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Reviewed: 11/10/01 | Updated: 11/10/01

I'm this bored to actually do this review, so try to be bored and actually read it.

Is there anyone on the planet that hasn't played Skee Ball at least once in their lifetime? It's truly a remarkable game. It has true historical power that has never been beaten and probably never will, and it is one of the few games out there that is impossible to find a true flaw with. You are basically in front of a machine, with a brown platform, with brown balls next to you, and you have to roll brown balls into the holes. Oh hell, what am I trying to do, sound serious in a Skee Ball review? Ok, I might as well ditch my normal format now.

STORYLINE! in this game is truly remarkable. You are basically yourself, and your goal is to save the world from the evil brown balls that are being viciously hurled at you. If you survive the dastardly hiends that are the white bars used to protect the holes, you can save the world and be rewarded with wonderful tickets! Yay! The storyline in this game is truly awesome, and it is without a shadow of a doubt, realistic and lifelike. You will be blown away.

This is a really fun game, but it's not an actual video game. It's like one of those basketball type games you can find at the arcade, and it is a lot like bowling, really. You have to roll a ball into a hole. There are a few holes, and each are worth a certain amount of points. If your aim is not right, you will not get any points. If your aim is good, you will get points. The smaller hole in the middle is worth the most amount of points, while the ones going up and down are larger, but worth less points. It's like darts in that regard. Woah, I just compared Skee Ball to basketball, bowling, AND dart throwing. I rule like that!

You can employ a lot of strategies for this game, for example, you can aim for the larger holes to build up a nice amount of points, or you can try for the center hole, which will net you more points per turn, but you will miss a lot, ending up with the same amount of points as before. I tend to go for the larger holes at first, then once I work a solid amunt of points in, I go for the small hole, to get a nice addition of points. I end up getting the larger holes anyways if I aim for the smaller ones. The point of this rambling paragraph is anyone can employ their own strategy, and try different ones.

Graphically, these graphics are so realistic, they'll blow you away. Seriously now, there's not much to talk about here. It's a brown platform which is lifted up at the end, with a net in front, and white bars around the holes. Sound effects are basic realistic sounds, how do you think a ball being rammed into a white bar sounds?

You will probably never get tired of this game. I sure don't. Everyone can employ their own strategy, which adds to replay value, because they can use different strategies to get more points. Mixing strategies is a truly awesome thing. The only thing that affects the replay value is the situations around you. If you're next to a smelly old lady, chances are you won't play as hard or as long as if there was a hot blonde cheerleader next to you. Am I right, guys? Challenging, this game could be. It's fun to try to get as many tickets as you can, but quite frustrating as well.

Overall, it's Skee Ball. I like it, and chances are you will too. This is a fun game, and there's nothing really wrong with it. You can also get some slamming prizes from it! Well, you get tickets, and then you can redeem them for prizes. I guess that's why this game is referred to as a Redemption game at GameFAQs. Wow, I am so smart. I am going to go celebrate now!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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