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"#1 reason to pick up a Saturn"

Wow, what a game! Working Designs has consistently put out decent games but they outdid themselves with Dragon Force. I still have not played a strategy game equal to this on any system. In this epic game, you can assume the role of any of eight generals, each with a different storyline. You battle to unite the Kingdom under your power; this could be the forces of good or the forces of evil depending on who you pick as your character. Along the way there are dozens of generals you can enlist under your command. Reward them for their loyalty and they will stick with you. Give them the shaft and they may join forces with your foes. You also have a council of 4 Generals who have fierce loyalty to you; these are the guys you do not want the enemy to capture!!
Because you can pick any of the kingdoms to start with, this game has incredible replay value yet, because it takes so long to play through it once, it would take a Mega-gamer to play through with all the possible characters. No matter who you pick you are going to be treated to a great story. Perhaps one of the most amazing aspects of this game are the actual battles. Besides the normal balance of certain characters being stronger than others, you have a choice of formations to choose from that can help you win a battle when you are seriously outnumbered. The main generals have a number of special attacks that can also contribute mightily to your success. Finally, when you do engage in battle you can see as many as a hundred guys on the screen at one time, all fighting in real-time with no slowdown or breakup. Amazing!! You can fortify a LOT of fortresses, each of which can hold as many as ten generals. Each of these strongholds is usually ripe for battle at any given time, so choose your troops wisely! The end result: don't expect to have a social life for a while. Dragon Force is a HUGE and rewarding gaming experience.

Graphics=9.3 You have to see the battles to believe them. The cut scenes are still cartoony, but done with a classic RPG/Anime style. The Saturn does a great job bringing this game to life. Even the minor generals have a good look and a lot of personality. Each of the main generals have different stories, all with very good looking intros and endings. A visual masterpiece.

Sounds=8.9 Music that borders on greatness. The sound effects are all very well done and character voice-acting is tasteful. The battle effects are detailed as well; if you pay attention you can hear the actual cries of death of each single enemy you defeat!

Storyline=9.6 A sweeping saga of several kingdoms cast into war. You determine the fate of the land depending on the general you pick. Every storyline has a lot of twists and a variety of outcomes depending on the generals you select and if you can keep them all alive.

Playcontrol=9.7 Top notch for a strat game. You have complete control of your troops and how you fortify your garrisons. The battles give you a lot of options and formation, any of which you can change at any time (unless you Melee, which is an all out attack!). A game where you have a lot of control.

Challenge=9.0 To play through once; that's tough. To play through with everyone; That's a challenge!! It doesn't help that this game utterly sucks up memory on your cards/Saturn hard drive.

Overall=9.4 A great game with a lot of replay potential. An hour sucking experience that will eradicate your social life. The best Saturn Game out there!!

*Bru's Must Get Ometer*= 10 Get this game NOW!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/19/00, Updated 02/19/00

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