The game is great fun and offers addictive game play which will have most hooked for ages, Age of Zombies brings back the fun to zombie killing. Sadly no option for other players to join in via ad-hoc for PSP or other controllers on PS3 but that doesn't take away from one of the best minis to grace the store to date.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/11/10

Game Release: Age of Zombies (US, 02/25/10)

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