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    Alien Trilogy FAQ Final Version/Revision
    Started at 3:52 PM on 7/25/2002
    Release Version(1.0) finished at 1:58 PM on 7/29/2002
    Created by Shotgunner
    Version History
    v0.5 - Started FAQ
    v1.0 - Made corrections, released FAQ to Gamefaqs
    v1.5 - Added Mission Briefs, added/altered info, added level map info
    Final - altered layout, added FINAL NOTICE
    FINAL REVISION completed at 3:44 AM on 12/27/2003
    FINAL NOTICE - due to a lack of time(and this game's age), I'm going to
    consider this the FINAL VERISON of this FAQ. However, if I come across
    something that I MUST change, then I will update the FAQ accordingly.
    Otherwise, this is the end of the updates. Thanks to everyone for the support
    and help during the creation of this final revision.
    Title: Alien Trilogy
    Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment
    Genre/Category: Shooter - 1st Person
    System: PS One Console
    Number of Players: 1
    Release Date: Feb. 1996
    Compatible Peripheral Features: Memory Card
    This FAQ copyrighted by Chris "Shotgunner" Sanicola 2002-2003-2004.
    You may distribute, use, and/or download this FAQ under the following
    1) You will not change this FAQ in ANY way, under ANY circumstances
    2) You will not charge any fee of any kind for this FAQ
    3) you will not bundle this FAQ with a copy of the game(Alien Trilogy) on ebay,
    yahoo auctions, or other such sites, or in any other manner of sale without my
    express permission
    4) If you wish to upload this FAQ onto your site, you will acquire
    my permission before uploading this FAQ/Guide on your site
    5) If using any part of this FAQ in your own FAQ, you will give me credit for
    whatever part(s) you use
    And for you magazines, both foreign and domestic, here's one just for you:
    6) Any magazine found using this FAQ, for ANY reason, in part OR in full, will
    be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
    These rules are not hard to follow, so please do not break them. I have no
    problems calling my lawyer and pressing charges over copyright law violations.
    I'd at the very least get reimbursed for the legal fees, so don't push your
    Alien Trilogy - one of the best FPS games of all time for an older console.
    Released back in either '96 or '97(I'm not sure which) it was very DOOM-ish in
    the fact that there was very little up/down aiming; almost all enemies were
    under the "auto-aim" that was popular in DOOM(you can blast it as long at you
    are in a straight line between you and it). While it doesn't follow the movies
    EXACTLY, it DOES give you a good challenge, even at the easiest setting. Don't
    pass this game just becasue it was one of the early titles for the PSX(now
    known as the PSOne); it would not have made it to the Greatest Hits line if it
    wasn't good. BAsed loosely on all three movies, PROBE and ACCLAIM made a pretty
    good Alien-themed game. While the flow of the game goes Aliens-Alien3-Alien, it
    is done in a good way. Each objective is repitive over time, but at least they
    are broken up enough to give some variety. There are also several levels where
    you can re-arm and regin health without fear of any xenos attacking you as
    these levels are alien-free. Why am I still TALKING aobut the game? to quote
    Vasquez, LET'S ROCK!
    NOTE - this is my interpetation of the story based on events in the game. This
    is NOT the official story.
    <<Begin transmission>>
    To - Carter J. Burke
    From - G. Van Lewen, COO of Bio Weapons Div
    RE - We've lost contact with the colony on LV-426. Take Gorman and his team in
    to investigate. We don't want anyone to know that the Company delibertly
    infected the colony with xenomorphs. Your mission objectives are as follows:
    - Destroy all evidence that links the Company to the attempts to smuggle
    xenomorph specimens past ICC Quarentine.
    - Obtain data on the speed and throughness of xenomorph infestation in a
    contained area(i.e. the colony)
    - If possible, obtain a live xenomorph specimen for transport to Company labs
    You have to gain Ripley's trust; she has experience with the xenomorph, and you
    may need her help in bringing one out alive.
    Also, be aware - The Bioweapons team already on-site has no knoweledge of your
    team's mission. Their orders are to terminate anyone on site that is not linked
    to their mission. You are ordered to NOT engage hostitlies with them; you may
    fire in self defense ONLY.
    If successful, you may choose your next assignment. Fail, and you'll most
    likely be dead.
    Good luck Burke.
    <<End of transmission>>
    During the mission, the team ran into xenomorphs and was eliminated, leaving
    only two people: Burke and Ripley. Ripley must complete various missions while
    attempting to escape with as many survivors as possible.
    The story is very DOOM-ish, in the fact that it leaves only Ripley alive in a
    hostile area; Burke is cowering in the APC, fool that he is. Weak story, but it
    does the job for the game.....at least it stays true to the movies.....
    D-PAD - move fowards/backwards/turn left & right
    X - Fire Current Weapon/Confirm Choice On Options/Cheat/Main Menu
    O - Open Doors
    Triangle - Switch Weapons
    Square - Throw Seismic Survey Charge/Fire Grenade
    L1/R1 - Strafe Left/Right
    L2 - Used with Square & O to look up/down
    R2 - Run
    Start - Sub-Menu(while in-game)
    Lock and load people! This section describes the various weapons you acquire
    throughout the game.
    9mm PISTOL
    Weak, but this is all you start with. However, this soon changes in the first
    level. Ammo is found on every level, so you will have enough ammo throughout
    the game. As for FIGHTING with it, don't bother - R U N instead.
    12 Ga. SHOTGUN
    Powerful up close, but weakens with distance. Ammo is almost as plentiful as
    the pistol's, but you'll be using this more often. Found in Level 1 shortly
    after starting the game.
    Powerful, but uses fuel VERY quickly. Tap the X button for maximum forepower
    while using this weapon. First found on level 1 in a secret room.
    NOW we're talkin'! 10mm Explosive Tip Caseless rounds, and 40mm grenades; what
    more could you ask for? A smart gun? Well...I guess that IS better.....but the
    Pulse Rifle is still one of the best weapons in the game. First found on Level
    Sadly, you don't get this baby until you are on the second to last level of
    section 2
    but you don't need it until that time either. Auto aiming makes life easier
    although you WILL waste ammo with this gun big time due to the high rate of
    fire. For clearing out a swarm of hostiles, however, the smart gun is the ONLY
    choice if you want to survive.
    From restoring health to providing defense, this equipment will make your life
    easier(but not safer).....
    tracks all motion in a 360 degree arc. Sadly, but fortunetly, the one item I
    was hoping that was movie-like isn't. It displays movement in a 360 degree arc,
    unlike the movie version which only displayed a 180 degree arc in front of the
    unit(perhaps this is an older model?) Remember, it will not track NON-MOVING
    Health increasers. HYPOS, however, temporarily boost your health past 100, but
    starts to decrease after a short time. Good while it lasts though. Dermpatches
    also raise your health past 100, all the way up to 250. However, unlike HYPOS,
    the health only decreases if attacked.
    Unlike most FPS games, where armor decreases damge, in Alien Trilogy armor
    absorbe ALL damage, kinda like giving you an extended energy bar. You can have
    at most 200 Armor, for a maximum of 450 health/armor. Not a bad life bar, not
    bad at all.....
    ID TAG
    Not really a piece of equipment, these are just ID tags that increase the
    mission completed percentage. If you see one, grab it.
    NOTE - From here on, I'll refer to each section of the game by the movie it
    represents(Alien/Aliens/Alien3). Remember that the flow of the game is(at least
    movie-wise) Aliens, Alien3, Alien
    This section is in two parts due to the fact that you have both humans and
    aliens to fight. Even though they should be activly killing one another, they
    instead only focus on you. Sucks to be famous, no?
    Weak, and armed with the equally weak pistol. Exclusive to Aliens. Sometimes
    drop Pistol or Pistol Ammo or an ID Tag.
    Armed with a pulse rifle, these guys mean business. They won't use the grenade
    launcher on their rifles though. Exclusive to Alien3.
    These guys are Bishop Mk.II's with ther behavor inhibitors removed; they are
    soldiers and assassians. Armed with Smart Guns, they are dangerous, but not too
    tough; they move like they were dipped in tar and left out to dry. You'll first
    encounter them near the end of Alien3. The best weapon to use on them is either
    a Sismec Survay Charge, Pulse Rifle grenade, or their own weapon, the smart gun.
    Stormtroopers??? Just kidding, but the resemblence is amazing :p These guys
    are packing pulse rifles. They look like the marines from Alien3.
    It has been brought to my attention that the Bio-Weapons Division Soldiers who
    use the grenade launcher are actually Specimen Handlers(hence, the revelant
    changes). Apparently, they wanted the extra firepower in case an alien got
    loose...guess they don't need to worry about that anymore, huh? IF you hear one
    of them launch a grenade, sidestep and hope you're not near a wall or
    obstruction. Why do I say this? Two words - splash damage.
    Facehuggers come out of these, but you knew that right? If not, watch the
    movies before you read anymore of this. As in RIGHT NOW.
    You all know what these are. Weak but dangerous if they facehug you; you won't
    see anything until they fall off.
    Small, snake-like and deadly in it's own right. Annoying but weak.
    The jet-black drones are 2.5 - 3 meters tall and have acid for blood.
    Dangerouos in groups, but singally they are easily killed with several shotgun
    Golden brown in color, they run on all fours. Slow but dangeorus if you are
    ganged up on by these guys. A few pulse rifle bursts will kill them.
    Like DRONES, but same golden color of the Dog Strain. Slightly stronger than
    DRONES as well. Not easily killed execpt with the Smart Gun.
    Found only on 1 level in Alien3(Lead Mould), they are more powerful versions of
    the regular Dog Strain. Use Charges or Grenades on them if distance allows you
    to do so without being bathed in acid from the explosion. Otherwise, use only
    the Smart Gun. If down to the shotgun and pistol, RUN.
    Found in the later levels, think of a stronger drone and you got a WARRIOR.
    Tougher to kill and does more damage than the DRONE. Engage from a distance if
    at all possible.
    The mama bug. She's big(12 meters tall), mean, and not going anywhere until you
    shoot her. Take advantage of this and destroy all of the eggs/facehuggers that
    are in the Queen's Lair before fighting the Queen. also, in each Lair there's
    some weapons and equipment that you should collect before engaging the Queen.
    There is a total of 3 Queens
    in the game, each one stronger than the last.
    I do not make walktrhoughs for games based on the sole fact that I don't want
    to ruin the game intentionally(or accidentlly) for someone. It's kinda like
    ruining a movie for someone who has yet to see it. What I WILL do, however, is
    point you to a GOOD walkthrough-equipped FAQ. The other FAQ here at Gamefaqs(by
    MStaiger) has an excellent walkthrough with ASCII-art maps that are
    I only know of a single cheat. I know more exist, but this is the ultimate
    cheat code as it unlocks EVERYTHING. This cheat is inputted at the password
    screen under OPTIONS.
    Open the Cheats Menu on the TITLE Screen and put in the following "password":
    Translated into english, it says I GOT PINK ACID BOOTS ON. Nice touch :p It
    makes a new selection avaliable on the TITLE Screen: CHEATS. Below is the
    contents of the CHEATS menu and their functions:
    LEVEL - This tells the game that you are to start on the level that is
    displayed. You can literally go all the way to the final Queen battle if you
    want. However, doing this cancels out all of the re-arm areas and the
    FMVs for the entire game. If you just want to fool around on the levels(or have
    previously completed the game) then feel free to mess with this. This is the
    only cheat function that cancels out the FMVs.
    PLAYER INVLURNABILITY - Incinvibity. Turn on to lay waste to the aliens on
    LV426 in GOD MODE. Otherwise leave it off.
    GIMMIE AMMO - gives you unlimited ammo. A very good help on the hardest
    difficulty level.
    VIDEO - NTSC(North American TV) or PAL(European TV). I do know that this alters
    the colors somewhat; the text goes from neon green to a mustard yellow.
    HOwever, I have no idea what this mode will do to your TV if anything. My
    advice is to pretend that it is not even there.
    GIMMIE WEAPONS - gives you all the weapons in the game from the start.
    EXIT - exits the menu.
    Ok, I know that a lot of you guys detest cheating devices of all kinds, but
    this single code increases your rate of fire for all weapons.
    The code was created using a Gameshark version 2.42. It may work on other
    versions of the gameshark(likie the gameshark lite) but I do not know at this
    Mega Rapid Fire
    8009A024 0001
    Code Description - this code increases your rate of fire drastically. However,
    for the non-auto weapons(Shotgun and Pistol) the code allows you to auto fire
    by pressing the button rapidly or by using a turbo equipped controller. All
    other weapons fire at a much higher rate - use this new advantage wisely or
    you'll end up out of ammo.
    I ripped this from the game disc. You can do the same thing if your PC has
    Windows notepad. But since I have it here, why would you do it? Also, please
    note that since this is a Notepad file, the BOLD and highlighted sections of
    the mission briefs are NOT bold and highlighted(duh :p ). All the BOLDing and
    HIGHLIGHTing is for is to point out your mission objectives. Lastly, I split
    the MISSIION BRIEFS into three parts, each broken down by the movie it's
    supposed to represent.
    As for the RESUPPLY AREAs(Ammo Dumps, Tunnels and Ducts, and Inorganics
    respectivly) you have a time set within the mission brief. However, it
    seems(again, SEEMS) that you really do not have a set time limit in these
    areas. Therefore, take your time and ensure that you fully rearm(or re-arm as
    best you can) before heading to the exit, as once you step into the exit that's
    it. Also, sometimes there's secret areas in the resupply areas, but it's up to
    you to find them.
    PART ONE - Movie Setting - Aliens
    1.1.1 Entrance
    You are advised to clear the entrance
    for the marine drop crew by removing
    crate and barrel barricades and
    dispatching any xenomorphs you may
    Note that due to the protective design
    of the barrels [for transportation],
    your 9mm will be ineffective in their
    removal. Search out alternative means.
    1.1.2 Outer Complex
    You must locate the main junction room
    and activate all three control panels.
    This will allow further penetration
    into the colony.
    Pick up any seismic survey charges as
    they are essential for the removal of
    temporary walls.
    1.1.3 Ammunition Dump 1
    You may re-arm your arsenal here but
    we can only hover for 60 seconds as
    the area is about to self-destruct.
    Ensure that you arm up before we pull
    you out.
    1.2.2 Recreation Rooms
    The recapture of the colony is
    progressing well. However, as we have
    feared, our security people have been
    infected and must be eliminated.
    Power up all of the lights, destroy
    anything that lives, and pull out so that
    we may remove any carcasses and
    secure the area for re-habitation.
    1.3.1 Medical Laboratory
    Once again, an area of the colony
    has been totally infected.
    Retire all enemy lifeforms
    so that the marines may enter and
    secure the area and remove any
    suspect biological samples for
    Collect all ID tags so we can confirm
    that no samples have been removed
    without our knowledge.
    1.1.4 Ammunition Dump 2
    You may re-arm your arsenal here but
    we can only hover for 60 seconds as
    the area is about to self-destruct.
    Ensure that you arm up before we pull
    you out.
    1.4.1 Garage
    Before the mass infection, some
    colonists sought to smuggle samples
    out for personal gain: allegedly on
    behalf of the Company.
    The garage area was the central point
    for crates entering and leaving the
    colony. It is imperative that you
    destroy all crates and their contents
    to ensure that this illegal trade does
    not resume.
    1.1.5 Ammunition Dump 3
    You may re-arm your arsenal here but
    we can only hover for 60 seconds as
    the area is about to self-destruct.
    Ensure that you arm up before we pull
    you out.
    1.5.4 Atmosphere Sub-level
    This entire section is the beginning
    of an ideal cocoon storage area for the
    xenomorph and is the outer reaches of
    what we believe to be the Queen's nest.
    Previously, Synthetics were dropped in
    to protect the colonists, but it seems
    that all colonists have been infected.
    The Synthetics are still guarding.
    Remove them to gain access to the
    xenomorph lair.
    1.5.5 Security Catwalks
    You may re-arm your arsenal here. The
    heat from the processor is extreme and
    may cause the craft to stall. We can
    only hover for 30 seconds.
    1.6.1 Atmosphere Sub-Basement
    You must seek out all the remaining
    colonists and retrieve their ID tags so
    that we may assess the speed and level
    of infection.
    We believe that these colonists are
    alive. We must insist that you
    perform a thorough search of the area
    to check for nests, where the colonists
    may be stored.
    1.6.2 Queen's Lair
    It appears you have found the Queen.
    Eliminate her so that any traces of life
    may be removed from the area and we
    can re-populate the colony once again.
    Good luck.
    PART TWO - Movie Setting - Alien 3
    2.1.1 Living Area
    The prison has been lost to a new
    strain of xenomorph.
    Destroy any living organism and seek
    out any hidden weapons caches that
    were stockpiled by the former inmates.
    Do not let anything stand in your way.
    2.1.2 Canteen
    This is a maximum security area.
    All of the prisoners are missing.
    Their ID tags are scattered throughout
    this section.
    Retrieve all of these ID tags so that
    a thorough assessment can be made
    of the capability of this new strain
    of xenomorph.
    2.1.3 Meeting Tower
    We must have access to the Central
    Meeting Tower. The age and design
    of the machinery within this area
    has many of the control panels for
    activating access-platforms away
    from the vicinity of their
    respective mechanisms.
    Ensure that you lower all lifts and
    open all doors to give free access
    to the entire tower complex.
    2.2.2 Leadworks
    Due to the amount of time this section
    has been without maintenance, many of
    the pressurized gas-pipes supplying the
    leadworks have fallen into decay and
    make entry very treacherous.
    Find the control panels that activate the
    gas supply to the flame jets and stem
    the flow of gas.
    2.4.2 Tunnels and Ducts
    We have managed to hold the fans for
    a short period of time. You must get
    in there and re-arm from the stockpile
    hidden by the inmates.
    We estimate that you have 60 seconds.
    2.3.1 Mining and Smelting
    Once again, we have information that
    leads us to the conclusion that an illegal
    operation was being set up to export
    samples back to earth for personal
    gain. This was totally against the prison
    Destroy any crates that may contain
    samples and any organisms that stand
    in your way.
    2.3.2 Furnace Controls
    The high level of heat and pressure
    has caused steam pipes to burst,
    making the area highly dangerous.
    Get in there, find the control panels
    for the steam and make sure that
    they are turned off to allow a
    follow-up crew safe access.
    2.4.3 Tunnels and Ducts
    We have managed to hold the fans for
    a short period of time. You must get
    in there and re-arm from the stockpile
    hidden by the inmates.
    We estimate that you have 60 seconds.
    2.6.2 Lead Mould
    You will be dropped into an area known
    to be inhabited by a Dog strain of the
    xenomorph. This strain is highly
    dangerous and has, so far, managed to
    stop any attempt of securing the
    Get in there and access all areas
    by opening all doors via control panels
    in the main chamber.
    2.6.3 Queen's Lair
    The Queen has been located and has to
    be destroyed if we are to rebuild
    the prison for other offenders.
    Destroy her and her spawn so
    we may clean up and remove any
    evidence of this thing.
    PART THREE - Movie Setting - Alien
    3.1.1 Tunnels.
    We believe the original xenomorph
    infection came from within this
    derelict Boneship. We must
    investigate the area to find the origin
    of the xenomorph on this planet.
    Use the bio-mechanical lifts and clear
    the way to the main Pilot's Chamber
    so that we may enter freely and
    remove the carcasses for testing
    and subsequent destruction.
    3.2.1 Pilot's Chamber
    You now have free access to the entire
    Boneship from these chambers. Find the
    active airlock to progress deeper.
    You must secure each section of the
    entire vessel from this central point
    to ensure that our landing crews
    may enter freely.
    3.3.1 Canyons and Catacombs
    In a previous attempt to hold this
    area of the vessel, rogue dog
    strains of the xenomorph escaped
    Search for hidden lairs where
    they may reside and destroy these
    3.2.2 Pilot's Chamber
    Well done. You have arrived back at
    the central section of the ship and have
    opened another air-lock.
    Do not delay. There are more areas to
    secure and time is against us.
    3.5.1 Secrets
    The previous landing crew were
    caught and infected. Find these
    members and kill them so that they
    cannot spawn any more of their
    Remember to collect their ID tags
    as proof that each is eliminated.
    3.5.2 Inorganics 1
    We have detected Inorganic Materials
    near an area known to be inhabited
    by adult xenomorphs. We believe that
    these are Munitions.
    You have 45 seconds
    to get in there and restock
    before we pull you out of this
    potentially dangerous area.
    3.2.3 Pilot's Chamber
    You are re-entering the main
    chamber of this ship. Your efforts
    have opened up another section that
    can be secured.
    Unfortunately, you have inadvertently
    allowed some xenomorphs back into
    these chambers. It would be wise to
    dispatch them before moving on.
    3.7.1 Droplifts
    Synthetics have previously been placed
    in this area to deter any potential
    sample smugglers. We are now unable
    to remove them. These synthetic
    workers will kill on sight.
    After studying our data we feel that
    the company can sustain the credit loss
    of these... employees. Remove them so
    the area can be accessed.
    3.5.3 Inorganics 2
    We have detected more Inorganic
    Materials in the Boneship. We again
    believe that these are Munitions.
    You have 45 seconds
    to get in there and restock
    before we pull you out of this
    potentially dangerous area.
    3.2.4 Pilot's Chamber
    You are re-entering the main
    chamber of this ship. Your efforts
    have opened up another section that
    can be secured. Judging by the
    warrior presence, you must be very
    deep into the Boneship.
    3.8.1 Egg Chambers
    We believe that you are close to
    the central hatchery which contains
    enough eggs to infect any large
    Destroy all of the eggs to ensure
    the future of any visitors to this
    barren place.
    3.2.5 Pilot's Chamber
    You are approaching the last few
    sections of the Boneship. Beware as
    our information leads us to
    understand that a Queen has been
    building a nest.
    Make sure that you clear the main
    chamber of any threats so we may
    remove the dead pilot for study.
    3.9.1 Queen's lair
    The final task is at hand.
    It ends where it once began.
    You must succeed.
    Well, if you succeed you clearly have finished the game. I'm not going to ruin
    the ending for you, so you'll just have to play through the game to find
    Depending on how you die in the game, you are treated to a short death FMV.
    Other than the facehugger death, the others involve Riply dying in bloody,
    gruesome ways - being speared by an alien tail, gunfire, falling into a puddle
    of acid...you'll have to see them for yourselves. Sadly, you have one life to
    complete the game with, so make sure you save to your memory card or write down
    your password.
    Thanks to my friends for putting up with me during the countless revisions of
    this FAQ.
    Thanks to Acclaim and Probe for this game.
    Thanks to Fox for allowing this game to be made.
    Thanks to Playstation.com for the GAME INFO
    Lastly, thanks to me for typing this up.
    Sept.11, 2001 - We will never forget. "I will see you in the next life, I
    promise you."
    Shameless Self Promotion
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