What are codes for machine?

  1. Does the password machine work?

    User Info: pspaddict_05

    pspaddict_05 - 6 years ago


  1. yup, but i dont recomend it ^^

    the password for the machine is the serial number of the card that u want, like 22123627 for Moray of Greed (it was the closest card to me).

    If u want to know the serial number of any card go to yugioh wiki and search there, but i dont recomend it couse in the pass machine u dont get the card, u RENT IT, every time u use the card some DP is discounted and the number of cards that u can rent it limited (dont actually remember how many, but it not worth)

    Easy way to get money, Battle KenYou or Bivin to unlock then at the free battle and battle then there, their decks r not that strong, Bivin for example use a Turtle deck, pyramid turtle, gora turtle, worthless turtle and etc... and KenYou is not strong either, but its a little bit tricky sometimes couse he use creature swap a lot ^^ to cause damage using ameba or gain life using griggle (thats his deck tatics... REALLY)

    User Info: Yoshisuk

    Yoshisuk (Expert) - 6 years ago 0 0
  2. Yoshisuk is correct about it being limited but u DON'T have to pay DP, thats only in the GX tag force games. the amount of cards u can rent at a time corresponds to ur level. Example - level 1 will let u rent 1 card, level 10 will let u rent 2 cards, level 20 will let u rent 3 cards,....ect.

    User Info: kakashiPR009

    kakashiPR009 - 6 years ago 0 0

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