How many Alternate Card Art Forms are there?

  1. Here's the thing, I always pay VP Heitman 200 DP and pick the second slot, because I often get the alternate art from that choice. I want to know how many cards with different art forms are there?

    User Info: thewillprince

    thewillprince - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. 43. I have all of there and here is the list.

    Acid Trap Hole
    Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
    Blue-Eyes White Dragon
    Buster Blader
    Celtic Guardian
    Crush Card Virus
    Cyber Dragon
    Cyber End Dragon
    Dark Magician
    Dark Magician Girl
    Drak Paldin
    Elemental Hero Avian
    Elemental Hero Bursinatrix
    Elemental Hero Sparkman
    Flame Swordsman
    Gaia The Fierce Knight
    Gemini Elf
    Gilford The Lightning
    Gyakutenno Megami
    Happie's Feather Duster
    Kunai With Chain
    La Jinn The Mystical Genie Of The Lamp
    Launcher Spider
    Millennium Shield
    Obelisk The Tormentor
    Panther Warrior
    Pendulum Machine
    Red-Eyes B. Dragon
    Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon
    Summoned Skull
    The Winged Dragon Of Ra
    Thousand Dragon
    Tiger Axe
    Toon World
    Viser Des
    Vorse Raider
    Widespreade Ruin
    Winged Kuriboh
    XYZ-Dragon Cannon

    User Info: tank382

    tank382 - 6 years ago 0 0

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