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    Athena by DLee

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    A s a m i y a    A t h e n a  Guide Version 0.4
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    0.0                            By: Derek Lee (Shingoyabuki@hotmail.com)
    Author's notes: Since this is my first guide please bear with me if 
    there are any errors. Since you are reading this guide I presume that 
    you use Athena to some extent or are a medium to advanced player if not 
    check out ex-Andy’s beginner guide found at this address
    I started using Athena in '96 through the introduction from my friend, 
    although I did try her way back in '94. The reason why I like her now 
    is because she is one of the few fighting babes that actually sings 
    even though I must admit she is very noisy and I hate the costume 
    design but I’m sure SNK will give her yet another costume for ’98 like 
    they always do every year. I have now obtained a copy of ‘97 on the PSX 
    so I’m going to start practicing with her. I must admit I haven't 
    mastered Athena to her full potential so I have written this guide to 
    help fully master Athena! This guide is intended for advanced users but 
    I guess Athena’s only asset in extra mode is to dodge, C followed by 
    the super psychic throw.
    0.0 Author's notes
    0.1 Revision History
    0.2 Character Background
    0.3 '97 story line
    0.4 Normal moves
    1.1 Special moves
    1.2 Desperation moves
    1.3 Taunts/Throws
    1.4 Character relationship
    2.1 Mind games
    2.2 Why this is so strong?
    2.3 Does this take skill?
    2.4 Combos
    3.1 Winning poses
    3.2 Endings 
    3.3 Additional Info
    3.4 Credits
    0.1Revision history
    Version 0.4(09-6-1998) fixed up a few sections, added additional info 
    and changed format to rich text also added endings and character 
    Version 0.3(22-4-1998) Added more combos fixed up some info and added 
    winning poses.
    Version 0.2a(25-3-1998) Added '97 story line and mind game and some 
    Version 0.2(8-2-1998) Corrected some mistakes and got helpful advice 
    and added normal moves section. Also added taunt and throws section.
    0.2 Character background
    "No one's going to take my place as a superstar fighting babe!" (Quote 
    from '95)
    Statistics of Athena Asamiya:
    ? Nationality: Japanese (But spent most of her time in china)
    ? Fighting Style: Psychic Powers & Kung Fu
    ? Blood Type: B
    ? Height: 163 cm
    ? Weight: 50 kg (or about 49 kg)
    ? Birthday: March 14,1977
    ? Age: 20 (in '97)
    ? Hobbies: Singing, Astrology
    ? Favorite sport: Lacrosse
    ? Favorite food: Ichigo Daifuku
    ? Least favorite thing: Grasshoppers
    ? Prized Possession: Peter Rabbit tea set
    ? Voice actress in '97: Yukina Kurusu
    Athena Asamiya made her first appearance in the KoF '94 tournament with 
    Sie Kensou (her high school classmate) and Chin, (her drunken master). 
    She entered as the china team leader because Sie was irresponsible and 
    immature, and Chin was too drunk with his jug of sake. Her original 
    motivation in entering the King of Fighters tournament was both to test 
    her abilities in her training in Kung Fu under master Chin Gentsai, but 
    to also investigate the evil presence she felt around Rugal, the 
    original president of the KOF committee, before Chizuru. She and her 
    classmate Sie Kensou were declined the privilege to enter the KOF '97 
    by Chin, but after reading a letter from her fan, she was determined to 
    enter the tournament, no matter what. Not even Chin could stop her. 
    (See the Story section for details). She also appeared in two games 
    before this they were called: Psycho Solider and the sequel Athena 
    (Note: Psycho Soldier came out first in the arcade then followed by 
    Athena: This is a side scrolling platform game (translated to the NES) 
    where you control the goddess Athena.  She has grown tired of her life 
    on Olympus and decides to do some adventuring in the "Fantasy World."  
    In this realm she can pick up various weapons (bows and arrows, swords, 
    morning stars, etc.) and armor, and special items (that give her wings 
    or turn her into a mermaid) and she fights Mythological creatures. 
    (Note: In kof97 you can actually see what she looked like in this game 
    if you finish it with the edited team of Athena, Clark, Ralf, you can 
    also see what Kensou looked like as well.)
    Psycho Solider: This is Kensou's first appearance in the game as he was 
    not in Athena! . Psycho Soldier was a horizontally scrolling platform 
    game, which came out in 1987. Basically it was a horizontal shooter 
    with a twist - Athena could transform into a Phoenix, and Sie into a 
    Dragon (also explains the names of some of their moves). Some of the 
    enemies were robots saying "Athena, Athena", and the game's song is 
    very similar to the one sung in the CD version of KoF '94. (In fact the 
    song is the same but without her singing also this game was translated 
    to c64 which is a disappointment!)
    0.3 '97Story line
    I decided that since I wrote about why Athena joined the tournament in 
    the first place why not write about why she is still in the latest 
    tournament (Note: It is confirmed that Athena will be in '98! don't 
    know about Kensou and chin though!)
    Because of the Japan live tour in '96, Athena and Kensou received many 
    fan letters and were in doubt of joining the '97 tournament. Due to one 
    fans letter, which touched Athena and inspired her to join the 
    tournament, the fan got courage and inspired by Athena's perseverance 
    that she had worked hard like Athena and passed her exams. The fan 
    asked Athena if she would join this year tournament and would support 
    her! , so as to not disappoint her fan she joined.
    0.4 Normal moves
    Athena's normal moves are considered weak compared to her specials, but 
    it's still good to know about her normal moves! 
    Standing A: Athena does an open palm hit towards the opponent's face. 
    This move cannot be done rapidly like most jabs (Note: don't use this 
    much) This move can be canceled to a psycho sword and has decent range. 
    Standing B: Athena kind of knees the opponent with her arms 
    outstretched backwards at mid level.  
    Standing C: Athena stretches one arm out at mid level, it has high 
    priority but not as fast as the A version. It comes out slightly 
    quicker than the standing D and recovers faster. It can also be 
    cancelled into her super psychic throw, which is the start to most of 
    her combo's. 
    Standing D: Athena does a sort of spin kick, which is towards the 
    stomach of the opponent. It has the farthest range of any Athena's 
    attacks but is kind of slow and vulnerable to attack for a second. If 
    you can hit, then use it, otherwise use C button.
    Standing CD: This move has lost a lot of range, as in '96 this move had 
    excellent range (Note: IMHO the '97 CD looks like Terry's power charge 
    but without the range). I normally follow a p-s-y-c-h-o ball after this 
    move to keep the opponent at bay. (E.g CD, HCB+A/C).
    Crouching A: Athena jabs towards the opponent. Can't be done rapidly 
    but can be canceled to a psycho sword. 
    Crouching B: A short range ground kick. Which can be done rapidly and 
    is interruptible. I normally do a sweep after this i.e down D, this is 
    good for poking as it is reasonably fast. 
    Crouching C: A low, more powerful palm hit. It can also be canceled to 
    a psycho sword or the teleport.
    Crouching D: Athena sweeps with one leg sticking out but doesn't reach 
    very far and unlike after the C version phoenix arrow where she 
    outstretches her leg with quite a bit of range. I normally use this 
    after an A version phoenix arrow or after a jump C then sweep. This 
    move is only has priority when up close as the range of this move is 
    crap hence the reason why I normally follow it after an A version 
    phoenix arrow.
    Jumping A: Another palm hit and can be cancelled into a psycho sword.
    Jumping B: A very weak kick and seems to have as much range as the 
    jumping D.
    Jumping C: Kind of a slap move that's great for knocking people out of 
    the air, but not great for combo's. If both players jump and with the 
    right timing this could result in an air throw where Athena kind of 
    spins the opponent around and tosses the opponent to the ground.
    Jumping D: A jump kick with fine range and is useful for cross ups and 
    can be used to start a combo. I think Athena has an air throw with this 
    button as well.
    Jumping CD: One of Athena's most useful moves, which has high priority 
    and great for knocking down opponent's from the air. Athena stretches 
    the legs together like in '96.  
    1.1 Special moves
    This part of the guide is to inform you of her Special moves! 
    Butt bounce or phoenix bomb: jump towards opponent then press down + b 
    as the name suggest she bounces away after move is done and knocks down 
    opponent (Note: this move could also be done in '95 and I guess it 
    wasn't useful because in '96 SNK removed this move). The only use I see 
    in this is to avoid kyo's firefists. (Note: It is unconfirmed whether 
    the phoenix fang arrow dm can connect straight after.)
    Hopping double kick: press forward and press b (Note: this move is 
    completely new and can be chained (connects) with 2 hits, she lunges 
    forward with a double kick kind of like Kyo's 75 style: modified. When 
    this move is not chained it has autoguard. Which means it can take 1 
    hit and go through that attack without getting hit and only taking 
    block damage. Although it takes minimal damage but useful in some 
    combo's. It seems that this is the only command attack with autoguard. 
    It is also the only silent command attack in '97.
    P-s-y-c-h-o ball: |   /  O-- + A / C
                      O  O
    Move type: Athena throws a ball of pink energy at her opponent.
    Comment: The A version psycho ball is useful against jumping-in 
    opponents whilst the C version psycho ball is effective in keeping an 
    opponent in the corner, while taking average damage.
    Psycho sword: --O  |  \  + A / C  (can be done in the air)
                       O   O 
    Move type: Athena does an uppercut, creating a type of blade of energy
    Comment: this move has been toned down since '96 it now only does 5-6 
    hits instead of 6-7. (Note: this move can be done while jumping towards 
    the opponent), I heard that it still takes off the same amount of 
    damage as in '96 but without the same number of hits.
    Performing it in the air takes 4-5 hits and does less damage than on 
    the ground. (Note: This move is very slow and ends with lag so time it 
    otherwise Athena will be punished.)
    Phoenix arrow: jump, then  |   /  O-- + A / C
                               O  O
    Move type: Athena curls into a ball, diving downwards towards the 
    opponent, in psychic energy.
    Comments: this move has also been toned down (major) as scrubs could 
    use it too well! (Including me ^_^;). If you use this move directly 
    above it takes about 5 hits and when jumping towards it takes about 3-4 
    hits! . The C version has an extra long-range knockdown kick at the end 
    of the phoenix arrow, which changes direction to wherever the opponent 
    is. The A version comes down at a 150 degree angle while the C version 
    comes down at an 135 degree angle. Don’t use this move often only when 
    you want to take tick damage off or use when it is safe e.g after super 
    psychic throw, otherwise Athena will be punished if it is blocked.
    New psycho reflector: --O  \   |   /  O-- + B / D
                                O  O  O   
    Move type: Athena creates a ball of psychic energy which reflects most 
    Comments: the B button version is good for stopping opponents charging 
    at Athena, can also be used in combo's .The B version she stands still 
    and executes it and the D version she hops forward a bit about 1 
    quarter of the screen. (Note: The D version of this move is not combo-
    able but is probably the strongest non-POW juggle used after a psycho 
    throw). (Note: This move is effective when the opponent is knocked down 
    and depending on the distance Athena is to the opponent i.e standing 
    next to opponent or a sweep range depends which one to use just before 
    the opponent gets up as opponent can just block. (Note: This move can 
    reflect any projectile when timed right). The B version does 4 hits 
    while the D version does about 7 hits. (Note: I have seen Athena 
    reflect this move and actually get hit also so again time this move I 
    recommend using the B version more unless you are far away from your 
    Psychic teleport: |  \  --O + B / D
                      O   O  
    Move type: As the name implies Athena runs across the screen toward the 
    opponent with an after-image in her original position. The B version 
    teleports her around half the screen while the D version around three-
    quarters of the screen.
    Comment: try CD after she finish teleporting, or a psycho sword , 
    sometimes you can even get a throw in, it is a good way to confuse 
    opponents and is mainly a good idea to use after her super psychic 
    throw as the opponent doesn't know which area she will end up. (Note: 
    Try some variety like executing a normal throw after as well as A or B 
    pokes). It is now useful after a blocked normal move (i.e far standing 
    C or low D), because it is a lot harder to counter this way.
    Super Psychic Throw: (Near opponent)  O-- / | \ --O + A / C
                                             O  O  O      
    Move type: Athena grabs the opponent and pushes them upward in the air 
    with the help of her psychic energy and follows up with basically any 
    move afterwards (I'll leave this up to you!). It is possible to juggle 
    with either of her DM's in mid-air. But use the shinning crystal bit 
    not the Phoenix fang arrow because the first hit will knockdown the 
    opponent and the rest will be a waste, as the opponent will block the 
    Comment: Use this move to start off combo's which your opponent will be 
    left open for attack. It's also very useful against extra players, as 
    they can't be stopped from getting thrown. Or if you play in extra mode 
    this move is useful in the fact that first you can dodge and then 
    execute this moves when near the opponent. (Note: after this move the 
    dm's can be used if supplied with stock in Adv or charged up in Extra). 
    The majority of Athena's combos rely on this move. 
    1.2 Desperation moves
    Desperation is referred to as supers / specials and the like.
    Athena has gained one new super (as if she needed it!) which makes a 
    total of 3 supers! If you count the crystal bit another super.
    All of her old supers have been toned down and can be used in combos.
    Shining Crystal bit: O--  --O  \   |   /  O-- + A / C  (Can be done in 
    the air)                        O  O  O           
    Move type: 2 crystal balls rotate around Athena (it rotated around her 
    faster in '95) kind of protecting her. The Sdm version a barrier of 
    psychic energy is also around her.
    Comment: In kof'94 4 crystal balls rotated around her faster than '95, 
    making it harder to hit her out of it, but the problem was it was 
    harder to execute the move and you couldn't perform the move in the 
    air. In kof'97 in Adv mode press A + B + C + D to cancel her out of the 
    dm, this is because if you let the move go all the way to completion, 
    she has a period of time where she is vulnerable to attacks (note: 
    cannot cancel in Extra mode). Another alternative is to use the crystal 
    shoot (see below). This dm can also be done while jumping towards the 
    opponent and can be used to trap opponent in corner.   
    Crystal shoot (bit):  |   /  O-- + A / C
                          O  O
    Move type: This is the follow-up to the shining crystal bit, once the 
    balls are rotating around Athena perform the crystal shoot and all the 
    balls go up towards her hand forming one ball (this leaves Athena 
    vulnerable) and she throws it as one large projectile. It can only be 
    done in the first three-quarters of the shinning crystal bit dm. 
    Comment: you can hold the ball in her hand with the button used (e.g 
    execute with A hold down the A button). If executed with A the ball 
    moves forward towards the opponent, and if performed with C the ball 
    moves diagonally upwards. (I presume that you are on the ground when 
    performing the move). If you done the shinning crystal bit in air the 
    ball moves diagonally downwards and homes in on the opponent (sort of). 
    I find it to hard to execute this move straight after the shining 
    crystal bit because of the lag. (Note: on SDM the shinning crystal bit 
    does in fact home in on the opponent and if blocked hits about 3 times 
    and takes off tick damage.)
    Phoenix fang arrow: jump, then  |  \  --O  |  \  --O + A / C
                                    O   O      O   O 
    Move type: Athena does multiple phoenix arrows diving into the 
    opponent. The A version DM does about 10 hits while the SDM does about 
    25 hits. The C version does about 11 for the DM and about 32 for the 
    SDM. (Note: there is no knockdown move after this and leaves you 
    vulnerable at the end if the opponent blocks this move).
    Comment: It seems that if this move is blocked that it takes off more 
    damage than unblocked. If you make her start just above the opponent’s 
    head you seem to go through his/her body and don't waste any hits. The 
    sdm seems to take about 1/3 of the whole bar when blocked. This move 
    also seems to take off more hits on larger characters E.g Chang, Goro, 
    and Clark. This is also a great aerial attack that surprises characters 
    that try to hit Athena out of the air. The only down side I have with 
    this super is no knockdown at the end, which would be an asset for 
    Athena to escape. Use at own risk!
    1.4 Taunt and throws 
    This section is about Athena's taunt and throws. Press the start button 
    to perform taunt.
    Taunt: Athena sneezes stands up straight, winks and puts her hands 
    together like in a prayer position. Saying, "Gusshi, gomenasai!" Which 
    means "Achoo, excuse me!" (Note: this taunt is still the same as in '96 
    but was different in '95.)
    (Bit throw): close, f/b + C 
    Kind of like her '95 throw where she tosses the opponent over her 
    (Psychic throw): close, f/b + D
    In this throw Athena is aided by her beads where she spins them around 
    with the beads and throws them. 
    2.1 Character Relationship
    Character relationship’s for Athena:
    (Rules for Adv mode)
    ? =Will add a bonus and current full bars to those characters 
    ? =Passes only the current full bars to those characters
    ? =No bars passed to those characters
    ? Benimaru, Kensou and Chin
    ? Chris, Shermie,Yashiro,Yamasaki ,O.Iori and Iori
    ? Neutral with the rest
    Some of my recommendations are Athena, Kyo and Shingo, (An added bonus 
    when you put Shingo before Kyo you gain an extra bar and can also pass 
    on to Athena.) Athena, Benimaru and Ryo (The next hero team). And my 
    personal favorite Athena, Shingo and Robert which I call the pointing 
    team/blue team because when you kill the last opponent with Shingo they 
    all seem to point and they all wear blue costumes i.e Athena 2p,Shingo 
    1p and Robert 1p.  
    2.2 Mind games         
    This is not an infinite but places Athena as a middle to top-tier. I 
    have not tried this tactic but read it from a person who has had this 
    tactic done to them several times. I have also seen this tactic used 
    once in the arcade. So I know how annoying it is, here is the tactic: 
    HCF + C -> jump + D, Athena sends the opponent up into the air and hits 
    them with the jump + D. They both fall to the ground but Athena lands 
    first. (Note: the opponent can block what Athena has to dish out). 
    Usually on the other side of what you expect i.e if she did the throw 
    on the left she'd land on the right, however sometimes she does end up 
    on the left side. But when she lands she'd immediately C and throw 
    again. The thing about this pattern is it confuses the opponent on 
    which way to block but if they block the C then the HCF + C will not 
    Another option is once Athena has done the C followed by HCF + C -> 
    jump D, Athena walks a bit under the falling opponent, gets behind 
    opponents back and C -> HCF + C, (Note: this takes a lot of practice 
    and patience). When timed right it should connect as the opponent lands 
    giving them no opportunity but to block. Therefore if Athena's opponent 
    learns to block well then don't apply the standing C just HCF + C the 
    opponent will be thrown up again, repeat.
    (Note: The HCF + C by itself does not take off damage, so just because 
    you are tossing them around with jump Ds and the occasional C this does 
    take off quite a bit of damage.)  
    2.3 Why is this so strong?   
    This is so strong because it works well once mastered. And it takes off 
    a considerable amount of damage, while at the same time pretty fast. If 
    you feel you cannot trick your opponent for long then a DM always comes 
    in handy. Mind games like these are always strong. In fact, Athena's 
    odds with this tactic are better than O.Yashiro's 50% throw and Mary's 
    D scum spider tactic. And although it doesn't seem to take up that much 
    damage per hit, if you are good enough to confuse your opponent, it's 
    definitely well worth it.
    2.4 Does this take skill?
    As far as finger dexterity goes, no, it does not take that much skill. 
    However, this tactic is only really effective depending on how well you 
    are at mind games and how fast you can think. Again this tactic happens 
    very very quickly so you must act quickly to decide which side you are 
    going to attack from, or whether you are going to go for a throw 
    directly. The main question is 'how good are you at outsmarting your 
    2.3 Combo's
    Finally I get to the good bit! Athena doesn't have many combos and most 
    (if not all) rely on the super psychic throw.
    Normal move chain combo's :
    Dn + B x 2
    Dn + B x 2, FW + B
    Jump C, DN + B
    Jump C/D, stand C/D, FW + B
    Standing C into DP + A/C,
    Standing C into HCF + A/C, then any of the following:
    1) Jumping CD
    2) Jumping DN + B
    3) DP + A/C
    4) Jumping DP + A/C
    5) FW HCB + D
    6) Jump HCB + C
    7) Jump B then HCB + A/C
    8) Jump C then BK, HCB + A/C then cancel (A+B+C+D)
    9) Jump QCF x 2 + A/C
    10) Jump C, land C followed by HCF + C then HCB + D
    Corner combos:
    Athena only has 1 I have ever seen. 
    1.Jump C, standing C followed by HCF + C then HCB + B followed by BK, 
    HCB + C
    This is quite impressive and useful for when the opponent has not much 
    energy left. It is also quite tricky and requires practice and does 
    about 4 hits.
    3.1 Winning poses/Openings:
    Introduction if she is your first player on the team.
    Athena appears in an idol outfit (only on player 1 side) and her school 
    uniform on the player 2 side. She pulls off either costume revealing 
    her normal clothes.
    Quote: "Athena, ikimasu!"
    Meaning "Here comes Athena!"
    Introduction if she is the 2nd or 3rd player on your team.
    Athena raises her arm and gets into her normal stance.
    Quote: "Athena, ikimasu!"
    Meaning "Here comes Athena"
    Against Kensou, Ikari team, Yamasaki and Orochi Leona
    Athena is wearing a pretty dress.
    Saying the same as the above 2.
    Win pose (A) when you hold this button before she wins 
    Quote: "Yatta! Gu!"
    Meaning "I did it! Good!"
    Use this pose if you beat orochi scum and/or if they did a mistake, 
    which resulted in your victory.
    Win pose (B) when you hold this button before she wins
    Quote: "Yay, kampeki!"
    Meaning "Yah, perfect!"
    Use this pose if you won perfect which is hardly ever or against a 
    friend or if you did a spectacular finishing combo e.g the first corner 
    combo mentioned above.   
    Win pose (C) when you hold this button before she wins
    Athena does her sailor moon type pose like in '96
    Quote: "Watashi tachi wa makenai wa!"
    Meaning "We won't be beaten!"
    Use this pose if you pick the whole china team or close enough i.e 
    Athena and Kensou or you won against someone you hate or someone who 
    used orochi trash or if you made a mistake and ended up winning anyway. 
    Time over: if you have less energy than your opponent does.
    Athena shakes her head from side to side 3 times, then buries her head 
    in her hands sobbing.
    Draw Game: the same animation described as above
    Round loss
    Quote: "Gomenasaaaaaaai"
    Meaning "I'm soooooorrrrryyyy"
    3.2 Endings:
    I’ve now included the endings to both Athena’s normal ending and the 
    old hero team, which includes Athena, Clark, Ralf, but I heard that you 
    could have Athena, Kensou and one of the other 2.
    Psycho Soldier - they talk about the Orochi and how they'll be the only 
    ones who can stop him if he awakes from his sleep. Then they're 
    interrupted by a girl in a wheelchair wearing glasses who introduces 
    herself as Kaoru Watabe. Athena remembers that Kaoru was the fan who 
    wrote to them and ended up encouraging them to enter the KoF '97 
    tournament. Kaoru thanks them for the letter and the tickets, and 
    Kensou asks  "What tickets?"  Athena sent Kaoru tickets to the Finals 
    match, and of course Kaoru had fun cheering them on. Kaoru announces 
    that she's been training hard herself ever since she got out of the 
    hospital, and then attempts to walk. However, she falls, and Kensou 
    attempts to dash over to catch her, but ends up with his face in the 
    dirt. Athena winds up catching her instead, and after asking if each 
    other are ok, they start laughing. Kensou then starts saying that he'll 
    "never be noticed. Sniff, boo hoo".
    Old SNK Hero Team - Ralf and Clark are seen as Ikari 
    Warriors...shirtless and with guns. They say "Mission accomplished!" 
    and other such things. A strange-looking Athena (I guess that's what 
    she looks like in Psycho Soldier) is looking at her body and says "This 
    is... me?"  A weird-looking Kensou is seen in the background saying, 
    "Have you forgotten...?"
    3.3 Additional Info:
    This part of the section has everything I could find out on Athena!
    True things about Athena:
    Athena attends the same highschool as Kyo, Shingo, and Kyo's girlfriend 
    Yuki. She comes to the matches in her highschool uniform, and 
    transforms into her usual clothes before her round starts. Despite 
    Kensou, who she trains with and has a MAJOR crush on her, Athena 
    herself has a crush on Kyo, thus creating a love triangle with Yuki. 
    Athena also happens to be a popular idol now after her stunning 
    appearance in the KOF tournaments and gets several fan letters from men 
    everyday, making Kensou feel miserable altogether. Any way, it seems to 
    her that as long as there's evil in the
    World, she has no time with such affairs.
    Being the reincarnation of the Goddess Athena (Greek Mythology), Athena 
    was naturally born with special powers and a pure heart. She is strong 
    willed, feisty, and at times stubborn. She is also very compassionate 
    and hates evil.
    She is confirmed to be in kof’98 along with 6 other people, Kyo, Iori , 
    Shingo ,Benimaru,  Terry and King. Thanks to the Madman’s Café for the 
    She has three main theme songs including Psycho solider (kof’94 ending 
    song, 96-97 BGM), My love (kof’95 ending song) and the scarred blue 
    moon (Athena). Please check out chika’s homepage to get the lyrics of 
    the above 3 songs at: http://members.aol.com/iorin/chika/uta.html
    SNK are also planning to release a 3d version of Psycho Solider on the 
    PSX called Athena - Awakening From The Ordinary Life for Playstation, a 
    3D CG adventure featuring Athena from the KOF series. The story is 
    about how Athena suddenly gained her super natural psychic power and 
    how she battles against an evil organization who is after her power, 
    this game is scheduled to release in summer 1998. 
    Athena’s costume colours in both modes are by pressing the 
    corresponding button:
    Advanced A: Her normal red costume colour like in ‘96
    Alternative D: Her Blue costume colour like in ‘96
    Extra A: A new light green dress
    Alternative D: A new dark pink dress 
    3.4 Credits:
    This guide would not have been what it is without the following people!
    Ex-Andy (asp@uclink2.berkeley.edu): helped out with mistakes and gave 
    Matt Hall (kensou@aol.com): Took info about Psycho Solider from china 
    '94/5 FAQ and also got endings submitted by him.
    Chika (Iorin@aol.com): Got info about character background and 
    additional info
    JgPalanca (jgpalanca@aol.com): took info from general FAQ about Winning 
    Jeff-Maru (jeffster@singnet.com.sg): Got info about Athena's mind games
    Zon Chen (Zonchen@jeack.com.au): Gave info about the Phoenix arrow dm
    K.Megura (kmegura@yahoo.com): Stole ASCII art at title and changed info 
    about taunt
    Henry M.(s991755@yamata.icu.ac.jp): Gave info about Athena in ’98 
    please check out his site at: Http://mmcafe.telnet.or.jp/index.htm
    Please remember that this guide is intended for entertainment purposes 
    only and is to be distributed freely. It’s also my property and if any
    or all of it is to be used proper credit must be given! BTW if you have 
    any comments, questions or flames please direct them to: 
    Athena, Psycho solider team, Kof’97 are trademarks of SNK Corp, 
    copyright 1998.

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