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Reviewed: 10/13/01 | Updated: 10/13/01

Kill Kill Kill.....

Area 51 is a shooting game that has been a part of just about everyone's resume when it comes to playing through a first person shooting game. Released for the Saturn, Area 51 pits the gamer against an onslaught of alien enemies that have taken over the Area 51 base and don't stop coming! You'll shoot your way through several stages that include hangers, the air strip, an office complex and finally the secret complex where you face off against a giant UFO. Through this, you'll shoot and kill off zombie guards, mutated aliens and just generally blow things up every chance that you get! With secrets abound, and bonus games that you can play through to increase your score, Saturn owners really can't find much else that they would want in a first person shooter other than this.

-Game Play 8/10-

Even though it follows the same formula that all shooters go by these days, the theme of the game is what makes it fun. Pitting you against a seemingly endless horde of oncoming aliens, your mission is the total eradication of anything inhuman! Through this, you have the opportunity to open up bonus games by shooting all of the surroundings around you and then moving onto secret areas. The Saturn version of the game offers very little deviation from the original arcade format, and in some cases, you'll find that the targeting is a little off. While playing through, it's a good idea to just shoot everything in sight, including the windows, lights and vehicles, because the more you damage and the more you shoot, the better your chances of opening up one of the games numerous secret stages that are ported directly from the arcade big brother which include shooting aliens in a bathroom, and playing a weird form of shoot the popping aliens. It's really quite bizarre!

-Control 8/10-

The control hasn't changed much from the arcade, and all you need is a fast controller and you're all set! Different areas require a certain amount of precision control and aiming, and with enough practice, you'll get both. Just remember to shoot everything that you see, and you'll find that having to learn the control doesn't take a whole hell of a lot to do!

-Visuals 8/10-

Expansive environments, bright explosions and plenty of action on screen, it never really stops and the detail that you'll find is nearly first rate! With the different areas that you go through that include sparking outlets, blinking computer screens and missiles that fly from one side of the screen to the other, there is plenty of eye candy to look at and plenty to watch. The Saturn doesn't spare anything, including the speed at which the game moves, so if you're used to the arcade version of this, then you'll find that nothing was omitted from the port over. All of the secret stages have been recreated the same way that they may have been seen in the arcade, and even the Kron Hunter mode, which featured some psychedelic visuals has returned with the same weird looking screens and vision!

-Audio 8/10-

Nothing has changed much from the arcade version, and all of the sound effects and music have been restored! This is a welcomed feature for gamers who have played the original port in the arcade, and for new comers, you'll find that the sound here matches that of what is in the arcade.

-Overall 8/10-

Area 51 is a great shooting game with plenty of things to blow up and destroy. With all of the action that is straight from the arcade, Saturn owners looking to own a little piece of the shooting environment will find that Area 51 is right up their alley! Exploding aliens, heavy weapons, secret areas and the infamous Kron Hunter mode all rolled into one will make for an impressive shooter for Saturn owners as well as casual gamers alike.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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