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"Dedicated to October 31st 1994. The day I bought Final Fantasy III."

I have heard much about how good this game is. Ever since it came out over here, I have wanted very badly to play this game. I recently borrowed a copy from a friend and had the chance to experience the greatness that is known as ''Dragon Force.''
Gameplay:10 The game starts out that you get to the choose
one of six ruling kingdoms to command. ( Two more open up once you beat the game.) Each of the different kingdoms starts you with different kinds of troops. There is a unique story for each of the Eight kingdoms that you can command in the game. ( Though I have only done two.)
You will control the leader of the kingdom and give commands to your various troops. The leaders are: Wein, Teiris,Mikhal,Junon,Leon,Gongos,Reinhart,and Goldark.
Each battle period is one week. ( Not in real Life:) ) You must send your troops to attack the enemy and occupy their castles. Though once you have beaten them you do not have to stay at the castle.
In battle you can command one of ten different types of troops and up to one hundred troops of that specific type. They are: Soldiers, Cavalry,Monks,Mages,Archers,Samurai,Beast Men,Zombies,Harpys, and Dragons.
Each of the ten units is good against certain types and bad against others. Here is an example: Archers Vs Harpys. The archers will waste the Harpys so fast it isn't even funny. Even if are outnumbered your fifty Archers Vs their One hundred Harpys you can still win if you use the proper battle tactics. In order to win you will need wipe out all of the enemy generals on the map.
The battles on this game are the most epic battles I have ever seen on a strategy game. They will require a great deal of strategy.
You face off against an enemy general and their troops. you will do battle with them on what ever type of land they are on at the time.Troops have different advantages depending on the type of terrain. If you meet the enemy at one of their home castles, you will be at a disadvantage.
First you must decide which general to send out first. You must pay attention to what troops the enemy generals are using.
You will both be put on a different side of the screen and then you will have to give your troops commands to start battle. First you must give them the command to get them started. Like Offense, Defense, Special, Raid and other ones as well. After that you must tell them how to move will you advance towards them?Or do you want them to standby and wait for the enemy. paying attention to the commands the enemies give their troops can really help you out greatly in a battle. When you have finished giving your troops commands, battle begins.
If you have one hundred Troops that is how many you will see on the battlefield. You will see both sides start to attack and each of the troops will get taken down one by one. Battles are won by defeating the enemy commander, or when they surrender. You are given ninety seconds to do battle. If time runs out, both sides are forced to retreat.
Each of the various generals you have, will have many different special attacks in battle. Using these effectively can save you many troops, which will take you valuable time to restock.
You restock troops by going to one of the castles you have taken over. If one of your units has been positioned there ( Which is always good to have a few troops just for that.) you will have been builing up the amount of backup soldiers that castle can hold. Otherwise, you will be forced to wait for them to restock.
When a Battle period has ended, you will have a period of council. You must decide who to give awards to. This one is very important. If you don't give awards to certain people, they may just leave you when you begin the next round. You must be very careful who you give awards to. Awards allow a commander to carry more of a specific type of troops. Each award allows you to carry ten more of that type.
You must also decide whether you wish to search for treasure or fortify your castles. Searching can find you many very useful items. This is more important than fortifying your castles. Fortifying your castles makes it so you have a higher advantage when then enemy comes to attack you.
You can also have audiences with your generals to see how they are doing. If they are doing fine the music stays the same. If they are unhappy, the music changes. I always dread hearing this music. If you do hear this music you may want to give that general an award to keep them happy.
You can have audiences with enemy generals you have captured as well. Some you can convince to join you, others can never be convinced.

Graphics:10 the graphics in this game are quite beautiful. The character images are done quite well. There are many still clips you will see at various points in the game to show what is happening,which is done to look like anime. that's I why I love Working Designs so much.

Story:10 The story in this is this: The Dark God Madruk is soon to be revived. If you are to have any kind of chance against him, you must find the Eight people that are part of the '' DRAGON FORCE''. That part will always stay the same, but the things that happen with the specific character that you are using is different for each one.

Sound:10 The music and sound effects in this game are great! Each of Eight chars has a different map music. The battles music is the music I like best. Depending on the type of terrain you are on the battle music may be different. The battles just gets you into the mood to go and kick some arse.
The sound effects is things like the various your troops clashing with the enemy and your troops battle cry as your rush out to attack.

Difficulty:10 The difficulty of this game varies with each commander that you choose. the best commander for a newbie, would be Wein.

Replay Value:10 This game has massive replay value. After beating it with one of the kingdoms, you will still have seven more to choose from. Since the story is different with each one it is well worth playing over and over.

Buy or rent: There is no way on earth you will find this game to rent anywhere. You must buy it. Even if you could rent it, you would probably want to keep the game and say you lost it:) I still need to buy my own copy. The price for this game on E-bay usually ranges from around $50 and up depending on condition.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/17/01, Updated 03/16/04

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