"A game you just simply can't ignore..."

One of the best strategy games I've ever played. If you haven't played Dragon Force, get it as quick as possible. You will never regret the day you bought this! Command your troops to fight enemy troops... Take over castles... Save the world... More commanding... You can't stop playing this game once you start. There are a lot of optional stuff you can do, so do more things when you play the game as a different kingdom once you beat it. (1)There are different types of generals you can control: Fighters, Knights, Monks, Samurai, Priests, Magicians, etc. And you can command different kind of troops: soldiers, samurai, archers, mages, beasts, monks, cavalry, zombies, etc., and each are good against some of the other troops, but sometimes bad against each other... Be careful to look what kind of troops your enemy has before you choose the general to fight with, just in case you fight with troops that are bad against the enemy. And don't forget, the generals that you use have special abilities to help you win during battle, and each are different depending which type of general you are currently controlling during a battle, referring to statement (1). This game is... How shall I put it? COOL!!!

You don't only just beat the game once and that's it... There is 8 different ways to beat the game; 8 different rulers of different kingdoms to command! There is no way you can only play this game once... Oh yeah, and I give this game's replay value a 10/10!

I have to admit that this game is one of the best strategy/rpg games i've ever played! In battle, you can control up to a hundred troops and a whole bunch of commands you can choose from. But you must pick wisely to beat your opponent, for they play by the same rules, and that's what a strategy game is all about! I give this game's gameplay a 10/10!

Once you play the game, you just must read the whole story. What will happen next? Will he/she be ok? Play and see! A perfect story, I have to say! I give this game's plot a 10/10!

Graphics are pretty good and there is almost nothing to complain about it. I give the graphics a 9/10.

The setting is perfect and it makes you feel good when look at the map and see that you have conquered a lot of castles in the beautiful continent of Legendra. I give the environment a 10/10.

I just love the music; I can't get it out of my head! I give it a 10/10.

If you happen to see this game by any chance, and you have never played it, GET IT! I command you; don't worry, for once you play the game you will have the responsibility for the commanding, except you get to to take over castles and save the whole world from being destroyed!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/03/03

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