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    Coda Guide by Cyril

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    This guide covers the content of Coda, a post-game series of quests that acts as an epilogue and a continuation of the story. Coda was free Downloadable Content in Japan, where in the western release it was included on the disk, or with the digital download. While I will not discuss the actual events that occur, be aware that there are spoilers by association, especially given these Episodes all occur once the game has been completed.

    Coda and General Terminology

    What is Coda?

    Coda is available post-game and is a series of events that leads you to recruit three playable characters as well as gives some further insigh into the story and a conclusion to Denam's internal conflicts. Coda also gives you access to new weapons, spells, and areas to strengthen your characters to their maximum potential.

    This section will briefly go over and explain the following Terms, while also telling you how to properly use specific in-game functions and items:

    • Chapter
    • Episode
    • The Palace
    • W.O.R.L.D
    • Anchor Points
    • Warren Report
    • (Palace) Guides

    [Chapters] Chapters are what you progress through in the main game, 1, 2, 3, and 4. We usually abbreviate them: 1, 2L, 2C, 3L, 3N, 3C, and 4L/4C/4N. This guide will not go over "chapters" extensively, but they are mentioned.

    [Episodes] are Coda-specific; they are what this guide revolves around. There are four Episodes that you must do in order. So no, you can't skip from Episode 1 to Episode 4.

    [The Palace] is a shorthand reference for the Palace of the Dead, a 115 floor dungeon you must clear to complete Coda. See the The Palace of the Dead, Episode 2 for more details on the difference between Coda and Chapter 4 differences in the Palace.

    [W.O.R.L.D] or WORLD, is the function that is unlocked when you clear the game and allows for effective "Time Travel." Episodes 3 and 4 use WORLD as a story element. WORLD is an acronym that stands for "Ways of Reordering Life's Destiny."

    [Anchor Points] are a part of the WORLD feature. These record your current storyline data and progress. Anchor Points are quite complex and not what this guide is meant to cover, however they do deserve some explanation.

    Anchor Points are more than simply points you teleport to and from, each time you reach one your current progress is saved in it. This includes your Chaos Frame, your decisions, your currently completed quests, and your path.

    It is very important to know that changing the past events does not change the future Anchor Points. If you do a side-quest in Chapter 4, then use WORLD to move forward in time, the sidequest will not be marked as completed in the future. If you want an event recorded onto a future Anchor Point, you'll have to fight every battle up to the Anchor Point again. If you want everything recorded in the Anchor Points, you'll have to do the side quests again as well.

    For example, let us say you beat the game on Chaos your first time through and finished every single side-quest with the Princess ending. This will be recorded in the Anchor Point at the start of Coda. Now, let's say you use the WORLD function to move back to Chapter 1 and clear the Law path. In this path, you simply clear the path, ignore the side-quests and get the Lord ending. Then you finish the game. When you reach that Anchor Point you were previously on in Coda on this second file, it will overwrite it. That is, that Princess, Chaotic Ending is no longer stored. Instead what will be stored is the Lord, Lawful ending. If you teleport to any point in the game and then back, you will be back at the Lord, Lawful point. To make matters worse, in this example we didn't clear side-quests, so none of those are marked as "cleared" and the characters involved will be seen as "dead" or "missing" by the Warren Report.

    Because Anchor Points only store one timeline, you must be very careful with them, particularly once you've done something as time-consuming as the Palace of the Dead. To accidentally overwrite an important Anchor Point can set you back some 10 hours or more.

    Do not worry too much about Anchor Points on your first few playthroughs and until you're absolutely ready to make your "perfect" file. More likely than not, they'll simply be overwritten over and over again as you play through the various paths.

    [Warren Report] is exactly what it says it is. However, when I mention it in this guide, I am referring to two things:

    1. Is the Character is alive or not? Some characters live only on certain paths. If a character is not mentioned or seen, such as Cressida, they're, for all intents and purposes, considered "dead" by the Warren Report, even if they may not truly be. For example, Ozma can only live on Law, but Cerya will never "live" in the same path.
    2. Talk Topics. Like in the main game, Talk Topics are your key to opening up new scenes and events. Usually, when "Read the Warren Report" is said casually, this is what is referred to.

    [Guides] are a shorthand reference for Palace Guides. They are created using an item called the "Secrets of the Master," which you obtain when Nybeth is defeated on floor 100F in the Palace of the Dead during the main game, Chapter 4. These guides are important because they allow you to skip floors - 25 each! So if you've all three guides on you, you can jump to floor 75 and not have to deal with any of the battles below that.

    The use of Guides is where players often make mistakes. Bolded for emphasis:

    Palace Guides only work on the respective timeline where Nybeth was defeated. Meaning that Nybeth must be marked as dead in your Warren Report, defeated by your hand in Chapter 4, for the Guides to work. Because of the difficulties this can cause, you really don't want to WORLD around too much between the time you defeat Nybeth and start Coda.

    Some notes about Guides:

    • You must have all three if you want to jump to 75F. Just having the third will not work. The third only allows you to jump from 50 to 75. Each Guide skips 25 floors, the first, 1-25, the second 26-50, the third 51-75. So, as you can see, create all three before attempting this.
    • To use them, go into battle. A scene will occur automatically and you will be asked if you wish to use the guide. Select "Yes" and you'll be transported. If you do not get this scene, you made a mistake with Anchor Points and WORLD and Nybeth is not marked as dead. You do not use them manually through your inventory, that is just a waste of an item.
    • Unless you've been hoarding items, you may lack the Enchanted Feather or the Wyrm Horn to make the first and second guides. Wyrm Horns are found in the Mount Hedon battle, most easily from a Dragon at (1, 12), with (0,0) as the far bottom right if you look at the map like a Cartesian coordinate system. Enchanted Feathers are found from various Gryphon enemies found in the Phorampa Wildwood. You likely have 6-10 Pumpkins just from going through the Palace of the Dead, but if you don't, Fairies and Gremlins on the first floor of the Palace drop them. Kill them, flee, and repeat until you have enough.
    • After you clear Episode 2's events, you'll be given three sets of the Guides. However, even though you have them, you'll still be unable to use them if you haven't beaten Nybeth in Chapter 4.

    In other words, if you plan on spending any prolonged time in the Palace or plan on getting all items drops, for your own sanity you absolutely must clear the Palace of the Dead in Chapter 4.


    I've done my best to compile questions I've seen asked frequently in this section. Some of these questions are answered elsewhere in the guide, and in some cases it may seem redundant, but I recognize that searching a FAQ section is easier than the entire guide. These questions come from various posts over the course of a year on message boards, as well as what has been asked to me by acquaintances.

    The Questions
    When is the best time to complete Coda?
    What is the recommended order of events? When should I do the Palace or San Bronsa?
    When should I complete the Palace of the Dead? Do I really have to?
    The story event on Palace 100F isn't occurring?
    How do I get to 115F?
    What are the San Bronsa Ruins?
    Must I recruit Azelstan to complete the Pirate's Graveyard in Coda?
    Can I get the Knight Commander weapons in Episode 4?
    What are Coda's requirements?
    What is Coda's suggested level?

    When is the best time to complete Coda?

    I generally recommend Coda be undertaken once you've finished all three story paths and have done everything you wish to finish in the main game. This is because, for many people, the Palace of the Dead is a motivation killer and an unpleasant, mind-numbing experience. It is also quite easy to make a mistake and use WORLD to overwrite your progress - this is not something you want to happen.

    My own preference is to make a "perfect" file going into Coda - that is, completely restarting Chapter 4 from scratch (start in your selected Chapter 3 Phidoch battle) and completing all sidequests and recruiting all characters, even if I've done so before so that I have them all alive in the Warren Report.

    It's not a good idea to rush into Coda. If you do, I can almost guarantee you will not be prepared. If you're impatient, at the very least you'll want to collect the crafting recipes from the Shrine Sidequest and the Wildwoods before heading down into the Palace of the Dead.

    What is the recommended order of events? When should I do the Palace or San Bronsa?

    If you wish for Coda's special characters immediately, you'll probably just want to rush through Episodes 2 and 3. This path is simply what I'd consider most efficient and saves time by allowing you to minimize the trips while still completing everything.

    1. Clear the Palace of the Dead in Chapter 4, farming all Racks and Pinions for Heaven's Forks used to summon the Heavenly Generals. This does not have to be the first Chapter 4 you play through, simply the one you wish to have recorded in your post-game Anchor Points.
    2. Without using WORLD to skip forward, re-beat the game with the Princess Ending.
    3. Clear Episode 1.
    4. Clear San Bronsa Ruins. This gives you access to the last Wind God Weapon, Zephyros. You should also fight San Bronsa's four Heavenly Generals while you're there.
    5. Clear Episode 2, 3, and 4. By clearing Episode 2 after San Bronsa you will be able to do the Blackmoor battle and obtain the Ogre gear on the same trip that you go down to 115F in the Palace. Two problems solved in one trip, which means time saved for you!

    Be aware that San Bronsa does have a higher level floor on enemies (40+) and that if you go down into it, you will permanently increase enemy level scaling by two-three levels.

    When should I complete the Palace of the Dead? Do I really have to?

    Yes, you must if you want to finish Episode 2. When to do so is a harder question. I generally recommend clearing the Palace in Chapter 4, it need not be your first playthrough - in fact, I wouldn't do it on my first playthrough, then re-beating the game.

    If you clear the Palace in Chapter 4:

    • Obtain the Recipe book "Secrets of the Master," which allows you to craft weapons, armor, Heaven's Forks, and Palace Guidebooks.
    • Fight Blackmoor in Episode 2 for the Ogre gear, Crest of Fire, and the Chaos Frame unlock in the Warren Report. Blackmoor can only be fought if you defeated Nybeth in Chapter 4.
    • Use all three Palace Guides to skip down to 75F on any subsequent entries.
    • Unfortunately, this also means you must enter the Palace twice (or more if you didn't farm your Racks and Pinions your first time through).

    If you clear the Palace in Episode 2:

    • You must take the entire trip down to 115F without leaving.
    • You only have to enter the Palace once; good for those who are in a hurry to get the new characters.
    • More minor, you'll miss a few drops on the story floors of the Palace, namely the Thunderfires on 88F and the Femakk's Blowgun on 98F.

    The story event on Palace 100F isn't occurring?

    If you're having trouble triggering the Nybeth event, it's either because you're in Coda or are in Chaos route and have not completed the Cressida sidequest, where Nybeth is busy elsewhere. The Nybeth battle only occurs in Chapter 4, so if you're post-game, you'll get a generic Lich battle on 100F.

    You will be able to do the Blackmoor event in Coda on 100F if you previously completed the Palace in Chapter 4, however.

    How do I get to 115F?

    115F is not accessed through floor 100, as one might expect. You must instead go to 98F and complete the story battle there. You will automatically be transported to 101F, Tier V, once you do so.

    What are the San Bronsa Ruins?

    San Bronsa is an optional dungeon only available in Coda. It is not quite as long as the Palace of the Dead, instead only 29 floors, but it is just as rewarding. It gives you access to Tier II Forbidden and Draconic magics, as well as Tier II Summons. You'll also get a good deal of new gear for your characters. Be aware that on later floors the enemies reach around level 40 at minimum.

    Must I recruit Azelstan to complete the Pirate's Graveyard in Coda?

    No, nor do you have to have completed his quest. Episode 1 is entirely independent of that series of events and you won't miss anything, and nothing will be changed, by not having cleared the Graveyard in Chapter 4.

    Well, there is one small thing - you get a shortcut that lets you skip three battles if you've cleared the dungeon. It isn't particularly worth it if you haven't bothered with the Graveyard before, however, it just saves those who have gone through a bit of time.

    Can I get the Knight Commander weapons in Episode 4?

    Yes. This is the only place you can obtain Volcaetus, Balmung, and Ambicion. Ozma also has a second unique weapon, the Supple Whip, that drops.

    What are Coda's requirements?

    Please see the Coda and its Requirements section. This is a topic that requires some elaboration.

    What is Coda's suggested level?

    Episode 1 has a minimum enemy level of 25. Episode 4 has a minimum enemy level of 30. I'd recommend no lower than 30. The true challenge is Episode 2's boss fight, rather than Episode 4. Episode 4 is fanservice at its finest and is meant for the purpose of fun and story rather than challenge.

    Coda and its Requirements

    Requirements are generally one of the unclear issues for any new player going into Coda. They are actually quite simple, but also very important. Without meeting the requirements, you will be unable to progress.

    The short list:

    For all except the last, the characters do not need to be alive in the Warren Report, they simply must be in your army. However, if they are alive, they will get additional dialogue.


    Unless you've somehow killed Canopus off during the main game, he joins you in Chapter 1 no matter what you do. If he does happen to be dead, just go back to Chapter 1 with WORLD and re-recruit him. This works for any character that you kick or kill.


    Like Canopus, Mirdyn joins you in whichever path you choose in the main game. If you've killed him off, WORLD back to Chapter 3 and watch the scene where he is recruited again and he'll rejoin.


    Gildas dies in Neutral during the story and there's nothing you can do to change that. Without Gildas you will be unable to even start Episode 1. If you didn't take Neutral, you're in the clear.


    Catiua only really makes an entrance in Episode 4, however her presence is necessary to complete Episode 2 and, therefore, start Episodes 3 and 4. Catiua can live on all paths, her survival depends on the decisions you make in Barnicia castle, not on whether Denam is Lawful, Neutral, or Chaotic.


    Vyce will only live in Law and joins in 3L. He does not need to be alive in the Warren Report, so you can be on Chaos or Neutral, but you must have completed Law at some point and have him in your army. He is relevant during Episode 4.

    The Princess Ending

    This is the ending you get 100% of the time when Catiua survives in Barnicia. Without the Princess Ending, Episode 2 is impossible to complete. You may start Episode 2, go down to 115F, and fight the boss, but you will not get the scene after doing so in Heim and, effectively, Episode 2 is unfinishable.

    For further clarification: Beating the game on the Princess ending once simply does not work. If you're on the Lord path during Coda, you won't be able to finish Episode 2 - period. It does not matter if you beat other playthroughs with the Princess ending, it must be the Princess playthrough you're on when you do Coda.


    At the beginning of every section, I've listed off particular stats that will be important in each Episode.

    • Requirements - This is used in tandem with the "Requirements" section, namely, who is necessary to be alive or in your army. Note that Requirements stack - meaning that, given you must finish the Episodes in order, all requirements for the previous Episode are also requirements for the next Episode.
    • Minimum Level - Despite what it may sound like, this is not a recommended level. This is the minimum level story enemies will appear as. Even if you're under this level, the enemies will still remain at it.
    • Location - The locations where events in this Episode take place.
    • Minimum Battles - the minimum amount of battles necessary to complete said Episode.

    This guide assumes that for the minor battles you do not need a walkthrough, however I will provide a guide for the boss battles and certain challenging battles.

    The Episodes
    Episode 1: The Songstress
    Episode 2: The Search for Warren
    Episode 3: A True Knight
    Episode 4: The Magnificent Twelve

    Episode 1: The Songstress

    Requirements: Canopus, Gildas
    Minimum Level: 25
    Location: Port Omish, Pirate's Graveyard
    Minimum Battles: 7

    To start Episode 1, read the Warren Report Talk Topic "The Songstress of Omish" that appears immediately once you've cleared the game. Head to Port Omish and watch the scene. You're forced into an event battle that is not meant to be won with only three characters: Denam, Caonpus, and Gildas. This is one of the few battles in the game that has a Maximum level. That is, even if everyone is level 50, the enemies will never break level 25. There is no level scaling.

    When given the option, to most quickly end the battle, choose:

    • Denam: I can't let this get out of control.
    • Gildas: No turning back now!
    • Denam: Is this the time to run?

    If Denam's new option doesn't come up, mess around with the responses until it does. Choosing the above will automatically end the battle and it should occur on Denam's second turn, so survive until then. Gildas and Canopus do not need to be alive. Even if you make a mistake with Denam's dialogue, nothing changes, so don't worry about this too much. This battle is mostly a fun little story event.

    Once you've cleared the Omish battle, read the Warren Report Talk Topics "Storm Strikes Oedlark" and "Iuria's Requiem." Then travel to Golyat and read a third topic, "Iuria's Secret." When you read this last one, the Pirate's Graveyard re-opens. As you might expect, the Graveyard is your destination.

    The Pirate's Graveyard

    The Pirate's Graveyard
      • 1 - Cape of Spite
      • 2 - Astride the Border
      • 3 - Crystal Halls
      • 4 - Valley of Light and Shadow
      • 5 - Ripples of Grief
      • 6 - Memories of Turqoise
      • 7 - Wonder's Hollow
      • 8 - Crumbling Garden
      • 9 - Bosom of the Sea God(dess)
      • 10 - Midline Rift
      • 11 - Into the Darkness
      • 12 - On Holy Ground

    Given the nature of the area, you may with to bring a few characters who can exorcise, or, preferably, scrolls of Exorcism or Banish. If you're having issues with the undead, try weapons with Augment Light, such as Brilliant Daggers, Brynhildr, Holy Comet, or Superior Brahma.

    The fastest way through the Graveyard is:

    Cape of Spite -> Astride the Border -> Crumbling Garden -> Bosom of the Sea God -> Midline Rift -> Into The Darkness

    You can only go from "Astride the Border" to "Crumbling Garden" if you cleared the Graveyard in Chapter 4. This opens up a shortcut that allows you to skip three levels and drastically decreases your time in the dungeon. If you don't have access to this shortcut, stick right. "Ripples of Grief" splits into "Crumbling Garden" and "Wonder's Hollow," both of which lead to the event battle in "Bosom of the Sea God." From there, it's linear.

    Cape of Spite
    Minimum Level: 25
    Deploy: 10
    Enemy types: Skeleton, Ghost, Octopus

    An unavoidable story battle occurs at the Cape of Spite. If you're low leveled, bring a Beast Slayer, a Dragoon or Ozma, for the easiest time. Fortunately, the Octopus aren't undead so they've relatively normal physical and magical defense. If at all possible, keep them out of the water; when in the water, they won't need to use Aquaveil, which makes them much more dangerous.

    Be sure to send a character around the top to deal with the enemies on the upper level.

    All battles between "Cape of Spite" and "Bosom of the Sea God" are non-story battles. Their minimum level is 22, and Denam can be removed from the party.

    Bosom of the Sea Goddess
    Minimum Level: 25
    Deploy: 12
    Enemy types: Skeleton, Ghost, Octopus, Winged, Lizardmen

    Amusingly enough, my title is not a typo. It seems that the name on the map was too long and the localizers couldn't fit in "Goddess," which is used for this area. This battle is a larger, more open version of the previous battles in the Graveyard. The main thing to be wary of is the holes in the center, which can cause you to lose a Heart/Life when you fall down.

    Fortunately, there's very little water on this level so the Octopi will have more difficulty using their special skills because they have to use Aquaveil first.

    Into the Darkness
    Minimum Level: 25
    Deploy: 12
    Enemy Types: Dreadnaught (Terror Knight), Death Eater (Wizard, Enchantress), Gladiator (Warrior), Sniper (Fusilier), Executioner (Berserker)
    Summoned: Ethereral Vision (Divine Knight), Blood Gavial (Lizardman), Ghost (Wraith), Skeleton (Wight), Kraken (Octopus)
    Boss: Sirene
    Dialogue: Denam, Canopus

    If you've been down here before, notice this is not the battlefield that the Azelstan quest was on.

    These "blue" enemies may be new to you if you've not done a lot of side quests. They're basically normal enemies, but with higher HP and stats. They are classified as human despite their ethereal appearance, so Anatomy will increase the damage you do to them. It's easy to forget the two that spawn to your right, which effectively is behind you, from the way the map is built, but if you're just rushing Sirene then you can ignore them all together.

    This battle should be treated like the Necromancer battles with enemies like Nybeth. Sirene can summon reinforcements in the form of Divine Knights, which, like her, can fly around. To most easily get around the battlefield, you, too should fly. Winged Boots/Rings and Sidhe Boots/Rings (All of which except Sidhe Rings) are found in the Palace of the Dead. If you've none of the above, use the Tarot Card "Wheel of Fortune" from your inventory. This gives you the Blinkwalk effect and will provide you with added mobility. This is especially important on classes that can Wade into the water, as it allows them to go down to the lower level right from the start and ignore that thin little path to the left entirely. These items will also allow you easy access to the two problematic Fusiliers in the center. It's either send a high-mobility class up there with WindWalk/Blinkwalk, or kill them with magic.

    Be aware that there may be some Charming in this battle. Sirene has the spell "Tainted Love" and Ethereal Visions can charm with TP skills. The latter can be more than a little annoying, given it hits a large range. Focus your attacks on the Ethereal Visions and kill them as soon as they come within range. If the Charm continues to cause you issues, you may want to obtain and equip Alluring gear, which has a natural Resist Charm on it. The male set is from Oz in any Chapter 3, once you're level 30+, and the female set is from Gousin in 2L.

    If you plan on killing everything, bring some Exorcism and light-elemental weapons, because you can't just surround Sirene and get her to summon only a few enemies at a time like you may (or may not) have done with Necromancers in the past. The AI makes a point to fly over you and summon as many as possible, which can be upwards 10 new enemies! In this case, I highly recommend the use of Tier III Indirect elemental spells (Firestorm, Tornado, so on) that can hit the entire range of enemies that she just summoned. A Shaman, if you have one, can kill them all in one attack with their Nature's Touch skill. If you don't have a powerful caster, caution is your ally; don't go rushing in, or you'll take more damage than necessary.

    You must bring Sirene's HP down to 0, not just critical, for the battle to end.

    Iuria automatically joins once you finish the battle. She has access to the Shaman and Songstress Unique classes.

    Note that after you finish Episode 1, you can read the Talk Topics and start the San Bronsa Ruins side quest. In fact, I recommend you do so.

    Episode 2: The Search for Warren

    Requirements: Mirdyn, Princess Ending
    Minimum Level: 25
    Location: Heim, Palace of the Dead
    Minimum Battles: 19

    To start Episode 2, open up the Warren Report and read the Talk Topic "The King of Brigantys." Then go to Heim and watch the scene with Mirdyn, Gildas, and Canopus.

    This Episode is by far the most complex and causes the most problems. I've spent some time going over frequently discussed topics in the first section and if you've read through Coda and General Terminology some subjects may seem redundant. Skip down to The Search for Warren for a guide to Episode 2 itself.

    I've split Episode 2 into three separate sections, it is to your benefit to read them all.

    The Palace of the Dead, Episode 2
    Blackmoor, San Bronsa, and Episode 2
    The Search for Warren

    You can start Episode 2 without the Princess Ending, but you will not be able to finish it. Be sure to have completed the game with Catiua -currently alive in your Warren Report- before you go down into the Palace of the Dead. You don't want to have all of that work go to waste.

    The Palace of the Dead, Episode 2

    Non-Coda story events do not occur in Coda; you will be unable to fight Beelzebuth or Nybeth if this is your first time in the Palace of the Dead.

    Palace of the Dead Map

    This Episode will be the wall that stops progression in some. Episode 1 is easy enough, but a trip through the 100 floor Palace of the Dead - now with an additional 15 levels added on - is enough to eat away at any motivation. Expect the journey to take a few days in real time, possibly even more if you want to obtain every item.

    The Palace of the Dead is a bit different in Coda than it is in the main game. As mentioned above, you will be unable to fight certain story battles and new event battles will be added in the 75-100 range.

    • Palace Guides are usable in Coda if and only if you defeated Nybeth on the same timeline during Chapter 4.

    These Guides allow you to skip floors when created using the "Secrets of the Master." All three of them will allow you to skip to floor 75. 1st Edition allows you to skip to 25F, 2nd Edition goes from 25-50F, and the 3rd Edition skips from 50-75F.

    If you did not finish the Palace of the Dead in Chapter 4 and do not have access to these guides, you're going to have to take the full 115 floor trip. If you did defeat Nybeth, but did not record Nybeth's death in an Anchor Point and then used the WORLD function to move around, the Guides will not work. The guides will also not work if you clear the Palace in Chapter 4,t then immediately WORLD back to Coda Episode 2 without re-clearing the game in-between. This means that if you've already finished Episode 1, but haven't killed Nybeth and want to have him flagged as dead in your Warren Report, you will have to go through the Episode once again if you want to skip the 75 floors and fight Blackmoor.

    For Emphasis: If you wish for the Palace Guides to work in Episode 2, you must clear both Chapter 4 and Episode 1 with Nybeth flagged as dead. WORLDing around will not help.

    • You cannot leave the Palace once you've entered and keep your progress.

    If you leave, you must restart at the very beginning. Fortunately, there are shops in the Palace, but only three. There's one in the first Tier (1-25F), one in the third Tier (51-75F), and one in the fifth Tier (101-115F). Be aware that all levels in the Palace give very little Experience or SP, so make sure you are at an acceptable level and have all of the skills you want/need beforehand.

    Blackmoor, San Bronsa, and Episode 2

    It is possible to fight Blackmoor in Episode 2, but only if you cleared the Nybeth battle in Chapter 4. You must also have the Four Wind God Weapons in your possession. The battle will never occur unless Nybeth is flagged as dead in your Warren Report. Unfortunately, if you wish to fight Blackmoor, you're going to have to do some extra work - namely, take a trip to the San Bronsa Ruins.

    Should you fight through San Bronsa before your trip down to save Warren?

    Did you beat the Palace in Chapter 4?

    • If "no," then it doesn't matter - be aware that San Bronsa has higher level enemies than The Palace of the Dead, however, and if you're just skirting level 30, you might want to wait a bit.
    • If "yes," my answer is a resounding "Yes" in return, and here's why:

    As mentioned above, if you wish to undertake this battle, you must have the Four Wind God weapons, 3 of which come from the Palace, 1 from the San Bronsa Ruins. Once you have them, travel down to 100F again and another event battle takes place. This is the where you obtain Ogre gear from, as well as get an incredible accessory known as the "Fire Crest." Why does the Fire Crest take so much effort to obtain? Not only does it raise all of your stats by 10, but it also lowers your RT by 10. That means the character equipped with the accessory is going to take his or her turns much faster.

    The Four Wind God Weapons
    • Boreas
      • A non-Unique One-Handed Axe, found on 64F, Palace of Dead. A Gryphon, Neutrally Aligned, starts at Elevation 4, and starts at point (18,4).
    • Euros
      • A non-Unique Two-Handed Hammer, found on 99F, Palace of the Dead. A male Executioner, Chaotically Aligned, on the top level at Elevation 18 at (2,5) drops it.
    • Notos
      • A non-Unique Two-Handed Sword, found alongside Euros on 99F, Palace of the Dead. A female Dreadnaught, Chaotically Aligned, on the top level Elevation 18 at (3,8) drops it.
    • Zephyros
      • A non-Unique Spear, found in the Floating Ruins 1F, San Bronsa Ruins. A Rukh drops it, Neutral aligned, at location (21,4).

    Please note the difference between Floating Ruins and the Tower of Eternal Law; Zephyros drops in the Ruins, which is the second part of the dungeon.

    Palace of the Dead - Altar of the Beyond
    Minimum Level: 30
    Deploy: 12
    Boss: Blackmoor
    Enemy types: Golem, Dragon, Lich, Undead (Skeleton, Ghost), Gremlin (Incubus)

    This is a battle that can occur in both Coda and non-Coda. It is entirely meant for loot. To put simply, this battle has some of the best gear in the game. The short list: Both Liches, the Queen and King, drop the entire set of Ogre equipment. Try to at least get one from each, given you can't flee from the battle to farm the enemies. Don't worry too much about the Ogre Blade, you can get that elsewhere. The full set includes the Armor, Blade, Helm, and Shield. You can get the Blade from the battle on 115F (which, given this guide assumes you're in Episode 2, you should approach soon). I'd instead focus on the Helm and Body pieces and get the blade from the boss on 115F.

    Blackmoor himself drops the Gran Grimoire, the only two-handed Book in the game. This book is powerful because it allows for a free casting of the spell "Radius," which is the equivalent of a Tier II Forbidden Magic! This is a marvelous weapon on any Light elemental user.

    Finishing the battle also rewards you with the Fire Crest. This stunning item raises every stat by 10 while also lowering your RT by 10. Simply put, this is the most powerful accessory in the game.

    Blackmoor has a permanent teleport effect, similar to the Sidhe Boots or Rings, which is the main difference between he and the other Lich enemies. As you might expect, take out the Dragons and Golems first. They'll block your way with Rampart Aura and make your life more difficult than it should be. From there, the Gremlins so that they do not charm you. Then you should be safe to farm the Lich enemies for your Ogre drops.

    Like most Necromancers, Blackmoor can use Summon Darkness, so expect it. You're more than likely high enough to have powerful castings of Tier III spells at this point, a few of those can clear the entire group if you're lucky enough to get your Mages to act before the enemies can separate. Know that he can summon more than one set of enemies. In most cases, this wouldn't be a problem. The issue arises because all three of the Lich enemies can use Summon Darkness. Fortunately, they can't summon over Lava, and the male has a bad tendency to jump onto the small rock platform near the back of the map, which severely limits his Summoning potential. Another trait that also makes this battle easier than it first seems is that all three Lich enemies seem to summon from the same "pool." So if one "runs out," they all run out.

    Do not confuse the battle with the Lich King with the Blackmoor battle. If you lack the items to fight Blackmoor (Zephyros, Euros, Notos, Boreas) or did not clear the Palace in Chapter 4, he will not appear. The Lich King is not Blackmoor. Blackmoor is a named enemy who appears in battle with two separate Lich enemies.

    Once the battle ends, you'll receive a new title, "Slayer of the Necromancer Lord," and another Heaven's Fork for your collection. You'll also have access to a new command, called "Chaos Frame." This allows you to (surprise, surprise) view your Chaos Frame with all nations from the Warren Report. It's a bit late, but if you still have some things that need it (Cressida, the "good" Lord ending) it may be worthwhile.

    The Search for Warren

    Palace of the Dead - Tier V

    Once you've started Episode 2 from the introductory scene in Heim, as explained by the Xenobians head into the Palace of the Dead. You need to reach floor 75, and how you do this is up to you, either by beating the Palace in Chapter 4 and using the Palace Guides (See Coda and General Terminology for more details) or simply by taking on the entire Palace at once.

    Once you reach floor 75, the absolute fastest way to get to floor 101 is as follows:

    76 -> 81 -> 84 -> 88 -> 92 -> 94 -> 98

    Floor 98 has a specific event battle that is required to progress to floor 101. No, you do not head to floor 100 to get to 101.

    If you want to go to 100 for Blackmoor, follow the same path as above to 88 so you make progress on both, then go: 88 -> 90 -> 95 -> 97 -> 99 -> 100

    Palace of the Dead, Level 88
    Minimum Level: 25
    Deploy: 12
    Enemy types: Skeleton, Ghost, Undead Cyclops, Undead Hydra

    This is a surprisingly forgiving battle considering some of the other rather annoying battleground setups on the fourth tier of the Palace. It's pretty much a straight line and will, in some ways, be a relief. On the negative side, you will be more susceptible to area attacks, for example, the Cyclops and their large area Stun move, Howl. Also of note is the Dragon Breaths.

    Fortunately, everything on this floor is undead, so light-based weapons will be very powerful. If you've Ozma, give her the Holy Comet or Brynhildr (or similar Light-elemental weapon) alongside Dragon Slayer and you'll one-hit an enemy a turn. The same can be said of Dragoons if you give them a Roodbow. Superior Brahma, Brilliant Daggers, Stardust, Culnrikolnne, and so forth are all other options.

    Note that if this is your first time through the Palace and you are collecting items, it is impossible for you to obtain the items on these story floors in Episode 2. You'll have to come back later once you've cleared the story events or deal without them. The Thunderfire Katana on floor 88 is a rather big loss if this is your first time, as it's non-unique, has an augment element boost, and is one of the more powerful Katana sets you can obtain.

    Rather than being a challenge, this battle is meant to show you that you're going the right way. Also of note is that these story battles give you the full experience total, unlike the lowered amount that is normal in the rest of the Palace.

    A cutscene starts after the battle's completion.

    Palace of the Dead, Level 98
    Minimum Level: 25
    Deploy: 10
    Boss: Kandyce
    Enemy types: Lamia (Gorgon, Matriarch), Gremlin (Rogue), Undead Dragon, Undead (Ghost, Skeleton)

    Though this is a boss battle, there is no scene before or dialogue. It is more accurately compared to the Heavenly General battles than most bosses, all the way down to the golden style of the enemy. Be warned that once you complete this battle you will automatically be brought down to the next Tier of the Palace and won't have access to 75-100F. Be sure you clear everything you want to before then, such as the Heavenly Generals or Blackmoor.

    You must clear everything here. If you've access, Winged or Sidhe Boots/Rings will allow you to more easily traverse over the large lake. Kandyce also has the ability to teleport around, so do not be surprised when she has greater mobility than it first appears.

    The door to the next level opens automatically once you defeat everything on the map.

    On 103F is a shop, if you need it.

    Palace of the Dead, Level 105
    Minimum Level: 25
    Deploy: 12
    Enemy types: Lamia (Matriarch, Gorgon), Undead Hydra, Undead (Skeleton)

    As with previous story floors in the Palace, do not expect a cutscene upon entry. This is a nice, forgiving floor with a lot of room to move around and a minor height advantage for your Bow Archers.

    The only enemy to watch out for is the Archer Skeleton on the upper level, who will love to snipe at you with his Bow. Send a Winged (Canopus) or someone with Winged/Sidhe boots onto him immediately, or use a spell that ignores elevation (such as Firestorm or Tornado). Don't waste a character going up and around, there's no point to it, unless it's an Archer you plan on sniping from above using the same strategy as the AI.

    As with the other undead battles, Light elemental weapons work wonders, and Dragon Slayer will be useful on those Hydra. You may wish to buy a few scrolls of Banish from the shop; they don't use Reagents or MP when used, and they're cheap, so they're ideal for Exorcism.

    Palace of the Dead - Chamber of the Seal
    Minimum Level: 27
    Deploy: 12
    Boss: Rodrick (Palace Guide, 1st Ed. x3, Palace Guide 2nd Ed. x3, Palace Guide 3rd Ed. x3, Heaven's Fork, Ogre Blade)
    Enemy types: Doppelganger
    Dialogue: Denam (2), Gildas, Mirdyn, Canopus

    This author considers Episode 2's final battle to be the most difficult fight in the game. Hopefully you don't have as much problem with it as I did on my first file!

    This battle will be remarkably familiar, but also entirely alien. At first it seems like a simple clone of the final battle of Chapter 4, but with a few changes, namely: If Warren dies, it's game over. The second being Warren starts out just barely within your enemy range; if your Ninja are badly placed, they can reach him in one round with Swiftfoot II.

    The second problem you'll face is the large gap between you and the battlefield. If you attempt to head around towards Warren, it will take 2-3 turns, minimum. By that point, you'll be lucky if Warren is still alive. This is actually a problem surprisingly easily mitigated. Use one from the following list:

      • Winged Boots
      • Winged Ring
      • Sidhe Boots
      • Sidhe Ring
      • Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

    On your first turn, use the item and approach the gap directly in front of your characters. On your second turn, you'll be able to fly over the gap with ease. There's the distance problem solved, and though this draws attacks off Warren, be sure to deal with any stragglers in his direction as soon as possible.

    Don't bother with anyone less than 5 movement in this battle. The battlefield is simply too large and you're on a relative timer, which is entirely based on Warren's AI. These lower movement characters will only be a burden because they can reach Warren long before you can reach the battlefield. The only way I would recommend using lower moment characters is as decoys, in order to draw off attacks from Warren or your main units.

    Some tips to make this battle more managable.

    • As you more than likely would expect, this battle gets harder the higher your level and the more characters you bring. I would not recommend bringing more than six fully geared characters. I personally prefer four.
    • This battle is considerably easier at lower levels than it is as level 50. If you're that high, consider changing classes to something weaker.
    • Remove your armor! This will make your Doppelgangers take more damage.
    • Use decoys. Send out naked, low defense characters to draw attacks.
    • Elemental Orbs are incredibly powerful items. They require Field Alchemy IV to use, but depending on your level, they will destroy large groups of enemies at once. If you don't have any on you, go craft some on 103F. Orbs should clear out the Doppelgangers with ease.

    Another strategy that I've seen recommended is a solo Lord Denam run. All you deploy is Denam. Lord for Phalanx, Field Alchemy IV for self-healing and Orbs, and whatever else you may find useful. This leaves only one enemy other than Rodrick, which is much easier to deal with than 6+. Just be sure to kill off the Doppelganger as soon as possible.

    Another twist on this is to make Denam a low-level class that can equip a Lobber and have him act as support, healing and buffing, while Warren, whose level has a floor in the high twenties, solos Rodrick.

    From Rodrick, you obtain 3 of each copy of the Palace Guides, enough to go down to 75 three more times, and a Heaven's Fork for Heavenly Generals, if you need it. He is also capable of dropping an Ogre Blade or, for that matter, his other gear (Saint King Choker is really the only decent piece). Focus on the Ogre Blade. If you want to farm him, press start and X to skip the cutscene after the battle and in Heim.

    The wonderful song that is plays during this battle, and a few others in the main game, is called Showdown.

    Episode 3: A True Knight

    Requirements: None
    Minimum Level: 28
    Location: Heim, Rhime
    Minimum Battles: 2

    Episodes 3 and 4 are relatively straightforward compared to Episode 1 and 2. They are simply a series of battles that take place when Denam uses the WORLD function for story purposes.

    To start Episode 3, read the Warren Report Talk Topic "Rising from the Ashes." If you're still in Heim from the end of Episode 2, move anywhere and come back. If not, simply step onto Heim and watch the scenes.

    Delakroa Common
    Minimum Level: 28
    Deploy: 12
    Boss: Martym
    Enemy types: Templar (Berserker, Terror Knight, Ninja, Knight, Rune Fencer, Cleric, Wizard, Warrior, Archer, Warlock, Beast Tamer, Fusilier)
    Dialogue: Ozma, Gildas, Vyce and Catiua (Martym 50% HP)

    The main issue with this battle is the gaps made by the watter and buildings, both of which limit your overall mobility. You're surrounded on all sides, but the enemies face the same limitation, and must go around. Martym should approach from the front, but be aware of the Templars that may come from behind, namely the Ninja-class Templar.

    As with all of the battles in Coda, additional mobility gained from Winged and Side Rings/Boots will be very useful for getting over environmental challenges. If you do not have them, stick with Wheel of Fortune Tarot Cards; if you're low on them, save them, the next battle is much more important to use them in.

    Torakoria Way
    Minimum Level: 28
    Deploy: 12
    Boss: Barbas
    Enemy types: Templar (Berserker, Terror Knight, Ninja, Knight, Rune Fencer, Cleric, Wizard, Warrior, Archer, Warlock, Beast Tamer, Fusilier)
    Dialogue: Canopus, Gildas, Mirdyn, Warren, Denam, Ozma, Barbas (50% HP), Catiua (Lanselot 50% HP)

    This is a "Save the NPC" battle; the issue is, like Warren, you start off all the way across the map. Though Unlike Warren, Lanselot is very capable of fending for himself for a prolonged period of time, but he can't hold out forever, and by the time you reach him, if you go by walking, he'll be dead unless he got Phalanx off or was Petrified by Barbas's Angel of Death special skill.

    High mobility characters are key here. What helps, just like with Warren, is the use of Fly (Winged characters or Boots/Rings) or Blinkwalk (Sidhe Boots/Rings or Wheel of Fortune Tarot items). I'd recommend everyone with decent mobility use the items on their first turn so they can rush up and aid Lanselot. At the very least, send someone with Field Alchemy IV up to keep him alive.

    For the most part, the Loslorien Templars should leave Hamilton and Barbas be, at least until you get close enough to interfere in their duel by attacking Barbas. Until then, they'll focus on you instead and just walk past the duel.

    Note: Hamilton comes with level 4 Parry. If you're not averse to killing characters so you can scavenge their skills, this is an amazing opportunity, because Episode 3 is so easy to repeat.

    Parry is a very powerful skill because it gives your characters a second roll of the RNG for physical evasion. Even if you're at the capped minimum (25%), Parry brings that value down more still. Level 4 is very, very difficult to grind up yourself, and certain characters, such as Hobyrim and Ozma, only start with level 2. Ravness starts with level 2 Deflect, the ranged version of Parry. It is worthwhile for players to kill off Hamilton a few times for scavenging - if you're willing to sacrifice him!

    To re-obtain Hamilton, you just WORLD back to the end of Episode 2 and do the series of fights in Rhime again. He'll join as many times as you need.

    Episode 4: The Magnificent Twelve

    Requirements: Catiua, Vyce
    Minimum Level: 30
    Location: Golyat
    Minimum Battles: 4

    Episode 4 is the grand finale of the game and acts as the conclusion to Denam's story. There is no Anchor Point between Episode 3 and 4, so if you want to replay Episode 4, you must also replay Episode 3. This doesn't take very long if you just attack the enemy Commanders and ignore everything else.

    To begin this series of battles, read the talk topic "A Monument of Peace" in the Warren Report. Then go to Golyat.

    Golyat Quayside
    Minimum Level: 30
    Deploy: 12
    Boss: Volaq, Andoras
    Enemy types: Templar (Berserker, Terror Knight, Ninja, Knight, Rune Fencer, Cleric, Wizard, Warrior, Archer, Warlock, Beast Tamer, Fusilier)
    Dialogue: Denam, Catiua, Ozma

    Don't bother saving the residents, you're not going to make it in time. Their deaths, for the most part, are unavoidable and have no impact on the storyline.

    You only need to bring one of the two Commanders to critical HP in order to end the battle. The fastest way to get to them is over the house, but if you don't want to bother, go around the side near the port; the side to the north only needs one or two characters maximum. Once you clear the house, you've a clear path to Volaq and Andoras.

    Golyat South Village
    Minimum Level: 30
    Deploy: 12
    Boss: Oz, Ozma
    Enemy types: Templar (Berserker, Terror Knight, Ninja, Knight, Rune Fencer, Cleric, Wizard, Warrior, Archer, Warlock, Beast Tamer, Fusilier)
    Dialogue: Denam, Vyce, Ozma

    As with the second battle of Episode 3, you're at the very bottom of a hill and must make your way up to Oz and Ozma. Fortunately, Oz is the weaker of the two, both offensively and defensively, as his build is rather. . .questionable. He rushes down to meet you and you'll probably be able to reach him on the second turn. As with other battles with the severe elevation difference, Fly and Blinkwalk are both to your benefit, but not really necessary given there's no one to save this time. Well, you could save the villagers if you really wanted to, but there will be no impact on the storyline or gameplay if you do.

    Golyat Sailors Way
    Minimum Level: 30
    Deploy: 12
    Boss: Martym, Barbas
    Enemy types: Templar (Berserker, Terror Knight, Ninja, Knight, Rune Fencer, Cleric, Wizard, Warrior, Archer, Warlock, Beast Tamer, Fusilier)
    Dialogue: Denam, Vyce, Catiua (In response to Vyce; turn after his), Ozma

    This might possibly be the most forgiving battle in all of the Coda Episodes. You literally start in a central street, with the bosses right in front of you. The best approach to this battle is probably to send a small group out in front while fanning out with one or two members into the side alleyways to make sure you're not attacked from behind, particularly on the lower side, as there are more Templars in that direction. Be warned of the multiple Archers on the northern side, however.

    If you're built for it, you could probably just send two or three Archers and attack Barbas, who will no doubt be in their range by their second turn, and kill him. Really, anyone with 6 move will be within attack range by their second turn. Truth be told, keeping Barbas alive is harder than killing him.

    Golyat North Village
    Minimum Level: 30
    Deploy: 12
    Boss: Lanselot
    Enemy types: Templars, Oz, Ozma, Martym, Barbas, Andoras, Volaq, Balxephon
    Dialogue: Denam, Vyce, Catiua, Ozma, Hobyrim, Hamilton

    This is it, the accumulation of all you've fought for in Coda, and what a finale it is.

    You don't have to kill all of the Commanders, as Tartaros flees and the battle ends when you do so. However, this battle is is prime for farming and is the only place to get four weapons, namely -

    • Balmung (Volaq)
    • Volcaetus (Balxephon)
    • Supple Whip (A second unique weapon of Ozma's, is not equipped)
    • Ambicion (requires a special strategy, covered below).

    These all drop like normal equipment, with the exception of Ozma's Supple Whip. Ozma has her unique Rose Whip equipped; the Supple Whip is a secondary item she can drop. The Supple Whip is the only one-handed Whip in the game and, unfortunately, lacks an Augment element. Note that Oz does not seem to drop his Alluring set as he does in the battles with him in Chapter 3, so if you're looking for that, you'll have to WORLD back to them.

    If you're fighting the battle normally, it is probably best to simply take it slowly. Progress up the paths and alleys, possibly with Fly or Blinkwalk to get over the buildings if you're impatient, and kill the Knight Commanders one by one. There are fewer generic Templars than there were in previous battles, but that's because there are more Knight Commanders. It is probably best to split your characters into three or four groups, with each one going into a sub area, one to the left, one to the north, one to the right (this one will meet Balxephon, Volaq, and Tartaros), and one that stays behind in the central region and backs the rest of when necessary.

    One main thing to be wary of is each Knight Commander's special skill. Most of them have special traits. For example, Barbas's will cause Petrification, while Ozma's will cause Bewitched - which can be very dangerous. Tartaros's Apocalypse will cause the targeted character to lose a "Heart," or "Life." The only way to get them back is via the Elixir item. The others aren't as bad, Breached from Oz, Envenom from Martym, so on. Leaden from Volaq can be a tad annoying, though.

    • Obtaining Ambicion:

    First, note that I do not recommend attempting to obtain Ambicion your first time doing this battle. This is primarily because you already have 3-4 other unique weapons to pursue as drops(not counting any you may have missed), and doing the battle with three people can be risky. It makes getting into the right position for drops time consuming and even dangerous at times. Also worthwhile to note that if you're interested in obtaining every item, you'll need to play through Episode 4 a second time, because Balxephon's Volcaetus is crafted into the Ignis Spear. This second time through is the better option for Ambicion.

    Here's what you must do if you want the sword: You must kill Tartaros. This is easier said than done, because, if you do the battle normally, he flees using a Shiftstone. There is only one way to kill him: Fight the battle with only Denam, Catiua, and Vyce deployed. No more. Also, none of them must be killed (they'll actually teleport away when they hit 0 HP). After that, Lanselot must be the absolute last enemy on the battlefield. Tartaros drops the weapon like a normal item, so you'll have to CHARIOT for it, most likely. This step can be almost as time consuming as the battle, if you're unlucky.

    So, how do you kill the entire Loslorien force with only three characters? With very thorough preparation. Or, more simply, Lord Denam with Phalanx. Denam can solo the level with ease, especially if you use Catiua and Vyce to heal him.

    If you're looking for a less boring route, or less broken one, Princess Catiua is definitely what you want, though Priest or even Dark Priest would be fine. In contrast, Dark Magic can work nicely because of its ability to Drain HP and TP, which effectively makes Dark Priest Catiua good at soloing her part of the battle, but if you choose this, be sure to give Denam and Vyce the ability to heal themselves. Vyce as Ranger with either Double Attack Daggers or, if your level is high enough, the Ji'ygla Darkset works wonders. The Ji'ygla set is so incredibly powerful that it should be one-hitting the Templars even if he has only level 1 skill in Augment Darkness and Bow. You can do something similar with Denam, if you wish, with the Ogre set, which should be strong enough to kill most of the Templars in one hit, even with minimal skill in Two-Handed Swords. The Ogre Set also gives a bonus to Magic Attack power, which should give him a boost to spells. Like the Ji'ygla set, the Ogre set is very easy to prepare and equip and be effective with; unfortunately, it's also relatively difficult to obtain (see Blackmoor, San Bronsa, and Episode 2). Otherwise, killing the Knight Commanders is something you've done over and over at this point. I'd recommend the use of Magic so you can hit a large area and clear multiple enemies at once. If you've gone through San Bronsa, Lord with Tier II summons can kill 3-4 enemies from full health down to 0.

    I'd also recommend playing around a bit. Use Fly or Blinkwalk to set your characters onto the top of buildings. This will severely limit the attacks that can be directed towards you to Magic, Bows, and the Knight Commander special skills. As long as you get rid of the Archers first, the enemy's main offense will be their spells, which, because of their builds, are going to be much weaker than their physical attacks.

    Having Constitution on all three will help considerably, especially at higher levels. Brimstone can be very useful in preventing their TP attacks, keep a few scrolls on hand. Craft yourself a few Elemental Orbs; these items have the power of Tier II Forbidden magic, but at no MP cost. They'll clear out a few enemies at a time, and enemies who aren't killed will be severely wounded.

    If you successfully kill Tartaros, not just allow him to flee, you'll gain a new title, "One-Eyed Knight Slayer."

    If you do wish to get Ambicion, but still wish to see the dialogue between Hobyrim/Ozma/Hamilton on their respective subjects, just deploy them and have them wait for the first few rounds until it plays, then restart the battle. There's enough room on the battlefield that it will take more than one turn for you to be reached, so you can just sit there.