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    Infinite Combos FAQ by Psyke

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 07/13/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998 17:59:57 +0800
    The King Of Fighters 97 Infinite Combos FAQ
    Sean Goh 
    E-mail : psyke@pacific.net.sg
    Visit My Homepage If You're A Anime Fan, Capcom Fan, Or SNK Fan!
    Version 1.00
    1) Introduction
    2) Infinite Combos!
            2.1) Kyo Kusanagi
            2.2) Terry Bogard
            2.3) Joe Higashi
            2.4) King
            2.5) Yamasaki
    3) Help!
    4) Rumoured Infinites/Unconfirmed Infinites 
    5) Credits
           All information here are copyrighted, property of its writer. You may 
    reproduce this in it's original form, or add this info to your homepages, 
    but anything else is wrong. PLEASE DO NOT cut portions of this faq and put
    it in your faq!! Write your own faq and if you really want to use portion
    of my faq at least give me credit. I spent countless hours trying to find
    out the infinites myself, and it really sucks to find out someone else
    using your work. Please e-mail me for more enquires. Thanks.
    Comments and other info are greatly appreciated.
    1) Intro
            Hi all! I'm back in the infinite combo business again! Fans of X-men
    Vs Street Fighter might remember the infinite combo faq I wrote a while back.
    After trying my hand on KOF97 (for the PS) I've found some info on the
    infinite combos, and here I am again finding myself writing this faq.......
            Well, I must stress again that I personally don't recommend doing
    these combos unless you're playing against the computer. I do these combos
    for the sake of playing, not winning. The infinite combos take skill to
    accomplish, so see it as a skill, not as a cheap form of winning. Last
    warning: Do not use these combos in arcades against somebody you don't know!
    It could prove dangerous to your health. Okay now...enuff with the talk.....
    Ikuze! Let's go!!
    2) Characters with ICs
    2.1 Kyo Kusanagi
            His infinite combo is a wee bit on the hard side. Have your opponet
    in the corner. Do Kyo's modify 75 kick (QCF + D) with the 2 hits connecting.
    This should send the opp. quite high into the air. Now here comes the hard
    part. QUICKLY buffer a crouching A into another QCF + D. This must be done
    fast. You should only see a frame of the crouching A before his kick is
    registered. On the PS controller you have to press the buttons very fast. I
    personally use a technique which I call the Slider Technique (hee), in which
    you use your thumb to quicky slide across the A and D buttons. Sure you'll
    get a sore thumb, but hey....that's the price you gotta pay.
            The maximum hits I've done with this IC is 10 hits. I've done it
    about 4 to 5 times only, and the strange thing is that the opponent doesn't
    dizzy after the ten hits, which meant that it's possible to score higher
    than 10 hits.....can anyone confirm this?
    2.2 Terry Bogard
            Easier than Kyo's but it will still test your speed. This IC can be
    done anywhere on the screen. Connect your Power Charge (HCF + B). And as
    Kyo's, buffer a crouching A into another Power Charge immediately. Only 1
    frame of the crouching A should be seen. Try using the Slider Technique if
    you're using the PS controller. You should buffer the A, and not do the A,
    and then do the Power Charge. You will likely wiff it as it is too slow.
    Do the Power Charge motion swiftly, and as the direction reaches down, key
    A, and when it reaches forward, press B. Terry should then do a very short
    crouching A follwed by a fast Power Charge, which should juggle the opponent.
    Keep practicing! The maximum hits I've got here is 7 hits, which dizzies.
            Here's another infinite juggle (or at least till the victim is dizzy)
    . Power up Terry (press ABC together). In the corner, do a Power Charge to
    "launch" the opponent into the air. Now, do his Crack Shoot (QCB + B). It
    will hit the opponent, and you will have time to land and do another Crack
    shoot. You can do this till either the opponent is dizzy or your meter runs
    out. Have fun and knock yourself out.....
    2.3 Joe Higashi
            Hmm....I dunno whether this is called an IC, but whatever....once you
    have connected Joe's Golden Heel move (QCB + B) in the corner, you can keep
    doing it till the opponent is dizzy. You get get more than 10 hits this way.
    The difficult part of this move is to actually start it off....how many times
    in a match can you catch a opponent in the corner jumping long enough for
    you to do the Golden Heel? This move in my opinion is quite useless, so don't
    count on it.
    2.4 King
            OK! I admit I haven't done this so called infinity combo before. I've
    seen it written in several faqs but I just can't do it myself....maybe you
    guys can help me.....Anyway, here it goes... In the corner, connect a full
    Suprise Rose (QCF + A) with the opponent. The opponent should still be in the
    air when you land. And as usual, buffer a crouching A into another Suprise
    Rose (you noticing a pattern here?). And AS usual, you must do this very
    quickly. If anyone has any corrections or anything to add please e-mail me.
    2.5 Yamazaki
            This is another IC which I have not tried out personally....my fwend
    says he can do it, though it is quite difficult. Do try it out if you use
    Yama....here it goes....do a standing B, followed by a Sand Kick(QCF + B),
    a Snake Tamer,then a Snake Fake, and back to another Sand kick. Seems harder
    than the rest of the other infinites...Since I haven't tried it out I can't
    give any tips for the moment, so check back in another version update.
    3) Help!
            I need help on many of the combos! I've certain I've missed out some
    of the infinites. So if you do know anymore E-mail me! thanks!! The address
    to send to is psyke@pacific.net.sg.
    4) Rumoured Infinites/Unconfirmed Infinites
            Some rumoured or unconfirmed infinites from the net include:
    1) Iori's QCB + A, QCB + A, wiff a crouching A and back to QCB + A. Tried it
       out but failed. Not too sure about which punch to use either? It'll be
       so cool if my fave character (besides Kyo) has a infinite.
    2) Kim's HCB + kick. Read somewhere that this can be turned into a infinite
    3) Choi's flying thingy was said to be able trap someone to death.
    4) Blue Mary may have a infinite.
    5) Athena has a infinite.
            Well, I'm not sure about these but I'll keep you updated when more
    information arrives. I'll check out the arcades to find out more as well :)
    5) Credit
            I wanna thank all these great FAQ writers or guys who E-mailed me
    giving me lots of help along the way. Thanks a lot guys!
    Kabeer Ali         : Info on Joe's Infinite
    Yu Lew             : King's Infinite
    Omega MAD & LANTIS : Yamazaki's Infinite
    FUNGUS             : Providing some help and giving me inspiration (hee)
    Tetsuo Shima       : For being a nice guy and giving me some Neogeo info
    Lam Jansen         : Giving info on Terry and Kyo
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