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Reviewed: 08/17/01 | Updated: 08/17/01

The greatest and most innovative game ever made, and deserves an award.

I usually don't give ratings a 10, but this game truely deserves it. This game is the best Strategy-RPG game, and it's such a shame it was on a system which no one played. Working Designs has done it AGAIN. I wish I could give this game an 11(because their games ''go to 11''), but I can't, it's against the rules. I would pay $1000 for this game. This game has to be remade for another system, it just has to.

Graphics: 9
The 2nd - lowest point of the game. And not even that bad either. Although the detail may not be the best ever in the battle arenas, you have to say, having there be 100 people on the screen at once is pretty good, and running at 30fps isn't bad either. Everything else is perfect, the cutscenes, the world map, perfect 2d graphics. You can tell they weren't rushed, so in the least important category here I give a 9.

Sound: 9.3
Greatest. Music. Ever. The best music I've ever heard in a video game. Exciting battle music, peaceful castle music, oh, need I say more? The sounds are done perfectly, this part was also unrushed. I give this section a 9.3.

Story: 8
The lowest point of the game. But not bad. Just not the best. The goal is to ally up with 6 other countries, build armies, and defeat the country of Goldark. Maybe we've heard this before, but you'll get sucked into the game so much, I give this section an 8.

Gameplay: 10 +
The best gameplay ever in a video game. I doubt any other console game can match this for a LONG time. First off, you start out choosing one of seven countries to control. Then you ally up with the others to defeat Goldark. But wait, there is more.
You control your armies, taking over castles, getting captives and urging them to join, upgrading castles, man, there is just so much, it would take pages just to list. In the battle arena, each general has their own army and type of army (Mage, Archers, Dragons, etc etc), with a certain number of men. When a general wins a battle, you can choose to reward them with more men, and a higher ranking. In the battlefield you choose different formations, in turned based and real time. If both armies are depleted in the same battle, then both generals have a duel! If you lose, you still may have your general, or...bye bye! There are so many options in the battlefield I can't even explain.
The best gameplay ever. This is why I give this section a 10 +

Replay: 9
You'll play this game like crazy. And if you get bored of it, watch BraveHeart and then you'll get addicted again. Believe me.

Overall: 10
No game gets better than this. No matter what, you'll be addicted, and I recommend it to any gamer, even if they don't like strategy or RPGs, it will get them addicted to them I tell you.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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