Is Athena Kratos brother?

  1. At the end of the game Athena says soory brother so does that mean there brother and sisster or was she refering to one of the other gods?

    User Info: adaaaanx

    adaaaanx - 7 years ago

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  1. She is because technicaly Zeus is Kratos' father and he is also the father of Athena. Kratos is also related to rest of the Gods.

    User Info: vegamineral

    vegamineral - 6 years ago 1 0


  1. Perhaps she is his sister. There are several signs of that:
    1) Kratos's mother said that her husband forbid her to tell Kratos about the fact that Deimos is alive
    2)The sinister ''Grave Digger'' character shown affection to Kratos's family (watch the LAST video which comes after the main ending)
    3)After you unlock all the goodies at the Temple of Zeus a secret path opens to the ''Spade of Grave Digger'' which unlocks his skin in Arena mode
    4)When you use it, Grave Digger transforms into (i'm sure almost at 100%) Zeus (his weapons are Zeus Blade, Zeus Gaunlet (from ''Chains of Olympus'') and different moves using lightning + he is invincible).
    All this makes me think that Zeus is Kratos's and Deimos's father, so... Well, you got the idea.)

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  2. Yep what Mrgency said

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  3. Athena isn't Kratos's brother, but she is his sister.

    User Info: Rickster108

    Rickster108 - 6 years ago 1 0
  4. definitely Kratos' is Athena's half brother since their father is Zeus but their mother is different Athena's mother is in Zeus's head because shrinked her then like a frog Zeus used the tongue to put her in his mind because he needed smarts then zeus suffered from pounding head aches then a son of him opened his head then athena is borned

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  5. (a continuation)
    straight to the head of him and when Zeus had head aches heard some clanking because Athena's mother build an armor of her in his mind as the book Greek gods has told and written

    User Info: rockfour1

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