Need help in earning money fast?

  1. Can someone help me earning or making dp in yu gi oh 5 really fast? who's duelist gives more dp when battled?
    thanks in advance

    User Info: hisuka43

    hisuka43 - 7 years ago


  1. When u go to the duel options when talking to someone u go to handicap duel and choose biggest handicap. u have to complete at least 1 characters story fist. u'll win in 2-3 turns. if u go first then it'll take 1-3 or more turns, depending on if u get the cards u need. if u go second u should be able to win on that turn if u get the right cards. for some reason or another u can't destiny draw on ur first turn. (u can't complete challenges though)

    edit deck to 40 but make sure u have black pendant, reversal quiz, fuhma shuriken, and if u want to u can take out the protection cards and add draw cards so u have 31 of them.

    Monsters: 0


    3x Black Pendant
    3x Reversal Quiz
    3x Fuhma Shuriken
    3x Hidden Armory
    3x Dark World Dealings
    3x Into the Void
    3x Upstart Goblin
    3x Hand Destruction
    3x Reload
    3x Pot of Duality
    1x Card Destruction
    3x Book of Moon (Protection in case I go first)
    1x Swords of Revealing Light (Again, protection)
    1x Level Limit Area B
    3x Messanger of Peace
    2x Gold Sarcophagus
    1x Heavy Storm
    1x Mystical Space Typhoon

    Traps: 0

    Reversal Quiz (Applied Spells)
    Fuhma Shuriken (Frontline Survivors / The Origin of Species)
    Hidden Armory (Deluxe Spells)
    Dark World Dealings (The Ever Present Dark Side / The Origin of Species)
    Into the Void (Rapid enforcement)
    Upstart Goblin (Special Relativity Fracture Theory / Comprehensive Full Contact / Black Checkers)
    Hand Destruction (Deluxe Spells)
    Reload (Spells For Dummies)
    Pot of Duality (Deluxe Spells / Black Checkers)
    Card Destruction (Special Relativity Fracture Theory / Comprehensive Full Contact / No Means No / Black Checkers)
    Book of Moon (Deluxe Spells / Black Checkers)
    Swords of Revealing Light (Comprehensive Full Contact / Typecast Perfomance / Black Checkers)
    Level Limit Area B (Comprehensive Full Contact / No Means No / Typecast Perfomance / Black Checkers)
    Messenger of Peace (Comprehensive Full Contact / Typecast Perfomance / Black Checkers)
    Gold Sarcophagus (Master of Spells / No Means No / Black Checkers)
    Heavy Storm (Deluxe Spells / No Means No / Black Checkers)
    Mystical Space Typhoon (Master of Spells / No Means No / Black Checkers)
    Black Pendant (Spells for Dummies)

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  2. Just go to the free duel set the game in single mode make the life points 2000 then edit the deck of the opponent you want to duel... just put high level monster sothat he cant summon... edit your deck and put lots of high attacking monster lv. 4 and equipmnets dont put any trap cards...

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  3. There's 1 character that gives you a lot of DP about 1000 to 2000+ is Maia, but the problem is her deck is filled with stall cards (eg. Swords of Revealing Light, Marshmallon, Waboku, Thunder of Ruler, The Dark Door, Gravity Bind, etc.) use a transmitter from Blister to keep track on Maia.
    The card that keeps her winning while her Monster, Spell and Trap stall cards keeps you from damaging her LP is "Final Countdown", that card is our weakness, once per turn it will show a ball of fire will appear and form a circle after 20 turns, you got 20 turns to beat her, if you don't beat her before 20 turns you'll lose the duel and end up having a lower DP.
    The only deck that can beat her is the Gladiator Beasts Deck, you can special summon any kind of GB monsters from your deck by attacking Maia's stalling monsters using GB monsters, but the fun part is the GBs effects.

    There are 3 monsters that can negate the effects and destroy a trap/spell stall card:
    (You can fuse your GB monsters without using Polymerization, the number of GB monsters that you've use 'em for fusion will be returned to your deck.)
    GB Heraklinos (Fusion Monster) (Negates the activation of a Trap/ Spell stall cards, discard 1 card on your hand to activate the effect)
    GB Gyzarus (Fusion Monster) (Destroys 2 cards on the field)
    GB Bestiari (Destroys 1 card on the field)

    There is also a GB monster that can destroy a face-up monster stall card is GB Murmillo, use the effects of other GB to special summon Murmillo to activate its effect, in case Murmillo is sent to the graveyard you have 2 options:
    1.)Special summon GB Darius from your deck to special summon Murmillo from the graveyard, once Murmillo is special summoned from the graveyard to the field its effect cannot be activated due to Darius' special effect. If Darius is returned to the deck to activate the of special summoning a GB monster, Murmillo can go back to your deck.
    2.)Have another Murmillo in your deck in case another Murmillo is sent to the graveyard.

    There are other trap cards that can negate a trap/spell stall cards, you can use Royal Decree for negating Maia's stalling trap cards, but if you activate it you can't activate Call of the Haunted or any other type of trap cards that can negate a spell stall card.
    You can use Gladiator Beast's Battle Halberd (This card can destroy a spell/trap stall card if your GB monster attacks. This card can be returned to your hand whenever your GB monster is sent to the graveyard or back to your deck)

    Have Heavy Storm, Mystical Space Typhoon and Dust Tornado in your deck to destroy a continues spell stall card and also have a card Creature Swap if Maia tribute summon 2 of your monsters and summon Lava Golem to your side of the field, use creature swap, but she'll attack your monsters with Lava Golem and the best part she'll lose 1000 LP during her Standby Phase. If you don't have Creature Swap in your hand, use a level 5 or higher GB monster from your hand to tribute Lava Golem to prevent losing 1000 LP or special summon Murmillo to remove Lava Golem on your side of the field to her graveyard.

    Put 2 Murmillos in your deck and some trap cards and spell cards that can only be used for GB monsters and remember don't just special summon any kind of GB monsters, special summon a G monster that has the right effect that can help you win the duel.

    This is my longest answer for question, but it will work if you use a Gladiator Beast Deck.

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    TheAC29 - 5 years ago 0 0

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