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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ForkNToaster

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    Phantom Brave - The Hermuda Triangle (PSP)
    This FAQ is brought to you by the GameFAQs bounty, if it wasn't being created
    exclusively for a giftcard worth a miniscule amount of money, it would have
    never been written.
    About me:
    Nobody cares, any questions can be directed towards forkntoaster@gmail.com, I
    probably wont ever respond to them if there's a clear answer already in the
    FAQ/Boards that you couldn't ctrl+f/search to find, and any possible updates
    will include answered questions and a response through e-mails. This is my very 
    first FAQ, so it wont be pretty.
    Legal information:
    This is being written exclusively for GameFAQs.com, if you decide to repost it
    then make sure that I'm not credited at all and that you plagiarize to the best 
    of your abilities.
    Current version:
    1.04; Includes the main story and Another Marona mode.
    1.05; Added some nifty new subject breakers.
    1.06; Made the guide much uglier my removing all instances of mistakable double 
    1.50; Serious facelift, removed some offensive remarks aimed towards the 
    GameFAQs staff for myself overlooking Notepad/Metapad inherent flaws. Also 
    included information on the only postgame content, not in depth though, 
    What is included in this FAQ
    This will be a bare bone spoiler free FAQ, in fact it's so spoiler free that I
    wont even include the real and correct unit names for unique characters but
    adequate descriptions and strategies to win.
    Basics about this game.
    This is an NIS game. When you think of NIS games, as a new player to the series 
    you think 9,999 levels, interesting reincarnation system, hours of gameplay, 
    challenging post game scenarios as well as incredible special characters and of 
    course, comedic value.
    Unfortunately when it comes to Phantom Brave, there's very little to no comedic 
    value, which most people expect from playing anything Nippon Ichi made. It is a 
    very depressing story, it has many poorly written characters, scenarios, long 
    and often times boring cut scenes. If you're not one for tear jerkers, the 
    first thing i'd suggest to you is to skip every cut scene, you're honestly not 
    missing much.
    Also, this game is only hard in one respect, capturing items. It is incredibly
    easy to exploit the combat system (see; speed stat affecting turn order). I
    played this game using only Marona as my main combat force and a crew of 3
    bottle mails for capturing items. The only time having multiple characters for
    combat is useful is in early and post game, but even in post game Marona can
    solo it all with a proper setup.
    Titles are important, but there's a limit to them. You can obstain a title by
    picking up any item or character that you can summon and then talking to
    Marona, she will banish them forever and leave you the title. Collecting titles 
    from any low level character or items is pointless except for extending random 
    dungeon levels, otherwise you'll cap off your max titles. The game gives you no 
    warning when your titles are capped off, but it's greatly frustrating when 
    you're mass banishing atomic and chieftain titles from the shop and you don't 
    get to keep any.
    To unlock any humanoid character class, kill it. Unique special characters are
    given based on events.
    To unlock any monster character class, kill it 20 times. Monster characters are 
    somewhat buggy, on the island you can throw them weapons to permanently teach 
    them the skill, this is greatly useful when making slime bombs or when you just 
    want to teach them a skill from an item without using that item.
    Dark Weapons aren't that great, but they're godly because of how they greatly
    increase your speed stat. They have decent (see; high enough) attack modifiers
    and speed modifiers. They can only really be obtained in random dungeons, and
    you'll be able to farm enough for a 4 person team while unlocking the bottle
    mail class.
    Mana from killing enemies is chump change. As you progress in the game, most, 
    if not all of your mana will come from fusing items found in random dungeons on 
    to characters.
    Phantoms come in with a default turn allotment. They range anywhere between 2
    turns up to 7 turns, and this of course can be modified by passive skills.
    You have a max summonable character amount, when you summon a character, it
    reduces the count by 1. When you summon a character with an item equipped, it
    reduces the count by 2. If you're patient, or the battle drags on long enough,
    you can summon every character that is on phantom isle each battle. This is of
    importance because phantoms gain experience based on the level of item they're
    summoned into. Marona on the other hand gains experience based on her current
    level after every battle.
    Should I get the original or the Wii or PSP port?
    I'm writing this FAQ assuming that it's currently being read by somebody that
    is playing the PSP version. For those of you that have the choice, I'd highly
    reccomend the Wii version. Why, you might ask? Because moving with the analog
    or d-pad is incredibly slow, there's no way to speed up the cursor. Other flaws 
    for the PSP port include the weak processor, if you have 24+ characters on 
    phantom isle, or even on a map you're trying to beat, the game will lag 
    incredibly. Furthermore there's no option to data install or increase the
    processor speed like other games, so get used to the load screens that can  
    take up to a minute long.
    Tips to make this game easier.
    Failure title, it breaks any difficulty in this game. Whether you apply it to a 
    dungeon to make the level 200 monsters weaker than a level 20 while you
    confine/destroy items in the dungeon to speed level, or you apply it to weapons 
    to fuse them to godly stats, it breaks the game. You can get your first titlist 
    character as early as you can afford a random dungeon, but you'll get it in 
    area 3 otherwise.
    Always kill humanoid units on a map, it unlocks their class. They aren't always 
    bad guys, but they deserve it anyways.
    You will only find prinnies (strange dungeons, as well as bottlemails) and
    archers (female) through random dungeons. They are both very important classes. 
    Prinnies come with explosive passive skills that fuse better with most 
    character classes, and Archers have first strike, the longest throwing range 
    and a default attack that has very good range and an innate knockback.
    When creating random dungeons, always accept the Strange enemy type dungeons,
    no matter the other cases. This is important to unlocking bottlemail and
    prinnies for creation. Here's a short list of important dungeon types to keep;
     - Strange
     - Mace (usually contains dark weapons and the enemies often pick up the maces
    instead which slow down their turn count.)
     - Artisan (fastest way to unlock Titlist, Blacksmith and Fusionists before you
    meet them in the story dungeons.)
     - Enemy count few (This doesn't apply to Chibi, Beast and Small enemy types.)
    The few enemy count specific will limit the enemies, on average, between 1~3 at
    each floor.
     - Giant enemy type, they have great experience and are generally easy to kill,
    especially when paired with the few rule.
     - Prohibited Item, never accept these conditions unless you want to waste
    Another important note, when you get enough mana through items, try to fuse a
    dungeon monk to an archer for return. It'll cost a lot not being on a dungeon
    monk, but it's a lot faster than farming up the 250,000~ mana from items to
    fuse quick attack onto a dungeon monk.
    Try your best to avoid the summon type enemies, the ones that are just mouths,
    eyes and arms. They have a very bad habit of stealing items from you. If you
    play the game solo with Marona, you'll need a powerful weapon, and even at
    twice the level of these bastards, she has a bad habit of weapons being lifted
    from her and one shotting her the same turn. A way to counteract this is
    archers with alternate high level weapons. Just throw them somewhere, either
    the summons will reach and pick them up or just move towards them wasting their
    turns. Archers are the god class and probably the most important character to
    The highest level you need your merchant is level 128, that's when she gets her
    last item and title available. Leveling beyond that point only increases the
    cost of the items, so I'd suggest against it. This can be controlled easily
    using the 3-2 trick and proper fusion.
    Never use a changebook or egg to reincarnate until you've got a high level
    character that is worth reincarnating. They aren't hard to get, but they can be
    a great nuissance.
    In random dungeons, if the boss character has a weapon that doesn't slow it
    down to one turn between two of Marona's, escape that dungeon ASAP. You'll
    probably get game overed if you can't kill it before it's first turn, or escape
    to a safe distance with Marona that you can summon a dungeon monk or quick
    attack escapee.
    If you care at all about missable items, the only item you can miss is the
    Snakish in the tutorial stages. You have to start in the regular gameplay
    instead of Another Marona to get it. The other semi-missables are the
    Heliotrops and Shiva. They are all useless weapons and take much longer to
    level than just finding a high level weapon in a random dungeon.
    Combo combining, it raises the modifiers on a stat by 5%. I'll leave a bit of a
    detailed explanation through the first weapon you should try to make, a dark
    weapon for Marona. Go through a dungeon collecting character classes that you
    want and collecting dark weapons. Apply the failure title to the strongest dark
    weapon that you have, then fuse a different dark weapon on to it taking the
    stats and combo modifier selections. Next you fuse more dark weapons on to it
    until you can't raise the modifiers any further (which should be 1 at most),
    then you take your next two weakest dark weapons that haven't been fused and
    fuse those up to the modifier that the first dark weapon had, then fuse that on
    to the failure dark weapon to raise it's modifier%. It sounds complicated at
    first, but you'll understand it. Just think of it as a branching tree.
    One final note, some items have a higher base value on the mods, trolleys,
    axes, rocks, etc. etc., so if you can farm them you can substitute them in for
    a stat at a certain point instead.
    Table of contents:
    Chapter 1.....................................[Sch1]
    Terra Firma...................................[Stfm]
    - Deserted Quarry.............................[TFDQ]
    - Barren Earth................................[TFBE]
    - Primitive Altar.............................[TFPA]
    Episode 2 - Walnut............................[Sep2]
    Windmill Promontory...........................[SWMP]
    - Sylph's Melody..............................[SWSM]
    - Life's Cradle...............................[SWLC]
    - S. Wind's Howl..............................[SWWH]
    Episode 3 - Meeting Putty.....................[Sep3]
    - Gentle Brook................................[SMGB]
    - Peaceful Hill...............................[SMPH]
    - Shining Earth...............................[SMSE]
    Episode 4 - A Friend..........................[Sep4]
    Isle of Healing Waters........................[SIHW]
    - Bloody Fortress.............................[SIBF]
    - Devil's Cry.................................[SIDC]
    - Cruel Verdict...............................[SICV]
    - Tragedy Stage...............................[SITS]
    Episode 5 - SCarlet the Brave.................[Sep5]
    - Nature's Bounty.............................[SFNB]
    - Bed of Flowers..............................[SFBF]
    - Green Cradle................................[SFGC]
    - Yggdrasil Sleep.............................[SFYS]
    Episode 6 - Unexpected Reward.................[Sep6]
    Verdant Guardiana.............................[SVeG]
    - Innocent Entry..............................[SVIE]
    - Mischief Garden.............................[SVMG]
    - Hidden Hall.................................[SVHH]
    - Green Paradise..............................[SVGP]
    Episode 7 - The Rainbow Bird..................[Sep7]
    Clutter Island................................[SClu]
    Island of Evil................................[SIsE]
    - Sick Unto Death.............................[SISD]
    - Road of the Lost............................[SIRL]
    - Life and Death..............................[SILD]
    - Hall of Death...............................[SIHD]
    - No Man's Land...............................[SINM]
    Episode 8 - Count Malt is Shaken..............[Sep8]
    - Forsaken Glacier............................[SFrG]
    - Subzero Field...............................[SFrS]
    - Demon's Grudge..............................[SFrD]
    - Brave's Seal................................[SFrB]
    Episode 9 - Dual Duelists.....................[Sep9]
    Desert Island.................................[SDIs]
    - Minus World.................................[SDMW]
    - A Test of Will..............................[SDTW]
    - Wandering's End.............................[SDWE]
    Episode 10 - Putty's Mischief.................[Se10]
    Mt. Kazan.....................................[SMKz]
    - Forbidden Flame.............................[SMFF]
    - Fierce Tyrant...............................[SMFT]
    - Hill of Death...............................[SMHD]
    - Land of Fire................................[SMLF]
    Episode 11 - Paradise Saved?..................[Se11]
    Verdant Guardiana 2...........................[SVG2]
    - Mischief Garden.............................[SV2M]
    - Hidden Hall.................................[SV2H]
    - Green Paradise..............................[SV2G]
    Episode 12 - For Castile......................[Se12]
    Isle of Healing Waters 2......................[SIW2]
    - Bloody Fortress.............................[SI2B]
    - Devil's Cry.................................[SI2D]
    - Cruel Verdict...............................[SI2C]
    - Tragedy's End...............................[SI2T]
    Episode 13 - Once Sacred Sword................[Se13]
    Windmill Promontory 2.........................[SWP2]
    - Broken Harmony..............................[SW2B]
    - Cursed Cradle...............................[SW2C]
    Episode 14 - Operation Desert Rescue..........[Se14]
    Hinterland Isle...............................[SHin]
    - Swelterland.................................[SHSW]
    - Unforgiving Sun.............................[SHUS]
    - Famished Earth..............................[SHFE]
    - Bone-dry Earth..............................[SHBD]
    Episode 15 - Sienna's Request.................[Se15]
    Icicle Island.................................[SIcI]
    - Desperation.................................[SIcD]
    - Lupine on Ice...............................[SIcL]
    - Frozen Lance................................[SIcF]
    - Iced Shadow.................................[SICS]
    Episode 16 - Sibling Enmity...................[Se16]
    Bamboo Co.....................................[SBam]
    - Bamboo Co. Floor 8..........................[SBa8]
    - Bamboo Co. Floor 12.........................[SB12]
    - Bamboo Co. Floor 19.........................[SB19]
    - Bamboo Co. Floor 24.........................[SB24]
    - Bamboo CEO Room.............................[SBCE]
    Episode 17 - The Shadow Resurrected...........[Se17]
    Island of Evil 2..............................[SIE2]
    - Road of the Lost............................[SIR2]
    - Life and Death..............................[SIL2]
    - Hall of Death...............................[SIH2]
    - No Man's Land...............................[SIN2]
    - Mortality's End.............................[SIM2]
    Episode 18 - Battle Plan......................[Se18]
    Island of Evil 3..............................[SIe3]
    - Sick unto Death.............................[SIS3]
    - Road of the Lost............................[SIR3]
    Episode 19 - Warrior's Bonds..................[Se19]
    - Life and Death..............................[SIL3]
    - Hall of Death...............................[SIH3]
    - No Man's Land...............................[SIN3]
    Episode 20 - Final Episode, Goodbye...........[Se20]
    - Mortality's End.............................[SIM3]
    - Hell's Appeal...............................[SIHA]
    - End of Eternity.............................[SIEE]
    Another Marona Prologue.......................[AMPl]
    Another Marona Chapter 1......................[AMc1]
    Seaside Treasure..............................[AMST]
    No Man's Land.................................[AMNM]
    To The Old Castle.............................[AMOC]
    Another Girl..................................[AMAG]
    Episode 2 - Another Marona....................[AMe2]
    Mt. Kazan.....................................[AMMK]
    First Training................................[AMFT]
    Fiery Discipline..............................[AMFD]
    Fiery Training................................[AMFi]
    Icicle Island.................................[AMII]
    Icy Revenge...................................[AMIR]
    Cold Situation................................[AMCS]
    Icy Trap......................................[AMIT]
    Desert Island.................................[AMDI]
    Lonely Desert.................................[AMLD]
    Island of Evil................................[AMIE]
    Reunion After 8 Years.........................[AMRe]
    Episode 3 - Mean Marona.......................[AMe3]
    Spirit and Body...............................[AMSB]
    Windmill Promontory...........................[AMWP]
    Recuring Regret...............................[AMRg]
    Verdant Guardiana.............................[AMVG]
    Spell and Wand................................[AMSW]
    Island of Evil................................[AMIE]
    First Steps to Revenge........................[AMFS]
    Two Faced.....................................[AMTF]
    Source of Power...............................[AMSP]
    Final Battle..................................[AMFB]
    Final Episode.................................[AMFE]
    A Girl's Battle...............................[AMGB]
    Island of Evil(within an island of evil)......[AMI2]
    Other Crap....................................[Meta]
    Random Dungeons...............................[MeRD]
    3-2 Leveling..................................[Me32]
    Frequently Asked Questions....................[FAQ]
    Mumbo Jumbo...................................[MuJu]
                | Prologue                          [SPlg]|
    It's a very basic intro to the combat system and to the most common enemy types
    that you'll encounter in the game, Mouthmons. Or summons, whatever. After this,
    you'll be on Phantom Isle. First things first, you get a few new characters,
    take them all up on the roof and chuck them over to the tree save Marona. After
    they're all on the tree, step on Marona (from the roof) and jump over to the
    tree, then start stacking the characters on top of each other (aim just beyond
    their current placement in the tower) and jump up the tower of slaves to get
    your very first bottlemail. It's important for taking the only missable item in
    the game, the Snakish. After that you can jump around the island to get 500
    bordeaux. The places are on the roof, in the nitch near the submarine boat, on
    one of the corners, on one square that sticks out and in the circle of stones.
    You can use this to make your first dungeon monk.
                | Chapter 1, Episode 1              [Sch1]|
    Tutorial maps. They all explain how to play the game, the only thing I need to
    note is that when you're told to confine to pick up and fight with the Snakish, 
    confine your bottlemail to it instead. Wait out it's three turns then you'll 
    get decently strong sword, even though it's useless after a few maps.
                | Terra Firma                       [Stfm]|
    Terra Firma includes 3 maps. They have a very low difficulty curve. You'll 
    quickly learn the most important lesson of this game compared to other NIS 
    titles. Whereas in the other games you can front load with your strongest 
    characters and then whip out the weaklings to get residual exp, you'll run out 
    of Phantoms if you do it that way because of their limited turn number. The 
    fatal flaw is that at this point in the game, Marona does next to zero damage.
                | Deserted Quarry                   [TFDQ]|
    4 Slimes
    1 Mystic
    Weak enemies, useless objects. The strategy to note is to not summon all of
    your characters from the start. The main theme in the regular story is that the 
    monsters are spread apart, so summoning everything at once will often lead to a 
    lack of phantoms, whereas Another Marona most of the enemies are clustered or 
    on smaller maps, so you can go all out. At this point in the game it's highly 
    unlikely that you've started with random dungeons, so most of your characters 
    are level 1 and unequipped. 
    I'd start by summoning any witches you might beusing to help clear out the 
    blobs. Keep at least one alive to murder the innocent neutral on the far side 
    of the map to unlock his class. Make slow progression towards the reverse side 
    of the map, and also when you attack the bastard, make sure he's not facing 
    towards the edge of the map, it's very easy to knock him off the map, and I'm 
    not sure you'll unlock him by knocking him O.B.
                | Barren Earth                      [TFBE]|
    6 Slimes
    1 Blacksmith
    Weak slimes and a Hammer Jockey. You can start by attacking the weak slimes, or 
    you can just move your way towards the hammer jockey and focus two phantoms on 
    him to kill him. The slime AI isn't that advanced in these low levels, in this 
    and especially the next stage, they'll waste turns not attacking you.
                | Primitive Altar                   [TFPA]|
    1 Werewolf
    9 Slimes
    Lot of weak slimes and a somewhat strong scottish wolf. The scottish wolf will
    start off by chucking slimes at you, depending on how many characters you've
    made you can either sit back with Marona and duo them with a soldier, or you
    can rush up to the wolf and mass summon phantoms and try to AoE the bunch down.
    Either method works, it's hard to believe that you can game over on this stage
    no matter how poorly you play. There are some starfish and nuts on the beach
    side of the map.
    If you redo this map, there will be two owl knights to the left of Marona at
    the start, you can easily finish them off by confining any character with
    Berserker and push them O.B. to unlock them.
                | Episode 2 - Walnut                [Sep2]|
    Alright, you'll get a short scene back on Phantom Island then Episode 2 picks
    up again, follow the flashing islands until you get sent off to Windmill
    Promontory. You get to meet the generic unit now, yay!
                | Windmill Promontory               [SWMP]|
    Vast maps are the best way to describe this area, no real difficulty but the
    only challenge is not summoning your phantoms all at the get go.
                | Sylph's Melody                    [SWSM]|
    4 Summons
    1 Fusionist
    The Fusionist is sending off Money+50% and Exp+50% to all of the summons, so
    kill them first if you care at all about getting exp or money at this point,
    which is saying "Will I do the 3-2 trick or failure dungeons?" If the answer is
    no, then kill the summons first for a miniscule increase in bordeaux and
    Otherwise you unlock your first fusionist, be sure to make one and start using
    her. Her unique attack Mana Punch increases mana gained from killing enemies by
    30%~ each time, stacking up to like 250%~. So it's useless!
                | Life's Cradle                     [SWLC]|
    7 Summons
    1 Funguy
    The Funguy is neutral, and he likes to chuck things O.B., whenever you see
    these guys in the story maps next to a bundle of items, that's what he's there
    to do.
    It's a destroy red power map, so even if the Funguy agros you, you don't have
    to kill him to clear the map. Proceed northward and take care of the summons
    and then work your way up and re-confine to work on the group of 4, which will
    have either jumped in the ravine to play in the water or moved along the bridge
    dependig on how you're luring.
    If you decide however, that you really want to use or take home that sword,
    confine a strong fighter or two to the rocks near the group of three summons
    then head eastward and try to oneshot the Funguy. Even if you just pick up the
    sword, he'll steal it and then toss it O.B.
                | S. Wind's Howl                    [SWWH]|
    11 Summons
    1 Whiney Emo
    Alright, so this map just go real. Destroy all power, even though the first
    couple of turns the five Summons surrounding you might not attack, you want to
    destroy the Whiney Emo's protection affects so the Summons will get him nice
    and weak for you.
    This is another map that accentuates the story's main problem, if you summon
    your strongest characters to start, they'll leave the map by the time you're
    stuck with a few summons or just the Emo, and Marona at this point in the game
    will be doing a whopping 0 damage.
    The Bushes are giving the Emo HP Heal 10% each, then one gives him Exp x 3 and
    Money x 3. If you choose to keep the protection affects up, you must save all
    of your strong characters until after the Summons are down so you can focus all
    of your power on him for the massive increse to exp and bordeaux, which of
    course is only important if you don't plan on using Failure Dungeons or the 3-2
    If you destroy the bushes, he'll either die by the Summons or be severely
    weakened depending on your luck. All in all not a hard map if you play it
    Redoing this map, the Emo is replaced by a fighter with a Dirk equipped, which
    is a weapon with a speed increase, the stat which breaks this game.
                | Episode 3 - Meeting Putty         [Sep3]| 
    After you get torn a new one, you're ready to set off to the big city, and
    unlock some new classes, yay! These maps are still easy - but they get slightly
    harder because of area affects. You'll have to pay attention to protections or
    you can get decimated quickly.
                | Monetopia                         [SMon]|
    You're going to learn to hate this place, it's the one area with the most maps.
    Spoiler alert, you wont hate it until much later!
                | Gentle Brook                      [SMGB]|
    8 Scrabbits
    1 Shade
    The shade controls the Keep Out: Red, the first time you'll encounter this
    mechanic. He's also incredibly weak, so whip out your Snakish, or rather any
    sword or dagger to AoE the Scrabbits that are giving you bonus Exp and Mana.
    After they're down, drop the shade and take out the Scrabbits as they come.
                | Peaceful Hill                     [SMPH]|
    8 Scrabbits
    1 Lecherous Old Man
    Alright, this map introduces, and is the only map with the Protection affect,
    Levelup+1. Every turn that the protected character ends, it gains +1 level.
    This map will be the easiest, longest map to exploit for Bordeaux and Levels,
    worth about 150~ levels at level 1.
    First things first, set up something to destroy the 4 nearby scrabbits, any
    sword or dagger user with AoE should handle them without a problem.
    You get a few turns of leeway, but you need to stuff that old man in a casket
    before those two Scrabbits he's protecting get boosted too high. After they
    gain about 10 levels on you, in this early stage, they'll start getting
    multiple turns per your turn, and if you're in range of them, they'll start
    slaughtering you.
    It's a destroy red power map, so be sure to kill the old man if you want to
    unlock his class, which only has one unique buff iirc.
                | Shining Earth                     [SMSE]|
    7 Scrabbits
    3 Shades
    1 Manticore
    1 Neutral Titlist
    Whoo, your very first titlist. Only problem is that he's Neutral, might not
    move towards you and has to be finished off before the last enemy, which isn't
    Each Shade is weakening each other, and more importantly the level 8 Manticore.
    Preserve the shades for last since they're weak.
    Start moving your characters towards the manticore, preserve any throwable
    confine items you might have for finishing off the Titlist, a fighter with
    Berserker or Fire Slash should be able to oneshot the initial group of
    Scrabbits, all the scrabbits along the way can be killed by your weaker
    Gang up on the Manticore, then kill the -Def, -Atk Shades, the Titlist if he's
    still up, then the last Shade to end the map.
                | A Friend                          [Sep4]|
    So, all the episodes are in here to represent the minor area changes in a
    chapter, instead of just doing multiple chapters like other NIS games.
    What I love about them, is that the episode titles are full of massive
                | Isle of Healing Waters            [SIHW]|
    5 Summons
    Four of the summons are receiving the standard increased Exp and Mana
    protection, as well as being weakened. The big boss however, is not.
    Start with the characters you want to get bonus exp by confining them to the
    nearby trees, lure or work your way north and finish the map. Easy peasy.
    The map then repeats itself, but the Summons are spread out a little further
                | Bloody Fortress                   [SIBF]|
    5 Summons
    1 Ghost
    The Ghost is sending Atk-40% to all of your nearby confineable objects, I'd
    suggest preparing this map with Marona equipping a weed, then tossing it
    towards the ghost to confine it there and then slaughter it. Ash works best
    since he'll be your only character with quick attack at this point. This way
    you can mass summon everything to the vases and then when Ash finishes the
    ghost, they can kill the summons and complete this map.
                | Devil's Cry                       [SIDC]|
    7 Summons
    5 Whisps
    The nearby tree has the Keep Out: Red protection, destroy it and move out to
    start slaughtering the Summons.
    It's a destroy all power map, but the Whisps are less dangerous than the
    Summons. You might have to wait out a few turns for the pillared whisps to come
    down, annoying bastards.
                | Cruel Verdict                     [SICV]|
    6 Summons
    2 Ghosts
    Not a hard map at all, immediate confineable objects are reinforced 20%, and
    all enemies give bonus Exp. Slaughter, slaughter, slaughter. No strategy
                | Tragedy Stage                     [SITS]|
    8 Summons
    2 Ghosts
    1 Dark Avatar
    Yay, expansive map.
    Summon one or two characters from Marona's starting position to take care of
    the two summons down there, a weak character will suffice as long as it can
    kill two within it's remove count. Move her up the stairs and then summon your
    next weakest characters onto the crystals to get to work on the next two
    summons and two ghosts. After that's all done, start luring the Summons near
    the Avatar and mass confine near the center.
    After all the small guys, the Dark Avatar is chump change, gang up on him to
    take him down.
    The spirit tree in the center is there to super charge one phantom in case you
    need it.
                | Scarlet the Brave                 [Sep5]|
    Another boring episode. I highly suggest skipping all demos.
                | Forestia                          [SFor]|
    This isn't doublespacing, this is just content breaking.
                | Nature's Bounty                   [SFNB]|
    7 Saber Kitties
    No strategy required, kill the middle kitty last because it's protecting eveyr
    other with exp, money and mana +30%.
                | Bed of Flowers                    [SFBF]|
    15 Saber Kitties
    Again, no strategy required. This will be the map that you unlock the Saber
    Kitty class if you haven't already. They're in a large semi circle, very weak,
    just wait for them to come or rush in and heal through it.
                | Green Cradle                      [SFGC]|
    12 Saber Kitties
    1 Neutral Behemoth
    Destroy all red power map, ignore the behemoth unless you want the exp. The 7
    kitties on the south end have the Defx7, Expx7, Manax7 buffs. If you can kill
    them, do it, if you can't, kill the rock then them.
    Difficulty changes depending on how far you've progressed your team, another
    simple map.
                | Yggdrasil Sleep                   [SFYS]|
    1 Thriller Crew Consisting of;
    8 Zombies
    1 Zombie Babe
    This is the first map you get to enjoy a super slippery floor! Cardinal rule,
    the less you move, the further you slide. Sliding reduces from your DM, so be
    careful in some cases. If you select an attack target before moving, you wont
    slide at all on your way to attack.
    Bunch of items to confine to, little to no threat from these zombies. They have
    large HP numbers, but that's about it.
                | Episode 6 - Unexpected Reward     [Sep6]|
    The real reward is the knowledge that you've done something good in life.
                | Verdant Guardiana                 [SVeG]|
    Demo followed by a battle which is later named as;
                | Innocent Entry                    [SVIE]|
    5 Manticores
    They're all affected by Exp, Mana, Money x2 and Reinforce 20%. They're only
    level 10, so gang up on them with all of your strongest phantoms from the get
                | Mischief Garden                   [SVMG]|
    3 Manticore
    3 Werewolves
    1 Neutral Granny
    First of all, slaughter that Granny. She's only important for one purpose, but
    she's not that common of a unit.
    The Manticore are in the inner ring "cornering" you, and the Werewolves about
    20 DM behind them. Start off with your strongest units and blast through them,
    send one character off to slaughter grandma and you'll win with no difficulty.
                | Hidden Hall                       [SVHH]|
    6 Fenrir
    2 Werewolves
    1 Manticore
    Difficulty level slightly rising. Every unit is buffing another two by 20% or
    raising their money, mana or exp x2. Save summoning your stronger phantoms
    until you're in the center of the map to preserve their turns.
    This stage is easier than a fat white girl being asked to her senior prom for
    the first time the night before the event.
                | Green Paradise                    [SVGP]|
    2 Fenrir
    2 Manticore
    2 Behemoth
    1 Dragon
    Alright, start with your weaker phantoms and clear al the enemy units nearby
    you, summon stronger units as you need them.
    After that, move everything towards the dragon then summon your strongest to
    take it down.
    The dragon is receiving Def + 10% and Atk + 10% protections from the bricks and
    weed in his immediate area, easily disposed of by summoning to the Pumpkin and
    destroying, or just ignoring them, it's only 10%.
                | The Rainbow Bird                  [Sep7]|
    Things are about to get challenging.
                | Clutter Haven                     [SClu]|
    New area just opened up, just a demo, skip it.
                | Island of Evil                    [SIsE]|
    You'll be coming here a lot. No challenge until the bosses.
    Demo followed by a battle which will be renamed into;
                | Sick Unto Death                   [SISD]|
    1 Blacksmith
    2 Fighters
    Blacksmith has an axe and virtually no speed, ignore him since he'll get one
    turn per your two~three. Everybody is equipped, no problems whatsoever, mass
    slaughter, mass slaughter, mass slaughter.
                | Road of the Lost                  [SIRL]|
    6 Amazons
    1 Raven Captain
    Another confrontation for the poor little girl. Too bad it's also easy. They
    all suffer Def-30%, lot of items to confine to in the center, do that and AoE,
    the Raven Captain should get her first turn by the time her minions are
                | Life and Death                    [SILD]|
    7 Zombies
    1 Ugly Dude
    Zombies spread far apart? Sign me up!.. wait, no, I meant "Get me a puke
    bucket!". Just confine phantoms to take care of the out of the way zombies as
    you get to them, another annoying, easy map.
                | Hall of Death                     [SIHD]|
    4 Owl Sentry
    1 Owl Sage
    1 Owl Ninja
    1 Owl Captain
    Will these themes never end!?
    The only difficulty of the map are the casters, throw Marona's equipped item
    back there to one shot them or lure the Sentries out and then make a mad dash
    and confine up there.
                | No Man's Land                     [SINM]|
    Yay! The themes just ended!
    1 Pretty Boy
    Alright, this fight can be hard. The easiest strategy is to use a bottlemail to
    steal your first Heliotrope, which will either be a low chance or a no chance
    depending on how many bottle mails you have, and what level they are.
    With him disarmed, you can use his weapon against him, and/or use a quick
    attacker to throw him a -speed weapon.
    If I remember correctly, you can beat this map without beating him, since he is
    level 60. Otherwise, summon the strong guys, use up the brave hearts and pile
    on the damage as best as you can.
    Alright, after the battle you're forced back in!
    1 Whiney Emo
    1 Neutral Mimic
    This is where you can get your first egg, used exclusively for reincarnation.
    This is also a destroy red power map, so you don't have to bother with the
    If you decide to keep the egg, which you should, move marona as close to the
    gap on the right side. Throw whatever weapon and summon an archer. Other
    classes work, but quick attack with max throwing distance works better. Marona
    should get a turn before the Mimic gets a second, move her close, summon a
    bottle mail into the mimic, and you're good to go. Otherwise the Mimic might
    get a turn before you, and you can luck out and he wont throw it out of bounds,
    or he'll screw you over and toss it immediately.
    If you decide to ignore the egg, throw anything Marona has equipped and summon
    your strongest phantom, braveheart it and kill the whiney emo. All confineable
    objects in the immediate area have Atk -40% and Def -40%, so whatever you
    brought in will work wonders.
                | Count Malt is Shaken              [Sep8]|
    Not stirred.
                | Frigidia                          [SFri]|
    Slide, slide, slide. These zones are going to make you wish that you're using 
    an uber Marona setup.
                | Forsaken Glacier                  [SFrG]|
    4 Funguy
    1 Blob
    1 Merman
    2 Mermaids
    Welcome to the suck. This is where a super charged Marona breaks the game. Most
    phantoms wont just slide O.B., but when it happens it'll make you rageface so
    Move (see: slip and slide) Marona East to summon a character to deal with the
    Funguys, then send her (seE: again, slip and slide) up north to work on those
    Destroy the blob and work your way over to the Merchumps. Not hard, just slow
    and boring.
                | Subzero Field                     [SFrS]|
    4 Mermaids
    2 Fenrir
    1 Lizardman
    Yellow fish controls the Keep Out: Yellow, confine to it and suicide, or keep
    Marona near the bottom half while slowly clearing out everything but the
    The Lizardman can be reached by some AoE and Cones, so you can ignore it
    completely, also you can confine characters on the inside to furthermore ignore
    the yellow fish.
                | Demon's Grudge                    [SFrD]|
    3 Saber Kitties
    3 Mermaids
    3 Funguys
    3 Fenrir
    1 Super Granny
    Another slippery map. Funguys and Saber Kitties are in a nice AoEable groups,
    take advantage of it.
    Fenrir and Super Grannies are charged up, but still weak. The Demon's Grudge is
    pretty pansy core.
    If you're having problems, like with other maps you can res the dead units to
    help you defeat the map.
                | Brave's Seal                      [SFrB]|
    1 Golem
    Not hard, Golem is weak. He has Defx2, Warp and reinforce 30%, so you might
    actually have problems. You can destroy the items giving him protections, or
    you can start ressing dead units and throw yourself into a gigglefit, either
                | Dual Duelists                     [Sep9]|
    Disappointingly enough, I got enough d's on my first try.
                | Desert Island                     [SDIs]|
    These maps continue on the Phantom Brave tradition of sucking.
                | Minus World                       [SDMW]|
    4 Slimes
    2 Shades
    1 Blob
    1 Mimic
    Snoresville, no challenge, front load with strong Phantoms. Take home nothing,
    don't evenly spread experience, yaaagh!
                | A Test of Will                    [SDTW]|
    3 Slimes
    2 Blobs
    2 Mimics
    2 Shades
    Snoregisbore. Split your forces, one west one north. Send more stronger
    phantoms north just because I said to, and in this guide, I am king.
                | Wandering's End                   [SDWE]|
    4 Shades
    3 Slimes
    1 Coked up Wolf
    Split your forces again, don't summon your strongest phantoms until after most
    of the small guys are dead.
    After they're all down, take down the Coked up Wolf
    After you complete the stage, Demo, then back to bidness.
    1 Super Coked up invincible Wolf
    1 Neutral Pretty Boy
    Alright, so he's invincible from 3 protections, your job is to destroy them.
    They're all three cactuses, send out your weaklings to get them and lure the
    Wolf. After the Wolf is down, summon the big guys, braveheart and slaughter the
    wolf or let the pretty boy do it.
    This is also where you get your second Heliotrope, yellow and full of bonus
    levels! Also be warned if you steal the Heliotrope, he'll steal a weapon from
    one of your guys. The pretty boy will also let any weapon be stolen without
    fail, and then you'll be slaughtered if you were using an uber speed weapon.
                | Putty's Mischief                 [Sep10]|
    That's right, the super cute mascot of this game is a no good thief.
                | Mt. Kazan                         [SMKz]|
    Fire themed areas, no actual fire hazards though. Luckily enough, there's a 
    hefty supply of Tools, such as bombs and trololololleys.
                | Forbidden Flame                   [SMFF]|
    5 Fenrir
    2 Dragons
    Things are getting pretty big. Nothing but giants, giants as far as the eye can
    see. Standard rules apply, bonus EXP on everything.
    Burn down the Fenrir, then focus on one dragon at a time. Primarily a leveling
    map if you need it.
                | Fierce Tyrant                     [SMFT]|
    2 Manticore
    2 Cerberus
    2 Lizardmen
    1 Golem
    Only tricky part of the map is splitting the forces. Either don't summon all
    your strong phantoms at once and move like a unit, or get Marona up in the
    center and then mass summon.
                | Hill of Death                     [SMHD]|
    2 Cerberus
    2 Fenrir
    2 Ghosts
    1 Dragon
    Ugh, another widespread map. They give each other protection, if you care about
    the bonus exp, mana or money, pay attention, if not, slaughter, slaughter,
    Save the dragon for last, ghosts > fenrir > cerberus.
                | Land of Fire                      [SMLF]|
    6 Ghosts
    1 Dragon
    1 Fenrir
    1 Corgi
    Split your forces, save your strongest phantom for gettin to the dragon.
    The challenge of this map is having enough phantoms to work your way around the
                | Verdant Guardiana - Again         [SVG2]|
    5 Fighters
    1 Blacksmith
    Another one of those maps that are just there to piss you off. useless fights
    Lots of weapons if you need them, which you shouldn't. Just nab all the
    Fighters, then the blacksmith.
                | Mischief Garden                   [SV2M]|
    9 Fighters
    1 Blacksmith
    Split a couple strong phantoms to the right to take out the three Fighters,
    move your forces northwest until the blacksmith is left then faceroll.
                | Hidden Hall                       [SV2H]|
    7 Fighters
    1 Blacksmith
    2 Neutral Putties
    Split a few strong phantoms right to take out the Blacksmith and Fighter, set
    up a good AoE phantom in the center to destroy those Fighters and do whatever
    with the ones on the left. Another faceroll map.
                | Green Paradise                    [SV2G]|
    6 Fighters
    3 Blacksmiths
    1 Raven Captain
    Ugh, split a phantom or two to the right. Head everything else north, save your
    strongest phantoms for last. Proceed to faceroll.
                | For Castile                       [Se12]|
    It's all, always for Castile.
                | Isle of Healing Waters - Again    [SIW2]|
    Get used to this again trend. Also get used to these maps not being repeatable
    after you finish them the first time!
                | Bloody Fortress                   [SI2B]|
    5 Summons
    1 Cerberus
    1 Behemoth
    Go forward. Confine phantoms. Faceroll. Seriously, this isn't even a challenge.
    At least it's bunched up and only takes two rounds.
                | Devil's Cry                       [SI2D]|
    7 Summons
    1 Cerberus
    1 Behemoth
    Summon units to the left, to the right, and in the center. Proceed northward on
    all three sides. Win.
                | Cruel Verdict                     [SI2C]|
    8 Summons
    1 Neutral Whiney Emo
    Front load the strong guys, clear it out, keep moving north and summon any
    phantoms to help you down the big boss summon. The whiney emo doesn't add much
                | Tragedy's Stage                   [SI2T]|
    10 Summons
    1 Cerberus
    1 Dark Avatar
    This is going to take a while. it's the exact same map as before, but they
    added more out of the way enemies. Good, freaking grief.
    Summon two phantoms, one left, one right, go north and summon more, kill the
    cerberus while the guys left behind take out two summons each. Mass summon,
    move forward and slaughter.
                | Once Sacred Sword                 [Se13]|
    Once sacred, twice shy.
                | Windmill Promontory 2             [SWP2]|
    Honestly, get used to this tradition. Changed again to 2, to make it easier.
                | Broken Harmony                    [SWB2]|
    2 Werewolves
    1 Lizardman
    Well, at least it's not a huge map. All enemies are level 60 Minibosses. Summon
    your strongest phantoms at the start, use them all to weaken all three targets.
    The enemies are protected by weaken 60%, and a combination of manax2, moneyx2
    or expx2. Each sends one affect and weaken 30% to another. Thus it's better to
    weaken all instead of focusing on one at a time.
                | Cursed Cradle                     [SW2C]|
    12 Summons
    1 Blob
    Blob is sending keep out: red protection, kill him and it's gone.
    This is where the maps start to get dangerous depending on if you use "uber"
    weapons or not. If you do and you don't have 200+ levels ont he enemies, the
    summons will gank and murder you with them. Proceed slowly and carefully with a
    large array of phantoms. In these maps, if Marona dies half way through the map
    and all of your phantoms go home before you clear the map, it's a game over.
    The summons aren't a problem, most of your phantoms should be able to one shot
    them. If not, go back to Broken Harmony and grind, or do some failure dungeons.
                | Operation Desert Rescue           [Se14]|
    Of course the little girl to the rescue, again.
                | Hinderland Isle                   [SHin]|
    Amazing, a new zone. Psyched you guys out a chapter ago.
                | Swelterland                       [SHSW]|
    1 Summon
    2 Healers
    2 Fenrir
    3 Manticore
    Summon is giving off Reinforce 20% to the healers, the healers are giving off
    hp heal 10% each to the giants. Start by trying to lure out enemies. If you can
    one shot the giants throw caution to the wind and ignore the Healers protection
    for now and just kill all the giants then the summon and then the healers.
    If you're not that powerful, send out a suicide squad to drop/O.B. the Summon
    followed by the healers. After that the Giants can be wittled down.
                | Unforgiving Sun                   [SHUF]|
    1 Fenrir
    1 Manticore
    5 Summons
    Ugh, annoying maps once again. The giants both control Keep Out: Green. Destroy
    them then summon your phantoms to each corner of the map to take out the
                | Famished Earth                    [SHFE]|
    4 Zombies
    3 Fenrir
    Odd map, we get our standard leveling map in the zone as the third instead of
    the first. Everything has expx2, all of your confineable objects have defensive
    based qualities.
    Either wait a few turns for them to approach then confine or confine early to
    get more phantoms confined exp. Not a hard map in the slightest.
                | Bone-dry Earth                    [SHBD]|
    7 Summons
    It's a destroy red power map, if you need back up just revive the ravens. Not a
    hard map, just not that convenient in confineable objects. Rush to the end, try
    to drop everything before your strongest phantoms go home.
                | Sienna's Request                  [Se15]|
    Not much to say about this, aside from there being two Cripples in the same 
    game, NIS pretty much broke the barriers.
                | Icicle Island                     [SIcI]|
    See, another new zone. I bet you guys all believed me in episode 13.
                | Desperation                       [SIcD]|
    3 Mermen
    2 Manticore
    1 Summon
    Back to first stage leveling maps. Not hard, the middle merman's equipped
    crystal is sending out the bonus exp protection. Slaughter, slaughter,
    slaughter mindlessly.
                | Lupine on Ice                     [SIcL]|
    3 Merman
    1 Mermaid
    1 Fenrir
    1 summon
    They're all in a neat little row, start off with your best AoE then finish them
    off with whatever is available.
                | Frozen Lance                      [SIcF]|
    6 Mermen
    2 Summons
    1 Manticore
    Back to the long spread maps. Super slippery, so be careful when launching your
    phantoms ahead, they might O.B. instead of raising themselves back up to the
    ledge. Summon phantoms slowly or in this specific order, weakest near the
    start, strongest AoE in the middle and whatever is left as you need it.
                | Iced Shadow                       [SIcS]|
    10 Summons
    Same strategy as above, AoE phantoms near the center, then split forces between
    left and right to take care of the troupe of 3 on each side.
                | Sibling Enmity                    [Se16]|
    Everybody has a bit of sibling enmity. If you're an only child, then go beat an
    orphan instead.
                | Bamboo Co.                        [SBam]|
    Alright, this is just another part of Monetopia, a part you'll learn to hate.
    Save often. Immediate fight after the Demo.
    4 Summons
    3 Scrabbits
                | Bamboo Co. 8f                     [SBa8]|
    3 Summons
    3 Ghosts
    3 Scrabbits
    Leveling map, not that hard but conserve phantoms in case you can't drop
    everything safely by the time they go home.
                | Bamboo Co. 12f                    [SB12]|
    5 Summons
    1 Shade
    2 Blobs
    Skulls control the keep outs. Easiest method imo is to just throw/attack (water
    grenade, thunder bomb, danger trolley, etc. etc.) with whatever you can to get
    an item behind the first blue keep out, summon a strong phantom to it and then
    let it massacre the skulls and summons while the rest of the group travels
    northward and finishes off the three hiding with the treasure chest.
                | Bamboo Co. 19f                    [SB19]|
    6 Mimics
    1 Corgi
    Not a hard map, three mimics are super, three are master, not a huge deal. If
    you can't one shot them, then focus phantoms on them all together. Slaughter
    the corgi to finish the map after all the little less threatening guys are
    prioritized incorrectly!
                | Bamboo Co. 24f                    [SB24]|
    6 Summons
    Five summons are surrounding you, seperate your phantoms, summon enough to get
    them all down before they get a turn, or summon unarmed phantoms as to not
    slaughter yourself.
    After you've destroyed the five summons, work your way north and rain down
    brimstone and hellfire on the last summon in his box fort.
                | Bamboo CEO Room                   [SBCE]|
    8 Summons
    2 Corgis
    1 Behemoth
    Ugh. That's all, massive UGH.
    Four vases control the keep outs on the far left side of the map, guarded by
    two Summons. You only need to keep one vase up to protect yourself from the
    onslaught of the caged Summons, prioritize protecting green.
    Just launch Marona to the far left, throw whatever she can as far as she can
    and as soon as she can to protect that vase. Once both of those summons are
    down, drop the giants then slaughter the caged summons. Easy peasy lemon
                | The Shadow Resurrected            [Se17]|
    Just like Jesus.
                | Island of Evil 2                  [SIe2]|
    Oh, by the way, I bet I double psyched you guys out back in episode 12.
    Get used to everything repeating once again!
    Immediate fight after the demo.
    3 Summons
    Bonus EXP on everything, unarmed protection to all nearby confineable objects.
    Throw whatever Marona has, then mass slaughter by summoning your strongest AoE
    phantom to it.
    Map is renamed Sick Unto Death after clearing it.
                | Road of the Lost                  [SIR2]|
    2 Summons
    1 Cerberus
    1 Behemoth
    1 Lizardman
    1 Dragon
    Split your forces to each side. Kill the respective summon then the giants
    after. The summons are giving the nearby giants reinforce 20%.
                | Life and Death                    [SIL2]|
    8 Summons
    1 Ghost
    UGH! Another widespread map, save some phantoms in case you can't finish it all
    by their return.
    If you're terribad, there's an invincible fish on the bottom shelf in the far
    back side.
                | Hall of Death                     [SIH2]|
    4 Summons
    1 Cerberus
    1 Fenrir
    2 Funguy
    Split your forces, again. The Cerberus and Summon up north only need two
    phantoms at most to take them out, then move the rest of your forces westward,
    re-confine and spread the slaughtercakes.
                | No Man's Land                     [SIN2]|
    8 Summons
    This map is actually pretty fun, the enemies are all affected by No O.B. and
    Slippery, so if you're weak then you'll need to knock them away in random
    directions as to not get overwhelmed quickly.
                | Mortality's End                   [SIM2]|
    1 Whiney Emo
    1 Mimic
    This map looks awfully familiar. Another changebook to be had. Another Whiney
    Emo to send back to the black parade. The level difference isn't much of a big
    deal, it's only slightly hard if you try to go for the changebook, which you
    It's a destroy red power map, you can't finish off the emo until you've gotten
    everything you want.
    Also just like the last time we did this map, all confineable objects nearby
    are negative, so the real difficulty comes from fighting with weakened
    characters. If you throw a weed or other such object Marona has equipped to
    summon a powerhouse from that, then there's of course no problem at all.
                | Battle Plan                       [Se18]|
    I have my own little manifesto of destruction at the ready.
                | Island of Evil 3                  [SIe3]|
    I told you it was going to repeat. Two episodes left to go!
                | Sick unto Death                   [SIS3]|
    3 Ghosts
    2 Summons
    Another simple map. move forward, split your phantoms if you feel it's needed,
                | Road of the Lost                  [SIR3]|
    1 Summon
    1 Ghost
    1 Dark Avatar
    This might be a little complicated. Kill off the little guys. The Dark Avatar
    is being buffed with Reinforce 20%, ATK+10%, Def+20% and Stay Back 15dm, all
    from nearby confineable objects, destroy them if you need to. Most likely
    you'll be able to finish him with just destroying reinforce 20%.
                | Warrior's Bonds                   [Se19]|
    Yeah, bonding with a 13 year old girl and a bunch of Amazons. Vomit.
                | Life and Death                    [SIL3]|
    12 Manticore
    Ugh, split the forces AoE evenly and take these bastards to town. They each
    increase another's EXP mana or Money by 50%, if you care, slaughter the ones
    giving out exp+50% last.
                | Hall of Death                     [SIH3]|
    12 Manticore
    ughx2. Artificial challenge. Only 3 items to confine into on this map, so
    you'll have to bring your own if you use more than 3 phantoms!
    Overall not a hard map unless you don't use equipment or haven't ever used
                | No Man's Land                     [SIN3]|
    10 Summons
    Split a couple phantoms to the right, go northward with the rest of your forces
    and the map isn't a problem. Save the upset summons for after the elite summon
    to get rid of the reinforce 30%.
                | Final Episode - Goodbye           [Se20]|
    Spoiler alert, this is the final episode. As if the episode number didn't give
    it away! tee-hee.
                | Mortality's End                   [SIM3]|
    7 Dark Knights
    1 Summon
    UGHHHHHH. Save the phantoms, confine sparingly.
    The knights aren't that problematic, just a lot of HP.
                | Hell's Appeal                     [SIHA]|
    5 Knights
    1 Cursed Pretty Boy
    There's a couple of neutral dead knights that can support you, if you need it.
    Otherwise progress, destroy, win. If you want, The Pretty Boy is carrying the
    best grade Heliotrope in the game, with the highest stat gains, but it's still
    a piece of crap that can't be failure fused.
                | End of Eternity                   [SIEE]|
    1 Hunchback of Notredame
    First things first, destroy the SPD+60% Danger crystal right in front of you.
    The ATK+60% is optional, and the DEF+60% crystal might be necessary. After
    those are down, you can steal the best grade Shiva in the game or just
    slaughter him.
    After this map is finished, you have another fight coming up!
    1 Mysterious, completely unexpected final boss.
    Blue crystals this time give him invincibility. Summon your strongest quick
    attackers near them to finish them off. Once all crystals are down, this
    mysterious unexpected final boss should get his first turn and slaughter
    whoever is bunched up together. After his invincibility is gone, just focus all
    attacks on him, spread characters out after and you've beaten the game.
    Story Mode, Another Marona.
                | Prologue, Another Marona          [AMPl]|
    The story starts out simple, it's a classic NIs attempt at humor. It has no
    bearing on the story, it's just an alternative, as in a "what could have
    happened instead". You get a lot of phantoms at level 1 and some of their
    unique items. Continue on to carry out the story, when the group leaves the
                | Chapter 1                         [AMc1]|
    Another long chapter with multiple episodes. It starts out very easy, but it
    can get very hard quickly. Throughout the main story mode there were a lot of
    maps with bonus money and exp, but it becomes rare to see them beyond the first
    map. If you're doing a blind run through of this mode, prepare to get your ass
    handed to you if you don't either grind or play strategically.
                | Terra Firma - Seaside Treasure.   [AMST]|
    This map is straight forward and easy, it introduces a few new item types such
    as the fish cake and bonfire.
    Enemies include:
    Ugly Guy (Replaced with Titlist when repeating this map)
    Two Zombies
    Five Slimes
    One Behemoth
    There might also be a birdy guy and birdy guy possee, I'l level with you guys,
    I started writing this guide at the next stage.
    All of the protection affects are + 50% exp and Moneyx2, just lay down the
    slaughter cakes. I'd suggest taking out the ugly guy and his posse first, you
    can confine a character to the bonfire to drop him quickly.
    The Dog is carrying one of two fish cakes, steal it if you'd like, otherwise
    just kill it with Marona and work her way over to the blobs to confine or just
    outright kill them to end this stage.
                | Monetopia - No Man's Land.        [AMNM]|
    Six Scrabbits
    Two Witches
    One Werewolf
    One Blacksmith
    One Fusionist
    The twilight reject is sending out attack +30% and Def + 30% protection, he's
    also receiving Atk +30%. I'd suggest starting by confining an equipped archer
    or bottlemail to the receiving Atk +30% fish cake just ahead of you to slay the
    nearby north pole reject and furbots. The Shell to the left of Marona at the
    start of the level is a new item that is receiving negative affects from her
    and giving her defense +50%. You can't confine anything to it, and they become
    present in every level hereafter. Otherwise work Marona northwards along the
    road to confine another character to anything to take care of the other north
    pole reject. If you're doing this as a first time run through try to confine
    Ash and the other unique melee attackers to the atk+30% fish cakes to take care
    of the human classes first.
                | The Isle of Healing Waters - To the Old Castle. [AMOC]
    Four Werewolves
    One Granny
    Five Cerberus
    One Male and Female Fighter
    One Summon
    One Lecherous Old Man
    Average level range of 3~, and there's a red no pass zone in the ravine. Start
    by slaughtering some skelepups, sending off a unit to take out the mouthmon
    then working your way across the bridge. On the other side of the bridge, split
    your forces to take care of the twilight rejects, old lady and fighters.
    This level introduces a new type of item, the watermelons. They confine pretty
    well, so if this is your first time through I'd suggest confining your hardest
    hitters to half of them and your longer lasting units to the others.
    A final note, mouthmon controls the no-pass red in the center, once he's down
    you can just move straight across.
    Some of the units are protected with reinforce 30% by the old man and old lady,
    so if you're having trouble with the pups, kill the geriatrics first.
             [AMAG] The Isle of Healing Waters - Another Girl.
    Yeah, I'm disappointed as well. I was hoping that it'd be one map per zone, but
    oh well. We've got another to waste our time on!
    Three Ghosts
    One Giga Beast
    Two Assorted Owlkin
    Two Spirits
    Two Zombie Babes
    One Super Loli
    First things first, the super loli has another unique weapon.
    Most of the enemies are receiving a defense x2 buff from one of the crystals,
    the other crystal is sending a spd-50% and attack+50% to all the nearby
    confineable objects, I'd suggest destroying both to make life a tiny bit easier
    on you. The average level is still low, so if you're playing this second then
    just continue to face roll. Otherwise work your way up and focus on the owlkin
    caster, followed by the spear wielders. The ghosts are of little harm, the
    super loli will take some time to make her way to you, so I'd save your
    bottlemail to gank her sword. The giga beast might give you slight problems
    because he has a dark weapon equipped, at worst try to line up your turns to be
    out of his range.
                      [AMe2] Episode 2, Another Marona.
    If you can't tell, I wrote the Another Marona guide first, and I highly suggest
    to play this mode first. Why didn't I say that at the very top? I'm a jerk.
                             [AMMK] Mt. Kazan
    General lava zone, leaving narrow openings and artisan related tools. Filled
    with the giant archtype of enemies, which is of course good experience at the
    cost of slightly more durable foes. If you haven't started doing random
    dungeons at this point, now would be a good time to work on the strange and
    chibi types if this is your first time through. Getting the low cost King of
    Beasts attack skill will help greatly, as well as unlocking the putty monsters
    for exp riser. If you're doing a fresh run through AM, the time it'll take you
    to get enough mana for exp riser it'll make the skill pointless because you've
    already outleveled the zone, another huge flaw with the mana and skill system.
    Other useful skills are deadly fan from the spear type of weapons, it has a
    long range AoE and it doesn't throw your equipped item. Not all of the enemies
    in this zone are spaced close together. Bastards.
                         [AMFT] First Training.
    I don't like the sound of that, first implies that there's going to be more
    than one stage in this area.
    Four Hellcats
    Four Witches
    Two Cerberus
    First of all, move towards the hellcats and summon a phantom in the nearby box,
    most likely Ash if this is your first time through, use him to destroy the
    middle cat to unlock the red zone to get to the NPR and Skeledogs. The next
    important cat to kill is on the left, he's sending out a Def-30% protection to
    your nearby confineable objects. After that finish off the other twerp cat and
    then focus your forces on the big guy. Near the bridges there's a crystal and a
    rock, confine any melee phantoms you use to those to take out a Witch each, the
    Cerberus are of little threat compared to the magic users. One important note
    is that this map has a trolley, which are always, always, always important to
    take home since they have a very good speed modifier, only real use is for
    fusing. This map is another easy one, the only threats are the higher level big
    cat and the casters. An alternative strategy is to focus on the cats all at
    once and then wait to move across the bridge as a whole unit, but if you're
    abusing the special weapons it shouldn't be a threat at all to you.
                        [AMFD] Fiery Discipline
    Two Dragons
    Three Cerberus
    Three Iguanas
    Not much as for threats, from the initial starting point you can summon one
    unit to each side of the bridge to begin working on the groups of 3. The
    signpost up ahead is sending out spd-30% protection as well as atk+30%, it's a
    give or take depending on what you confine to it, if you move Marona slightly
    northward you can confine more units if your two hardest hitters aren't either
    melee or doing enough damage. As for the overweight lizards, you can summon two
    characters to the crystals that are sharing hp heal 20% signals with each
    other, I'd put a caster on the right side and a melee unit on the left and send
    both to the left to work on one lizard at a time. The group of 3 monsters on
    the left and right side each send off one bonus to the overweight lizards,
    Atk+40%, Def+40% and Weaken40%, so obviously start with the defense units then
    the attack and ignore the weaken 40% until the overweight lizard is down.
                         [AMFi] Fiery Training
    Things just got worse, a third stage in this map. To make things worse, the map
    got a little bit harder as well.
    One Dragon
    Two Golems
    Two Knights
    One Fusionist
    One Titlist
    Two Owl Knights
    One Owl Ninja
    One Owl Mage
    The owls and the humans are seperated in groups of four, three of which on each
    side are sending off speed bonuses, the bomb next to Marona is sending off a
    no-OB protection to the golems. In a last ditch effort you can chuck the golems
    out of the map with throwaway units, but it might power up the Dragon too much.
    To make matters worse, there's green and red keep out zones that you can't get
    rid of, so you'll have to split your forces.
    The way I'd suggest handling this map is to summon characters to the trolleys,
    slower hard hitters if you're not trying to take them home. The Golems will hit
    hard, but their first turn will be delayed if you can get their protections
    killed. The sign post right in front of Marona is giving the trolleys
    protection buffs, so putting anything that wont take it home onto the sign post
    to lift and toss Marona to the bottom half of the map is suggested, that way
    she can work her way to the items just out of her reach to mass summon and
    slaughter the protection senders, which will weaken the golems enough to kill
    with the two trollolols. Then just focus your attention on the Dragon after the
    golems are gone, it's extremely bulky so you might not be able to drop it by
    the end of your characters turns, in which case there should be a couple of
    items still in range to summon them into, the weed, bomb, left over sign post,
    etc. etc. These maps are still easy but getting harder.
                           [AMII] Icicle Island
    Oh wonderful, icy area, means all out slippery and fish people. Three maps
                            [AMIR] Icy Revenge
    Four Fenrir
    Four Mermen
    One Mermaid
    Another easy map, the four boxes next to Marona contain the slippery
    protection. If you're using unequipped characters, your top priority should be
    to summon those first, then use them to toss the boxes to the fenrir in the
    back to summon your harder hitter to those. The Fenrir are each sending a
    Merman the reinforcex2 buff, so they should be your first priority. Another
    note is that the Fenrir have Katanas equipped, which are annoying because
    they're speed increasing weapons. If your team is too weak to one shot a Fenrir
    a piece, then just summon your hardest hitters near Marona then focus two on
    each with Marona playing support or finisher.
    After the Fenrir are dead, the Merpeople are of no real threat, the only threat
    is if they all gain their turns in a row next to a lone unit. If your
    characters leave the map before dropping all of the Merpeople, there's back up
    crystals and trees near the center of the map, I'd immediately start by
    summoning a caster to help clear them out then any Melee units you want to get
    exp. The only difficulty to this map is the equipped merpeople getting a sudden
    level boost, 4 level 9s and 1 level 12. If you're having problems with this
    map, I'd highly suggest trying out a failure dungeon or camping Fiery
                        [AMCS] Cold Situation
    One Fusionist
    One Witch
    One Healer
    One Female Warrior
    One Archer
    One Blacksmith
    One Mystic
    One Male Warrior
    One Knight
    One Titlist
    One Funguy
    The way this map is set up is boys to the right, girls to the left, all of your
    confinable objects carries a protection, the barrels on the north side control
    the keep out: red zone, you will have to destroy both to get the zone down. All
    of the enemies share a protection with their opposite sex reverse class, Healer
    to Mystic, Warrior to Warrior, Fusionist to Blacksmith, Knight to Archer and
    Titlist to Witch; Hp Heal 50%, Atk+50%, Spd+50%, Def+50% and Reinforce 50%
    respectively. The most threatening is the Spd+50% followed by Atk+50%. I'd
    suggest summoning characters to the Female or Male side of the map then
    focusing all of your forces to clear that side, then breaking the barrel to
    save Marona before the level 14 Funguy treats her like a catholic altar boy.
    After one side is cleared of the buffs, the other side will be significantly
    weaker so it wont be as much of an impact if your hard hitters go home.
    One final note is that you will have to overkill a unit to get it's protection
    removed, or toss it out of bounds, but with the enemy levels at 9 and the
    leader's at 14, it might be more detrimental to toss them out.
                            [AMIT] Icy Trap
    Two Mermaids
    Two Healers
    Two Female Fighters
    Two Witches
    Two Amazons
    And one very Erotic Granny
    First thins first, the urn near Marona is giving off the stickyicky protection
    to every nearby confineable object. The Granny's held rock is sending off the
    Sticky protection to every enemy on the field, the Mermaid to the left's rock
    is sending off Reinforce 50% to her nearby squadron of 4, and the one on the
    right's is sending off the same to her squadron of 4, so the easiest option is
    to just send one character each towards the mermaids to kill or knock them O.B.
    The only real threat of this map is being unable to take out the hard hitters
    like the warriors before the healers can restore them to full, and of course
    the encroaching Witches can lay waste to you quickly if you're not prepared.
                          [AMDI] Desert Island
    Another "new" hub out in the desert, a lot of cacti and the such. Not really
    much to say about these areas, except that I already made the god damned
    bracket so I might as well add a sentence about it. Oh, also expansive maps
    once again, so when you summon your phantoms, their expected turn value is -1
    due to traveling distance!
    [AMML] Mislead
    Three Mimics
    Three Shades
    Three Slimes
    Three blobs
    Four Knights
    Well this map looks fun to start, no protections aside from Marona's default
    shell protection. Another fun thing is that every unit has another unit
    equipped! Hit hard, hit fast, and double kill thanks to guard. There are 8
    topiary to confine to, but only about 5 are worth confining due to their innate
    placement. The shades have the least amount of hp, followed by Blobs, Slimes,
    Mimics then Knights. I'd start by binding all of your offensive casters to the
    nearby barrels to Marona's starting position to get to work on the shade/blob
    combo off to the right. The only real threat is low damage output which can get
    an unlucky amount of monsters ganging up on your characters if they decide to
    throw their buddies instead of just attacking with them.
    Because of the large, clustered enemy count in the 11~14 range, this will be a
    good map to grind at if you get stuck on any of the others in the Desert
                           [AMLD] Lonely Desert
    Two Mimics
    Seven Scrabbits
    Two Saber Kitties
    One Werewolf
    Three Slimes
    One Neutral Archer
    Well, the Mimics control the Keep Out: Red, which has the poor neutral Archer
    surrounding by four Scrabbits. The Mimics also have spdx2, so it'd be a good
    idea to have at least two characters pre-equipped with Katanas or Dark Weapons
    to help drop them faster. The Werewolf is sending off the spdx2 protection. The
    trapped rabbits are sending off Reinforce 30% to the non-mimic minions, which
    is weakening the Archer's weaken40% that she's sending off to weaken 10%.
    First things first, if you plan to steal the Steel Alloy, either kill the mimic
    with a weak character or lift it with a bottlemail. It has a very nice modifier
    which can help you to AoE the nearby group of Scrabbits with a large range
    attack like Deadly Fan. Secondly you have to decide if you need to protect the
    40% weaken affect or just ignore the Scrabbits until you can move your entire
    force to them. At this point of the game, the weaken effects are becoming more
    important, but the enemies aren't as much of a threat. I personally suggest
    just dropping the mimic then splitting the forces. The Sabre Kitties are
    partially dangerous, but extremely fragile, they should be top priority
    compared to the Werewolf.
                              [AMmi] Mirage
    Things just got super sars.
    Three Boars
    One Hell Corgi
    Four Blacksmiths
    Four Merchants
    One Funguy
    The Sunflowers are making the Merchants invincible and giving them the no O.B.
    protection, the Merchants have fans equipped, the fans are of little to no
    threat using time based attacks, but they do send protection buffs to the items
    that the blacksmiths have equipped on the west side of the map. The protections
    are as follows from left to right; Slippery, Grounded, Damage 100% and
    Reinforcex2. The confineable objects near the Hell Corgi are all receiving
    reinforce 30%.
    How I'd suggest to tackle this map is to head westward and start your initial
    force with the weakest of your well leveled characters, start with the
    blacksmith with the bomb to confine for the Damage 100% protection, the other
    protections are less important, reinforce x2 is useful but I'd just slaughter
    those blacksmiths with full force instead. Move your way northward and confine
    more characters to the west side of the map to work on the Boards and Hell
    Corgi, the boars have less HP and they all have about the same Atk power, so
    slaughter as you see fit. The funguy will either start chucking sunflowers off
    the map or move your way to assault you, the Corgi is receiving reinforce 50%
    from him, so the choice of kill order is up to you. After they're down, just
    destroy or O.B. the sunflowers until the Merchants are killable and help them
    proceed to their new home, six feet under.
                        [AMIE] The Island of Evil
    Good ole' island of Evil! Expect split maps, overcrowded maps and cross your
    fingers that this is the last hub!
                      [AMRe] Reunion After 8 Years
    Eleven Summons
    One Dark Avatar
    Alright, eight Summons in the immediate area, level range between 14~18, not
    too terrible. They also all have items equipped, so it's unlikely that they'll
    try to gank yours. The nearby confineable objects all share and receive a
    themed protection with each other, Spd+30% and Def+30%. Start by confining your
    weaker regulars to the two Spd+30% items and the Def+30% to the left. Start
    with the Summons with the staves, then work on the higher tier Summons since
    they'll get their turns quicker.
    After the first section is cleared, summon an Archer to anything and toss
    Marona across the gap. The Dark Avatar is receiving Reinforce 30% and Hp Heal
    20% from the skulls the nearby summons are holding. The crystals on the
    opposite side of the map all receive Reinforce 30% from a lithograph across the
    way. Destroy the Summons first, the Dark Avatar isn't very threatening, then
    O.B. the skulls or destroy them and finish off the map.
                     [AMe3] Episode 3, Mean Marona.
    Should probably kick her in the shins and run away.
                              [AMFo] Forestia
    All I can say is bouncy, bouncy, bouncy.. or was it slippery, slippery,
    slippery? With any luck, maybe just both. Big ole forest to raze, should be
                           [AMSB] Spirit and Body
    Four Slimes
    Four Funguy
    Two Giga Beasts
    One Whiney Emo
    The Slimes are sending off Hp Heal 50% and Spd+50% and are vastly out of the
    way, try to take them down quickly, they're fairly weak but might take two
    rounds of double assaults.
    Next on the Agenda is to destroy the Funguys, which are sending protection to
    the Giga Beasts, which are also sending protection to the Whiney Emo.
    The Whiney Emo might give you some problems, so you might want to lure the
    Funguy to slaughter them, then the Giga Beasts and then finally go full
    throttle and send him off to the black parade.
                         [AMWP] Windmill Promontory
    All that I can say is I'm really glad that the last map was only one stage, and
    I've got my fingers crossed so hard right now.
                          [AMRg] Recurring Regrets
    Four Lizardmen
    Six Summons
    One Hunchback of Notre Dame
    One Neutral Cerberus
    To start things off, the neutral unit is invincible, he's sharing the
    invincibility with the candleabra he's affectionately holding.
    The Red (brownish) Lizardman's fish contains the Keep Out: Red, The Yellow's
    fish has Keep Out: Yellow, Blue's is Keep Out: Blue and Green's is of course,
    Keep Out: Green.
    The Pillar is giving the hunchback Def + 40% and Hp Heal 20%, but he's still
    nonetheless protected by the red barrier, which is also keeping him away from
    the Cerberus.
    To start things off, send Marona westward to start dealing with the Summons.
    The nearby confineable objects have stupid miniscule 30% buffs to stats, so
    summon accordingly.
    What we need to do is kill the Red Lizardman, then you have multiple choices If
    your team is underleveled, weak or afraid of the hunchback;
    Choice 1.) Steal the Candle and confine your longest lasting unit to it, it'll
    take the invincibility, then you'll just continue summoning characters into it
    until the Pillar and then the Hunchback are both dead. This method requires
    only destroying the red lizardman's fish.
    Choice 2.) Destroy every fish leaving the red for last, there are two super
    buffed permanent items to the far edge of the map that require everything to be
    destroyed to summon into them, which will give you two hard hitters to deal
    with the Hunchback.
    Choice 3.) Faceroll. Always faceroll.
                         [AMVG] Verdant Guardiana
    Been lucking out, hopefully it'll be another weak phantom and long map, but
    only one!
                          [AMSW] Spell and Wound
    Two Golems
    One Owl Knight
    One Owl Mage
    One Owl Ninja
    One Owl Sentry
    One Owl Sage
    One Putty
    One Putty Mage
    One Putty Shaman
    One Putty Monk
    One Putty Smith
    One Pretty Boy
    The golems are buffing the pretty boy, and they're turned into glass cannons
    with Def-60% and Spdx2. They should be your first kills. The Putty, Putty Mage
    and Putty Shaman are sending off stayback15dm and Atk+30%, Def+30%, Spd+30%
    respectively, and the Owls are weakening the Golems.
    Kill the golems by splitting your forces, send Marona westward enough to
    confine a phantom or two to work on the Golem then Putty Monk, then send her
    northward to confine phantoms to the 30% Defense items to work on the Golem,
    Smith and Owls. Marona should be playing support, whether she's using time
    magic, a high speed weapon or just playing support with healing spells, try to
    keep her in the center.
    After the golems are down, focus on the owls. The three putties buffing your
    confineable objects should stay alive as long as you need them to clear out the
    When all other threats are down, teach the Pretty Boy prison rules.
    A quick note, if the Golems are giving you troubles, you can steal their rocks
    which are giving them the 2x speed buff to completely cripple them, but you can
    only toss them O.B. or destroy them
                              [AMFg] Frigidia
    Quite a convincing name, it must be quite frigid.
                               [AMDb] Doubt
    One Zombie
    One Werewolf
    One Owlkin
    One Amazon
    One Boar
    One Ugly Dude
    All of the enemies have sticky and reinforce 50%. You start with only 3 items
    to summon into, with one more on the far end sitting with the Keep Out
    The Pillar on the far end and the crystals play as backup phantoms. Each enemy
    is carrying an item with reinforce 50% and Sticky, so as you progress you get
    more summons, so you wont need to bother with the pillar or the keep out
    destruction most likely.
    You'll face each enemy by itself, so start by summoning your weaker characters
    to take out the zombie, then the werewolf then the owlkin. At this point they
    should be going home, and you should have summoned three more units from the
    carried equipment, the hard part is having to face the Boar, Amazon and Ugly
    Dude all at the same time. The Ugly Dude is the easiest to drop, and the Amazon
    is about 25% faster than the Boar and has less HP, so she should be an easier
    drop, saving the pig for last.
    All in all another easy map, the only challenge are the unique units at level
                 [AMIE] That's right, Island of Evil again.
    It's beginning to feel a lot like story mode~
                        [AMFS] First Steps to Revenge
    Three Ghosts
    One Dungeon Monk
    Four Summons
    Four Slimes
    One Dragon
    The ghosts are no problem, but they kinda are. They're going to be wasting your
    turns, they are affected by both Invincible and Warp, given by the Dungeon
    Monk's treasure chest.
    For the sake of sanity, throw anything that can either steal and get rid of
    that monk's treasure chest or destroy it and the monk in one hit. You have
    three nearby confineable items receiving Hp Heal 30% from the lithograph which
    can take care of the Summons and then move on to the ghosts. Attack the dragon
    head on after the little guys have been taken care of.
                             [AMTF] Two Faced
    Four Zombies
    Four Zombie Babes
    One Boss Summon
    The Boss Summon is affected by Warp and Heal 20% and giving Reinforce 50% to
    every zombie in the field.
    Everything is spread out far away, this map definitely sucks. You get no items
    to immediately summon an item to, so you're essentially stuck making your way
    north to confine and set up base while waiting for the Summon to warp over to
    you and gank it and defending against any encroaching zombies.
    Easy map, just a bit time consuming based on luck. The biggest difficulty with
    this map is that Marona doesn't gain EXP for participating in combat as quickly
    as phantoms do, and she's still probably weak if you didn't get her a super
    weapon through Random Dungeons or a nice Time Magic staff. If you're having
    problems, go in with anything equipped to Marona, toss it to the zombie,
    confine a bottlemail to it and then steal it's weapon to have two phantoms up.
    Alternatively you can just kill it with a phantom from whatever you throw if
    you can oneshot it, but the bottlemail is the semi safer method.
                          [AMSP] Source of Power
    Things just got real.. really boring.
    Boss Boar
    Boss Valkyrie
    Boss Knight
    Boss Archer
    Boss Fighter
    Boss Amazon
    One Neutral Corgi
    They are all receiving weaken 40% from the resistant vases. TWo methods of
    taking this thing out, if you've focused on a couple of very strong characters,
    ignore the corgi and head north. You've got six items without any protection
    sitting at the center of the map, no big deal, confine phantoms to lure out the
    Actually now that I think of it, that's the only logical way to do this map.
    You can't kill the corgi until you remove/destroy the rock on the north end of
    the map, which would put any unit you send sneaking out there in danger.
                           [AMFB] Final Battle
    I definitely like the sound of that, first demo I wont be skipping!
    I should have skipped it. Just a bunch of phantoms lagging my PSP.
    Six Summons
    Two Dark Avatars
    One not-god-mushroom-guy
    There are a lot of interesting combinations on the items near you, I'd suggest
    picking out anything that appeals to you and start to work on the Summons,
    which are buffing the Avatars, which are buffing the recycled final boss.
    Focus on one Avatar at a time after the summons are down, you'll probably need
    to get the max number of phantoms out then use the Summons equipped weapons if
    you didn't fuse any weapons from random dungeons. Each Avatar sends off
    Def+30%, Heal 20%, so the order doesn't matter. This fight is a lot easier than
    the main story final battle because you don't have to waste turns
    destroying/O.B.ing all of the invincibility rocks. Silly note, the battle
    doesn't end when the recycled final boss dies, and he only stops moving and
    turns to the side.
                   [AMFE] Final Episode - I'm Not Alone
    Quite the contrary.
                           [AMGB] A Girl's Battle
    One Cerberus
    Two Giga Beasts
    One Dragon
    One Fenrir
    One Manticore
    One Owl Mage
    Two Witches
    Two Titlists
    One Attention Seeking Loli
    A Keep Out: Red treasure chest is right behind Marona, you can destroy it or
    use it to your advantage. I'd suggest mobilizing your forces and going after
    the casters and letting the melee combatants work their way up to you and just
    defend yourself as they come.
    Save your hardest hitters for the boss. You can steal another Hell Ansas from
    her which has a very emo color schematic. The confinable items at the end are
    receiving 90% reinforce from variable objects along the way. The boss is
    receiving a 30% reinforce from an item that I can't be assed to find!
    Not hard at all, just front loaded and can be a pain if you have nothing but
    weak characters by the time the masses are cleared.
       [AMI2] Island of Evil (actual name of the stage this time around.)
    One Death Merchant
    The Eggs are making him invincible, also you can't take the Magenta Core home.
    The three crystals in the area are protected by Marona with Reinforce 50% and
    Heal 20%. The boss is level 50, so carefully select your strongest characters
    and cycle them, if you also use bottlemails you can take home the eggs instead
    of destroying them
    Alright, now after that, things get serious..ly lame.
    One Recycled Final Boss
    One Death Merchant
    The Recycled Final Boss got a huge buff. The Death Merchant is receiving
    reinforce x2 and giving TRFB invincibility. Every item you're supposed to
    confine to has Reinforce 50% and HP Heal 20%. Also, enjoy the only map in the
    game that Marona is every reinforced!
    You have to focus on the Death Merchant until he's dropped, try to keep your
    characters spread out after each attack to avoid any AoE from the big bastard.
    The battle will probably take some time, but it shouldn't give you any serious
    And that's finally the end, you get a scene you can't skip. Be sure to kick
    yourself in the ass if you saved over your primary save file after starting
    this mode, doubly so if you started a fresh AM run to write a guide and now
    have to do it again if you want to use your original save for the post game,
    For completing the story, you get one very important thing, Carona joins your
    team. She's a phantom version of Marona with no english voice and, the best
    part is that she also can confine, which is amazingly useful, albeit you
    completed everything that it'd already be useful in since by the end of a fresh
    Another Marona run, you'll faceroll through the main story!
                [Meta] Post game, other things and whatnot.
    This section will be the most incomplete because I don't have the patience to
    bother with all of the extra characters, if anybody would like to add their own
    two cents before I get around to it, feel free. There's a lot of unique
    characters in The Hermuda Triangle, and they're all greatly useless. They
    require reincarnation to get them as strong as any generic class, and aside
    from Ash, they aren't worth using.
    Post game is only accessible through, that's right, Story Mode. At the end of 
    Another Marona you have to choose to restart in either or. Post game content is 
    in two specific flavors, the duplicate Island of Evil and Laharl's shenanigans.
    First of all, when you try to leave, Canary will pop out of nowhere and make 
    your life a living hell. This unlocks the cross dimension Island of Evil which 
    features enemies between level 100~2000. Each level unlocks a secret character, 
    and all are facerolls aside from Zetta and the Pringers.
    The unlockable characters include; Unlosing Ranger, Prinny Hero, Asagi, 
    Cripple-chan Mach II and Zetta (book form of course).
    Having a few high attack weapons (around 2000 will do) on top of any level 
    Quick Attackers that have enough SP to use the skills will clear everything 
    aside from Zetta and Pringer, which you will need to level beyond 1,000 to even 
    stand a chance.
    To deal with Laharl's Shenanigans, go to Verdant Gardiana. After about 20 maps, 
    you'll unlock Laharl and of course the best leveling map outside of random 
    dungeons, where you're faced with four level 300 prinnies. Laharl is somewhat 
    tough, but like above he doesn't go above level 500, so quick attackers and 
    powerful weapons will destroy him.
                         [MeRD] Random Dungeons.
    Random Dungeons are the real content of this game since the story is very easy,
    the stages are very short and they have only the base story content involved.
    Suffice to say, you'll be leveling in random dungeons in order to get the
    unique characters.
    How to make them? Easy, just talk to a dungeon monk. The dungeon monk's level
    will of course affect the level of dungeon you get, the floor count, enemy
    type, item type and enemy count doesn't matter at all, in fact it's a good idea
    to have a level 1 dungeon monk in storage and another that you use often enough
    to keep giving you challenging dungeons.
    Dungeons contain;
    Floor Count - This is the number of floors the dungeon has in all. If you
    escape the dungeon you can return to the floor you escaped at, but it might
    have changed.
    Floor Conditions - These are less important, but only if you don't want to O.B.
    yourself, they aren't a condition to worry about if you play cautiously.
    Enemy Type - These are Owlkins, Giants, Female, Artisan, Mages, chibi, Strange,
    etc. etc. They control the types of enemies you get. The Owlkin type will limit
    it to Owl units, the Female type will make it female exclusive and the Strange
    type will give you bottle mail, prinnies and mushrooms. The types you want are
    Giant for exp grinding, Strange for unlocking prinnies and bottlemail and
    Artisans for unlocking the variable useful classes, such as fusionists,
    titlists and blacksmiths, even though you get them early in each mode of play.
    Enemy Count - Few, Medium, Lots. The smaller the enemy is, the more that will
    spawn. Just because you got a few count dungeon with the chibi type monster
    won't limit it to 1~3, you'll often get 4~8. Unless you're unlocking monster
    classes or Putties, never take chibi, I say that a lot, but I really hate those
    Enemy Level - Very obvious, it's the starting level of the enemies and items.
    Item Prohibited - It can be deadly to a well setup team, it prevents you from
    summoning the equipped items attached to characters. Your 10,000 speed techno
    katana gets left at home and your poor little bottlemail gets gang banged while
    you're attempting to take home that 200,000 mana item on the floor. Suffice to
    say, it's a very hard condition to work around.
    Item Type - This is the general type of weapon, not exclusive to what is
    listed. Cutlery can range from Swords to Maces and Axes and Dark Weapons.
    Staves will usually be limited to staves, Tools can be obvious weapons to
    construction tools such as bricks and trolleys, and Maces will almost always be
    paired exclusively with Dark Weapons.
    If you do your first dungeon before episode 1, always pick out a low floor
    count, low enemy count Artisan or Female archtype with a specific weapon type
    you want to use. It'll be slow collecting one item per level with your
    bottlemail, but you want to do this to get your first titlist to start farming
    failure titles.
    Adding a title to a dungeon will increase the enemy level as well as the floor
    count, in turn it destroys the current title equipped to the dungeon. The only
    way to get a title from a dungeon is to clear it completely.
    Random Dungeons are the only ways to level titles, each floor cleared will give
    a +1% to 0~2 stats.
    Random Dungeons cost money to make and escape, and it can be quite costly at
    the start of the game, such it's suggested to start Random Dungeoneering after
    you can complete the 3-2 trick listed below, it'll give you enough Bor to
    create every dungeon you could ever dream of.
                              [MeFU] Fusion.
    Fusion is the most important aspect of this game. Why? Because it's the only
    way to make decent items, characters and transfer skills. Every character
    starts with a max level of 100, for everything fused on to the character, it's
    max level cap raises by the item's current level (not max).
    First of all, fusing is easy, your fusionist's level will also lower the cost
    of fusing. The most important thing to remember is that your Fusionist is very
    important, whereas your Blacksmith is only important for raising the levels of
    unique (untitled) items and teaching those items skills. Your blacksmith's
    level isn't as important since you'll be using fused weapons at higher levels
    instead of leveling them.
    I'll include a list of useful skills:
    Quick Attack, it allows the use of an action as soon as the turn Marona
    summoned it ends. It's useful for almost every character, but especially useful
    for thieving bottle mails and slime bombs. Fused from Archers for generally
    250,000 mana.
    EXP Riser, gained from Dungeon Monks, Amazons and the Putty class. This skill
    is almost exclusively for post game when you want to create a very high level
    character, it raises exp gained by the skill level. Exp Riser at level 10 will
    give you 10% extra exp, while exp riser at level 99 will give you 99% extra
    Healing Steps, you'll gain HP from walking. Simple, has it's uses but isn't
    really all that worth while. Gained from Knights.
    Healing Birth, you get healed when summoned in, this skill is great for any
    phantom that has hp being raised beyond his normal max through items or
    confinement. You wont need it at 99, but hey, it's just fusing on an extra 20
    Big Bang very fun, very dangerous skill. It deals damage equal to the
    character's (correct me if I'm wrong) current HP. It can be gained from
    Titlists and Prinnies, but I'd advise to only use it with Prinnies so you can
    also add on Parting Gift, which is the same as big bang but only applies to
    when a phantom leaves the field. Necessary skills for suislimes.
    Skills, overall are mostly useless. A few decent ones include King of Beasts
    (beast type monsters, sabre kitties for example) for a multi hit melee attack
    for 6 physical, and Deadly Fan which is wind type damage and has godly range
    for a large amount of special points.
    The general rule is to only add skills to a character if you plan to use them
    without an item equipped. A few exceptions are buff skills such as Braveheart,
    Return and Revive. There's a limit to the number of skills a character can
    innately have, and it's not very hard to just fuse a new skill on to an item
    you plan to always have equipped.
                         [Me32] 3-2 Leveling Trick.
    This is long and boring, on average takes about 20 minutes. What do you do? You
    end action roughly 400~ times while the lecherous old man levels up one bunny
    to 9,999. While the bunny is level 9,999, the only way you can hurt it is to
    summon a character with big bang that will do roughly 60 damage. It's worth
    somewhere around 150 levels, but the most important part is that it's worth
    over 50 million Bordeaux. I'd suggest doing this trick only once for your
    First things first, whatever merchant you're using, it'll have a base 100 level
    cap. If you level it to around 10~, it should have enough HP to kill the bunny
    with only big bang at about 50 (50% of character's hp dealt when summoned at
    that skill level.)
    The easiest way to do this is to make a lot, lot, lot of prinnies. First you
    fuse weapons on to the prinnies to give it enough mana to transfer over big
    bang, then those level 1 prinnies will raise your merchant's level cap by 1.
    After you get your Merchant's big bang skill high enough, you then fuse the
    difference in levels to your merchant to cap it at level 128.
    When doing the trick, you'll in all confine 2 or 3 characters. I'd suggest 
    summoning in a titlist with a slow weapon equipped at the first barrage of 
    wascally wabbits, it'll kill them all off, then you move Marona up to the 
    bunnies. I keep Marona equipped with a Katana or Dark Weapon, when one is dead 
    (this can be important if you don't use two big bang characters) toss the dark 
    weapon to the other bunny, move her out of it's range (very important), toss 
    the axe or mace over to Marona when the turn comes and just end turn for 20 
    minutes until the rabbit is level 9,999. When Marona's next turn pops up, toss 
    the axe next to the bunny then summon your big banger next to it, it'll clear 
    the map and you'll get a nice chunk of starting money as well as a way to farm 
    out the best merchant titles, such as Atomic, Chieftain and Techno.
                      [FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions
    As of Version 1.0x, nobody has asked me any questions, score. So I'll just
    start off with the things I've been asking myself.
    Q: Why in the world does the story mode look so neat in comparison to Another
    A: Because the levels aren't as linear with 3 per area, and I'm really sticking
    to the whole AM thing, since it's just a repeat of everything, lol!
    Q: Is that really the only thing you could have come up with?
    A: Yes, but I'm sure I'll get to more.
    Q: Why don't you just go to the GameFAQs boards to post some questions you see
    A: See, I knew I'd come up with another.
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