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"A very overlooked strategy game"

Dragon Force is one the best games I own for the Sega Saturn. I even like it better than Panzer Dragoon Saga, and it might be one of the best strategy games that have ever come out.
Story 9/10
There are a lot of different stories you can choose, but all have the same ending. You pick the race or clan you want to control, and you go out and expand your kingdom; but then you learn of an evil God that is coming back to power and you have to combine with the other leaders of clans to acheive the power you need to destroy him. It's not the greatest story in the entire world or the best dialogue, but the game isn't supposed to be hours upon hours of talking.
Gameplay 10/10
I love the way this game works and plays. It's all about strategy. You have to choose the type of soilders you want to fight and put certain people against people that you would have an advantage over. Another strategy is what type of formation you'll choose, special formations, defense, offense, etc.
You must choose which will be granted that task. Eight Witness the power of SEGA Saturn as each battle bursts onscreen with up to 200 frenzied warriors running, hacking, and slashing their way to victory in real time!
Never fear, however, because you are always in total control of the overall battle strategy.

Change tactics on a moments notice.

Recall troops to defend your general.

Send your Dragons forth to attack.
Your options really are the huge bonus and originality of this great game.
Sounds 6/10
The sounds aren't that great, the music isn't that diverse or memorable, but this game doesn't revolve around music or the mood you have to be put in because it's allow about beating the living stew out of everybody in your path, and I love it.
Graphics 8/10
The graphics are pretty good, they aren't wonderful, but for this game - I can't think of a better way of designing the characters and backgrounds. The spells though are a bit repetitive and not very diverse, but the game never gets boring or stale from it.
Overall 9/10
I absolutely love this game. Go out and buy a Sega Saturn and this game right now. I sware you won't be disappointed in the least. The game is very engaging and entertaining from beginning to end, and the overall experience and gratification from beating this game is awesome!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/25/04

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