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"Another Working Designs classic."

Dragon Force is a strategy/RPG created by Working Designs. It was released in late 1996 to much fan-fare among hardcore gamers. This game was unique for many reasons; among them the ability to play out 7 storylines and the game’s ability to have over 200 characters (200 soldiers and 2 leaders) on-screen at once.

Graphics-8/10- They may appear to be 16-bit quality graphics on the surface, but look
deeper and you’ll find many great graphical effects. The anime-style cutscenes looked great, as did the spells. Oh yeah as for the 200 characters on-screen feature, the soldiers can be a variety of things, from archers to dragons, it doesn’t matter, 200 of them can fit on-screen with no slowdown at all, truly amazing. The battle leaders look good as do the soldiers, they don’t have too much detail, but they look great all things considered. The intro movies are well-done, especially the anime one, the CG one is decent, but a little grainy. Overall, excellent, they’re great where they need to be and that’s what counts.

Sound-10/10- The music is excellent, every song is memorable and fits the situation. The sound effects are good too, the death cries are well-done as are the sword slashes. Words can’t really convey how great the music is.

Gameplay-10/10- Limitless, you get the option to control 7 monarchs on their quest, along the way you’ll gain castles, generals and many soldiers. The battles are well-executed, you can choose your battle plan; whether it’s offensive or defensive, it can be done.

Control-10/10- Excellent, it’s an RPG, so it really doesn’t matter. The controls are responsive. The game is mostly menu-based so you’ll find yourself using the D-Pad a lot.

Story-9/10- The game gives you 7 strotylines to play out, all of them and great and they link together. The basic storyline revolves around trying to restore Legendra to its former glory after it was attacked and taken over. You have to play it to really get a feel for how good the stories are.

Presentation-9/10- Everything fits into the setting and looks like it belongs. The menus are very user-friendly and easy to navigate through.

Replay Value-10/10- There’s so much to do in this game it’s scary. You can stick to one monarch and stay there or you can spread your wings and try them all out, they all have distinct personalities that help draw you into the game. You have to be very careful when you save the game, you can only play a saved game once; this means that if you save it, play for an hour on the save, but don’t save again, you’ll have to start over from the beginning, be very careful and save often.

Overall-10/10- The best strategy/RPG ever. Everything in this game is well-done, from the graphics to the music and control come together to make a gaming experience, you’ll never forget.

Buy or Rent?-Buy- If you can find it, buy it, you will not regret it. Shop around though, Funcoland charges about $40 for it, don’t worry about the price though, it’s worth every cent.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/23/00, Updated 07/23/00

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