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    Myamsar Guide by Molivious

    Version: 0.50 | Updated: 03/10/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

         `Ydn.                       ,nbY´
           `qA88.        '        .88Ay´
             `"Y?A8      "      8A?Y"´            ..
          `Yd?8888´      I      `8888?bY´      n. db ,n          
              `"88       A       88 "´         88.88.88                
            `yd88?:     :O:     :?88by´        `8:88:8´               .ARRRGGGGGGH!
    :.         `"d88..   U   ..88b:.            Y.YY.Y                Z888888888?"
    "88bn.        A, qd8A"A8by  A."88bn.       Yd8888bY     A,   :87  7´   A88?"
     ?8b``Y8bn.  ,8?   '8V8'   ,8? ?8b``Y8bn. :88"''"88:   ,A?   y8´     A88?"
      "8b.,d8"   8Ab;   VYV    8Ab; "8b.,d8" :88´,88.`88:  A8b; :8´   .A888y,
       ?888"´   A8`Y8,  Y8Y   A8`Y8, ?88"´   :88."88" 88: :8A8P;87    `"?9888?
        "8b    a88"Y8A  :V:  a88"Y8A  "8b     :88....88: :8Y´"?8Y´ ,b´  .7887´
         ?8L  dZ8   ?8L `V´ dZ8   ?8L  ?8L      ?8888P  :?8   `V.d88?:.d8887´ 
                        `V´                                     `?8888888?"´ 
                         |´                                       `97?"´
                                           Patapon Logo ASCII by ryzawy & molivious
    |                                Introduction                         |[N-tro]|
    Hello guys, this is Molivious, dedicated member of Team Mag. I had hoped that I
    could at least leave something for both newbies and veterans to read. This 
    will be a short "Lecture", or let's just say… a compilation of some information
    about Myamsar that i have gathered so far. Of course, it's not entirely biased
    on my own opinion and/or findings, as I have this board to thank for most of 
    the things I typed/wrote in here. Don’t you fret, I’ll also be giving a handy 
    list of some (or all) the useful Myamsar topics that could ever be found from 
    the GameFAQS boards. 
    As you can see, im just replicating some of my keywords from the previous FAQ,
    so if you have gotten accustomed to it, good for you. Expect the same kind of
    system for future/upcoming FAQs. 
    *This FAQ was purposely intended to be stickied in the GameFAQS board, but the
    mods are seriously taking their time to consider such. I hate waiting, so let's
    just get on with it. Anyhow. here's the original link if you go wanna check out
    the (pitiful) comments:
    |                              Table of Contents                      |[T-his]|
    Alright, here's a list of things that you would find:
    Intro ----------------------------------------------------------------- [N-tro]
    Table of Contents ----------------------------------------------------- [T-his]
    Getting Started with Myamsar ------------------------------------------ [N-ewb]
    Where and how to train Myamsar's Class Skills. ------------------------ [S-kil]
    Builds ---------------------------------------------------------------- [B-ild]
    Others/Extras --------------------------------------------------------- [X-tra]
    Maximizing Myamsar's potential ---------------------------------------- [M-axx]
    Old Myamsar topics ---------------------------------------------------- [L-ink]
    Legal Stuff ----------------------------------------------------------- [Sue-U]
    Credits --------------------------------------------------------------- [C-red]
    And here's a list of things that you will NOT find:
    VS builds -------------------------------------------------------------
    Tactics to use in VS --------------------------------------------------
    Anything that has to do with VS ---------------------------------------
    |                         Getting Started with Myamsar                |[N-ewb]|
    Alright, first of all, you might want to focus on Myamsar last if you really 
    want to take him seriously. Why? That’s because his strength relies on several 
    lvl25-lvl32 set skills. You’d have to train a lot of heroes to 25 first, and 
    even max Tondenga’s (as well as Myamsar’s) own set skills. Doing all of these 
    will require you at least 10+ hours of grinding investment. But I’ll tell you 
    true, it’s all worth the task.
    Let’s talk about Myamsar’s Pros/Cons, shall we?
    - Boss killer (1-HKOs most bosses)
    - High damage dealer
    - Swift, fast, as cool as a ninja.
    - Can deal almost any Element. (the only status/element he cant inflict is 
      knockback, Ice/Freeze… but he has a weapon for every elemental bonus)
    - Crit immune (thanks to Crono Riggers)
    - Weak choice for mob control (a group of enemies)
    - His attacks are more reliant to criticals (And because of that, golems and 
      structures – of which are immune to crit, may pose major problems in the long
    - Cannot equip claws, despite being a cat D:<
    - His Poison Bomb Class Skill never hits anything. (and never kills, if it 
      miraculously hits.) Seriously!
    - Quite squishy, even with Crono Riggers equipped.
    Alright, seems like you still want to read on. 
       WARNING!!!! This is where things begin to become quite complicated. 
    So let’s proceed to Myamsar’s Animation Limit. This isn’t a bug, its just that…
    there really is a limit – and nothing can be done about it. It can be compared 
    to Piekron’s animation limit. He can only throw spears twice, at max, why? This
    is because of the “airtime” he has while jumping. If he didn’t jump while he
    was throwing his frogspears, then he ought to have had more attacks. 
                     “But why the heck should we know this?”
    Well, pumping up on too much speed will make us suffer a lot on the damage 
    department. Alright, let’s state up the facts first:
    Myamsar’s animation limit peaks at 12 attacks, or in attack speed numbers, 0.17 
                            “But what does that mean?”
    It means having 0.05 attack speed will only yield the same 12 attacks. So all 
    that extra attack speed you think that was awesome is wasted. 
    See my point? No? WTF.
    A full measure in Patapon 3 is roughly 2.10 seconds. So do your math: 
    [0.17 attack speed]
    2.10 divided by 0.17 = 12.xx (round it down) = 12 attacks
    [0.05 attack speed]
    2.10 divided by 0.05 = 42 attacks (O_o)
    But because of this attack limit, those 42 attacks will not entirely be 
    counted, but only 12 of them. So you’re losing 30 attacks worth of damage. 
    Not cool. 
                            “So what do we do instead”
    Make your attack speed as close as possible to 0.17, while increasing your 
    attack power. You can do this simply with the help of some set skills: Slash 
    Master increases power by 100%, and also quickens attack speed – same as 
    Lightning Master, increases power by 50%, quickens attack speed.
    Ok. I’ll leave the mix-and-match of weapons + set skills as your own task. 
    So moving on…
    P.S. TWO pieces of LIGHTNING equipment also quickens attack speed.
    |                           Myamsar's Class Skills                    |[S-kil]|
    Myamsar is perhaps the easiest hero to grind for Class skills. It takes even 
    less than 2 hours, if you do things right. Anyhow, not all are that simple to 
    level up. You may be required of Peerless Sheep and/or Peerless Dragon to make 
    things go faster. In this section, I will tell you the how’s, the where’s and 
    the what’s of each CS.
    |Poison Hide|
    How to train: Be hit by melee attacks. Slash, Strike, Stab – as long as they’re
                  live/moving units. Make sure that the enemy becomes poisoned too.
                  I think I recall gaining less exp when my enemies weren’t being
                  poisoned. The main point is just to stand around. Do perfect 
                  beats to regain hp (if you are equipped with peerless Tree) 
    Where to train: Any area with melee attackers, preferably bonedeth missions. 
                    One good area to train though, would be somewhere with many 
                    melee attackers – and for this, I point at the level 19 free 
                    mission (Bonedeth and the Oasis of Eternal Sleep). You might 
                    need a bit more HP for this though, or be required to use 
                    Peerless Tree or Lonestars if you want to be unharmed. 
                                     “Why here?”
    The dragon pups also trigger melee attacks, and can get poisoned. So a lil bit 
    more attackers will always be helpful. Though there are still other good 
    grinding areas like Archfiend of Earnestness, that have kibaddas – and 
    unlimited spawns of them. But nonetheless, this CS will take less than 30 mins 
    if you get those poison effects biting.
    What’s the effect: Well, the skill definition was direct. Occasionally poisons 
                       (melee) attacker. I do not have to add more to that.
    How to train: Be hit by any kind of status effect – while attacking, defending,
                  or in hero mode. The more status effects given to you per second,
                  the easier it is to grind
    Where to train: Defense Training. In the last level, the cannonballs are so 
                    many that your Doppelganger triggers more than 5 times per 
                    second. Easiest CS to grind. 15 minutes is more than enough, I 
                    think. It only took me two full defense training sessions.
    What’s the effect: this can be directly compared to “Peerless Deer.” But unlike
                       P.Deer, this activates upon attacking. Most valuable CS 
                       Myamsar could get, period.
    |Poison Bomb|
    How to train: Die repeatedly. I know, dumb. It’s easier to train this CS if you
                  have peerless sheep and Peerless Dragon equipped.
    Where to train: Anywhere except dungeons. Preferrably in the ai-controlled VS 
                    matches of the free/story missions or areas with a lot of grass
                    and fire. The DH there are pretty strong enough to OHKO you 
                    anyway, naked of course. Just make sure you have Fertilizer 
                    (Bowmunk Set skill) equipped, to keep your Chin(shield pon) 
                    alive. Better gear Chin up too. You will NOT want him dying 
                    while training this CS. Dealing with this Class skill takes 1 
                    hr or so. Good luck grinding without Peerless Dragon though.
    What’s the effect: Remember how salamanders haunt you as they die? They asplode
                       right in your face right? Well, this is Myamsar’s chance… 
                       WRONG. True, Myamsar will explode as he dies.. but it will 
                       barely make any damage at all – nor reach the enemy. 
                       Explanation: Myamsar moves backwards whenever he dies, so 
                                    even if he explodes, the Area of Effect wont 
                                    even reach the killer. MOST USELESS CS OF ALL. 
                                    It’s definitely not worth the grinding time. 
                                    But still, you'd need this for your next skill,
                                    cause the next one is PRICELESS!
    |Natural Enemy|
    How to train: Keep stabbing Shield-wielding bonedeths/Uberheroes. No, it 
                  doesn’t gain any exp if you try it on Slogturtle. Easiest way to 
                  do this is to equip default weapons then pump up some HP boosts 
                  and Peerless Tree.
    Where to train: Any area with bonedeths. Though I highly suggest that you train
                    in Depths of Despair (DLC map). The bonedeths there are HIGHLY 
                    buffed up. So it will take forever to kill, and forever to 
                    stab. This area is the easiest place to grind for this CS.
                             “But those suckas keep OHKO-ing my cat!”
                    Simple solution: Peerless Sheep. Yes, none of those freaks have
                                     the balls to get you in one attack once you 
                                     are already able to put up your hero mode. Not
                                     even that badass golem, HA! If you are still 
                                     worried about being killed(>.>), equip 
                                     Peerless Rabbit and get it done. 
    What’s the effect: well, nothing much... you just gain 8X DAMAGE against 
                       Taterazay and Guardira foes. Booyah~! Also, when maxed, you 
                       gain a welcome bonus that halves your current attack speed’s
                       digits. That means twice faster attack speed, twice more 
                       damage! (yay). Second most important thing your cat SHOULD 
                       ALWAYS have. Lose this welcome bonus, you might as well lose
                       your own balls. NOT KIDDING.
    |                                  Builds                             |[B-ild]|
    - Holymadda Shiv/Critical Dagger [H]
    - Lightning Blade [H]
    - Lightning Helm[W/En]/Bunny hood
    - Crono Riggers
    The skill build:
    - Slash Master
    - Stab Master
    - Peerless Bovine
    - Monster Killer
    - Critical+
    - Peerless Bird
    I think this build would be famous for the title of “Gheek Dongora Killer”. 
    Yes, this was the official build I used to defeat Dongora in one shot using a 
    Lightning Blade[H] +40, Holymadda Shiv +18, Crono Riggers +17 and Bunny hood 
    +19. There’s really not much to talk about with this build though. See links in
    [L-ink] Section for visual proof.
    I’ll not be stating the damage increase, but this build’s calculated damage 
    goes through the roof - AGAINST DEMONS/UNDEAD. This is more like a modified 
    Fork-and-Knife set designated for Demons/Undead monsters. Good speed and attack
    increase from Slash and Stab Master, Holymadda(200% against demons/undead) + 
    Lightning Blade[H] and Monster Killer (both 150% against undead) = a total of 
    450% bonus. The increased crit rate from Critical+ does indeed affect damage 
    increase by large chunks, no kidding. Dongora has around 550+% resist against 
    critical, so you WILL need as much crit as possible, and Peerless Bird just 
    DOUBLES all that horrific damage.
    Molivious’s DoJ Myamsar
    - Critical Dagger (I suggest having an enchant of [H])
    - Lightning Blade (again, suggesting [H] enchantment)
    - Lightning Helm [W] - nothing else
    - Crono Riggers - duh
    The skill build:
    - Stab Master
    - Slash Master
    - Stamina Boost 2
    - Peerless Tree/March Defense
    - Peerless Bovine/Demolitionist (though seriously, comparing these two, you’d 
      be killing a lot slower without bovine)
    - Peerless Hedgehog
    Ok. So I’m not telling you how to get through the first floor – there’s already
    a youtube video showing that. So instead, let’s talk about this build:
    The weapons here are essential. If you use shivs, only Holymadda shiv could be 
    fast enough to give you a good attack speed value and it’s damage is 
    overshadowed by even a +30 [H] dagger. Not a good choice to pick anything else.
    This is the best set that could win the most damage. Another modified 
    Fork-and-Knife build, fit to get through DoJ axes. Charge attacks using this 
    build will even OHKO anything – even golems. (O_o) nuff said.
    Hrm, now choosing between Peerless Tree and March Defense is totally by your 
    own preference, though I suggest using March Defense. Walking through axes is a
    pain. And with March Defense, you don’t have to sit and wait for your hp to 
    regen again. Just keep on walking, kill on a Charge Attack, regain HP, walk. 
    Peerless Tree is just for those who still aren’t used to the Golems’ and 
    Balrags’ patterns. 
    There will come a time when you reach red life.. and that's because of those 
    two last axes (most cases for Peerless Tree users). Just try position yourself 
    right on a switch, then use a summon. That will bring your life back to full. 
    Or just spam Pata! Pata! Pata! Pata! Pata! Until you’re back into full health. 
    Either way, job well done!
    |                       Maximizing Myamsar's Potential                |[M-axx]|
    Alright, I have mentioned in Myamsar’s ‘Pros’ that he can deal almost every 
    element/status – and now im gonna tell you why. He has a wide choice for 
    weapons to use, our typical assassin. But.no.guns. Ninjas have no guns. Ninja 
    stars are obsolete in this game though, ANYWAY. Here’s what we got in store:
    |Lightning Blade|
    - Lightning Element, gives access to Lightning Master.
    - Has enchantments, can be upgraded. 
    - High stagger rate
    - Only lacks 30% crit away from crit blade.
    - Against lightning resistant enemies (Like firebird fenicchi), the additional 
      Lightning element may become a nuisance. 
    - Very high attack speed boost. One of the fastest in the game.
    - High crit rate, compared to other available equipments.
    - Low Damage.
    - That’s all there is to it.
    - Darkness Element, darkness has been speculated to deal any status effect at 
      a random chance.
    - Better attack speed than your average blade
    - High Damage
    - Has sleep and poison rate
    - Lowers your HP/Stamina. 
    - Easily overpowered by enchanted/upgraded weapons
    - Dark Element is not effective against Demons/Undead
    |Blade of Astria|
    - Bonus damage against stone, metal, wood, shells, and dragons. Pair it with 
      Demolitionist, and you may have a good golem-killer. 
    - Having a +21 Blade of Astria on hand, it’s damage will be almost on par with 
      a +40 [H] blade. Well-rounded weapon, I’d say.
    - you lose lightning master, and all the bonus that comes with it. So if you 
      plan on using shivs on the other hand, this weapon would only further slow 
      you down. 
    |Sleepy Dagger|
    - Sleep Status. Early in the game, this proves the most useful for support. 
      Having 12 attacks ensures sleep effect. 
    - Nothing more special about it. It’s capped at 100% sleep rate at [H] +40. 
      Myamsar has no ‘status-rate-up’ skill like a Jamsch though and having two of 
      these weapons is no good idea at all. So later on, it’s just a waste of 
      money…or a collector’s item. 
    - Faster attack speed than your normal dagger.
    - Has more bonus damage against against shells and dragons (compared to Astria)
    - Also has bonus damage against wood, stone and metal
    - Weaker than Astria. I’m sorry, A LOT weaker. I mean, it’s probably the 
      weakest of all Myamsar’s array of weapons. You basically need a strong blade 
      to cope up for the damage loss. Despite mentioning that it had more bonus 
      damage than Astria, it's raw damage is just too low. 
    - Same as Tsuyugiri, this weapon has the fastest attack speed bonus among 
      Myamsar’s selection of weapons
    - High Crit rate
    - Has a neat set bonus
    - Weaker than upgraded, enchanted weapons. 
    - No bonus damage against any monster/structure. Just…stab.
    |Poison Shiv|
    - Upgradable, has enchantments.
    - VERY High damage output
    - Can deal poison status (duh)
    - Good stagger rate.
    - Lowest attack speed among Myamsar’s selection of weapons
    - Poison element is almost useless against Undead/Demon monsters, Dodonga and 
      even Zaknel.
    |Heltopay's Kiss|
    - …
    - What the-? I don’t even…
    ** Nothing to say for this weapon but: An upgraded Default Shiv. 
    |Goliamon's Shiv|
    - Darkness Element
    - Has Sleep and poison rate.
    - Good damage
    - Higher Attack speed than your average shiv
    - Same as poison shiv, but without the speed rant. Nothing else to say, Shivs 
      are great weapons.
    |Goliamon's Shiv|
    - Holy Element (and unlike [H] enchant, this gives 200% bonus against 
    - Holy is good against Demons/Undead - and half the monsters in the story are 
    - Stamina Bonus
    - Fastest attack speed bonus – among shivs.
    - Good Damage
    - Aside from it being stab element, I have nothing else to say. SHIVS FTW~
         “But where’s Critical Blade’s and Critical Dagger’s good/bad stats?”
    Well, it’s obvious what those weapons do. There’s nothing so special about 
    those weapons. Unless you want blank stats like our Heltopay’s Kiss up there. 
    >.> Anyhow, with all that info, you now have to put em to good use, right? 
    Here's a skeleton of a build that you can play around with:
    'Sample Set'
    - Weapon 1(Blade)
    - Weapon 2 (Shiv/Dagger/Blade)
    - Helm (you might want to use lightning helmet, if you have Lightning blade 
      equipped - for the sweet bonus)
    - Crono Riggers
    Skill Build
    - Monster Killer (always have this if you go against monsters)
    - Slash master
    - Lightning Master/Demolitionist/Peerless Bird
    - Stab Master/Peerless Bovine
    - Your choice either more stamina/speed/defence/crit rate/etc
    - Your pick
    A few last notes. First, always have a blade - no matter what. Second, bunny 
    hood isnt a bad idea, in fact its brilliant since Myamsar already has 
    Doppelganger to support it. If you plan to use a bunny hood though, then i'd 
    highly suggest that you go for the Peerless Mushroom + Cornered rat combo for 
    more deadly damage.
    |                               Others/Extras                         |[X-tra]|
    An exception to my statement earlier, that nothing about VS will be posted:
    - Poison Shiv [Po]
    - Poison Shiv [Po]/Lightning Blade[Po]/Critical Dagger[Po]
    - Lightning Helm/Marumenko helm
    - Crono Riggers
    The skill build:
    - Stab Master/Slash Master/Lightning Master
    - Peerless Cat
    - Icky Poison/Stamina Boost 2
    - Critical +/Peerless Dragon
    - Stamina Boost 2/March Defense/anything else you want
    - Peerless Tree/anything else you want
    This is actually just a “just-for-fun” build, with the concept of using 
    Myamsar’s assassin skill, Peerless Cat. Yes, it does work against both uberhero
    and DH. It’s not the best build out there but it sure is funny as hell when 
    people think there’s a glitch or bug or hack going on. XD if you’d want the 
    definition of peerless cat again, here it goes: 
       “Inflicts sudden death with critical hit on a poisoned, non-boss enemy”
    So basically, the game is telling you 3 things. 1.Poison; 2.Crit; and 3.Kill. 
    This is not really so hard to pull off. You just need the right combination of 
    set skills and equipment to make full use of this build. Then just stab your 
    way through UH’s and DH’s.
    As you can see, with a maxed Poison Shiv [Po], that instantly gives you a 125% 
    poison rate, and with Icky poison, it increases to 250. If you have two, you’d 
    not need icky poison anymore. 250 is more than enough for ANY hero out there. 
    Deer users are an exception. :P Using 2 shivs also means a glue on Stab Master 
    to your skills. Let me remind you that using two shivs means slower attacks, 
    compared to using a mix of shiv/blade. 
    Here would come the use of Critical Dagger [Po], which would suffice for your 
    lack of speed. Take note that you’ll have to use Icky Poison this way, but it’d
    also mean that you would be safe to take Critical+ off for P.Dragon. 
    If you’re going to use a blade, you’d be better be using the same idea as the 
    dagger + shiv - Icky poison + P. Dragon. Blades have a naturally high critical 
    rate, enough to deal criticals to anything, or any tank with the exception of 
    Tondengas and Myamsars.
    Again, the use of Stamina Boost, March Defense and Peerless Tree are only for 
    survival. You may mix and match other skills to go with this one, it’s your 
    choice… BUT there is only one condition, and that is: Have fun trolling people 
    around, and be ready to be kicked out from the hideout. LOL
    Alright, this will just be a short, but VERY important note to keep in mind:
    Hero mode activates Doppelganger 
    Yes, that's right. Myamsar's hero mode actually counts as an "attack", hence 
    allowing Doppelganger to trigger. FINALLY, his hero mode can be put to good 
    use. This literally means that you have Backbone fused with Peerless Deer into 
    one single Class skill! Well, i dont know how you'd try to make use of this 
    info. But i personally have big uses for knowing this alone. Though one major 
    help for knowing this is that it makes grinding Doppelganger easier. Yes, the 
    very own CS helps itself gain more exp.
    How? Well, whenever any UH/DH is in Hero Mode, their hitbox grows larger, along
    with their character sprites. If you use hero mode in the defense training, 
    you'll then actually be taking more hits than just attacking. Since you're 
    there, standing still, fronting up all the cannonballs thrown at you, you'd be 
    taking more status effects. And that's some supah-speed skill grinding for you!
    Ah well, im out of juice....or maybe not >:D
    |                        Other Useful Links And Topics                |[L-ink]|
    *Credits go to all the topic-starters, video owners, and contributors of each 
    Demonslayer build preview:
    Doj Myamsar (Not my build though):
    Fork-and-Knife build:
    Feisho Set:
    CS training:
    Other useful topics,threads and bloody discussions (please read the posts, 
    and not just the titles):
       If you have more concerns/questions please direct them at:
       there are numerous players out there (incl. me) who are willing to help.
       So please do visit sometime! :)
    |                                Legal Stuff                          |[Sue-U]|
                  Copyright 2011 Mark "Molivious" Fitzgerald Garcia
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal or 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright. This FAQ/Walkthrough is only allowed to be distributed
    through GameFAQS/Gamespot.
    |                                  CREDITS                            |[C-red]|
    *Again, Credits go to all the topic-starters, video owners, and contributors of
     each discussion.
    Thanks to: The crew of the Pataponzoo for helping me hone my skills, and to all
               to those who are involved in the links posted above. Despite the 
    		   trolling and other crap XD
               Pyramid for Patapon 3
               Sony Entertainment for a wonderful console
               and of course, GAMEFAQS
    *E-mail me if i have not properly credited/forgot to post your name in here, 
     and tell me for what reason should your name be here.
    Patapon 3 ASCII LOGO 
    Credits and thanks to: Steve "ryz" Haßenpflug <ryzawy@gmail.com> for his
    fantastic ASCII work, which i have based on.
    >>>you can check his original work @ http://ryzawy.deviantart.com/#/d2hedw9

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