How do I beat Drake Shades?

  1. No matter what I do to it, it won't go down. I can see the little goblin guy sitting on top of him, but he's too high for me to hit. I'm using a Sword and Shield, I'm lvl 16, and don't really have any trouble with any other enemies...I was wailing on him for about 10 minutes and it didn't even seem to phase him...

    User Info: DuoMaxwell43

    DuoMaxwell43 - 6 years ago

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  1. Using the firelance can easily beat this monster especially using the first battle art after reloading for 3 times..hit the rider and you'll do about 600~800 damage... reload while he charges and fire when he looks back at you... i managed to beat this thing in about 6 minutes using this technique and using the firelance BRIONAC...

    User Info: klinx64

    klinx64 - 6 years ago 3 1


  1. Drake Shades have ~10,000 HP. They're impossibly hard to defeat alone, so I suspect that they're more more likely team conquests.

    Firelance seems to be the only real answer to hit the rider, unfortunately. That, or hitting the head enough to cause the Drake to topple and expose the rider briefly.

    User Info: ihategod

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  2. It's possible to beat it alone. But I don't think it wise to beat it alone, cause they cost you a lot of time, potion, and sacrifice charm. It take about 15-25 minutes to beat it alone, assuming you get an advantage against him. Try beating it at chapter 2 quest if you aiming drake shade core. :).

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  3. I beat it at lvl 18. You must have the agni card and some good weapons and armors (I used dragon shield, dragon helmet and a early enhaced weapon). And I did that after the bahamut lvl, so I already had hi-potions. Just hit him by his side, without carying about hit the goblin in top of it. Hit 3 times (on handed sword) and then block. When he starts to walk, get away, wait for the oportunity and get by his side again. After agni is ready, use it an slain the goblin. First time is dificult, but then it get easy (but takes too long).

    User Info: evangellium

    evangellium - 6 years ago 2 2
  4. Get a firelance, press X three times, maintain a good distance from the drake. Press triangle. Rinse and repeat. *800 - 1500 damage depending on the weapon.

    Bring a few potions (Since it's impossible to dodge his charge if it is aimed at you)

    User Info: flamingdogs

    flamingdogs - 6 years ago 1 2
  5. The best way to do it with a sword and shield is to hit it on the left side in between it's legs (NOT THE RIGHT!) hit it 2 or 3 times than back step. It will take forever but it's really the only viable method solo without using a Firelance.

    User Info: lubutree

    lubutree - 6 years ago 2 2
  6. Either way. Melee or Ranged. the thing is if you are melee. aim for the head. wait for tail whip or body slam. tail whip=dont get too close to the head or the leg would damage you. wait for the last sec of animation of the tail whip so you wont get hit by the leg. hit it for 1-2 times. then jump back. then he would use tail whip again. so on and so forth. he would use body slam as a mix. then if he went unconscious. hit the rider for maximum damage. if you cant reach the rider because your stuck on the head part. just hit the head. it still give moderate damage.

    Attack patterns.
    Tail Whip=wails head to the side followed by the whip.
    Body Slam=Shakes his head slightly and you would notice that he would lower his body
    Charge=scratches the ground 3x then runs at you. like a bull.
    Fire ball*only when you are in mid-far range of his=the rider whips the neck part of the shade.

    just keep this on mind and you wont event get killed*probably*. also watch out for his legs when doing the tail whip. it can damage 50-60*using bahamut set w/ shield*. and also his teeth. yes. his TEETH. can damage 7-10 i dont know why but yeah it can kill you.

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  7. It easy if your use a 2h sword and shadowless prayer(man I love that name). just wait for the signs of attack then cast the art...spam, dead, items.

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  8. One more thing there will be time where you'll face 2 drake shades(spoiler). So just time it right it will save you.

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  9. I did him with a 2H sword the first time I tried. Here's how:

    The only attack you really need to worry about is the charge, since it does big damage and is pretty much unblockable since it maxes out your endurance meter right away. You can tell when it is about to do this one because it will paw the ground like a charging bull does. Just side-step the attack (since when it charges, it doesn't change direction, and goes straight), run alongside it, and get a few hits in when it stops.
    The other main attack is what I call the belly-flop, where it jumps in the air and lands, doing some damage and throwing you back. Just block it, and you can get a few hits in before it resets to another attack.
    Finally, there is a tail-whip attack that can do some damage; again, just a simple block takes care of it.

    The best time to get consecutive hits in is when it rears up to shoot fire; if you can get in really close, you can score 6-8 hits in a row before it comes back down.

    So, a lot of patience and blocking, not trying to do too many hits at once, and realizing it has TONS of HP, and you can do it without using too many potions.

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  10. If you using firelance to beat this guy,keep staying to his right side(not left side cause of the tail whip),this way his charge attack wont be able to target at you

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  11. Actually he is not all of that hard to beat but i have found that if you are doing it alone like i did the best way to beat him is to equip the dark card because it slows him down and the hack away on his head until he falls over and then run around him and attack the rider. Also if you manage to get a preemptive attack on him the damage is increased so its not hard. I beat him with a 1H sword.

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  12. firelance with sniper mode makes it easier to target the goblin, then I use thunder card when it's near to escape

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  13. Two-Hand Sword + Shield / Poleaxe / Firelance.

    Those are the most effective weapons for killing a Drake Shade / High Drake Shade.

    Firelance: Use the Artillery battle arts after charging 3 times.

    Two-Hand Sword + Shield: Attack the head and evade attacks until the Drake Shade falls on it's right side. You'll have plenty of time to move where the rider will be once it begins the 'stunned' animation. It's possible to get two 3-hit combos + a sword drop if you're quick enough.

    Poleaxe: The spinning kick battle art does wonders here. Use the same general strategy as with the 2-handed sword, just make sure each hit counts.

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  14. Firelance with Artillery is the safest way to go and having Eye of the Gods orb helps you target weak spots>>>>

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  15. You can beat the Drake Shade by using Fine Rapier, all you have to do is just AIM the side tummy where ribs was located then use the First skill. 5 Potions is enough during the Battle,

    User Info: AZ_IMMORTAL

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