Earthbound Immortal deck?

  1. Do any of you know really god Earthbound Immortal cards To make a god deck?

    User Info: Th30nlyGam3

    Th30nlyGam3 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. All of then r good depending of the situation, and since im not good with names ill example some for u ^^

    the bird god: if its destroyed by an effect except his own (if theres no field card activated all gods will be destroyed) its destroy every monster on opponentes field and give him/her 800 of damage per monster, so u can attack without fearing a mirror force, sakuretsu, raigeki break and cards like these, dispete the fact that all gods can attack ur opponent directly.

    The Fish god is a good 1 to lock ur opponent, if its on defense mode ur oponent cannot declare attack, and once per turn u can deal damage to him/her equal to half of this fish god def points (1600, so ull give 800 points)

    The monkey is a very strong as well if a face up card u control would be destroyed by battle u can tribute a monster to negate the destruction and HALVE ur opponents life points...

    The chamaleon is another destructive god, if its destroyed except by its own effect destroy all cards on the field.

    in my opinion these r the best to use on almost every situation, dont forget to add some field cards, the most used r the Mausoleum of the emperor to summon even without monsters and Magical Citadel of Endymion since it cant be destroyed if it haves a magic counter on it.

    U can use monsters like Double coston since it worth 2 tributes for a dark tribute summon and magics like fires of Doomsday since it summon 2 tokens on ur field and can only be used to tribute summon a dark monster.

    if u want u may add spirit reaper, marshmallow and gelenduo to avoid attacks while u dont have the earthbound god in ur hand or field, or u can try using giant germ and nimble momonga, since both of then can special summon others from the deck and both of then have the life points effects

    User Info: Yoshisuk

    Yoshisuk (Expert) - 6 years ago 0 0

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