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    FAQ by MegamixMan

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                          Fighters Megamix FAQ 
    This has tips for the characters. I also rated each and every one and 
    have every secret thing so far. I also wrote this for people that say 
    fighting games sucks. I want them to read this in hope that even 
    non-fighting game fans would at least see this as a quality game.
    1. The Main Screen
    2. The Characters 
    3. If You Like options...
    4. The Character Ratings
    5.  Review
    6.  Secrets
    The Main Screen: 5 modes that's enough for me!
    1p Mode: this mode is where it all happens. This mode features the 
    courses; each course has you fighting 6 characters then a secret 
    character. It is a pretty fun mode the only problem is when your trying 
    to clear all characters every time you beat a course you HAVE to watch 
    the ending or beating that course would not have saved.
    Survival Mode: this is where you go when you are tired of 1p Mode. This 
    mode is really cool in that you fight every character until you lose or 
    time runs out. The order you fight the characters in is the order you 
    fight them in the courses, with hidden characters waiting for you near 
    the end. Wait! There is no end! After you beat all 32 characters you 
    fight them again this time a little tougher.
    Vs. Mode: this is your basic 2p mode. BUT you can choose to fight a 
    friend or the computer.
    Team Battle Mode: this is even better than the Vs. Mode because you can 
    pick up to 8 fighters and see if your fighters can beat your friends or 
    the computer.
    Training Mode: this is becoming a normal feature in fighting games and 
    I like it! You can train with all the normal characters and learn their 
    attacks easier than constantly looking at the move list in the 
    instruction book. Unfortunately, the hidden characters, moves are not 
    Records: see your best times in 1p mode and survival mode.
    Options: lots of options! Hang around here and listen to SE's, 
    character voices, or BGM. Heck I guess you could come here to change 
    the game settings to!
    The Characters: 32 fighters, is that it!?
    Virtua Fighters - all from VF2. They are prettier than in VF2 and have 
    some VF3 moves.
    1. Akira: he is a pretty slow fighter and his technique isn't great 
    but a few of his specials can be very damaging.
    2. Pai : she is quick and her moves are good. Definitely, up they're 
    with the best.
    3. Lau: learn a few combos and you might just do well with him. I'd 
    have to say he's pretty average though.
    4. Wolf: if you love throw moves then Wolf's your man! He rocks but it 
    seems getting up is a little hard for him.
    5. Jeffry: this big brawler is ok but his technique isn't that fun and 
    he's dreadfully slow. But if you wanna take life off fast practice with 
    6. Kage: he is really fast but that doesn't make him the best fighter. 
    His rolls are pretty hard on the hands and his strength is average. 
    Avoid him unless you mastered him in VF2. 
    7. Sarah: she is an ok fighter. She's also pretty balanced and HOT! Oh 
    but still not even the best of the women.
    8. Jacky: wow! He has a lot of moves and his technique is great. The 
    lighting kicks are good moves and his speed is just perfect. Easily, 
    one of the best.
    9. Shun: he's old, drunk, and great! Shun is a good fighter some moves 
    may be a little hard but still not bad.
    10. Lion: another fast guy Lion is good. His throws are pretty weak but 
    so is his strength. He's just good somehow. 
    11. Dural: in case you haven't noticed Dural has the most attacks (99) 
    but does that make her the best? Well its not likely that your gonna 
    remember them all but combining some of each VF characters attacks she 
    is really good.
    Fighting Vipers: this is a weird bunch of characters but they are all 
    1. Grace: oh yeah she is hot! Oh and she's a pretty good fighter too! 
    Grace is a little below average in speed but that doesn't mean her 
    moves aren't fast. Try her out after some training you should like her.
    2. Bahn: some say he ripped off Akira's moves but I've only noticed a 
    couple. Anyway he is average speed, good technique, and kinda cool.
    3. Raxel: well um hmmm... Raxel is uh ok I guess. Well actually his 
    costumes suck, his moves are pretty easy, and he is actually well 
    4. Tokio: he may not look cool but with plenty of attacks that are all 
    pretty easy to perform, he is good. He's just a little slow though.
    5. Sanman: well he certainly gets ripped off with Kumachan and MrMeat 
    taking some of his moves. But hey there pretty good. He may not look 
    cool but try him out.
    6. Jane: well she's slow but strong. She's ok I guess.
    7. Candy: she is great! Her moves aren't that tough and she has a good
    speed level. Just like Jacky she's a must use.
    8. Picky: well I like Picky really but he just doesn't meet the 
    greatness standards. His moves are a little tough and usually don't 
    work against the computer. Use him but be careful.
    9. Mahler: Mahler is great. Just look his costume is cool, his moves 
    are good, and he is strong. 
    10. B.M.: he is violent! His music is violent! His stage is cool! His 
    costume is cool! Pick him and even beginners will beat the crap out of 
    the computer!
    11. Kumachan: well he may be popular but he isn't very good. Slowness,
    floating, and general lack of strength make him a poor choice.
    Secret Characters: they range from giant to just having a big head but 
    for the most part they are great.
    1. School Girl Candy: see: Candy
    2. Kids Akira: he is better than Akira is. I don't know why, he just 
    is. Try him out.
    3. Kids Sarah: well she is cute but just like Sarah she's not great.
    4. URA Bahn: a faster version of Bahn. That's basically it pick him. 
    5. Janet: yep you guessed it Janet is the best female fighter. Her gun 
    does major damage and her throws are plenty. You MUST use her.
    6. Bark: big and slow but pretty strong moves keep him pretty average. 
    Better then Bean though.
    7. Bean: let me say it BEAN SUCKS!!!!!!!  His attacks are weak very 
    weak. Also he's small and when he's the computer he's one cheap little 
    bastard. Please avoid picking him in a real fight.
    8. Rentahero: awesome. He is cool! A lot of moves for a secret 
    character and very easy to use. Also when he's the computer he is a 
    pretty tough guy. A great choice for players of any experience.
    9. Deku: well he looks weird, he's kinda slow, and well his attacks 
    aren't great. You should avoid this fighter. 
    10. Siba: oh yeah! Another great but cheap fighter. I'm surprised he's 
    not in the dirty fighter's course. Anyway Siba relies heavily on strong 
    attacks like his sword and if he misses he's left open for attack. 
    Still a good fighter.
    11. Hornet: well with his armor he bites without it he's ok. His moves 
    mainly come from Bahn witch are for the most part good. Hornet can be a 
    good fighter, really.
    If You Like option: this game has a lot of em!
    1p Mode Options: 
    Difficulty: very easy to very hard
    Match Point: 2 - 5
    Time Limit: 10 sec., 30 sec., 45 sec., 60 sec., and No limit
    Key Config.
    Survival Mode Options:
    Key Config.
    Vs. Mode Options:
    Difficulty: very easy to very hard
    Match Point: 1 - 5
    Time Limit: 10 sec., 30 sec., 45 sec., 60 sec., and No limit
    Stage w/ wall
    Stage w/o wall
    Key Config.
    Player 1 Life
    Player 2 Life
    Training Mode Options:
    Key Config.
    1p Mode Records
    Survival Mode Records
    Audio: stereo or monaural
    Key Config.
    Game Type: Fighting Vipers or Virtua Fighter
    SE Test
    Voice Test
    BGM Test
    Extra Options
    Character Ratings: Depending on which attributes you like best should 
    help you choose a character
    Rating Scale: Technique, Amount of Attacks, Appearance, Speed, and 
    Recovery Time, Strength
    	         Technique AoA Appearance Speed R T Strength	
    Akira	         5	   5   6	  6     6   7	
    Pai	         8	   9   8	  9     8   7              
    Lau              7	   5   6	  7	7   7	
    Wolf             9         8   9	  8     6   9	
    Jeffry	         7	   7   6	  3	4   9	
    Kage	         7	   8   8         10     4   6	
    Sarah	         6	   7   8	  7	6   5	
    Jacky	         8        10   8	  7	7   7	
    Shun	         8	   8   8	  8	7   6	
    Lion	         8	   8   9	 10     9   5	
    Dural	        10	  10  10	  8     8   7	
    Grace	         8	   8   9	  8	8   6	
    Bahn	         8	   5   7	  6	7   8	
    Raxel	         7	   8   2          7	7   6	
    Tokio	         6	  10   5	  8     8   6	
    Sanman	         7	   6   3	  4     5   8	
    Jane	         6	   6   6	  6	7   8	
    Candy	         8	   9   9	  8	7   6	
    Picky	         7	   7   8	  8     8   5	
    Mahler	         9	   8  10	  7	8   9	
    B.M.	         9	   8   9	  7	8  10	
    Kumachan         7         8   7	  4	5   6	
    Kids Akira       5         5   6	  3	6   6	
    Kids Sarah       6         7   6	  3	7   5	
    URA Bahn         8         5   7	  8	7   9	
    Janet	         9	   8  10	  9	9   8	
    Bark	         6	   4   7	  2     3   8	
    Bean	         3	   4   8	  7     7   2	
    Rentahero       10         8  10	 10	9   8	
    Deku	         4	   5   4	  6	7   7	
    Siba	         7	   7   9	  8	6   9	
    Hornet	         7         7   8	  7	7   7 	
    Review: My review 
    Well now everyone let's take a look at the fighting game which a lot of 
    people say is the best one of all time. When you first play this game I 
    suggest you watch the intro before doing anything else. The intro will 
    get you pumped up for the greatness, which you are about to play. This 
    game rules. The graphics are the first obvious change. No more blocky 
    VF2 characters and totally redone backgrounds make this game a joy to 
    see. There are some graphical glitches though, like break up of 
    characters, going through things like walls and other characters, and 
    disappearing walls. The music is absolutely awesome! Not one of the 
    tunes annoyed me, in fact when I'm not playing I enjoy listening to the 
    music. The sound effects are good and plenty, whether they sound 
    punishing or cute these definitely are great. A problem with the audio 
    is the VF2 character voices, which seem rather muffled than normal. 
    Also with that none of the characters mouths move when they say their 
    victory words. Oh well the gameplay is awesome especially because of 
    the FV like controls and VF3 dodge added. No more ring outs and the 
    dodge move makes for longer lasting play when in a VF2 arena. Finally 
    we must not forget the extras, and man this game is loaded with them. 
    5 different play modes, 10 if you count the option, which allows you 
    to choose from VF or FV gameplay. Then of course there are plenty of 
    options including Sega's ever popular extra options screen. Well you'll 
    be playing this game for awhile whether you're looking for more secrets 
    or more fun. Despite the graphical problems this game really is great. 
    Gameplay: 10              Music: 10
    Control: 10               Sound Effects/Speech: 9
    Fun/Replay: 10            Originality: 10
    Depth: 10                 Presentation: 10
    Balance: 9                Extras: 10
    Graphics: 10              Overall: .983%
    Extra Options: Beat any course and then go to options and it will be at 
    the bottom.
    Inside Extra Options:
    You automatically get this option. BGM: On/Off  
    You automatically get this option. Ending BGM: A - I
    Win 500 matches to get this. 1p No Damage: On/Off
    Win 500 matches to get this. 2p No Damage On/Off
    Beat 11 fighters in survival mode to get this. Hyper Mode: On/Off
    Complete 500 moves in training mode to get this. Training Enemy: Choose 
    from any character.
    Unsure how to get this. Survival Stage: Choose from any walled ring to 
    fight survival mode in.
    Beat any course and you can view the ending portraits. Portrait: A1 - 
    You automatically get this option Book Keep
    Inside Book Keep:
    Play Time: how many hours you've played.
    Power On: how many times you've turned on and loaded Fighters Megamix.
    Games: how many matches you've fought.
    Vs. No.1 Used: whom you've faced the most in vs. mode.
    Clear Course: shows which, courses you've cleared.
    All Clear Characters: shows which, characters you've completed every 
    course with.
    Training Ok Count: press A or C in book keep to see how many training 
    moves you've completed with each character.
    Grace                     Akira 
    Bahn                      Pai 
    Raxel     	          Lau	
    Tokio                     Wolf
    Sanman	                  Jeffry
    Jane	                  Kage
    Candy                     Sarah
    Picky	                  Jacky
    Mahler                    Shun
    Kumachan                  Lion
    B.M.	                  Dural
    More Secrets:
    Siba's blocky look and, the Fighting Vipers original 2nd costumes, to 
    activate these clear all courses with any 5 characters. To select 
    Siba's other costumes, press X or Z.  To select,   the Fighting Vipers 
    other costume press X (does not work for Candy, Mahler, or Kumachan)
    Load and play Fighters Megamix 30 times to get MrMeat (press X on 
    Kumachan to be him)
    Play Fighters Megamix for 84 hours to get PalmTree (press Z on Kumachan 
    to be him) To fig ht him complete courses A – H with any character then 
    press X on Kumachan (must have MrMeat) and go to course I and the 1st 
    opponent will be PalmTree
    To get the AfterBurner fly by you need 2 controllers plugged into the 
    Saturn and when your, going to fight in B.M.'s stage press and hold X 
    until the beginning of round 1 
    B.M. stage with panda face mat to get this, simply pick Kumachan's 2nd 
    costume and go fight in B.M.'s stage
    School Girl Candy simply beat course A then pick Candy with either the 
    X or Z button
    Well I hope after reading this nobody would think this is a bad game 
    whether it's because of its genre or who made it. Well e-mail me if you 
    still need help or think this is a bad game MegamixMan@aol.com. By the 
    way I'd like to say that these to web sites are awesome: 
    www.segasages.com and www.gamefaqs.com Thanks for reading and remember 
    "all systems are good, only games can be bad".

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