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    Terry by Serpent_Wave

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 05/13/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 03:41:08 PDT
    The KOF 97 Survival Guide
    TERRY ver. 1.5
    by Serpent_Wave ( serpent_wave@hotmail.com )
    tttttttttttttt   eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  rrr  rrrr    rrr  rrrr  yyy   yyyyyy
    tttttttttttttt   eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  rrr rrrr    rrr rrrrr   yyyy yyyyyy
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        ttttt        eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  rrrr        rrr             yyy
                     (yup thats the best I can do)
    1. About this FAQ
    2. About Terry
    3. Moves Guide
    4. Combos
    6. Techniques
    7. Missing Stuff
    8. Misc.
            Well, to start of let me say that this guide is for NO PROFIT at 
    all, so don't go around selling these, OK.  Now, the point of this FAQ is to 
    try to get you, the Terry player, to release your true potential and all 
    that mumbo bull crap.  And this FAQ emphasises more of Terry as in Advanced 
    mode ( sorry x-tra's ). And to make this short, I want to say that this 
    isn't a begginers FAQ, This is a FAQ for all Terry veterans out there.
            Alright, about Terry. Terry is the adopted child of Jeff Bogard who 
    was allegedly killed by Takuma Sakazaki, who was ordered by Geese Howard. In 
    the first FF, Terry, Andy and Joe teamed up to defeat Geese, actually, Joe 
    got shot, Andy got beaten by Geese and Terry defeated Geese.  Then, at the 
    second FF. Wolfgang Krauser( I thought it was Rudolph ), Geese's half-bro, 
    sought revenge for Geese. Then lead to him beating Terry and Terry 
    beating him in the end. 
    Finally in FF3, Terry is just hanging out when Cheng Sinzan Informs him of 
    the Secret Scolls of Immortality. He then goes in a wild goose chase to find 
    the scrolls. The scrolls end up being destroyed. That's 'bout it.
    Stand A- A basic left-hand jab. Nothing much to look at and does little 
    damage. I can't think of a situation in which I ever wanted to use this.
    Crouch A- A crouching version of the Standing A, MUCH BETTER. Comes out 
    fast.  You can catch rolling opponents with these and combo into a B ver. 
    High-Angle Geyser.
    Stand B- Far version is an exellent poke. The close version is kinda 
    Crouch B- Ducking left lick. can be used as sub for the crouching A. But not 
    as useful nor as fast.
    Stand C- Hard Right Punch. A heavy hitting punch in the far ver. but a 
    double hitting gut punch in close. Used before a Power Charge( and you know 
    u can do after that :) )
    Crouch C- Crouching Right punch. Can be sub to standing close C. An 
    important factor in his infinite.
    Stand D- Standing Thrust Kick. Also an average poke. Nothing much except a 
    follow up after a Power Charge.
    Crouching D- High sweep Kick. You typical sweep kick. It can be countered by 
    counter moves (eg. Mary's hcb+ D)
    B. Special Moves
    Power Wave(qcf+p)- Not as useful as before. You can use it's fading effect 
    to fool others.
    Burning Knuckle(qcb+p)- Again not very useful. You can use it as a surprise 
    Crack Shot ( qcb+k )- A very useful move in land-air fights. Powerful juggle 
    after a Power Charge followed by a Rising Tackle.
    Rising Tackle( dp+p )- An extremely useful move. EXCELLENT AUTOGUARD. High 
    damage. One of the best anti-air move yet.
    Power Charge(hcf+k)- Terry's best move. It is a juggler's god. Nothing else 
    to say exept- USE IT!
    C. DM/SDM's
    Power/Triple Geyser- A good anti-air. But u must do it early. Nice wake-up 
    move if opponent isn't too close.
    Does the most damage of his 2 DM/SDM's.
    High-Angled Geyser- Cool looking move. not as Strong as Power Geyser. Use it 
    after u roll to the opp.s back and they're doing a move( heh heh traitor, 
    back stabber ).
    4. COMBOS
    Well, since there are hundreds of different combo variations, I'll just tell 
    you  the most useful ones.
    ~- means it has to be in corner
    St.- means Jump C, Crouch/Stand C into.....
    !!!- means first hit must be a counter
    St., Power charge, power geyser
    St., Power charge, high angle geyser
    ~St., power charge, crack shot, rising tackle
    dn A x3, high angle geyser B
    St., Power Charge, Jump D/C
    !!! CD, Power/Triple Geyser
    Note: After the powercharge, if u have a DM stock use Power Geyser. But if u 
    can do SDM's already, use the high-angle geyser if u used a B Power Charge, 
    use Triple Geyser if u used D Power Charge.
    You can replace the Stand C by the following:
    Stand D
    Stand C (2 hits),dnfd C
    Stand C (1 hit ), fwd A (2 hits)
    Stand D, dnfd C
    Stand D, fwd A ( 2 hits )
    5. Infinites
    anywhere (must NOT be in MAX or else will whiff)
        1.  Power Charge, dn C, Power Charge...........................
    corner (MAX)
        2.~ Power Charge, Crack Shot, Crack Shot................................
    6. Techniques
    VS the CPU(set at level 8[expert] difficulty)
    Almost all of the CPU opponents have one pattern: Roll behind them
    and attack. I'll list the more difficult CPU AI's
    Anticipate his A Rising Tackle and roll behind and beat his ass.
    He usually jumps so use the C Rising Tackle. While he's getting up do a 
    combo, it will most probably hit.
    Wait for her dashing grab thingie and combo her when she's close.
    Jump at him and do a Jumping D and continue into a combo of u'r choice
    Blue Mary-
    Wait 4 her sliding move and combo her after.
    Yash/ O. Yash-
    do a crouching A, wait for him to roll and combo him. He only rolls 3/5ths 
    of the time, he sometimes sweeps you.
    Go to the corner and keep juping backwards until he does a long recovery 
    time move (eg. C dp) and combo him.
    other things like strategy, mind-games and all that maybe I'll Add some 
    pictures or something autoguard match-ups
    8. MISC.
    Character Colors
    A- Bright Red ( my fave )
    D- Blue
    A- Dark Red
    D- Black
    Win poses
    A- cleans jeans with his cap
    B- turns around, throws cap , yells "OKAY"
    C- Throws cap and yells "ALRIGHT" 
    Terry Whistles.!
    Ver 1.5: Added Techniques-VS CPU section
    Well kinda short for now.
    My parents for giving me money to play KOF
    SNK for making great fighting game
    and al my friend here at SM : Jay, Richard, Joseph, Raymond, Jon, and all
    the Arcade workers.
    Prince Boeck
    mail to serpent_wave@hotmail.com--

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