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"Blow 'em up. . . Blow 'em ALL up!"


The planet Amok is finally at peace, after a 47 year war between it's two main rival corporations NONLUN and AZTK. These corporations rely heavily on the production, sale, distribution, and maintenance of military weapons, which are not exactly considered hot commodities during peacetime. So what must one do when a market does not exist? Create one. And that's where you step in with you Star Wars ATST reminiscent walker, armed to the teeth and ready to start a war.

Game play

From the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." philosophy, AMOK is a FPS with you standard control pad configurations that allow you to fire, run, strafe, scroll through weapons and change views. Nothing original in this department, but very responsive and intuitive which will come second-nature to anyone who has ever played Doom or Quake. You begin with an assortment of gear and find new weapons and power-ups as you explore each map, complete with specific objectives (mostly search and destroy) and secret areas.


The enemies and backgrounds are very well drawn sprites and your movement is smooth, although I couldn't help thinking that my MECH looked a lot like FROGGER. There are very nice lighting effects throughout, however the overall presentation is on the dark side which I sometimes found irritating. You don't see a lot of what's ahead of you, forcing you to creep up slowly in many circumstances where you'd rather be running. Some would claim that this adds strategy to the mission, whereas I think that it simply slows down the game.


If you're a fan of 80's bands like Kraftwerk and Ultravox, then you'll feel right at home here. Free association Technopop in all it's glory, that keep your heart pumping as you scurry from level to level taking hits and blasting away minions. And by blasting away, I mean BLASTING!!! The sound effects in this game are excellent. (Blowed up real good)


This is a solid shooter, and would receive a higher score if the level of difficulty weren't so high. I'm no FPS expert, but I know tough when I see it, and this game is tough. And having limited visibility (though not as bad as Magic Carpet) does get annoying. Some parts where a joy to play (loved that underwater level), and some seemed to drag a bit. Overall, it's not bad for a game that started life as a 32X project. And if you love a challenge, enjoy running around, blowing up everything, then you'll feel right at home.


Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 02/20/07

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