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    Date: Wed, 05 Aug 1998 14:29:11 +0700
    FAQ ver. 0.7
    By : Grandchester Resurrection (grandc@indosat.net.id)
            Welcome to my Dragon Force II FAQ. I hope this guide'll answer
    whatever questions you have about the game. Feel free to distribute,
    however in its current form. Well, lets starts!!!
    Table Of Contens:
    - This Version
    - Introduction
    - About The Game
    - Kings Of Legendra
    - Type Of Soldiers
    - Type Of Generals
    - Item Mixing List
    - Tips & Tricks
    - Updates
    - Credits
    version 0.7 (July 12, 1998)
            The major update is change the names! Finally I found the
    correct names
    for Dragon Forces and troopers. Also add General list. Well, what do you
    think? Send me your comments... If you think it's perfect enough, I
    won't update this FAQ again, and I'll work hard in the Walktrough
            Hi there! Well, as I already said in the Update Section, now I'm
    working hard to complete this FAQ. For this FAQ, I'm preparing the
    complete general list, soldier list, and walktrough for others
    characters... I almost done the general type list! I'll update this
    version soon!
            And for the great Dragon Force 2 players ! If you guys want to
    discuss a little about the game in hope to exchange some ideas on the
    game, you can send me e-mail to grandc@indosat.net.id I'll be very
    happy if you can help me to complete this FAQ!!!
            What I think of Dragon Force 2...
            I'll start off with the first thing you'll probably notice. The
    anime intro is GREATLY improved over the first. The animation quality
    and music were both very well done. when you start a game up you are
    given the choice of picking from 6 of the 8 rulers again. The other 2
    you can only get after you beat it,like in DF. After chooseing your
    ruler you are taken to the traditional Administration Mode, were you can
    take care of domestic affairs.
            This time however there are a few new options. You are now able
    to create your own weapons and items by combining minerals found in
    mines(showed on the main map) and some of your crapier weapons. This Is
    REALLY cool. You know have the ability to equip 2 items to each
    character now instead of 1. The main map is VASTLY different from the
    first DF. The scaling is better now and there are trancparent clouds
    hovering over the map (WHOOPEEE!!). New for the battle scenes. New ALL
    of the characters with the exception of 2 have there own faces. No more
    of that same picture for a different character crap. All of the
    commanders animate much better now, although they do seem a little
    smaller. There are ALOT more types of troops now, and the ability to
    have 2 different types of troops in your army. Other than that stuff the
    battles are pretty much the same. Your commanders can now use 6
    different spells instead 3. The look of the spells themselves are a
    mixed bag. Many of the older, cooler looking spells in the first DF like
    Wein's "Power Storm" have been seriously down graded in there look. But
    most of the newer spells like "Earthquake" and "Meteor Rain" really look
    cool. I just wish they all looked that cool. The music is not as good as
    it was in the first ether. Its not horrible, but it is a down grade from
    the first. Well, thats about it. All in all DF2 is a good sequal, I
    think it's better than the first. If you import Saturn games be sure to
    pick this one up.
            Dragon Force II is the best strategy game for Sega Saturn. This
    is the sequel of Dragon Force I. This game can be pretty confusing to
    those that never play the prequel, so I'll explain them as much detail
    as possible...
            This game sets in a land called Legendra. There is eight big
    kingdom. You play as one of the king. The eight kings have a diffrent
    story. Your mission is to reunite all the king and save Legendra from
    Madruk (evil who wants to destroy Legendra). I'll list the kings and
    their kingdom.
    1. Evers - Lord Of Higlanders (Highland Kingdom)
            He is the main character in this game. The Highland Kingdom is
    located south of Legendra.
    2. Gangas - Guardian of the Forest (Bozack Nation)
            The strongest king in Legendra. He has great strength, offence,
    defence, etc. Bozack is located in the south-east of Legendra.
    3. Shen - Thief Master (Topaz Kingdom)
            Shen is a good choice for a beginner. He has strong generals,
    and he seeks the Dragon Force destiny first. At the beginning of the
    game, Kaede will join without battle, and the other kings always join
    after you beat them. Topaz is located north-west of Legendra on a small
    4. Batsu - Lord Of Fandaria (Fandaria Empire)
            Batsu scenario is very hard at beginning. But after Shen joins,
    everything will be easy. He is a great fighter. Fandaria located west of
    5. Kaede - Princess Of Samurai (Izumo Nation)
            Kaede is not a good character. She is weak, and her magic
    sucks...  Izumo is located east of Legendra. By the way, she is Shen's
    girlfriend !!!
    6. Sanice - Magic Queen (Tradnoa Kingdom)
            Sanice is a great magician. She has the best magic, and her
    meter is very quick. Tradnor is located in the center of Legendra.
    7. Renie - Queen Of Elves (Moon Palace)
             She isn't a great fighter, but she has great magic. Moon Palace
    is located   north of Legendra.
    8. Adelva - The New Black Knight Of Masked Death (Tristan Empire)
            Adel probably's the best character in this game. He is a great
    fighter and a great magician, he has got a lot of great generals too.
    Tristan is located between Moon Palace and Tradnor.
            In Dragon Force, each general can bring 100 soldiers to battle.
    The difference between Dragon Force I and II is the way to put the
    soldiers in a battle. Dragon Force II has a complex system, you can give
    2 type of troops for one generals to use in a battle (the maximum
    capacity is 100). For example : You can give Calvalry to Evers, but
    Calvalry weak against Hawk Knight, so you can give Dragon to support
    Evers's Calvalry !
    Great isn't it ! Anyway, this is the troops list as far as I know :
    1. Soldiers
            This is your basic soldiers.
    2. Thieves
            Fast troops, but they have a low defence.
    3. Monks
            Avarage troops. Have a good offence and defence.
    4. Archers
            Long range attacker. Have a great formation.
    5. Mages
            Use lots of mages.  Mages are the second best players next to
    dragons ofcourse.  I don't know if this is known to people since I've
    never looked for it.  With mages, you can do almost anything.  All of
    the monarchs I've played I've given them mages.  You can take out an
    entire army and general with probably a minimum of 2 casualties, but if
    you're really good, you won't lose one at all.  It saves having to
    recruit all the time and handy during those in-the-pinch battles.
    6. Samurais
          Strong troops. Have a great offence and defence.
    7. Beasts
            Fast troops. Great for fight Calvalry, but not much else.
    8. Calvalries
            Strong and fast troops. Great for fight generalsand goblins.
    9. Robots
            Have the best defence, but are slow.
    10. Robot-Calvalry
            As strong as Robots, but as fast as Calvalry.
    11. Fyling-Robots
            As strong as Robots, but attack from air.
    12. Harpy
            Fast troops. Attack from air and are good against most other
    13. Birdsman
            They are faster than Hawk Knights (They swoop down and jab with
    their weapon) and are pretty much good against everything, yes even
    dragons, except for archers.  Archers will just tear straight through
    14. Zombies
            Like the first Dragon Force, they are fast and strong, but
    killed easily by mages.
    15. Ghosts
            Great for long range attacks and short range attacks.
    16. Hawk Knights
            Great Air Attacks. Fast and strong and very good against
    17. Chimera
            Best for fight generals. Attack from air.
    18. Dragons
            Perfect troops. Have the best offence and defence.
    19. Goblins
            This is Madruk's troops. As strong as Dragon.
    20. Demons
            This is Madruk's special soldiers. Stronger than Dragon!!!
            The Generals in Dragon Force are variety. They have their own
    style, command style, magic, etc. This is their type list...
    1. Knights
            Well rounded General. They are strong, kill soldiers easly, good
    duels, and have some useful magic. Basically, they command Soldiers. Use
    them to assist your Dragon Forces.
    2. Fighters
            Faster than Knight but have low defencive. Their magic isn't as
    good as
    Knight but very handy in duels.
    3. Thieves
            Not very good generals. They don't have high offencive,
    don't have good magics... But they are fast, very fast!
    4. Calvalries
            Stronger than Knights. However they aren't as many as knights.
    let them stay in your kingdoms, because they're the real killer!
    5. Archers
            Commands Archers. Not very good in duels, their magic isn't very
    either. I won't use them as an attacker, I use them to defend my
    6. Mages
            Have a lot of killer magics. Use this general to crush an enemy
    with a
    lot of soldiers. Never use them in duels!
    7. Healers
            Their magic is to heal themself and to resurrect some dead
    Some of them have Charm magic!
    8. Spirit Users
            They are better than Mages. Their magic is the real killer
    Summons a crazy creatures that'll destroy a lot of soldiers.
    9. Robots
            The best general in duel! They have a great attack power. But
    don't have a good magic. Their Magic Meter is slow and they have a few
    10. Robot Commandoes
            Semiliar to fighters, but command robots. They are very powerful
    general, because they can command such as great soldiers.
    11. Beasts
            Wild generals with wild attack and magic. They are great to
    enemy's soldiers, and also good in duels.
    12. Samurais
            Good general. As strong as Knight, I think. Use them to attack
    kingdoms. They donmt have good magic...
    12. Ninjas
            Semiliar to Samurais, but faster. Their magic is worse, tough...
    they is very powerful in duels.
    14. Special Soldiers
            There's a few Special Soldiers. They're very loyal and very
    handy in
    battle. They are Teacher, Punk, Dragon, Duelist, Servant etc.
    ITEM MIXING LIST (Kamui's section)
    Building weapons
            this section will help you with Dragon Force 2's annoying yet
    cool weapon
    building system. I've listed all of the combinations Ive found. More
    will be added as I find more.
    Crystal and Stone help
            I figured I should help you out with the names of each mineral
    and crystal, especially for those of you who dont know much japanese.
    - Magic Crystal
            Redish crystals pointing outward, usually enhances the magical
    abilities of an item.
    - Power Crystal
           Green gem,adds Strength to an item.This item is probably used the
    - Wind Crystal
           White crystals pointing outward.
    - Hard Crystal
           I'm not sure what this one is called. It has a purplish color to
    it and is covered in small bumps.
    - Light Crystal
           White gems.
    - Thunder Crystal
           Yellow crystals pointing outward.
    - Gold Stone
           Golden rock. Not much else to say.
    - Iron Stone
           Very shiney, silver stone. Metallic.
    - Silver Stone
           Tan with with a strange spiral to it.
    - Copper stone
           Has a rust color to it. Very rare for some reason.
    - Dragon Stone
           I wish I new EXACTLY what this does,but I think it has all of the
    properties of the other stones, but also has its own original
    - Ore
           Supposedly there is a material called "ore",but I have yet to
    find it.
            There may be more types,but Ive probably forgotten. Ill try to
    find out as soon as I can. If you have found ANY that I have not listed,
    send them to me and I'll put them up with your name by it.
    NOTE: All weapons with a " * " by it can be combined a second or third
    NOTE: Sometimes talking to your characters many times will result in
    them telling you combining hints.
    Combinations Kamui's found
    *Buster Sword: Long Sword + Copper + Power(STR+15)
    *Hayabusa Sword: Buster Sword + Iron + Wind(STR+20)
    *Dragon Sword: Hayabusa Sword + Silver + Dragon(MP+1 STR+30 CHG+10)
    *Great Dragon Sword: Dragon Sword + Gold + Dragon(MP+2 STR+30 CHG+10)
    Sword of light: Great Dragon Sword + Light + light(MP+2 STR+40 CHG+20)
    *Iron claw: Claw + Iron + Wind(STR+15)
    *Silver Claw: Iron Claw + Silver + Hard(Mp+1 STR+30 DEF+2)
    *Inazuma Lance: Lancerod + Iron + Thunder(MP+1 STR +30 CHG+10)
    Lance of Light: Inazuma Lance + Light + Silver(Mp+2 STR+30 CHG+20)
    *Thunder Katana: Katana + Gold + Thunder(MP+1 STR+20 CHG+10)
    Village savior Katana: Thunder Katana + Iron + Hard(MP+2 STR+30 DF+2
    *Divine Saber: Saber + Gold + Wind(mp+1 str+15)
    Magic Sword: Sword + Silver or Dragon + Magic(MP+1 STR+10 CHG+10)
    Magic Rod: Rod + Magic + Magic(Forgot,Ill get the info thursday)
    Silver Shield: Shield + Silver + Silver(DEF+6)
    Dragon Shield: Silver Shield + Gold + Dragon(MP+1 DEF+7 CHG+10)
    Magic Book of Light: Book + Magic + Light(MP+3 DEF+5 INT+20 CHG+50)
    Book of Power: Book + Power + Magic(STR+10)
    Wind Bow: Bow + Wind + Dragon or Iron(MP+1 STR+20 CHG+10)
    Bow of Light: Wind Bow + Light + Silver(MP+2 STR+30 CHG+20)
    Magic Book of Defense: Book + Magic + Hard Stone(MP+4 CHG+50)
    Light Robe: Robe + Light + Magic(again,I forgot to write it down.its
    *Storm Whip: Whip + wind + Thunder(STR+12 int-5)
    *Chain Mail: Armor + Iron + Copper(DEF+4)
    Whip of Light: Storm whip + Light + Light(mp+1 STR+15 CHG+20)
    Ring of power: Magic Ring + Power + gold(STR+5)
    Karakiri(Flying Robots): Samurai Scroll+ Iron + Magic(Gives you Flying
    Robot scroll)
    Weapon Upgrading Path
            This list shows the chain in witch SOME weapons can upgrade
    thru. Not all are finished. If you know an item or weapon combination
    that I haven't listed, please send it to me so I can finish the chain.
    Sword -> Magic Sword(one upgrade)
    Long Sword -> Buster Sword -> Hayabusa Sword -> Dragon Sword -> Great
    Dragon sword -> Sword of Light(5 upgrades)
    Lancerod -> Inazuma Lance -> Lance of Light(2 upgrades)
    Sabre -> Divine Saber -> ?
    Katana -> Thunder Katana -> Village savior Katana(2 upgrades)
    Gold Spiked Club -> ?
    Rod -> Magic Rod / Rod -> Thunder Rod(I havent found the T.Rod yet, it
    this info came from a character in the game tipping me on how to make
    Bow -> Wind Bow -> Bow of Light(2 upgrades)
    More to come!
            I'm CONSTANTLY finding more combinations. I will have more up
    soon! Go to my page for a full list.
    This section takes from Kamui's page. Kamui can update his page as soon
    as he get a new combination. You can go to his page at
    http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Theater/5482/dfcombo.html. Check it
            As you know, Dragon Force 2 have a lot of soldiers. However
    special ones come often when you mix certain materias (soldier
    scroll,with two other crystals etc;). The same thing applies to special
    eq.  The only problem I find with this process is gathering materials.
    Crystals tend to come only once in a while.  Herbs can only be gather
    seasonally in villages. And most difficult,  are the silver and gold
    stones(they tend to only come once a life time #.# and it's the major
    necessity) So far I've only made a magic rod,  basta sword, mystical
    steel spike club. This issue is a major thing I would like to talk about
    because I've never played any other game with such an option. (Thanks to
    Michael L. Nguyen for this info !) - See above for the item mixing list.
            If you know any japanese. Talking to your characters many times
    will get them to release hints on how to make certain Items, but they
    NEVER tell the whole combination.
            Like the first Dragon Force, now you can command generals while
    paused. This is a great way to save the time.
            Dragon Force 2 doesn't have Search commands. To earn items, the
    only way to do is auto-Search at the Domestic Affair Becon. If you want
    to find a lot of useful items, separate your general to all of the
    kingdoms, villages, and caves before the Domestic Affair Becon.
            If the enemy runs from battle with you, immediately pause the
    game and then deploy your units.  This will immediately attack the
    fleeing armies when you unpause the game.  Make sure you check which way
    the retreating generals are moving so you can aim your armies the same
    way.  After winning enter your castle again.
            A quick way to earn a lot of merits is to attack enemy generals
    in the caves. This generals will never dies from battle each time I
    beated them. And they have a great level. This is a great way to build
    your general's level. The only thing you have to know is the knight
    generals have the silence magic, so fight them with the non-magician
    generals, and the mage generals have the earth rave and lightning magic
    that can destroy your soldiers easly, I usually fight this one with
    Version 0.6
           The walktroughs are missing!!! But don't worry, because I
    separate the Walktrough from this FAQ. Actually, I wan't them together,
    but I don't know why, when I try to send this submission to Game Faqs,
    my space in e-mail is full. So I decided to separate them... Anyway,
    enjoy them!!!
    Version 0.5 (June 17, 1998)
            Fuuuh... Long time not updatting this page! I'm very busy
    lately... I made Rockman Dash Short Walktrough, Shining Force III
    Character List etc... But, Dragon Force is still the best!!!
            In this version, I... Actually Kamui... Kamui updated his own
    page, and I copied here... Again, thanks a lot Kamui... He made a new
    section, called Upgrades section. Check it out!
    Version 0.4 (June 3, 1998)
            Add more combination in item mixing list... Again, thanks to
    Kamui. Also add Kamui's review for Dragon Force II.
    Version 0.3 (June 2, 1998)
            Add Item Mixing List !!! Thank you very much for Kamui
    (ADeats@AustinTX.net) for the Item Mixing List. You can go to Kamui's
    homepage at http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Theater/5482/ He's got a
    Dragon Force II review and Item Mixing List!
    Version 0.2 (May 30, 1998)
            Just add  Kaede's walktrough from Zero Alpha (thanks !). And
    still working in general list and other... Now I'm making Shining Force
    III FAQ too... Check it out!
    Version 0.1 (May 23, 1998)
            Well... I haven't been in Internet for a while, so I can't
    updated it earlier. Now I'm working for the complete general list and
    others, and I want to update it as soon as possible.
            Actually, this version is same as the 0.0 version. I just only
    correct the Japanese names and add mixing item info. Thanks to Andy Bonz
    (ABonczkows@aol.com) and Michael L. Nguyen
    Version 0.0 (begun in April 28, 1998)
    Thanks to, in chronological order :
    Kamui (ADeats@AustinTX.net) Thank's for item mixing list. You are
    Andy Bonz (ABonczkows@aol.com) Heeeeiiiii !!! Thank you for everything
    pal. I know you're a great Dragon Force 2 player !!! I hope you can
    finish Sanice' and Gangas' walktrough soon...
    Michael L. Nguyen (mnguyen@lonestar.jpl.UTSA.EDU) Thanks for your
    information about item mixing. Oh I hope you can give me a full list in
    kanji/kana with how much time it takes to build the eq !!!
    Auggie (auggie@crazysexycool.com)... Psssttt... Thanks for the ICQ!
    Ray Game Master X Indonesia (radixwp@sby.centrin.net.id) for the first
    reactions and some active support, including the real names for the
    CRUSHER (CRUSHER123@aol.com) thanks... Really thanks for the real names
    from the japanese text... Hope your success in your quest!
    Jhy Chebeet Team (jchebet@sby.mega.net.id). Chrisvian, Arie,
    Especially for :
    - Dipta Erlangga (DEL) for tips and Shen's walktrough
    - Root-D for the hard work finishing Batsu' walktrough.
    Zeron Kusanagi (zeron_kusanagi@hotmail.com) Thank's for the correction.
    AMAKUSA (AMAKUSA718@aol.com) Thanks for adding Birdsmen info!
    Last but not least. Chandra of Sega Center for the Dragon Force II CD
    and info.
    And special for Erwind Prasetyo Game Master X Indonesia
            Well, I hope you enjoyed my guide. And, if anyone has any
    correction or want to add something please mail me. Your contributions
    will be noted. I promise I'll update it as soon as possible.
    Thanks for reading !!!
    This updated page can be found at www.gamefaqs.com
    Grandchester Resurrection

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