Where can I find (Uragaan Jaw and Marrow) ?

  1. I'm finding both of them for my armor.... Oh yeah.. and can you break uragaan's chin using LS ?... Thanks.. :D

    User Info: sora2197

    sora2197 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Marrow can be found by breaking the tail, cutting the tail and carving it, capturing it, or finding it from a shiny. It can also be found as a rare carve from both high rank uragaan and steel versions. The chance for all ways of obtaining it is relatively low, highest chance from carving tails.

    Jaw can be found by carving, capturing or breaking the chin. The first two are low chance, but breaking the chin gives a very high chance of obtaining jaw. Note that steel uragaan does not drop regular uragaan jaw, it drops steel jaw.

    As for LS....its of course possible, but extremely unfeasible to do so unless you have a LS with white sharpness and maybe water element as well, as the chin takes extremely little raw damage until broken (after which it takes quite alot) but more from water, and only white sharpness weapons do not bounce off the chin.

    An easy way of breaking it would be to use bombs. Set some barrel bombs and lure it into them and detonate by your preferred method, or get under its chin and launch as many jump bombs+ as you can.

    User Info: RevanRenegade

    RevanRenegade (Expert) - 6 years ago 0 0

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