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"Die Hard Trilogy? I thought there was 4, going on to 5 movies?"

Die Hard Trilogy let's you play the 1st 3 movies in 3 different types of games. Of coarse, this game was made before the 4th movie came out so that is why it is call Die Hard Trilogy and not Die Hard Tetralogy or Quadrilogy. This game is a port of the Playstation version, so you will see slight graphical discrepancies such as the arrow icons in DHWAV, for an example. All 3 games play as if they were made for the arcade, (Even though there is already a Die Hard Arcade game for the system), especially with a now archaic points/score system; Die Hard = Robotron 2084/Smash TV , Die Harder = Virtua Cop, DHWAV = Crazy Taxi.


Die Hard is 3rd-person-shooter where you kill all the enemies on a floor, save hostages for bonus points, (You won't lose health if you accidentally kill them like in most games.) after you killed all the enemies on the floor a bomb will come down on an elevator and you will only have 30 seconds to get to it and defuse it. You do this for about 19 levels plus bonus stages.

This is my favorite game of the 3.


Die Harder is a light gun game that play like Virtua Cop and less like Time Crisis because there is no duck and cover. Each of the 8 level you have to survive and shoot faster than your enemy for about 5 mins. Like the 1st game, you won't lose health if you hit a hostage, only points.

This is my 2nd favorite game of the 3.


This game plays like Crazy Taxi, except instead of passengers, you have to get to bombs in time. And how do you defuse the bombs? By ramming your car into them. It must have one hell of a steel plate on the bottom of your car to shield the blast of a bomb and keep driving. This is easily the hardest of the 3 games and my least favorite of the 3.


I'd give this game a 9 out of 10 with 3 great games in one and with one very difficult game, (DHWAV), it will take more than a day to complete. It has a lot of replay value if your the type that likes to beat old scores, thanks to it's arcade style points/scoring system.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/04/10

Game Release: Die Hard Trilogy (US, 12/31/96)

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