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    Chang Koehan by JCantu

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    The King of Fighters 97.
            Chang Koehan's Guide, ver 1.5
                    by  Jesus Cantu "PANCHO" <great_pancho@hotmail.com>
    This guide has the purpose of teaching how to use the Fat, beardy prisoner.
    I know, nobody wants to play as him since he is slow and infamous like his
    fellow mate, Choi, but his strength and attack priority makes him powerful.
    He is an easy-to-play character, but if you want to extract his full power
    (I sound like a DBZ fighter...), it is dificult to do. His combos
    (yes, he has them) are not wonderful, but effective. According to my theory
    he has a 100% combo, but I haven't done this yet. My theory consist as I
    once made a crouching C (2 hits), and accidentally cancelled it into the SDM.
    This makes my challenger terrified when he sees the damage... I only give
    him a pair of kicks before I made the move, he was with his 80% of energy,
    and the combo killed him. I'm not kidding. Well, strength is not everything
    that he has- he also has autoguard moves, priority against Orochi Leona &
    Iori's jump attacks (yes, I'm telling you the truth), and more.
    Please feel free to put this FAQ at your site, but don't forget to give
    the corresponding credit.
    1. Introduction.
            1.1. Fighter's Profile.
            1.2. Sayings and Poses during battles.
    2. Moves.
            2.1. Normal Moves.
            2.2. Special Moves.
            2.3. Desperation Moves.
            2.4. Command Moves.
    3. Combos.
    4. General Strategy.
            4.1. General.
            4.2. Against the computer.
            4.3. Against a human challenger.
                    4.3.1. Normal Characters.
                    4.3.2. Orochi Characters.
            4.4. Mind Game.
    5. Credits.
    1.1 Fighter's Profile
    "The Man of Steel"
    NAME: Chang Koehan
    FIGHTING STYLE: Tae Kwon Do & Power Attacks
    BIRTHDATE: October 21, 1958
    AGE: 39
    HEIGHT: 227cm
    WEIGHT: 203kg (Too much)
    HOBBIES: Breaking Things
    FAVORITE FOOD: Roasted Whole Sheep
    FAVORITE SPORT: Table Tennis
    After years of training under the "God-like" Kim, Chang and Choi are still
    considered "not good enough yet". Kim feels an obligation to get these
    scoundrels back onto a normal life, and has given them a real hard menu
    to train on. But despite their master's concerns, Chang and Choi can only
    think of the day they leave Kim's presence, and once again prevail as villans.
    Everyday, while planning their grand exit from the Kim dojo, Chang and Choi
    works diligently under his hard supervision with a smile.
    1.2 Poses and Sayings during battles.
    OPENING : Bangs his head against his iron ball.
    TAUNT : Hits his belly with his hand saying, "Doushta." (What's wrong?)
    WIN POSES : - Swings ball around with one hand rapidly saying, "Ora!
                                    Sugi Detekoi koi!" (Hey!  Who's Next!)
                - Polishes his iron ball with his shirt,  humming to himself as
                                    his head glimmers.
                - Drops to one knee and clenches a fist, grunting.
    LOSS TO TIME : Drops his iron ball then breaks his chains.
    DEFEATED: Screams making a musical tune.
    WAITING HIS TURN: He is eating during other characters fight.
                      When the other loses, becomes sad, butnever stops eating.
    COLOR UNIFORMS:        ADVANCED-  A button: White with Blue (cool!!!!).
                                      D button: Yellow and Green (much too weird).
                           EXTRA-     A button: Blue and Red (yuck!!!).
                                      D button: Black and Red (cool).
    The following moves are done when you're facing to the right.
    An (*) shows the effectiveness grade of the move according to my opinion.
    1 is the lower, 5 the higher.
    2.1 Normal Moves.
    Normal moves are the basics for most of the attacks in the game. Just
    press A, B, C or D to punch or kick the opponent. These are the keys for
    winning a game as well as combos go.
    Far Standing A (weak punch)
    Can be cancelled.
    Chang gives just a little slap with the fingers. It is very useful for poking
    tall opponents, receiving hoppers, and in stopping a start-air attack.
    You can cancel with a Ball Swing or with the Iron Ball Frenzy. Don't use
    this against small opponents or an opponent who is crouching.
    Close Standing A (weak punch)
    Can be cancelled.
    Chang shots an elbow smash. Low range, and is too high to be conected to a
    small/crouched enemy.
    Crouching A (weak punch)
    Can be cancelled.
    Chang throws an elbow punch, with the same range as the close standing, but
    he does it crouching. Use it instead of close standing A to connect a
    chain combo.
    Jumping A (weak punch)
    Non cancelable
    Chang just shows his fist and hits the opponent with a low power attack.
    I don't use this often, but you may use it to gain some air-attack priority.
    Far standing B (weak kick)
    Non Cancelable.
    Chang gives a kick, just a kick. I never use this move, so...
    Close standing B (weak kick)
    Can be cancelled.
    Chang gives the same kick as above, with the difference of cancel and that
    you are close to the opponent. Use only in chain combos and by cancelling it in
    to Destruction Throw.
    Crouching B (weak kick)
    Can be cancelled.
    Chang gives just a low kick.
    His 2nd best movement, in my view. Since it must be blocked low, you can use
    it to connect the lowest fierce combo. Use it often and cancel it with Ball
    Swing, Sommersault Stomp or Destruction Throw.
    Jumping B (weak kick)
    Non cancelable.
    Effectiveness: *
    Chang does the same kick as standing, except that he is jumping.
    Never use the move, so, no more descriptions. Maybe can be used to gain
    air-attack priority, but it's not so good.
    Far Standing C (strong punch)
    Non Cancelable.
    Chang throws his iron ball for hitting th enemies. Great range, but he does
    it to high.
    Use this move to receive an opponent who is arriving to ground from a miss
    jump. Don't use this oftenly, because you may miss if the opponent crouches.
    Close Standing C (strong punch)
    Non cancelable.
    Chang gives two hits with his iron ball. No more descriptions.
    Good and effective move, takes big damage.
    Crouching C (strong punch)
    Can be cancelled.
    Chang throws upwards his iron ball, hitting twice if the opponent is at the
    ground and hits all flying things.
    This move is good for stoping some air attacks, but it is a bit slow. Also
    you can combo into a Desperation Move. Practice it and you may master
    blocking air attacks and the most fierce combos.
    Jumping C (strong punch)
    Non cancelable.
    Chang hits his opponent with his iron ball (as all strong punches...)by
    jumping, showing his iron ball at a 0 degree (in other words, directly to
    the jumper's face).
    The best move in his arsenal. Use this often when a character jumps toward,
    back, or vertical. You must anticipate the opponent before he launchs a
    punch/kick, since Chang performs it a bit slow. but works perfectly.
    Far standing D (strong kick)
    Non Cancelable
    Chang shots a kick toward the opponent with a good range.
    Use this move instead of his far standing C, as a mode of "poking" an
    opponent. Since it is slow, don't poke the opponent often with this move.
    Could be used for surprise a runner...
    Close Standing D (strong kick)
    Can be cancelled
    Chang kicks the opponent's head, but he performs it too high.
    Good for some combos. Can be cancelled into "A" Ball Swing, Pressure of Death 
    and iron Ball Frenzy when in a corner...
    Crouching D (strong kick)
    Non cancelable
    Chang swings his iron ball toward the opponent, sweeping the opponent.
    This move is slow, but with a good range in sweep kicks (but this is not a
    kick!!!). Use it when the opponent is a bit far of you. Never use this in a
    close attack.
    Jumping D (strong kick)
    Non cancelable.
    Chang kicks an opponent by jumping, hitting the opponent who is below him.
    Use this kick to start a combo from the air. Also, you can stop some air
    attacks since it has some priority. This is his best air to ground attack.
    Standing CD (knockdown punch)
    Can be cancelled.
    Chang performs a tummy hit toward the opponent.
    Use this when you want to cancel it into a Crusher Ball to make the opponent
    think if he avoid it or not. However, I don't use this move often.
    Jumping CD (knokcdown punch)
    Non cancelable.
    Chang swings his ball toward the opponent by jumping.
    Use this as an anti aerial attack, but the Jumping C is better, since it is
    faster than jumping CD.
    2.2. Special Moves
    1. Crusher Ball
    Efectiveness: **
    Hold back for 2 sec, then forward  + A or C.
    In this move, Chang swings his ball backwards and then releases it  toward
    the opponent. Big damage, but inflicts more with the C version. Even if it
    is slow, and can be avoided, it will hit often since all human opponents
    want to look "great" by avoiding it with stupid moves. The A button version
    is faster than C version, but it has less time of autoguarding. The C version
    is slower, but it has a better autoguard and range.
    Use this move if you want to increase your power meter in ADVANCED mode.
    Also, do the move A and C, A and C, and sometimes use C and C or A and A to
    make a randomly attack. This sometimes confuse (in strategy, not by hitting)
    the opponents, specially human.
    2. Swing Ball.
    Press A or C several times.
    Chang swings his iron ball upwards, hitting all flying things. The weak
    point of this move is the low defense. It can be cancelled by pressing ABCD.
    Chang can move while doing the movement. Also, he is invincible against
    Use this move only in a combo or when the opponent is in a corner and in the
    ground. Since the move cannot be executed quickly, don't use the move for
    stopping air attacks unless you have quick reflexes and timing. Cancel it if
    you hit the opponent or when it is ineffective.
    You can also use this move for buildin' up stocks in Advanced mode. Just tap
    A+B+C+D at the same time, so Chang will start the Ball Swing, and then cancel 
    it, then begin again, and repeat...
    3. Sommersault Stomp.
    Hold down for 2 sec, then up  +  B or D
    Chang throws a fierce kick upwards, then goes to ground, with hit valor from
    the start to the end. The weak point is when you're on ground. You get
    Use this move to stop some air attacks, or in a combo. Since it has hit
    valor in all the movement, the characters (yes, specially human) confuses
    and can be hit.
    4. Destruction Throw
    HCB, forward +  A or C, close to opponent.
    Chang grabs his opponent by hitting him/her several times in the ground.
    As all command throws, use against opponents, specially ADVANCED players.
    Use also as a wake up attack, when you don't have any Power bar to do a
    desperation move.
    2.3.Desperation Moves
    1. Iron Ball Frenzy
    QCF, HCB  +  A or C
    Chang hits himself with his iron ball in the head, and starts "running" to
    the opponent. Then he starts hitting the opponent, ending with six different
    This move is extremely damaging, since the normal causes 50% damage and in
    maximum is more or less 60-70 % damage. You can use it in a combo, as a wake
    up attack and can be cancelled if you missed (after the opponent blocked the
    first one). There will be problems when the opponent avoids you by dodging
    in EXTRA mode, or rolling in ADVANCED.  Since he runs slow, and drops to
    ground when unconnected, you are totally defenseless.
    2. Pressure of Death
    QCF x 2 +  A or C.
    Chang runs and jumps by hitting with his stomach, then drops to ground very
    brusquely, hitting all things under him.
    This attack is effective against some air attacks. the SDM version
    (max power) is very useful since Chang makes a quake (a la Goro Daimon),
    and this makes the opponent ask himself: if jump, I'll be hit, if block,
    the quake will make effect, if crouch and block, I'll be hit. Same as above,
    chang runs slowly and can be avoided easily.
    "A" version of Pressure of death can e used as a good anti air attack, and
    can be comboed.
    2.4.    Command Moves.
    The command moves are performed when you press any direction of the joystick
    plus a specific button. Not all characters have command attacks.
    Body Sweep (ok... I don't know the real name).
    down forward  + A
    Chang sweeps his body toward the opponent, knocking down the opponent.
    Use this to finish some combos or in a surprise attack.
    3.      COMBOS.
    Combos are the key for winning some matches. You must have the skills for
    doing combos. OK. Chang has no good arsenal of combos. But believe me,
    his little arsenal of combos are dangeorous since they take a lot of energy.
    Here are the combos I have done playing as Chang:
    The Basic Combo: I called it since I use it from KoF95.
    Jumping D, crouching B, cancel with Sommersault Stomp with B.
    Other cool combos:
    -Jumping D, crouching C, Ball Swing
    -Jumping D, close standing B, Ball Swing.
    -Jumping D, close standing B, Destruction Throw.
    -Jumping D, close standing B, Body Sweep.
    -Jumping D, close standing D, Body Sweep.
    Chain Combos:
    Jumping D, crouching B, Crouching A.
    Jumping D, crouching A, crouching A.
    Combos with DM.
    Iron Ball Frenzy, after last hit (must be Standin' b like finish), Ball Swing 
    (in a corner)
    *Jumping D, crouching C, Iron Ball Frenzy.
    *Jumping D, close tanding D, Iron Ball Frenzy. (in a corner)
    **Iron Ball Frenzy, after last hit  (must be Stnadin B like finish)cancel
    with Pressure of death.
            (Only in ADVANCED mode, charged and with 2 power bars)
    The * shows that the combo
    is theorically 100% when powered up. The ** shows a combo viwed in a Gamest
    video. See Sham Bun's homepage (http://home.ust.hk/~eg_sbxaa) for the video
    "show28.rm" for more details.
    4.      STRATEGY.
    I'll show you what strategy I'd followed to be a more or less good player
    with Chang. All this experience were taken from my spent of money by
    challenging both CPU and human players.
    4.1.    General.
    In this section, I'll tell you how to play with Chang to more or less have
    Well, at first glance, Chang looks slow and incompetent. These may be true,
    but if you master the use of his Destruction throw, Sommersault Stomp,
    Iron Ball frenzy and his normal moves, you can challenge anyone and give
    him a good fight.
    IN ADVANCED MODE: Charge your power bars by executing the Crusher Ball
    with A then C, A and C. Beware if the opponent jumps towards you or if
    rolls toward you. If the opponent jumps towards you, jump with C button,
    and when arriving to ground, make a vertical hop (tap up then down) and
    attack with D button, this for prevent any grab. If you are grabbed with a
    normal throw, just escape by pressing AB.
    If the opponent sweeps you, and he goes to you for close attack, prepare for
    a Destruction throw or an Iron Ball Frenzy. If he doesn't go to you, just do
    a recover roll.
    Surprise the opponent by running toward him then roll when the opponent shots
    an attack. You'll have him at your mercy.
    Poke your opponent with crouching A. You'll gain some distance from him, and
    sometimes, hit him.
    Always you can, connect the basic combo. And surprise the opponent with an
    Iron Ball Frenzy, when you are arriving from ground after no connecting any
    punch. They almost want to give you a punch or kick, so, they'll be very
    IN EXTRA MODE: I never play in this mode, so I can't tell you much. Use
    some tactics listed above, the ones you think you can do. I'll try to inform
    you about how use Chang better in EXTRA mode in future versions of this FAQ.
    4.2.    Against the computer.
    OK. In this section, I'll tell  you how to play against some characters
    controlled by the CPU.
    NOTE: These strategies are suggested to be done in ADVANCED MODE.
    Vs. KYO: Kyo is tough since he never lets you attack him from the air.
    So, never jump toward him; Instead, roll towards him. He'll do: 1)jump or
    2)kick with his command attack, or 3)Do the QCF + A. When he does 1 or 2,
    roll again toward him. If he does the 3, attack him with a Far Standing C,
    get close and combo, close and grab with any Sepcial or normal throw, or if
    got a power bar, Iron Ball frenzy. Repeat this to defeat him.
    Vs. BENIMARU: The hardest character in this team. He's still giving me
    headaches for beating him. Keep him at a distance from you. After he attacks
    you, never run toward him, since he'll grab you with Benimaru's Koreda.
    Also, never jump toward him, 'cause he'll  cast the Raijinken or, in the
    worst fo the cases, DM Raikoken. Always when you can, attack him.
    Vs. DAIMON: Against him you can practice all your combos, but beware with
    some of his attacks and grabs.
    Vs. TERRY: He sometimes turns hard when he attacks with B button as
    antiaerial when you jump. Also, don't try to do a surprise attack against
    him (e.g. run then jump) when he has a power bar, because he'll cast
    Power Geyser and send u to hell. So, don'l let him build power bars and
    attack him with combos when he casts Power Wave.
    Vs. ANDY: He will not let you jump with his ShoRyuDan, and not let you sweep
    him with his HiShoKen. So, wait for a ZanEiKen or a KuHaDan then combo him
    or grab him.
    Vs. JOE: Joe is easy, you can practice your combos with him.
    Vs. RYO: You may sweep him with crouching D or grab himwith Destruction Throw
    while he runs to you.
    Vs. YURI: Just sweep her before she can get up!
    Vs. YAMAZAKI: Just run toward him, and then roll forward. He might cast the
    Snake Arm, so you can combo or grab. If he doesn't do it, repeat run 'n roll.
    Vs. YASHIRO: You can do: wait him in a corner and when he gets close, grab
    with Destruction Throw, or poke with Jumping D, get hum at a corner,
    continue jumping with D toward him, until he release a punch, which will
    leave him at your mercy.
    Vs. CHIZURU: Cast the Crusher Ball with A first, so it can hit her. Then,
    when she's knocked, cast the Crusher Ball with C, so you hit her with more
    power. Repeat.
    Vs. KENSOU: Same as Chizuru, but beware with his Dragon Swifter or
    Dragon Raiser DM.
    Vs. ATHENA: Sweep, then, before she gets up, repeat the Crouching D.
    This'll not hit her, but she always jump and cast Phoenix Arrow with C. So,
    when the she finish the move, sweep again and repeat. Or just do an Iron Ball
    Frenzy, if available, then repeat the play.
    Vs. O. IORI & O. LEONA: Wait them at a corner by jumping backwards and
    thowing D kicks. O. Leona is easy, but beware with O. Iori's Doshta and
    Fire Ball. Don't let O. Iori combo you!!!. If you get them at a corner,
    COMBO. This almost works.
    Vs. O. SHERMIE: The players's headache. But with Chang isn't. Just cast
    Crusher Ball several times and it'll hit her while she's casting the
    damned Electric Kiss. This may hit you sometimes, but guess who loses more
    Vs. O. YASHIRO: Just do the same plays as norma Yashiro.
    Vs. OROCHI: Jump toward him with D kick since the beginning of the jump.
    Then, he'll teleport, so cast Destruction Throw in the direction he'll appear
    (normally at your back.). Don't make stupidities like "I'll wait him until
    he break down his guard, because he looks unbeatable". I invented this
    phrase since what I only saw was waiting and waiting... and Orochi cast
    either that Lightning or the Soul Crusher (ok, I also invented those names).
    Don't be coward and you'll see that Orochi is the easiest character in the
    whole game!!!!.
    4.3.    Against Human challengers
    I decided to do 2 sections against a person who challenges you, since there
    are people who believes they are the best by using insane characters. This
    is a severe problem in Mexico. Rugal was a headache in 95, but now Orochi
    Characters (specially Insane Iori and Leona), are a cancer. So, the section
    contains: strategies to play against normal human and to fight against Orochi
    4.3.1   Against Normal characters.
            I'll include the most used characters by people, and in future
    versions I'll put new characters (yeah, you must see me how I lose against
    a guy who chose a diferent character.). If there's no attack strategie, you
    must use the strategies told before.
    NOTE:This section was made by playing in ADVANCED mode. See future versions for
    Vs. ROBERT: Normally, he just wants to do his HiEnSenPuKyaku (yeah, that
    flying 4 kick attack). Don't block them!!!. Just roll forward and follow
    him, by hitting with Far Standing C. Beware against other HiEnSenPuKyaku.
    Also, if you jump, they love to jump to you with a D kickor the knockdown CD.
    So, show your jumping C to demontrate who is who in air-to-air priority.
    When he launches a HaohshokohKen, run and roll in the moment the
    HaoShokohken'll hit you, and you'll have him at your mercy. Beware when he
    lies in ground and don't jump, because he might be prepearing a
    MuEiShippuJyuDanKyaku (yeah, his new DM), because he gets unbeatable when
    doing it.
    Vs. TERRY: A person who selects Terry normally takes him looking for his
    Rising Tackle, since it has defense, but what only you have to do is no jump
    to him, and specially when he is lying in ground. Keep him at distance,
    beware with Power Charge and also beware jumping, because he'll use a
    Power Geyser to send you to hell.
    Vs. DAIMON: Wow!! Daimon??? Who'll select this slow character??. Believe me,
    Daimon's converted in one of the most used characters thanks to all his
    special grabs. Don't jump, or he'll use the Cloud Tosser to bring you to
    ground. Also, beware if he jumps with an anticipated kick (even if you are
    in ground), since he use it to get close to you and perform any special grab
    (and his favorite is the Heaven to Hell Drop...)
    Vs. CLARK: Yeah, another grappler. As Daimon, beware against an anticipated
    kick because he may be preparing a Super Argentine BackBreaker or the Ultra
    one. Also, beware with the Rolling Cradler. Normally, Clark opponents likes
    to poke with jumping CD. Counter this with jumping C.
    Vs. RALF: Ralf is favorite by his Super Argentine BackBreaker, Ralf's Kick
    and his Blazing Vulcan Punch, and sometimes, to inexpert persons, the
    Galactica Phantom. OK: As all grapplers, beware with anticipated jumping
    attack (now you know what they'll do after this). Ralf's Kicks is used to
    poke you, since sometimes leaves far from you. But Ralf takes time to
    recover, so, GRAB HIM with Destrcution Throw. Also, beware to be poked by
    jumping CD. Blazing Vulcan Punch is used to take out energy fro you. So,
    just roll forward and punish him. How to say, Galactica Phantom: don't let
    this move scare you. Roll forwar when he is above to launch the punch. I
    think this move is spectacular by its great damage, but stupid to perform
    since it is very slow.
    Vs. LEONA: Normally, some humaun players prefers Orochi Leona instead of
    Normal Leona. But still are people with good principles (^_^). Well, watch
    out for Jumpin' D, since it has good air priority. Defend using Jumping C.
    Also, be careful with V slasher, some of them'll want  to wait you and...
    Vs. CHIZURU: Chizuru??? Who'll choose her???. Believe me. She is a damned
    chaeter when controlled by a person. This is what they do: poke with Far
    Standing D (this desperates you), then they use any of her Shadow Attacks
    (I know, the moves hasn't those names). Then, when they get you at the
    ground, (and, thus, completed some power bars), they perform her (damned!!,
    have to learn the moves' names...) Rimen-I Katsu: Sanrai no Fujin (her DM).
    What first you think to do is block upwards, but what they do is a
    Crouching  B!!!. So, defense goes to hell, the DM'll hit you and he'll not
    miss the chance to take out 50% of your energy. This created a headache to
    me. Haven't beated her, but here are the strategies: When she performs D kick
    block, then do a Far Standing A, this to make a distraction. If he misses
    any special move (her Shadow Attacks), grab her or if she does the fake
    Sahdow, do the Crusher Ball. If you get down, perform Iron Ball Frenzy as
    Wake up attack. Careful, since Chizuru is free to move when casting the DM.
    So, instead of using Iron Ball Frenzy, just grab her with Destructon Throw.
    Vs. SHERMIE: Since she's a grappler, you'll know what to do. Just be careful
    with her spinning kick.
    Vs.BLUE MARY: Ah... BlueMary... she's also a grappler, so... And be careful
    with Vertical Arrow, Spider and her counters. Don't make stupid things, or
    she'll punish you with her superduper 100% combo.
    Vs. YAMAZAKI: Be ware with his Snake Arms. Try to not jump oftenly, since
    they'll like to perform the A version. Also, beware with his special Grabs.
    Vs. IORI: They like to use Orochi Iori instead of Normal Iori, but always
    are exceptions. Iori has the best air kick priority in the whole game. You
    must anticipate his attack with Jumping C. Also, players who pick up Iori
    chooses EXTRA mode, so they ALWAYS want to charge and cast the DM when you
    jump. So, when they'll power up, obtain a power Bar or they are in RED
    energy (extra), try to not jump.
    4.3.2   Against Orochi Characters.
            When I said Orochi characters, I mean Insane Iori and Leona. But
    I'll tell yoo also about O. New Face's Team. I only include the only 3 most
    used Orochi Characters.
    Vs. INSANE IORI: the same strategie as normal Iori: They like to jump with
    the kick, then if u jump, perform the DM. You can practice the same strategie
    as normal Iori, but this time you must anticipate your moves more than
    Vs. INSANE LEONA: also, the same as normal Leona. But this time, they'll not
    perform neither special moves (except sometimes Moon Slasher), nor DM's
    (except when they are near to lose the game). What to do: anticipate her
    jumps with Jumping C. If you get in ground, they'll wait until you get up
    to sweep again. So, cast Iron Ball frenzy to frustrate their plans.
    Vs. OROCHI YASHIRO: As any other grappler, be careful with his special
    grabs. But now there's a new problem: some persons sweep you down and then
    wait u get up. After you get up, they'll launch Standing CD, cancelling
    with the move which Yashiro change's side (and u know what'll happen to
    you...). Don't be trapped in this cheat and perform either Destruction
    Throw or Iron ball Frenzy.
    4.4     Mind Game.
    I name Mind Game to general strategies used in a person vs. Person
    challenge. Let's say, it's like the last section, but in general words.
    Ok, here it goes: the most of the cases I have played, the guys select
    EXTRA mode to play. These kind of people generally wait for you in a corner.
    When you jump to them, they also jump by blocking your attack, grabbing you
    when both arrives to the floor. Study their moves and anticipate their grabs
    with a C throw or with a Destrction throw. If you get trapped, escape with
    AB (only ADVANCED mode). Be careful also with those who wait for a jump, and
    instead of jump n' block, they dodge, grabbing  you (these when you wanted
    to connect  a chain combo). Watch carefully and grab them before they can
    grab you.
    And versus an ADVANCED PLAYER: this is hard to explain, since the majority
    of them play well. Follow a general strategy against them, and if they start
    palying as an EXTRA mode (plays as EXTRA when they have ADVANCED), you know
    what to do. I'll expand this section in future versions.
    5.      CREDITS.
    Thanks to everybody at the net who let me use their material, or for their
    valuable opinion.
    If there's a person who I haven't talked to him/her, thanks to.
    Version 1.5:
    EX ANDY, for makin' some correctios to some moves, and for other techinques.
    Almost all corrections have been implemented thanx to Ex Andy's advises.
    Send him an e-mail!
    Version 1.0:
    SIE KENSOU, from Sie Kensou's Homepage, for telling me the good, the bad
    and the ugly things at the guide's preview. Visit him at
    http://www.geocities.com/timesSquare/Arcade/9873, or send mails
    to SieKensou@geocities.com
    YASAKANI IORI (Hasshaku Iori before), for sugesting me what format I
    can follow to made this guide, and for some gramatical correction.
    Visit him at http://www.hypermart.net/kof or send mail to iori@chez.com
    THE HOWLIN'MAD MAN, Henry Moriarty, for making some gramatical correction
    to this guide. Visit him at http://mmcafe.telnet.or.jp, or send mail to
    SHEILA KOHSLA, who always told me to make this guide in txt instead of rtf.
    She forced me to do both!!!. Visit her at http://www.deathsdoor.com/mai, or
    send mail to mai@hehe.com
    CHIKA, who let me use the Chang profile. Visit her at
    http://members.aol.com/iorin/chika, or send mail to iorin@aol.com
    GREG A. KASAVIN, from where I took an idea of the format.
    KAO MEGURA, from where I took some Move names (you must saw me opening his
    guide each time I continued the guide).
    And special thanks to SHAM BUN, mOOnrun, CARO SOTO, CHARLES! and
    CARLOS DELGADO for their support.

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