Denam Warrior to Ninja???

  1. I'm in Chapter 4 and my Denam is STILL a Warrior at level 17. . .
    I also have a Ninja at level 17. . .
    I've heard so many times so far that Warriors are useless and that it is highly encouraged that you change Denam to a Knight or Ninja then Lord or something else. . . although my Denam right now isn't great he's OK though. .

    So I decided to change him to a Ninja right now anyways (don't ask about changing him to a knight cuz I only have one Knight and I neglected leveling him up cuz I was concentrating on Rogue, Swordmaster, Dragon etc.)
    But then I found out his stata swoop down so damn low!!!!!
    I really don't know what to do and need some help. . . ;)

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    Slyfox_EPIC - 6 years ago
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    @KazamaArashi Yep. . . if u're talkin about Denam then heck yeah I got Strengthen 2 and many others like Fortify 2 and Parry and everythin. . . my other Ninja has 'em too. . . but I can't see why they say Ninjas are better than Warriors. . . I mean, I always use the Double attack and its awesome and they can plunge straight into an enemy's weakpoints with their mobility, yet there defence is abysmal. . . After changing him to a Ninja now Denam takes a whole lot more damage and can die more easily. . . Do you still think it's a good idea to keep him a ninja???

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    Slyfox_EPIC - 6 years ago
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    @KazamaArashi hmmmmm. . . . i see. . . . not bad. . .
    so I suppose you DO agree that I should keep him a ninja then??? cool. . . .
    I'm gonna try to keep him alive though O__O

    User Info: Slyfox_EPIC

    Slyfox_EPIC - 6 years ago

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  1. Ninjas are monsters with evasion. You should put in skills to make them harder to hit. Get rid of Fortify and Resistance and instead pop in Parry, Dodge, Sidestep, Spell Ward and Steelstance. Steelstance boosts your Defense by a large degree so that when you DO get hit, you don't take a lot of damage.

    You can swap Parry with Deflect if there are a lot of Archers around. Also, mob control is key with a Ninja. Use Shadowbind to root the melee attackers in one place while you take out the ranged attackers. Use Nimble to climb high places. Personally, as soon as I had the Ninja class unlocked in Chapter 2, Denam has been a Ninja till end game. And I was doing a No Incap run too.

    User Info: KazamaArashi

    KazamaArashi (Expert) - 6 years ago 1 0


  1. Skills affect your stats greatly. Does your Ninja have Strengthen and what not equipped? The beauty of the Ninja class is that they have great mobility, awesome self buff skills and Double attack. I generally use the high mobility of Ninjas to rush enemy spell casters and archers, forgoing actions and just moving, and then taking them out.

    User Info: KazamaArashi

    KazamaArashi (Expert) - 6 years ago 1 0
  2. Ninja can use "double attack" skill and attack enemy 2 times. don't use "knockback" skills because it will screw your attack. Use (1H) Katana and use "benumb" ninjutsu skill right after the battle start and you can stun every enemy you attack. Sometimes you can also use "bridle" ninjutsu skill over "benumb" to completely silence annoying spellcasters you attack, although spellcasters often died in just 1 attack from my Denam (with "double attack").

    User Info: NaomasaLi

    NaomasaLi - 6 years ago 0 1
  3. my denam is a ninja too.. i saw it stronger because of the double attack, and also try to max out the skill slot to ten and get strength II and everything else with II in it. then bosses will be a lot easier. but the there is a small problem.. your def is a little bit low.

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  4. As a ninja, he dominates the battlefield, he can pretty much carry the team in most situations while the other guys can just sit back and relax and sip some tea w

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  5. Ninja + Archers = win

    It's almost too easy. The increased stats that Denam has plus other non-generic characters make these class very abusive. Once you get summons though, magic starts to win as well.

    I agree with the above - make a hard to hit class even harder to hit. Load up on evasion skills, let your mobility and double-strike do the work. I do add Resist and Spell Ward though, because it just sucks rushing up to a caster and getting hit with Petrify or Slow.

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  6. I generally used Denam as an "Archer" and/or "Dragoon" simply because the bow and crossbow are very important weapons in the game, particular if it's imperative to kill a target unit quickly or for missions requiring you keep someone alive. Archers only significant weakness is their low movement which can be remedied with "Swiftfoot 1" skill. Dragoons will be almost required for dragons and beast. At round your level beast and dragons are not much a big deal for any class to handle, however those units will become a hassle to deal with once around 25+. A crossbow wielding Dragoon will keep you at long range and dispose of beasts and dragons quickly although "True Flight" skill is highly advised. Also if you stay persistent with those classes you will eventually build ranks in crossbow and bow very quickly then those classes will really shine. Particularly with the 3rd special attack you acquired with rank 6 crossbow "Deathwail". Once that technique is obtained you will never have issues with any tough units again. Even the crappiest crossbow with any class that can wield a crossbow will still do respectable damage. Also by the time you acquired the "Lord" class which can use any weapon except fusils and instruments, and any magic except ninjitsu and war dances. You already should have your skill in crossbow and bow maxed. That way even though you start as a "Lord" as level 1 he will own anything on the field and solo easily. Ninjas are a good class for the double attack, however once you become a "Lord" it won't be necessary and that class can double attack to. Max your skills in bow, crossbow, and maybe 1h sword and your life in Tactics Ogre will be cake. Have a nice day

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  7. Ninjas are definately better. just learn a bunch of evasive skills and youre fine.

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