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"The that game that started Kessen. Something simular to it at least."

This game is probably one of the best strategy games for Saturn. The company Working Designs has made a master piece.The graphics, game play, music, story line, and etc are all very good. This game is probably even better then Koei's Kessen games. It is about different people from different countries leading an army to fight and defeating each other and one certain kingdom.

Game play: The game play is something similar to Kessen one. You are a commander leading of one hundred or more men. you battle a person and their army. You and the other commander can cast spells at each other armies or at each other. You gain experience point from each battle won. The object of the game is to gain allies to defeat a certain kingdom in the land.

Graphics: Unlike the Kessen games, this game is a 2-D type game. Even though it looks kinda like 3-D but I can't say that this is the worst part since now it's 2005 and this game was made in the year 1996. Of course there is gonna be a huge difference in graphics but for back then this game's graphics was the best for Saturn.

Replay value: this game has a lot of replay value since you can play different kingdom/ countries each time you play in story mode. Also you can unlock different kingdoms as you beat the game with the starting kingdoms.

Music: The music of the game is very good. It doesn't stay in a specific genre since you battle every where, towns, castles, mountains, halls, villages, and etc so the music has to keep changing too.

Overall I think this game is worth getting if you ever have a chance to get. It's kind of rare though so I doubt many people still have it. Well if you can't find the Saturn copy you can always wait for a the Play Station 2 version coming out soon in Japan and just import it from there. This game is much better then any Kessen game just because of every thing it has except for graphics. I hoped this review has helped.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/29/05

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