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"Swell Strategy RPG"

Ah yes. Dragon Force. This game is the Defines GOOD. This game was one of the first games I played all night. This game has the Perfect Blend of Role Playing and Strategy. This game is really a fun, wonderful Classic, which deserves Respect and admiration of the highest Quality.

Graphics 8/10
A little in the bland department, the Terrain on the main map looks somewhat blah, A lot of greens, lot of Grays, and White in the North for snow, there are some Geographical features, (A few islands, Some mountains, and forests, nothing spectacular, They do somewhat look nice, even though I Personally think they should have Used more colors. But, What I'm talking about here is the Overworld Walking map, your on here a good minute two minutes. Its not The best Eye Candy, it will Work well enough for you.
The Combat System Graphics, are just a little pixalated when you zoom in to the Troops, but you will never use that feature as its not real useful. Each Knight has 3 different Magic spells at their command, and most magic spells are really simple looking Graphics wise, and the Tornado Magic spell is really pixalated. This games Graphics, while beautiful in some spots (The Massive 200 men combat is really a cool site to see) Over all they are just a little bit bland, but a.. I don't know how to say it, a well done bland. Graphics on Dragon Force are good enough, basic working Designs stuff.
Sounds and Music 10/10
Great music, good sounds. There are 10 main music Tracks to Dragon Force. One for each country, a ''Encounter'' Music, attack battle music and Defense Battle music. One of my favorite music of all time is the Encounter Music, its intense, it has a great beat, and it primes you for Intense strategic Combat. The Country music fit each country. One, there is a Country of Knights, And that music is Honorable, noble, a Country of samurais, that music is Very Japaneseish.. Its very good music, some of the best music I have heard. Sound effects, from the sounds of Swords clanging, people dying, to Lighting shots, tornado wails, The Sounds in Dragon Force are very RPGish, well done, but is overshadowed by the Really awesome Music Factor in this Game.
Gameplay 10/10
Move armies from castle To Castle, Form Armies ranging from Simple Footsoldiers, to Calvary to Dragons. Each unit has strengths and weaknesses, (I.E., a Division of Calvary can beat a unit of Soldiers) Combat is Initiated one of three ways, You invade an enemy castle, get attacked by the enemy on the field or get invaded by the enemy. Then Combat is factored in. You have up to five generals in your unit, each general can have a different kind of Soldier. Its all very simple to follow. Then when you reach actual Combat, its Super duper simple, You have various commands (Like Advance, retreat, disperse, melee, and one of 8 special formations,(where it increases strength, speed, so on and so forth)) and its all done automatically, and if you have a good enough force, or a lesser force of stronger types, you can generally win. There are 2 ways to win, 1) Destroy the enemy general that stands at the other end of the board. 2) Win a duel (When each side has no soldiers left, you duke it out mono e mono) The whole Encounter is done when either you or the enemy have no more generals to deploy. You play through the whole game under the assumption of conquering all the lands, and defeating Goldark, the emperor of the Fandarian empire. Which leads me to..
Story and Dialog 10/10
Very nice story. I said the basics there, but, There is a whole backdrop to the game, The dark God Madruk is awaking and The dragon force must be reassembled, while this is happening, Goldark, of the Fandarian Empire is Consolidating Power and Attempting to Take over the Island of Legendra. The Dragon force members can only be Noticed by their crest on their hand. I don't want to give away the whole story, but its really a cool story.
Overall 9/10
Good Game. One of the best, if not the best on Saturn, If the Graphics were not as bland as they are, this would be a 10. But still. This is a very intriguing game, worth every penny.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/20/00, Updated 04/20/00

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