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    Walkthrough by GResurrection

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    Date: Wed, 05 Aug 1998 14:36:11 +0700
    Walktrough ver. 0.1
    By : Grandchester Resurrection (grandc@indosat.net.id)
            Welcome to my Dragon Force II Walktrough. I hope this
    Walktrough'll answer whatever questions you have about the game. Feel
    free to distribute, however in its current form. Well, lets starts!!!
    Table Of Contens:
    - This Version
    - Introduction
    - About The Game
    - Walktrough:
            1. Evers's walktrough
            2. Shen's walktrough
            3. Kaede's walktrough
            4. Renie's walktrough
            5. Adelva's walktrough
    - Updates
    - Credits
    version 0.1 (July 10, 1998)
            Change the name all! Finally I found the correct names from the
    Japanese text! Thanks CRUSHER. Also add Adelva's walktrough - And still
    waiting for the others.
            Hi there! Well, as I already said in the Update Section, now I'm
    working hard to complete this FAQ. For this FAQ, I'm preparing the
    complete general list, soldier list, and walktrough for others
    characters... I almost done the general type list! I'll update this
    version soon!
            And for the great Dragon Force 2 players ! If you guys want to
    discuss a little about the game in hope to exchange some ideas on the
    game, you can send me e-mail to grandc@indosat.net.id ! I'll be very
    happy if you can help me to complete this FAQ!!!
            Dragon Force II is the best strategy game for Sega Saturn. This
    is the sequel of Dragon Force I. This game can be pretty confusing to
    those that never play the prequel, so I'll explain them as much detail
    as possible...
            This game sets in a land called Legendra. There is eight big
    kingdom. You play as one of the king. The eight kings have a diffrent
    story. Your mission is to reunite all the king and save Legendra from
    Madruk (evil who wants to destroy Legendra).
            The walktrough section... I love this. Well there's only five
    character's walktrough in this. But I promise, I'll complete the others.
    And if you have a better walktrogh, don't worry... Send it to me... I'll
    put here too!
    1. Evers Walktrough
            First, conquer all the kingdoms, and reunite the 8 kings. You'd
    better beat Batsu first. If you attack Bozack or Izumo, Kadae and Gangas
    won't join you anyway. Then beat Shen. Go to a tower in the center of
    Legendra. Now go to Bozack and Izumo, and Kadae and Gangas will join.
    After that, Renie will join you without battle. Beat Adelva, and finally
    beat Sanice.
            Adelva won't join you if you don't beat one of Madruk's general
    (located in the south of Tristan). Beat him, and Adelva will join you.
    Then, go to Moon Palace for a scene. Renie will leave your party. You
    can find her in a city near Bozack (always bring the Dragon Force
    members with you at this point)
            After Renie rejoin with you, go to Moon Shrine (east of Moon
    Palace) for a cool FMV. After a long scane (plus cool FMVs) go to a city
    near the end dungeon. Then the barrier will be broken, and you have to
    beat three Madruk's general. After that bring all the kings to the tower
    in the end dungeon, and you'll open the path to the Madruk's Domain.
          A good character to get at the beginning of the game is Gigg (the
    Dragon from Dragon Force 1) in a city in the south east of Legendra
    (near forest).
    2. Shen Walktrough (submitted by DEL and Steve Vieri)
            Like Evers, first conquer all the kingdoms, and reunite the 8
    kings. Kaede will join you when you arrive in the south city of Topaz.
    You'll lost it after you'd beaten Batsu (she had been kidnapped by one
    of your general). Continue your journey to Evers. A Madruk general
    appear after that. Beat Madruk's general in a city, then go to a tower.
    After that beat Gangas. Go to the north, to the Adelva's kingdom. After
    a scane (you won't be able to fight Adelva). Go to one of Izumo kingdom,
    you'll find Kadae and fight your ex-general. Continue your journey to
    Adelva and Sanice, beat them. Finally go to Moon Palace, and Renie will
    join you.
            After you reunite all the kings, go to the tower at the center
    of Legendra. Go back to the Moon Palace, visit the Moon Shrine, Renie
    will leave your party. After that, go to Bozack. You can find her in a
    city near Bozack. Head back to Moon Shrine to open the last dungeon. Go
    to Izumo to find the holy swords. After that go to the city near the
    last dungeon to break the seal (Shen and Kaede must in the same team).
            After a long scane (plus cool FMVs). You have to beat three
    Madruk's general. After that bring all the kings to the tower in the end
    dungeon, and you'll open the path to the Madruk's Domain.
    3. Kaede's Walktrough (submitted by Zero Alpha)
            First conquer all the kingdoms, and reunite the 8 kings. Shen
    will join you when you arrive in the south city of Topaz. Beat Madruk's
    general in a cities, then go to a tower. Sanice and Adelva won't join
    you yet.
            Finally go to Moon Shrine, make sure that Kadae, Shen and Renie
    are on the same team. After that go to a city nare Bozack. Head back to
    Moon Shrine (Kadae, Shen and Renie must be in the same team) to open the
    last dungeon (Adelva and Sanice will now join you). Go to Izumo to find
    the holy swords.
            After that go to the city near the last dungeon to break the
    seal (Kadae and Shen must be on the same team). After a long scane (plus
    cool FMVs), you have to beat three Madruk's general. After that bring
    all the kings to the tower in the end dungeon (make sure, again, that
    Shen and Kadae are on the same team), and you'll open the path to the
    Madruk's Domain
    4. Renie's Walkthrough (submitted by Enygma)
            First, let's start out with some tips.  As you probably know by
    now, Renie is one of (if not the) worst fighter in the game.  However,
    she is one of the most potent magically speaking.  Her biggest downfall,
    magically, is that she doesn't really have a spell that attacks the
    enemy generals, until later levels.  Renie's strength is in her ability
    to heal, revive her troops, and recover her own magic points.  She is
    still one of the top generals you can use, because of her healing
    abilties.  She can take out a rather hefty troop, depending on how many
    magic points she has.  It is my suggestion that you get her some new
    troops, and upgrade to 100 as soon as possible (I got lucky and got
    Angel Harpies early, Calvary are also very nice).  Also, whenever you
    get Astea and Dragon statues, that you give them to her.  Max HP is
    127..and probably 40 magic points should be pleanty.  And above all
    else, remember this rule.  Unless the enemy general is about 10 HP or
    below, DO NOT DUEL WITH RENIE!  You might get lucky once in a while, but
    more times than not, you'll see the "Game Over" screen.  If you follow
    these guidelines, you'll make Renie into a force to be reconned with.
            Renie starts out with probably what you already know (since you
    had to finish the game to choose her). 500 years ago, The Moon Palace
    Queen was a young lady named Teiris.  It ends up, Dragon Force 1 ended
    with Queen Teiris gathering the Dragon Force together and defeating the
    vile Madruk.
            So, as Renie's senario begins, Palemoon is in some real trouble.
    You'll find that one of Madruk's Top Generals, the Knight Looking Fella,
    (I'm translating his name as Esutan, but if anyone knows different feel
    free to correct me, my Japanese is very limited), is blocking your path
    down into Tristan and the rest of the mainland.  Fear not!  There is a
    back door, into Topaz. You probably didn't even notice it (I didn't for
    the first 3 turns).  Its probably still a good idea for you fortify your
    castles a few turns, and see if your can't turn up some free agent
    generals to occupy them.  Some type of warrior crests would be lovely
    too.  Renie starts out with only archers and mages, which are really the
    bottom of the barrel unless you plan on fighting harpies for a living.
    So soldiers, theives, whatever you can get (Calvary are rather nice.)
    You'll also notice that one of your loyalist generals goes AWOL on you.
    Not to worry, he'll be back.  Right now just focus on the 4 loyalists
    you do have.
            So you start your trek into Topaz.  It is my suggestion that you
    not only take Renie, but put her on the front line of the offensives.
    She's not going to get any stronger, sitting in the Moon Palace looking
    at the walls :). Unfortunately for you, the trip into Topaz is cut short
    pretty early. As you enter the first town in Topaz, you are turned back
    by Shen, the King of Topaz.  So now you're stuck again.  There's no way
    to go, right?  Wrong.  Look at the castle that Madruk's Monkey Boy was
    in. He's vanished, only leaving on Grunt to protect it.  Now don't get
    too excited.  This Zombie General has 100 troops to his command, plus
    he's no slouch.  (When I faught him, he was a Wizard, but he could very
    well be a Knight as well, so be prepared for either or!)  So attack that
    castle!  This is where some of those Calvary would work out nicely, if
    you could get any. Calvary have an advantage over these zombie troops.
    Anyway, you find this to be a pretty tough battle, so take 5 generals.
    (I *always* suggest taking your loyalist generals only.  Loyalists will
    stick with you through thick and thin, and you don't have to reward them
    for winning battles.  Free agents, or generals that you capture from
    rouge castles, or find randomly, expect to be rewarded for such efforts.
    I tend to leave these free agents in backwater castles that I have
    already taken.  There are exceptions, but in most cases, you're better
    off sticking with your loyalists.)  After a rather challenging battle,
    you will win (you hope :) ).
           Now you can strike at Tristan.  It is my suggestion that you take
    as many of Tristan's castles as possible, taking as many loyalists
    prisoner as possible.  Then you can strike at the very heart of Tristan,
    and defeat Adelva without too much of a fuss.  Adelva will join you
    during the next domestic affairs meeting, so make sure to free all of
    his loyalists that turn.  After taking Tristan, Topaz decides to start
    pushing into your terrirory, so its a pretty good idea to divide your
    loyalists (Tristan's as well) into two groups.  Renie and Adelva should
    take 3 with them, while the others should back track and defend your
    castles against Topaz's forces.  Divide them up well, and I'll tell you
    why.  Firstly, your next invasion should be to Trandor.  Many of their
    generals use monks, which have an advantage over Tristan's robot
    platoons.  Also, you'll be defending against Topaz, who primarily have
    theives, which, guess what, also have an advantage against Tristan's
    robots.  So divide them well, and be sure to use the rewards you get to
    keep your troop count high for both castles.  Of course, this is just my
    honest opinion.
            Next head into  Trandor, and be prepared for a little tussle in
    there.  The wizards put up more than a fight to defend their home turf.
    They will probably be limited to their normal 3 castles as well, so they
    should be well fortified.  After taking it to them, Sanice will join
    I suggest dividing up the generals again, this time mixing and matching
    the cream of the crop from the best 3 Kingdoms (this may, or may not
    include Sanice, she's along the same lines of fighting as Renie, but has
    good magic).  Send your other generals to the castle you're fortifying
    to protect from Topaz invasion, and take your 5 hot shots down into
            I haven't mentioned this yet, but your free agent generals that
    you'repicking up (during domestic affairs or letting them our of prison,
    they are not loyal to any particular country though..you know who they
    are) should be used to fortify the castles you take and not used all
    that much.  Normally I find that one general per castle should be more
    than enough.  Take in mind, these are the castles *not* under invasion.
    There's no sense in keeping 10 generals in one castle deep in your own
    territory.  Know what I mean? :)
            Now you can push south into Izumo.  Expect another donny brooke
    down here.  The Samurai also seem to hold a distinct advantage over
    Tristan's robots, but fall quickly to powerful troop types, such as
    Angel Harpies or Calvary.  Once defeated, Kaede, the Queen of Izumo,
    does not join you, and she disappears, along with one of her loyalist
    generals.  Her other loyalists refuse to join you, and will remain in
            Now push down into Bozack.  Chances are, this will not be too
    difficult.  Bozack's beasts are not to tough to overcome.  You'll notice
    on the way down that one of Madruk's Zombies has taken a castle, keeping
    Bozack in some serious trouble.  Head into the castle, and whip the
    Zombie good.  After his defeat, Gangas, the King of Bozack, will join
    you without a fight.  If you have any of his loyalist in prison, be sure
    to free them.
           Now head west into Highland.  The going trend seems to be
    Madruk's forces baracading.  Like with Bozack, Highland is in trouble.
    Madruk has taken a castle that prevents Highland's troops from moving
    anywhere (Thus, you'll notice that Fandaria is dominating the southwest
    portion of the world, this will probably end up being your toughest
    war).  Anyway, take it to Madruk's forces. Dragon Force alumni should
    recognize the leader.  The lady that you love to have on your team, and
    the one you hate to fight, the Succubus, Uryll.  Luckily, she's not
    sporting the Dragon battalions that she had in the first game.  She
    does, however, still have the power to revive her dead, and also sports
    a very nasty fireball spell, with pleanty of magic points to put the
    hurt onto you. Spank them real good (its not easy, but not terribly hard
    either), and the King of Highland, Evers, will join you.
           Now its time to move into Fandaria.  Chances are, they have a lot
    of generals, but not many of them are fortifing their castles in the
    east (they are also having it out with Topaz, remember).  Gigg, the
    Dragon from Dragon Force 1, is in the town down south of Fandaria, as
    usual, but at this point in the game, leveling him up would be rather
    wasteful.  Push into Fandaria and let Batsu have it.  After a fearsome
    fight, he will accept defeat gracefully and join you.
            Now all that's left is Topaz!  Well, as you push north, Shen
    cuts you off in the first town in his region, and joins you without a
    fight (after all the trouble he's been giving your home territory, you'd
    think he'd apologize, right? :) ).  So now all the castles are flying
    under the Palemoon flag!
            About this time, you'll be invaded by some of Madruk's Zombies.
    Probably about 3 or 4. Send your loyalists around the world and take
    your castles back (I used my assembled Dragon Force, but its totally up
    to you and how much time you want to waste).  You'll also notice one of
    Madruk's generals in a town near Highland.  Make sure to take your
    Dragon Force here and whail on him. Watch out though, he's not alone,
    and he's one of Madruk's top generals.  Be ready for a slobberknocker.
    After this, a tower will open up. Head in there for a cut scene
    involving Teiris.  Apparently, she's still alive.
            Take a small detour into Bozack and go to the infamous city
    there (you should remember this from where Renie likes to hide in other
    senerios). You'll be ambushed by a Zombie.  The fight shouldn't be all
    that tough. After the fight, you'll find Kaede and her loyalist general.
    I bet you forgot about her by now :).  Anyway, she gladly joins, and the
    Dragon Force is assembled!
            How head north, back to the Moon Palace (where you started :P
    ).  A slick FMV happens, where Renie revives Teiris, who has remained in
    suspended animation for 500 years (she also appears to be more "womanly"
    and the girlish Teiris we're all used to).  Renie passes out, but
    succeeds.  Suddenly, Madruk's troops appear, and your cornered.  Renie
    wakes up just in time to lead her friends into battle.  Again, its only
    one Zombie, and not hard.  After the battle, return to the Moon Palace
    again, where Teiris informs you about the Dragon Force 500 years ago,
    and all that stuff.  Madruk's Lair rises from the sea now.
            Now its on.  You're almost finished!  Uh oh, looks like Madruk's
    forces have taken Renie's home castle!  Better act quickly!  Well, this
    guy should look pretty familiar.  If he's not Gaul, he's good at
    immitating! The fight will be stiff, but nothing you can't handle. Head
    back to the Moon Palace after Gaul's defeat.
            Teiris now accompanies you (she doesn't join you, like to fight,
    so calm down).  Take your Dragon Force down into the Town closest to the
    barrier around Madruk's lair.  Look out!  Its an Ambush!  Gaul and Uryll
    are back for revenge!  The fight isn't all that hard, athough Uryll can
    be a real pain with her revive spells. After the battle, observe the
    cool FMV of Renie and Teiris bringing down the barrier around Madruk's
    inner lair.
            From here, its up to you!  Its a straight shot to Madruk, with
    no twists or turns in the storyline.  Just keep on going.  You've done
    it before (had to, to play with Renie :) ).  My tips are, continue to
    fight with Renie.  By this time, she should be able to really hold her
    own out on the battle field.  Still remember my first rule about dueling
    though ;).  Also try and get many of your Dragon Force members some
    Calvary. They hold a definite advantage over most of Madruk's generals.
    Only his top 3 generals and Madruk himself use a more powerful version.
    These can be overcome by sheer numbers :).  Good luck!
    5. Adelva's Walktrouhgh (submitted by Steve Vieri)
            Firstly, conquer all the castles belonging to Renie. After that
    go to Madruk's Generals and they'll join you. Defeat Kaede and then
    Evers. Evers, Kaede, and Sanice will then join you whilst Madruk
    Generals will leave you. After that defeat Gangas, followed by Batsu,
    and finally Shen. Shen'll join you without a fight.
            Go to the tower in the center and then the city just below it.
    will then join you. Go to the city near Bozack (bring Gangas) and go to
    the Moon Palace. After that go to the city near the seal and then go to
    the Robot Factory. Return to the city to break the seal. Defeat the
    three madruk's Generals and finally go and defeat Madruk.
    Version 0.0 (June 28, 1998)
            Start separate from the original FAQ, just add Renie's
    walktrough from Enygma and Correct Shen's walktrough (thanks to DEL)...
    Thanks a lot! Anyway, I'll update this version soon... My friens Andy,
    is ready to make Gangas' and Sanice' walktrough. And Root-D is in his
    last chapter fighting the Madruk's general with Batsu. How about me...
    OK, I promise, in my next FAQ, I'll add General Type List too in the
    Dragon Force II FAQ! How about that?
    Thanks to, in chronological order :
    ENYGMA (enygma@cei.net) thanks for Renie's walktrough... You're right,
    maybe I should change the previous walktrough just like yours... Hope
    your success in Adelva's quest
    Zero Alpha (syahredzan@geocities.com) Thanks for Kaede's walktrough. And
    I pray for your success in Adelva's quest.
    Steve Vieri (savarios@hotmail.com) thanks for correcting Shen's quest
    and giving me Adelva quest.
    Ray Game Master X Indonesia (radixwp@sby.centrin.net.id) for the first
    reactions and some active support, including the real names for the
    CRUSHER (CRUSHER123@aol.com) thanks... Really thanks for the real names
    from the japanese text... Hope your success in your quest!
    Jhy Chebeet Team (jchebet@sby.mega.net.id). Chrisvian, Arie,
    Especially for :
    - Dipta Erlangga (DEL) for tips and Shen's walktrough
    - Root-D for the hard work finishing Batsu' walktrough.
    Zeron Kusanagi (zeron_kusanagi@hotmail.com) Thank's for the correction.
    Last but not least. Chandra of Sega Center for the Dragon Force II CD
    and info.
    And special for Erwind Prasetyo Game Master X Indonesia
            Well, I hope you enjoyed my guide. And, if anyone has any
    correction or want to add something please mail me. Your contributions
    will be noted. I promise I'll update it as soon as possible.
    Thanks for reading !!!
    This updated page can be found at www.gamefaqs.com
    Grandchester Resurrection

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