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    Game Script by MostSeriousness

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    1. Guide Notes
      1. About
      2. To Do List
    2. Chapter 1
      1. Golyat
      2. The Gates of Almorica Castle
      3. Almorica Passageway
      4. Almorica Castle
      5. Tynemouth Hill
      6. Krysaro
      7. Qadriga Fortress
      8. Almorica Castle
      9. Golborza Plain
      10. Akhaiopolis of Rhime
      11. Phidoch Castle
      12. Almorica Castle
      13. Almorica
      14. Lake Bordu
      15. Xeod Moors
      16. Balmamusa
    3. Chapter 2 (Lawful)
      1. Balmamusa
      2. Xeod Moors
      3. Rhea Boum Aqueduct
      4. Port Asyton
      5. Almorica Castle
      6. Port Asyton
      7. The Reisan Way
      8. Qadriga Fortress
      9. Tynemouth Hill
      10. Almorica Castle
      11. The Golborza Plain
      12. Arkhiapolis of Rhime
      13. Almorica Castle
      14. The Gates of Almorica
      15. Almorica Passageway
      16. Almorica Castle
      17. Arkhiapolis of Rhime
    4. Chapter 2 (Chaotic)
      1. Balmamusa
      2. Port Asyton
      3. Rhea Boum Aqueduct
      4. Xeod Moors
      5. Lake Bordu
      6. Krysaro
      7. Qadriga Fortress
      8. Ndamsa Fortress
      9. Boed Fortress (with Cistina)
      10. Boed Fortress (without Cistina)
      11. Golyat
      12. Coritanae
      13. Arkhaiopolis of Rhime
      14. Coritanae
      15. Almorica Castle
      16. Passageway
    5. Chapter 3 (Neutral)
      1. Phidoc Castle
      2. Almorica Castle
      3. Almorica
      4. Boed Fortress
      5. Almorica Castle
      6. Tynemouth Hill
      7. Krysaro
      8. Qadriga Fortress
      9. Port Asyton
      10. Port Asyton
      11. Port Asyton (without Oelias)
      12. Mount Hedon
      13. Hagia Banhamuba
      14. Ndamsa Fortress
      15. Almorica Castle
      16. Golyat
      17. Almorica Castle
      18. Golyat
      19. Gates of Coritanae
      20. Coritanae Ward
      21. Mount Weobry
      22. Almorica Castle
      23. Arkhaiopolis of Rhime
      24. Almorica Castle
      25. Almorica Castle
      26. Phidoch South Curtain Wall
      27. Phidoch West Curtain Wall
      28. Phidoch Interior
      29. Phidoch Great Hall
    6. Chapter 3 (Chaotic)
      1. Phidoc Castle
      2. Port Asyton
      3. Xeod Moors
      4. Gates of Coritanate
      5. Coritanae Ward
      6. Coritanae Keep
      7. The Reisan Way
      8. Bahanna Highlands
      9. Heim
      10. Brigantys West Wall
      11. Brigantys Castle
      12. Brigantys Great Hall
      13. Bahanna Highlands
      14. Almorica Castle
      15. The Gates of Coritanae
      16. Coritanae Keep
      17. Coritanae Ward
      18. Coritanae Keep
      19. Mount Weobry
      20. Golyat
      21. Arkhaiopolis of Rhime
      22. Almorica Castle
      23. Boed Fortresss
      24. Phidoch West Curtain Wall
      25. Phidoch South Curtain Wall
      26. Phidoch Castle
      27. Phidoch Great Hall
      28. Heim
    7. Chapter 3 (Lawful)
      1. Phidoch Castle
      2. Almorica Castle
      3. Madura Drift
      4. Brigantys South Curtain Wall
      5. Brigantys West Curtain Wall
      6. Brigantys Castle
      7. Brigantys Great Hall
      8. Bahanna Highlands
      9. The Reisan Way
      10. Coritanae Keep
      11. The Gates of Coritanae
      12. Coritanae Ward (against Apollinaire)
      13. Coritanae Ward (against Gatialo)
      14. Brigantys Castle
      15. Krysaro
      16. Bahanna Highlands
      17. Psonji Weald
      18. Lake Bordu
      19. Tynemouth Hill
      20. Golyat
      21. Boed Fortress
      22. Gates of Almorica
      23. Almorica Passageway
      24. Almorica Castle
      25. Mount Weobry
      26. Heim
      27. Arkhaiopolis of Rhime
      28. Phidoch West Curtain Wall
      29. Phidoch South Curtain Wall
      30. Phidoch Castle
      31. Phidoch Great Hall
    8. Chapter 4
      1. Heim Castle
      2. Phidoch Castle
      3. Bahaana Highlands
      4. Brigantys South Curtain Wall
      5. Brigantys West Curtain Wall
      6. Brigantys Great Hall
      7. Almorica Castle
      8. Heim Castle
      9. Mount Hedon
      10. Golborza Plain
      11. Hagia Banhamuba
      12. ???
      13. Barnicia Castle
      14. Krysaro
      15. Phidoch Castle
      16. Balmamusa
      17. Qadriga Fortress
      18. The Vanessan Way
      19. Lambiss Hill
      20. Tzorious Field
      21. The Gates of Barnicia
      22. Barnicia Courtyard
      23. Barnicia Grand Staircase
      24. Barnicia Grand Staircase (Against Catiua)
      25. Tzorious Field
      26. Phidoc Castle (with Catiua)
      27. Phidoc Castle (Without Catiua)
      28. Phidoch Castle (Catiua slain)
      29. Iorumza Canyon
      30. Boulder Sands
      31. Oeram
      32. The Gates of Heim
      33. Heim South Curtain Wall
      34. Heim Postern Gate
      35. Heim Castle
      36. Heim Courtyad
      37. Heim Castle
      38. Heim Great Hall
      39. Heim (without Catiua)
      40. Heim (With Catiua)
      41. Heim Outskirts
      42. Krysaro
      43. The Hanging Gardens - Foot of the Gardens
      44. The Hanging Gardens - Twixt Heaven and Earth
      45. Heart of the Gardens - Relics of the Past
      46. Heart of the Gardens - Chamber of the Seal
      47. Heim Castle
      48. Almorica Castle
      49. Golyat
    9. Endings
      1. The Xenobians' Return
      2. Ravness
      3. Olivya
      4. Folcurt, Bayin and Arycelle
      5. Donnalto
      6. Hobyrim
      7. Ozma
      8. Hobyrim and Ozma
      9. Oelias and Dievold
      10. Lord Ending
      11. The Xenobian King
      12. The Dark Knights
    10. Coda
      1. Episode 1 - The Songstress
      2. The Pirate's Graveyard - Cape of Spite
      3. The Pirate's Graveyard - Bosom of the Sea Goddess
      4. The Pirate's Graveyard - Into the Darkness
      5. Episode 2 - The Search for Warren
      6. The Palace of the Dead - Level 88
    11. The Palace of the Dead - Level 98=
    12. The Palace of the Dead - Level 105
    13. The Palace of the Dead - The Chamber of the Seal
      1. Heim
    14. Episode 3 - A True Knight
      1. Heim
      2. Arkhaipolis of Rhime
      3. Delakroa Common
      4. Torakoria Way
      5. Heim
    15. Episode 4 - The Magnificent Twelve
      1. Golyat
      2. Golyat - Quayside
      3. Golyat - South Village
      4. Golyat - Sailor's Way
      5. Golyat - North Village
      6. Golyat
    16. Sidequests
    17. The San Bronsa Ruins
      1. Tower of Law Eternal - Level 3
      2. Tower of Law Eternal - Level 10
      3. Tower of Law Eternal - Level 12
    18. The Rogue Diego
      1. Port Omish
      2. Port Omish
      3. Qadriga Fortress
      4. Port Omish
      5. Pirate's Graveyard - Crystal Halls
      6. Pirate's Graveyard - Ripples of Grief
      7. Pirate's Graveyard - On Holy Ground
    19. The Fallen Princess
      1. Grimsby
      2. Neimrahava Wood
      3. Phidoch Castle
      4. Oeram
    20. The Apocrypha
      1. Gecho Fortress
      2. Geyld Fortress
      3. Lahzan Fortress
      4. Boed Fortress
      5. Qadriga Fortress
      6. Ndamsa Fortress
      7. Coritanae Keep
      8. Ndamsa Fortress
      9. Sanctum of Hahnela
      10. Qadriga Fortress
      11. Sanctum of Nestharot
      12. Boed Fortress
      13. Sanctum of Xoshonell
      14. Lahzan Fortress
      15. Sanctum of Lyuneram
      16. Gecho Fortress
      17. Sanctum of Vaasa
    21. The Necromancer's Daughter
      1. Balmamusa
      2. Qadriga Fortress
      3. Golyat
    22. Ocionne the Wyrmcaller
      1. Belmorose Highwinds
      2. Vasque
      3. Lhazan Fortress
    23. The Palace of the Dead
      1. Palace of the Dead - Level 1
      2. Palace of the Dead - Level 2
      3. Palace of the Dead - Level 3
      4. Palace of the Dead - Level 5
      5. Palace of the Dead - Level 5 (Neutral)
      6. Palace of the Dead - Level 22
      7. Palace of the Dead - Level 41
      8. Palace of the Dead - Level 74
      9. Palace of the Dead - Altar of the Beyond
    24. Credits

    Chapter 3 (Lawful) (Continued)

    Coritanae Ward (against Apollinaire)

    [Denam enters the keep and finds a stout resistance awaiting him.]

    APOLLINAIRE: A crafty ploy, Denam of Golyat! But this keep still stands, and by the might of Galgastan she will not fall!

    [She calls her forces to attack and notices a familiar face on the other side.]

    APOLLINAIRE: You.... Jeunan!? What are you doing with those Walister blackguards!?

    JEUNAN: Daesi.... How many seasons have passed since we last met.

    APOLLINAIRE: If you are here...then Brigantys has fallen, and the traitors to the heirophant conspire with the Walister!

    JEUNAN: True enough, though I mislike your choice of words. We are not criminals, but brothers-in-arms, seeking not more conflict, but peace.

    [They whittle down her ranks.]

    APOLLINAIRE: You do not know the past of this man you call your ally, Denam of Golyat. His sword is wet with the blood of innocents, and his boots dark with the ashes of their village!

    JEUNAN: It is true. I have no desire to deny what I have done. Nor do I deny that it was a terrible mistake, a weighty sin upon my soul! All those who lent aid to Balbatos's blood war were ogres...ogres in men's flesh!

    APOLLINAIRE: You blame his eminence? it was you upon the field of battle! You who mistook friend or foe!

    JEUNAN: You speak as though your own hands were not stained dark with the blood of innocents!

    APOLLINAIRE: Innocents? Do not brand me with your iron, traitor! I fought only the enemies of this kingdom...gnawing vermin like you, who place the blame for their own sins upon our lord!

    JEUNAN: True. Killing the heirophant now would do little to absolve my guilt. I was a man changed then. Those villagers - something dark inside me moved my hand to cut short their cries for mercy. I believed, in my black heart, that I did my duty for Galgastan. That I served my people even as I slew them. But what did I serve, other than death? I watched as the light faded from the eyes of our people and fear grew in their hearts. I watched as the beauty that was Galgastan...perished.

    APOLLINAIRE: Foolishness! You'd have us return to the years of Dorgalua's rule, is that it? When the Bakram and Walister dined at the king's table, while the Galgastani were left to forage for scraps? You would throw away all we built this kingdom for! Where is the beauty in that, I ask you!?

    JEUNAN: You decry the injustices of Dorgalua while you wish them upon the Walister! You would strip them - and your own clansmen - of their freedom. The heirophant's justice has failed, and his people abandon him. Surely you see it, Daesi! You cannot build a castle upon shifting sands.

    APOLLINAIRE: As you wish, Jeunan. We will let the battle decide who has the right of it!

    [Jeunan arrives the victor.]

    APOLLINAIRE: Galgastan.

    Coritanae Ward (against Gatialo)

    [Denam enters the keep and finds a stout resistance awaiting him.]

    GATIALO: I know you! Bless my mending wounds for keeping me here and granting me this chance to face you again. Have no fear, boy. I'll show you all the mercy you showed our Arkhiatros!

    [He calls his forces to attack and they whittle down his ranks.]

    GATIALO: To meet death at the hands of these Walister swine.... Forgive me...

    Brigantys Castle

    [Denam and his troops storm Balbatos's chambers, where the heirophan wields a dagger pointed inward.]

    DENAM: Our forces have taken the keep. It is over!

    BALBATOS: No closer, Walister! I'll never kneel to the likes of you.

    DENAM: You have no choice.

    BALBATOS: Foulest of days.... We won in Psonji! We won!

    [One of Denam's knights steps forward.]

    BALBATOS: I said stay back, insolent cretins!

    [Denam draws his sword.]

    DENAM: Your keep is taken and your men are slain, Balbatos. Yield!

    BALBATOS: You were wrong, Walister...

    [He thrusts his blade into his chest.]

    BALBATOS: I do...have a choice!

    [He collapses. Denam returns his weapon and checks the pulse of Balbatos.]

    DENAM: He's dead. I wonder how Vyce has fared...


    [In a Galgastani occupied town, a Galgastani commander holds Vyce in a dark room and whips him.]

    XAEBOS: Where is Denam? Speak!

    VYCE: How should...I know? Run off somewhere...I'd wager...

    XAEBOS: You expect me to believe the hero of the Walister turned tail and fled? Tell me what you're scheming, or I'll quiet you for good!

    [He lashes out again when a soldier runs in.]

    SOLDIER: Sir! The Walister - They've taken Coritanae!

    XAEBOS: What!? How is that possible?

    SOLDIER: A forced crossed the Brigania Flats and assaulted the keep from her flank!

    XAEBOS: Madness! What of the heirophant? Surely he's not -

    SOLDIER: Slain, sir. the dogs showed no mercy.

    XAEBOS: The heirophant...slain?

    VYCE: Ha! He did it! He really did it! Ha ha!

    XAEBOS: You...vile, scheming creature!

    [Xaebos kicks Vyce in the chest.]

    VYCE: Unh!

    XAEBOS: ...How stand our ranks?

    SOLDIER: Sir. We have.... Roughly four companies remain, sir.

    XAEBOS: Godspit! We've lost more than I thought. Send Brutakos and Muntzer to Coritanae! We will march on Almorica!

    SOLDIER: At once, sir!

    XAEOBS: That demon of Golyat will pay for this!

    Bahanna Highlands

    [Meanwhile, Ravness limps through the snow-covered terrain with a knight in tow.]

    RAVNESS: We'll both be caught here. I'll stay and slow the enemy - you go on ahead!

    WARRIOR: I owe you an apology, Ravness. I thought you could not be trusted. Forgive me.

    RAVNESS: You're kind, but there's naught to forgive. Now go. See to our young lord of Coritanae.

    [He leaves when a Galgastan force surrounds Ravness.]

    KNIGHT: Thought you could slip away, did you?

    DENAM: Warriors of Galgastan! Coritanae has fallen! Balbatos is slain! Surrender and save yourselves!

    RAVNESS: I did not think Coritanae would fall so swift.

    KNIGHT: Walister lies! Shut your ears to their slander. Seize the woman, slay the rest!

    DENAM: Dame Ravness, rally to us!

    RAVNESS: Already you lead the armies of Almorica.

    DENAM: Sir Leonar gave his life to make it so. Balmamusa, Sir many more must I send to their death?

    RAVNESS: A brave man, Sir Leonar. I knew him well. He would bear any dishonor for his country.

    [They fend off the Galgastani.]

    RAVNESS: It is a great burden he has passed to you. But who am I to fault him for that?

    DENAM: You're too hard on yourself.

    RAVNESS: Am I? Balmamusa was a foul business. It was unfair of us to ask one so young to bear so much. We trusted to your strength, when we ought have heeded our own wisdom.

    DENAM: I might have chosen another path at Balmamusa. I might have died in Sir Leonar's place. But there is no undoing what is done.

    RAVNESS: You press on because you must, bearing your shame upon your shield.

    [They seek to meet and thwart the Galgastani.]

    JEUNAN: So this is the Dame Ravness.

    DENAM: She's no enemy of ours.

    JEUNAN: Easy, Denam. Sir Briam told me all. A Walister Knight who toils for Galgastan is a rare creature indeed.

    DENAM: What do you mean?

    JEUNAN: She's well regarded among those who oppose Balbatos. And Balbatos's men think of her less as a Walister Knight than a rogue within their own camp.

    DENAM: Dame Ravness, a Galgastani rebel?

    JEUNAN: I'd sooner have the tale from her, but she'll not talk if she's dead.

    [Canopus joins the fray.]

    CANOPUS: You're looking well, all things considered.

    RAVNESS: I see you've not changed, Canopus.

    CANOPUS: Not as you have. There's a rose in your cheeks. It suits you. You had a grim look when first we met at Almorica.

    RAVNESS: I was confused about a great many things. But no longer.

    CANOPUS: To the business at hand then. So many foes in need of mortality.

    [They eventually rout the Galgastani.]

    DENAM: Dame Ravness! Are you all right?

    RAVNESS: Thank you, yes. I live to fight another day.

    DENAM: It was the Galgastani who pursued you, and a Galgastani whom you helped escape. I admit I'm rather...confused.

    RAVNESS: The knight you saw opposes the heirophant. It was Balbatos's loyals who gave chase.

    DENAM: To what end?

    RAVNESS: The lord of Coritanae is the rightful ruler of Galgastan. Heirophant Balbatos is merely his steward. As the young lord was not yet of age, Balbatos was free to reshape Galgastan as he saw fit. The poor child was a piece in a game he scarce knew existed. We had hoped to reach him before your assault on Coritanae.

    DENAM: Where is he now?

    RAVNESS: Balbatos's enemies shelter him. With Coritanae sacked and Balbatos dead, I should think they'll take him to Brigantys. A great many of their number hold the castle.

    DENAM: Good people, and true.

    RAVNESS: That's right - you've met them, haven't you. It is they who reached out to me to aid in the reformation.

    DENAM: Of Galgastan, you mean?

    RAVNESS: Of course. Not everyone in Galgastan wanted war with the Walister. What better way to bring peace to both people than to change Galgastan from within?

    DENAM: Peace without bloodshed.

    RAVNESS: With my mixed blood, I thought myself a fitting standard-bearer for the cause.

    DENAM: ...

    RAVNESS: I had but to open my eyes and see. And when I did, a new truth emerged - a way for Walister and Galgastani both to emerge victorious.

    DENAM: A worthy goal. One I share.

    [He extends his hand.]

    DENAM: Join us, Ravness. Fight at our side. Our paths parted at Balmamusa, but we seek the same thing. Look past what is done, and lend me your steel.

    RAVNESS: You've grown much since Balmamusa. My sword is yours.

    [They grasp hands.]

    Psonji Weald

    [Denam traverses through the grounds where Galgastan claimed victory not long ago.]

    BRUTAKOS: You'll pay for the heirophant's death with your own, Denam!

    [Denam strikes through.]

    BRUTAKO: Forgive me, your eminence...

    DENAM: Onward! We take back Almorica!

    Lake Bordu

    [A Galgastani necromancer awaits.]

    MUNTZER: I expected a coward like you to slink away from the battlefield at Psonji.... But you've made a misstep. Look down at your feet, deep into the marsh. See something familiar? That's right.... Your fallen comrades have been waiting here for you. And who am I to deny them the reunion for which they long? Denizens of the abyss! From ink of blackest night, I summon you! Darkness to me!

    [The dead rise.]

    MUNTZER: It'll be just like old times!

    [They fight.]

    MUNTZER: No wonder Coritanae fell to you.

    [She falls.]

    MUNTZER: Galgastan is finished. Whether Xaebos realizes it or not, the ground has shifted beneath him. If you live throught he coming battle, I am sure we will meet again. So long!

    [After transforming, she flees.]

    DENAM: Onward! We take back Almorica!

    Tynemouth Hill

    [A familiar face awaits Denam on his next step to Almorica.]

    GANPP: I remember you, boy! The Wheel brought us back together, has it? Someone up there must like ol' Ganpp. Obda! Berda! To me!

    [His pets arrive at his call.]

    GANPP: You're well acquainted with Berda and Obda, but I been brewin' something special for just such an occasion! Banga! Zanga! To battle!

    [Another pair of beasts join the fray.]

    GANPP: I may spend my days hunting heads for a paltry fee, but I've not forgotten my debt to his eminence. There's a legion of Galgastani dead who can't wait for you to join 'em!

    [Again Denam faces the deadly beastmaster who laments after the fall of each of his pets.]

    GANPP: Obda! What have they done to you! Your sorrow is my strength! Forgive me, Banga! Your soul will live on in me! Berda! My sweet Berda! Your anger feeds my own! They'll pay dear for this, Zanga! My heart ain't so gentle as yours!

    [After taking out his pets, Denam cripples Ganpp.]

    GANPP: Piss and blood! The day is theirs! Next we meet will be the last! I won't forget what it was you done here!


    [Catiua stands on the docks at night.]

    CATIUA: I am alone without you.

    VOICE: No. You have always been alone.

    CATIUA (turning): Who's there!?

    [The Dark Knight Lanselot appears from the shadows.]

    CATIUA: Lanselot Tartaros! What are you doing here?

    LANSELOT: Your mother left this world upon your birth. And your father followed her only a few months before the war broke out. Your blood begins and ends with you, Catiua. You are alone, truly.

    CATIUA: what are you talking about? I have a brother! Surely you've not forgotten Denam!

    LANSELOT: I gather you have realized the Abuna was not your father. Yet you assumed that your "brother" shared your orphaned lineage. You assumed...wrongly.

    [A flash of lighting streaks across the sky.]

    CATIUA: Then who am I? Who do you say I am!?

    LANSELOT: Versalia. Your true name is Versalia Oberyth.

    CATIUA: Versalia Oberyth.... That's not possible.

    LANSELOT: You are cautious. Good. House Oberyth gave Valeria her king. You are his daughter.

    [Another flash of lightning is followed by a sudden downpour.]

    LANSELOT: But it was not Queen Vernotta who bore you into this world. One of her handmaidens, a girl named Mannaflora, caught the king's eye. But even as you quickened in the womb, the queen carried the unborn prince. Wanting no rival for her son, she expelled your mother from the castle before you were born. Mannaflora died giving birth to you.

    CATIUA: Who would believe such a tale?

    LANSELOT: It was the Bakram regent, Brantyn Morne, who took you in. He left you in the care of his brother, Abuna Prancet. Were it not for you and your secret, a man such as Brantyn would never have risen so high or so swift.

    CATIUA: Nonsense and lies!

    LANSELOT: But there is proof: Your necklace. It bears an inscription, written in the old tongue. One with your religious training should have no trouble reading it.

    CATIUA: ...

    LANSELOT: Labon Versalia xan phon, destonia lera phoenan. To my daughter Versalia, eternal beloved. A gift from King Dorgalua to celebrate your birth. The Queen made it appear as though you and your mother had been killed. He went to his grave full expecting to meet you in the beyond. You must have read that inscription. Nurtured doubts about your origins. Am I wrong?

    CATIUA: What do you want from me?

    LANSELOT: For you to return with us to Heim.

    [A pair of men join Lanselot.]

    LANSELOT: There, Abuna Prancet can answer any other questions you may have.

    [He waits for Catiua to respond. She does not.]

    LANSELOT: This way, Princess Catiua.

    [Catiua follows Lanselot.]

    Boed Fortress

    [The Dark Knights prowl the battlefield after their victory over the Liberation Front.]

    OZMA: Our work is done, Oz. We withdraw.

    OZ: What about the abuna?

    OZMA: They led him away just now, quiet as a church mouse.

    OZ: I have that effect on people, don't I.

    OZMA: So it would seem. Come, we've tarried long enough.

    [She leaves.]

    OZ: We must remove any trace we were here. You, put the torch to this place. While you're at it, make certain we left no survivors.

    [A Dark Knight leads a captive.]

    KNIGHT: Keep walking! Their leader, my lord.

    OZ: Doesn't know when to die, does she.

    CERYA: Go on.... Kill me.

    OZ: You're in no position to be making requests. She's yours. Enjoy the spoils of war.

    KNIGHT: We'll put her to good use, won't we, boys?

    CERYA: go on and...try!

    [The knights swarm over her.]

    Gates of Almorica

    [At the gates, the remnants of the Galgastani opposition awaits.]

    GILDORA: So you're the commander of the Walister forces who took Coritanae? You'll pay for the disgrace you brought upon the heirophant, Denam Pavel!

    DENAM: Soldiers of Galgastan! Release your captives and throw down your arms! Balbatos is no more! There is no longer cause to fight!

    GILDORA: Fool! Why should we heed you? We're the victors here! We will see his eminence's vision through: An end to your befouled bloodline!

    DENAM: Victors? But you've lost. The people of Coritanae and Brigantys both have joined us. They follow you no longer!

    GILDORA: The people? They're as fickle as a weathercock, turning whichever way the wind blows. Once you are buried and Almorica is ours, we'll see how quickly they return to their former masters!

    DENAM: And how will you lead them? With fear? You follow the same dark course as the heirophant!

    [Denam unwillingly fights the Galgastani.]

    GILDORA: Forgive me...heirophant. I...have failed you.

    Almorica Passageway

    [The ousters await Denam.]

    XAEBOS: We may be all that's left of Galgastan's armies, but we'll not surrender to you! Look well, boy. This is how men of honor meet death!

    RAVNESS: Sir Xaeobs, lay down your sword! There is no honor in a meaningless death!

    XAEBOS: We gladly give our lives for the sake of the heirophant's cause. A noble act...lost on the likes of you, Ravness.

    RAVNESS: It is not honor you seek but glory! You have a sacred duty to your kinsmen. Where is the nobility in abandoning them?

    XAEBOS: Who are you to speak to me of duty? You're nothing but a mongrel bitch who betrayed her better half!

    [The forces battle.]

    XAEBOS: You. You're Jeunan Avertif. Rebels taken you under their wing, have they? A fine pair you make. Denam is no better than the duke.

    DENAM: What do you mean?

    XAEBOS: Have you forgotten Balmamusa? You seemed only too glad to carry out the duke's orders then. I know you for what you are, boy: A butcher, and ruthless.

    JUENAN: So quick to find fault, but these are past sins for which we seek to atone! What about yourself, Xaebos? You lead your men to their doom.

    XAEBOS: Hmph, I might have expected as much from you, Jeunan. You and Denam are cut from the same cloth. You speak of the good of the people, yet think only of yourselves!

    [The battle continues.]

    XAEBOS: All our plans, ruined by you Walister filth!

    DENAM: Walister, Galgastani - that's how men like Balbatos and the duke wish to paint us. They play us against each other for their own purposes. But we have had enough!

    XAEBOS: You quibble over words. In the end, each of us fights for our own reasons. You convince the people that you are their champion. Perhaps you've even convinced yourself. But it is naught but a convenient lie.

    DENAM: I don't have to convince myself of anything.

    [He falls.]

    XAEBOS: A sorry sight...I must make. Remember it well, Denam. Someday...this will be your fate.

    DENAM: I'll not sink so low.

    XAEBOS: It takes...only one false step.

    DENAM: If ever I turn against my people, death seems a just reward.

    XAEBOS: Ha.... Might be that it is. The people aren't half as smart credit them. But nor are they...fools. Betrayal...retribution...righteousness. Words on the wind. Enjoy your victory...while it lasts, boy.

    Almorica Castle

    [After seizing Almorica, Denam and his companions find old friends waiting. The remaining Xenobians Gildas and Mirdyn stand aside a bedridden Warren.]

    MIRDYN: Canopus! And Denam and Vyce besides! I am glad to see you well.

    DENAM: And you, Sir Mirdyn. Sir Gildas.

    CANOPUS: How is he?

    MIRDYN: The star seer remains lost in the mists of sleep. But he draws breath and is whole of body.

    CANOPUS: That is well, then. And Lanselot? Has he not returned?

    GILDAS: I've not seen him since the night of the Bakram attack. They held us at a camp outside Rhime, but we managed to escape. What is next for you? An assault on Phidoch, I suppose?

    DENAM: That's the plan. But first we must do something about the Bakram armies at Rhime. If our casualties there are too great, we'll never take Phidoch.

    CANOPUS: What we need is some way of taking Rhime unawares. What we have is a frontal assault across the Golborza Plain. Hardly an ideal strategem.

    VYCE: There is one way.... There are hidden passes through the Burnham Massif - ways known only to the goatherds and peasants who make the mountains their home. We can use these trails to approach Rhime from the west. It's the last thing they'll expect. The city will fall in the confusion.

    GILDAS: As it happens, we have a score of our own to settle. Room in your party for two more?

    [The men nod in agreement.]

    GILDAS: Let's be about it, then!

    Mount Weobry

    [Across the treacherous terrain they encounter foul beasts.]

    DENAM: We can't afford to lose a single man to these fiends. Watch yourselves!

    [They defeat the creatures.]

    DENAM: Onward to Rhime!


    [In Heim, the regent Brantyn sits in his throneroom, the Dark Knight Volaq and his advisors with him.]

    BRANTYN: This defies all reason.

    KNIGHT: The whole might of the Order of Goldscale. A host equal to our own. Perhaps greater.

    BRANTYN: How have they mustered such a force in such short order?

    VOLAQ: Perhaps heirophant Balbatos had even more enemies than we suspected. It is true that, on word of his death, men deserted his armies like rats from a foundering ship. What's more, the New Walister Alliance enjoys the support of the slaves and commons. It would seem this young Denam is as much at home before a crowd as he is at the head of an army.

    BRANTYN: You speak as though it was not your doing that brought us to this unhappy pass. We ought have marched on Almorica as soon as we took Rhime. Perhaps it's not too late. Summon my war council! Inform them I plan to lay siege to Almorica.

    KNIGHT: At once, my lord.

    VOLAQ: I beg you reconsider, lord regent. Surely the Bakram armies alone are not sufficient to the task.

    BRANTYN: What? The Dark Knights would abandon us now? You wouldn't dare!

    VOLAQ: You have an arrangement with the high champion. An arrangement with certain...obligations.

    BRANTYN: Obligations, you say? As I recall, you are obliged to grant me whatever aid I require to wrest control of these isles. Yet here I sit, waiting, while you lecture me about my obligations!?

    [The regent rises from his throne and stands to face Volaq.]

    VOLAQ: Stay your anger, lord regent. I meant only to suggest that you avoid rousing the Order of Goldscale before there is need. Have patience, you'll see.

    BRANTYN: And how will you reward my patience? I half fear you mean to betray us for a new suitor.

    VOLAQ: Do you not trust us, lord regent? That would be most unfortunate.

    BRANTYN: I spoke without thinking. But understand, my patience is not without limit.

    VOLAQ: Not to worry, lord regent. We'll take care of everything, I assure you.

    [Brantyn sits back down.]

    BRANTYN: Very well - we wait.

    VOLAQ: As you say, my lord.

    Arkhaiopolis of Rhime

    [A blind swordsman stands in the city alone when two Bakram guards approach him.]

    KNIGHT: You there! No going out of doors after dark.

    MAN: Is it night already? I hadn't noticed. An error you'll not begrudge a blind man, I pray?

    KNIGHT: Think you're clever, do you? Let's have your name!

    [The Dark Knight Ozma appears.]

    OZMA: What trouble is this?

    MAGUS: Found him lurking in the shadows, Dame Ozma.

    OZMA: Turn. Show me your face.

    KNIGHT: Are you deaf as well? Do as you're told!

    [The man slowly turns.]

    OZMA: Hobyrim? Is that you? How is this possible?

    HOBYRIM: You have me mistaken, my lady.

    OZMA: Don't be absurd, Hobyrim. Where have you been? Why have you come to Valeria?

    [Before he can answer her question they hear a sound.]

    MAGUS: Who goes there!

    DENAM: I am Denam Pavel, captain of the Order of Goldscale! Throw down your swords or die. The choice is yours.

    [Hobyrim is able to move himself away.]

    KNIGHT: A blind scout. That's a bloody laugh!

    [He calls more troops.]

    OZMA: Spare the swordsman! I want him taken alive!

    KNIGHT: All due respect, Dame Ozma, but if it's his neck or mine, I'll save mine. We can't let the city fall! Drive them back!

    DENAM: Attack! Over there - those Bakram are chasing someone. To his aid!

    [Ozma calls to Hobyrim from across the town.]

    OZMA: Hobyrim, say something! It is I, Ozma! Your eyes.... What has befallen you? Have you forgotten even the sound of my voice? Please, tell me what happened!

    [The battle continues.]

    OZMA (to herself): You look...frail, Hobyrim. Where have you been these past six years? I had it from Balxephon that you were dead! ...Was he in error? But no, he would not make such a mistake. Then, was it a lie?

    [She calls to her troops.]

    OZMA: Stop! Do not attack him!

    DENAM (to himself): Odd. That woman of the Dark Knights seems to know the swordsman they chase.

    [The man dies.]

    HOBYRIM: And ends. Would've liked to get more cut.
    OZMA: Hobyrim! No!

    [They successfully fend off the Bakram.]

    OZMA: It pains me...but we must withdraw!

    HOBYRIM: ...

    OZMA (to herself): I'll leave Hobyrim to the Order of Goldscale for now. I must hear the truth of the matter from Balxephon first, lest I place him in harm's way again.

    [She flees and Denam and his group meet the mysterious man.]

    HOBYRIM: I thank you for your aid. You are the Almoricans at war with the Dark Knights, I take it?

    DENAM: I am Denam Pavel, captain of the Order of Goldscale.

    HOBYRIM: Ah. The one they call the hero of Golyat, yes? I am Hobyrim Vandam.

    DENAM: Rhime is turned battlefield since the Bakram invaded. What was your business here?

    HOBYRIM: I heard you were bringing the fight to the Dark Knights. I thought to lend you my sword. As you can see, I am without sight. But I am gifted in other ways. I wield a blade better than any common soldier you'll find.

    DENAM: You're confident, I'll give you that. Tell me, where do you hail from? You're not of this island, are you.

    HOBYRIM: Ah, the lad has a sharp ear. You're quite right. I am Lodissian. But do not think that makes me enamored of our Dark Knights. Quite the contrary. I revile them.

    DENAM: You've some score to settle with the Dark Knights?

    HOBYRIM: Aye. You might say that. What if I told you it was they who stole the light from me?

    DENAM: ...

    HOBYRIM: Let me join your struggle, then. Should I prove more a burden than a boon, I will depart, bearing you no malice.

    [Choice 1 - You would be welcome.]

    DENAM: You would be a welcome addition.
    HOBYRIM: You've my thanks, then, and my sword.
    DENAM: Only, allow me one question.
    HOBYRIM: What might that be?
    DENAM: The Dark Knight that was after you - the woman. Do you know her?
    HOBYRIM: Aye, that I do. I'm sure you have doubts regarding my intentions, but I must ask that you do not inquire further. I will tell you all when the time is right.... But for now, know that I am a sworn enemy to the Dark Knights, and no enemy of yours.
    DENAM: Very well. I'll give my trust, in hopes it will be soon earned.
    HOBYRIM: That it shall.

    [Choice 2 - I cannot accept your offer.]

    DENAM: I'm sorry. Were circumstances different...
    HOBYRIM: Well.... I cannot fault you for distrusting a sightless swordsman, can I. I am sure we will meet again, youth of Golyat. Until that time, fare thee well.

    Phidoch West Curtain Wall

    MERCURE: Denam of Golyat, is it? Are your ranks so bare that you must lead your armies yourself? Cut off the head, and the body dies. Today will be your last!

    [Denam takes the charge uphill.]

    MERCURE: Pity those foolish enough to follow you, boy. Today they will learn the folly of a frontal assault! It will be too late to beg for your lives once the Dark Knights arrive!

    [They cannot hold further and Phidoch is breached.]

    MERCURE: If we have failed...then...there is no stopping them.

    Phidoch South Curtain Wall

    VESTIARRI: Stand proud, warriors of Bakram! Our enemy may not wield torches and scythes, but they are a mob! Focus your attacks on their commander, and they will wither before us! To battle!

    [Denam takes the charge uphill.]

    VESTIARRI: Just a little longer before the Loslorien host arrives to relieve us! Hold, for the glory of Bakram, hold!

    [They continue to fight.]

    VESTIARRI: What takes them so long? Surely Loslorien has not abandoned us!

    DENAM: I don't see any Dark Knights riding from the castle. The rift between the two forces must be wide indeed.

    [They cannot hold any further and Phidoch is breached.]

    VESTIARRI: Hold the line...! Hold...

    [Denam quickly enters the keep.]

    Phidoch Castle

    [The Dark Knights Balxephon and Ozma converse within the walls.]

    BALXEPHON: You're certain? It was Hobyrim?

    OZMA: I know who I saw. And a wretched sight he was.

    BALXEPHON: Of course. I did not mean to doubt you.

    OZMA: You told me he was dead - taken ill in the dungeons of B'Landone.

    BALXEPHON: Indeed. He was given a funerary rights - a meager ceremony befitting a criminal, but even so.

    OZMA: So you bore witness to his corpse. Perhaps I was mistaken after all.

    BALXEPHON: As I have said.

    OZMA: I want to believe you, but I cannot deny what I saw.

    [Oz enters.]

    OZ: Not interrupting, am I?

    BALXEPHON: A private matter. No concern of yours.

    OZ: Now now, Balxephon. That's no way to speak to the brother of your betrothed.

    BALXEPHON: Brother or no, I am your commander. If you've business with me, I would hear it.

    OZ: Our front line is breached. It's only a matter of time before Phidoch falls.

    BALXEPHON: So the Bakram were not enough to hold them after all. Ozma, take a detachment of men and leave the castle. Oz and I will delay them as long as we can.

    OZMA: Oh? Am I to flee like the thrush before the storm?

    BALXEPHON: Nothing of the sort. You are to guard the high champion.

    OZMA: Of course. He and the princess must be kept safe.

    BALXEPHON: You have your orders. Go!

    OZMA: As you say.

    [She starts to leave.]

    BALXEPHON: Ozma - we'll continue this later.

    OZMA: ...

    Phidoch Great Hall

    [In the Great Hall, Denam walks around to find no sign of the Dark Knights.]

    DENAM: Not a soul.... Hnn?

    [Catiua, garbed in unfamiliar clothing, steps out of the shadows.]

    DENAM: Catiua!? What are you doing here?

    CATIUA: Come to my rescue? What a good brother you are!

    [Without a pause she lunges at Denam forcing him down the steps.]

    DENAM: What are you doing!?

    VOICE: Ah. There you are, Catiua.

    DENAM: Lanselot!?

    [The Dark Knight Lanselot comes down and joins Catiua.]

    LANSELOT: It's dangerous here. We're leaving the castle. Come with me.

    [Catiua takes his side as Balxephon and Oz arrive.]

    BALXEPHON: Everything is in order, my lord. Come, you'd best be on your way.

    LANSELOT: Of course.

    BALXEPHON: Ozma awaits you without. Oz and I will handle this.

    LANSELOT: See that you do.

    DENAM: Catiua!

    [Oz steps forward.]

    OZ: You must be Denam. It was an ill turn you did my sister at Rhime.

    LANSELOT: We must be going, Catiua.

    [Lanselot and Catiua flee.]

    BALXEPHON: The whelp has grown. Let's see how much!

    [They fight within the halls of the castle.]

    BALXEPHON: I like what I see, boy! You're determined, with a good eye and a steady sword hand. Not to mention the notches in your blade! To think you've killed my captain, my liege...and all those at Balmamusa. Why, I might even consider letting you minister here in Valeria. In our name, of course.

    DENAM: Don't waste your breath telling me of the stains on my shield. I know them all too well. But know that I will not let Lodis take these isles. Her peoples will not abide you!

    BALXEPHON: And I see you are at peace with your own baser nature! Marvelous! One could hardly ask for more in a ruler. For who can deceive others who cannot deceive himself? No. We cannot dwell upon our missteps along the path to domination. A bit of repentance, a touch of regret, perhaps. But do not shed a tear for the watches - let their wounds weep for them. These things we do are necessary. The pruning of ill-formed branches, that our children might enjoy the fruits of our labors, yes? this is the heart of the conqueror! This is you!

    [After a moment the Dark Knight notices someone.]

    BALXEPHON: What are you doing here, Hobyrim!? Come to repay my mercy with murder?

    HOBYRIM: That voice.... Well met, Balxephon! Though, I am puzzled by this talk of mercy. Was it mercy robbed me of my sight? Mercy that killed our father?

    BALXEPHON: You've traveled a long road for your revenge, brother. You question my mercy? In truth I question it myself! I gave you the chance to begin anew, and you tread the same old tired steps back to where you began.

    [Oz reaches Denam.]

    OZ: You, boy! I owe you thanks for showing such hospitality to my sister.

    DENAM: His sister? The Dark Knight! The resemblance is striking.

    OZ: Ah, but how best to thank you? A meal perhaps? I'm quite the chef, you know. I'll tell you my secret. Preparation is everything. A silver fork, a silver knife.... First I'll cut off both your arms, run the left through with the fork, and the right with the knife. I believe. And for the soup, molten lead goes down best. I'll slice your neck and pour it down your throat, so there'll be no need for spoon. Then, I think, a thin cut of flesh from your back. Raw. Bleeding. You like steak, no? And next -

    BALXEPHON: Enough, Oz! This is no time for your games.

    [Oz dies first.]

    OZ: Feh, this could have gone better. Perhaps it's time for a change in tactics?
    DENAM: Fleeing, you coward? They say the feeblest hound barks the loudest, and now I see it to be true.
    OZ: I should have your tongue out for that!
    OZ: Th-this...was not supposed to happen.
    BALXEPHON: Fool! You never did know when to retreat...and now it has cost you. As it will cost you, boy!
    [He gets wounded.]
    BALXEPHON: You have wounded my flesh and spat upon my honor this day, wretch of Golyat! You will pay thricefold for this when your time comes. Mark my words!
    [He flees.]

    [Balxephon falls first.]

    BALXEPHON: I think we've won ourselves time enough. The moment is ripe for our departure. We've held out as long as we can, Oz!

    OZ: Go on, Balxephon! I will buy you time.

    BALXEPHON: And throw away your own life in the bargain? I won't allow it!

    [He flees.]

    OZ: What have you done, boy! This...was...unexpected. Sister, help.

    [Denam and the Resistance continue their fight within Phidoch while Denam questions his sister's actions.]

    DENAM: Why, Catiua...why?

    VOICE: I may deceive others...but never myself. Though at times, the temptation is all too great.

    This ends Chapter 3. Go to Chapter 4

    Chapter 4

    Let us cling together

    The Bakram reeled as rumor after rumor flooded in following the fall of phidoch castle: The leader of their enemy, a youth scarce old enough to shave; their own Abuna Brantyn, a man unworthy of their trust; the Dark Knights, routed in the field of battle. But above all else, the news that King Dorgalua's daughter still lived! In their desperation, the people wept. They yearned for a righteous leader, a savior to bring them prosperity. The Lady Catiua was the answer to their prayers. Lanselot Tartaros, mouthpiece of the Holy Lodissian Empire, recognized Catiua as the rightful heir to the Valerian throne. The quarrel over succession was officially laid to rest. By Lanselot's accounting, this "prior unrest," as he named it, stemmed not from a deep-rooted divide between clans, but instead form the misdeeds of a handful of power-hungry men. the history books would speak of no great Valerian war. Yet only the landed and the nobility paid any service to Lanselot's tale for those who resented the ascendency of the Bakram, words made a poor salve. The wounds they suffered would not heal without further bloodshed. So it was that, while the lie of the battlefield changed, the war raged on. What had once been seen as a clash of clans became a rift between the rulers and the ruled, a struggle to break free form the yoke of oppression.

    Heim Castle

    [Lanselot Tartaros enters the dungeon where a sullen man hangs by shackles.]

    LANSELOT: Hmph. You still live. Leave us!

    [The dungeonkeeper nods and leaves the cell.]

    VOICE: ...Another the highroads...

    THE DARK KNIGHT LANSELOT: Can you hear that, Knight of Xenobia?

    [The prisoner raises his bloodied head - it is Lanselot, the Holy Knight.]

    H. LANSELOT: It is only a matter of time before you fall.

    THE DARK KNIGHT LANSELOT: Who rules in Valeria is a trifling matter. You of all people must understand this.

    H. LANSELOT: ...

    VOICE: ...Need more men...nearly enough...Loslorien! ...Not be able...quell this rising...

    H. LANSELOT: Let me guess. Unable to stem the tide that rises from the hamlets and villages?

    THE DARK KNIGHT LANSELOT: Perhaps we asked too much of the Bakram's soldiers. They are not the soldiers we are, you know. Or the men.

    H. LANSELOT: Always binding people to your will, fettering them lest they show signs of free thought. Perhaps therein lies your problem?

    THE DARK KNIGHT LANSELOT: They ask for a stern hand to rule them.

    H. LANSELOT: They...ask? You're mad!

    THE DARK KNIGHT LANSELOT: You have it wrong. It is the world that is mad. Tell me, how many of these peasants would even lift a hand to better their lot were they given a chance? How many would bloody their hands, risk their necks, walk without leaning upon another?

    H. LANSELOT: ...

    THE DARK KNIGHT LANSELOT: Think back to your own uprising. Where were the people for whom you shed blood? Safe at their hearths, grousing that more was not done for them!

    H. LANSELOT: Times were hard. They had all they could do to keep themselves fed...

    THE DARK KNIGHT LANSELOT: Nonsense. They chose to be victims! They think that only from without the castle walls may one voice discontent. Not realizing that the quickest way to the throne is a knife to the king's ribs.

    H. LANSELOT: These people have the right to live out their own lives, not some part in a play of your design!

    THE DARK KNIGHT LANSELOT: You have both your eyes, and yet you see less clearly than do I. True freedom is not granted from above, it is won from below. And yet the commons look without for a savior, even as they claim sovereignty over their own fait! They wait and they wait for this savior, never taking that first step toward saving themselves.

    H. LANSELOT: Man is not so slothful a creature as that.... They...merely lack our strength.

    THE DARK KNIGHT LANSELOT: You are much too pure of heart, Holy Knight. The people have no need of dreams. We give them all they need.

    H. LANSELOT: And what is that, pray tell?

    THE DARK KNIGHT LANSELOT: A strong, unwavering ruler.

    H. LANSELOT: You are mad.

    THE DARK KNIGHT LANSELOT: All men are born with a terrible burdon upon their hearts, this insatiable yearning for pleasure. They do not hesitate to take the lives of others if it will better their own. And yet, even these base creatures can know guilt. So what do they do? They turn it round. This is not -my- fault, man says. The world has failed me. Someone must bring order to this chaos! If the commons want to pursue their pleasure, let them do it in our service, under our rule!

    H. LANSELOT: You call this "rule"? This trampling underfoot of all who disagree with you?

    THE DARK KNIGHT LANSELOT: We trample no one. All we do is reach beneath the suppurating flesh of this world and wrench out the source of its ailment.

    H. LANSELOT: No. As the body strives to mend itself, so does the heart. These people you so despise may one day astonish you with their valor!

    THE DARK KNIGHT LANSELOT (turning): You have far too much faith in the creature called "man," Knight. People are drawn to power, drawn toward safety. They will betray even their most beloved to obtain it - Catiua, come!

    [Catiua enters and joins Lanselot at his side.]

    H. LANSELOT: Catiua! What are you doing here!?

    THE DARK KNIGHT LANSELOT: Allow me to introduce you to your leige, knight. For this girl is none other than the gift left us by Dynast-King Dorgalua: The Princess Veralia, rightful ruler of Valeria!

    H. LANSELOT: What!?

    THE DARK KNIGHT LANSELOT: As you say, the Bakram are not long for this world. But, with the princess in our hands, Valeria will beg to serve under Lodis.

    H. LANSELOT: Catiua, how.... Is this true?

    CATIUA: I loved Denam. As my brother, I loved him. But he was no brother to me. He abandoned me. And now I, him.

    [She flees.]

    H. LANSELOT: Catiua!

    THE DARK KNIGHT LANSELOT: Though it pains me to part with the man who took my eye, I see no need to further torment the vanquished.

    [He starts to leave.]

    H. LANSELOT: Wait!

    THE DARK KNIGHT LANSELOT: Farewell, Knight of Xenobia.

    Phidoch Castle

    [Denam stands in war attire, listening to a messenger in the former meeting room of the Dark Knights.]

    SHADOW: The princess has not been seen since the ceremony. Not even the officers among the Bakram know her whereabouts, and the regent has lent his spies to the search. I see no other explanation but that the princess has sided with the Dark Knights.

    DENAM: Then the rift between Brantyn and Tartaros widens. What word of the Dark Knights?

    SHADOW: Most remain garrisoned in Heim. But many of their commanders, including Tartaros, are conspicuously absent.

    DENAM: Perhaps this is why the Bakram do not move against us. What could they be scheming?

    SHADOW: You asked me to search for the Holy Knight of Xenobia...

    DENAM: Yes. Have you heard something?

    SHADOW: A confession wrung from a scullery maid. It seems that the Holy Knight languishes in the dungeon below Heim Castle.

    DENAM: So he lives!

    SHADOW: Yes, but under such a guard that not even the Bakram are allowed near. I was unable to mark him with my own eyes.

    DENAM: Still, you have done much. Go. Rest.

    SHADOW: By your leave, commander.

    [The ninja informant retires.]

    DENAM: Catiua...

    ATTENDANT: Commander, should we not move our forces on Heim?

    DENAM: Not as yet. It would be rash indeed to strike without first knowing the Dark Knights' purpose.

    ATTENDANT: Yes, but the more time that passes before we strike, the weaker we become. Have you forgotten the way the men speak of the princess? Soldiers in your own ranks weep aloud at the thought of lifting a sword against Dorgalua's blood!

    DENAM: I know. I know. All the more reason to not act in haste!

    [A messenger enters.]

    SOLDIER: A report, sir!

    DENAM: What is it?

    SOLDIER: The soldiers at Brigantys have taken hostages and holed up inside the castle!

    ATTENDANT: What's this!?

    DENAM: What are their demands?

    SOLDIER: Our surrender to the Bakram, sir!

    ATTENDANT: After all the fighting we've been through? Not bloody likely!

    DENAM: So the Order of Philaha joins the fray.... Their followers among the soldiers were many, were they not?

    ATTENDANT: Aye. And their influence has only grown since the princess's appearance.

    DENAM: Not a situation we are like to change. My sis- the princess's arrival was, for many, the advent of a savior. Add to this the fact that the late Dynast-King was a fervent follower of Philaha. How natural for these new converts to rekindle his cry for accord and seek to abandon the fight.

    ATTENDANT: What will you do?

    DENAM: I see no other choice but to meet with these followers and Philaha and speak with them.

    ATTENDANT: Out of the question! It's too dangerous, Commander.

    DENAM: Not if I go alone and unarmed. They will hear me out.

    Bahaana Highlands

    [En route to Brigantys, Denam encounters a mysterious mage.]

    URAM: I have looked forward to our meeting, Denam of Golyat! You will pay for your crimes against Galgastan with your life!

    [Denam fights this Galgastani force.]

    URAM: The bastard's [sic]...killed me.

    Brigantys South Curtain Wall

    [Denam, as promised, shows up at the gates alone and unarmed.]

    RUDE KNIGHT: Not a step farther! State your business. Only the faithful are permitted within!

    DENAM: Don't your recognize me? I've come for an audience with your high priest.

    RUDE KNIGHT: I don't care much for your tone!

    KNIGHT: Steady there! That's Denam of Golyat you're talking to.

    RUDE KNIGHT: What!?

    DENAM: I am unarmed. I mean no ill will.

    RUDE KNIGHT: I'll be the judge of that. How do I know you don't have half a dozen soldiers with you?

    KNIGHT: Leave off. Sir Denam isn't the sort to lie to us.

    RUDE KNIGHT: I knew you were always their man!

    [He draws a weapon.]

    KNIGHT: A grave insult.

    [He takes his out as well, but they are interrupted.]

    WOMAN: Enough! Sheathe your swords.

    [A pious woman descends to them.]

    WOMAN: You too.

    [Her knights reluctantly do so and she invites Denam inside the castle.]

    [Denam's troops frighten the enemy and they are forced to fight.]

    DENAM: As I told you, I've come only to speak with the leader of your Order. I want no bloodshed, nor do I intend harm upon any of your followers.
    KNIGHT: Lies from the mouth of a murderer! Why come attended by soldiers and bearing arms if you truly want no bloodshed?
    DENAM: I am true to my word, but if you attack, we will be forced to defend ourselves!
    KNIGHT: We do not fear death, for the Great Father will receive our souls. But for those who abandon faith for the fist, only hell awaits!
    [They fight.]
    DENAM: This parley has taken an ill turn.

    Brigantys West Curtain Wall

    [Denam arrives at the castle rear.]

    FEMALE KNIGHT: Sir, the enemy approaches!

    MALE KNIGHT: But that's Denam! What's he doing here?

    TERROR KNIGHT: He's come to kill us - what else?

    MALE KNIGHT: Impossible! He would never do such a thing!

    TERROR KNIGHT: You mean to suggest he has come to parley? Then why does he not approach from the front gates?

    MALE KNIGHT: You're right.... He's not come to talk.

    TERROR KNIGHT: I did not take you for a thief, come to stab us in the back! We will defend the Order with our lives!

    [They fight.]

    DENAM: This parley has taken an ill turn...