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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Molivious

    Version: 5.02 | Updated: 03/10/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

         `Ydn.                       ,nbY´
           `qA88.        '        .88Ay´
             `"Y?A8      "      8A?Y"´            ..
          `Yd?8888´      I      `8888?bY´      n. db ,n          
              `"88       A       88 "´         88.88.88                
            `yd88?:     :O:     :?88by´        `8:88:8´               .ARRRGGGGGGH!
    :.         `"d88..   U   ..88b:.            Y.YY.Y                Z888888888?"
    "88bn.        A, qd8A"A8by  A."88bn.       Yd8888bY     A,   :87  7´   A88?"
     ?8b``Y8bn.  ,8?   '8V8'   ,8? ?8b``Y8bn. :88"''"88:   ,A?   y8´     A88?"
      "8b.,d8"   8Ab;   VYV    8Ab; "8b.,d8" :88´,88.`88:  A8b; :8´   .A888y,
       ?888"´   A8`Y8,  Y8Y   A8`Y8, ?88"´   :88."88" 88: :8A8P;87    `"?9888?
        "8b    a88"Y8A  :V:  a88"Y8A  "8b     :88....88: :8Y´"?8Y´ ,b´  .7887´
         ?8L  dZ8   ?8L `V´ dZ8   ?8L  ?8L      ?8888P  :?8   `V.d88?:.d8887´ 
                        `V´                                     `?8888888?"´ 
                         |´                                       `97?"´
                                           Patapon Logo ASCII by ryzawy & molivious
    |                                Introduction                         |[N-tro]|
    First of all, This is my first ever FAQ/Walkthrough and i hope you can help me
    make it into a better one. This guide was meant for SOLO-play. Which means that
    all VS-related stuff, post-game "modes", online "infection", etc will NOT be 
    discussed or even mentioned in here, except for the ones i just wrote above. 
    Also, i'd assume that you already know the controls and commands, as they are 
    already too easy to navigate and/or get used to. Thanks for reading this rather
    short introduction. 
    To make navigation around the FAQ easier, i provided "[K-wrds]" for each part/
    section. So, feel free to use them to your wit's end, cuz this is gonna be one 
    hell of pure text madness. Now, let's start it with a list of what's inside..
    Author's message:
    I'm sincerely apologizing for the delay. Problems like submission problems,
    conflict with my daily schedule, laziness and loss of dedication and 
    perseverance has brought me down for the past months. I know people have been
    tired of waiting for this, and have already given up and believed it was a lie.
    I can blame no one else but myself. I will do better next time of handling my
    own responsibilities. Again, i am sorry for the terrible wait.
    |                              Table of Contents                      |[T-his]|
    Introduction ---- [N-tro]
    Table of Contents [T-his]
    Terms ----------- [T-erm]
    The Hideout ----- [H-out]
    Classes --------- [C-las]
      Spear Tree .......................................................... [Spr-3]
      Archer Tree ......................................................... [Bow-3]
      Shield Tree ......................................................... [Shd-3]
    Equipment ------- [E-qip]
      Enchantments ........................................................ [E-nch]
      Armors  ............................................................. [A-rmr]
      Weapons  ............................................................ [W-eap]
    Stats ----------- [S-tat]
      Pros and Cons (Slash/Stab/Strike/Crush) ............................. [P-ndC]
    Walkthrough ----- [W-tru] 
      [Story] Missions .................................................... [S-try]
          The Oath ........................................................ [St-00]
          Advance! Attack! ................................................ [St-01]
          Traverse the Field of Giants! ................................... [St-02]
          Ragewolf & the Mysterious Birch Grove ........................... [St-03]
          Proving Grounds & the Crescent Moon ............................. [St-04]
          Archfiend of Valor .............................................. [St-05]
          Big Chills in Pure Snow ......................................... [St-06]
          Naughtyfins & the Ice Fortress .................................. [St-07]
          A Mermaid's Tears and the Great Snow Race ....................... [St-08]
          Archfiend of Purity ............................................. [St-09]
          Underworld Guard Dog of the Pass ................................ [St-10]
          Standoffish Sonarchy & the Perilous Mist ........................ [St-11]
          Bird or Beast? Offense or Defense? .............................. [St-12]
          Archfiend of Justice  ........................................... [St-13]
          Man-eating Shark of Nuchara Swamp  .............................. [St-14]
          Duel w/ Ravenous in Tahi-Tahi Forest ............................ [St-15]
          A Greedy Raven Spies Three Outposts ............................. [St-16]
          Archfiend of Earnestness ........................................ [St-17]
          No Heavenly Bounty on a Scorched Desert ......................... [St-18]
          Buzzcrave & the Oasis of Eternal Sleep .......................... [St-19]
          All-out Desert Drag Race ........................................ [St-20]
          Archfiend of Restraint .......................................... [St-21]
          World's First Hoshipon Convention ............................... [St-22]
          Black Hoshipon Strikes Back  .................................... [St-23]
          Slogturtle the Mobile Shelter ................................... [St-24]
          Archfiend of Adamance ........................................... [St-25]
          Ravenous: Duel of Fate .......................................... [St-26]
          Covet-hiss Loves Cannons ........................................ [St-27]
          Dark Heroes' Last Stand ......................................... [St-28]
          Archfiend of Tolerance .......................................... [St-29]
    Other Stuff ----- [M-isc]
      Enemies ............................................................. [N-emy]
      Iron Door Trick ..................................................... [D-oor]
      Grass Grinding ...................................................... [G-ras]
      DoJ Farming ......................................................... [F-arm]
    Q&A ------------- [Que-A]
    Legal Stuff ----- [Sue-U]
    Credits --------- [C-red]
                        *So! Let's get this started, shall we?*
    |                                 Terminology                         |[T-erm]|
    You may encounter some confusions among terms that will be mentioned later. So
    to prevent that, i've listed those that might've confused you if i didnt state
        A term used when you spend time doing the same mission continuously to
        achieve a specific goal - which is, to get a certain item.
        Similar to farming but this term is used when you do the same missions
        repeatedly to level up or to get your Skills to a certain level. 
        These refer to the abbreviations of the Final/Multi Missions that are 
        available after finishing or repeating the same dungeon. Eg. Depths of
        Rage, Depths of Jealousy, Heights of Lust, Tomb of Tolerance, etc. of which
        you will be finding out later on.
        Uberhero/Dark Hero - Title given to Uberhero's Rivals.
        Special Effect.you might encounter this at some parts of the FAQ.
        Energy Field, Taterazay Class skill. (see Class skills section @ [C-skl])
        Flash Crack Boom, one of Oohoroc's(equip w/ lightning staff) Black Magic 
    |                                 The Hideout                         |[H-out]|
    So this is where you and your gang hang out before setting out for a mission.
    You can gear up, change classes, upgrade equipment, chat with friends, buy
    stuff, enjoy the view or even look at the moon! Well, without futher ado, 
    here's what our hideout has in store for us.
    So, this is where you basically see what stuff you have in your stash. Also,
    from this place, you can sell the junk you got from previous missions that you
    do not need. That's all there is to it, looking and selling.Moving on...
    This place is where you gear up your pons, change classes, set skills and 
    check their statuses. For your normal patapons, they could only stay on the 
    class tree they currently are in. On the other hand, your Uberhero can go
    through all trees. Once you reach lvl15, you will gain access to the other
    trees. Another thing to remember, is that the Uberhero is the *only* one who
    can learn Peerless Skills at level 32. *Refer to Set Skills section[S-skl]*
    When you enter the blacksmith, you may notice that it is very similar to the 
    Armory. Well, yes it is. The only difference is that, in this place, you can
    upgrade your stuff for better stats! That's pretty much the only thing you can
    do here. 
    This is probably the most important place of all. Well, the lady everliving 
    since Patapon 1 has totally retired into selling stuff. What's amazing is that
    you shall visit Meden at all times after EVERY mission. Yes, every mission. 
    Not to get her affection, but to get the chance of finding a rare piece of 
    equipment on her stock. These rare gears are the of the rarest, and strongest 
    you'll see in the game (aside from Ultimate equipment), so keep an eye out for
    those [H]/[Sl]/etc stuff out there!
    *Refer to the Equipments Section[E-qip] for more info about these "rare items"*
    |Silver Hoshipon|
    Dont look down on this sad, elderly & ugly, bearded star. For those who do
    missions with their friends, are gladly being sold exclusive stuff by him. From
    Sutras to Hairstyles, all the stuff to make your very file unique! Don't miss
    out having fun with your friends out there, there's so much to get from here!
    |Team Totem|
    This is where you set up your team (for multi-missions) and whatnot. There is
    nothing else to see here but the statistics and goals of your current team.
    If you have none, go out there and find one! I'd only go online after reaching
    level 32 though... 
    This is the very portal that leads you to the missions that are available for
    VS. So if you are planning to go head-to-head with some friends,this is where 
    you should stop by. 
    This, when selected, only gives you 4 options. One is to play via Ad-hoc and
    the other is to play online via Infrastructure. Then, you are given the choice
    to be either a host, or one who joins other hosts. end
    |                                  Classes                            |[C-las]|
    In this game, the classes are split into three "Class Trees". One of which,
    you will be picking at the start of the game. Although for Uberheros, you can
    "jump" to the other trees when your first class reaches lvl 15 (Yarida, 
    Taterazay, or Yumiyacha). This DOES NOT apply to your normal pons (Ton, Chin, 
    Kan), as they are stuck to their class tree...forever and ever. Amen.
    Please refer to _Agidyne's Character FAQ for Class skills and Set Skills info
             |                  Spear Tree - Classes           |[Spr-3]|
                      =------=                                         =-------=
                       (LV 3)  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> |Kibadda|
                         v                                             =-------=
    =-------=            V                                                 v
    |Piekron| <<<<<<<< (LV 5)                                              v
    =-------=            v                                                 v
        v                V         =-----------=                           v
        v              (LV 7) >>>> |Cannassault|        =----------=       V
        v                v         =-----------=        |Pyokorider|<<< (Lv 8)
        V    =-------=   V               v              =----------=
     (Lv 9)>>|Wooyari|<(Lv 9)            V                   V
             =-------=   v            (Lv 10)>>>>\ /<<<<<<(Lv 10)
                         v                        V
                         V                  =----------=
                       (Lv 12) >>>>>>>>>>>> |Charibassa|
                         v                  =----------=
       =---------=       V         =---------=
       |Taterazay| <<< (Lv 15) >>> |Yumiyacha|
       =---------=                 =---------=
    This tree consists of mid-range fighters that can considerably deal either 
    melee or ranged damage. The most prominent attack type for this class tree 
    would be Stab and Strike. Also, this is the only tree that consists classes 
    with "Mount" equipment.
    Hero mode: Fear Spear
     Activate: Attack
        Combo: Attack
       Effect: When his spear gets in contact with an enemy, it explodes, 
               dealing massive AoE damage in the area! This is EXTREMELY deadly
               if Yarida's class skill is maxed and combined with Piekron's
               Class skill,maxed. Definitely Spears that are to be feared.
    My Rating: 9/10
               Although it's a fact that he's powerful enough to deal massive
               damage by himself, he still only has 2 pieces of equipment. Yes,
               he definitely CAN be 1-HKO'ed by a single boss especially in the
               early stages of story mode. He just needs a meatbag to take some
               damage. Other than that, a fun hero to play around with. He's also
               affected by Piekron's Spear BOOM skills, which makes him deadlier!
               The best defence is the best offense, after all.
    Hero mode: Mad Charge
     Activate: Charge Attack
        Combo: Attack
       Effect: Kibadda rushes forward, dealing higher damage at a faster speed.
               If you played patapon 2, its basically the same thing. Mastering 
               Kibadda's class skills along with Pyokorider's makes this hero mode
               nothing to be taken lightly. 
    My Rating: 8/10
               Kibadda may not be one of the best damage-dealing classes out there
               but do not be mistaken, his damage output is just as good as his 
               stalwart defense. He's one hell of a Hero when it comes to
               survivability, since he has a maximum 4 equipment - Helm, Weapon,
               a Horse and a SHIELD! Kibadda is also one of the few UH's who can
               run DoJ solo.
    Hero mode: Concentrate
     Activate: Charge
        Combo: Charge
       Effect: Piekron starts meditating, resulting a boost in Attack Power. This
               can be stacked for a maximum of 3, wherein it lasts for 20, 40, and
               60 seconds respectively. This Hero mode works well with Charibasa's
               Team Aid 1&2 (w/c guarantees a maximum of 3.5x more damage @ the 
               third charge) You should be reminded tho, that even if you still
               have 40 seconds on the clock, charging again after the hero
               mode is gone will result into a new timer - starts again with 20 
               seconds/1st stack.
    My Rating: 7/10
               Piekron with Spear BOOM maxed dishes out huge damage in the field,
               but he is not as much damaging as a Yarida. His Spear BOOM skills 
               require rain and a charge to activate, and it usually hits the
               front lines only, unlike other heroes who can still deal damage 
               across the screen. Still, he wields a shield which gives him a 
               higher survivability rate compared to a Yarida. I'd suggest using 
               this guy on a charge team.
    Hero mode: Flamespin
     Activate: Charge Attack
        Combo: Attack
       Effect: Wooyari starts whacking with his spear in a spinning frenzy. This 
               hero mode also destroys arrows that come from your enemies.DO TAKE
               NOTE that his Class Skills are negated when his Hero mode is on.
               Despite the loss of the class skills' effect, the attack speed of 
               the spins make up for it. This mode also executes while inputting 
               commands, which makes it a tad more damaging most of the time.
    	       *If equipped w/ an Ice weapon, the Spear turns into Ice element,  
    	        which freezes opponents instead of burn.
    My Rating: 6.5/10
               While wooyari is a good pike wielder and deals good damage, he lacks
               the equipment and set skills to make up for his lack of resistance 
               and defense for a semi-melee unit. He's quite more vulnerable to
               attacks compared to Yarida/Piekron since he doesnt jump. Good thing
               though about being semi-melee, is that he isnt always in the front
               lines, increasing the chance of avoiding a Dragon's stomp, or a 
               Cyclops' smashing attack.
    Hero mode: Illusion
     Activate: Charge Attack
        Combo: Attack
       Effect: Similar to kibadda's hero, but Pyokorider stays at his place and his
               "Illusion" does the charging. The range of this is stupendous, so
               much that you can cast it and clean stuff 1 1/2 screens away! This 
               skill will pierce through everything, except doors.
    My Rating: 9/10
               Despite his lack of a shield, Pyokorider's range even beats that of 
               the Archer classes - which makes him nearly untouchable half of the
               time. Damage is good too. He's a bit fragile, but i'm sure his pros
               can make up for that. With assault hits (affected from Kibadda's 
               Class skill) and Giddy up mastered, this bunny becomes a beast.
    Hero mode: Thwack-mash
     Activate: Charge Attack
        Combo: Attack
       Effect: Cannassault thwacks his Weapon to whoever goes in his way, even 
               those cute little mochichis! Not to mention, he grinds them with his
               chariot right after! O.O Well, there's nothing else to fancy about, 
    My Rating: 8/10
               This beast deals high damage, has class skills to boost resistance,
               and can send foes tumbling! That's right. He basically has no flaws,
               except his limited melee range and moderately-slow initiation of 
               attacks. Otherwise, this is a good head-slicer for you to pick 
               throughout the game. The reason of him being put at a rating of 8/10
               despite my positive remarks, is that there are still a few 
               classes better in screen-sweeping and damage-dealing than 
               Cannassault. But it's really just a matter of preference, i think. 
    Hero mode: Shwoop-fling
     Activate: Attack
        Combo: Attack
       Effect: Charibasa throws his spear at enemies, with a piercing effect. 
               Similar to Yarida's hero mode, but this one explodes when it touches
    	   the ground.  
    My Rating: 8.5/10
               Another hero among the finest. This hero basically has EVERYTHING.
               Good Range, resistance, Damage, and outstanding Defense! This is 
               all thanks to the fact that he inherits the Class skills of his 
               fellow Uberheroes. He can also equip a shield, which makes him more 
               dynamic. He can either be defensive, offensive, or BOTH at the 
               same time! The reason, for a 9 rating, is that he has one flaw - 
               his attacks are totally CRIT based. So against structures... his 
               damage is not that awesome. Still, his pros are more than his cons
               and is not even something we should complain about.
             |                  Archer Tree - Classes           |[Bow-3]|
                           =---------=                             =------------=
                             (LV 3) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> |Wondabarappa|
                               v                                   =------------=
                               V                    =-------=            v
                             (LV 5) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> |Pingrek|            v
                               v                    =-------=            v
    =-------=                  V                        v                v
    |Alosson| <<<<<<<<<<<<<< (Lv 7)     =-------=       V                v
    =-------=                (Lv 8) >>> |Oohoroc| <<< (Lv 8)             v
        v                      V        =-------=                        v
        v                      v            V             =------=       V
        v                      v         (Lv 10) >>>>>>>> |Jamsch|<<< (Lv 10)
        v                      v                          =------=
        V     =-----------=    V                  
     (Lv 12)>>|Cannogabang|<<(Lv 12) 
              =-----------=    v                  
              =---------=      V         =------=
              |Taterazay| << (Lv 15) >>> |Yarida|
              =---------=                =------=
    This tree takes pride on it's mage classes of which their attacks and
    effects depend on what staves/scepters they are equipped with. From ice walls
    to dancing swords, all are used for certain situations. This is also the tree
    which has the best support class, of whom deals status effects quite quickly.
    and rest assured, they get the job well done. Let's not forget that there are
    also high DPS classes as well as one of the best burst-damage dealers in the
    Hero mode: Meteo Arrow
     Activate: Attack
        Combo: Attack
       Effect: Yumiyacha rains down arrows from the sky! There are 2 phases in this
               hero mode: (1) The phase where he shoots the arrows upward and (2)
               the phase when the arrows land. There is a small delay between these
               phases, but do not fret, when the arrows fall, they are twice as 
               much as the arrows you have shot on phase 1. 
               *The arrows shot during phase 1 are based on Yumiyacha's current 
                class skill level.
    My Rating: 6/10
               Yumiyacha's quite fragile, and the delay from his Hero mode can get
               pretty inconvenient at times. My experience with this guy is that 
               even before his arrows fall down, the monsters would either be 
               out of range or already killed by my normal units already, making 
               him quite a difficult hero to deal with in the beginning of the
    Hero mode: Arrow Shower
     Activate: Attack
        Combo: Attack
       Effect: If you played patapon 2, you'd recall this being the original hero
               mode of our beloved, boss-milking, Yumipon. Unlike Yumiyacha's Meteo
               Arrow, Alosson just spams his glowing arrows - which gradually grow
               larger - onto the enemies. There are no intervals in between, except
               for the difference/lack in Attack Speed. This particular Hero mode
               also executes whilst inputting your Command buttons. WIN!
    My Rating: 8.5/10
               If you're a fan of quick-shooters, this hero is your man. With 
               impressive speed and good equipment, this hero can be pretty 
               unstoppable. EXCEPT for the fact that the damage from his arrows 
               come mostly from criticals. Which means: He's pretty weak against
               obstacles and such. Also - in dungeons, he dies most of the time in 
               a hit or two from long range mini-boss attacks. The limited range of
               his attacks gives quite a pain too. But all you really need to know 
               to make this hero formidable, is just proper and good timing. 
    Hero mode: Mucharapapa
     Activate: Attack
        Combo: Attack
       Effect: Wondabarappa unleashes multiple sound waves towards the enemy. OF 
               COURSE, wind affects this hero mode. So make sure you equip that
               tailwind whenever you come with this guy. That's all there is to it
               i guess. Multiple sound waves.
    My Rating: 6/10
               Wondabarappa is a supportive hero. His class skills are entirely 
               about giving bonus stats to your party and whatnot. He's pretty good
               at inducing Stagger, KB, or Sleep effects too. The only drawback is
               that he's pretty weak and less useful in solo-play. Since not much
               really adds to the stats of your fellow normalpons, his expertise
               tends to be less needed than that from other heroes. Also, he has a
               better counterpart, who just rips the fame out of this poor dog.
    Hero mode: Airborne Threat
     Activate: Attack
        Combo: Attack
       Effect: Jamsch, regardless of weapon type/weapon attribute, sends out spores
               from his horns. These spores are heavily affected by the wind, with
               which can actually breeze through the whole screen.
    My Rating: 9.5/10
               Wondabarappa's nemesis. This hero would be one of the best or finest 
               classes you could ever give to your normalpons. This guy specializes
               in Debuffing, PURE debuffing. Poison, Sleep, and Freeze are most 
               likely what would make you love this guy. He's just so good at it, 
               that you'd not worry much about being hit most of the time! (With 
               proper/good equips, of course) As bad as it sounds, his hero mode 
               isn't what you would really look forward to. If not because of his 
               pitiful hero mode, i would've given this hero a 10/10 for his 
               invaluability in the battlefield.
    Hero mode: Armageddon
     Activate: Attack
        Combo: Attack
       Effect: Just like mahopon's hero mode from patapon 2, Armageddon rains down
               big balls of fire from the heavens. Good news too, they made the 
               animation of the falling rocks A LOT faster! Like 10x faster! wow!
    My Rating: 9/10
               As fancy and wonderful as how they improved this guy's Hero mode,
               that wouldnt really be what you would want to expect from a wizard
               monkey. His spells and sorceries are - from shooting fireballs, 
               summoning lightning out of nowhere, spitting out flame out of the
               ground to even DANCING BLADES! He's a fun hero to play around with. 
               Pretty fragile tho, but that's what cost the magicians their power
               to begin with, right? 
    Hero mode: Healing Chateau
     Activate: Charge Defense
        Combo: Defend
       Effect: Pingrek Summons an ice castle which gradually heals your party. But
               do take note that this castle is vulnerable to enemy attacks, making
               it the ONLY hero mode vulnerable to attacks. Also, destroying the 
               castle will cause your pingrek to tumble down like a clumsy little
               baby, which sucks a lot of balls. I even wonder why they bothered
               making this.
    My Rating: 4/10
               As sucky as pingrek's hero mode sounds, he can still heal the party,
               buff them, cast ice spells and most of all, die in one hit. I per-
               sonally hated this hero, for the lack of effort that was put into 
               him. I'd change the rating to 7/10 though for normalpons, since his
               healing and Guard All scepters are really useful, even until post-
               game. Again, THIS IS NOT A RATING FOR VS.
    Hero mode: Slinger
     Activate: Charge Attack
        Combo: None (You have to re-cast it again)
       Effect: Cannogabang's attack will "pierce" through anything it touches. Even
               iron doors. What makes this wonderful is that it perfectly sync's 
               with howitzers, which can most likely lead to sweeping the whole 
               screen clean. 
    My Rating: 10/10
               Tondenga's Solo-Archenemy. This guy's perfect for solo missions, and
               i mean PERFECT. He can take out anything, anywhere, any much(?what?)
               He has the range, damage, one of the best hero modes, and most of 
               all, the speed to take his damage out as compared to other heroes.
               You gotta love this guy. Also one of the few heroes who could deal
               999k+ pure damage easily, without crits.
             |                  Shield Tree - Classes           |[Shd-3]|
                          =---------=                                =--------=
                            (LV 3) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> |Tondenga|
                              v                                      =--------=
                              V        =--------=                        v
                            (LV 5) >>> |Destrobo|                        v
                              v        =--------=                        v
    =--------=                V            v                             v
    |Guardira| <<<<<<<<<<<< (Lv 7)         V              =-------=      v
    =--------=                v          (Lv 8) >>>>>>>>> |Myamsar| << (Lv 8)
        v                     v                           =-------=      v
        V      =-------=      V                                          v
     (Lv 10) >>|Bowmunk|<<< (Lv 10)                                      v
               =-------=      v                                          v
                              V                 =--------=               v
                            (Lv 12) >>>>>>>>>>> |Grenburr| <<<<<<<<<<< (Lv 12)
                              v                 =--------=
                 =------=     V         =---------=
                 |Yarida| < (Lv 15) >>> |Yumiyacha|
                 =------=               =---------=
    Hero mode: Energy Field
     Activate: Defend
        Combo: Defend
       Effect: A 90% rip-off from the original tatepons' hero mode of Patapon 2. 
               This hero mode is beast, negating around 90% of the damage dealt to
               your party (yes, each and every one of them lil suckas). You do know
               the drawbacks dont you? -not being able to attack.
    My Rating: 8/10
               As perfect and wonderful as his hero mode sounds, there WOULD be 
               times when YOU need to deal the damage to your enemies. Sometimes, 
               you'd find the lack of extra damage really bothersome, especially
               if your enemies have those insta-kill or status-inducing attacks,
               which your normalpons could not evade - making you lose your very 
               own damage dealers. With a friend tho, this is a 10/10 hands down.
    Hero mode: Giandeth
     Activate: Attack
        Combo: Attack
       Effect: Again, a rip-off from the original hero mode of dekapons from the 
               previous game. Tondenga goes Avatar-mode - growing bigger while 
               attacking with his club/sword/axe in a speeding frenzy. This attack
               is pretty sluggish, although using the proper equipment and skills 
               would make up for it.
    My Rating: 9.5/10
               The main DoJ farmer you can get in the game. The most BROKEN of all
               classes too, in terms of solo-mode. This guy has EVERYTHING, just 
               you name it, he has it. The only thing pulling him back will be the
               sluggish hero mode. Otherwise, a perfect 10.
    Hero mode: Sic 'Em Shadow
     Activate: Charge
        Combo: Attack
       Effect: Myamsar 'prays' until his prey is caught into his demonic rituals.
               Once caught, he will stab the lil creature into a raping frenz-STAB!
               i meant stabbing frenzy, disallowing any form of resistance or 
               action. This only affects non-boss enemies (or should i say, Dark 
               Heroes or bonedeths ONLY). 
    My Rating: 7/10
               His hero mode is really lacking.. but dont give up on this guy just
               because of that. With proper equipment, this guy packs a punch under
               that skinny outfit of his. He relies on other heroes' set skills to
               get decent damage tho. Also, being able to equip two weapons and 
               having three types of weapons to choose from, he'd really acquire 
               a lot of benefit from bonuses and skills. My personal favorite of 
               all time.
    Hero mode: Crushcombo
     Activate: Attack
        Combo: Attack
       Effect: Exactly like robopons' hero mode from patapon 2. Destrobo charges
               into an enemy, spinning his arms like crazy, creating a tornado-like
               animation. This one's about 3x faster than before too!
    My Rating: 4/10
               This hero, just like pingrek, is one of the most underrated heroes 
               of the game. I mean, he's a SHIELD CLASS who cant even defend 
               himself! This guy lacks equipment AND damage at the same time. 
               In my experience, he'll bring you til about 3/4 of the story, then
               you'd give up for his lack of damage, survivability, etc etc. 
         	   I loved using him tho. One of my personal favorites
    Hero mode: Mega Shield
     Activate: Defend
        Combo: Defend
       Effect: Guardira summons a gigantic shield in front of him - blocking any
               incoming attacks from the enemies. The shield also causes guardira 
    	   to take only 1/10th of the actual damage deal to him/the shield. 
    My Rating: 8/10
               Unlike Taterazay, Guardira is actually a better tank - alone. 
               Equipped with a Tokoyomamori shield and Marumenko helm, this ram
               is as tough as steel. Also, his charge attack also kicks ass IF
               he's using an offensive build. Except for the difference on how he 
               protects his allies, other remarks are just the same as taterazay.
    Hero mode: Freaky Tree
     Activate: Charge Jump (YES, JUMP!)
        Combo: Jump (YES, SPAM JUMP MOAR!)
       Effect: Bowmunk summons a gigantic tree, healing allies, but slower than 
               that of Pingrek's. This hero mode is affected by attack speed though
               so if you got fast weapons, this may match pingrek's healing speed.
               Another good thing about this hero mode is that, unlike Pingrek's 
               Healing Chateau, it is invulnerable despite it being "hittable".
    My Rating: 5/10
               Having the ability to actually HEAL and PROTECT allies at the same
               time makes this hero quite better than Pingrek - in a general way.
               But since his healing requires him to produce grass, BURN and FLAME
               attacks become a huge problem. Still, he's not the best healer
               or protector you'd want to rely on. 
               *His MAIN use though, is to get your from level 32 to level 40 
                (read Grass Grinding section [G-ras]) 10/10 for that! 8D
    Hero mode: Guillotine
     Activate: Attack
        Combo: Attack
       Effect: Guillotine starts with grenburr jumping and spinning himself in 
               mid-air and slashing his foes into half when he lands. This hero 
               mode actually does damage when the blade actually touches the ground
               or enemy. NOT mid-air, during the "spinning" animation. With a maxed
               Zapper skill, this is probably one of the most powerful hero modes
               you'd ever come by.
    My Rating: 7.5/10
               Grenburr is mainly focused on being a massive damage-dealer (well,
               obviously!) the only thing i'd complain about him is that he lacks
               the equipment to actually give him more resistance or defense. 
               Thankfully though, he's been granted to be affected by Cannassault's
               backbone skills. He STILL lacks that defense though.. 
    moving on... 
    |                                  Equipment                          |[E-qip]|
    Equipments have been existent ever since the first RPG started, so of course,
    this game has them too. Equipments are probably one of the most important 
    things in this game because of their respective bonuses in both defense and 
    offensive prowess. This section focuses on the different kinds of equipments 
    that are available to the game, as well as enchantments and even the sets that 
    make good bonuses with each other. First off, we got:
             |                      Enchantments               |[E-nch]|
     Fl - adds burn rate, no bonuses whatsoever
     St - additional damage, no bonuses whatseoever
     Po - increases poison rate, no other bonuses whatsoever
     H  - increases damage against undead & demons
     Sl - huge damage increase against dragons
     De - increased damage against structures,obstacles,Golems and unburned treants
          also increases other attack bonuses by 10% 
     G  - high damage, gives bonus crit rate
     Hp - additional Hp
     Ar - additional Defense
     W  - increases weight, also reduces physical damage by 20%
     Ic - increased burn resistance, reduces fire damage by 20%
     En - overall damage reduced by 10%
     Cu - Increased resistance against poison
     Me - huge Hp boost, overall damage reduction of 15%
             |                         Weapons                 |[W-eap]|
        Ice Sword
        Flame Sword
        Sleepy Sword
        Drigonlay (+Dragons)
        Flangil (+Undead)
      Super Unique:
        The Butcher
        Lightning Blade
        Critical Blade
      Super Unique
        Blade of Astria
        Critical Spear
        Flame Spear
        Repel Spear
        Gesundbeit (+Giants)
      Super Unique
        Dokaknel's Fang (SE:Pierce)
        Palkyria's Flight (SE:Shd Brkr)
        Poseipon's Trident (have not yet been proven to exist as chest drop)
        Ice Pike
        Stagger Pike
      Super Unique
        Super Cedar Log
        Ice Lance
        Stagger Lance
        Fire Lance
        Romulus' Halberd (+Giants)
      Super Unique
        Ice Arm
        Repel Arm 
        Sleepy Arm
        Deathwringer (+Structures)
        Great Golem Arm
      Super Unique
        Natura's Touch (damage bonuses are halved)
        Piringar Zingar
        Chosan's Arm
        Critical Dagger
        Sleepy Dagger
        Crablessa (+shells, +dragons, +structures)
      Super Unique
        Poison Shiv
        Heltopay's Kiss
      Super Unique
        Goliamon's Shiv
        Holymadda Shiv
        Critical Greatsword
        Ice Greatsword
      Super Unique
        Serberker (Reduces critical rate to 0%) 
        Flame Greatblade
        Sleepy Greatblade
        Mono Hoshibo
        Onigiri's Greatblade (+undead, +demons, +giants)
      Super Unique
        Stagger Axe
        Poison Axe
        Hilkinga's Chillaxe 
        Shiva's Flameaxe (have not yet been proven to exist in chest drops)
      Super Unique
        Axe of Hanboon (Element: Strike)
        Lightning Club
        Genmaru (+Structures)
        Mjollnir (+Giants)
      Super Unique
        Thor (+overall damage)
        Flame Bow
        Sleepy Bow
        Bow of Apollopon
      Super Unique
        Raijinpon's Bow
        Stagger Longbow
        Poison Longbow
        Crossbow of Faible
      Super Unique
        Krakabom Crossbow (Element: Strike)
        Yoichiro (SE:Pierce)
        Ice Crossbow
        Repel Crossbow
        The Machinator
      Super Unique
        Illiamtel's Overture (+Structures)
        Teskatori Shooter
        Ice Horn
        Flame Horn
        Healixir Tuba (+Defense bonus)
        Dragonap Tuba (+dragons)
      Super Unique
        Sonic Demonslayer (+demons, +undead)
     |Long Horns|
        Stagger Longhorn
        Sleepy Longhorn
        Horn of Homugai
      Super Unique
        Megaslayer (+giants)
        Great Howl
        Lightning Twinhorn
        Poison Twinhorn
        Horns of Hamlin
      Super Unique
        Siren's Song
        Spriggan's Song
        Fireball Staff
        Firewall Staff
        Lightning Staff
        Thunderstorm Staff (Sorcery unlock: Thunderific)
      Super Unique
        Holymist Staff (Sorcery unlock: Nova nova)
        Flamesea Staff (Sorcery unlock: Dark fire)
        Darkvenom staff (Sorcery unlock: Venomist)
        Jewelsword Staff (Sorcery unlock: Dancing Sword)
        Purity Sceptre
        Healing Sceptre
        Defense Sceptre
        Firefighter Scepter (Burn immunity)
        Defrost Scepter (Freeze immunity)
      Super Unique
        Maelstrom Scepter (Transforms Freeze Trap Into the soporific Out Cold)
        Sleepless Scepter (Sleep immunity)
        Antivenom Scepter (Poison Immunity)
        Flame Cannon
        Bonkadonk Cannon (+Structures, +Shells, +Dragons)
      Super Unique
        Ice Howitzer
      Super Unique
      **all howitzers have: (-Shells, -Dragons, -Stone, -Metal)
        Critical Laser
      Super Unique
      **All Lasers have: (SE:Pierce)
      **Cannogabang's Hero Mode grants SE:Pierce to Cannons and Howitzers.
             |                          Armor                  |[A-rmr]|
        Flame Helm
        Ice Helm
        Lightning Helm
        Tahla Helm
        Bunny Hood (-Fire&Burn resist)
        Malevolent Uramus Helm (Sleep Immune)
        Bald Cap (Burn Immune)
        Shubaba Gale Helm
        Marina Sea Helm
        Clown Helm (Freeze Immune)
      Super Unique
        Tebenos Helm 
        Samurai Helm
        Marumenko Helm
        Ice Shield
        Flame Shield
        Eye shield
        Stinger Shield
        Galapagos Shield
      Super Unique
        Octagon Shield (+Slash/Stab/Crush/Strike defense bonus)
        Fireblessed Shield (Burn Immune)
        Alldemonium Shield (-Stamina)
     |Great Shields|
        Poison Greatshield
        Grond Greatshield
        Aegis (+Overall Elemental Resist)
      Super Unique
        Bacteon Greatshield (Poison Immune)
        Flame Shoulders
        Ice Shoulders
        Frayola's Spaulders
      Super Unique
        Crono riggers (Critical Immune)
        Cotton Cape
        Ice Cape
        Fire Cape
        Cape of Ulysses
        Freja's Cape
      Super Unique
        Vamp Cloak
        Wide Awake Boots
        Flame Boots
        Alarium Stompers
      Super Unique
        Lilith Shoes
        Flame Horse
        Wide Awake Horse 
        Sibericus the Frosty
        Bullgam the Bully
      Super Unique
        Ice Warhorse
        Poison Warhorse
        Deep Impact
      Super Unique
        Kotenho the King
        Ponteo the Victorious
        Ice Chariot
        Flame Chariot
        Critical Chariot
        The Silencer
        Ruemelter (-Burn Resist)
      Super Unique
        Silver Murzephone
        Chariot of Light
        Deedsarus Darktank (0% Crit when equipped)
    |                                   Stats                             |[S-tat]|
    So everyone knows that any RPG or game AT LEAST consists of these kind of
    stuff. Here you shall see a detailed view of what each and every stat in 
    the game does. Let me remind you that each and every one of these are 
    independent from one another. Which means, THIS stat does not have anything 
    to do with THAT stat. Hope we got that all clear. Moving on...
    This is exactly what you will see at the Barracks, Status section:
             &&&&  Name              .     .     .     .     .     .
             &&&&  Class       Lvxx     .     .     .     .     .
             Exp              xxxxxxx    Mvmt Speed(Attk)       x.xx
             Next Level        xxxxxx    Mvmt Speed(FeveR)      x.xx
             Stamina           xxxxxx    Attack Speed(sec.)     x.xx
             Strength        xxx-xxxx    Knockback Power          xx
             Defense             xxxx    Weight                 x.xx
                                         Shield Evasion            %
                                         Shield Breaker            %
             Attack Element
             xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx
             <Status Effect Rates>       <Status Effect Resistances>
             Critical Rate          %    Critical Resistance       %
             Knockback Rate         %    Knockback Resistance      %
             Stagger Rate           %    Stagger Resistance        %
             Burn Rate              %    Burn Resistance           %
             Sleep Rate             %    Sleep Resistance          %
             Freeze Rate            %    Freeze Resistance         %
             Poison Rate            %    Poison Resistance         %
             <Attack Bonuses>            <Defensive Bonuses>
             Against Demons         %    When Slashed              %
             Against Undead         %    When Struck               %
             Against Shells         %    When Stabbed              %
             Against Dragons        %    When Crushed              %
             Against Giants         %    Against Fire              %
             Against Wood           %    Against Ice               %
             Against Stone          %    Against Lightning         %
             Against Metal          %    Against poison            %
                                         Against Sound             %
                                         Anti-Light                %
                                         Against Darkness          %
    First of all, i'd like to state that those DOTS on top resemble the 
    immunities that specific character has. For example, if you had an infinite
    resistance for fire, a small icon will replace one of those dots. If you 
    have no immunity, you'll see dots. As simple as pie.  
    *Exp = TOTAL exp gained.nuff said
    *Next Level = Exp required to gain next level 
      **Some people may get confused but the actual calculation is:
                   Next Level - EXP = Exp to gain
    *Stamina = HP.Hitpoints.nuff said
    *Strength = Raw Damage.i say "raw" because this is not EXACTLY what appears
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   on your screens. Example, you have 200-1000 strength. It may
                occur that you dealt 2435 damage, that's normal. Because raw 
                damage is still calculated by some formula i do not know of.
         999999 damage is the Visual(what appears on screen) limit for Damage
         and it has been confirmed that the calculated damage exceeds that.
    *Defense = Raw Defense. I also dont know whats the EXACT formula for this,
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   but the more you have, the better.
    *Mvmt Speed(Atk) = the higher, the better. Makes you reach your enemy faster
    `Mvmt Spd(Fever) = Walking Speed, but during Fever. Walking w/o Fever is 
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   constant (and slow)
    `Atk Spd = How fast you deal the next damage. The lower the digit, the 
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   faster you hit. Some instances among uberheroes have an 
               "animation limit" wherein the hero cannot deal more strikes 
               even with a faster attack speed. 
               Ex. Myamsar & Jamsch stuck at 0.18 attack speed. Anything lower
                   would still yield 11~13 maximum attack animations.
                   Piekron stuck at 2 maximum attacks due to his "leaping" 
    `Knockback Power = The distance you throw your opponent when you cause a
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   knockback.
    `Weight = This affects of how distant you are thrown when you are hit with
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯   a knockback effect. The lower your weight is, the farther you
              are thrown.
    *Shield Evasion = % of which you can evade (Nullify) damage.
    *Shield Breaker = % of which you deduct from Shield Evasion.
    *xx Rate = The rate of which you cause that effect 
         **This does not mean that 100% CRIT RATE deals criticals ALL the time,
         take note that the enemies also have CRITICAL RESISTANCES and such,
         which is directly subtracted from your crit rate.
         ***Crit Rate was confirmed that the more % you have, would mean the 
            higher damage output for criticals. thanks to Zick for confirming
            Example: 999% Crit rate = Approx. 12,000 ~ 90,000 damage.
                     464% Crit rate = Approx. 11,000 ~ 78,000 damage.
    *xx Res = Resistance to such effects which is directly subtracted from
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯   their rates.
         **Example: Your Crit Rate = 100%
                    Enemy Crit Resistance = 20%
                    Your calculated crit rate = 80%
    *Attack Bonuses = the rate of which your calculated raw damage is multiplied
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   to. So if you would normally inflict 100 damage to normal
                      enemies, but you have 300% AGAINST UNDEAD, you will end up
                      dealing 300 damage to Bonedeths which are UNDEAD units.
    *Defensive Bonus = Same thing as Attack Bonus. But this is Lower=Better.
    |Attack Elements|
         Fire                 Stab
         Lightning            Strike
         Ice                  Slash
         Poison               Crush
         Light                Sound
    |                   Pros and Cons (Stab/Slash/Strike/Crush)           |[P-ndC]|
    Thanks To RidgeRacer55, here's an in-depth guide on what's good and whatnot
    among the physical attack elements. Here's what he got for us:
    Stab: (Spears,Bows,Crossbows,Longbows,Halberds,Daggers,Shivs)
         + High Critical Rate
         + Stab Master also adds more Critical Rate
         + Effective against most enemies and monsters
         + Mainly a far/mid range element(except for Myamsar with Daggers/Shivs,
                                         Kibadda, Pyokorider,or Wooyari,who are 
                                         all close range)
         + Has weapons and attacks that also pierce: Dokaknel's Fang,Yoichiro and
                                                    Yumiyacha & Charibassa's
                                                    Uberhero Mode
         - Not-so effective against structures
         - Thunder Lions,Stone Golems,and sleeping Treants are immune to critical,
           and don't take lots of damage from Stab element
         - Actual Damage isn't that high,relies on Critical attacks for damage
         - Arrows can miss targets at close range,can be blocked by the low 
           dungeon ceilings and structures,and headwinds reduce their range
    Slash: (Swords,Blades,Greatswords,Greatblades)
         + All-around attack element
         + High Movement Attack Speed and Attack Speed
         + Slash Master also makes your Attack Speed and Movement Attack Speed
         + Deals higher damage to structures than Stab element
         + Good Critical Rate and Damage
         - Damage against Stone Golems or Structures aren't as high as Strike
           element attacks
         - Mostly a close range attack element(except Jewelsword Staff), so
           Salamanders can burn/freeze you(unless you are Backbone 4 Grenburr or
           Doppelganger Myamsar)
    Strike: (Arms,Clubs)
         + Effective against structures and Stone Golems
         + High Maximum Damage,Stagger,and Knockback
         + Strike Master also adds Stagger and Knockback
         - Mostly a close range attack element (except Howitzers,Repel Spear, or 
           a Krakabom Crossbow), so Salamanders may burn/freeze you
         - Low Critical Rate
         - Low Minimum Damage
    Crush: (Everything Smasher - Destrobo Class skill,Cannons)
         + More effective against structures and Stone Golems than Strike element
         + Disregards most of the enemy's defense
         + Good Minimum-Maximum Attack
         - Critical Rate is lower than Strike element attacks
         - Lacks an Element Master Set Skill
    |                                 Walkthrough                         |[W-tru]|
    Now as we get to the main part of this guide, let me tell you a few pointers:
    ~Watch your opponents carefully. Knowing when and when not to input the proper
     commands is a huge factor in the game.
    ~if you are stuck at a certain part of the story, despite following my guide,
     get yourself a few more levels, and upgrade your equipment as much as possible
    ~OR try playing around with your pons. Sometimes, there would come a time when
     you'll have to give up that extra damage for a small support from status 
     effects. Strategy is key.
    Mission Name: The Oath                          [St-00]
    Mission Type: Intro
        Location: Earth
      Difficulty: negative infinity
    As you begin your new game, you will find yourself watching a short clip 
    which shows a brief story how "evil beings" were locked up in a big chest by a 
    certain hero that wears a mask
    After which, your oath shall be taken by selecting the only option at the  
    bottom. Right after accepting the oath, you will be given the chance to choose 
    your name and/or import your old patapon 2 save.
    **Benefits from Importing**************************************************
    Shubaba Gale Helm (Highest attack speed bonus equipment in the game)
    ~dont get it wrong, this piece is priceless. There are tons of heroes where
     you would be choosing attack speed over damage for their sole purposes.
    THEN, by confirming this and that, the final question is asked: 
    "Do you want to be Unique?"
    If you answer yes, you will be randomly given a unique kind of hairstyle. 
    Otherwise, you will end up having the same, old patapon hair/headress. 
    After all this trouble, you will finally be able to start your journe- oops, 
    not just yet! There will be a little chit-chat between you and Silver Hoshipon,
    one who has also been released from the archfiend chest. With his help and 
    request, you have been reincarnated into the body of Hero from patapon 2, 
    granting Hero(or in this case, You - the Almighty) supernatural strength and 
    uncomparable abilities. As you go on, only the selected from each army will be
    revived by hoshipon's remaining power.. FINALLY, hoshipon will shut up and 
    give you time to walk on your own... hence, finishing the mission. 
    Mission Name: Advance! Attack!                  [St-01]
    Mission Type: Story
        Location: Patapon Training Grounds
      Difficulty: 1/10
    This is your very first step for the upcoming journey - a TUTORIAL, yes. It may
    seem not like it, but this mission actually teaches you the importance of 
    speed, when to attack, and also when to march. TIMING IS CRUCIAL, as they say.
    If you do this stage perfectly, you will get a Backwards-March Song at the end
    of the road. Though if you fail to get it, you can always return and try again. 
    Regardless of getting the chest or not, you will still clear the mission. EVEN
    IF YOU DIDNT MOVE. xD Following runs, after achieving the Song will just reward
    you with Golden Chests.
    Mission Name: Traverse the Field of Giants!     [St-02]
    Mission Type: Story
        Location: Field of Angry Giants
      Difficulty: 2/10
    Just move forward and attack for the first few seconds. After destroying the 
    platform 1 Yarideth is stepping on, you will be facing your first cyclops which
    is behind a stone structure. Just make sure to avoid the cyclops' attacks as 
    much as you can, and you're good to go.
    **The cyclops will keep spawning until you destroy the bonedeths' camp at the 
      end of the map. You'd be facing at least 2 cyclops before reaching that camp
      or probably 3 if you kill them too slowly. They will appear one by one, but
      never at the same time.
    Mission Name: Ragewolf & the Mysterious Birch Grove [St-03]
    Mission Type: Story
        Location: Field of Angry Giants
      Difficulty: 4/10
    The reason for a spike in difficulty is because you will be facing TWO strong
    opponents for the FIRST time in ONE mission. Nothing else to expect though.
    In this stage, you will encounter bonedeths equipped with flame weapons along
    with with grass patches scattered throughout the map. If you have ice helmets 
    in your stash, this would probably be the best time to take them out.
    Destroy the first few obstacles until the giant base camp. You should most 
    likely reach that gigantic base camp with ease if you had good damage or ice 
    helmets equipped, at the least. After destroying the said camp, you will find 
    yourself in a battle with your first Dark Hero opponent - Ragewolf. You can
    easily beat him by spamming normal attacks and/or properly executing charged
    attacks. Defend if necessary, btw.
    As soon as you beat Ragewolf up, another adversary shows up - a Treant. Treants
    are terribly weaker when exposed to fire, so make sure you take advantage of 
    that - although they are a lot stronger during their "burning" phase, just 
    outdamaging and defending at the proper time will make you survive and take him
    down before he kills you. Destroy the base camp behind him, then job well done.
    Mission Name: Proving Grounds & the Crescent Moon   [St-04]
    Mission Type: Story
        Location: Arena of Valor
      Difficulty: 4/10
    For your first arena battle, i will provide you a brief tutorial on how it 
    actually works: 
      (1)Blue structures are your structures, red for the enemy, white for neutrals
      (2)Capture white structures by staying in it's designated territory for an 
         ample amount of time. You CANNOT capture enemy structures.
      (3)Some structures take out cannons, which could aid you in battle.
      (4)In arena battle, you also face the current Dark Heroes that are available,
         w/ a Maximum of 4 in the field. They sometimes have bonedeths to back them
         up too
      (5)Killing the opposing heroes and destroying their structures will gain you 
         points. When the timer in the upper right screen runs out of time, the
         team with the higher score wins the battle.
      (6)Reaching the opposing team's FLAG, grants you an automatic WIN. Regardless
         of points or time left, the match is ended immediately.
    March forward until you reach the middle platform. Dont worry about stopping to
    'capture' the structures. The pauses between your measures are long enough to 
    ensure it's capture even while you are just passing by.
    In the middle platform, you can either wait or bring on the fight with ragewolf
    to the the end of his ropes. But do take note though that he has gotten more 
    powerful compared to your previous battle. Expect more difficulty with cannons
    and bonedeths at his back. You can sit back and gather some points safely if 
    you want though. If you are weak to kill ragewolf, keep defending. If you can
    kill him in 2 or 3 hits, you may as well just go on.
    Manage to destroy his first visible platform (the one that has a cannon) 
    without much damage, then continue the pursuit to getting his flag. It's much 
    easier to destroy the following structures than the first one, so dont you 
    fret. Touching his flag grants you an auto win.
    Mission Name: Archfiend of Valor [St-05]
    Mission Type: Story
        Location: Cave of Valor
      Difficulty: 4/10
    Your first dungeon experience! Mind you, if you die here, there is no more 
    reviving. So choose your commands wisely! Here are a few tips for you:
    **Archer Starters: You will find this stage with a little more difficulty 
                       compared to the others. So, beware of the opponents'
    		   attacks. Defend or Evade if you have to do so. Sleepy bows
    		   will provide good use here, but put the upgrades in top 
    		   priority since damage and status effects come with it too.
    **Shield Starters: This stage will be really easy for shield classes, esp. if 
                       you are already using a tondenga. Not really needed to be 
    		   used though, but he pawns any dungeon better than any other
    		   uber. Broken indeed. IF you want to pursue as a Taterazay,
    		   just make sure to time your commands well. Charge attacks
    		   could provide more useful than normal attacks as one. Still,
    		   if you have a better tactic in mind, don't be afraid to try
    		   it. I'm just giving suggestions. :D
    **Spear Starters: Find yourself a good, enchanted, Critical/Repel Spear and 
                      upgrade it as much as possible. You may have the most damage
    		  among the other three classes at this time, but you actually
    		  lack the status dealing to cancel enemy attacks. Knockback
    		  would be good enough to keep the Cyclops' and Dragon's 
    		  distance from you. Just make sure to avoid any thrown rocks
    		  or dragon breaths as much as you can, cause they will be a 
    First Floor: 2 Parts. In the first half, only one cyclops and a few obstacles
                 will be in your way. The next half, on the other hand, has 2 of
                 these powered-up cyclops. So take extreme precaution if you feel
                 like you have to. Stick with the suggestions i've given above, 
                 and this floor will be a breeze.
    Second Floor: You will encounter an iron door as soon as you enter this floor.
                  No way to open it? Well, you can do that by simply using a Jump
                  Command to hit the switch. OR if you have a Tondenga, a charge
                  attack will also do. 
                  Destroy a few obstacles, face a stronger cyclops, then finally
                  meet you first dragon. Keeping a good distance(to avoid the 
                  dragon's breath as much as possible) would be highly recommended.
                  Just spam attacks and defend if under attack, then you will be
                  **The dragon is pretty vulnerable to ANY kind of status effect
                  at this point. So if you have anything of the ones mentioned 
                  above, it would really help you against this particular dragon.
                  After which, proceed to Floor 3 and meet your first Archfiend
                  and boss battle!
    Third Floor: Well, guess what? It's our good 'ol pal Dodonga from the previous
                 games! *Ahem* Stagger and Knockback effects will make this beast
                 look silly. A good sleep weapon could also make him snooze, but
                 knockback itself is enough - especially for the Spear and Archer
                 **Dodonga, when knockbacked, will ALWAYS walk back to his place
                   due to his puny range UNLESS during the time he is weakened.
                   If so, he could back out a few patas away. No problemo. Beware
                   of his Gobble up, Breath attack, and tossing attacks though...
                   they can be REALLY deadly.
    After the mission, you will have a tiny conversation with a familiar face. If 
    he asks you "Did you lose a chest?" say YOU DIDNT! why? you will soon know.
    The prize is priceless. Choosing otherwise will reward you nothing but regret.
    Mission Name: Big Chills in Pure Snow               [St-06]
    Mission Type: Story
        Location: Snow Field of Sullied Tears
      Difficulty: 3/10
                  5/10 (with no ice resist)
    This is a snowfield stage, so this would be the best time to take out all those
    FLAME weapons and equipments with you for a smooth victory. All you have to 
    really do in this stage is to destroy a lot of obstacles (including snowball 
    Also, you will come across two Ice Golems - which are still fairly easy to kill
    at this point of the game. Just beware of their Palm attack since it could 
    swoop your whole team down into bits. Defend if they do so. DO NOT attempt to 
    run or jump, as the golem would still be able to reach you. Destroy the camp, 
    victory is yours.
    Mission Name: Naughtyfins & the Ice Fortress        [St-07]
    Mission Type: Story
        Location: Snow Field of Sullied Tears
      Difficulty: 4/10
    With the snowstorm going on and ice salamanders on your way, this mission's 
    gonna be tough if you dont know what to do. Ragewolf will also be part of the
    annoying creeps who will be smacking you around the whole mission, so be really
    careful. If you have read the data about salamanders in the [N-emy] Section, 
    you should already know what they are capable of. 
    **Right after a salamander dies, you have EXACTLY 3 measures to get away from 
      his explosion. So just in case you want a tip right after killing: [1]Party 
      song (heal status ailments);[2] walk (if you're still far from him) or 
      Charge and; [3] Jump/Evade/Defend. Defending may be a bit painful, but if 
      you already have a healing patapon, you'd be just fine.
    After a few encounters with the salamanders and ragewolf, the fun just wont 
    stop. You still have to face Ragewolf + Naughtyfins BEHIND a gigantic ice 
    castle. Make sure you have a summon with you, in case you lose your hero. Then
    blast the castle away by spamming attack commands. There is really not much 
    point defending, since they still rarely use their hero modes at this point. 
    So take advantage of what they lack. The ice castle shouldnt be that difficult
    as well, and eventually will come down. Status effects to keep naughtyfins or
    ragewolf quiet will be helpful though, so keep that in mind.
    Mission Name: A Mermaid's Tears and the Great Snow Race [St-08]
    Mission Type: Story
        Location: Racing Alley of Purity
      Difficulty: 3/10 (using Strike/Slash/Strong damage)
                  5/10 (weak damage/using Stab weapons)
    Bear in mind that even though this stage is a race, obstacles are still in the
    way. Stab and Slash wont deal much damage too if it's compared to Strike, so
    you better check out your Attack Element in your Status screen. Disregard if 
    you are strong enough to deal decent damage on most enemies though. Obstacles
    in races are pretty weak to begin with.
    The rules/pointers for racing are simple:
    [1]Reach the goal before your enemy does.
    [2]Blue are obstacles you own, which should be destroyed by the opposing team. 
       You can just pass by your obstacles. Red, on the other hand, are what you 
       should be destroying, they are obstacles your enemies have set for you.
    [3]White obstacles, ice obstacles and mosters are neutral, anyone can hit them
    [4]The blue glowing balls above you increase MOVEMENT speed. You'll probably 
       want to get these if you hadn't got good damage yet. You can ignore them if
       you're confident in winning though.
    So.. that's all. If the annoying snowball shooters and ice golem in the middle 
    of the map is not a problem for you, then consider this an easy win.
    Mission Name: Archfiend of Purity                   [St-09]
    Mission Type: Story
        Location: Tower of Purity
      Difficulty: 7/10
                  4/10 (With 50% stagger/sleep)
    It is recommended that you bring Flame equipment to reduce ice damage and as 
    well as deal bonus damage against monsters in this stage. Salamanders will
    start being annoying by blowing up every time you kill them, be extremely 
    careful if you want to finish even just the first floor - this Archfiend 
    mission is MORE difficult than the last one.
    First Floor: On the first door, there will be some bonedeths and 2 Salamanders
                 in your way. Obstacles will also take part, but this is actually
                 pretty easy provided you evade or do not get blown by the 
                 explosions from the salamanders. 
                 On the second door, there will be only one ice salamander, but
                 right behind it would be an ice golem. Ice golems can be dealt
                 with critical damage, unlike their stone brothers - which makes
                 it easier and faster to kill them. If you have not enough damage
                 output, i'd recommend around 50% stagger or sleep for this 
                 mission. But if you have CFW, and are able to access DLC caps 
                 easily, Straw Hat and the Candled helmet would answer your 
                 The last door for this level will have a LARGER golem. I'd highly
                 recommend using charge attacks or charge defends. Though if you 
                 are able to put it to sleep or stagger him silly, then you will
                 just have to keep your pace.
    Second Floor: As soon as you enter the second floor, there will be a chest just
                  above you. Use jump command (Mario, anyone?) to get it. The iron
                  door will require jumping as well. Just be sure to approach the 
                  switch, else you wont be opening the door at all. Behind the door
                  will reveal an ice dragon and ice salamanders. You have to be 
                  more careful in this floor than the previous one. If you get too
                  close, the dragon could stomp you flat while walking or even when
                  he gets staggered! Be sure to keep watch of your Shield Pons' HP.
                  The second door will show a LARGER ice dragon. Hell yeah. This is
                  what hell looks like when it's frozen. If ever needed, summon on
                  the right timing to heal up your pons. You dont wanna fail after
                  all that bloody work. 
                  On this door, there'd only be one ice salamander with a green 
                  potion, healing you around 1/10 of your Stamina. Bleh, get ready
                  for the last door, a GIANT surprise is coming!
                  YAY!!! A GIANT GOLEM!! You gotta get through this final guy. He 
                  has around 50k Stamina, as far as i've assumed. He also has some
                  salamanders accompanying him at the back. When killed, he then 
                  drops a key. And also, dont worry about using your final summon 
                  for this guy, you WILL get another one on the next floor.
    Third Floor: Finally, after all that bloody fight, you can take a break. Don't
                 worry, if you have gotten past floor 1 and 2, this will be piece
                 of cake. Expect the same for the following bosses as well. They 
                 will always be easier to handle than the big guys from floor 1 or 
                 So you meet Gaeen in here, a Stone Structure-Monster who shoots
                 lasers. Basically, he's similar to a golem. Afaik, you could still
                 land criticals on him. If you had the stagger/sleep equipment, 
                 this would be nothing. High damage is still faster though. And 
                 like i've mentioned, you will be killing this monster easier than
                 that giant golem. He has around 70k Stamina, but no salamander on
                 his side to annoy you. When killed, he will drop a key of which 
                 you will be using immediately. (=_=')
    Mission Name: Underworld Guard Dog of the Pass      [St-10]
    Mission Type: Story
        Location: Plateau of Pompous Wings
      Difficulty: 3/10
    This stage will only be a series of stone obstacles and patches of grass. Bring
    ice equipment to prevent burning. If not, at least bring rain which could cut
    your "burning time" by half. Rain, however, doesnt increase fire resist.
    After destroying the camp, a fenrir will be right behind it. Then another 
    set of stone obstacles will be there for you to destroy. YAY! About 20 seconds 
    after killing that last fenrir you killed, another one should appear in your
    way. Then again, another will spawn in about 30 seconds. Destroy that old spawn
    camp of theirs to end all this, or wait a few more minutes to gain more exp 
    from killing fenrir. When you're done with your business, proceed to the goal.
    Mission Name: Standoffish Sonarchy & the Perilous Mist  [St-11]
    Mission Type: Story
        Location: Plateau of Pompous Wings
      Difficulty: 5/10
    This stage is another obstacle course, but this one's a lot tougher than the 
    previous one. Bring fire resist in this mission if you dont want the dark 
    heroes to beat you into a pulp while you are running around. This will also be
    the first time you'd be meeting a new hoshipon - mecha hoshipon, with dual jet-
    packs on his back.
    After the first few forts you will be destroying, you will come across ragewolf
    in front of a familiar spawning camp. Ragewolf isnt really a threat at this 
    point so just whack him out of the away and proceed to the next area behind 
    him. You will soon meet Ragewolf AND Naughtyfins in front of another camp. Make
    your way through them and proceed to the final camp. 
    Upon reaching the huge Iron Fort you have to destroy in your way, the dark 
    heroes will be right beside their huge camp, slapping you silly while you take
    your time on that huge wall of iron. The annoying part is that Sonarchy and
    Naughtyfins are always inside or beside the fort, which renders you to make 
    direct contact with them. Sonarchy might deal a few statuses with a low chance
    of doing so, but Naughtyfins will keep you busy by freezing you every now and
    then. If you are too weak, dont have second thoughts of summoning. I had to use
    my summon in here even at my latest save due to that iron wall being quite 
    bulky. Well, its still nothing compared to what's coming in the near future.
    Mission Name: Bird or Beast? Offense or Defense?    [St-12]
    Mission Type: Story
        Location: Range of Justice
      Difficulty: 2/10
                  0/10 (with a Jamsch + Tailwind LOL)
    Seriously, this is MILES easier than the last range battle you've had. The 
    reason is because this battle has no forts. Which means all you have to do is
    keep firing your missiles and make them land on your opponents' platform.
    The only problems you may encounter is that Sonarchy or Naughtyfins would be
    destroying the missiles more than you know it. Naughtyfins jumps all the time,
    which may lead the missile to explode on her instead. Whereas Sonarchy and his
    sonic wave projectiles are too many, enough to destroy a couple of missiles.
    Dont you fear, you will be sending twice more missiles to them this time, it's
    a match in your favor.
    If i have to recommend a hero, it would be Jamsch. With tailwind and high sleep
    rate, you can almost render the other team from doing anything. Launching 
    missiles, destroying missiles, you name it. They will just be snoozing while
    you are busy winning.
    Mission Name: Archfiend of Justice                  [St-13]
    Mission Type: Story
        Location: Castle of Justice
      Difficulty: 8/10 (low fire resist, low damage)
                  4/10 (with 70% Stagger + incensar)
    First of all, you may be asking: "What is incensar?" It's actually a Unique
    Lance/Halberd which DIRECTLY damages grass, unlike those flame weapons that 
    only ignite grass. It is purely FIRE element, and that's all the explanation
    you need for it. It is not guaranteed that you get this particular weapon at 
    this part of the game, but it would help A LOT if you are able to do so. You 
    will see the reason why i have suggested it on this mission's Floor 2. 
    Take note of the riddle at the beginning of this stage, of which i would be 
    referring to later.
    Floor 1: This floor is actually where you might need stagger if you cant deal
             good damage to the stone golems - who are IMMUNE to any kind of 
             critical hits. EVEN POISON DAMAGE. But we will encounter them later
             so just read on. Since it would be meaningless to post a strategy for
             each of them, i will just list the opponents you will be dealing with
             for each door.  
             First door: Small Cyclops, 6 archer bonedeths
             Second door: Small Cyclops, 3 Spear bonedeths, 3 archer bonedeths 
             Third door: Small Cyclops, 4 spear bonedeths, 4 archer bonedeths
             Fourth door: Small Cyclops, 5 spear bonedeths, 5 archer bonedeths
             Fifth door: 1 Small Stone Golem, 1 Cyclops, 3 spear/archer bonedeths
                         *if you stand in the middle of this area, you will notice
                          that there are TWO PAIRS OF LAMPS lit at the background.
                          That's what actually the riddle was talking about in the
                          beginning of the stage. Anyway, use PARTY command in this
                          area UNTIL you "magically" reveal a hidden chest. On
                          your first time doing this, a key will drop from one of
                          the Mario boxes. High chance for a GOLDEN CHEST drop.*
             Sixth door: 1 Larger Golem, 1 Larger Cyclops, 6 archer bonedeths
             You will be in a tiny room per door. So that means any Palm Strikes 
             coming from the golem would surely hit you. Defend if that happens, 
             do not run or jump. Same strategy applies for all - kill or be killed.
             It wouldn't be too hard to do if you have 70% Stagger. You see, that
             is why i love this status effect, it works on almost any enemy out
             there. And you will soon notice that i would be recommending this one
             on the missions where you may have problems finishing with LOW DAMAGE.
             Inducing status effects like is a quick solution for those who have 
             low damage output.
    Floor 2: This area is literally filled with grass. I have to admit, this is 
             one of the most frustrating areas/mission of the game. If you dont 
             have any good amount of fire resist, prepare to see your patapons 
             running around all the time. IF you have Incensar, which i have 
             recommended earlier, then these patches of fire would be nothing. You
             wouldn't burn if there is no grass to burn you. All you have to worry
             about then would only be the fire salamanders and their explosions.
             1st Door: You will come across around 4 salamanders, 3 cyclops and 
                       a lot of those bonedeth archers. Take note that one of these
                       salamanders are bigger. Which means larger damage, larger
                       Stamina, and larger area of explosion. Keep your distance.
                       Salamanders/Monsters in this area (and in similar areas in 
                       the near future) will keep spawning until you reach a few
                       inches away from the next door.
             2nd Door: Actually, this is just a LONGER or wider area compared to
                       the one you experienced in door 1. The only thing is that
                       there are more Salamanders and Cyclops spawning here. And 
                       of course, more grass. Expect at least 6 Salamanders, and 
                       around 5 cyclops. Bonedeths are of which we shouldnt care
                       about. XD again, monsters will keep spawning until you reach
                       the end of the area.
    Floor 3: The last floor for this dungeon, and as usual, another boss battle.
             Like i've said before, the bosses are usually easier to deal with 
             compared to the pain in the azz caused by the lower dungeon floors.
             The boss for this dungeon is Kanogias, another Monster-Structure type
             of monster but this time, Metal. As far as i have calculated, this 
             boss has around 110k Stamina in total. But that is nothing to worry 
             about. Just be careful of his attacks. Which are average in damage,
             and close-mid range in reach. They will never touch your archer 
             class, afaik.
    Mission Name: Man-eating Shark of Nuchara Swamp     [St-14]
    Mission Type: Story
        Location: Greedy Mask Jungle
      Difficulty: 2/10
    This mission has a mixture of ice and fire. There will be patches of grasses as
    usual and bonedeths equipped with Ice or Fire weapons. Though the most 
    noticable thing in this mission are the sharks (duh). If you take too long to
    kill one, they would glomp you for a snack. After a certain amount of damage,
    these sharks will flip over to the ground, and will be more vulnerable to 
    For all i know, all you have to do is reach a camp, find a medium-sized fort, 
    find another camp, and finally destroy a fortress. Not much of a big deal 
    compared to the last dungeon you took. Easy win.
    Mission Name: Duel w/ Ravenous in Tahi-Tahi Forest  [St-15]
    Mission Type: Story
        Location: Greedy Mask Jungle
      Difficulty: 4/10
    You will need a lot of flame protection for this stage. But do not worry, there
    is still rain to help you out just in case...OR NOT. This is the first time you
    will be encountering Treants. And if you have gotten a glimpse of the [N-emy]
    section, you would know by now that Treants gradually REGAIN stamina whenever
    there is rain. Do not worry much about it in this stage though. The treants are
    weak. Just make sure to bring a fire weapon to burn them, to make them more 
    After killing the first treant, you will be opted with a tip from Naughtyfins 
    telling you to use sleep/poison. Well, since you are here now, just try it out 
    if ever you fail. I doubt you would anyway. She will then drop a purple potion 
    before she leaves but this will be behind the 2nd Treant, so ya betta kill off 
    le treant ta get yo drink, mate! 
    After you kill the second treant, there will be another conversation among the
    Dark Heroes, then you will soon find another treant and a fort before reaching 
    them. They are in a bunk, so you will have a hard time hitting them with 
    projectiles but that won't matter. Though you have to be careful, they are
    surely more deadlier than before. Not to mention how annoying Ravenous' 
    tornadoes are. Summoning isn't a bad option either if you see them strip away
    your Stamina little by little. After all that, feel free to proceed on to the
    next mission. 
    Mission Name: A Greedy Raven Spies Three Outposts   [St-16]
    Mission Type: Story
        Location: Arena of Earnestness
      Difficulty: 5/10
    The same old VS arena, but this time, with a lot of forts....A LOT, and im not 
    kidding. For a recommendation, i'd say that you take control of the middle fort
    and STAY THERE until you get a good timing to move on - that is, when all DH 
    are dead. 
    Sonarchy are the usual squishy dark heroes at the back, and they will surely be
    dealing status effects to you. Ravenous will try to spam his tornadoes against
    you, hoping that you would be annoyed. THE DH WILL SUMMON only once, and that
    is when at the first time they go low on HP. And their summon's damage is HUGE.
    So if you think that you can't handle them as they are now, i'd say keep 
    yourself in the middle fort. Otherwise, kill them whilst they are in the midst
    of summoning. That way, the summon will cancel immediately. Summon in case 
    you are really low on health or are missing a shield class. You dont want to 
    lose against a bunch of losers, do you?
    Mission Name: Archfiend of Earnestness              [St-17]
    Mission Type: Story
        Location: Estate of Earnestness
      Difficulty: 3/10 (if you have high Poison + Sleep/Stagger rate + tailwind)
                  7/10 (if you bring rain)
    Compared to the last dungeon, this will be a lot easier. All you probably need
    is good damage and a few resistances to sleep. If you have tailwind, you will
    not need that resistance at all. JUST DONT BRING RAIN!!!
    1st Floor: You will encounter Mahoton, a mini-boss for this dungeon. To see 
               more info about this monster, check my [N-emy] section regarding
               Mahoton. Killing Mahoton will automatically kill all his undead 
               creatures, that means...you finished the floor. LOL He's also really
               squishy, so im sure you will have no problems.
    2nd Floor: This is a race against time (if you want to get a key on your first 
               run and a chest on the following runs). This is where you could 
               actually apply Naughtyfins' tip earlier - use poison and sleep 
               when you go against treants. This will help you tremendously.
               Summoning as always, will be your savior when low in health. Keep
               than in mind.
               1st Door: Treant, Fire Salamander
               2nd door: 2 Treants, Fire Salamander
               3rd Door: Giant Treant accompanied by Fire Salamanders
                         *80% freeze will work against this big guy, and around
                          70% sleep/stagger/poison would do. This one has really
                          high Stamina, so you might want to bring that high poison
                          rate with you*
               Behind that Giant Treant is a panel that would stop the countdown 
               timer. Behind that panel is a door, and behind that door is your
               treasure. That treasure will vanish if the timer reaches zero, so
               try to make it to the panel as fast as you can.
    3rd Floor: Boss battle against Shookle. Well, this boss is a little tricky. 
               Aside from being total immune to sleep, it also produces sleeping
               spores around it. Oh and these spores are poisonous too! You can
               damage her "vines" to prevent her from catching your pons and 
               trapping them inside her body. Stagger will be a bad idea if you 
               have too much melee units with no sleep resist because everytime you
               stagger, it sprays spores around the area. Still, this hero is quite
               squishy and is terribly weak to fire. Also drops a key which will be
               used immediately.
    Mission Name: No Heavenly Bounty on a Scorched Desert  [St-18]
    Mission Type: Story
        Location: Bottomless Stomach Desert
      Difficulty: 3/10
    Bring rain if you dont want the sandstorm to ruin your vision. It doesnt matter
    anyway. Even though you dont see the enemies, you are still able to hit them. 
    Unlike Fog with Centura. 
    You will come across a Large Cyclops, followed by a camp nearby. And right 
    after destroying that camp, Deaths or Reapers will start spawning and coming
    at you. These Deaths cant be put to sleep or staggered, but can be frozen. 
    Though at this point, all you need is high enough damage to kill them. Careful
    of their combos though, they can wipe your army to none if you aren't cautious.
    After that, expect another cyclops and finally the last camp behind him. 
    Refer to my [N-emy] section to see more about these Deaths/Reapers.
    Mission Name: Buzzcrave & the Oasis of Eternal Sleep  [St-19]
    Mission Type: Story
        Location: Bottomless Stomach Desert
      Difficulty: 5/10
    This mission can get pretty annoying. There are a LOT of forts, high damaging
    cannons, and a heck lot of grass. Not to mention, cannonballs can actually 
    ignite the grass - double trouble.
    All you need actually is a pretty buffed shield class, a good and bulky, hard-
    hitting unit, and a lot of patience. The mission is pretty short actually, it's
    just that the forts and cannons take a bit of time to destroy. The sequence 
    will go like this:
    Cannons -> DH FORT -> Cyclops -> End. LOL. 
    You could actually summon in the middle of cannon-breaking, since the DH's 
    aren't really a threat anymore at this point. Now let's proceed.
    Mission Name: All-out Desert Drag Race              [St-20]
    Mission Type: Story
        Location: Racing Alley of Restraint
      Difficulty: 4/10
    BRING YOUR STRONGEST PONS. yeah, i had to do that. That is because Buzzcrave 
    has an incredibly high movement speed and racing really is in his favor. If
    you are able to, get those blue orbs as much as possible. YOU WILL need them
    if you lack damage. However, having high-damaging units would just make this
    race fair enough.
    Although, there were still these times where i had good damaging units and yet
    have lost. That is most likely to happen if you waste time doing mistakes like
    attacking when there is nothing anymore to attack, still walking when you are 
    already bumping into something - in short, carelessness.
    Halfway along the run, you will find these Iron Forts that you have been 
    dealing with earlier. Use this as an opportunity to get a big gap between you
    and buzz, as the DH would take some time to take these walls down. If you see
    on screen that you're about an inch (real-life measurement) away from them, you
    could assure your win.
    Mission Name: Archfiend of Restraint                [St-21]
    Mission Type: Story
        Location: Labyrinth of Restraint
      Difficulty: 7/10
                  5/10 with 80+% stagger
    This dungeon is LONG. And when i mean LONG, it means that the dungeon is five
    floors long. Yeah, you read that right - 5 FREAKIN FLOORS. Dont worry, the 
    difficulty is only set that way because of the duration. If you stop halfway,
    then slice the difficulty to half. This mission's theme is poison. Again,
    i'd be recommending 80% or more stagger/sleep. HIGH fire resist is also 
    suggested (when did i not suggest fire resist? oh yeah, on those freaky ice 
    1st Floor: Well, its all about speed. And high damage = speed. The first floor
               is pretty easy. Actually, expect me to say that line for the other 
               floors of this mission too. It's just that it can wear down your
               Stamina, that's why it becomes a bit hard. You can summon anyway.
               No biggie.
               1st Door: 2 Cyclops
               2nd Door: 1 Cyclops, 1 Horned/Purple cyclops
               3rd Door: 2 horned Cyclops
               4th Door: 2 Horned Cyclops, and 1 normal Cyclops in the middle
    2nd Floor: In this mission, Deaths will be hoverin around with of course 
               obstacles to make it more annoying. Death have a very high POISON
               DAMAGE RESISTANCE, so it's best not to use POISON ELEMENT WEAPONS
               (poison axe, poison longbow, poison shiv, etc). That aside, they
               are really weak against Holy.
               1st door: Deaths, bonedeths, Fenrir
               2nd door: Deaths, lots of grass, bonedeths, Poison Dragon
               Careful. The poison dragon can put you to sleep and as well as deal
               heavy damage. If you keep on staggering it, just watch the Stamina
               of your Shield pon.
    3rd Floor: This will be a battle versus Ragewolf + Ancient weapon. Well, he's 
               just a mini-boss for this stage. His superweapon can shoot snowballs
               to your melee-mid range units, Throw a concentrated snowball in the
               middle of your army - which deals huge ice damage in the area around
               it. He is invulnerable for the first few seconds and it wouldnt 
               really take much time to kill him. 
               Keep attacking and dont have second thoughts of summoning. This 
               fight can be pretty long. He will be dropping a key after. Now, this
               is the point where you should consider your current status. If you
               barely finished ragewolf, i would suggest you go back and gain a few
               levels for now. As you may have noticed, the game will mention a 
               "shortcut" being open after defeating ragewolf. That means that even
               if you quit and redo this mission, you will automatically be 
               redirected to the 4th floor, and do not have to do the previous ones
               anymore. So, your choice. The next floor will be a lot more 
               challenging than the previous.
    4th Floor: Well, you will notice that you are followed by a large flame wall at
               your back. So that means that you need to be quick to get away from
               1st Door: Fire wall will be chasing you at the back
               2nd Door: Encounter a door with a flame wall in between. Destroy
                         the next door to drop a green potion and "put out" the
                         flames of the flame wall in this area (no, the flame wall
                         behind you is still stalking you. LOL)
               3rd Door: Death, obstacles. This could be annoying since the Deaths
                         will keep pushing you back. Kill them as fast as you can!
               4th Door: Another Flame wall to cross.
               5th Door: Another Flame wall (getting annoying?)
               6th Door: Cyclops + Death
               7th Door: Flame wall
               8th Door: Flame wall
               9th Door: Horned Cyclops, cyclops, Death
               That was long, wasn't it? Now you believe me. Well, if you managed
               to get through all that hellish door-Flamewall fest. Then you may
               as well get yourself a scoop of ice cream. The next boss will be 
               piece of cake. Oh yeah, that's the final floor. party song?
    5th Floor: Here, you will be up against Ciokina. She has quite some defense but
               is also weak against fire. VERY easy to stagger. Although this is
               the only boss able to OHKO several pons at the same time. If you
               are caught up in the bubble, stagger her or else you will be losing
               those patapon in an instant. Those inside bubbles will not be able
               to attack. Erm, she's a lot easier than ragewolf LOL!
    Mission Name: World's First Hoshipon Convention     [St-22]
    Mission Type: Story
        Location: Volcano Zone of the Lazy Demon
      Difficulty: 5/10
    Bring a lot of fire resistance for this stage. There will be a lot of grass and
    some fire salamanders. This will be your first Balrog encounter, a bulky demon
    creature that has the ability to eat your pons (and regain Stamina at the same
    time) just like fenrirs. You can read more about him in the [N-emy] Section.
    Behind the first row of salamanders would you find a spawn camp which would 
    only give a bonus chest at best - the salamanders wont stop spawning even after
    breaking that fort. I see no point placing that in there <__<  Anyway, work 
    your way through until you meet or encounter black hoshipon. He go "yadda yadda
    yadda, go balrog!" then a balrog will spawn. Careful, this one is quite a hard
    opponent to have for a first encounter. After that, there will be small 
    salamanders as well as big salamanders before you reach their spawn camp. THIS
    time, they will finally stop spawning.
    want any kind of loot, that's fine. But this is an item you wouldn't want to
    miss on the story, really. If you did wait, gold hoshipon, before leaving, will
    reward you a Tategami summon. A summon that has the ability to push your 
    opponents far away, and keeps you using defend command for the whole duration.
    Mission Name: Black Hoshipon Strikes Back           [St-23]
    Mission Type: Story
        Location: Volcano Zone of the Lazy Demon
      Difficulty: 4/10
    Here you'd be finding Salamanders as soon as you enter the mission. Then, 
    Slogturtle alone will be guarding a nearby camp. Slogturtle casts his Hero mode
    every now and then but still quite squishy at this time. After destroying the 
    camp behind Slog, you will find a DH camp around halfway this area. Careful,
    there will be balrogs and salamanders blocking your way to the DH camp. And 
    this time, the DH's won't be leaving as you break their camp. You will have to
    kill each and every one of them before they totally leave. After that, there'd
    be nothing else left to do. 
    Actually, if you summon as soon as the fire salamander explodes, you would 
    most likely be destroying the fort and killing all the dh by the time the 
    summon expires. If not, almost. 
    Mission Name: Slogturtle the Mobile Shelter         [St-24]
    Mission Type: Story
        Location: Range of Adamance
      Difficulty: 3/10
                  0/10 (Jamsch + Sleep + Tailwind)
    Well, another missile battle. This time, the opposition has quite an upper 
    hand thanks to Slogturtle's Hero mode, which can absorb the missiles rendering
    them useless whenever it's on. Just bring high damaging heroes to keep lowering
    down that lever and shoot missiles nonstop. Jamsch with tailwind is still the
    most broken thing to play with for missile battles against DH. Oh yes, this 
    missile battle has an iron fort. But that's no big deal, is it? Another short 
    battle indeed.
    Mission Name: Archfiend of Adamance                 [St-25]
    Mission Type: Story
        Location: Evilmass of Adamance
      Difficulty: 9/10
    This dungeon's difficulty is due to the guillotines that would instantly kill
    you if you dont do things right. For some people (like me) it took more than
    10 times to get it right, before we have started to think of quitting the game. 
    Anyway, the only suggestion i have for you would be to bring a kibadda. Having
    him will save a lot of time later on. Also, enable your Cancel Command in title
    screen options - AND THAT IS HIGHLY REQUIRED.
    1st Floor: This floor simply just needs speed and timing. Well actually, just
               speed. Again, the guillotines on this floor will OHKO you, but they
               have a timer of when they would do that. 
               Everytime you pass a guillotine, there will be a new set of enemies
               to fight. Just like after breaking doors on the previous missions. 
               Again, i will just be listing the enemies and it's up to you on how
               you should be dealing with them. Really, you already must have an 
               idea of beating each and every one of those monsters in the past
               Guillotine 1: Salamander + a bunch of deths
               Guillotine 2: One additional Salamander + a bunch of deths
               Guillotine 3: Balrog + Salamander + a bunch of deths
               Guillotine 4: 2 Salamanders + 1 Balrog (which drops a key)
               After all that, it's actually the end. The next floor is the one you
               should be worrying about by now. Since it requires some speed, luck,
               timing and beat-breaking.
    2nd Floor: Well you wouldn't see the tricky part immediately, but rather go 
               against two dragon pups and a huge poison dragon first. This place
               is also rigged with some grass, just so you know. 
               Dragon pups will keep spawning every now and then, and probably by
               now, you have reached the blades of judgement. Now, read carefully
               so you'd know what to do. I suggest you read ahead before doing the
               floor. Since you really can't be reading while playing.
                  [1]Get as close as you can to the guillotine. Make the "closest"
                     unit just below the chains on the side of the guillotine. 
                     Because if you get any closer, he would be killed when the 
                     blades drop.
                  [2]You can skip this step if you have a Kibadda. Wait for an 
                     enemy to step on the platform. Proceed to step 4.
                  [3]Using kibadda, do a DEFENSE SONG, and sacrifice him to push 
                     down the platform. If you do, get ready for step 4.
                  [4]CANCEL YOUR BEAT, and START WALKING as soon as the first 
                     blade touches the platform. This way, you will barely reach
                     the platform before the blades totally retract to their 
                     original positions (if they do, and you step on the platform
                     too late, they will come down again to kill anyone under them)
                  [5]You only have a few seconds to walk through the blades. There
                     is this glitch where the blades will fall EVEN with your pons
                     stepping on the platform. This usually triggers if you already
                     have one patapon who is out of the guillotine's range
               Right after the wicked guillotine, do not fret. There will be a 
               golden chest right above you, supported by "Mario boxes". One of 
               these boxes will contain a purple potion which would revive those
               patapons you just lost! OH JOY! BUT WAIT! 
               The party starts here, a very huge Balrog will appear - it's 
               actually called a Balrag (upgraded version of balrog), along with a
               dragon. Kill him as quick as you can, because at the worst case, he
               could push you back to the guillotines and that would just suck, 
               wouldn't it? Summon freely if you need. There will be no enemies 
               right after these monsters.
    3rd Floor: Here, you will come across Patapon 2's boss. But this time, he is 
               stronger. Just stronger. Your patapons, by now, should be godly
               compared to the patapon 2 armies. You will easily beat him in no 
               But just to give you some advice, Holy weapons (again) work well 
               against this monster. He has two forms of which you wouldn't be able
               to witness anymore, and still has his OHKO attack.
    After the mission, there will be a cutscene which will be your deciding point
    of whether Naughtyfins joins you or not. If you do not have the following 
    options in the list, you must have said something before that doesnt concern
    Naughtyfins. Here's the sequence of answers to get her into your hideout:
      "Are you all right, Naughtyfins"
      "You are...the Princess...?"
      "Embrace her Boldly"               
    Then POOF!! Covet-hiss butts in, ruining your moment, then you kick him/her out 
    with an Uberhero Kick dealing 99999 damage, sending him to misery. End of drama
    Mission Name: Ravenous: Duel of Fate                [St-26]
    Mission Type: Story
        Location: Savannah of Envious Eyes
      Difficulty: 8/10 (if you have a squishy shield-pon)
    This is only the only non-dungeon stage that would reach this type of 
    difficulty. Blame that to Ravenous' dragon which would be totally immune to
    any attack at a certain period of the mission. Aside from that dragon, the 
    bonedeths or cyclops wouldn't even be a threat.
    As you start the mission, there would be an odd fort lying in front of you. And
    once you break this, it will trigger a cutcene and would make Ravenous' dragon
    walk closer. BEHIND that fort you just destroyed is a spawn camp. The large 
    one. And if you destroy that, Ravenous' dragon will start being immune to 
    damage. At this point, it's best that you just keep your guard up rather than
    wasting time rushing in. This dragon is really strong, dont underestimate it.
    Your shield class could get crushed while attacking and being stomped by the
    dragon, or by the cyclops throwing rocks. Like i've said, Just keep defending
    until Ravenous will spout something like this "My Dark Dragon weakens..." 
    BUT DONT ATTACK YET!! that is only the cue that his dragon will start being
    vulnerable. The real time you should be attacking is when Ravenous jumps to
    the back/spine of his dragon, which finally gives you the chance to kill it!
    Give it all you got but be ready for another bloody battle. 
    This wont be a threat, Ravenous jumps off the dragon with disbelief and then
    decides to take you on. Sadly, he is just alone and you just happen to have a
    whole army behind you. After killing Rave, there will be a spawn camp just
    behind which means....you are close to the goal.
    ***Cutscene Tips***
    Right after this mission, there will be a cutscene where UH and Ravenous will
    have some conversation. The answers you give will reflect on the outcome of 
    your next mission.
    If you answer incorrectly (or foolishly), you will be losing a lot of firepower
    and aid from Ravenous himself on the next mission.
    Mission Name: Covet-hiss Loves Cannons              [St-27]
    Mission Type: Story
        Location: Savannah of Envious Eyes
      Difficulty: 4/10
    This place is overkill. The Dark Heroes seem desperate that they think a bunch
    of cannons and forts could stand in your way. Really, you just have to be
    bulky enough to take a few cannon hits. Why? Ravenous/Gong will once again aid
    you in battle by bringing in his big guns - the almighty, and awesomely 
    upgraded Ziggertank! This baby will help you more than that lousy catapult from
    previous missions. It can go break those forts and cannons, pawn the DH's and
    as well as take a hell lot of hits. It's still destructable though. So do your
    part in helping with the damage-dealing and dont be totally dependent. 
       Remember,the Ziggertank will only appear if you have answered the previous 
       cutsence correctly!
    Once you get through the line of cannons, you will fight the DH's. Then as you
    go on, there will be a Giant fort with "3 Shells". Dont know what i mean? Go
    try destroying it to see for yourself. Anyway, just behind that fort would be
    a spawn camp which should be easier to destroy than those cannons. Summon if 
    you ever have problems with the HP of your shield classes. Otherwise, keep 
    marching and beating the enemies around until you reach the goal/flag.
    Mission Name: Dark Heroes' Last Stand               [St-28]
    Mission Type: Story
        Location: Arena of Tolerance
      Difficulty: 6/10
                  3/10 (with a high-damage army)
    This would be a quicker battle. It's either you totally win, or totally fail.
    If you are strong enough, it will be cakewalk. But if you got a pretty weak 
    damage, and are not able to keep up with the Dark Heroes, you will be in big
    Buzz's flies are what you should be afraid of, since you already have an idea
    of what the other heroes are capable of. These flies deal average damage, per
    fly. And he's got around 20 flies to send towards you! They again, will summon
    when they sense danger, so kill at least one among them if that would be the
    case. Why, you ask? That's because they will drop purple potions EVERYTIME they
    die. YEAH!! Anyone among them. Keep killing until you break their forts.
    You can either just stand before their flag and kill them while the time goes
    off for more exp, or you could finish it right there and proceed to your final
    Mission Name: Archfiend of Tolerance                [St-29]
    Mission Type: Story
        Location: Tomb of Tolerance
      Difficulty: 9/10 (if you have no sense of timing)
    This will be the last dungeon you would be doing. And the enemies here are not
    that much of a challenge, compared to your last dungeon. The challenging part
    is the stage itself. No, there will no be guillotines...BUT THERE WILL BE AXES!
    Yes, these axes will swing every now and then dealing massive damage to your
    patapons who are caught off guard. There is a timer anyway, so just be cautious
    and alert.
    1st Floor: the first level is pretty easy, you only need proper timing to get 
               through the axes. The axes fall every 16 seconds, so i suggest that 
               you start a command in a multiple of 4 or 2. That means, 2,4,6,etc. 
               This way, you have ample time to do a party/defend command which 
               could possibly save your patapons from being slashed on the last 
               second. You will meet a gargoyle soon after you start, but don't
               worry if you get a few damage cause of him. Just focus on surviving
               because he would always drop a purple potion right after.
               This is the procedure for starters or for an easy run. You can use 
               any hero you want, just follow the steps carefully. If there is any 
               recommendation i could give, it would be bowmunk. Charge Defending 
               will let him grab a giant potato out of nowhere which could halt 
               Deaths from pushing you back. Not to mention that Bowmunk's charge 
               attacks would also heal you.
                  [1]find a safe place to stay (where axes wont hit anyone from the
                     team) cancel walking if you have to!
                  [2]just keep charging/defending until enemies are on sight
                  [3]if the timer is around 6 seconds away, you could attack
                  [4]you may choose to use Party command or skip this step
                  [5]go back to step 2
    ****************************TAKE NOTE OF THIS!!******************************** 
        The spawns have a limit, there are around 9 or 10 copies for each monster 
        (you'll know there aint more spawns if the background isnt shaking, since 
        there are 'earthquakes' in the background image when salamanders walk) 
        after you confirm that there isnt any monster left to kill, you could just 
        breeze through the whole place. This floor, if done this way, will 
        last around 6-8 mins..and thats just the first floor. lol.
              Now for a quick run - which is recommended for advanced players, you 
              really have to watch the timer. THEN insert walking+jumping into the 
              command roster. You will be walking as well as killing. It's 
              definitely multitasking. But for this setup, i would recommend you to
              bring along a Grenburr paired with an Oohoroc with Volcano 4 or 5, 
              especially if it is only your first run. But Grenburr alone is 
              actually fine. Here are the steps:
                 [1]find a safe place to stay 
                 [2]keep charging til all 3 enemies can be seen on screen
                 [3]1-Hit KO enemies, or "Sweep the screen" clean
                 [4]Standby for 2 measures (salamanders explode at the 3rd) 
                    i'd recommend Party/Charge within these measures. Walk if you
                    are ever too far, as long as you know you wouldn't be hit by
                    the explosions
                 [5]Keep Walking, jump when needed. until you find yourself in 
                    front of a new wave. 
                    **Remember: only jump in the middle of axes. Otherwise, you 
                      will only be killed. It is smart to defend rather than jump 
                      if you are already positioned badly, or when those deaths 
                      push you back.
                 [6]Go back to step 3. 
              Now for this setup and procedure, 4 mins is long enough. So the whole
              dungeon run would only take you around 8-9mins, depending on how fast
              you could sweep the second floor and slay the Archfiend.
    2nd Floor: Now as soon as you open that iron door, There will be a purple 
               potion right above mario boxes. Which you may need in case someone 
               was caught up on the axe. Aside from that, the gargoyle right behind
               will also have one.
               1st Door: Deaths will start being annoying moving in and out, so 
                         just prepare a charge attack an kill them as quick as you 
                         can. You dont wanna be delayed any longer for your final 
                         battle. With a short distance behind that gargoyle, you 
                         will find a small balrog. Im sure you could deal with it 
               2nd Door: Death + Balrog + Cyclops + High-HP poison dragon. Not much
                         of a big deal, as long as you dont use any Poison-element
    3rd Floor: Arch Pandara, the name of your final boss is the result of all the
               Archfiends' powers combined. It has attacks dealing MASSIVE damage
               and range from close-far. Do not worry though, just equip something
               with Holy or Monster Killer, and you shall finish him off pretty 
               quickly in a single charged attack. He has only about 1m Stamina.
               CONGRATULATIONS!! You have just beaten the game!
               Now, you have three options to choose before the credits roll, and 
               each of these will unlock different endings. Do not worry, just 
               repeat this dungeon alone or with someone else, then you can choose
               the other endings. Though i'd highly suggest Choosing ending #2 for
               your first.
               1st choice - Unlocks DH mode. You can choose to follow the "dark
                            journey" when you start a new game. This mode will
                            purely be VS-inclined. All stuff you have in your 
                            selected "Victory" data will be transferred to your DH
               2nd choice - DOJ, the multi dungeon that you will be spending time 
                            with for the rest of your offline, post-game, Patapon 3
               3rd choice - Lifts Meden and the other patapons' petrification curse
                            and also(?) gives you the Kaching you had in patapon 2
                            if you DID import any save.
    |                                  Enemies                            |[N-emy]|
        The generic enemy units of this version. They attack normally just as 
    how any of your units would attack without hero mode. Just hit them with 
    whatever weapons you have.
    Similar to pons, they also split into a few classes. 
    Yumideth: uses bows
    Tatedeth: wield shields and equipped with a sword
    Yarideth: throws spears
    Kibadeth: rides a horse
    Mahodeth: uses horns
    Difficulty: 2/10
    BEWARE: difficulty increases to 5/10 when equipped with flame weapons
            AND on grass-filled stages. They get to be annoying and
            frustrating especially on the later parts of the story so get
            yourself equipped with those upgraded fire-resist armors!
        Still the good 'ol birds from the previous games. They either drop kaching
    or lvl1 materials. Easy to kill, but have a great sense of smell. So best thing
    to do is use Tailwind if you're planning to kill them cause they could run all 
    day long.
    Spit: Well, they just spit a rock or two that cause minimal damage. They start
          running afterwards.
    Difficulty: 1/10
        Most of the time, these land-dwelling fish just hide deep down underground.
    They are vulnerable while doing so and its highly recommended that you dispose
    of them soon before they attack. They're squishy and easy to kill, so that'd be
    no problem at all.
    Bite/Gnaw/Eat: This attack is a OHKO. That means if you get bitten, you're 
                   going byebye. If your hero gets eaten, the timer wont appear 
                   and he wont be revived, not even if you summon.
    Difficulty: 2/10
        One of the most annoying enemies of the game. Aside from the fact that they
    are immune to criticals, they are also incredibly resistant to STAB attacks. So
    i'd highly recommend not using a crit-based hero with stab element *cough* Mya-
    msar *cough*. Anyway, if you lack damage, dont worry. Sleep, Freeze, Poison or 
    Stagger effects are most effective against these rocky creatures. 
    Burrow: Golems go underground and are immune to all sort of damage. 
    Palm Strike: The golem leans forward, then reaches his arm forward that deals
                 massive damage if you are caught. This is actually equivalent to
                 a charge attack. I'd highly recommend using defend command if you
                 are not able to kill him before this attack connects.
    Golem breath: The golem would lean back this time, as if gathering some spit to
                  throw at you. Well, they spit like motitis but this time, they're
                  a lot bigger in number and in size. Deals minor damage, stagger 
                  and knockback per rock.
    Difficulty: 6/10
    |Ice Golems|
        Unlike their predecessors, these types of golems aren't immune to critical
    hits and are more vulnerable to stab. The only catch is that they deal freeze
    and can get annoying in areas with blizzards and snowshooters. But these are 
    extremely easier to deal with if you have any type of freeze resist.
    Burrow: Same as above.
    Palm Strike: Same as above, but less deadlier.
    Golem Breath: Instead of dealing stagger and knockback, this deals freeze 
    Difficulty: 3/10
        Cyclops are the usual one eyed creatures who throw stuff or smash you to
    bits n pieces using their not-so-common weapons - clubs. They have an average
    amount of stamina but are vulnerable to almost all kinds of status effects.
    If you lack damage, status-dealing is your way to go.
    Ragebash: Usually, you would encounter just one bash. But depending on their
              moods, they can terribly bash you for more than 3 times. BE CAREFUL.
              They start stomping as a "sign" that they would use this move.
    Dash and Bash: Uses the same "sign" as ragebash but only dashes at you if 
                   you're a bit too far from his reach. Does the same thing as
                   Ragebash. Same chances of being hit multiple times too.
                   Best use Defense song.
    Rock Throw: These rocks are CRUSH-type, which means... they ignore defense.
                that also means that they will deal some good damage to your pons,
                especially those who are at the back. Easy to predict since they
                would stick their hands on the ground as a "sign" that they will
                use this attack.
                *Sometimes, instead of rocks, they could throw chests. if you're
                 lucky, they could even throw Jeweled chests!*
    Difficulty: 5/10
    |Dragon Puppy|
        These little critters are cute alright, but they also pack a punch.
    not THAT deadly though. Their attack is not that fast and not that strong,
    so its easy to avoid and not painful to tank. You could kill them in one 
    measure most of the time but the slightly bigger ones may take another or
    two. They have two types of attacks, namely:
    Swipe-and-Run: Literally, they run towards your front lines then slash you
                   twice. It does not end there though, he turns back and runs 
                   away! Not to mention that when he turns his back on you, his
                   tail hits you for additional damage with high Knockback and 
                   Stagger rate! Seems painful? No. It's actually a very 
                   predictable move, you can either defend or continue attacking
                   - your choice.
    Dragon Breath: Well, like all dragons do, they breathe fire. This will deal
                   a good amount of FIRE damage, so get ready for some burning
                   action. This attack is rarely done though and is just as 
                   predictable as the first. If he starts lowering his head and
                   you see his jaws twitching, that's a sign he's gonna light 
                   the torches. Defend, evade, or attack. though i wouldn't
                   recommend attacking if you do not have good fire resistance 
                   or have good damage to take him out while he's burning you.  
    Difficulty: 3/10
        There are three types of dragons out there, namely: Fire, Ice and Poison.
    All of them have same attacks and are quite strong, formidable enemies. If you
    get too close, be aware that you could be "stomped" on by his feet. And if that
    happens, you will be dealt quite some knockback and stagger effects. Also, 
    after they die, their head deals damage as soon as it touches the ground, 
    dealing the same effects and damage as his stomps. Better keep an eye where 
    you are positioned when against these monsters.
    Dragon breath: Similar to Dragon puppies, but theirs covers a wider range. 
                   Their breath is also based on their element, so if you're up 
                   against an ice dragon, it's best you equip some freeze 
                   resistance before you do a mission. Their breath deals good, 
                   continuous amounts of damage and have quite high knockback
                   rates too. Poison breath deals sleep effect and poison.
    Difficulty: 5/10
        This jelly-fish like creature has a passive sleep-inducing effect. Using 
    Tailwind while going up against him would be extremely useful. Has quite some
    HP but if you kill him, all his minions will die as well.
    Rock throw: Well said.he uses his "tentacles" to pick up and throw a rock for
                minor damage. Very predictable and is quite weak. Induces stagger.
    Necromancy: When Matango runs out of minions to defend him, he summons Treants
                and bonedeths to do so. Then backs away, throws rocks and repeats
                the cycle til he dies.
    Difficulty: 4/10
        Treants are wooden structures with HIGH defense when they aren't burned. 
    But when they are, they get all squishy and vulnerable to any kind of effect.
    Be careful not to equip rain dance when going against them, they will heal a
    LOT of stamina every measure if you do so. Poison and Sleep are best to use
    against these monsters. Freeze and Stagger shouldnt be left out too. :)
    Fireballs: Treant launches fireballs from the ground. Usually followed by 
               another fireball attack. After the two-hit-combo, treant will "cool-
               down" for a while, then attack again. This attack deals an average
               amount of fire damage PER ball. Can be deadly if you take a lot.
    Difficulty: 3/10 
               *5/10 if under rain*, since he heals around 1/10th his HP.
         There are two types of these guys - fire and ice. Ice in particular, 
    does not pose that much threat as compared to the fire counterpart of this
    creature. Ice Salamander's movement speed is slightly slower than that of it's
    fire counterpart. It's recommended that you take extreme precaution when they 
    are killed because their explosions are extremely deadly, even at high
    levels. They also have an "aura" around them which could cause you damage and 
    a status effect based on their type if you get too close.
    Head Slam: Salamander stretches his head upwards and slams his neck and head
               forward, dealing minimal damage but high chances of inflicting their
               element's status effect. Easily countered by defending or killing 
               them before they could strike the blow.
    Salamander's Breath: The salamander would lean his neck back then belch out 
                         his chilly/fiery breath towards you. Deals more damage
                         than head slam and inflicts an equal rate of status 
                         effects against you. Uses this move quite rarely though.
    Difficulty: 7/10
    **Right after a salamander dies, you have EXACTLY 3 measures to get away from 
      his explosion. So just in case you want a tip right after killing: [1]Party 
      song (heal status ailments);[2] Walk (if you're still far from him) or 
      Charge and; [3] Jump/Evade/Defend. Defending may be a bit risky, but if 
      you already have a healing patapon, you'd be just fine.
        Deaths are extremely annoying in the last parts of the game because they
    could push you around while they're hovering across the screen. Best way to 
    block them from pushing you is using Pingrek's ice wall or Bowmunk's potato.
    Immune to sleep and stagger, resistant to both poison damage and poison 
    elements. It's very weak against holy damage tho and quite vulnerable to 
    Death's Whisper: Death starts belching sleep gas at you, inducing a high rate 
                     sleep status effect. It's best that you defend or use party
                     song to prevent sleeping since his next attack would be...
    Reaper's Scythe: Death slashes you with his scythe for a good amount of 
                     damage. AND If you are sleeping while he does so, you are 
                     instantly killed, and your "Soul" will be there for Death 
                     to consume. He regains health whenever he eats a soul.
    Difficulty: 5/10
         Balrogs are huge,fat and has those little bat wings. But that also means 
    that you will hit them more than often. Be careful though, their shockwave 
    attacks and skewer could be deadly and cause massive loss on your part. 
    Take em down with heavy-hitting pons, and you will be A-OK.
    Belly Flop: The Balrog will raise his fat belly and prepare for a huge 
                shockwave attack which not only deals damage, but freeze effects 
                too. You can either evade it or jump. If you're pretty confident on
                taking some chilly demonic damage, feel free to take this 
                opportunity to kill him.
    Bump: This might be his most annoying move. He jumps back and forth across the
          screen. Dealing minor damage if he makes contact in any time of his 
          jumping.Defending is probably the best option, then attack when he stops.
    Consume: The balrog will consume the meat he has in his fork, gaining stamina
             back. The meat has 3 "lives". And after that, he would stop and 
             proceed with the next move, Skewer. 
    Skewer: After all the consumption of his meat, he will get ready to fork out
            one of your patapons for extra meat. Best way to dodge this is a simple
            jump. Beware though, once he forks out one of yours, there is no 
            letting go unless you mash those buttons quickly. That means, a 
            possibility of losing fever mode (if you turned on cancel command in 
            the options menu)
    Difficulty: 6/10
         Gargoyles are quite squishy. They could only take a few blows. BUT, their
    ability to fool/trick/give you a pain in the... is really annoying. Dont worry,
    these bats always carry a chest around, and if you're lucky - a jeweled chest.
    Just watch them closely and you will know what they would do next. Strike in
    the perfect time, and you will guarantee that chest. Not to mention the rather
    good chance of gargoyles dropping a chest, that's hitting 2 birds with one 
    Curse: The gargoyle will most likely just approach you when he plots to do 
           curse you - leaving a "mark" on the pon closest to him, which gets 
           bigger. The bigger the mark, the more frequent/faster it inflicts status
           effects. You have approximately one measure before the first status
           effect comes out from the curse. With that given time, try to kill the
           gargoyle as fast as you can or things could get messy.
    Chest Prank: The gargoyle will lay down the chest in his hands, allowing it to
                 take any kind of damage. That means if you break it, it's gone
                 forever. Later on though, he would come again and pick it up.
    Fake: This time, the gargoyle will fake you bout laying the chest down. He just
          opens the chest and picks it up again. This is actually the best time to
          time your attack. Charge while he is "faking" it, then attack when he 
          picks it up.
    Difficulty: 4/10
    |Ravenous's Dragon|
         It's basically a poison dragon buffed up to the equal of around 1/4 DoJ's
    boss, Libera. It could stomp you dead, or kill you in one shot. Not to mention
    that he becomes invulnerable for quite a while AFTER you destroy the deth fort.
    Be sure to use a beefy shield class and a quick killing hero. Stagger might not
    be the best idea to go against this dragon. Not to mention ravenous covering 
    his back on the same stage later on... Some may find difficulty (honestly, i 
    did on my first time) and some may not. Just know when to time your defenses
    and beef up your UH, then you will be a-ok.
    Difficulty: 7/10
    |                            Iron Door Trick [v1.4]                   |[D-oor]|
    Thanks to anjellfaith for compiling this into one.
    So, the iron door trick helps you "grind" your class skills in an easier, and
    more convenient manner where you can focus yourself onto ONE COMMAND. Not to 
    mention that there are no obstacles that would be getting in your way too! :>
    Very helpful, indeed. 
    |WHERE TO TRAIN:| Any Multi-Mission with an Iron door/ToT 2nd Floor |
    | WHAT TO TRAIN:| Class Skills                                      |
    |   WHAT TO HIT:| Iron Door                                         |
      --Spear Class
        1. Yarida (x spears)
        2. Kibadda (Assault Hits x)
        3. Wooyari (x Strike)
        4. Charibassa (Yaripon Spirit, Chariot Attack)
      --Shield Class
        1. Grenburr (Zapper x)
        2. Taterazay (Energy Field x%) *actually you can train taterazay's
                                        E.F. at any place, as long as you do
                                        the defense command*
      --Archer Class
        1. Yumiyacha (Quickshot x)
        2. Alosson (Attack Speed x)
        3. Cannogabang (x Skillz, Cannon, Scattershot and Laser)
      --Spear Class
        1. Piekron (Spear x Boom)
      --Archer Class
        1. Oohoroc (Singe x, Volcano x, Flash Crack Boom x, Sorcery)
        2. Pingrek (Ice Wall Skills)
      --Spear Class
        1.Pyokorider (Giddy Up x)
        2.Charibassa (Pyokora Spirit)
      --Shield Class
        1.Tondenga Set (Skills x)
      --Archer Class
        1.Wondabarappa (Heave Ho! x)
       with Perfect beats:
         [Skill Name] 1 e.g Set Skills 1 ~ takes around 15 mins ~ 35mins 
         [Skill name] 2 ~ takes around 35mins - 1hr
         [Skill name] 3 ~ 1hr 10 mins - 2hrs
         [Skill name] 4 ~ 2hrs 5O mins - 3hrs 40 mins
         [Skill name] 5 ~ 5hrs
       you may see that there are ranged or second values in [Skill Name] 1/2/3/4.
       ex. [Skill name] 2 ~ 35mins - 1hr
       this is b/c the 1st applies to skills that have a maximum of [Skill name] 5 
              eg. Oohoroc's Volcano/FCB/Singe, Wooyari's X Attack
       while the second only applies to skills that only reach [Skill Name] 4
              eg. Pyokorider's Giddy up, Kibadda's Assault Hits
    ***Take note that "during Fever mode" skills, like Heave Ho, take 2xLONGER
       to grind! That means around 7~8 hours for grinding Heave Ho 4.
    ***Grinding Piekron's "Boom" Skills depend on how many lightning bolts you 
       could produce. The more spears you throw, the faster you can grind it.
    ***Grinding Grenburr's Zapper skills are twice longer than the usual. But
       unlike Heave Ho 4, his Zapper 5 is grinded for 10~11 hours.
    |                               Grass-Grinding                        |[G-ras]|
    Thanks to our fellow player - kulascno, this exploit has been wonderfully
    explained. Remember all those annoying grass that kept your patapons running
    around like headless chickens? Well, you'd gotta need them now. Why? these
    little weeds actually give exp! Wait, what? these little weeds actually give
    exp! Here's kulascno's post:
     Grass: this is where you get the exp, the important thing to note is, 
            the level of the unit producing grass. It works just like the level 
            recommendation on mission. If you have a grass source of lvl 12, any 
            lvl higher than 14 will not gain exp from grass killing.
    But how can i produce grass?
     Bowmunk (Charge-Attack):
            Your main grass producer. Bowmunk's grass is tough, though i don't 
            know if there are any factors that affect the grass' hp. Make him
            immune to fire or give him the highest possible burn resist to avoid
            burning which leads to breaking the average exp per hour. Now you 
            dont like that happening, do you?
     Grass Grower (Set Skill, Kibadda): 
            After doing some tests, you are required to hit something for this 
            to take effect. Hitting a grass can produce grass and hitting an iron 
            door produces grass too. The level source rule is also applied. So,
            if you want high exp, you also gotta watch your Grass-Grower-Equipped 
            Patapon's level.
     Level of grass = level of bowmunk/Patapon with Grass Grower equipped
     Low level grass = no xp for higher level class (3 levels above)
    **Kibadda/Pyokorider with a Fire attack element, Grass Grower equipped, and
      Assault Hits(Kibadda Class skill) maxed can increase the number of spawned
      grass dramatically. Just make sure he gets that fire resistance!
    Killing the grass:
     Oohoroc: the best grass killer, can 1 hit lots of grass per charged attack 
            using volcano. Volcano lvl 3-5 is recommended. Also ranged, so it is
            perfectly safe from burning.
     Any location where you can attack w/o enemies. The most famous one would
     be the Iron doors. I personally recommend Estate of Earnestness.
     Grass Producer + Grass Killer + any unit + any unit
     Once that's been made, then you're good to go.
     My personal set-up would be Oohoroc + Bowmunk + Charibasa + the desired 
     hero to level up.
     All you need to do is perform the charged attack repeatedly. Producing Grass 
     every 2 turns, and killing it at the same time. As for another setup, i've
     failed to make a better setup compared to this method, so if you have dis-
     covered something more effective, let us all know (in the Boards):P
    Average time:
     On average, given that the producer has the same level as the other units.
     You'll receive an average 2000 exp per HOUR. Yes, HOUR, so bear with it.
     There are factors that affect the exp gain per hour. Effectiveness of the
     grass killer, and the spawning area of grass. Sometimes, the Bowmunk throws
     the grass where Oohoroc's volcano can't reach (in most cases, behind the
     iron door), so make sure you are not too close and not too far.
     The exp kinda works regardless of level. You'll receive same exp from a 
     1-hour session from a lvl 5 producer if your units are lvl 5, just as for
     a lvl 35 producer with lvl 35 units.
    How can I get the 3 regular pons to 40 when they aren't Bowmunk/Oohoroc?
     To level chin up, (not bowmunk) switch Uberhero to Bowmunk. Kan to Oohoroc
     and Ton charibassa.
     To level Ton up, well, it's not that hard to think about.
     To level Kan(not oohoroc), Switch Uberhero to Oohoroc.
     To level the Uberhero, make sure you have a grass producer nd killer..
     Levelling up the uberhero and ton is pretty easy, you can do it at the 
     same time.
     Chin and Kan on the other hand...need the other two
    |                                 DOJ Farming                         |[F-arm]|
    DOJ can be unlocked after choosing the 2nd choice in the ending of Tomb of 
    Tolerance/Last Mission.This is the last dungeon where you can get the legendary
    green-named equipments. Take note that not all of them have high stats, and 
    some are just for show, while others are really badass. This will also only be 
    the ONLY [Multi] Stage that i would be featuring.
    Anyway, to get through the FIRST floor, you will just have to be equipped with 
    strong equipment, a Tondenga/Grenburr/Kibadda/Myamsar, and follow these steps: 
    To open the doors: (credits to ajnauron)
      -Move up as close to the door as possible
      -Use a Grenburr/Tondenga charge attack
      -Move forward once
      -Use Grenburr/Tondenga uberhero mode
      -Move forward twice
    Another way: (credits to LH_Selina)
      -Have a Piekron with you
      -Move all the way up to the door
      -Do a an Uber attack as Tondenga
      -By doing this your Piekron will just attack because of a fever attack
      -At this same moment your Tondenga will start moving forward under the door
      -Use Pata chant and you should be through
      -Uber attack once more and Pata song after to trigger the door for Hatapon 
       to get through
    My way:
      -Turn ON cancel command option in the TITLE SCREEN.
      -Move to the door as close as possible
      -Use Jump command
      -CANCEL COMMAND or press a button as soon as your units have hit the switch
      -immediately use pata chant to start walking
      -attack the enemies, and press the switch.
    For the SECOND floor, you WILL HAVE to follow specific builds. For this FAQ, I
    am only providing builds for Tondenga, who is the easiest hero to farm with in
    this dungeon. In this floor, axes will be swinging down CONSTANTLY, which will
    probably slice you twice per second. Dont underestimate these axes, they deal
    a heck load of damage if you arent careful with your equipment. Which is what
    I am about to give.
    It would be too long if i had to explain the builds in here, so i am rather 
    obliged to give links of the builds themselves ALONG with the discussion and
    explanation of every piece of equipment they had in there. Here they are:
    Post #2,Standard Tondenga DOJ build - Thor Set (EASY)
    [Link 1] http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/997853-patapon-3/59433726
    Post #28, Speed-run Axe Build: (INTERMEDIATE) *explained in Link 1, post #5*
    [Link 2] http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/997853-patapon-3/60753685
    Post #1, DOJ Denga No riggers/No Allde build (DIFFICULT)
    [Link 3] http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/997853-patapon-3/60754661
    you can play around with these sets and make your own unique one. You can post
    in the board for more inquiries, help, explanation or discussion. Do keep in 
    mind that Peerless Deer is one of the recommended skills that you should use
    for your first runs - as a beginner.
    |                            Questions & Answers                      |[Que-A]|
    I followed exactly how you said it! But i STILL cant get past [This] mission!!!
       Try changing the way on how you execute your commands. Timing's very crucial
       in most parts of the game. Also, learn how to break your beats. (enable this
       option in the Option menu before you load your game)
       Break beats = interrupt command execution by pressing a random button.
    Are there really no affected skills for the Archer tree?
       None. and i have no idea why. Probably because they're good as they are.
    Attack Speed or Damage?
       Attack speed is most likely your bet if you want to deal status effects more
       frequently, while the latter is if you want to finish your opponents before
       they even say "BOOM SHAKALAKA". In this game, you can finish the story with
       a weak team by means of status effects, whereas a strong team finishes a lot
    You are Missing Claws, Scythes, Dark Heroes, etc!!
       This faq's purpose was for SOLO-play, like i mentioned. Since DH solely 
       focuses on VS missions, i did not include any information that has anything 
       to do with them.
    DO you have to finish the mission after grinding skills or can you just quit?
       You can just quit the mission, you still gain the exp you earned even if you
       do so. Unless you want those extra chests of course ;P
       If you have more concerns/questions please direct them at:
       there are numerous players out there (incl. me) who are willing to help.
       So please do visit sometime! :)
    |                                Legal Stuff                          |[Sue-U]|
                  Copyright 2011 Mark "Molivious" Fitzgerald Garcia
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal or 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright. This FAQ/Walkthrough is only allowed to be distributed
    through GameFAQS/Gamespot, SuperCheats and Cheat Code Central.
    |                                  CREDITS                            |[C-red]|
    Thanks to: JKiii, kulascno, kaply, RidgeRacer55, komolo97, lionhartwolf, 
               _Agidyne, anjellfaith, Orbit03, Zekira, RyougenMai, xZick, ajnauron,
               Rah_Gashapon, Mag, saykoleet, LordDF, drag10, for their very useful 
               info and notes. And also big thanks to all other Gamefaqs Patapon 3
               Board Members' support!
               Patapon Wikis: (http://patapon.wikia.com/) & Rah_Gashapon for info
               Pyramid for Patapon 3
               Sony Entertainment for a wonderful console
               and GAMEFAQS for finally releasing this (YAY!)
    *You can PM me if i have not properly credited/forgot to post your name in here
    Patapon 3 ASCII LOGO 
    Sorry if it isnt accurate enough, but there is a text limit of 79 characters
    so i had to resize and rework it a little bit. It should've turned out better
    Credits and thanks to: Steve "ryz" Haßenpflug <ryzawy@gmail.com> for his
    fantastic ASCII work, which i have based on.
    >>>you can check his original work @ http://ryzawy.deviantart.com/#/d2hedw9

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