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    Athena by H2

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 05/27/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Written by Henry Huang- "HH"
    Intended for use with KOF 97
    Current release at http://members.tripod.com/~athenaasamiya/athfaq.html
    5/1/98         Created
    5/27/98         Modified
    "I love it when these battles go full contact!"-96
     This FAQ carries no personal information about Athena.  I assume that you are 
    familiar with Athena's attacks.  If you're in a rush, just note the paragraphs 
    with ***** five stars around them*****.  Three stars are a symbol for "NOTE". 
    If you are a beginner, don't even think about choosing Athena.  She is not a 
    character that can 
    use 3 or 4 good attacks to win.  You must take advantage of Athena's entire 
    arsenal to play 
    effectively (that's good, because it makes her a deep character) and must have 
    at least some 
    skill in performing combos and juggles.  If you don't know Athena that well yet, 
    I suggest you 
    read some of Lump's FAQ first... or simply play around with Athena for a while.
    -Version 1.2 Updates:
             More Terms
             New Setting Up the Super Psychic Throw Strategies (GOOD!)
             More and Modified Specific Character Strategies 
             More Attacks Usage
             Customized for Universal Use
    -Version 1.1 Updates:
             Terms section made from Quick List of Attacks
             Attacks Usage
             General Pointers About the Game
             New and Modified Setting Up the Super Psychic Throw strategies
             Slightly modified Psychotic Combos and Juggles
             Slightly modified Blocker Strategy
             Specific Character Strategies-Far from complete
    1.) Terms
    2.) Attacks Usage
    3.) Psychotic Combos and Juggles
    4.) Setting Up the Super Psychic Throw
    5.) General Pointers About the Game
    6.) Psycho Soldier Strategy
    7.) Life Chipper Strategy
    8.) Blocker Strategy
    9.) Specific Character Strategies- Incomplete
    10.) Conclusion
    1.) TERMS
    TOP-DOWN (overhead): An attack that unexpectedly hits through low blocks.
    FOOT GAMES (ground games, tanks): When you or the opponent begins sticking out 
    ground attacks that usually have high priority and snuff or hit the other player 
    out of their own attacks.
    SURE-KILL (special moves, special techniques): An attack that probably does more 
    damage than normal attacks and must be done by using some type of complex 
    controller/button motions.  
    CHEAP: Attacking (usually throwing) your opponent when they are in a bad or 
    unexpected position to defend against it.
    CROSS-UP: Using a jumping on the attack on the opponent so that you land on the 
    other side of them.  
    DESPERATION MOVES (super moves, super combos): These moves do more damage than 
    normal moves and sure-kills, but require on super bar or for your life bar to be 
    flashing.  They are unblockable in the air.  
    PERFECT (flawless): Since you'll get a lot of these, I'd better explain them.  
    It means that you are the perfect Athena player!
    Here are Athena's special moves, sure-kill techniques, and desperation attacks. 
    (Modified from 
    Lump's FAQ... Lump_23@Hotmail.com)  
             Chain Thigh : Fw + B
             Phoenix Bomb : Dn + B during mid-air
             Psycho Ball : QCB + A or C 
             Phoenix Arrow : HCB + A or C during mid-air
             Psycho Reflector : HCB + B or D 
             Psycho Sword : DP + A or C 
             Kuuchuu Psycho Sword : DP+ A or C during mid-air 
             Psychic Teleport : QCF + B or D 
             Super Psychic Throw : HCF + C while opponent is near
             Shining Crystal Bit : Bk, HCB + A or C
             Phoenix Fang Arrow : QCF, QCF + A or C during mid-air
    Attack Key:          
                      Strong Punch=SP 
                      Strong Kick=SK
                      Knockdown Attack=KD
    "Ground Attacks"
    *****Standing K: 
             It has the best range and speed.
    Crouching K: 
             It has almost as much range as the Standing K and is good for starting 
    short chains.  
    ***A number of characters have attacks that have a dominant priority over this 
    (like Andy's crouching SK).
    Crouching SP: 
             Goes over some low attacks but is slow to come out and recover.  
    Standing SP: 
             It has reach and power, but only use it if the other player isn't 
    trying to play foot games with you because Athena is very vulnerable to 
    crouching attacks when doing it.  
    *****Standing SK: 
             This attack goes over low attacks- even ones that go slightly upwards, 
    like Shermie's crouching SK.  The range is good, too.   
    ******Chain Thigh (fw+K): 
             Use it when you're close in because it has autoguard capability in the 
    first part.
    "Jumping In Attacks"
    Forward KD: 
             Good dominance over some attacks, but it knocks them down... and that's 
    not what you really want when you jump in.  Only jump in to start combos or if 
    they're killing you on the ground.
    Forward SK: 
             It has long reach.
    Forward K: 
             Basically the same move as the SK, except it comes out faster.
    Forward SP: 
             I don't consider this as good as the SK, but it seems to work well for 
    reason and you can tag a Phoenix/Fang Arrow onto it.
    Phoenix Bomb (dwn+K): 
             Great priority!!  When you do this after a running hop, it even butts 
    in the way of sure-kill uppercut attacks sometimes!  This would be the ultimate 
    jumping in attack if Athena didn't actually bounce off her opponent once it 
    connected.  Still, it is a good way to distance yourself from them.  Run over to 
    the opponent and hop with Athena's Phoenix Bottom... er, Bomb sticking out to 
    discourage them from trying air counters as it will usually hit them or at least 
    trade hits.
    ***If the Phoenix Bomb is blocked... you're in trouble.
    Forward K: 
             Although you can't combo after this attack connects, cross-ups are 
    still uncommon in KOF and that makes it very valuable.  I'm not sure which way 
    the opponent has to block when you do it, though.  But be sure to attempt a 
    Super Psychic Throw when you land behind them.
    ***You must press K early in your jump for this to cross-up.
    ***It is very hard to cross-up short/hunching characters
    Strong Phoenix Arrow: 
             When you land behind them and they are not already blocking, they will 
    have to change the direction of their block or they will get hit by your pretty 
    kick!  Very tricky!!
    "Air Counters"
    Psycho Sword: 
             Generally Athena's all-purpose air counter.  The priority is seemingly 
    improved from KOF 96, but it still does very little damage (not like any other 
    uppercut moves do-except maybe Sie...).  If you do it too late you'll get hit.  
    Shining Crystal Bit ***SDM ONLY: They'll think twice about jumping in after 
    getting hit by this one.  But that could be bad, since people who go airborne 
    are generally more vulnerable then 
    those that stay on the ground.
    *****Standing K:
             This works very well against jumping K's.  It is also an easy choice 
    when they jump in on you while you were chipping away at them with standing K's!  
    The only downside is that the move is weak.
    "Roll Reactions (when they roll in)"
    *****Super Psychic Throw:
             The best thing to do!  The only problem is, if they roll behind you, 
    you'll do a Psycho Ball instead. 
    "Hop Move Counters (attacks that go over low attacks)"
    Shining Crystal Bit:
             See "Shining Crystal Bit" below for details.
    "Psycho Ball" 
             It's a good idea to throw this at an opponent while they're getting up; 
    they get a whole notch of block damage!!    
    "Phoenix Arrow"
             It does great damage and it can be a really confusing move.  The only 
    downside is that it is easily countered.  The best way to get this to connect is 
    to by doing it after a hop.  
    ***** If your opponent is dumb enough to shoot a projectile at you from mid-
    distance, than jump over it and Phoenix Arrow them.
    "Psycho Sword"
             A counter for jumping in attacks and not much else.  Just remember that 
    you can't do it late or you'll trade hits (and they'll do more damage to you 
    than you do to them).
    "Psychic Teleport"
             If you use this at all, don't use it more than once or twice per round.  
    It's very easy to get hit or thrown while doing this move.  
    "Super Psychic Throw"
             Athena's best move!!!  I've given a whole section to it further below.
    *****"Shining Crystal Bit"
    DM- It does 25% damage and destroys projectiles both normal and DM (like Chin's 
    Roaring Space Flame Burn [Yoga Flame] and Billy Kane's Super Flame Whirlwind 
    ***This move can hit twice for 50% damage depending on where your opponent is 
    and what he/she is doing.  When you are very close to the opponents and they are 
    doing special moves, this usually hits twice.  It has happened in the following 
    instances for me: 
    In the air with Kim as he was beginning his Hienzan (upperward kick).
    Jumping in on Yashiro as he was doing his Missile Might Bash (forward rushing 
    Jumping in on Ralf when he was doing his Vulcan Punch (rapid punches).
    Jumping on top of Terry during his Rising Tackle (the upside down uppercut).
    *****Clark's Running Three (the DM where he grabs you, makes a flying kind of 
    pose while running forward with you, and then throws you down).  This worked 
    because Clark was nearly upon Athena when the Crystal Bit came out.  I did it 
    when he was a little less than half a screen away.  It probably works on other 
    running DM's.  
    *****Ryo's RaiJinSatsu (top-down hopping punch).  This one isn't hard to do, and 
    it's a nasty trick on them!!
    *****"Phoenix Fang Arrow"
    SDM- The chances of you getting this move to hit the other opponent are very 
    low... But it does 33% block damage!!!  Use it to finish your last opponent 
    off!!!  And believe me, if they see this move coming, they will block it by 
    trained DM reaction!!!  So be sure to pull it off when you are high up in the 
    air so they will not accidentally try to uppercut you (because there is a good 
    chance they will succeed!).  I have used this technique many times to make 
    amazing (well, not amazing, but unexpected) comebacks!  
    ***Don't do this if you're only trying to get free damage on them.  You are open 
    to any attack that hits low after they block your Fang Arrow.
    *****If your opponent is dumb enough to shoot a projectile at you from mid-
    distance, jump over it and Fang Arrow them.
    *****"50% Damage Psychic Psycho Combo+Juggle"*****
    Jumping SK, Standing/Crouching SP, Super Psychic Throw, Strong Psycho Reflector 
    Difficulty Rating: Intermediate
    ***You must time the Psycho Reflector so that Athena does it instantly after her 
    opponent is 
    tossed up by the Super Psychic Throw... this combo does not work if the Phoenix 
    sends Athena far into the corner: the enemy will fall in between her and the 
    giant energy ball.
    If, however, you go just into the corner with this combo, you can tag on a 
    Shining Crystal Bit for MASSIVE damage if you're quick.  
             So what the heck do you do if you did the Jumping SK, standing SP, and 
    Super Psychic 
    Throw while you're in/near the corner???  Hee hee hee.  You do a 60% damage 
    instead!!!  Actually, this combo can only be done when you've got them exactly 
    in the corner.  
    *****"60% Damage Psychic Psycho Psycho Corner Combo+Juggle"*****
    Jumping SK, Standing/Crouching SP, Super Psychic Throw, Normal Psycho Reflector, 
    Psycho Sword
    Difficulty Rating: Master
    ***After the Super Psychic Throw, go forward an eensy weensy step.  VERY small 
    step.  Time a 
    normal Phoenix Reflector so that it gets 4-hits and knocks them as high up as 
    possible.  Then immediately do a strong Psycho Sword or SP.  Use the SP if you 
    are unsure of your juggle timing because if a Psycho Sword misses you're open to 
    attack.  If you have your super meter charged, you can do a Shining Crystal Bit 
    (75% damage) instead of the Psycho Sword, or a jumping attack and then a Shining 
    Crystal Bit.  I don't highly recommend it, though, because doing the Shining 
    Crystal Bit will leave you in a bad position.  But it is still infinitely easier 
    to pull off than the Psycho Sword juggle.    
    *****5% Damage 3-Kick "Chain" Combo*****
    Crouching K, Crouching K, Standing K (skip the second crouching K if you are at 
    a distance)
    Difficulty Rating: Beginner
    ***5%??  Why bother then?  This combo is great if you are in the mid-distance 
    area from your 
    opponent.  The crouching K is probably one of Athena's most far-reaching moves 
    (which isn't 
    far, since she's so cutely petite!).  And it is easy to do this combo over and 
    over again to damage 
    the other player PSYCHOlogically.  Do this a couple of times, and then you can 
    start looking for 
    chances to jump in and do that %50 damage combo when your opponent starts going 
    crazy and 
    makes lots of mistakes.    
             The Super Psychic Throw is a great setup for a strong Psycho Reflector 
    or a Shining 
    Crystal Bit (if you are not Psychic Throwing them into the corner, you must dash 
    forward a bit or 
    jump at them and then do the Shining Crystal Bit- be sure to form and release 
    the Crystal Shoot immediately afterwards).  Overall, the Super Psychic Throw 
    should be your set up to major attacks.  Below are the three types play that 
    your opponent might use.  This will affect how you go about setting up the Super 
    Psychic Throw.     
    ***Whenever possible, tag on a SP before the Super Psychic Throw for a little 
    extra damage. 
             If you jump in, they block.  If you Phoenix Arrow, they block, etc, 
    etc.  Athena fights well against these types.   
    Normal Move Counter Attackers
             What are normal-move-counter-attackers?  Let's say you do a Phoenix 
    Arrow at them 
    and they do some kind of standing punch that knocks you out of it.  That's a 
    normal counter 
    attack.  If you throw a Psycho Ball at them, they will jump it or roll under it 
    and try and hit you.  
    That's also a normal counter attack.
    Sure-kill Counter Attackers
             Let's say that the opponent uses an uppercut move, like the Psycho 
    Sword, to stop your 
    Phoenix Arrow.  That's a sure-kill counter attack.  And let me say, these guys 
    are the most 
    annoying!  But they are also the most likely to make mistakes!!
             They try and either roll forward or roll away!  No fair!  Come back!  
    It isn't that bad, though, as Athena is pretty good at hitting people even if 
    they roll away.
             These types are basically Rollers in Extra Mode.  They evade attacks. 
    *****"Where'd She Go?"
    Use on anyone, but mostly Blockers
             I discovered this technique by accident, but it has proven to work very 
    well.  When an opponent blocks your jumping in 50% damage combo, then do the SP 
    and two-in-one into a Normal Psychic Teleport.  You will go behind them while 
    they are blocking dumbly and will be able to attack!!!  The best thing to do is 
    to hop straight up and then do the 50% damage combo again, or go for the Super 
    Psychic Throw or a normal throw.   
    ***I actually suggest you only use this as a last ditch surprise technique.  You 
    don't have to use this technique to win, and it will only work until  your 
    opponent catches on...
    *****"The Flash!!" (No, it's not what you want to think it is!!!)
    Use on reaction to opponent's mistake
             If an opponent is vulnerable to attack at a distance, like after a 
    sure-kill attack that pushes them back a little when blocked, dash up to them 
    like the Flash and Super Psychic Throw them. You will connect many more Super 
    Psychic Throws if you can train yourself to do this on reaction.
    ***The Super Psychic Throw can be done instantly while dashing.
    "You're Okay!!!"
    Use on people who are half asleep
             After you've knocked an opponent down, position yourself a few steps 
    away.  Athena is so overjoyed when they get back up that she'll run over and 
    grab them... with a Super Psychic Throw!
    "Is That Legal???"
    Use on Blockers and Normal Move Counter Attackers
             Cross them up with a jumping K.  When you land behind them, Super 
    Psychic Throw them.  This only works as a "surprise" tactic.  
    *****"Phoenix Arrow Trained Cheap"
    Use on Blockers and Evaders
             Do the Strong Phoenix Arrow on them a couple of times.  Characters 
    cannot effectively evade this move so they will probably block it instead.  So 
    they will block your Arrow and the pretty kick that comes after it.  Once you 
    have them "trained" into blocking the pretty kick after your strong Phoenix 
    Arrow, begin doing the normal Phoenix Arrow.  Immediately after you land right 
    next to them (normal Phoenix has no pretty kick at the end), do the Super 
    Psychic Throw!  This technique works very well.  Then begin mixing it 
    up, just so they get concentrated on that... and move to another strategy!!  
    ***You don't need to start with the Strong Phoenix Arrow.  Most people will 
    naturally stay 
    blocked just to prevent risk of getting hit by the pretty kick, so you can just 
    start doing the normal 
    version and Psychic Throw them when you land. 
    ***What if you actually connect with the normal Phoenix Arrow?  You probably 
    won't be in range 
    for a throw, so you may consider doing the 3-Kick "Chain" Combo or sticking out 
    a crouching 
    Use on Blockers, Evaders, and people with slow reactions
             Have the enemy knocked down a full screen's distance from you.  You can 
    set that up 
    by hitting them with a Psycho Ball after a  Super Psychic Throw, hitting them 
    with a Phoenix 
    Bomb (the jumping butt smash), throwing them, etc.  Send a normal Psycho Ball 
    towards them so that it is approaching them as they get up.  Because they are 
    blockers or have 
    slow reactions, they will block it.  As soon as you are recovered from your 
    Psycho Ball, do a 
    Strong Psychic Teleport to go all the way across the screen.  This may cause the 
    game to 
    slowdown so it doesn't work as a surprise!!!  Super Psychic Throw the person 
    while they are 
    getting out of their block.
    ***Only do this for variation or for fun (Athena teleports in slow motion- I 
    love it!).
    "Reflector on Blockers"
    Use on anyone... but mostly Blockers
             Get near the enemy when you've knocked them down and do a normal Psycho 
    so they have to block it when they get up.  Then walk up and Super Psychic Throw 
    ***Doesn't sound like it'll work?  Try it on blockers and you'll be in for a 
    pleasant surprise.
    "Strange But True"
    Use on Blockers
             Jump in without attacking and then Super Psychic Throw them!
    *****"Ei ei ei ei!"
    Use sparingly on all 
             You may want to try rolling towards your enemy and then Super Psychic 
    Throw them 
    when you recover.  Also, try and roll forward so you end up behind them and then 
    Super Psychic 
    Throw.  Sometimes, start rolling forwards then instantly rolling backwards.  
    Follow the 
    backwards roll with a hopping strong Phoenix Arrow or by jumping in for a combo 
    while they are 
    confused (they will probably be sticking out random moves trying to hit you).  
    Remember to use running rolls when you are farther away.  
    "Psycho ei ei ei!"
    Use on slow reaction Counter Attackers
             This tactic is risky and depends greatly on the reaction time of your 
    opponent.  From 
    across the screen, throw a Psycho Ball at them, and if they jump at you, do a 
    forward roll to end 
    up behind them and Super Psychic Throw them.  Most of the time, they will jump 
    fast enough to 
    whack you before you can roll, so watch out!  Otherwise, you can either attempt 
    a Psycho 
    Sword or try to teleport to the other side of the screen and start all over 
    *****"Come to Me"
    Use on Normal Move Counter Attackers and Sure-kill Counter Attackers
             This is the only effective tactic that I've been able to come up with 
    against fighters who 
    possess terrific air counters and ground attacks who can knock Athena back 
    constantly.  LET 
    THEM COME TO YOU INSTEAD!  Crouch while holding back. 
             If your opponent throws a projectile or some sure-kill technique at 
    you, block it.  If they 
    start doing it repeatedly, you can safely jump in and combo them or roll in and 
    either Super 
    Psychic Throw or do a standing SP depending on your distance.  
             If they jump in on you, do a Psycho Sword or Shining Crystal Bit 
    (Crystal Bit will 
    probably trade hits unless it's SDM, but you'll do more damage).  
             If they walk towards you, then stick out a standing SP to hit them when 
    they are in 
    range.  The SP doesn't have much priority so if you're concerned try a standing 
    or crouching K 
    instead.  Hopefully, you will have enticed the other player into playing foot 
    games with you.  
    Now, when they have started sticking out attacks, just roll in and Super Psychic 
    Throw them.  
    One other thing could happen.... they could roll in on you when YOU are sticking 
    out attacks.  
    Not good.  You'll have to risk it.
    *****"Attack Dominance"
    Use on Normal Move Counter Attackers
             Use this strategy only if the other player doesn't have very good air 
    counters.  Jump in 
    with a SP, which will hopefully have priority over the counterattack your 
    opponent uses.  Instantly 
    perform the normal Phoenix Arrow while you are still airborne.  Now walk up and 
    Super Psychic 
    Throw them.
    Use on Sure-kill Counter Attackers and Rollers
             Position a normal Phoenix Arrow so that Athena lands a small distance 
    away from 
    them.  Hopefully, your opponent will have incorrectly estimated his/her distance 
    from you and 
    tried to uppercut you.  Proceed to move in and Super Psychic Throw them when 
    they land.  If they were Rollers, they will have tried to either roll away or 
    towards you.  If they rolled towards you, Super Psychic Throw them.  Toss a 
    Psycho Ball or do a Strong Psycho Reflector to chase them depending on distance 
    is they rolled away.  
    *****"PSYCH-o Number Two"
    Use on Counter Attackers
             From a full screen distance do a normal Psychic Teleport (travels 
    halfway across the 
    screen).  If your opponent anticipated a full screen teleport they will stick 
    out an attack of some 
    sort.  Whatever it is, they are probably not ready to counter you so jump in and 
    combo them!
    "Chain Thigh Throw"
    Use on all
             After doing a close, two-hit chain thigh (fw+K), walk forward slightly.  
    Then two-in-one from a standing SP to a Super Psychic Throw.
             *****Hopping in for a combo is much more effective than jumping in for 
    one.  There is slightly less time for the other player to counter/react.
             *****Here's a pointer for any fighting game: DESTROY YOUR OPPONENT TO 
    damage to them as possible!  Don't throw them or use a crouching SK!  Use a Fang 
    Arrow, or two-in-one from a standing SP to a Super Psychic Throw.  If you can 
    train yourself to do this all the time, then you'll be a great player in any 
    fighting game!!         
             Athena should always be in Advanced mode.         
             If both you and your opponent have at least 50% of your life left, I 
    suggest that you MAX out with your super meter.  Otherwise, just spend it on 
    ***Don't MAX out  if you know that you will get very few chances to hit your 
    ***Its even better to MAX out if you have two supers ready, so you can do a Fang 
    Arrow for 33% block damage!
             RARELY jump in on characters who have DM's that can hit you in the air.  
    Stay grounded and move in and out playing foot games.  They will most likely get 
    too eager to spend their super meter and just waste it.
    ***Never do that yourself!!!
             Don't roll in on throw characters either in general or when they have 
    their meters charged.  If you keep your distance, they will probably try to use 
    running throws.  Just hit them with a standing K (any move is fine) or Shining 
    Crystal Bit.
             If you're kicking butt, don't forget to taunt!!
             This is a strategy that the CPU Athena used against me and it proved 
    really effective for 
    a few rounds.  The thing about the Psycho Soldier Strategy is to play like a 
    psycho.  Constantly 
    do Psychic Teleports, then Psycho Balls, then maybe another teleport or a 
    Phoenix Arrow.  You 
    get the idea.  Just move around like crazy and keep attacking.  It freaked the 
    hell out of me the 
    first few times, but this strategy can easily be put to an end with calmness and 
             Use this strategy within a bigger strategy.  The game of the Life 
    Chipper is to nip away 
    at the opponent's life bar through consistent block damage from sure-kill 
    techniques, playing lots 
    of foot games (not really that smart for Athena, but you want to see her use 
    those nice-looking 
    attacks, right?), and of course, suddenly pulling off a combo when the opponent 
    thought you 
    were going to try and chip off their life all day.  In extra mode, you can 
    constantly do Fang
    Arrows when your life bar is flashing for great block damage.
             Every sure-kill attack other than the Psycho Sword and Super Psychic 
    Throw takes off 
    good block damage without too much risk.  Use normal Psycho Reflectors when they 
    are getting 
    up, Psycho Balls at a distance and sometimes mid-range (for surprise), and 
    strong Phoenix 
    Arrows from different jump heights everywhere else.  
             For foot games, do lots of crouching K into standing K or crouching K 
    into Chain Thigh 
    (fw+K).  The SK is great for going over low attacks (It looks soooooo cool!!). 
    The crouching SP should have priority over some crouching attacks.   
    *****8.) BLOCKER STRATEGY******
             For one reason or another, I have noticed that very few people I play 
    like to cheap (it's much harder in KOF than in SF) or cross up.  And since 
    people don't cheap much, you can just sit there and block for a loooong time 
    (they'll probably throw you eventually or use a top-down attack, but still...).  
    While you're blocking, you can get a great idea of the opponents playing style.  
    Plus, some sure-kill attacks that your opponent does on you will leave them wide 
    open for Super Psychic Throws.  If they actually back off and start throwing 
    projectiles at you, then just Psycho Reflector them or block then jump in.  If 
    it's another type of distance move, try to roll through it and attack.  
    Otherwise, you will be able to check out what 
    kind of attacks they like to use on offense.  From there figure out if you'd 
    rather roll towards them 
    to set up a Super Psychic Throw, jump in, teleport, or whatever strategy.
    *****While blocking, constantly do the Super Psychic Throw motion and then 
    return to block position.  If the Psychic Throw doesn't connect, you will remain 
    blocking!  So do it over and over again!!
             Roll in or past the opponent when they do moves such as Yamazaki's 
    Snake Tamer (the 
    whip move), Robert's RyuGekiKen (fireball), or any move that either is quick to 
    start and finish 
    (Mai's RyuEnBu- flaming tail spin), keep's the opponent stationary (Benimaru's 
    electrical fist), or moves forward a short distance.
             Jump in on those that stick out lots of random ground attacks because 
    they will have the 
    least time to defend themselves when you jump in.
             Anything else I leave up to you!
             For now, this is just a short note on the most important things to 
    watch out for against each character.
             It is only to be expected that Kyo is a very strong character.  A good 
    Kyo will be able to knock you out of jump in attacks most of the time with his 
    Demon Scorcher (spinning uppercut), so jump in when they aren't expecting it.  
    Even if you do get hit by a Demon Scorcher, the damage is only equivalent to one 
    SP, so don't worry too much about it.  His Final Showdown Secret Technique (the 
    flaming column DM followed with the repeated punches) also hits you out of the 
    air but it must be done early to work.  
             Many of Kyo's move have autoguard.  Even though they only do damage 
    equivalent to that of a strong attack, they are annoying and they make an abrupt 
    stop to your assault.  Fortunately, many of these moves can be dodged and will 
    leave Kyo open to attack!  Not the actually autoguard attack, though:  Kyo's 
    autoguard attacks can be chained into continuing sure-kills... and most Kyo's 
    always do the full chain.  If they stop then there is a long pause.  So you can 
    roll past the first attack in the sequence and attempt to retaliate as Kyo is 
    doing his chain.  Or you can block and see if Kyo stops the "chain."  Then 
    Psychic Throw him.
              In addition to the brilliant autoguard crap in Kyo's repertoire, he's 
    also got an "attack catch" move called the Snipping Night Bird (???).  Most 
    Kyo's will do this after missing sure-kills attacks and such, because they are 
    expecting retaliation of some sort. Hit them with a Psycho Ball instead of using 
    a normal move because he can't grab that.  You may want to simply attack when 
    Kyo is stuck in his uppercut pose (he does an uppercut if their is no attack to 
              You don't want to sit and wait to counter when you see an opening, 
    either.  Kyo has a lot of top-downs and tricky moves.  His RED Kick (it's like 
    Terry's CrackShoot, a flipping kick that goes over low attacks) is such a move.  
    It is top-down and goes over low attacks.  Plus, it knocks you down right next 
    to him.  This allows Kyo to immediately set up his next attack on you.  IMO, it 
    is Kyo's best move!  Kyo can mix this with a bunch of autoguard attacks to 
    really mess you up.  I don't know of any good way to take advantage of this 
    move.  Overall, just try to work off of Kyo's mistakes.
             I'm not very good at fighting Benimaru with any character.  Benimaru 
    has a superior defense.  A very cheap defense, if I might add  He's got great 
    air counters, like the Raijinken/Raikoken (DM) (electric fist).  He's also got 
    the Lightning Flash Kick.  On the ground, he's just as deadly.  His 
    ShinkuKateGoma (spinning on one-handed low kick) is the single most annoying 
    move in the game IMO.  As far as I know, you can't attack him with anything 
    after blocking it unless you're close in with him.  In general, he can do it to 
    you whenever you're in range for it (which is like, two-thirds of the screen 
    away from him), and inflict good damage/block damage.  So what the do you do?  
    You can actually trade hits with Benimaru's ShinkuKateGoma, but I think it's too 
             If you just sit there and wait for him to attack, then he can 
    repeatedly do ShinkuKateGoma's to you or dash up and use the Benimaru Koreda 
    (electric shock grab).  If you jump anywhere, he'll hit you with an air counter.  
    If walk around on the ground, he'll get you with his ShinkuKateGoma.  ARGHH!!!   
              I can't confirm this because I don't play this way in KOF myself, but 
    I'd say that if you were a Normal Move Counter Attacker (see Setting Up the 
    Super Psychic Throw), you'd do best against Benimaru.  
             Even though he's supposed to be strong 'cuz he's a Hero Team member, he 
    really isn't if you know how to fight him.  Here's the gist of it.  The base of 
    his attacks are throws.  He can throw you in a number of ways: getting next you, 
    grabbing you when you are attacking, or running towards you.  A lot of his 
    throws don't even do much damage (equal to two SP's)!  Have I mentioned how 
    skillful Athena is in the art of staying away??  You can always jump off the 
    walls to get away from Goro if you're cornered.  Usually, you can jump off the 
    wall and do a strong Phoenix Arrow.  Characters with a projectile or DM of some 
    sort may use those on you if you try that... but Goro lacks in those areas.  
    He's not likely to bother you.  If he does, just forget running away.  
              Chip away at his life bar with standing SP, crouching and standing K, 
    and standing SK.  Goro has a pathetic ground game.  For such a large character, 
    he sure doesn't have much range.  His moves are not "positioned" very well, 
    either, if you know what I mean.  
               If you constantly escape Goro, he will most likely be less pressed on 
    throwing you and more concerned about simply hitting you.  Then you can start 
    jumping in and using Phoenix Arrows.  If you knock him down, throw a Psycho Ball 
    at him as he gets up, but consider throwing it slightly late.  The usual Goro 
    will try to Mine Quake (slams his fists into the ground), but you'll be 
    recovered and will be able to jump in on him for a combo.  By the time Goro 
    knows enough not to do the Mine Quake or tries to fake it... he'll already be 
             Like Kyo, he is a strong character by default.  Fortunately, the roll 
    will take care of the majority of his sure-kill attacks.  You can easily roll 
    (dashing roll suggested) past his Power Wave (ground flame) and then two-in-one 
    from a close SP to a Super Psychic Throw.  Also, you can just trade hits with 
    the Power Wave by using a standing SP or SK, and you will do the same amount of 
    damage to Terry as he does to you.  Block his Power Knuckle (charging blue-flame 
    fist) and use a SP punch right afterwards.  I believe you can do that with the 
    Crack Shoot, too.  
             Terry has an excellent air defense.  His Rising Tackle upside down 
    uppercut) does good damage for its hitting ability.  The move has autoguard in 
    the beginning (so that the player can time it to come out very late and the move 
    will still hit you... unlike Athena's Psycho Sword) and probably has a 99.99% 
    hit rate if you're jumping towards them.  In addition to this, Terry also has 
    his damned Power Geyser (the DM Power Wave).  He can knock you out of the air 
    with this, but he probably has to be watching for you to jump since it has to be 
    done somewhat early in order to hit you in time.  This can be used to your 
    advantage.  Terry will probably be too concerned with waiting for you to jump-in 
    and stop concentrating on attacking and normal counter-attacking as much.  Take 
    the time to either use constant standing SP's, SK's, etc. or don't do any at all 
    and just try to Super Psychic Throw Terry.
             If Terry uses the Rising Tackle on the ground, he is taking a big risk.  
    The move has autoguard, but if he misses he is really open to attack.  Move in 
    after a missed Rising Tackle and two-in-one from a standing SP to a Super 
    Psychic Throw to a Strong Psycho Reflector.  If you see that Terry is trying to 
    hit you on the ground by autoguarding past your attacks with the Rising Tackle, 
    then start tricking him.  Walk forward slightly and down stick any attacks out.  
    Hopefully, he bite the bait and you'll have another fine opportunity to inflict 
    great damage upon him.
             Terry's Power Charge (should ram that knocks you up into the air) is 
    another move to watch out for.  He can tag on a DM after it for great damage.  
    Now what does all this mean?  It means that you should be blocking most of the 
    time when you are at the one-to-three body distance from Terry.  If you don't, 
    you might get hit by a Power Charge or Rising Tackle.  But if he does either of 
    those and you block, you can retaliate!
             It's a waste of time talking about this guy.  Although he has a good 
    normal attacks, that alone never makes a good fighter.  The majority of his 
    sure-kill attacks aren't strong and leave him way open to a counter attacks if 
    blocked.  Just watch out for that ShoRyuDan (uppercut).  It's another one of 
    those air counters.  Also, the HiShoKen (flaming palm) is a fast move.     
             Once again, not exactly too threatening.  His sure-kills, like Andy, 
    leave him open to attack, but in different ways.  His Machine Gun punch never 
    stops on time, his Slash Kick has a large recovery time if blocked, and the 
    Hurricane Upper will completely miss if you are close to him.  Plus, you can 
    easily roll through a Hurrican Upper to attack.  The Golden Heel (air kick) 
    simply doesn't work!!   
             Of course, Joe still has great air counter ability.  His Screw Upper 
    (DM Hurricane Upper) is a truly deadly move on you when you jump in.  The Tiger 
    Kick is Joe's standard air counter attack. 
             Joe's ground attacks are okay, but not good enough to give him an edge.  
    The best way to beat him is by playing defensive-offense.  Roll through/under 
    attacks.  Block and retaliate, etc.
             If this guy is supposed to be really powerful, I don't really know why.  
    His HienShippuKyaku (spinning air kicks) should be blocked.  If you get hit by 
    it, try to hit him immediately when he lands.  The KoHo (uppercut) works well, 
    but it doesn't give him an advantage since most characters also have uppercut 
    moves.  The KoOKen (fireball) is only useful in combos and as a wimpy fireball 
    shield.  Ryo's best sure-kill is the RaiJinSatsu (jumping punch).  It goes over 
    low attacks and is a top down.  Just be wary of it and you'll be able to 
    block/counter it.  His ground attacks are nothing special, and neither are his 
    DM's.  The HaohShoKoKen is nearly always blockable, and you can even jump over 
    it with out much risk of being hit.  The TenchiHaoKen (unblockable punch) isn't 
    too hot, either.  If it hits at all (not likely), it doesn't do "DM worthy" 
    damage.   His RyuKoRanbu (attack flurry) is your standard, easy-to-block-at-the-
    start DM.  
             There isn't enough that's different about this guy from Ryo to merit 
    much more discussion.  The HienRyuJinKyaku (diving air kick) should be nothing 
    if you're use to Benimaru's.  His RyuZanSho (flipping kick) is useless since 
    he's already got the Ryu Ga (uppercut).  The ??? (jumping multi-kick) DM is 
    pretty easy to get hit by, but it won't kill you.  Unfortunately, he can also 
    add a jumping multi-kick after a RenBuKyaku (the close-up series of kicks that 
    knocks you into the air).  That will do 50% damage, but don't get obsessed with 
    avoiding that.     
             One of the, if not the weakest characters in the game.  There's nothing 
    you really have to worry about when fighting her.  Except her annoying voice.  
    ***Actually, I think Yuri may be SNK's payback for Capcom's Dan.  Although Yuri 
    doesn't look like any Capcom character, lots of her moves are in the vein of 
             Phew!   It's getting hot in here... oh wait.  It's just Mai Shiranui!  
    A number of Mai's sure-kills will leave her open to attack.  In specific, you 
    can retaliate after a HissatsuShinobibachi (flying elbow), and a RyuEnBu 
    (flaming tale spin) if you dash forward.  
             Never throw projectiles when close because she'll retaliate with her 
    SuchoNoMai (multiple fan throw).  Instead, you can throw a Psycho Ball from a 
    distance when Mai is getting up.  If Mai does the SuchoNoMai then you can super 
    jump over and combo her.  
             Here's a good tactic.  Watch if King likes to Double Strike (double 
    projectile) your Psycho Ball or do a Surprise Rose (flip up then downwards kick) 
    it.  Maybe King will merely block, jump, etc.  If she does the Double Strike, 
    then fire a Psycho Ball from across the screen when King is getting up so that 
    she has time to react to it.  If King does a Double Strike, you can easily jump 
    over the second Strike to combo her.  
             King's (DM Trap Shot) will get you sometimes when you are jumping.  
    Watch out for it.
             This guy sucks at jumping over and rolling through  fireballs.  A Chang 
    player is likely to choose to do the Iron Ball Swing or the Iron Ball Smashing 
    Attack.  Both have auto guard.  Just attack immediately after they're done.  Try 
    and stay either at a far distance from Chang or very close.  When far, throw 
    more Psycho Balls than usual.  When close, simply keep up a constant attack 
    until he does his Iron Ball Swing (most Chang players will do that).
             It's very easy to retaliate after this guy's sure-kills, but his 
    TatsuMakiShipuZan (tornado) can do massive damage if he hits you correctly.  Let 
    Choi attack you, and then hit him when he's recovering.  Don't jump in when he's 
    got a super meter charged because he'll use the DM TastuMakiShippuZan.  If he 
    ever does that attack and misses, then get near him and crouch while blocking.  
    When he's done, you can run up and Super Psychic Throw, or even try to go for a 
             This guy is a high-damage character  in general, so don't let him combo 
    you (or you'll lose about 45% life if you're against a good Ryuji).  Encourage 
    him to resort to Snake Tamers (the really fast whip), rather than using anything 
    else by staying a mid-distance from him.  Stay grounded, and walk up.  The Snake 
    Tamer won't do killer damage if you get hit by it.  Start rolling through them 
    and then Super Psychic Throwing him.  If he fakes them, then he still won't have 
    much time to defend himself.  Now that Ryuji is with the mind-set that you are 
    staying on the ground, jump in (normal jump suggested) and combo.  
             If Ryuji is offense, you can still roll through many of his moves.  
    Ryuji has a looong range with his normal attacks, so you don't want to play foot 
    games with him unless you're close in.  If he tries to do Judgment Daggers (the 
    charging knife slashes), then roll through them and then run up to Super Psychic 
             Don't throw Psycho Balls or Shining Crystal Shoots at him because he 
    can reflect them without difficulty using his Double Return (projectile catch).  
    The Tongue Challenge (taunt and counter) is an effective move, but it doesn't do 
    enough damage and is not consistent enough to work well.  Many of your attacks 
    will either connect or his counterattack will miss you otherwise.   
             In terms of jumping in on Ryuji, his high Snake Tamer will hit you out 
    well enough.  But some seem to believe that the Guillotine (DM shoving you 
    across the ground) will grab you when you jump in.  That is not true (most of 
    the time, at least).  It has a very bad percentage of connecting or even hitting 
    you (Ryuji usually gets hit instead).  You may want to jump in purposely in an 
    attempt to get Ryuji to waste a meter. 
             The best way to fight Shermie depends greatly on how the other player 
    is using her.  If they try to constantly throw, or set up throws, then you are 
    fairly safe using standing K's to keep her from getting close in any way.  It 
    will knock her out of the air, hit her when she's close, and hit her when she 
    dashes.  It will also hit her when she uses Axle Spin Kick (the flip and then 
    kick).  Just watch out for that damn Shermie Whip (legs forward).  It has 
    autoguard, but if she misses with it... you can destroy her.  Use other ground 
    moves as well, like SP and SK.  Most of Shermie's ground attacks are incredibly 
    ineffective unless they are used as air counters.  Just watch out for her 
    knockdown and top-down attacks.  They are a bit trickier.
             Using these strategies, I am pretty sure you and Athena will be racking 
    up the wins.  The 
    best way to go about playing people is to beat your opponent so badly in the 
    beginning (they'll 
    never expect to see 50% damage come off from one combo... and for it to start 
    happening a lot 
    will really drive them crazy!), so that they just walk away from the machine 
    after the first match.  
    Of course, no one else in the arcade may want to challenge you without picking 
    an Orochi 
    player... so be careful not to beat them too badly!    

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