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    Shingo by MHall

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                           S H I I I N G O O O    F A Q !
                         A Guide to Shingo Yabuki, KoF '97
                                    Version 1.0
                                November 28th, 1997
                                Written by Matt Hall
      NOTE: All information presented in this FAQ is copyright 1997 Matt Hall.
      You may use the information provided in this FAQ in any non-profit
      publication 'FOR FREE!', but please give credit where credit is due, or
      else I'll start bitching at you. SNK, The King of Fighters '97, Shingo
      Yabuki, and other related things are all trademarks of their respective
    1.0 (November 28th, 1996) - First publically released version of the
    guide. Missing Vs. Character Strategy section.
      --- TABLE OF CONTENTS ---
     1. Introduction
        1.1. Note From the Author
        1.2. The Top 10 Reasons to Play Shingo!
        1.3. Miscellaneous Info
     2. Moves
        2.1. Normal Moves
        2.2. Special Moves
        2.3. Desperation Moves
        2.4. Other Moves
        2.5. Combos
     3. Strategy and Whatnot
        3.1. Mode Selection
        3.2. Picking Your Team
        3.3. Critical Hits
        3.4. General Strategy
        3.5. Shoulder Charge Cancel
        3.6. Vs. Strategy
     4. Closing
        4.1. Conclusion
        4.2. Coming Soon...
        4.3. Acknowledgments/Related Info
    ==1.  INTRODUCTION==
    You're reading this because you're either bored, or you have an interest
    in learning or improving your game with an awesome skill character in
    KoF '97 named Shingo Yabuki. Probably the latter.
    I wasn't immediately interested in Shingo when the game came out... hell,
    I remember when news broke that a new character in KoF '97 named Shingo
    who was "Kyo's student" would be included. The KoF ML started to write
    Shingo off as a "joke character" and "the next Sean/Dan"... and I agreed
    with them too. When KoF '97 hit my area, I began trying out every
    character... after a game or two of Shingo, I was certainly intrigued.
    I started playing him more, and really got to appreciate his character
    design... he's obviously very serious about the fight, and enthusiastic
    to boot... his "Oreno... Kachida!" sample is proof of that. And he's a
    MUCH deeper character than he appears.
    First of all, I'm going to assume that you are at least somewhat familiar
    with KoF '97, or KoF in general. You should be roughly around an 
    intermediate-level player or better. If you think you're a beginner though,
    don't despair! I highly recommend giving EX Andy's Beginner Reference Guide 
    a thorough reading. If you have read it, and don't think you'll be confused
    by any thing put forth in this guide, then keep on reading. If you haven't,
    get your ass to:
    Oh yeah, you want motivation to play Shingo? I give you...
    10. If you play Kyo, you'll have some idea of how to play Shingo.
    9. A 100% combo and a TOD... yet he's not overpowered in the slightest.
    8. The secret Orochi version of him is the best character in the game.
    7. Pays homage to Saishu Kusanagi in some of his normal attacks.
    6. All those crazy Critical Hits!
    5. Laugh as Shingo does his "Oreno, Kachida!" win pose after he beats
       down Kyo.
    4. SDM Shoulder Charge Cancel method. Surprise your enemies!
    3. Watch with satisfaction as scrubs try to attack after blocking the
       first hit of Burning Shingo!
    2. Because autoguard is for sissies.
    -Catch Copy:
    NATIONALITY:    Japanese
    BIRTH DATE:     4/9/1980
    AGE:            17
    HEIGHT:         178 cm
    WEIGHT:         69 kg
    BLOOD TYPE:     O
    HOBBIES:        He's a 'Lizard Man' freak
    FAVORITE FOOD:  Microwavable dishes
    FAVORITE SPORT: Water polo, swimming
    MOST VALUABLE:  Life, his girlfriend, his student handbook
    FIGHTING STYLE: Kusanagi style anicent martial arts taught directly to
                    him by Kyo Kusanagi
    Notes: He's only 17? Wow, younger than me even. Although he has a 
    girlfriend, she's never mentioned anywhere inside the game. Hmm.
    -Costume Colors
    A (Advanced): Blue uniform
    D (Advanced): Brown uniform
    A (Extra): Blue uniform (skin is slightly different color)
    D (Extra): Green uniform
    -Fight Introduction
    Brings a hand to his chest, closes his eyes, and takes a deep breath/sigh. 
    He then covers his mouth with his fist, and mutters "Cool ni ikoze, Shingo." 
    (Translation: "Ok Shingo, be cool!")
    Shingo takes out a notebook, and starts scribbling something down in it.
    During this he says "Eeto, Aragami wa...?"
    (Translation: "How do you do the Aragami...?")  (huh?)
    -Win Poses
    A: Turns toward the camera, says "Oreno!...", then raises his fist in 
    victory and says "...Kachida!" 
    (Translation: "This is... my victory!")
    B: Turns toward the camera, does a similar pose to the A one, and says
    "Yooooooshi!". He then looks up towards the sky with his fist on his chest
    (saying "Yarimashita yo, Kusanagi-san!"
    (Translation: "Alright! I did it, Mr. Kusanagi!")
    C: Falls to his knees, breathing really hard. After a few breaths, he
    stops, looks up, then looks down again and says "Kate ta!"
    (Translation: "I was able to win!")
    -Loss by K.O.
    (Translation: "Mr. Kusanagi, I'm sorry!!!")
    -Loss to Time
    Brings his hands to his head in frustration, and looks upward.
    ==2.  MOVES==
     2.1. NORMAL MOVES
    Far Standing A - A short-ranged jab. Not a terribly effective attack, due to
    its limited range.  It IS bufferable however, making it okay for offensive 
    tactics. Nothing will actually combo off of it however, except for an
    Uppercut. If you want to play it safe though, it's best to buffer into the 
    Far Standing B - Your typical Standing B poke. It looks just like Kyo's 
    Standing B, but it seems just a tad slower to me. Priority seems low, and
    damage is predictably low as well. It's really not worth using much.
    Far Standing C - A downward-angled punch. This is a Shingo original, no
    character has had an attack like this.  :)   You can actually hit some
    low pokes with it if you anticipate, but if they're flailing at that 
    distance  they deserve to get hit.
    Far Standing D - Trivia Alert! Shingo's Standing D looks exactly like Saishu 
    Kusanagi's Standing D. This is a pretty good attack to keep in your arsenal
    of pokes and whatnot. It does good damage, has ok range, and the priority
    is pretty good. It's also decent air-defense, but this is not the attack 
    that you should be using for that. Standing D is also a great no-brainer 
    juggle attack after a Counter-hit Shingo Kick, or a Shoulder Charge.
    Close Standing A - An elbow attack. Bufferable. Not much to speak of here,
    since you have stronger attacks to cancel off of.
    Close Standing B - Shin kick, but hits high. Bufferable. See above.
    Close Standing C - The "body blow" thing. Dunno how to describe it. I
    recommend doing most of your cancelling off of the close Standing D, since
    if you're not close enough the laggy far Standing C will come out instead,
    and then you might be in trouble. Of course, you might as well go for the
    Crouching C instead...
    Close Standing D - The... err, crescent kick? I dunno. Bufferable as well, 
    and a wiser move to use than the Standing C when you're in close. Why?
    Well, if you're out of range, you get the far Standing D, which isn't a bad
    attack at all. Using Standing D as a "meaty" attack when the opponent gets
    up works pretty well too, but beware of the usual getting-up weapons
    (command throws, DM's).
    Crouching A - A low jab which can unfortunately be blocked high. It's nice
    and bufferable however, so make good use of it when you're out of range
    to actually connect with either Close Standing C or D, or the Crouching C..
    Crouching B - A ground kick that hits low, unbufferable. This can be an 
    important move when in close, despite the fact that you can't cancel into
    a special move. All you have to do is link a Crouching A after the Crouching
    B and it will combo. What will connect after that though? Umm... uhh...
    maybe an Uppercut, I guess... well, looks like I can use that "Use it for
    offensive tactics" line again, wheeee! (er, ignore that)
    Crouching C - Your standard crouching uppercut attack. As you might 
    expect, it's an excellent air-defense attack. Due to its vertical hit frame 
    though, they've got to be fairly close. If they're farther away, you might 
    want to try the far Standing D (or perhaps nothing at all). It's also 
    bufferable, so you can use this to combo into the ShingoFists, or any of 
    his other  comboable special moves. It's preferrable to combo the Shoulder 
    Charge off a Crouching C rather than a Standing C, since the move requires 
    two quarter circle toward motions, and you have to start at the Down 
    position... doing a neutral Standing C, then bringing the joystick to the 
    Down position and doing the two quarter circles fast enough can be 
    difficult, especially with '97's move detection.
    Crouching D - Sweep attack, but unfortunately it's not all that. It has a bit 
    of lag before it comes out, which should give most players enough time to 
    block low in time. But since this is one of the rare moves Shingo has that
    hits low, your opponent might be accustomed to blocking high if you use
    it very rarely. Oh, it is bufferable, so if they do block you can still 
    cancel into a ShingoFist or Shingo Kick.
    Jumping A - Elbow attack, pretty worthless. (or so it seems)
    Jumping B - Knee attack. Probably has good priority, but I don't use this
    much either.
    Jumping C - Downward punch. Good for landing deep hits, and I think it's
    ok as an air-to-air attack as well.
    Jumping D - Horizontal kick, better than Jumping C for when you need 
    distance in your jumping attack.
    Standing CD - Shoulder push. Really, really slow to come out. It's really 
    not worth using unless you want to vary your game a bit. Snicker if it 
    actually hits your opponent, and fall to the floor laughing if you actually 
    get a Counter with it... err, after you get the free juggle.
    Jumping CD - Downward punch, identical to Saishu Kusanagi's. (who the
    hell is Shingo training with anyway? hmm) It's not that slow, but I really 
    don't find it to be all that useful.
    The move names used in this FAQ are sometimes my own, as I find it 
    easier to nickname some moves by that. Just for clarity's sake though, I 
    have listed each special and super move's real name.
     - A ShingoFist : qcf+A -
    Japanese Name: HyakuJuuYon Shiki: AraGami Mikansei
    English Name: 114 Style: Wild Bite Unfinished
    Quote: "Body ga... amai ze!"
    Translation: "Your body is weak!"
    This is a very important move of Shingo's. Basically, it looks just like
    Kyo's qcf+A... except of course for the fact that there is no autoguard
    on it, and no flames. Duh. It's fairly fast though, and is almost always
    safe when blocked. Stick it out after a bufferable normal move and don't
    fear retribution. It will combo after a hard attack.
     - C ShingoFist : qcf+C -
    Japanese Name: HyakuJyuuGo Shiki: DokuGami Mikansei
    English Name: 115 Style: Poison Bite Unfinished
    Quote: "Kurae!"
    Translation: "Eat this!"
    Another move that looks exactly like Kyo's counterpart, sans flames and
    autoguard. Yet it's still damn useful... for one thing, it hits twice.
    Once immediately on the windup, and once for the actual attack. It will
    hit the opponent quicker then the qcf+A if the first hit connects. The
    second hit knocks the opponent down too, which is also great. So what's
    bad about this move? Well, it moves Shingo forward quite a bit... and the
    small lag it has on it can cause you to get hit (probably command thrown)
    if it's blocked. It doesn't happen TOO often though, so this is another
    move that's great for poking.
     - Uppercut : dp+A/C -
    Japanese Name: Hyaku Shiki: OniYaki Mikansei
    English Name: 100 Style: Demon Scorcher Unfinished
    Quote: "Oriya!"
    Translation: ? (it seems like some typical grunt, but I could be wrong)
    Hey, whaddya know... yet another move that's exactly like Kyo's... WITHOUT
    AUTOGUARD OR FLAMES! Well, not exactly, anyway. Shingo's version of the
    Oniyaki always hits once (except on Counter), and always knocks down too.
    Surprisingly, the priority of it seems BETTER if you do it early and it
    hits the opponent while Shingo is near the maximum height he jumps up to,
    rather than doing it late and deep. And the damage is still good too.
    Overall though, while you can use it to counter some moves clean, the
    invincibility window seems REALLY short. Use Crouching C for air defense
    if you must. Oh, the Uppercut is a good juggle in most instances.
     - Shingo Kick : hcf+B/D -
    Japanese/English Name: Shingo Kick
    Quote: "Shiiinggooo Kiiiicckkku!"
    Translation: You figure it out
    SHIIINGGGOOO KIIICCCKU! Yes, this move IS Shingo  :)  Consider it a
    modified version of Kyo's R.E.D. Kick, without flames or autoguard. Hey
    wait, it didn't have either of those in the first place... oops.  :)
    Anyway, in this move, Shingo flies across the screen horizontally with
    a mighty kick. The D version sends him farther than the B one, not
    surprisingly. Depending on when the Shingo Kick hits, it will either
    knock down or it won't. The later it hits, the less likely the chances
    are of it knocking down. Of course, is it a knockdown you'll always
    desire when using this move? If it leaves the opponent standing and it
    triggers a Critical Hit, you have enough time to link in a normal attack,
    and buffer that into whatever you want, even a DM! Cool, huh? If it DOES
    knock down though, you have a chance to gain positioning, build up your
    super bar... whatever. If it knocks down AND is a Counter hit, then you
    have the ability to juggle after it, of course! Unfortunately, it seems
    hard to juggle anything if they're not in the corner... but if you play
    an aggressive Shingo, you should have no problems pushing them in to
    there  :)   Oh yeah, recovery time when blocked... most of the time,
    you'll be able to block any retaliation they try, depending on how "deep"
    you hit. If you wind up right next to them, they might go for a throw.
    (you can break it if you play Advanced, but otherwise...) Even worse, they
    might decide to command throw, and then you're really screwed! So while
    it is a fun, effective move, don't abuse it.
    Ah yes, I almost forgot... you can use the Shingo Kick to go over things
    like Iori's fireball. I think with the right timing it can go over other 
    projectiles, but timing is crucial.
     - Unfinished Twilight Ride : qcb+B/D -
    Japanese Name: Hyaku-I Shiki: OboroGuruma Mikansei
    English Name: 101 Style: Indistinct Wheel Unfinished
    Quote: ?
    Translation: ?
    This is probably Shingo's worst special move. The B version is one single
    jump kick, while the D one is three jump kicks, with Shingo landing after
    each one. (yes, the D one will combo for all three hits)  Not
    surprisingly, this move looks a lot like Kyo '94's Twilight Ride... except
    Kyo does all three kicks in the same leap. Show off.  :)   So what makes
    this move so bad? Well, all of the kicks in both versions can be ducked.
    Yup. Just sit there crouching and none of the kicks will hit you, and
    Shingo's dead when he hits the ground. It can also be somewhat difficult
    to combo... the D version will only fully combo if you're in the corner,
    if you do it anywhere else, the first hit will connect but the rest will
    miss. You can of course combo it with the B version instead, but that's
    a combo left strictly for "style points". I've seen one player try to make
    a guessing game out of the B and D versions, so that if you try to attack
    after the first kick of the D version, you get hit by the second two...
    it didn't work that well. Oh yes, the D version can also be used as a
    juggle after a Counter Shingo Kick in the corner, or after the Shoulder
    Charge DM in the corner, but the timing is insane...
    Oops, one more thing to mention. On the final hit of the D version,
    Shingo will randomly fall down on his face when landing. So what's so
    important about that? THE LAST KICK IS AN OVERHEAD. Too funny... people
    will just sit there blocking low, and then somehow get hit by the final
    kick... of course, you should never depend on this. The odds of this
    happening are like... I dunno, 1 in 10 maybe. I don't think there's a way
    to trigger it every time, but if anyone has figured that out, please
    let me know.  :)
    In Kao Megura's KoF '97 FAQ, Burning Shingo is referred to as the 
    qcf, qcf + A/C DM... and that doesn't seem right to me at all. Seeing how 
    the qcb, hcf + A/C DM has a quote of "Burn him, Shingo!", it seems right
    to consider it that way. But since this is my FAQ, I'll use whatever damn
    move names I want.  :)
     - Burning Shingo : qcb, hcf + A/C -
    Japanese/English Name: Burning Shingo (I hope...)
    Quote: "Moerou, Shingo!" (the last attack ends with "Oriya!", BTW)
    Translation: "Burn him, Shingo!"
    This DM can be very useful, but very painful if they block/roll/dodge it.
    Shingo rears back and delivers a punch, which is followed by two more
    punches, and then the same elbow animation from his C throw for a total
    of 4 hits. On the SDM version he does three more punches for a total of
    7 hits. This DM is nice and comboable, but even on SDM level it doesn't
    seem to do all that much damage. It's easier to combo than his Shoulder
    Charge because of the "easier" motion, which sort of balances it out.
    Just make sure you combo it for sure, because there is quite a bit of
    recovery time after the final hit. There is another plus to this DM, which
    is only effective agsint scrubs or people who never play against Shingo.
    When they block the first hit, they will immediately try to attack back,
    but end up getting hit by the last few hits. Of course, they're not
    guaranteed to be hit... if they use a move with autoguard, you'll end up
    getting hit. It's worth noting that the C version of this seems to have
    limited invincibility. I used this to go cleanly through one of Kensou's
    fireballs once, as well as certain other attacks. As you might expect,
    the A version comes out slightly faster, although both will combo.
     - Shoulder Charge : qcf, qcf + A/C -
    Japanese Name: Ge Shiki: Kake HoRin
    English Name: Outside Style: Phosphorous Driving Phoenix
    Quote: ""Makerarenaindayo!" 
    Translation: "I will not lose!"
    Shingo automatically runs up to his opponent and does an enhanced Standing
    CD attack. This DM does about 45% damage regular, and 65% or so on SDM...
    which, when comboed, does a LOT of damage. And hey, that's not all! You
    also get a free juggle afterwards, although your options are usually
    somewhat limited. (check the Combos section for more details on juggle
    follow-ups)  This makes it the preferrable DM to combo into... although
    with '97's screwed control system, it can usually be somewhat difficult.
    I recommend doing the first qcf, then HOLDING the joystick in the forward
    position for a half second after the second qcf, THEN push the button.
    Of course, this requires you to be really fast...
    If the Shoulder Charge is blocked, you're usually left somewhat safe and
    won't get killed afterwards. Of course, it only takes off one block tick,
    so it's not the kind of thing you use on someone with barely any life
    left. However...
    On SDM level, Shingo can "cancel" his Shoulder Charge into another special
    move when blocked! Since the Shoulder Charge drops their guard, they will
    be unable to block the next move! This is incredibly useful, but will eat
    up at least two bars on Advanced or take a red life bar plus MAX'ed out
    bar Extra. With three bars, you can even cancel into the Burning Shingo
    SDM for major pain! (it will be DM only on Extra)  I'll expand more on this
    technique later on.
     2.4. OTHER MOVES
    C Throw: Shingo knocks the enemy away with an elbow attack. Identical
    to Kyo's C throw. It can be recovery rolled out of.
    D Throw: Shingo picks up the opponent and slams them in the opposite
    direction. Looks like Kyo's throw, except Kyo follows up the slam with
    another attack. Don't worry, it still does good damage. It can NOT be
    recovery rolled out of.
    f+B (command attack): Shingo brings his foot up high, and then brings it
    down. Looks identical to Kyo's f+B overhead... except it isn't one. It
    can be blocked low. On the plus side though, the second hit is
    interruptable, whether it's used on its own or chained into after another 
    attack. While it's somewhat limited in what you can combo after it with, it 
    adds some variety to Shingo's game and makes for a great pressure tactic 
    when chained into after a blocked normal attack. I've had limited success
    comboing the first hit of the f+B after a Standing C or something, but the
    second hit will never hit, and thus you can't keep the combo going... too
    bad. The first hit of the f+B is also practically unbeatable air defense, 
    although it doesn't do much damage.
     2.5. COMBOS
    Jumping C/D, Standing C/D / Crouching C, A ShingoFist
    Jumping C/D, Standing C/D / Crouching C, C ShingoFist
    Jumping C/D, Standing C/D / Crouching C, A/C Uppercut
    Jumping C/D, Standing C/D / Crouching C, B Unfinished Twilight Ride
    Jumping C/D, Standing C/D / Crouching C, Burning Shingo
    These combos speak for themselves. They can be done anywhere on the
    Jumping C/D, Standing C/D / Crouching C, D Unfinished Twilight Ride
    Can only be done in the corner.
    Jumping C/D, Standing C/D / Crouching C, Shoulder Charge, C ShingoFist
    Can be done anywhere on the screen.
    Jumping C/D, Standing C/D / Crouching C, Shoulder Charge, Standing D
    Jumping C/D, Standing C/D / Crouching C, Shoulder Charge, A/C Uppercut
    Can only be done in the corner. (the first one, when done on MAX, takes
    off 100% of a full life bar!!!)
    Jumping C/D, Standing C/D / Crouching C, Shoudler Charge, D Unfinished
     Twilight Ride
    Can only be done in the corner, and timing the UTR after the Shoulder
    Charge takes incredibly tricky timing. If it connects though, the
    opponent will be instantly dizzied!!! Follow with the combo of your
    f+B, A ShingoFist
    f+B, C ShingoFist
    f+B, C Shoulder Charge, <follow-up juggle>
    If your opponent misses an uppercut or a similar move with huge recovery
    time, use the f+B instead of a standing ground attack. The timing in
    landing both hits perfectly can be somewhat tricky, but you'll get more
    damage. For some reason, I've only gotten the C Shoulder Charge to
    connect, the A one is blockable. ?
    Shingo Kick (Knockdown Counter), Standing D
    Shingo Kick (Knockdown Counter), A/C Uppercut 
    Shingo Kick (Knockdown Counter), D Unfinished Twilight Ride
    Only work in the corner. All of these can be done flawlessly off a Jumping
    CD Counter as well (the Standing D can not be done off a Ground CD Counter)
    Also after a CD Counter you can juggle with a Shingo Kick, but I don't see
    a reason too... other than style.
    SDM Shoulder Charge (blocked), A ShingoFist
    SDM Shoulder Charge (blocked), C ShingoFist
    SDM Shoulder Charge (blocked), A/C Uppercut
    SDM Shoulder Charge (blocked), B/D Shingo Kick
    SDM Shoulder Charge (blocked), Burning Shingo
    Can be done anywhere on the screen.
    SDM Shoulder Charge (blocked), D Unfinished Twilight Ride
    Guess what? Can only be done in the corner. Wow.
    Let's face it... your gameplay strategy will vary depending on if you
    pick Advanced or Extra. So what mode should you pick for Shingo? Ok, so
    you don't pick a mode for a certain character... if you play Extra Mode
    exclusively I'll have a hard time talking you into Advanced Mode. I play
    nothing but Advanced, and I also feel that Advanced is the best way to
    play Shingo.
    Why Advanced? Well, as you should know, playing in Advanced raises the
    Super bar through offense and defense. Every time you do a special move
    the bar goes up, and any attack that hits, whether it's blocked or not,
    raises the bar as well. Consider the fact that every special move of
    Shingo's moves him forward (even if it's just a tiny bit) as well. This
    only reinforces the view that he should be played as an aggressive,
    in-your-face character. And since the ShingoFists and Shingo Kick won't
    get you killed most of the time, buffering into them off of any blocked
    nomral move will just raise your super bar quite a bit. And Advanced
    gives you rolling, which only helps in going on the offense.
    In comparison, I can't imagine playing Shingo on Extra mode. Extra
    involves a lot of sitting back and charging the meter... aka playing
    defensive. How do you turtle with Shingo? It's possible, but he just was
    not meant to be played this way. Getting a charged up bar and doing more
    damage more often is a nice feature, but you should have no problems
    building up a bar on Advanced. Also, Extra mode gives you unlimited DM's
    on 15% life or less... but is that really crucial in playing Shingo?
    The Burning Shingo will get you killed if they block (and doesn't tick
    off much life), and the Shoulder Charge isn't too effective outside of
    combos. If Shingo can land a blocked SDM Shoulder Charge, the best he
    can do is a DM Burning Shingo to cancel into... in Advanced however, he
    can land an SDM Burning Shingo instead... but he will need a full 3 stocks
    to do this, as opposed to Extra where he can get the DM version every time.
    Hmm, this is a tough call. As for dodging, I just can't get accustomed to
    it after learning the ins and outs of rolling. Dodging is used for purely
    defensive purposes, while Advanced can be used for either offensive or
    defensive reasons.
    Alright, so I'm biased.  :)   But I just feel there's no better way to
    play Shingo then by playing Advanced. If there are any Extra mode Shingo
    players out there who feel they do better that way, let me know!
    I guess I should explain the whole Critical Hit thing a little bit. There
    are only three characters who get Critical Hit messages... Ralf (Ralf
    Kick), Leona (Moon Slasher), and Shingo (just about anything).
    Critical Hits happen entirely at random. There is no way of knowing or
    predicting when a Critical Hit is going to occur. It happens during any
    of Shingo's special moves or DM's, or his f+B. When a Critical Hit occurs,
    the action pauses for a bit, and hit stun becomes slightly longer.
    So when can you fully take advantage of a Critical Hit? As far as I know,
    the only move it's possible to combo after when landing a Critical Hit is
    the Shingo Kick. And even then, you can't get the Shingo Kick that causes
    a knockdown, they must still be standing if you wish to get in any hits
    afterward. Critical Hits at any other time aren't good for anything,
    other than... well, I guess they don't look all that snazzy. But it does
    provide an element of randomness to it all. You never know if you'll get
    Critical Hits during a Burning Shingo or Unfinished Twilight Ride.
    One more move that I think the Critical Hit MIGHT affect is the Shoulder
    Charge. When a Critical Hit of that is landed, I THINK it gives Shingo more
    time to juggle... making it easier to juggle with the D Unfinished Twilight
    Critical Hit <> Counter. You can not juggle after a single Critical Hit,
    but you CAN juggle if you get both a Critical Hit and a Counter. Don't go
    for that Uppercut or Unfinished Twilight Ride unless you see a red message,
    not green, flash on your side of the screen (Although if both occur, then 
    the message "Counter Critical" will show up in red and green. The only
    advantage this incurs is that it gives you more time to plan a juggle.)
    Since Shingo is a solo entry, he doesn't have his own team. So who are 
    you going to team up Shingo with? Generally speaking, you're going to
    want to team him up with whomever you enjoy playing, if you're playing
    Extra mode. If you're playing Advanced, you might want to avoid the 
    following characters... Chris, Shermie, Yashiro Nanakase, Iori Yagami,
    and Ryuji Yamazaki.
    The reason for this is simple... you lose all your DM stocks if they should
    fight before or after Shingo. You could have built up three stocks with Iori,
    but if Shingo follows him, you'll lose them all. (hehe, this is a good 
    reason not to use Iori!) And we all know that Shingo greatly benefits from 
    having three stocks! Losing them all is not a good thing.
    Also worthy of note (if you don't mind a little less variety) is that having
    Kyo and Shingo in the same team can give you a bonus DM stock! It only 
    works one way though... Kyo must fight BEFORE Shingo. If Shingo fights
    after Kyo, then the DM stock count will remain the same. So use Kyo to 
    build up stocks for Shingo, then unleash the Shoulder Charge Cancel!  :)
    Unfortunately, Kyo is the only character who gets along really well with
    Shingo... oh well.
    Just for the record, I'm usually teaming Shingo up with Kyo, Goro, Joe, 
    Ryo, Ralf, Clark, and Athena. Although I will play just about anyone.
    OFFENSE! OFFENSE! OFFENSE! Shingo is an aggressive character. If
    you just love to turtle, you shouldn't be reading this FAQ. You should also 
    go get some skill while you're at it.  ;P  (I am kidding! Don't take it 
    personally) Although at times you'll have to defend against your opponent's 
    attacks, you should try to constantly keep the pressure on your opponent. 
    Even when they're forced to block flurries of ShingoFists and Shingo Kicks 
    and whatnot, you'll be building DM stocks. Once some normal attacks slip 
    through, you'll be able to combo in a DM.
    Since the A and C ShingoFists are almost always safe moves if blocked, you
    should always buffer any attack that connects against an opponent even if 
    it's  blocked, just so you can keep the pressure on the opponent and raise 
    your super bar a little more.
    Shingo Kick may leave you vulnerable at times, so avoid overusing it. For one
    thing, try to avoid using it against people with long-range command throws...
    namely Goro Daimon, Clark, Shermie, Orochi Yashiro, Blue Mary (Mary
    Typhoon SDM, in case you don't know). Against anyone else, you never know
    what's going to happen. Are they going to try to do a normal throw on you?
    Or instead just stick out a sweep or other attack in the hopes of hitting 
    you? You never really know. Often the only way to find out is to just throw 
    out a Shingo Kick and see what they do. If they do like to attempt to 
    counter, try sticking out a Crouching B... it will often beat whatever they 
    stick out. Link into a Crouching A, then do another Shingo Kick and start 
    the whole process over.... or just do a Shingo Fist for free super. When the 
    Shingo Kick hits, pay close attention to your side of the screen... have a 
    Standing D, Uppercut, or D Unfinished Twilight Ride ready to juggle if it 
    knocked down and gave you the Counter message, or be ready to do a Crouching 
    C if you see a green Critical Hit message. What you do after that is up to 
    One move that's often alright to buffer into is the f+B. If they jump, 
    there's a good chance the first hit of the f+B will knock them out of the 
    air... and if they stay on the ground, you will be able to cancel the 
    second hit (if it connects, it has a tendency of missing at times) into 
    another ShingoFist or Shingo Kick... super meter FOR FREE!
    Both of Shingo's DM's are effective in their own ways... whenever you 
    connect a Crouching C though, which one are you going to want to combo into?
    Burning Shingo does not do all that much damage, but the motion is easier
    to get off. Shoulder Charge gives you more damage (including the chance for 
    a free juggle). Unfortunately, the motion for that, two quarter circles 
    forward, isn't as easy a motion as it should be... damn '97 move detection. 
    If you know it's going to connect, go for it... if you're MAXed out, go for 
    it regardless, if only  for the chance to do the Shoulder Charge Cancel (see 
    Burning Shingo also has another important use... well, the C version any 
    way. The C version has limited invincibility, which you can use to pass 
    through certain attacks and land a DM. As I mentioned before, you can use it 
    to go through Athena and Kensou's projectiles if timed perfectly. That's 
    much better than merely rolling through! You can also shut down a 
    drill-happy Benimaru if you use it to go right through the Drill right 
    before it hits (of course, the closer he is to the ground when it's done, 
    the better). Any other techniques that it counters really well?
    This is an important technique IMO, so listen up.  :)   As mentioned 
    earlier, here's how you do it:
    1. Build up at least two stocks (although three are preferred) if you're on
    Advanced, or have a red life bar and a MAXed out power bar on Extra.
    (use the ABC MAX out technique to use a stock if you are playing 
    2. Do the Shoulder Charge SDM (qcf, qcf + A/C)
    3. If it hits, great! You got a hell of a lot of damage, and a free juggle.
    4. If it's blocked, the Shoulder Charge will drop the opponent's guard. You 
    can then interrupt your animation into any special move you like, or even
    a Burning Shingo (which can be done every time on Extra, you will need 
    that third stock if you want to do it on Advanced, at which point it will be 
    an SDM)
    5. If they dodge/roll through it, or hit you out of it... what a waste.  :(
    Obviously, you want to avoid Part 5. This is mostly what this section is 
    devoted to... making sure that Shoulder Charge connects.
    Not surprisingly, what you most want to do is hit them with the SDM
    Shoulder Charge. (you know, as in, not blocking it.) Comboing it give you up
    to a 100% combo... that's nothing to sneeze at, huh? The best way to combo
    it is after they miss an uppercut-type move, or any other move with huge
    recovery... so how do you provoke that? Well... it's difficult, at best. 
    People will usually start fighting more defensively once they see that you 
    are MAXed out. One trick I've had with some success is to tick-throw the 
    opponent (throw a low jab, walk forward and throw). This wakes them up. Then 
    just get in close again, throw another low A... this time, pause for a 
    second, and then do a Crouching C. With any luck, they will try to attack 
    but get countered, and if you're fast you'll be able to buffer it and combo 
    it. Even if they're not fooled, they block it. And that's still a good 
    Now, when the move is blocked, the Shoulder Charge Cancel can occur.
    The opponent you're fighting against plays a big part in landing the Shoulder
    Charge Cancel. Is it some ordinary turtle scrub you're playing against who
    obviously doesn't have much experience against Shingo? Is it a friend of 
    yours that you play against often? Is it some player you've never seen 
    before but obviously knows his stuff?
    With any scrub, you can usually throw out the Shoulder Charge anywhere
    within a half-screen distance or so. They will instinctively go into 
    blocking, and be all set up for the Cancel. Some may try to counter, and 
    this means trouble... because the Shoulder Charge is surprisingly 
    low-priority. Very rarely have I seen it trade hits... it will always get 
    hit clean out, because of the short delay that occurs before the actual 
    attack comes out.
    It's the more knowledgable players you'll have more trouble with. Once 
    they see the screen pause, they will instantly know that they've got to
    dodge or roll out of the way. It's them that you don't want to throw the 
    Shoulder Charge out randomly. The key is to keep them in block stun so
    that there's no way they can escape the Shoulder Charge and the following
    special attack. Since a hard attack keeps an opponent in block stun longer
    than a weak attack (duh), the best thing to do is to stick out a hard attack
    and then quickly buffer it into the Shoulder Charge, not even making sure if
    it hits or not. The exception to this is the Crouching D. If it hits, the 
    Shoulder Charge will whiff. So don't use this to buffer it unless the timer 
    on the MAX bar is running out and you want to try to get in the Cancel 
    before time runs  out. 
    I highly recommend jumping (hopping) in with a Jumping C, doing a Crouching 
    C (make sure you are close enough!) and then buffer into it.  With any luck, 
    the opponent will be stuck and forced to take the Shoulder Charge... UNLESS 
    they have a stock/are MAXed, and actually think to MAX roll out of the way. 
    This can shut you down entirely... but hey, you waste a stock, they waste a 
    stock. Sound fair?
    I've mentioned everything now, except for what to actually cancel the 
    Shoulder Charge with. That's somewhat important, eh? If you're playing
    Extra, the answer is clear... perform a Burning Shingo to get a DM's worth
    of damage.... FOR FREE! If you're playing Advanced though, you'll have
    to make a decision (unless you still have one stock left, meaning you 
    started out with three)
    The A ShingoFist is more or less a bad idea. You can get more damage
    with the C ShingoFist. The same applies for the A/C Uppercut, it's just
    not as much damage as what you could be doing. Do the C ShingoFist if
    you are not in the corner.
    If you ARE in the corner, do a D Unfinished Twilight Ride. Damage and style!
    Whether or not you're in the corner, you can take a risk and try a Shingo 
    Kick. Although I never try it, from what I understand the B one does not 
    knock down... so you have a chance at getting a Critical Hit, and then you 
    can tack on  a Crouching C into C ShingoFist. A bit of a gamble, but a very 
    rewarding outcome... I need to look into this.
    Anyway, whether or not you're in the corner and you DO have that one stock
    left, go ahead and cancel into Burning Shingo. Sit back and watch as Shingo 
    nails all seven hits. Sure it took all three stocks to land one SDM, but 
    wasn't it worth it?
    Gee, it seemed like a somewhat minor technique, but the Shoulder Charge
    Cancel should be a part in your gameplan. Just don't live and die by it, the
    last thing you want to be is a predictable fighter. You won't be getting two 
    or three stocks for Shingo every match. Maybe if you decide not to use any
    DM's for your other fighters, but don't sacrifice a golden opportunity to 
    nail them with a DM just so you can save all your stocks for the Shoulder 
    Charge Cancel. Shingo is not a one-trick pony.
    Hmm. Maybe in a future update. 
    ==4. CLOSING==  
     4.1. CONCLUSION
    Play aggressive, play Advanced, PLAY SHINGO!!!
    If you have anything to offer at all that relates to Shingo and would help
    out this guide, don't hesitate to e-mail me. Just send all mail to:
    You can always find the newest version of this FAQ on my meager FTP site at:
    (which also has the Ultimate KoF '97 Combo FAQ, among others! Cheap plug,
    I know...)
     4.2. COMING SOON...
    Future updates of this FAQ may and should include:
    More translations
    Better move names (maybe)
    More strategy
    Vs. Character strategy
    A more polished feel  :)  
    Many many thanks to the following...
    Kao Megura (kmegura@yahoo.com) for move name translations and other info
    taken from his FAQ, which you can find at:
    Chikaku Jennifer Ishikawa (iorin@aol.com) for Shingo's Catch Copy, and
    various other translations. Check her page out at:
    EX Andy (asp@uclink2.berkeley.edu) for helping me (and other FAQ authors)
    save space by writing the superb KoF Beginner's Reference Guide, what all
    KoF'ers should know. Check that and his great Kim Kaphwan guide (not to
    mention all the KoF '97 guides you could ever need) at:
    Tony Wedd (miku@camtech.net.au) for his awesome Leona guide, which 
    unknowingly inspired me and other FAQ authors... read it at:
    m00nrun (moonrun@pacific.net.sg) for discovering the deadly Shoulder 
    Charge Cancel. View the online form of the Ultimate KoF '97 Combo FAQ at:
    The King of Fighters Mailing List (kof-ml@umich.edu) for without which
    I never would have had the motivation to write this.
    Powerplay, for being the best place in Austin to play KoF '97. Special
    thanks to those turtle scrubs who pick Ryo or Robert on Extra mode, go 
    into the corner, and start throwing Haohshokohkens on low life. Without
    them I wouldn't have gotten as many chances to try out the Shoulder Charge
    into D Unfinished Twilight Ride juggle  :)   (I love rolling!!)
    SNK for making one of the most kickass fighters I've ever played, and for
    also giving us one of the most kickass characters (yes, I'm talking about
    Shingo! Duh) too. Consider this a warning though... SNK, if you even 
    THINK about taking him out of '98, I'm bombing your headquarters.
    And thanks to YOU, whoever you are, for actually reading this FAQ to the
    very end (unless you skipped, cheater!), thus making all the trouble
    worthwhile.   :)
    Til next time...

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