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"Average Odyssey: Legend of Mediocracy"

Albert Odyssey is an RPG for the Sega Saturn, brought here by Working Designs. It is actually Albert Odyssey 3, as the first 2 were originally for the SNES in japan.

And.. yeah, that's about it. I'm not gonna say there's anything special about this game, because there's really not. It's short, and translated by Working Designs. And it has to be the most average RPG I've ever played. Find out below..

It's got the sprite thing going on. They're nice, not too bad. The battle graphics are different, though.. way too cartoony and bright, and that gets annoying. I mean, even the bad guys are bright.. every single one of them. The game is basically 2D, with some minor 3D things like some of the final spells you get in the game.

Well.. the character designs are really cool. Amon is like James Dean, but a little more feminine. (Not saying the Dean is fem.)

WOOO! HERE I GO!! This game is.. well... not too fun. I could barely play it an hour a day. And I still beat it in a week. The battle system is-what do you know- average. Same old turnbased system, nothing special to it, and it takes way too long to load for it's own good. There's nothing exciting. No special spells, the same old, 2 characters get special skills like breathing different breaths for different effects or striking all enemies at once. Near the end I usually ran away from battle.

Not only are battles not fun and too long, but guess what? THERE'S TOO MANY! The encounter rate is so annoying in this game, especially when you're in a crappily designed dungeon. However, you're going to need all the battles just to get past the bosses.. not saying they're painfully hard, but once again.. LONG! They have waay too much HP for their own good, and boss battles drag on.

Wait? What did I say about dungeons? Yeah. Crappily designed. One dungeon is a vampire's castle which has some doors in various places on the first floor... so many, you have to try them all. And EVERYTHING LOOKS THE SAME, I have no clue how I got through it. If you think that's bad, then you have to see the final dungeon... usually the final dungeons are all-out enemy filled mega mazes, and this one is no exception. But, see, I don't want to DEAL with another Albert Odyssey dungeon!

And I'm not sure if it's just me, but I don't think people built huge towers with 4 floors on them. But that's just my guess.


You really have to pay attention to the beggining sequence, the one BEFORE you start a new game. That gives some back story. But the basic stuff is that you are pretty much an orphan with a talking sword that lives in a village of flying people (faries?). Hey, guess what, you ain't got no wings. So the kids'll make fun of ya. I called that one. Anyway, it's okay because eventually you go on a quest to cure your sister of her petrification, and thats when you meet your cool party members.

Like I said, your party has got some cool designs. AAANND thats about it. Very little character development here. I mean, you can pick it up in what little dialog they have that they're sweet or caring or stubborn or confident, but not much else. The hero is a mute, and this isn't a Dragon Warrior game, so you know there will be next to no development. Eika is a singer turned.. companion.. who helps you. Gryzz loves his sister, and you save her so he LEAVES her and joins you. He wants to protect the world. I think. He never said. In fact, he never really said anything in all of the SEVEN LINES he had the entire game. Well, give or take, it was about seven. Then there's Leos. She's a priest. The time you get her has a pretty cool story to it, but I think I liked it better in Suikoden 2. Amon, the rebel of his town, joins you because they won't send their armies with you. That's good enough reason, I'll give them that.

The story is really weak, but after the ''intermission'' a new one starts and it's a lot better, but it still suffers. I won't spoil.


It's all right. Repetitive.

Minor Gripes--

*There is no exit spell. Half the time you have to back track out of a dungeon, thus getting into some more annoying fights.

*...The overworld theme is played WAY TOO MUCH. I mean, it's not bad, but.. not only is it overworld, but it's your airship theme, your ''We can do it!'' theme, the ''We just saved the world..'' theme, and the song that Eika sings before you meet her. Blegh.

*Um, there's nothing to lessen battle encounters.

Thats about all there is to say. While it's not terribly bad, it's not so great either. Play Shining Force 3 and Panzer Dragoon Saga if you've got a Saturn. If you want a short RPG to play and don't mind taking the chance of being annoyed, then be my guest to this mediocre RPG.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 06/18/02, Updated 06/18/02

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