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    Character FAQ by _Agidyne

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    Character Guide for Patapon 3
    By Dennis Setiawan aka _Agidyne
    7 July 2011
     This Guide is made to help questions for those players out there asking,
    'Which one is better?' or 'What should I go for?' and such. Writing this, I
    will do my best to not be biased, since I don't want to force people to do
    something. This guide may only be published or used at www.gamefaqs.com. And
    as a note, this will be my first FAQ post to www.gamefaqs.com. And as for
    comments, which I don't really mind, If you really need to, E-mail at
    neji.setiawan@yahoo.com. Now, I don't think there's much more to say,
    so let's move on!
    Version History.
     07/07/11-- The Beginning- Thought of the idea, started typing.
     08/09/11-- Version 0.97 - The debut of this FAQ.
     08/12/11-- Version 0.98 - Minor and some moderate corrections, planning
                some big or many updates in the upcoming weeks.
     08/24/11-- Version 0.99 - Added DoJ section, upcoming sections yet to come.
     09/11/11-- Version 1.00 - The true legal version of the FAQ, ready to be
                launched. Added some new stuffs and corrected some mistakes.
     12/10/11-- Version 1.01 - After some hibernation, some minor mistakes were
                corrected and restated the fact that I will make updates ASAP.
                After version 1.00, there will be very few updates to this FAQ.
     First of all, What is this 'Character' which we're gonna discuss?
    I'm not talking about Tekken or Street Fighter here. I'm talking about
    Patapon 3, where you press 4 times and rest. Press. Rest. Sounds boring?
    Then why play? Okay, now in Patapon 3, we call them 'Uberheroes' or UH for
    short. There are a total of 21 different varieties of uberheroes which are
    divided into 3 groups which are:
     - The spear class
     - The shield class
     - The archer class
     When creating a new game, you will be asked to choose your starting UH's
    class. Choose carefully now, select which fits your style as you cannot
    change that class until you level-up until level 15.
     From now on, once you choose your starter, you do missions to level-up
    your Uberhero until it unlocks new classes that are unique to each other.
    I will not explain this specifically, you should seek other FAQs for this
     With the discussions of the the UH's strengths and weaknesses, I'll put
    ratings of the UHs. Please do note that the rating is purely based on
    my opinion, so don't barge in later on to yell at me about the ratings,
    but I'm more than welcome to hear about rating complaints, please also
    provide reasonable reasons to why do you think the rating should be 
    changed and I'll think about it.
    I will now present of the contents so far into something like this:
            A. The Spear class........................................[SPER]
                    A1. Yarida........................................[YARI]
                    A2. Kibbada.......................................[KIBB]
                    A3. Piekron.......................................[PIEK]
                    A4. Wooyari.......................................[WOOY]
                    A5. Pyokorider....................................[PYOR]
                    A6. Cannassault...................................[CANN]
                    A7. Charibassa....................................[CHAR]
            B. The Shield class.......................................[SHLD]
                    B1. Taterazay.....................................[TATE]
                    B2. Destrobo......................................[DEST]
                    B3. Bowmunk.......................................[BOWK]
                    B4. Tondenga......................................[TOND]
                    B5. Myamsar.......................................[MYAM]
                    B6. Guardira......................................[GUAR]
                    B7. Grenburr......................................[GREN]
            C. The Archer class.......................................[ARCH]
                    C1. Yumiyacha.....................................[YUMI]
                    C2. Alosson.......................................[ALOS]
                    C3. Wondabarappa..................................[WOND]
                    C4. Jamsch........................................[JAMS]
                    C5. Oohoroc.......................................[OHOR]
                    C6. Pingrek.......................................[PING]
                    C7. Cannogabang...................................[CANG]
            D. Additional FAQs and Credits............................[CEND]
                    D1. Depths of Jealousy (DoJ)......................[DEOJ]
           So lets begin!
    A. The Spear class                                              [SPER]
    In this section  I'm just gonna give introduction to the classes common
    So okay, Spears. What do you expect when you have a spear at your hand?
    Do you throw it? or do you stab with it? either way, the spear-classes
    here are your average hero who deal lots of damage, inflicts heavy and
    occasional critical and has a moderate defense. The 7 different UH each
    have their unique traits and skills. So, that's pretty much it.
    A1. Yarida				[YARI]
    Description 	:  'The basic spear class. Scatters foe from behind
    	            the front lines. Lots of room to grow.'
    Equips		:  - Spears, and a helm from the beginning, and that's all.
    Equips to hunt  :  Palkriya's Flight, Dokaknel's Fang, Yumspar.
    Class skills 	:  - 2 spears : Your yarida will be able to throw 2 spears.
    		   - 3 spears : Your yarida will be able to throw 3 spears.
    		   - 4 spears : Your yarida will be able to throw 4 spears.
    		   - 5 spears : Your yarida will be able to throw 5 spears.
                      - 'All Peerless [Insert name] Set skills are UH exclusive.'
                      - 'If [Insert Weapon] Attack [Insert number] is used while
                        not carrying the intended weapon, the effect is halved.'
                    - Spear attack 1 : 20% boost power when equipping spears/pikes.
                    * Obtainable at level 3.
    		- Spear attack 2 : 30% boost power when equipping spears/pikes.
                    * Obtainable at level 5.
    		- Spear attack 3 : 40% boost power when equipping spears/pikes.
                    * Obtainable at level 15.
    		- Spear attack 4 : 50% boost power when equipping spears/pikes.
                    * Obtainble at level 25.
    		- Peerless Spear : Doubles the effect attack up set skills.
                    * Only applicable to Club attack, Arm attack, etc.
                    * Obtainable at level 32.
    Uberhero mode	:  	Activate : O-O-[]-O
    			Combo    : O-O-[]-O
                       'Fear Spear'. Throw glowing spears which explodes when it
                       touches the ground. This inflicts damage and can be comboed
                       with your class skill. Yes, five exploding spears. Cool.
    Overview      	:  Your typical spear thrower. Boasts high attack without
    	           considerable defense. Take care not to go in front of your
    		   tank, it can cost you. Nice UH mode, with your skills maxed,
                       it just keeps getting better. Don't stop! Keep throwing! Go
    Rating		:  Recommended (8.4).  
    A2. Kibbada				[KIBB]
    Description	:  'Mounted warriors that can charge into enemy's lines.
    		   They can carry shields for extra protection.'
    Equips		:  - Spears, a helm, a shield, and a horse from the beginning.
    		   - Halberds at level 5.
    Equips to hunt  :  Stagger Lance [St] or Higher, Battachin, Gungir.
    Class skills	:  - Assault hits 1 : Inflicts extra hits while attacking.
    		   - Assault hits 2 : Inflicts more hits than 1.
    		   - Assault hits 3 : Inflicts even more hits than 2.
    		   - Assault hits 4 : Inflicts even more hits than 3.
    Set skills	:  - Lance attack 1 : 30% boost power when equipping lances.
    		   * Obtainable at level 8.
    		   - Lance attack 2 : 50% boost power when equipping lances.
    		   * Obtainable at level 15.
    		   - March Speed +  : 20% faster marching speed at fever.
    		   * Obtainable at level 25.
                       * Only effective while used in multiplayer modes.
    		   - Peerless Fang  : Double damage to aerial units.
    		   * Obtainable at level 32.
    Uberhero mode	:  	Activate : o-o-/\-/\ ~ O-O-[]-O
    			Combo    : O-O-[]-O
    		  'Mad Charge' . Charge at foes at high speed with a glowing
    	           mantle that boosts attack power. Hit hard, and back off!
    	           This pretty much explains everything.
    Overview	:  Your typical horse warrior. You gallop to your foes, and
    	           back off. This can be annoying at times since even though
    	           you defend, he will still charge forward. Very bad against
    		   dying salamanders. He can carry shields and with mastered
    		   class skill, gives you about 7-9 amount of hits, Great.
                       That 7-9 Hits is used to Burn, Freeze or to Stagger foes,
                       so Kibbada's use when maximized is epic. UH Mode, and
                       all is swept away. Ride your horses high, Paladin!
    Rating          :  Useful (8.5).
    A3. Piekron				[PIEK]
    Description	:  'These spear troops excel in the rain. Carrying shields,
    		    they can defend themselves well.'
    Equips		:  - Spears, a helm, and a shield from the beginning.
    		   - Halberds at level 7.
    		   - Daggers at level 12.
    Equips to hunt  :  Murakumon, Feisho, Dokaknel's Fang.
    Class skills	:  - Leaping spear   	: Jump and throw spear in mid-air.
    		   - Spear BOOM		: Lightning crash with charge attack.
    		   - Spear BA-BOOM	: Strengthens lightning.
    		   - Spear BA-BA-BOOM	: Greatly strengthens lightning.
                       * Note that all BOOM skills can be used only while raining.
    Set skills	:  - Rain Dance	   : Rain falls whenever fever strikes.
    		   * Obtainable at level 6.
    		   - Shield +2	   : Boosts shield/greatshield level by 2.
    		   * Obtainable at level 9.
    		   - Shield +3	   : Boosts shield/greatshield level by 3.
    		   * Obtainable at level 15.
    		   - Stab Master   : Affects stab attacks.
                       * The effects : - 100% Boost attack power.
                                       - X1.2 Critical Rate.
    		   * Obtainable at level 25.
    		   - Peerless Frog : Extinguishes any fire touched.
    		   * Obtainable at level 32.
    Uberhero mode	:  	Activate : O-O-/\-/\
    			Combo    : O-O-/\-/\
    		   'Concentrate'. Long-lasting boost for attack power of entire
    		   team. Combo to boost effect. Combines with other hero skills.
    		   Oh yes. A 20 second boost of attack that can be stacked up
    		   to 3 times, a total of 60 seconds of double damage. Painful.
                       Not to mention adding Team Aid 1&2, well... it makes it into
                       3.5X the damage. Not painful enough ?
    Overview	:  Piekrons. Yes, they are capable of many things. Boosting your
    		   power, Dazzle foes with lightning and they carry shields. They
    		   are great but they are relatively weak in HP. Nevertheless, He
    		   is a fine choice for support and offense. Nice lightnings out
                       there in the rain, Frog!
    Rating          :  Useful (8.5).
    A4. Wooyari				[WOOY]
    Description	:  'The pikes of these elite troops poke holes in the
                        enemy's front lines.'
    Equips		:  - Spears and a helm from the beginning.
    		   - Pikes at level 11.
    		   - Halberds at level 15.
    Equips to hunt  :  Super Cedar Log, Goldora, Pointidon.
    Class skills	:  - 2 strike	: 2 strikes in one attack command.
    		   - 3 strike	: 3 strikes in one attack command.
    		   - 4 strike	: 4 strikes in one attack command.
    		   - 5 strike	: 5 strikes in one attack command.
    		   - 6 strike	: 6 strikes in one attack command.
    Set skills	:  - Fish in Pond     : Increases resistance and power
                                            while raining.
    		   * Obtainable at level 10.
    		   - Big Fish in Pond : Big power-up and resistance up while
    		   * Obtainable at level 15.
    		   - Pike Attack      : 50% Boost power when equipping pikes.
    		   * Obtainable at level 25.
    		   - Peerless Fish    : 10% boost to various stats
    		                        while raining.
    		   * Obtainable at level 32.
    Uberhero mode	:  	Activate : o-o-/\-/\ ~ O-O-[]-O
    			Combo    : O-O-[]-O
    		   'Flamespin'. Plough forward while deflecting enemy ranged
    		   attacks with flaming spears attached to rapidly spinning
    		   wheels. This UH mode is used most effectively with long
    		   reach weapons, Pikes. Your wheels will enlarge as large as
    		   the pike. If you haven't seen a pike you should see it.
                       Really. And it also deflects projectiles. Nice UH mode.
    Overview	:  Ah. Something new to the spear classes. These are melee
    		   troops, They deal good damage. When equipped with pikes,
    		   their reach is awesome. Mastering his class skill lets you
    		   strike  6 times in 1 command, awesome. I'd recommend to free
      		   1 set skill slot for Rain Dance if you have it or let your
    		   army, Ton do it for the power-up you will get. So, overall,
                       Great spear class UH, with an average UH mode. Swimming in
                       the rain, Fish? Careful not being stabbed!
    Rating          :  Playable (7.9)
    A5. Pyokorider				[PYOR]
    Description	:  'A knight on horseback that gallops across the battlefield,
    		   plunging straight into the enemy lines.'
    Equips		:  - Halberds, a helm, and a horse from the beginning.
    		   - Warhorses at level 10.
    		   - Spears at level 15.
    Equips to hunt  :  Battachin, Murakumon, Gungir, Ponteo the Victorious,
    for                Kotenho the King.
    Class skill	:  - Giddy up 1	: 2-level boost to your horse.
    		   - Giddy up 2	: 4-level boost to your horse.
    		   - Giddy up 3 : 6-level boost to your horse.
    		   - Giddy up 4 : 8-level boost to your horse.
    Set skills	: - Attack movement 1 : 30% Boost to movement speed while
    		  * Obtainable at level 9.
    		  - Grass Grower      : Grass occasionally grows where
    		                        attack lands.
    		  * Obtainable at level 15.
    		  - Attack movement 2 : 50% Boost to movement speed while
    		  * Obtainable at level 25.
    		  - Peerless Rabbit   : Makes you easier to score perfect
    		  * Obtainable at level 32.
    Uberhero mode	:  	Activate : o-o-/\-/\ ~ O-O-[]-O
    			Combo    : O-O-[]-O
    		   'Illusion'. Creates a doppelganger of hero that charges
    		   into enemy lines while the original stays safely at the
                       rear. Very good UH mode. Similar to Kibbada's UH mode but
                       less risk involved. Great, huh?
    Overview	:  Pyokoriders are the fastest attackers in Patapon 3. They
    		   still have the Defend issue like Kibbada, but it's UH mode
    		   is an improvement.They drop their shields in exchange to
    		   be able to ride Warhorses, which have MUCH better stats
    		   than ordinary horses. So, yeah,nice UH, Very quick attacks,
                       and a good UH Mode. Gallop faster, Rabbit!
    Rating          :  Deadly (9.2).
     A6. Cannassault			[CANN]
    Description	:  'Wheeled battle axe troops excel in the thick of melee
    		    battle, but are vulnerable at range.'
    Equips		:  - Axes, a helm, and a chariot from the beginning.
    		   - Clubs at level 10.
    		   - Greatswords at level 15.
    Equips to hunt  :  Susurapon, Stagger Axe [St] or Higher, Serberker.
    Class skill	:  - Backbone 1	: Immunity to knockback while attacking.
    		   - Backbone 2	: Immunity to stagger while attacking.
    		   - Backbone 3	: Immunity to freeze while attacking.
    		   - Backbone 4	: Immunity to burn while attacking.
    Set skill	:  - Stagger +	       : 1.5X Stagger Rate.
    		   * Obtainable at level 8.
    		   - Knockback +       : 1.5X Knockback Rate.
    		   * Obtainable at level 15.
    		   - Battle Axe Attack : 50% boost power when equipping axes.
    		   * Obtainable at level 25.
    		   - Peerless Deer     : Immunity to status effects while UH
                                             mode but increases damage taken from
                                             attacks that induce such effects.
    		   * Obtainable at level 32.
    Uberhero mode	:  	Activate : o-o-/\-/\ ~ O-O-[]-O
    			Combo    : O-O-[]-O
    		   'Thwack-mash'. Attack with weapon-chariot combo. First,
    		   knock down foe with weapon, then grind them with wheels of
    		   chariot. What a cruel UH mode. The wheel part doesn't hurt
    		   as much as it looks. (Too bad..) In here you really want
                       to tumble your enemy here, since it's great, breaks all
                       UH Mode.
    Overview	:  These melee axe users are some heavy attackers, unstoppable
    		   when attacking. Not really having the 'WOW' in defense,
    		   they use chariots which are quite enough. Nice UH, but I
    		   think he has this 'Reckless' nature. Because of how fast
                       he depletes his own HP (staying on the front line, duhh...)
                       that's why, he equips Greatsword! Smack 'em  hard, Deer!
    Rating          :  Deadly (9.0)
    A7. Charibassa				[CHAR]
    Description	:  'The fast-spinning wheels scatter the foe while hurled
    	            spears strikes more distant targets.'
    Equips		:  - Spears, a helm, and a chariot from the beginning.
    		   - Shields at level 14.
    		   - Halberds at level 18.
    Equips to hunt  :  Silver Murzephone, Gungir, Murakumon, Critical Chariot 
    for                [Ar] or Higher.
    Class skill	:  - Pyokora spirit	  : Grants 'Giddy up' (If learned).
    		   - Yaripon's spirit     : Grants 'Two spears' (If learned).
    		   - Chariot attack	  : Increases damage dealt by
    		                            chariot's wheels.
    		   - Kanokyon's spirit 	  : Grants 'Backbone' (If learned).
    Set skills	:  - Team aid 1		: Boosts support effects for entire
    		   * Obtainable at level 13.
    		   - Team aid 2		: Greatly boosts support effects
                                              for entire team.
    		   * Obtainable at level 15.
    		   - Critical +		: 1.5X Critical Rate.
    		   * Obtainable at level 25.
    		   - Peerless Bird	: Doubles critical damage.
    		   * Obtainable at level 32.
    Uberhero Mode	:  	Activate : O-O-[]-O
    			Combo    : O-O-[]-O
    		   'Shwoop-fling'. Attacks near and far simultaneously.
    		   Throws spears to pierce far-away foes, and spin
    		   wheels to toss those nearby. Meh. Those wheels will
    		   mostly never hit. And the spear thrown, Does medium
                       damage. Not a very good UH Mode.
    Overview	:  Oh yes. Angels. Or Birds? whatever. They are able
                       to use shields, chariots, and lances which makes
                       Charibassa great at defense, offense and support.
                       They heal, boost attack power, and are able to
                       inherit class skills from other spear-classes. And
                       Charibassa has probably the highest critical rate.
                       probably the highest rate in Patapon 3. They are great.
                       But you should minimize the use of your UH mode.
    Rating          :  Extremely Versatile (8.8).
    		So that's it for spears. Lots of pointy spears there.
    B. The Shield Class.						[SHLD]
    In this section  I'm just gonna give introduction to the classes common
    So okay, shields. When we're carrying a shield, we will use it to block
    attacks, yes? That is the main purpose of shield classes here. To give
    protection to those with weak HP and taking the brunt of damage from the
    foes. They are not the best damage dealers, but some do. And some don't.
    The 7 different UH each have their unique way to attack. And only with
    the shield classes UH can you see their charged attacks have different
    animations. For example, Taterazay's Uppercut and the Infamous OHKO
    Blade charge of Grenburr's. So that's pretty much it.
    B1. Taterazay				[TATE]
    Description	:  'The basic shield class. This well-balanced unit holds
    		   the front lines and can attack with swords'.
    Equips		:  - Swords, a helm, and a shield from the beginning.
    		   - Blades at level 5.
    		   - Spears (weird) at level 10.
    Equips to hunt  :  Blade of Astria, Castram, The Butcher.
    Class skills	:  - Energy field 10% : Reduces melee damage by 10%.
    		   - Energy field 20% : Reduces melee damage by 20%.
    		   - Energy field 30% : Reduces melee damage by 30%.
    		   - Energy field 40% : Reduces melee damage by 40%.
    	           - Energy field 50% : Reduces melee damage by 50%.
    Set skills	:   - Shield Boost 1	: 10% extra shield evasion.
    		    * Obtainable at level 5.
    		    - Shield Boost 2	: 20% extra shield evasion.
    		    * Obtainable at level 15.
    		    - March Defense	: While marching, 50% defense boost.
    		    * Unlockable at level 25.
    		    - Peerless Shield	: Extra 15% cap to shield evasion.
    		    * Unlockable at level 32.
                        * Cap for shields is 50%, raised to 65%.
                        * Cap for greatshields is 70%, raised to 85%.
    Uberhero mode 	:  	Activate : /\-/\-[]-O
    			Combo    : /\-/\-[]-O
    		  'Energy Field'. An invisible shield protects the whole team.
    		   Greatly reduces damage to team. Effect boosted by mastering
    		   class skill. Remember, no matter how far are your teammates,
                       the buff is always there, with your allies. This enables
                       you to stay back, if you wish, and Chaka-chaka all the way!
    Overview	:  Your typical shield bearer. Can't deal too much
    		   damage, but he excels at supporting his team. While in
    		   UH Mode, the entire team gets the Defense boost. He is a
    		   well-balanced 'Tank' UH. Never fear, Taterazay is here!
    Rating          :  Tanky yet Supportive (8.1).
    B2. Destrobo				[DEST]
    Description	:  'Warriors of destruction with dual arm weapons. Call in
    		   them to pulverize structures and forts'.
    Equips		:   - 2 Arms and a helm from the beginning, that's all.
    Equips to hunt  :   Piringar Zingar, Great Golem Arm, Chosan's Arm,
    for                 Deathwringer.
    Class skills	:   - Wood smasher	 : Extra damage to wooden objects.
    		    - Stone smasher	 : Extra damage to stone objects.
    		    - Metal smasher	 : Extra damage to metal objects.
    		    - Everything smasher : Attack element becomes crush.
    Set skills	:  - Arm Attack 1	: 30% boost power when equipping arms.
    		   * Obtainable at level 6.
    		   - Arm Attack 2	: 40% boost power when equipping arms.
    		   * Obtainable at level 9.
    		   - Arm Attack 3	: 50% boost power when equipping arms.
    		   * Obtainable at level 15.
    		   - Demolitionist	: Double damage against wood, stone,
    		                          and metal.
    		   * Obtainable at level 25.
    		   - Peerless Robo	: 15% chance to destroy buildings in
                                              one blow.
    		   * Obatainable at level 32.
    Uberhero mode	:  	Activate : O-O-[]-O
    			Combo    : O-O-[]-O
    		   'Crushcombo'. Swing both arms wildly to batter and knock
    		   back foes. Effective for demolishing rock walls and towers.
                       A delay that occurs between measures reduces the potential
                       of what Destrobo could achieve. Meh, bad UH mode.
    Overview	:  Dropping their swords and shields to carry Arms. 2 Arms.
    		   They are the ones to call when it comes to building
    		   destruction. Because of not having very impressive damage
    		   output and defense,(other than his cruel charge attack.)
                       they are not the best at Tanking incoming damage. Anyways,
                       Rock On, Armman!
    Rating          :  Not strong at every aspects (7.0).
    B3. Bowmunk				[BOWK]
    Description	:  'Eco-friendly warriors get the environment on your aide,
    		   changing the land to suit your needs'.
    Equips		:  - 2 Arms and a helm from the beginning, that's all.
    Equips to hunt  :  Piringar Zingar, Natura's Touch, Deathwringer.
    Class skills	:  - Tiny base		: Strengthens small structures at
                                              VS quests.
    		   - Mid base		: Strengthens medium structures at
    		                          VS quests.
    		   - Big base		: Strengthens large structures at
    		                          VS quests.
    		   - Super fortress	: Repairs structure's HP every
    		                          4 seconds.
    Set skills	:  - Stamina Boost 1		: Increases stamina by 20%.
    		   * Obtainable at level 11.
    		   - Stamina Boost 2		: Increases stamina by 30%.
    		   * Obtainable at level 15.
    		   - Fertilizer			: Recovers allies HP by 50% of
                                                      your Max HP when you die.
    		   * Obtainable at level 20.
    		   - Self Perservation  	: x1.5 boost for
                                                      self-administered HP regen.
    		   * Obtainable at level 25.
    		   - Peerless Tree		: Hit the drum perfectly
                                                      to recover 1% stamina.
    		   * Obtainable at level 32.
    Uberhero mode	:  	Activate : O-O-/\-/\ ~ X-X-/\-/\
    			Combo    : X-X-/\-/\
    		   'Freaky tree'. The Tree of Tranquility and the power of
    		   nature nurtures your allies and heals their HP. Heal allies
                       while you jump high. Jump, jump, jump!
    Overview	:   The evolution of Destrobo has made this Eco-friendly
    		    warrior which yet again, not having 'WOW' damage, and
    		    defense. But, this guy's UH Mode, makes you think twice.
    		    He is a fun support UH to have, healing the team, creating
                        rock boulders,and strengthening structures in VS. So, what
                        do you think? Dig there, Place the rock there, and your
                        garden's done, Tree!
    Rating          :  Supportive (7.8).
    B4. Tondenga				[TOND]
    Description	:  'With a weapon in each hand, these fearsome giants deal
                       devastating damage'.
    Equips		:  - Clubs, a helm, a shield, and a shoulderguard from the
    		   - Swords at level 6.
    		   - Axes at level 15.
    Equips to hunt  :  Thor, Susurapon, Stagger Axe [St] or higher.
    Class skills	:  - Set skills 1  :  Gain 1 additional set skill slot.
    		   - Set skills 2  :  Gain 2 additional set skill slot.
    		   - Set skills 3  :  Gain 3 additional set skill slot.
    		   - Set skills 4  :  Gain 4 additional set skill slot.
    Set skills	:  - Extra blubber    : Reduces knock-back distance.
    		   * Obtainable at level 4.
    		   - Club attack      : 50% boost power when equipping clubs.
    		   * Obtainable at level 8.
    		   - Natural disaster : Gives you 5% chance for your melee
                                            attacks to trigger an earthquake,
                                            1% chance for ranged attacks.
    		   * Obtainable at level 15.
    		   - Strike master    :  Affects strike attacks.
    		   * The effects : - 100% Boost attack power.
                                       - X1.2 Knockback Rate.
                                       - X1.2 Stagger Rate.
                       * Obtainable at level 25.
    		   - Peerless pig     : Halves damage of crush/slice attacks.
    		   * Obatainable at level 32.
    Uberhero mode	:  	Activate : O-O-[]-O
    			Combo    : O-O-[]-O
    		   'Giandeth'. Spin violently with weapons splayed in this
    		   dramatic centrifugal attack. Inches forward while
    		   deflecting foes. Your movement becomes much slower now.
    		   Very Powerful UH Mode.
    Overview	:   These heavy tanks are the favorite of many. Not to mention
    		    the good HP and defense he has, He is one of these UH that
    		    is overpowered in Patapon 3. If you just got the chance to
    		    UH Mode, you're nearly unstoppable.Your speed is the cost
    		    for all of this overpowered powers. Great UH. Begin the
    		    earthquakes, Pig!
    Rating          :  Always great, Never Bad (9.7).
    B5. Myamsar				[MYAM]
    Description	:  'This agile twinsword assassin slices foes faster than
    		   the eye can follow'.
    Equips		:  - Blades, a helm, and shoulderguards from the beginning.
    		   - Daggers at level 10.
    		   - Shivs at level 15.
    		   * Do take note that Myamsars have 2 weapon slots, enabling
                         you to choose combinations of weapons.
    Equips to hunt  :  Goliamon's Shiv, Holymadda Shiv, Blade of Astria, Feisho.
    Class skills	:  - Poison Hide	: Occasionally poisons attacker.
    		   - Doppelganger	: Immunity to status effects
    		                          while attacking.
    		   - Poison Bomb	: When user dies, he turns to a bomb.
    		   - Natural enemy	: 8x damage when attacking
    		                          Taterazay or Guardira.
    Set skills	:  - Cornered rat   	: 4x power when stamina falls
                                              below 25%.
    		   * Obtainable at level 9.
    		   - Poison Package	 : Your attacks inflict poison.
    		   * Obtainable at level 15.
    		   - Shield breaker	 : Gives 20% extra shield breaker
    		   * Obtainable at level 25.
    		   - Peerless Cat  	 : Sudden death with critical hit on
                                               a poisoned non-boss enemy.
    		   * Obtainable at level 32.
    Uberhero mode	:  	Activate : O-O-/\-/\
    			Combo    : O-O-/\-/\
    		  'Sic 'em Shadow'. Immobilize foes and tear them apart! Never
    		  releases prey during combo. Perfect for shield bearing foes.
    		  It will take some time to lock a target. But once you lock,
                      you will NEVER release him (Unless you die). Note that it
                      only can target minions or Uber or Dark Heroes. Overall,
                      Great UH Mode.
    Overview	: Myamsars, despite having the same big body like Tondenga,
                      has much more agility and technique in his attacks, making
                      him an adept, swift assassin. His ability to truly ruin one
                      foe he locks in is truly remarkable. But, for more advanced
                      tips on Myamsars, please refer to the following extract
                      written by Molivious :
                      'When you hit ~0.18 attack speed, it's best that you stop
                      putting effort on taking it lower. Since the animation
                      limit of Myamsars are about 11-13 attacks, excessive
                      attack speed are a waste (unlike Alosson, who has nearly
                      infinite animation limits). Instead, focus on increasing
                      his strength or critical rate.'
                      'The "Spoon and Fork" build doesn't work on normal pons,
                      so most of the time, Shiv/Blade or Shiv/Shiv S.U combo
                      beats the normal weapons in terms of damage. And you can
                      get Slash Master set skill from Grenburr too.'
    Rating          : Deadly (9.1).
    B6. Guardira				 [GUAR]
    Description	:  'Bearing greatshields in both hands, these defensive
    		    specialists form an iron curtain'.
    Equips		:  - Swords, a helm, a shield or a greatshield from
                         the beginning.
    		   * Do take note that equipping a greatshield unables
                         you to wield weapons.
    		   - Clubs at level 10.
    		   - Halberds (weird) at level 15.
    Equips to hunt  :  Murakumon, Bacteon Greatshield, Tokoyomamori.
    Class skills	:  - Anti-Stagger   	: Total immunity to stagger.
    		   - Anti-Knockback 	: Total immunity to knockback.
    		   - Anti-Sleep	    	: Total immunity to sleep.
    		   - Anti-Poison    	: Total immunity to poison.
    Set skills	:  - Stagger resist	: Doubles stagger resistance.
    		   * Obtainable at level 8.
    		   - Knockback resist	: Doubles knockback resistance.
    		   * Obtainable at level 15.
    		   - Sleep resist	: Doubles sleep resistance.
    		   * Obtainable at level 25.
    		   - Peerless Sheep	: Immunity to everything except
                                              fire, which causes instant death.
    		   * Fire null and resistance are disabled when using this.
    		   * Obtainable at level 32.
    Uberhero mode	:  	Activate : /\-/\-[]-O
    			Combo    : /\-/\-[]-O
    		   'Mega shield'. Summon a huge shield that protects the rear
                       lines. 10% of damage received by shield transfers to hero.
    		   Great tanky UH  mode. But the 10% damage absorption is
                       something you should look out for. You might end up killing
                       yourself. Not a very good UH Mode.
    Overview	:  The ultimate tank is here! Dropping their swords to carry
    		   greatshields, they are great in defense and not-so-bad at
    		   HP. Your damage output will be severely decreased though.
    		   Now you attack with your greatshields. Minimum damage with
    		   quite high Knockback ratio. Not good. You shouldn't attack,
                       though. but instead, keep drumming the Chaka-Chaka! Raise
                       your shields high, Sheep!
    Rating          :  Full-out Tanky, and yet suicidal (7.7).
    B7. Grenburr				 [GREN]
    Description	:  'Swinging a greatsword in both hands, these rugged troops
    		   deal destruction on the front lines'.
    Equips		:  - Greatswords, and a helm from the beginning.
    		   - Greatblades at level 14.
    		   - Axes at level 20.
    Equips to hunt  :  Serberker, Murasamune, Critical Greatsword [St] or higher.
    Class skills	:  - Zapper 1	: Creates a small shockwave
                                      where weapon strikes.
    		   - Zapper 2	: Creates a shockwave
    		                  where weapon strikes.
    		   - Zapper 3	: Creates a large shockwave
    		                  where weapon strikes.
    		   - Zapper 4	: Creates a gigantic shockwave
    		                  where weapon strikes.
    		   - Zapper 5	: Creates a supreme shockwave
    		                  where weapon strikes.
    Set skills	:  - Greatsword attack	: 50% Boost strength when greatsword
                                              is equipped.
    		   * Obtainable at level 13.
    		   - Greatblade attack	: 50% Boost strength when greatblade
    		                          is equipped.
    		   * Obtainable at level 16.
    		   - Damage +		: All damage dealt boosted by 50%.
    		   * Obtainable at level 20.
    		   - Slash master	: Affects slash attacks.
    		   * The effects : - 100% boost power.
                                       - 0.8X Attack speed.
                                       - Movement speed while attacking X1.1
    		   * Obtainable at level 25.
    		   - Peerless Bovine	: Maximum damage +50%,
    		                          minimum set to 1.
    		   * Obtainable at level 32.
    Uberhero mode	: 	Activate : O-O-[]-O
    			Combo    : O-O-[]-O
    		   'Guillotine'. Leap up high, spin in the air, and descend
    		   on foes with a great swing of a giant weapon. Major damage!
    		   Like a guillotine. Leap, then crash. Bam! Secondary blast
    		   affected by Zapper class skill.
    Overview	:  On the contrary to Guardira, this guy drops his shield to
    		   carry Greatswords. Greatswords. They're called greatswords
    		   because they are great! Even though he can't carry shields,
    		   He has an extraordinary HP due to greatswords granting
    		   lots of bonus HP and resistances. Not the best tanker, but
    		   he's best attacker of all of them! The best one-hitters in
    		   the game, they can deal 999999 damage easily with critical.
                       But with all of this, he's a very slow mover. Jump high,
                       and bring them down, Demon!
    Rating          : Very Useful (8.9).
                     So that's it for shields. They come in lots of varieties.
    C. The Archer Class.						[ARCH]
    In this section  I'm just gonna give introduction to the classes common
    Oh yes. Archers. My favorite. You got a bow in your hand, what will you do?
    Fire it. Where? Somewhere far from the target. That gives you the idea of
    Archers in Patapon 3. They do quite powerful long-range attacks from a safe
    distance behind the front lines. But they have a very weak defense. Much
    weaker than Spear-classes. That is why they stand behind their shields and
    spears. And since they shoot projectiles into the air, the destination of the
    projectile is affected by wind conditions. Note this. Arrows, Sounds, and
    spores travel the best when there is a tailwind. Well, that's pretty much it.
    C1. Yumiyacha				[YUMI]
    Description	: 'The basic archer class. Launches attacks from the rear.
    		  Favorable winds carry the arrows further.
    Equips		:  - Bows and a helm since the beginning.
    		   - Crossbows at level 5.
    Equips to hunt  :  Raijinpon's Bow, Illiamtel's Overture, Teskatori Shooter.
    Class skills	:  - Quickshot 2.	: Fires 2 arrows in rapid succsession.
    		   - Quickshot 3.	: Fires 3 arrows in rapid succsession.
    		   - Quickshot 4.	: Fires 4 arrows in rapid succsession.
    		   - Quickshot 5.	: Fires 5 arrows in rapid succsession.
    		   - Quickshot 6.	: Fires 6 arrows in rapid succsession.
    Set skills	:  - Bow attack 1 : 20% boost attack power
                                        when a bow is equipped.
    		   * Obtainable at level 3.
    		   - Bow attack 2 : 30% boost attack power
    		                    when a bow is equipped.
    		   * Obtainable at level 8.
    		   - Bow attack 3 : 40% boost attack power
    		                    when a bow is equipped.
    		   * Obtainable at level 15.
    		   - Bow attack 4 : 50% boost attack power
    		                    when a bow is equipped.
    		   * Obtainable at level 25.
    		   - Peerless Bow : Damage inflicted goes up 100%,
                                        but damage taken goes up 150%.
    		   * Obtainable at level 32.
    Uberhero mode	:  	Activate : O-O-[]-O
    			Combo    : O-O-[]-O
    		   'Meteo Arrow'. Fire a barrage of arrows into the sky which
    		   fall down a moment later and impale enemies, causing heavy
    		   damage. The amount arrows fired is equals to the level of
    		   your quickshot times two and your attack speed. Having an
    		   attack speed less than 2.00 makes you do the same command
    		   twice in 1 measure. So if you have Quickshot 6 and you are
                       using Raijinpon's  Bow (Attack speed 1.62), You will be
    		   firing 6 X 2 X 2 = 24 arrows in one measure. And it has
    		   already burn effects by itself, too. Great UH Mode.
    Overview	:   Your basic archer. Shoots arrows from the rear to deal
    		    some damage. Your UH Mode should be used at all times when
    		    it is possible cause it is the best way to deal deal the
                        most damage. Favorable Tailwinds makes arrows travel
                        further. What's more to say? Rain 'em arrows, Archer!
    Rating          :  Outclassed by Alossons (8.0).
    C2. Alosson				 [ALOS]
    Description	:  'Long-range specialists fire volleys of arrows. With more
                        experience, they can use longbows'.
    Equips		:  - Bows and a helm since the beginning.
    		   - Longbows at level 10.
    Equips to hunt  :  Crossbow of Faible, Krakabom Crossbow, Raijinpon's Bow.
    Class skills	:  - Attack speed 1	:  Fires arrows rapidly.
    		   - Attack speed 2	:  Fires arrows faster.
    		   - Attack speed 3	:  Fires arrows much faster.
    		   - Attack speed 4	:  Fires arrows at lightning speed.
    Set skills	:  - Tropical Tailwind	 : Creates an orange tailwind
                                               during fever.
    		   * Obtainable at level 8.
    		   - Desperado		 : Damage +50%, damage taken +100%.
    	      	   * Obtainable at level 15.
    		   - Big bonfire	 : Upgrades fire made by user
    		                           into a stronger fire.
    		   * Obtainable at level 25.
    		   - Peerless Hedgehog	 : User gains 15% HP of killed foes.
    		   * Obtainable at level 32.
    Uberhero mode	:  	Activate : O-O-[]-O
    			Combo    : O-O-[]-O
    		   'Arrow Shower'. Rapidly fire glowing arrows! Power of glow
    		   enhances with high volume. Powerful weapon when fired
    		   rapidly. Oh yes, get attack speed 4, and fire away! Not
    		   having a good damage in one arrow, but in many chaos is
    		   made. Get a very quick attack speed for this one.
    Overview	:  Alosson, the speed demon. Easily reaches the attack speed
    		   of 0.13 with this guy. You will just do UH Mode, and your
    		   foes are wasted. One thing though.Archer classes will have
    		   a tough time hitting foes that moves a lot and foes that
    		   get in close. Watch out for this. I am stressing this issue
                       to Alosson because he  is a guy who really needs hits on
                       his arrows. Overall, Great UH, Great UH Mode, and awesome
                       rapid-firing capability. How many arrows have you fired,
                       Hedgehog? Shall I count your spikes?
    Rating          :  Deadly, but requires positioning (9.0).
    C3. Wondabarappa			   [WOND]
    Description	:  'Sound engineers scatter sonic balls to clear way the foe
                        - and sometimes stagger them, too!'
    Equips		:  - Horns, a helm and a cape since the beginning.
    		   - Longhorns at level 5.
    Equips to hunt  :  Great Howl, Sonic Demonslayer.
    Class skills	:  -  Heave Ho 1	: Perfect beats are easier to
                                              time while fever.
    		   -  Heave Ho 2	: 5% bonus strength while fever.
    		   -  Heave Ho 3	: 5% bonus defense while fever.
    		   -  Heave Ho 4	: Increased marching speed
    		                          while fever.
    Set skills	:  -  Horn Attack 1	  : 30% Boost strength when equipping
                                                all types of horns.
    		   * Obtainable at level 7.
    		   -  Windmill Power	  : Increased critical hit chance when
    		                            there is a tailwind.
    		   * Obtainable at level 15.
    		   - Horn Attack 2	  : 50% Boost strength when equipping
    		                            all types of horns.
    	    	   * Obtainable at level 25.
    	           - Peerless Dog	  : 5% boost to various stats to the
    	                                    team. Effect stacks.
    		   * Obtainable at level 32.
    Uberhero mode	:  	 Activate : O-O-[]-O
    			 Combo    : O-O-[]-O
    		   'Mucharapapa'. Fire three sonic balls per shot. The balls
    		   bounce about unpredictably and relentlessly inflict damage
    		   upon foes. The balls stay longer than ordinary balls, other
                       than that and increased damage, No obvious changes, Except
                       for the colour. Not the best or the worst one.
    Overview	:   Wondas. Support-type dogs that can also deal some damage.
    		    They use horns, which fire balls that bounce. They cause
    		    quite some stagger, but other than that, nothing much. A
    		    good support UH that just gives you the buffs to win.
    		    Blow the horns, Dog!(Not in a harsh way...)
    Rating          :  Great with large teams (8.4).
    C4. Jamsch				[JAMS]
    Description	:  'Don't expect them to fight, but their sonic balls inflict
                       a cacophony of status effects'.
    Equips		:  - Horns, a helm and a cape since the beginning.
    		   - Twinhorns at level 15.
    Equips to hunt  :  Siren's Song, Spriggan's Song, Any high leveled Ice Horn.
    Class skills	:  - Catnap		: 1.5x sleep rate for sonic balls.
    		   - Flame On		: 1.5x burn rate for charged
    		                          sonic balls.
    		   - Poison Panic	: +20% poison rate for sonic balls.
    		   - Doom Shroom	: Poison Mushrooms sprouts where
    		                          enemy is killed by user.
    Set skills	:  - Icky Poison	: Doubles the chance of
                                              inflicting poison.
    		   * Obtainable at level 13.
    		   - Out Cold		: Foes are put to sleep 4X longer.
    		   * Obtainable at level 18.
    		   - Toadstool		: 10% chance poison mushrooms will
                                              sprout where enemy is killed.
    		   * Obtainable at level 25.
    		   - Peerless Mushroom	: Nullifies fire and poison,
    		                          but stamina decreased to 25%.
    		   * Obtainable at level 32.
                       * One very common misconception of this one :
                        'Your HP cap WILL remain as it was.'
                         An example. Your HP will be reduced from
                         100/100 to 25/100, NOT to 25/25.
    Uberhero mode	:  	 Activate : O-O-[]-O
    			 Combo    : O-O-[]-O
    		   'Airborne Threat'. Fire poisonous spores into the sky to
    		   inflict poison damage to all foes. Destination determined
    		   by wind. Yes, like all projectiles, they are affected by
    		   tailwind. but for this one, I think it's better to shoot
    		   normal sonic balls due to the insane attack speed. But,
    		   this is your choice.
    Overview	:   Jamsch. These variation of Wondas deal less damage in the
     		    exchange of a ridiculous attack speed and the extremely
    		    high status effects rate. Causing trouble is what they do
    		    best. Attacking very quickly is how the trouble's made.
                        Get it? Your Charge attack isn't bad either, your choice.
                        The 'Troublemaker' UH. Ruin the foe, Mushroom! But careful
                        not to touch your own sonic balls now!
    Rating          :  The destroyer (9.0).
    C5. Oohoroc				  [OHOR]
    Description	:  'Masters of attack magic. The more you use them, the more
    		   powerful their black magic becomes'.
    Equips		:  - Magic or offensive Staffs, a helm, and sandals from the
                         beginning, that's all.
    Equips to hunt  :  Jewelsword Staff, Holymist Staff, Firewall Staff [St]
    for                or higher.
    Class skills	:   Man, Oohorocs class skills are so complicated.
                           The Singe class, can be used with Staff, Fireball
                           and Poison staff.
    			 - Singe 1	: Fires fireballs.
    			 - Singe 2	: Expands the size of explosions.
    			 - Singe 3	: Creates medium explosions.
    			 - Singe 4	: Creates large explosions.
    			 - Singe 5	: Creates humungous explosions.
                           The Volcano class, can be used with Flamewall
                           and Flamesea staff.
    			 - Volcano 1	: Creates a wall of fire.
    			 - Volcano 2	: Flames become more powerful.
    			 - Volcano 3	: Flames become extremely powerful.
     			 - Volcano 4	: Flames become untouchable.
    			 - Volcano 5	: Flames create an infernal hell.
                           The Flash Crack Boom (FCB) class, can be used with
                           Lightning, Thunderstorm and Holy staffs.
    			 - FCB 1	: Conjures lightning.
    			 - FCB 2	: Bolts are quite powerful.
    			 - FCB 3	: Bolts are very powerful.
    			 - FCB 4	: Bolts are highly destructive.
    			 - FCB 5	: Bolts strike like a smackdown
    			                  from the Mighty One.
                           The Sorcery class, obtainable by learning certain
                           class skills. Staffs explained below.
    			- Thunderific	: Creates a lightning storm into
    			                  the battlefield.
    			* Can be used with Thunderstorm Staff.
                            * Unlocked after unlocking FCB 3.
    			- Darkfire	: Transforms the land into flames,
                                              burning everything to the ground.
    			* Can be used with Flamesea Staff.
    			* Unlocked after unlocking Volcano 4.
    			- Nova Nova	: Uses the powers of Light to create
                                              a mist that blasts all foes.
    			* Can be used with Holymist staff.
    			* Unlocked after unlocking FCB 4.
    			- Venomist	: Channels the power of darkness to
                                              create a poison fog that poisons
                                              all foes.
    			* Can be used with Darkvenom Staff.
    		        * Unlocked after unlocking Singe 4.
                           The hidden one, not listed in the class skill, since
                           it's so epic. Can't and unnecessary to train this one.
                           - Dancing Sword  : Swords dance, Like the usual.
                                              what's cool about this is that the
                                              Swords dancing here are not the
                                              ordinary swords, they're no other
                                              than the Unique and Super Unique
                                              swords in Patapon 3, There are 6
                                              of them, which are : The Flangil,
                                              The Drigonlay, The Castram, The
                                              Butcher, The Fendus and 'The' one,
                                              legendary Tatepon Sword.
                           * Can be used with Jewelsword Staff.
                           * It's element is slash, mind you.
    Set skills	:  - Weapon +2	       : Increases weapon level by 2.
    		   * Obtainable at level 15.
    		   - Weapon +3	       : Increases weapon level by 3.
    		   * Obtainable at level 20.
    		   - Lightning Master  : Affects to lightning attacks.
    		   * The effects : - 50% Boost attack power.
                                       - 0.8X Attack Speed.
                                       - 1.5X Stagger rate.
                       * Obtainable at level 25.
    		   - Flame Master      : 50% Boost power to flame attacks.
    		   * The effects : - 50% Boost attack power.
                                       - 1.5X Burn rate.
                       * Obtainable at level 25.
    		   - Peerless Monkey   : Gain experience to learn class
    		                         skills 25% faster.
    		   * Obtainable at level 32.
    Uberhero mode	:  	Activate : O-O-[]-O
    			Combo    : O-O-[]-O
    		   'Armageddon'. Countless shooting stars coalesce and form
    		   magic fireballs which rain down upon the entire Earth. The
    		   number of meteors falling down is affected by your attack
    		   speed. Go get Bunny Hood and Lilith Shoes and see it for
                       yourself. This UH Mode is not at par of what Oohoroc can
                       really do. Really. You'd better be off with doing charge
                       attacks rather than this one.
    Overview	:  The darkest magicians being able to cast even the most
    		   holy and sacred spells. That's Oohoroc. Doing all sorts
    		   of magic, from the basics like Fire and Lightning, to
    		   Holy and Darkness spells. To get the secret, powerful
    		   and epic sorcery spells, you need to do lots of grinding
                       with the 3 other  spells. It will be totally worth it.
                       The UH that sucks when played for the  1st time, but
                       Godlike when players have played a lot with him. Now,
                       which staff would you use this time, Monkey?
    Rating          :  Various arsenal of spells (8.9).
    C6. Pingrek				[PING]
    Description	:  'Practitioners of the gentle healing arts. In attack,
                        their walls of ice freeze foes'.
    Equips		:  - Healing or defensive Staffs, a helm, and sandals
                         since the beginning, that's all.
    Equipments to   :  Firefighter Scepter, Antivenom Scepter, 
    hunt for           Maelstrom Scepter.       
    Class skills	:  - Ice Wall	     : Doing charge attack conjures an
                                           ice wall.
    	           - Freeze Trap     : When an ice wall is destroyed, it
    	                               freezes all nearby foes.
    		   - Ice Fortress    : Doubles the HP of Ice walls and
    		                       the Chateau.
    		   - Health Recovery : Increases healing power.
    	 	   - Frozen Guard    : Freezes attackers.
    Set skills	:  - Antifreeze	      : Doubles freeze resistance.
    		   * Obtainable at level 10.
    		   - Freeze Boost 1   : Increases freeze rate by 1.25 times.
    		   * Obtainable at level 15.
    		   - Freeze Boost 2   : Increases freeze rate by 1.5 times.
    		   * Obtainable at level 25.
    		   - Peerless Penguin : Stamina +100%, but damage -50%.
    		   * Obtainable at level 32.
    Uberhero mode	:  	 Activate : O-O-/\-/\ ~ /\-/\-[]-O
    			 Combo    : /\-/\-[]-O
    		  'Healing chateau'. Creates a gigantic ice castle that emits
    		  a visible energy which gradually heals allies. Remember that
    		  the Chateau is still a building, so it can be brought down.
    		  When it happens, You will lose your UH Mode and you will
    		  tumble for a second (for reasons unknown). That's not good.
    		  But the Chateau's healing rate is high, so go for it.
    		  Great UH Mode.
    Overview	:  Hm.. your full-time support UH who can do lots of healing.
    		   Even his attack don't do damage, and don't even ask his
    		   charge attack. All related to freezing  and ice. Brrr....
                       Ice... Chilly... damn... Penguins.... Chateaus... I can't
                       do it... Go freeze 'em,.... Penguin... gah...
    Rating          :  Healer... what to expect? (7.0).
    C7. Cannogabang				 [CANG]
    Description	:  'Dealing devastation from afar, they support your troops
    		   from the rear. Vulnerable up close'.
    Equips		:  - Cannons and a helm since the beginning.
    		   - Howitzers at level 14.
    		   - Lasers at level 18.
    Equipments to   :  Ichigeki, Ice Howitzer [St] or higher, Dreadmare.
    hunt for        
    Class skills	:  - Cannon skillz	: Increases the attack power of
                                              cannons by 20%.
    		   - Scattershot skillz	: Increases the attack power of
    		                          howitzers by 20%.
    		   - Laser skillz	: Increases the attack power of
    		                          lasers by 20%.
    		   - Artillery skillz	: Increases the attack power of all
                                              artillery weapons by 60%.
    		   - Incendiary skillz	: Spots where weapon lands will
    		                          have a chance to catch fire.
    Set skills	:  - Fire Resist	: Doubles fire resistance.
    		   * Obtainable at level 13.
    		   - Ice Resist		: Doubles ice resistance.
    		   * Obtainable at level 15.
    		   - Poison Resist	: Doubles poison resistance.
    		   * Obtainable at level 20.
    		   - Monster Killer	: X1.5 damage bonus against demons,
                                              undead, shells, dragons, and giants.
    		   * Obtainable at level 25.
    		   - Peerless Dragon	: Time needed to revive is 10 seconds,
                                              no matter how many deaths.
    		   * Dungeons nullify this effect.
    		   * Obtainable at level 32.
    Uberhero mode	:  	Activate : O-O-/\-/\ ~ O-O-[]-O
    		   'Slinger'. Executes a powerful attack depending on
    		   what weapon is used.
    		    - Cannon : Glowing shells.
    		    - Blunderbuss/Howitzer : Piercing fire spray.
    		    - Laser : Ultra ginormous laser.
    		   UH Mode varies in weapon. And no combos. *Sigh*. The UH
    		   Mode is nothing very odd, just an upgrade of your normal
    		   attacks I guess. But still, I think it's better to do UH
    		   mode rather than doing 2 attacks.
    Overview	:   Cannogabang, the living artillery. Man, this guy is
    		    strong. He can carry heavy artillery for such a small
    		    dude. But sadly, he doesn't have the power to lift the
    		    weapons properly. Each 3 weapons have their own purposes.
    		    The cannon is made for building demolition. The howitzer
    		    is made for large bosses. The laser is made for crowd
                        control. So, your choice. Piercing laserz, Crushing
                        cannonz, and Scattering Howitzerz. Whoa, point that thing
                        away! Over there! Dragons! Ready, Aim, Fire!
    Rating          :  Easy and powerful (9.0).
    	 So that's it for archers. There's some really cool shooters there.
    D. Additional FAQs and Credits					[CEND]
     And that settles the end of the main part. After some boring days,
    fun days and frustrating days,The time has come. To part ways and free this
    piece of writing to the free world of the Internet.But as a last farewell,
    this optional piece of writing is written too. I will try my best to update
    and check GameFAQs as often as I can although, Sadly, it's not possible.
    I will remain here, at my home, watching..
    D1. Depths of Jealousy (DoJ)		 [DEOJ]
     Welcome, fellow end-gamers, to the depths of Tomb of Tolerance! If you think
     Tomb of Tolerance was a major pain... DoJ will burst your heads. Twice harder
     than ToT (at least, be warned) and only TWO floors, yes, two floors. Sounds
     easy, right? Well, I will now give you an insight of these 2 levels and you 
     will see what are you going to face, DoJ, the evil dungeon that has captured
     so many players playing it over and over again, some people have been doing 
     it for ~700 hours. Feel the pain of them!
     Depths of Jealousy.
     [Multi] Black Dragon Libera.
     Suggested level = 26+
     Rewards = ? 
    That's what it says on your PSP.
     As you can see, it's supposed to be multiplayer, since you can't always find
     good friends to tag along with you, people have found ways to trespass the 
     Multiplayer restriction. More will be explained later.
     Now, an insight on the floors.
     1st floor : Recommended level is 28+. This is purely my opinion, don't barge
                 in and yell at me: 'I can do this at level 26!' or so.
     There are 3 rooms, divided by an iron door that also trigger an axe falling
     down through you. To avoid it, move really close so that you can't move any
     closer. There are some ways to trigger this switch solo, which are:
     - Jump, quickly cancel the command, then move.
     - A Tondenga Charge attack, followed by move.
     - Have Ton as Yarida or Piekron, attack so he jumps.
     The third option is the safest to play, but note that options 2 and 3 will 
     cost Kan's life. No Kan can survive 40K damage. Option 1 will force you to 
     break fever, but Ton can die.
     Now you can get inside solo, now to get your army inside too. Get an UH whose
     UH Mode can make him move. This will fall to Grenburr or Tondenga. Move, and
     bring your whole army in. 
     Now your army gets in, its showtime. Let's see your army's challengers.
     Floor 1, Room 1 : Deaths, Balrogs and 1 Gargoyle. Not much fight.
     Floor 1, Room 2 : Deaths, Balrogs, Flame Salamanders and 1 Gargoyle. Back off
                       from dying Salamanders.
     Floor 1, Room 3 : Deaths, Balrogs, Flame and Ice Salamanders and 1 Gargoyle.
                       Now the fight gets intense. You gotta kill the 2 salamanders
                       at one command to make things easier. I would like to warn 
                       you that these guys explosions are deadly. Stay away from 
                       them, you should be fine.
    Deaths have approximately 700.000 HP, while Balrogs have ~1.100.000 HP. 
    Salmanders have approximately 600.000 HP. You can see how tough these people
    are so be armed well. This is just an estimation to let people see how powerful
    is this dungeon.
    At the end of Room 3, a door must be opened with a key. Do so and find either
    a Gold or Jewel chest at the end of the 1st floor. Hooray! Move on to the 2nd
    floor, which there all of you 1st timers will see 'True' DoJ pain.
    2nd floor : Recommended level is 30+. Please get level 32 for a better chance 
                of survival on this tough floor. The difficulty of this floor is
                Tripled or more. Yes, at least TRIPLED. Why? Well let's have some
                insights on the 2nd floor.
    The beginning door will ask you to use another key and once you step forward,
    you can pretty much see why it's call THE 'Pain'. A hit from the axes not
    properly armed can hit 50K or worse. And that's just axe. You must be thinking
    that after one neck-breaking axe, it's over right? well, these fast-spinning 
    axes are always there for you, to start 'till end. Even you finished all of
    the Monsters they are still there, trying their best to fail you. How sad.
    Now let's see Living challengers.
    Floor 2, 1st axe : Just swinging never ending axes. There's a switch that stops
                       the axes from moving that is AFTER you endured the axes.
                       Pretty much useless in single-player mode.
    Floor 2, 2nd axe : Blue Cyclops, Yellow Gargoyles, and Big Golems. All in their
                       empowered forms huh? If you have problems killing these guys
                       you don't stand a chance against what's beyond this three.
    Floor 2, 4th axe : Blue Cyclops, Yellow Gargoyles, Big Golems and Green Balrog.
                       Remember Green Balrog? He's back to bring you PAIN. Takes 
                       time to kill, which I suspect him to have 2.500.000 HP. That
                       is my guess. If you past him, you have a good chance to 
                       finish the floor... only one more barrier stands...
    Floor 2, 5th axe : All 4 with the Black Dragon Libera. Oh yea. 5 Huge monsters 
                       all determined to kill you. Black Dragon is easier to kill
                       than Green Balrog, assuming about 2.000.000 HP. He barely 
                       does anything until 15 seconds when he breathes an almost
                       never-ending poison breath that hits you ~1500 per hit.
                       Not good. Now the key to defeat the Dragon is positioning.
                       Get it right and you're on your way. Screw it up and die in
                       pain. Unless you're a 400+ hour DoJ veteran, that is. After
                       killing the Green Balrog in the previous axe, stay right 
                       there. Make your Hatapon stand as far as possible to the 
                       edge of the 4th axe switch. From there, you could reach all
                       the 5 while stopping the axes from killing you. This is 
                       crucial for beginners at DoJ. And Oh, there's axes....
    Floor 2, 6th axe : After the Dragon is defeated, no more monsters spawn. Just 
                       you and axes... again. This is it! 
    At the end of 6th axe a door which needs yet another key to enter can be your
    evil nightmare. It's either you have no more keys or due to standing there,
    waiting for the animation to end and letting the 7th axe hit you freely. Even 
    doors hate you. After that grab your reward, Either Jewel or the fabled Purple 
    Jewel chest. Note that Chests from the end of 2nd floor are always level 25 and
    above. Purple Jewel Chests range from level 29-32, netting you fine equipments.
    And that's the No.1 reason to why spend more than 150 hours playing Patapon 3.
    Now on to how to survive the evil dungeon.
    First floor is not restricting too much, since it's fairly easy. Tondenga and
    Grenburr is to go, any decent equipments can win the day.
    But if you want to win 2nd floor, By all means get a Tondenga (I know there are
    videos doing full DoJ without Tondenga, but for beginner or safety's sake). No
    Grenburr, since it's defense is intolerable. I did my first full DoJ with a 
    level 31 Tondenga, and you could see my full stats :
    - Thor +7
    - Bunny Hood +13
    - Alldemonium Shield +14
    - Crono Riggers +11
    This set will grant you bonus 50% defense to all attacks, so it's a one to
    go after. Using this set gives me:
    Stamina  : 44741
    Strength : 1-99999
    Defense  : 266
    With using 6 set skills :
    - Peerless Hedgehog
    - Strike Master
    - Peerless Deer
    - Peerless Bovine
    - Club Attack
    - Damage +
    And mastered Energy field 10%, 20%, and 30%. This is a good investment for a 
    better survival so the positioning tactic can be abandoned (if you wish to).
    My Thor is weak, +7. So for those with better equipment, will have a better 
    chance to clear DoJ.
    I see complaints from people that finding Alldemonium Shield is way too hard,
    so I tried Molivious' set w/o Alldemonium Shield, and here's how it goes :
    - A good weapon capable of killing foes quickly. A good Susurapon or Stagger Axe
      enhanced at least [St] +30 will suit well.
    - Any helm, preferably Lightning, with [W] +30 enhancement or higher.
    - Octagon Shield +10
    - Crono Riggers +11
    This will make runs tougher but still manageable. Here are the stats, I tried
    this at level 32 :
    Stamina  : 62127
    Strength : 1-99999
    Defense  : 356
    With using the same set skills and class skills as above, for me.
    As you can see, Crono Riggers is irreplaceable since it nullifies criticals, 
    those axes will always do critical. And why have helm [W] rather than Super
    Unique helms? because, [W] enhancement can reduce slash attack damage by
    20%, a free 20% energy field, if you would say. It has a noticeable effect 
    when you run through these axes you'll get about 3K per hit using my set.
    It's worse than doing Thor set which will hit 1500 per axe hit, but still
    manageable due to extra stamina boost. 
    * Please note that the 20% slash damage reduction from [W] enhancements
      doesn't mean it's 70%-20%=50%. It essentially means 20% of that 70%.
      So, 20% of 70%=14%, 70-14%=56% slash damage reduction.
    Now to set skill importance.
    1. Peerless Hedgehog  : If you don't have this set skill, don't go to the 2nd 
                            floor. Without this, it's just impossible solo.
    2. Peerless Deer      : Your lifesaver, at least mine. Saved my life dozens of
                            times, always good to have one.
    3. Peerless Bovine    : Only use this when using Thor, I was wrong to use it on
                            the alternative set, try getting something else for it.
                            But for Thor set, it really helps you to kill monsters
                            faster since Thor's minimal damage is really low.
                            That means less axes.
    4. Strike/Slash Master: Always get this on Thor/Alternative set. Please, double
                            attack boost is irreplaceable.
    5. Damage +           : Always good to have it. Title says everything.
    6. Club Attack or
       Battle Axe attack  : I was wrong, yet again for not switching club attack.
                            perhaps this is the reason why I have such a hard time 
                            using this set. Don't switch this off.
    In general, Peerless Hedgehog is a MUST, Get 3 offensive set skills, and 2 of
    your choice.
    Your army : Well, it doesn't really matter, they all die at the second floor 
    anyway. But just to give you a nice head start, get a Wonda for Kan, Grenburr
    with Fertilizer set skill for Chin and Piekron/Charibassa/Yarida for Ton.
    Have fun farming!
     Additional FAQs:
     Q. When is Patapon 3 released?
        A. It was as early as April 12, 2011.
     Q. I'm a newbie to the series, what should I do?
        A. Check other FAQs, not this one. Really. This is an In-Depth FAQ.
     Q. How can I play Infrastructure?
        A. As I don't play online myself, you have to pay a certain money to get a
           certain code which entitles you online.
     Q. I want to get [Insert Set Skill]!
        A. Level-up a certain Uberhero to a certain level.
           I have listed them above.
     Q. I want to get [Insert Class Skill]!
        A. To level-up a class skill, you must do a certain action and do it
           repeatedly. This is best done with Iron Doors at Castle of Justice
           or Estate of Earnestness.
     Q. My Army can't get [Insert Set Skill]!
        A. Some set skills are Uberhero exclusive or you haven't just
           leveled enough yet.
     Q. I can't get past through [Insert level/dungeon]
        A. Refer to Question number 2.
     Q. My Oohoroc can't do [Insert Class skill]!
        A. Certain staffs are required to use certain class skill (listed above)
           or you haven't found the class skill. (Applies to Sorcery skills, or
           an upgrade of a class skill, listed above).
     Q. Your FAQ has [Insert mistakes,critics,etc].
        A. Inform me about this and I'll try to see the mistakes. I agree that
           I still have some points missing, and I will try to fix them.
     Q. Can my save file from Patapon 2 be transferred?
        A. Yes, you will get a special item and, If not mistaken, the money too.
     Q. Does the story connects with Patapon 2 (Sequel or some sort)?
        A. Yes, it does. I can't explain it completely, but the vessel we opened
           at the end of Patapon 2 actually released 7 evil Archfiends who cursed
           the Patapon into stones. But one hope, breaks the curse of our Hero
           and transforms him to an Uberhero. With another 3 freed and the Hatapon
           freed from the curse, the 5 seeks to defeat the 7 Archfiends.
    Q. Will there be a sequel to Patapon 3?
        A. Only time can tell. But I sure do hope so.
     Firstly, I would like to thank :
    - Pyramid, Japan Studio and the gang for creating the Patapon series.
    - GameFAQs for creating such a great community.
    - And the readers out there who are reading this FAQ!
     Secondly, I would like to thank the board users which I found their
     topics/messages useful.
    - Mugetsu192
    - ABigbangbleach
    - Molivious
    - xZick
    - alexwr44
    - ndog921
    - Zekira
    - LordDF
    - apples1671
    - Octority022
     And there should be much more to the list... since I'm too lazy to check
    them all and consider them as useful, I'll do it at the upcoming updates.
    And also special thanks to Patapon Wiki for a great amount of reference.
    So that's it for my 1st FAQ. I'll (hope to) see you guys around.
    _Agidyne over and out.

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