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"Superior to Fighting Force, but where IS John Mcclane?"

Back in 1995, two games came out for the Saturn, with the words DIE HARD slapped on the cover. Well, if a game has Bruce Willis in it it must be worth buying, right? Die Hard Trilogy, by Electronic arts was superb. It mixed 3 genres together in one game. Armed with Some cool one liners and a supply of Machine guns and Fast motors, You guided John Mcclane through 3 games. At the same time, Sega released Die Hard arcade, which alarmingly didn’t feature Mr Willis. Quite odd indeed. Arcade Is a 3D Beat em up, which is very similar to Fighting Force, which failed to get a release on the Saturn. So here it goes, You play A New York Cop (Who wears a string vest) and his female partner (Catering for two player mode), who are taken to the roof of a huge buiding where a fanatic, called White Fang is trtimg to get into the vault, whilst holding the president’s daughter hostage. Riveting stuff indeed.

The game is exactly as th title suggests, an Arcade game. It is, in fact a conversion of the coin op, Dynamite detectives, so why did Sega try to cash in on the Die Hard franchise? It seemed an unessecary money waster, considering it was a decent game in it’s own right. I guess we’ll never know. But this IS an arcade game. Fast paced High octane action and various things to do. You can interact with almost anything in the game, whether it be Fire axe or a machine gun to a chair, you can use almost anything, which is a cool thing. Beating up a baddie with a broom is just great. There are many levels all diversified to have great backdrops. You progress through the building from the roof, to the ground floor, dispatching enemy after enemy. There are bathrooms to fight in and even the car park, which enables superb firefights and rumbles. The Two player mode benefits also, You can help your partner out, or go for glory itself, and this is where it is better than Fighting force: You have a mission, you have great backgrounds and it is made by Sega, of Virtua Fighting fame.

Graphics are fine, AM2 has made a grand job. Backgrounds are detailed and different from each other. They are lovely colored and fun to fight in. Characters are well drawn also, so this is also a high point. The worst, and most limiting part is the lastability. It is very short, even with two players where the difficulty is upped. When you complete the game, there is nothing to come back for, which is a shame because almost everything else is top notch. I will finish by saying that Die Hard Arcade is a fast paced white knuckle ride, that plays like a dream and looks great, but it is ultimately lacking in the lifespan department. Saturn games are cheap now, so it may just be worth checking this out. If your after Brucie, get Die Hard Trilogy.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/23/01, Updated 03/05/02

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