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    Game Script by MostSeriousness

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    Table of Contents

    1. Guide Notes
      1. About
      2. To Do List
    2. Chapter 1
      1. Golyat
      2. The Gates of Almorica Castle
      3. Almorica Passageway
      4. Almorica Castle
      5. Tynemouth Hill
      6. Krysaro
      7. Qadriga Fortress
      8. Almorica Castle
      9. Golborza Plain
      10. Akhaiopolis of Rhime
      11. Phidoch Castle
      12. Almorica Castle
      13. Almorica
      14. Lake Bordu
      15. Xeod Moors
      16. Balmamusa
    3. Chapter 2 (Lawful)
      1. Balmamusa
      2. Xeod Moors
      3. Rhea Boum Aqueduct
      4. Port Asyton
      5. Almorica Castle
      6. Port Asyton
      7. The Reisan Way
      8. Qadriga Fortress
      9. Tynemouth Hill
      10. Almorica Castle
      11. The Golborza Plain
      12. Arkhiapolis of Rhime
      13. Almorica Castle
      14. The Gates of Almorica
      15. Almorica Passageway
      16. Almorica Castle
      17. Arkhiapolis of Rhime
    4. Chapter 2 (Chaotic)
      1. Balmamusa
      2. Port Asyton
      3. Rhea Boum Aqueduct
      4. Xeod Moors
      5. Lake Bordu
      6. Krysaro
      7. Qadriga Fortress
      8. Ndamsa Fortress
      9. Boed Fortress (with Cistina)
      10. Boed Fortress (without Cistina)
      11. Golyat
      12. Coritanae
      13. Arkhaiopolis of Rhime
      14. Coritanae
      15. Almorica Castle
      16. Passageway
    5. Chapter 3 (Neutral)
      1. Phidoc Castle
      2. Almorica Castle
      3. Almorica
      4. Boed Fortress
      5. Almorica Castle
      6. Tynemouth Hill
      7. Krysaro
      8. Qadriga Fortress
      9. Port Asyton
      10. Port Asyton
      11. Port Asyton (without Oelias)
      12. Mount Hedon
      13. Hagia Banhamuba
      14. Ndamsa Fortress
      15. Almorica Castle
      16. Golyat
      17. Almorica Castle
      18. Golyat
      19. Gates of Coritanae
      20. Coritanae Ward
      21. Mount Weobry
      22. Almorica Castle
      23. Arkhaiopolis of Rhime
      24. Almorica Castle
      25. Almorica Castle
      26. Phidoch South Curtain Wall
      27. Phidoch West Curtain Wall
      28. Phidoch Interior
      29. Phidoch Great Hall
    6. Chapter 3 (Chaotic)
      1. Phidoc Castle
      2. Port Asyton
      3. Xeod Moors
      4. Gates of Coritanate
      5. Coritanae Ward
      6. Coritanae Keep
      7. The Reisan Way
      8. Bahanna Highlands
      9. Heim
      10. Brigantys West Wall
      11. Brigantys Castle
      12. Brigantys Great Hall
      13. Bahanna Highlands
      14. Almorica Castle
      15. The Gates of Coritanae
      16. Coritanae Keep
      17. Coritanae Ward
      18. Coritanae Keep
      19. Mount Weobry
      20. Golyat
      21. Arkhaiopolis of Rhime
      22. Almorica Castle
      23. Boed Fortresss
      24. Phidoch West Curtain Wall
      25. Phidoch South Curtain Wall
      26. Phidoch Castle
      27. Phidoch Great Hall
      28. Heim
    7. Chapter 3 (Lawful)
      1. Phidoch Castle
      2. Almorica Castle
      3. Madura Drift
      4. Brigantys South Curtain Wall
      5. Brigantys West Curtain Wall
      6. Brigantys Castle
      7. Brigantys Great Hall
      8. Bahanna Highlands
      9. The Reisan Way
      10. Coritanae Keep
      11. The Gates of Coritanae
      12. Coritanae Ward (against Apollinaire)
      13. Coritanae Ward (against Gatialo)
      14. Brigantys Castle
      15. Krysaro
      16. Bahanna Highlands
      17. Psonji Weald
      18. Lake Bordu
      19. Tynemouth Hill
      20. Golyat
      21. Boed Fortress
      22. Gates of Almorica
      23. Almorica Passageway
      24. Almorica Castle
      25. Mount Weobry
      26. Heim
      27. Arkhaiopolis of Rhime
      28. Phidoch West Curtain Wall
      29. Phidoch South Curtain Wall
      30. Phidoch Castle
      31. Phidoch Great Hall
    8. Chapter 4
      1. Heim Castle
      2. Phidoch Castle
      3. Bahaana Highlands
      4. Brigantys South Curtain Wall
      5. Brigantys West Curtain Wall
      6. Brigantys Great Hall
      7. Almorica Castle
      8. Heim Castle
      9. Mount Hedon
      10. Golborza Plain
      11. Hagia Banhamuba
      12. ???
      13. Barnicia Castle
      14. Krysaro
      15. Phidoch Castle
      16. Balmamusa
      17. Qadriga Fortress
      18. The Vanessan Way
      19. Lambiss Hill
      20. Tzorious Field
      21. The Gates of Barnicia
      22. Barnicia Courtyard
      23. Barnicia Grand Staircase
      24. Barnicia Grand Staircase (Against Catiua)
      25. Tzorious Field
      26. Phidoc Castle (with Catiua)
      27. Phidoc Castle (Without Catiua)
      28. Phidoch Castle (Catiua slain)
      29. Iorumza Canyon
      30. Boulder Sands
      31. Oeram
      32. The Gates of Heim
      33. Heim South Curtain Wall
      34. Heim Postern Gate
      35. Heim Castle
      36. Heim Courtyad
      37. Heim Castle
      38. Heim Great Hall
      39. Heim (without Catiua)
      40. Heim (With Catiua)
      41. Heim Outskirts
      42. Krysaro
      43. The Hanging Gardens - Foot of the Gardens
      44. The Hanging Gardens - Twixt Heaven and Earth
      45. Heart of the Gardens - Relics of the Past
      46. Heart of the Gardens - Chamber of the Seal
      47. Heim Castle
      48. Almorica Castle
      49. Golyat
    9. Endings
      1. The Xenobians' Return
      2. Ravness
      3. Olivya
      4. Folcurt, Bayin and Arycelle
      5. Donnalto
      6. Hobyrim
      7. Ozma
      8. Hobyrim and Ozma
      9. Oelias and Dievold
      10. Lord Ending
      11. The Xenobian King
      12. The Dark Knights
    10. Coda
      1. Episode 1 - The Songstress
      2. The Pirate's Graveyard - Cape of Spite
      3. The Pirate's Graveyard - Bosom of the Sea Goddess
      4. The Pirate's Graveyard - Into the Darkness
      5. Episode 2 - The Search for Warren
      6. The Palace of the Dead - Level 88
    11. The Palace of the Dead - Level 98=
    12. The Palace of the Dead - Level 105
    13. The Palace of the Dead - The Chamber of the Seal
      1. Heim
    14. Episode 3 - A True Knight
      1. Heim
      2. Arkhaipolis of Rhime
      3. Delakroa Common
      4. Torakoria Way
      5. Heim
    15. Episode 4 - The Magnificent Twelve
      1. Golyat
      2. Golyat - Quayside
      3. Golyat - South Village
      4. Golyat - Sailor's Way
      5. Golyat - North Village
      6. Golyat
    16. Sidequests
    17. The San Bronsa Ruins
      1. Tower of Law Eternal - Level 3
      2. Tower of Law Eternal - Level 10
      3. Tower of Law Eternal - Level 12
    18. The Rogue Diego
      1. Port Omish
      2. Port Omish
      3. Qadriga Fortress
      4. Port Omish
      5. Pirate's Graveyard - Crystal Halls
      6. Pirate's Graveyard - Ripples of Grief
      7. Pirate's Graveyard - On Holy Ground
    19. The Fallen Princess
      1. Grimsby
      2. Neimrahava Wood
      3. Phidoch Castle
      4. Oeram
    20. The Apocrypha
      1. Gecho Fortress
      2. Geyld Fortress
      3. Lahzan Fortress
      4. Boed Fortress
      5. Qadriga Fortress
      6. Ndamsa Fortress
      7. Coritanae Keep
      8. Ndamsa Fortress
      9. Sanctum of Hahnela
      10. Qadriga Fortress
      11. Sanctum of Nestharot
      12. Boed Fortress
      13. Sanctum of Xoshonell
      14. Lahzan Fortress
      15. Sanctum of Lyuneram
      16. Gecho Fortress
      17. Sanctum of Vaasa
    21. The Necromancer's Daughter
      1. Balmamusa
      2. Qadriga Fortress
      3. Golyat
    22. Ocionne the Wyrmcaller
      1. Belmorose Highwinds
      2. Vasque
      3. Lhazan Fortress
    23. The Palace of the Dead
      1. Palace of the Dead - Level 1
      2. Palace of the Dead - Level 2
      3. Palace of the Dead - Level 3
      4. Palace of the Dead - Level 5
      5. Palace of the Dead - Level 5 (Neutral)
      6. Palace of the Dead - Level 22
      7. Palace of the Dead - Level 41
      8. Palace of the Dead - Level 74
      9. Palace of the Dead - Altar of the Beyond
    24. Credits

    Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together PSP Game Script

    (c) RevenantThings (Kyle Johnston)


    This is (duh) a game script for Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together for PSP. I compiled mostly everything myself and have given credit to the few spots where I used other resources for direct confirmation or misc. information at the end of this guide.

    The formatting is fairly simple script format, following the course of the game in linear fashion. Because this game relies heavily on choices and diverging plot elements, I have tried to separate these various differences using indentation. So the results of a choice will indent for you to see the dialogue changes in each decision you make or ignore. I also indent for flashback sequences as well.

    There are a few instances where I won't be transcribing (at least as of yet). A lot of the "tutorial" dialogue in the early parts of the first chapter have been omitted. I have edited some text (very slightly) as well for flow (usually nothing more than an altered word or combined dialogue.

    To Do List

    This is an ongoing list of items that I do not currently have (either by my own admission or brought to my attention by you, the readers). If you have the time and opportunity to transcribe anything that I'm missing or list here, please message me on the GameFAQs boards and I will be most obliged.

    - Various recruitment choices - Coda choices - Palace of the Dead with Cressida - Coda with Ozma - Additional character endings - Clean up some of my original grammar choices (Neutral path may have odd capitalization scheme compared to rest of FAQ) - Fully transcribe character names - Spice up blocking/description (late in script I get fairly lazy)

    Chapter 1

    There is blood on my hands, how long till it lies on my heart?

    VOICE: It is an age of war. The Wheel begins to turn...

    [Snow falls on a rustic settlement at night. Overlooking the village stands a force of armed men, a one-eyed rider at the lead.

    Elsewhere, a lone rider rushes through a muddy field at incredible speeds.

    The armed men stampede through the village, setting fires and attacking all who stray beyond their homes. The village is now aflame as the troops cut down civilians - men, women and children. They haul out prisoners from a church as the one-eyed leader remains atop his perch, watching.

    The lone rider reaches the church and it is clear that some time has passed since the destruction of this town.]


    [The rider enters the church, leaving his horse tethered outside. The man, Vyce, descends into the tattered remains of the church where his compatriots, Denam and Catiua, huddle arround a solitary flame.]

    VYCE: It's as we heard, Denam. Lanselot's returned.

    DENAM: Then it's time. Right, sister?

    CATIUA: Time to end this madness. We can't beat him. You know that.

    VYCE: What are you saying, Catiua? You'd have us pass up a chance like this?

    CATIUA: It's foolishness to think the three of us might defeat the Dark Knights.

    DENAM: They're the ones who've been foolish. And we stand to gain.

    VYCE: Don't tell me you're scared! If you've lost your taste for blood, I'll do this myself.

    DENAM: That's enough, Vyce. Let's go.

    [The two men climb the stairs and after a moment's thought, are joined by Catiua. They convene in a hidden area of the village.]

    CATIUA: No.... This won't end well. And what do we "gain" by taking their lives, anyway?

    VYCE: Lanselot is Captain of the Dark Knights, and they are the source of Bakram power. Kill Lanselot, and you remove one of the pillars supporting them. The Bakram will falter, if only for a moment. Yet that moment will be all the encouragement the Galgastani require. They want Valeria for their own, and they will move to take it.

    CATIUA: The turmoil of the last war has only just settled, and you'd start another?

    VYCE (moving close): Are we Walister so free of turmoil now, Catiua? We are less than vermin in their eyes - insects to be crushed underfoot.

    CATIUA: If war begins anew, we'll die just the same.

    [Before Vyce can retort a shuffling is heard in the distance.]

    DENAM: Shh! They're here.

    VYCE: We'll flank them! Denam, go round behind.

    DENAM (nodding): Right.

    [Denam sneaks behind the house while the mysterious group of men file into the center of the town. Denam positions himself in just the right spot to advance and deals a mighty blow against the first soldier he sees. Unfortunately for him, the soldier recovers quickly.]

    KNIGHT: Who goes there?

    [Realizing subterfuge is not an option, the three patriots regroup and stand in the way of the soldiers. Three knights, an aged sorcerer and a man bearing wings comprise the group.]

    VYCE: Friends of the Resistance...and no friends of yours!

    KNIGHT: The Resistance?

    WINGED: I expected a warmer welcome than this! ...Eh? They're children!

    KNIGHT: Wait. Do you even know who we are?

    VYCE: You're Lanselot, and that makes you my enemy!

    KNIGHT: Lanselot is my name, true. How is that you know me?

    VYCE: How could I forget you!? The Dark Knights laid torch to this town only a winter past!

    LANSELOT: The Dark Knights...? But we come from the kingdom of New Xenobia to the east.

    CATIUA: And Lanselot of the Dark Knights has but one eye. You have two.

    LANSELOT: One eye, you say? Would that he lacked my name as well. His reputation, it seems, does me no favors.

    [Both groups relax slightly and tensions die down.]

    KNIGHT: No marauding knights us, but mercenaries come looking for work.

    LANSELOT: I am Lanselot Hamilton, a Holy Knight of Xenobia.

    WINGED: And I am Canopus, the one they name Wind Caller. Our aged companion here is -

    WIZENED MAGE: The Star Seer, Warren Omon, at your service.

    YOUNG KNIGHT: Mirdyn Walhorn, a knight of Xenobia, as it please you.

    BEARDED KNIGHT: Gildas is my name. There now, no need to be frightened.

    VYCE: I wasn't - I...I don't know what to say.

    CATIUA: Forgive us, good knights. But perhaps this meeting might benefit us both. We have need of strength such as yours.

    LANSELOT: Tell us your tale, then. We are strangers in this land, and I would hear more of it.

    VYCE: I'm Vyce...and it would seem you are not our enemy.

    CATIUA: I am the sibyl Catiua, and this is my brother, Denam.

    [Choice 1 - You must forgive our error.]

    DENAM: Please, forgive our mistake.

    [Choice 2 - Stay on your guard, Sister.]

    DENAM: Do not be so quick to trust, sister. We know nothing of these men save their name, and that only on their word.
    CANOPUS: You are mistrustful for one so young. Let's leave the children to play amongst themselves, Lanselot.
    LANSELOT: We mean you no harm. Is the benefit of the doubt too much to ask?
    CATIUA: Where are your manners, Denam? Apologize at once!
    LANSELOT (hoisting his sword): I swear upon my blade, on my honor as a knight. I will be no enemy of yours.
    [Choice 1 - I'll take you at your word.]
    DENAM: A good oath. Forgive our mistrust, Lord Knight.
    [Choice 2 - ...]
    DENAM: ...
    CATIUA: You must forgive my brother. He is quick to anger.

    LANSELOT: Already forgotten, though you did give us quite the surprise. Now, do you think we might talk somewhere out of this wretched heat?

    CATIUA: We have just the place. It's not much, but it's secret and it's safe.

    [They adjourn to the church.]

    CATIUA: As it is, we lack swords enough to face the Galgastani. The Bakram share our deficit...a deficit they've remedied by joining forces with Lodis.

    CANOPUS: So Lodis sent them the Dark Knights Loslorien.

    WARREN: Loslorien is an order under the direct command of High Priest Sardian, ruler of Lodis. They are said to be the greatest of the sixteen orders, and the high priest's favorite besides. Yet he uses them not in open battle, but in shadows and secrecy. They are his ears, and when there is need of it, his dagger. No knights in shining armor, these. In word and deed, they are as dark as their name.

    GILDAS: And these Dark Knights whatever-you-call-them are backing the Bakram, neh?

    VYCE: So why are you come to our isles? Does Xenobia think to claim Valeria as her own? Do Lodis and Xenobia mean to bring their wars to our shores!?

    CATIUA (turning): Enough, Vyce.

    LANSELOT: Your question deserves an answer, Vyce. We are Xenobian, after all. Yet we do not serve as Knights of Xenobia. We were banished. Cast out.

    GILDAS: We're outlaws. No place waiting for us back home, neh?

    CANOPUS: We've come to find work - preferably of the well-paying variety.

    VYCE: I don't trust you, and I don't trust your story. This is -our- fight!

    CATIUA: Vyce, please. Lord Knight, you must forgive our passion.

    LANSELOT: There is nothing to forgive. Your passion does your credit. Tell me, what will you do now?

    DENAM: For one, we have to get Duke Ronwey out of Almorica.

    LANSELOT: Duke Ronwey? He is your leader?

    VYCE: Not just us. He leads all the Walister. The Galgastani hold him captive in their castle. They plan to execute him, if the rumors are to be believed. We mean to stop them.

    CANOPUS: A Duke, is it? If his purse matches his title, there's coin to be had.... A little rescue work might be just the thing. How about it, Lanselot? What say you?

    VYCE: Look. I'm sorry for not trusting you. It's true that if we're to rescue the duke, we're going to need help.

    GILDAS: Then there's nothing to be gained jabbering on here, neh? To Almorica Castle!

    CATIUA: Wait! The castle is well defended. A fight there would mean our deaths - and yours, Lord Knight. And I...I've seen enough of fighting. Enough of death.

    LANSELOT: What about you, Denam? Would you have our aid?

    [Choice 1 - I would.]

    DENAM: Without your help, the duke is as good as dead.

    [Choice 2 - There is no need.]

    DENAM: No. This is our fight. I must decline your offer.
    LANSELOT: What if I told you we make for Almorica too - not to aid you, but to fight for our own purpose. The arrow of the nobleman and the arrow of the hunter may find the same hare, though one shoots for sport and the other shoots for his supper. What say we work together, while such cooperation is to our mutual benefit?
    VYCE: Why not let 'em join us? I've a feeling they'll come whether we want it or not.

    LANSELOT: Then it's settled. We will prepare at once.

    [The Xenobian Knights filter out, followed by Vyce. Catiua remains, staring into the flickering flame and calls to Denam before he can follow the rest.]

    CATIUA: Why do you not heed me, brother? I know how you must feel, but what of my feelings? I don't want to lose you. Our father is dead - a hard truth, but a truth all the same. In all the world, you are the only one bound to me by blood, brother. I couldn't bear to let you die. Forgive me. I know my words will not sway you. Only promise me.... Promise you'll never leave your sister.

    [Before Denam can respond, Vyce rushes back inside.]

    VYCE: What's keeping you? Everyone's ready.

    [Denam turns back to his sister and wordlessly exits.]

    VYCE: You can't coddle him forever. He's no little boy anymore.

    CATIUA: Do not speak to me of my brother. He does not share your lust for blood.

    VYCE: I have no love of war. But I'd sooner die on my feet than on my knees.

    CATIUA: You would die on the backs of others.

    VYCE: You were the one who brought them in here, Catiua!

    CATIUA: Because when I find a tool well-suited for a job, I use it. At least one of us has the sense to recognize an opportunity. You should thank me!

    VYCE: Feh. Is that how you see people? As tools? I'd have expected more of a sibyl.

    [He leaves Catiua alone. She lowers her head and sits in silence.]

    CATIUA (quietly): I only want to see an end of death.

    The Gates of Almorica Castle

    [Denam and company, allied with the Xenobian mercenaries, prepare their assault on Almorica.]

    BAPAL: You're the rebels what been hiding out on Golyat. Here to save your duke, is it? There's two thousand Goth on that one's head, boys! Half the purse to him what brings him down!

    [Bapal swings his weapon forcefully and meets Lanselot and company head on.]

    BAPAL: One whisper of Ronwey's execution, and out you come, bold as you please. A rat can smell a trap, but not our rebels, eh? High time we were rid of your lot.

    CATIUA: A trap. And we walked right into it.

    VYCE: Trap or no, we fight or we die! I've never let a Galgastani get the better of me, and I don't mean to start today!

    DENAM: Focus, Vyce! Our first duty is to save the duke!

    VYCE: Don't lecture me on duty! Your only duty is to stay alive!

    CATIUA: You should not speak to Denam so! He was only trying to help!

    [Denam and his friends contribute to the struggle. Bapal, hands filled with Lanselot and his company, grows weary.]

    BAPAL:'re not Walisters! I know a man from Lodis when I see one!

    [The battle rages on.]

    CATIUA: Are you all right, Denam? You shouldn't let Vyce get to you.

    DENAM: I'm fine, sister. Back to the battle!

    [Bapal's forces are overridden and the boss is struck a lethal blow.]

    BAPAL: Looks like our luck...has turned...

    LANSELOT: The way inside is clear. Stay on guard.

    CANOPUS: Leave the heavy lifting to us, Denam. Cover our flank - that's all we ask.

    [Denam and company advance into Almorica Castle.]

    Almorica Passageway

    [Lanselot holds Denam back as they reach the interior passage.]

    AGARES: Hmph. A fine time for this, with Master Nybeth away... Listen well. We face the rogues who slew Bapal and his men. Underestimate them and share Bapal's fate! Give these rebel swine a taste of Galgastani steel! Almorica shall never fall!

    [Lanselot and his companions set to prove Agares wrong and fight valiantly.]

    AGARES: Interlopers! Why do you meddle in our affairs? Our struggle with the Walister goes back generations - it's no concern of yours. Or do you seek to claim valeria, as Lodis does? I will have your answer!

    LANSELOT: We are men without a country. We have lent them our swords because it suits us to do so.

    CANOPUS: And we're looking for mercenary work, as it happens. Not hiring, by any chance?

    AGARES: And worry you'll leave for a bigger purse? We don't need outsiders to do our killing.

    CANOPUS: He makes a good point. Let's rescue this Duke, collect our reward, and be done with it.

    AGARES: A craven who would choose lucre over loyalty deserves only one reward!

    [Agares, felled by Lanselot, cries out with hands raised.]

    AGARES: My life...for Galgastan.

    Almorica Castle

    [The castle is secure and Duke Ronwey is rescued. There is much rejoicing, but the celebration is short-lived as the patriot group and the duke reconvene to discuss further plans.

    Lanselot and his companions join Denam and his friends at a table headed by Ronwey.]

    RONWEY: The taste of freedom is sweet. You have my thanks. Sweeter still that Walister youths came to my aid. Denam, was it? Doubtless you and your friends are a gift from the Great Father Himself. The Walister boon is great, and our future bright!

    DENAM: We are not alone in our loyalty. Upon word of your grace's release, many Walister have left their haunts and hideaways for Almorica.

    RONWEY: And there is still time before the Galgastani come to remedy my freedom, though not long, I fear. We must regroup. Now I must ask if the tale our guests have told us is, indeed, the truth.

    LANSELOT: Upon my sword, it is. We are outcasts from our land.

    RONWEY: I do not doubt your sword. It is the whiskers of your companion that give me pause. I hear a diviner matching his description was ever at the side of King Tristan when your New Xenobia came into being two years past. And that you, Sir Lanselot, were captain of the Holy Knights. Is the saint king so brazen as to cast out the very men who placed him upon the throne?

    WARREN: I, too, have heard tell of this diviner, but I am not he.

    RONWEY: Lodis plagues us with the Dark Knights Loslorien. How do we know you are not some new menace visited upon Valeria? If New Xenobia does not seek to usurp, I would have your proof.

    CATIUA: Your grace, these Holy Knights risked their own lives to win your freedom.

    LANSELOT: A man can claim knighthood only when he serves a worthy lord. It is for such a man that we seek.

    RONWEY: I have your word then, and its proof shall be in your deeds. You sought a reward - you shall have it, and employment besides. I would have you train our Walister loyals as guards and soldiers here in Almorica.

    LANSELOT: As you wish.

    [Lanselot and his group depart, leaving Denam and his friends alone with the Duke.]

    RONWEY: Now, Denam. Your father was an abuna in Golyat, was he not? I met him myself, once. A wise man, Abuna Prancet. What happened in Golyat was...a tragedy.

    CATIUA: Please, your grace, you must avenge our father - no - all the people of Golyat.

    RONWEY: Yet the enemy before us is Galgastan. They must come first. And for that, I will need knights. Knights...such as yourselves. Will you join my table at Almorica?

    VYCE: Us? Knights!?

    RONWEY: As young heroes of Walister, you will serve as a shining example to your clansmen. I would have you become knights in my direct service. You will be the spear that strikes swift and true. Well, what say you?

    VYCE: O-of course. I mean, as you wish, your grace! I know Denam's with me on this.

    RONWEY: Excellent. I have much for you to do. Your first task takes you to the town of Krysaro, to the southwest. The captain of my knights, sir Leonar, has gone there in pursuit of the former overseer of this castle, a necromancer named Nybeth. Truth be told, he's having a harder time of it than was expected. You'll be going to Krysaro to aid him. Understood?

    VYCE (standing): You can count on us, your grace. We won't let you down.

    RONWEY: Then may victory and glory await you, young heroes of Walister.

    [The newly raised knights give their thanks and prepare to leave. They meet up with Lanselot outside the hallway.]

    LANSELOT: You've led us to a gainful employ after all. My thanks.

    DENAM: No, it is I who should thank you.

    LANSELOT: So you're off to aid one of the Duke's men. I regret we cannot join you. Above all else, stay alive. Win or lose, while there's life, there's hope.

    DENAM: I'll try to remember that.

    CANOPUS: Best not forget. The dead get no second chances.

    DENAM: If death were our aim, there are swifter ways to go about it than soldiery.

    LANSELOT: True enough. Still, do not needlessly seek out danger. Enough will find you as it is.

    DENAM: Of course.

    [They exchange goodbyes and Lanselot and his group return to the Duke's chamber. Ravness, a feirce noblewoman, greets Denam.]

    RAVNESS: You are the Heroes of Golyat, are you not? I must thank you for saving his grace the duke. Indeed, accept my thanks on behalf of us all.

    DENAM: And you are...?

    RAVNESS: Ravness Loxaerion, a knight in service of the duke. I would ride to Leonar's aid myself, but his grace has other need of me. I fear the task falls to you.

    VYCE: No need of fear, friend. We took back this castle, didn't we?

    RAVNESS: In a manner of speaking, I suppose.

    VYCE: And what "manner" would that be?

    CATIUA: She and her fellow knights drew off the garrison defending the castle, else we would not have succeeded.

    DENAM: If it were not for the sacrifice of others, we would be no heroes of Golyat now.

    RAVNESS: Make no mistake, I have high hopes for you. We must unite the people behind us if we are to put an end to this endless war. Word of your heroics emboldens them.

    VYCE: Then you hold us up as heroes to serve some stratagem, is that it?

    RAVNESS: If you do not like it, give truth to the lie. Write your own fate on the battlefield.

    [Ravness turns to leave.]

    DENAM: May fate smile on us both, Dame Ravness.

    [She turns back to Denam and wordlessly leaves.]

    CATIUA: She thinks highly of herself. I pray we are not near when she falls from such height!

    Tynemouth Hill

    [On the way to Krysaro, Denam encounters Galgastani troops.]

    ORBA: Walister rebels? Here? Then Almorica has fallen for true. Reinforcements for their kinsmen we have pinned down in Krysaro, I reckon. We can't let them pass. Make peace with the light, Walister swine! Today you die!

    [Before Denam can draw his weapon, the flutter of wings is heard and none other than Canopus joins his ranks.]

    CANOPUS: You looked a lonely lot. Thought I might join you. I am Canopus. Step forward and meet your fate, dogs!

    [Canopus charges ahead of the rest of Denam's party.]

    VYCE: This is a Walister fight. We need no help from you!

    CANOPUS: Stubborn as ever, eh? How did one so young grow so thick of skull?

    VYCE: Thick? I'll give you thick!

    [Vyce hurls a stone at Canopus's backside.]

    CANOPUS: Ow! Not the wings!

    CATIUA: Vyce, control yourself!

    [The two men sullenly agree to stop fighting with each other while the battle rages on.]

    DENAM: Today we fight for Walister honor, but where does it lead?

    VYCE: What's the matter? Lost your nerve? Or has the nagging of your pacifist sister unmanned you? Always hiding behind her skirts.

    CANOPUS: Thick of skull and a bully besides.

    VYCE: That's enough squawking out of you, bird-man!

    [Again Vyce launches a rock in Canopus's direction.]

    CANOPUS: Better a bird than a brute!

    [Canopus fires back at Vyce.]

    CATIUA: You're not men, you're children!

    [Shamed by Catiua, the two continue attacking the enemy, eventually quelling the enemy leader.]

    ORBA: No place to die, this...


    [The slums are covered in a a dark shadow and a holy man finds himself in the middle of an undead skirmish.]

    DONNALTO: Great Father! Ne'er have I seen such an undead throng! That Necromancer uses men's souls for sport! Sleep, souls. Embrace the waiting everworld!

    [Donnalto casts a spell of exorcism but to no avail.]

    DONNALTO: Impossible! My exorcism has failed!? Perhaps the corpses must be stilled before the sould can be put to rest.... I've forgotten much in the fifteen years since I last faced the undead. Ah, but listen to me, making excuses. Patience, Leonar. We need only wait for reinforcements.

    [As if summoned, Denam and company arrive at the town's entrance.]

    DONNALTO: There, our liberators! Great Father smile upon us this day.

    [The conjurer of the undead host quickly decides to strike before Denam's group can make any impact.]

    MOLDOVA: Perhaps they merely bare their teeth at you, old man. The sleep has already taken your friends. And no common sleep; they descend the sepulchral stairs toward death. When they wake, it will be as unliving horrors! We only need hold until Master Nybeth's return. Give them not an inch, and show them no quarter!

    [Moldova's units strike hard and fast while Denam races to Donnalto's aid.]

    [Donnalto perishes]

    DONNALTO: I've failed you...Leonar. The rest is in...your hands.

    MOLDOVA: Master...Nybeth! Even in death would I have...served you.

    [She falls, and Denam is able to find Leonar before any ill effects take hold. They hold counsel in a dry room while the storm continues to brew.]

    [Choice 1 - Donnalto dies]

    LEONAR: Our thanks to you, Denam. You've saved our lives. We came here in pursuit of Nybeth, but the man is as crafty as he is abhorrent. We were ambushed. I left some men in the field.... Did you come across any other survivors?
    [Denam lowers his head.]
    LEONAR: ...As I feared. I have lost too many of the duke's men. I know not how I shall face him.
    DENAM: If only we'd arrived sooner. Still, I'm grateful we were able to reach you. The duke is a reasonable man. Surely he knows you share his grief.
    LEONAR: You speak well, and i am grateful for your words. But this Nybeth...he is anathema to me and all with good in their hearts. How many have lost their lives to satisfy his dark hunger? I failed to take his head. A failure I mean to remedy.

    [Choice 2 - Donnalto lives]

    LEONAR: My thanks to you, Denam. You've saved my life. And my apologies to you, Abuna. Such is our reward for striking blind. Already I have lost too many of the duke's men. I know not how I shall face him.
    DONNALTO: I am thankful that you, at least, still live. The Great Father favors us.
    LEONAR: As he is surely displeased by the trespasses of this Nybeth: A sorcerer of the foulest sort.
    DONNALTO: Yes, Nybeth! He lies hidden in a rotting fastness beyond the town. Odd, with his men left at Almorica, I'd have thought him bound for Coritanae. What could he be scheming?
    LEONAR: I want his head, whatever it may be plotting. I will not return to the duke empty-handed.
    DONNALTO: You mean to take the fastness with these numbers? Should we not withdraw and regroup?
    LEONAR: Were it only myself and the remnants of my men, I would find retreat more palatable. But do not forget our new allies.
    DONNALTO: I have not. Yet be mindful of the Galgastani threat. Why, they might attack Almorica at any moment.
    LEONAR: As I see it, we would not have the luxury of choice were it not for the heroes of Golyat.
    DONNALTO: Yes, yes, of course. Advance or retreat, the decision is rightfully Denam's.
    LEONAR (turning to the troops behind him): Voltare, Sara. I know you'll not object.
    DONNALTO (to Denam): Then it's settled. We are yours to command.

    Qadriga Fortress

    [Denam's group travels to the Qadriga where the necromancer Nybeth waits anxiously for them atop a spiraling staircase.]

    NYBETH: Tracked me down, have you? Moldova's gone, then. She harbored a rare appreciation for my research. Sad to see her pass, though I envy her newfound vicinity to death! Yet it is not time to join her company. Perhaps we might come to an...understanding? I care not who rules this island. Take it, it's yours. My siege of Almorica was a purely business venture, you see. a deal struck with the heirophant to satisfy my...curiosities. And what of it? Your precious castle is returned. What's done is done! I propose you let me go free. The alternative, of course, would be for us to do battle. But no...the time it would take to destroy you is that much less time for my research! Hardly efficient. If there's anything I detest in this world, it is inefficiency!

    [Choice 1 - Surrender, and I will not harm you.]

    DENAM: Lay down your arms, and you will come to no harm. But you cannot go free. If you would do penance for your crimes, come to Almorica. I promise your life will be spared.... Though, you will be our prisoner and treated no better than you deserve.
    NYBETH: I approve! You forsake the chaotic nature of youth for the twin lights of reason and order! Yet, I must decline. You may mean well, but there is no shortage of others who would see me hang. Even as I ask why we must fight, I accept the inevitability of the coming battle. Freedom's wage must be paid in full. Now, an experiment! Let us mix youth with danger and observe the reaction!

    [Choice 2 - To the Darkness with you!]

    DENAM: You would take lives to sate some curiosity? You profane the light as you profane the dead.
    NYBETH: You have me wrong. My intellectual curiosity and your blind loyalty are not so dissimilar. Both inspire us equally to action, and there is little difference in the number of resulting dead. But you see, while you leave only death in your path, I leave a species of life. Let's see whether your false piety can prevail!

    [Nybeth shoves all pleasantries and resorts to his evil gambit.]

    NYBETH: Denizens of the Abyss! From ink of blackest night, I summon you! Darkness to me!

    [He conjures a deadly host of skeletons, zombified soldiers and worse to battle Denam. Donnalto, irate at Nybeth's experimental savagery, sounds off on the necromancer.]

    DONNALTO: To steal not only lives, but the very dignity of Fiend! In the name of the great Father Philaha, I condemn you to hell!

    NYBETH: Oh dear, not one of those. I find men who go about claiming to speak for the gods insufferable. The tenacity of your belief is admirable, but truly, deities and demons? Rubbish.

    DONNALTO: Avaunt, Mage, for the Holy light that gives me strength is a miracle in truth - as the necromantic heresy you practice is the work of demons!

    NYBETH: What you call magic is merely another aspect of physical law, and those who call themselves "deities" or "demons" merely flesh. While one man's spirit may be lofty, and another's heart devilish, bowing to one of them does not make you pious.... It makes you weak! To honor the gods and despise demons is to dilute the weight of your words and the import of your actions. A man of your years should have realized this fundamental truth by now.

    DONNALTO: Enough of this cretin's blasphemy! I was wrong to pay him any heed at all.

    [Denam and company force their way through the demonic horde, wounding Nybeth gravely.]

    NYBETH: I am forced to choose between retreat and death. How...unexpected. But I am afraid your victory cannot be complete, for there is still vital research to be done, and none to do it but me! Denam, was it? A name I shall make a point to remember. When the war is lost and won, I feel we will meet again. When we do, I will be only too happy to reveal the ripened fruits of my research. Until then.

    [Nybeth transforms into a crow and in a puff of black smoke vanishes, leaving Denam the victor.]

    Almorica Castle

    [Denam, Leonar and Lanselot hold counsel with Duke Ronwey.]

    RONWEY: Leonar has told me of the battle. You have served me well. I hope you continue to do so. You are to accompany Leonar to Phidoch Castle - a Bakram holding.

    DENAM: Phidoch Castle - where the Dark Knights are garrisoned. Why there?

    RONWEY: I want you to forge a treaty of non-interference before the real fighting with Galgastan begins. Not with the Bakram, mind you, but with the Dark Knights of Lodis. We cannot have them hounding our flank while we are occupied with Galgastan.

    CATIUA: But...your grace. It was the Bakram who brought on this war. Our parents died on Loslorien swords. Had they not aided the Bakram, how much suffering might we have been spared?

    RONWEY: None know this better than I, Catiua. But consider what would happen were we to face such a foe in open battle. They would crush us. The Bakram people, overfed swine that they are, are no threat. Ah, but the Dark Knights - there is a foe to be feared. Which is why we must swear allegiance to Lodis and ensure they are no foe of ours.

    VYCE: So your grace means to bend knee to Lodis?

    RONWEY: Tread carefully, Vyce. I have told you we are of one mind on this. I know the devil's bargain we make with Lodis. But it is only until we can deal with Galgastan...and Balbatos. With the Dark Knights at bay, those opportunist in the Galgastani camp clamoring for war will fall silent. There's our chance. Once Balbatos is dead and buried, only then do we turn to strike the Bakram. What does our Holy Knight make of this? The Xenobian throne has no designs on Valeria. Nor Lodis, they. Surely, then, King Tristan would not object to a treaty of non-interference. A gesture of support for our burgeoning state. Ah, but I forget this has no bearing on you, Sir Lanselot. Forgive me.

    LANSELOT: ...

    RONWEY: Well, the sooner you and Leonar have left for Phidoch, the better. A purse of 5,000 Goth should help you see to your needs. I'll not have you depart unprepared.

    Golborza Plain

    [Denam and Leonar encounter Galgastani troops on the doorstep of Almorica.]

    BREZEN: Walister forces.... Can't catch a break, can we?

    SOLDIER: They have us in numbers. Best fall back to Rhime.

    BREZEN: I'd sooner fall into my grave! Are you a son of a Galgastan or no!

    SOLDIER: Talk brave as you like, it won't change our odds. We should rejoin the file.

    [As the soldier turns to flee, Brezen knocks him into submission with one deft swing of his hammer.]

    BREZEN: Almorica falls, and you think the sky falls with it. There's no place here for cowards. Bring 'em on, I say! For Galgastan!

    [Encouraged by fear, the Galgastani pursue Denam and Leonar.]

    DENAM: Warriors of Galgastan! Lay down your arms, and you may yet keep your lives.

    BREZEN: I thought to offer you much the same deal, boy! A battle's won with blood, not numbers.

    DENAM: Your cause is hopeless. Why throw your lives away?

    BREZEN: Soon or late, all men meet their end. What good to live in fear of it? I know your kind - young, always thinking on tomorrow. You might try letting go. Drifting with the current.

    DENAM: You think me unprepared for death? I'm not so young as that!

    BREZEN: Gods beneath us, why do I even bother?

    [Their quarrel continues amidst the rapidly flowing river.]

    VYCE: Stubborn wretch. What's it take to kill you?

    BREZEN: Quite a tongue on you, boy. Small wonder your kind find themselves reviled at every turn.

    VYCE: Us reviled!? Look who's casting stones!

    LEONAR: Calm, Vyce. We do not fight to prove which side is least loved. We fight to restore peace!

    BREZEN: I spit on your peace! Almorica knew peace until you plunged it back into war!

    [Brezen's words end as he's struck down.]

    BREZEN: At least I'll know death.

    Akhaiopolis of Rhime

    [A female warrior finds herself surrounded by Galgastani troops.]

    BOLIS: The sooner you accept the truth, the sooner this will be over. The alternative is also swift yet...painful.

    WARRIOR: Kill me if you wish! You can never kill our spirit, nor our desire for justice!

    BOLIS: Defiant cur! Kill her.

    [The troops move in at his command, but the warrior deftly avoids a fatal blow even as Denam and his companions arrive at the town's forefront.]

    BOLIS: Hmm? Who goes there?

    LEONAR: She's not Resistance.... Another faction perhaps?

    [Choice 1 - Whoever she is, we can't just leave her.]

    DENAM: I won't stand here and watch her be hunted. Quickly, to her aid!
    [The warrior continues her flight as Denam and Leonar lay waste to the foe before them.]
    BOLIS: What!? I was not fated to die here.... Not to you!
    [After the battle, the warrior, Cistina, thanks Denam and his friends.]
    CISTINA: Without your aid, I would never have escaped with my life. Thank you. I am Cistina, a warrior in the Liberation Front. I was scouting the Galgastani in preparation for a raid on their stores when they spotted me.
    VYCE: Liberation Front? Partisan zealots, the lot of them. Nothing but trouble.
    CATIUA: I had always thought us two sides of the same coin.
    LEONAR: She is a Bakram Traditionalist, a group loyal to the late King Dorgalua.
    CATIUA: I've heard of them. Not all Bakram support the current regime, after all.
    LEONAR: Oh their goals are lofty enough, but their deeds border on butchery. They risk the lives of soldier and innocent alike with their subversion. Means unworthy of their end.
    CISTINA: You have us wrong! These are lies spread by Brantyn! We seek only a return to better times, when a man's race and beliefs could not discredit him.
    VYCE: Better times? Don't make me laugh! Good enough for those with luck to be born Bakram, but we lied then as we do now - insects beneath the boots of our betters!
    CISTINA: I see...then tell me: Why is it that you fight?
    [Choice 1 - To secure a future for the Walister.]
    DENAM: We must build a country of our own if our people are to have any future.
    CISTINA: Your words echo Brantyn's own. You speak of your country, your people, but you care only for yourselves. You refuse compromise, turn your back on cooperation. What selfish creatures.
    VYCE: Are your motives so pure? I find the stench of Bakram dogs difficult to tell apart!
    [Choice 2 - For peace.]
    DENAM: We seek only peace, a world free of war and strife. This is why we fight.
    CISTINA: Then we share a common cause. Let us fight together.
    VYCE: Us, fight alongside Bakram? Absurd. The peace we fight for is one in which the Walister can live as men. We want no part of any shared peace. I piss on your common cause!
    LEONAR: Enough vyce. Such talk leads us nowhere. You are free to go Cistina. But you must quit this place at once. This is our land. Our fight. The Bakram are not welcome here.
    CISTINA: As you wish. But we will not stop until the world is made fair and just. One day you will open your eyes. You will see that only by putting aside vain desires can we usher in an era of true peace.
    LEONAR: Go now. And do not return.
    [Cistina exits and Leonar convinces the party to be on their way as well.]

    [Choice 2 - We have more important battles to fight.]

    DENAM: I'd help her if we could, but we've more important battles to fight.
    CATIUA: You can't be serious. You'd let those Galgastani hunt her!?
    VYCE: Of course he would, and he's right to do so. It's you I can't understand, Catiua.
    LEONAR: Either way, our quarrel is with the Galgastani. If we save her in the process, all the merrier.
    [The woman dies.]
    CISTINA: Aah, Cerya! Cerya, my sister.... The Front is in...your hands.
    DENAM: The Liberation Front? She's with them!?
    [The warrior continues her flight as Denam and Leonar lay waste to the foe before them.]
    BOLIS: What!? I was not fated to die here.... Not to you!
    [After the battle, the warrior, Cistina, thanks Denam and his friends.]
    CISTINA: Without your aid, I would never have escaped with my life. Thank you.
    LEONAR: Think nothing of it. It is by chance we helped you, no more. Rather thank the Great Father. He favors you. Now, why is it the Galgastani clamor for your blood?
    CISTINA: I am Cistina, a warrior in the Liberation Front. I was scouting our common enemy.
    VYCE: Liberation Front? Partisan zealots, the lot of them. Nothing but trouble.
    CATIUA: I had always thought us two sides of the same coin.
    LEONAR: She is a Bakram traditionalist, a group loyal to the late King Dorgalua.
    CATIUA: I've heard of them. Not all Bakram support the current regime, after all.
    LEONAR: Oh their goals are lofty enough, but their deeds border on butchery. They risk the lives of soldier and innocent alike with their subversion. Means unworthy of their end.
    CISTINA: You have us wrong! These are lies spread by Brantyn! We seek only a return to better times, when a man's race and beliefs could not discredit him.
    VYCE: Better times? Don't make me laugh! Good enough for those with luck to be born Bakram, but we lived then as we do now - insects beneath the boots of our betters!
    CISTINA: It is plain nothing I say will sway you. I thank you again for saving me. Now I will take my leave.
    LEONAR: You have leave to go, Cistina. But you must quit this place at once. This is our land. Our fight. The Bakram are not welcome here.
    CISTINA: I shall try to remember that.
    [She departs, her head held high.]

    Phidoch Castle

    [Denam and Leonar arrive at Phidoch Castle and are greeted by a vast contingent of Dark Knights.]

    DARK KNIGHT: Who goes there? Speak your name!

    LEONAR: I am Leonar Reci Rimon, sworn sword of the Knights of Almorica. I come before you a humble servant of the great Duke Ronwey, esteemed leader of the Walister.

    DARK KNIGHT: I shall announce your arrival.

    [The knight turns back to the gate.]

    LEONAR: The Dark Knights make their fastness here in Phidoch Castle. See her soaring white walls? No wonder they name her "The Swan." But beneath her outward beauty is a nearly impregnable fortress. Be glad we are not tasked to take her.

    [The knight captain returns with a well dressed nobleman in tow.]

    BALXEPHON: We have looked for your arrival, Sir Leonar. You bring word from the duke?

    LEONAR: I do, my lord.

    BALXEPHON: No doubt you've had a hard journey. Come. Rest within our halls.

    [He leads the party inside where a meeting room is prepared. After some time spent resting, the group awaits Balxephon's return.]

    BALXEPHON: ...Good knights. We find your duke's proposal most intriguing.

    LEONAR: Have you an answer?

    BALXEPHON: Perhaps you had best ask my lord directly for that.

    LEONAR: Sir Lanselot is here, in this castle!?

    [As if waiting for his name, the one-eyed Dark Knight enters the room and takes the remaining seat opposite Denam.]

    LANSELOT: He is. Greetings, brave Knights of Walister. I am Lanselot Tartaros.

    LEONAR: Leonar Reci Rimon of Almorica, if it please you. You have considered our proposal?

    LANSELOT: Ha! You waste no time, do you? I like that. I do have an answer for your duke. Tell his grace that his struggle with the Galgastani is of no concern to his eminence Abuna Brantyn. Nor is it any concern of ours. The Knights Loslorien remain and shall remain neutral on the matter.

    LEONAR: My thanks, sir, for your swift response. Our lord will be much pleased.

    BALXEPHON: Indeed. Yet I must ask: Do you really believe you can defeat Galgastan without our aid?

    LEONAR: Defeat Galgastan? Surely not. But such was never our intention. All we want - all we have ever wanted - is to fashion a peace with them. The Galgastani are a proud people. Were it to come to light that we sought the aid of a foreign power...I am afraid it would endanger the position of those in the Galgastani ranks who seek an accord as we do.

    LANSELOT: So your duke does not want to anger his neighbors by placing his problems in our hands. Bakram could stand to take a lesson from him!

    LEONAR: I...I did not mean to suggest...

    LANSELOT: No matter. We of Lodis place much upon a man's honor. I can understand why your duke would disdain the Bakram way - enjoying a life of leisure while others do their dirty work.

    LEONAR: As you say, sir.

    LANSELOT: Forgive me, but your henchmen are so youthful I feared you wanted for seasoned men.

    LEONAR: Though they may be young in years, my Knights' skill in battle is no lesser for it.

    LANSELOT: Indeed.

    LEONAR: They freed his excellency and routed the Galgastani at Almorica. Moreover, it was they who came to my aid in Krysaro. Without their intervention, I would not be here today.

    LANSELOT: Ah, so these are the heroes of Golyat, then? Forgive an old knight his errant tongue. I say...have we met?

    CATIUA: No, not as such. That is...

    LANSELOT: That is...what? Speak plainly.

    CATIUA: That night in Golyat, it snowed for the first time in years. I remember the sweep of flakes over the harbor, the bitter cold. You were there.

    LEONAR: Mind your place, Catiua! Have you forgotten why we are here?

    [Choice 1 - Not now, Sister.]

    DENAM: He's right, sister. This isn't the time. This conflict is larger than us now.

    [Choice 2 - We were fools to treat with our enemy.]

    DENAM: We cannot join forces with a sworn foe...and you are our foe.
    BALXEPHON: What quarrel is this, and what place has it here!?
    LEONAR: Are you mad? Please, forgive him. His passion clouds his judgement.

    LANSELOT: Ahh, the torching. You would have been children...of course!

    BALXEPHON: Aye. We attacked that night on word that elements of the Resistance lurked in town.

    LANSELOT: False word, yes. I remember it well. As do you, clearly. We were in error, though I hardly expect forgiveness on that count. Still, I can but apologize, for all it will do.

    [Lanselot bows his head momentarily.]

    LEONAR: E-enough of this. The Duke awaits our return.

    [Lanselot stands.]

    LANSELOT: Oh? I had hoped to speak at greater length.

    LEONAR: forgive them - forgive us, good Sir. We'll be taking our leave.

    [Denam and his friends follow Leonar out. Catiua remains just by the door, glances back to Lanselot as if to say more. She hesitates and instead leaves. Balxephon walks toward the window and stares out when the visitors have all left.]

    BALXEPHON: Was that entirely necessary?

    LANSELOT: You recall Hobyrim?

    BALXEPHON: Hrnn? My brother? Aye, he was a staunch ally in a fight. Why?

    LANSELOT: Nothing. Only, the brother and sister just now put me in mind of him and you.

    Almorica Castle

    [Duke Ronwey, Ravness, Leonar and Denam meet in the halls of Almorica to discuss the events and the agreement made with the Dark Knights.]

    RONWEY: You set aside your own enmity for the greater Walister good. Such loyal service will not be forgotten. Would that time afforded you more rest - but I must ask you to leave for Balmamusa at once.

    CATIUA: Balmamusa? That lies in the territory the Galgastani allotted for Walister rule, no?

    RONWEY: Walister rule.... Hmph. Camps where our people are forced to live in squalor. It was a mining town, once. Coal. Now our kinsmen are herded there like cattle. Some five thousand labor in Balmamusa, slaves in all but name. The conditions are horrific beyond words. Scores die by the day.

    CATIUA: Then it falls to us to free them.

    RONWEY: You could never free five hundred, leave alone five thousand. No, you are to incite them to revolt.

    VYCE: An army five thousand strong, there for the taking.

    RONWEY: In truth, we cannot stay our course and hope for victory. We are far outmatched. However slight, we must tip the scales in our favor before Galgastan strikes. If all goes well, our bid will widen the rift between Balbatos and his enemies at home. He can scarce dispatch troops here before silencing the cries of dissent within his own ranks. We cannot let such chance escape us!

    LEONAR: There will be those in Balmamusa with no stomach for fighting, and others who would sooner leave things as they are. Your task will be to win them to our cause.

    RONWEY: They grow weary of fighting, else they would rally more readily. I can think of none better to wake their slumbering heroism than young heroes such as yourselves.

    LEONAR: I shall follow at the head of a separate file bearing arms for them.

    RONWEY: The Galgastani hold the lands west of Tynemouth. Dame Ravness will go with you in support.

    RAVNESS: My sword is yours.

    RONWEY: Much rests on your young shoulders. I pray for your swift return.

    [Denam and his companions nod and depart. Duke Ronwey turns to Leonar after they have cleared the room.]

    RONWEY: I'm counting on you, Leonar. Do not fail me.

    LEONAR: No need to worry. Our plans proceed apace.


    [Denam and company prepare to venture to Balmamusa first light. As the night falls, he seeks a word with his old friend, Lanselot, who stands at the mouth of a river, staring into the sunset.]

    DENAM: Sir Lanselot.

    LANSELOT: Ah, Denam. Tracked me down, did you?

    DENAM: Sir Gildas told me I'd find you here.

    LANSELOT: So you have. Please, come closer.

    [Denam joins Lanselot at the cape.]

    LANSELOT: You look troubled. This business in Balmamusa disturbs you?

    DENAM: Sir Leonar says it will be a dangerous undertaking.

    LANSELOT: Are you frightened? That's not like you.

    DENAM: I am not frightened.

    LANSELOT: There's no shame in admitting fear. We are all afraid at one time or another.

    [Silence passes.]

    DENAM: Even you?

    LANSELOT (nodding): More times than I can count. At the first ring of steel, my hands tremble with it. But fear alone cannot kill you - it has no teeth.

    DENAM: It's strange. I tell myself I would gladly die for our cause. But when faced with death, the fear is all too real.

    LANSELOT: Risking your life is one thing. Losing it is another. The best way to aid your people is to stay alive. See the battle through to the end. And there's your sister to think of.

    DENAM: What about you? Would you die to save the ones you love?

    [Lanselot pulls out a strange device which emits a somber tune.]

    DENAM: What's that?

    LANSELOT: A music box. It belonged to my wife.

    DENAM: ...Your wife?

    LANSELOT: It's been four...five years now. Before the war with the Empire. They had already begun their advance, and we fled - vagrants in our own land. My wife fell ill, and before I knew it...she was gone. I considered following her into death. My thoughts often strayed down that path before battle. But her music box still sang of live, and I knew it was not my time. My burden had not yet reached its end.

    DENAM: I'm sorry.

    [Lanselot puts the box away and turns, the music drowned out by the sea.]

    LANSELOT: One young as you should never be forced to fight. But that's not the world we live in.

    Lake Bordu

    [Denam and Ravness venture out early toward Balmamusa, running into a Galgastani force early on.]

    GRION: Walister? Here!? And in such numbers.... How does his eminence not see it? Troubled times such as these demand a staunch front line.

    [One of Grion's soldiers edges away from the battlefield.]

    GRION: You there! Hold the line, or I'll kill you myself! We cannot let these rebels cross Lake Bordu! Forward!

    [Grion and his Galgastani do their best to defend the crossing.]

    RAVNESS: Warriors of Galgastan! Lay down your weapons and you may yet live!

    GRION: By the Light! Ravness, is that you? I thought you long dead by now.

    RAVNESS: I know this voice. How is it that you do not find yourself dead, Grion? You have rare luck indeed. Let our swords meet. The cry of their steel is fitting lament for those you have butchered.

    [Ravness duels with her old foe and comes out the victor.]

    GRION: More men...we needed more...

    [He falls, allowing the party to continue their journey east.]

    Xeod Moors

    [Again Denam's troops are waylaid in a marshy pit. A ruthless-looking Beastmaster stands alone in their way.]

    GANPP: Broken through our line, have they? I always knew Grion weren't nothin' but talk. Just as well. Past time me pets had their first taste o' battle. Berda!

    [Ganpp whistles loudly and a gryphon appears at his side.]

    GANPP: Obda! To me!

    [Another whistle brings forth another gryphon.]

    GANPP: And what are the rest o' you waitin' for? Get out here!

    [The rest of Ganpp's men arrive, placing themselves between Denam and Balmamusa.]

    GANPP: Berda! Obda! Show 'em how it's done!

    [Denam and Ravness fight man and beast, striking down Ganpp and his pets.]

    GANPP: Berda? Obda? What have they done t'you!? Home now! No one hurts my precious pets and gets away with it! I won't forget who it was done this!

    [Ganpp and his pets flee, freeing the rest of the field to Balmamusa.]

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