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    Akira Float Combos by Mr.Filthy

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                   Fighters Megamix - Akira Float combos FAQ
                                  by Mr. Filthy
    Akira has some of the most damaging combos in the game, and when properly 
    utilized you can score up to 16 wins in the 3 minute survival mode.
    Akira's strength comes not only from the mindgames you can play on your 
    opponent with counters, but from his evil floating prowess.  Find an opening 
    in your opponents defenses and you can float away over half of their life bar!
    MOVES THAT FLOAT (without a Major Counter)
    d/f, d/f + P
    D, f + P+K
    f, f + P
    f, f, f + P
    f, f + K~K
    K+G~release G
    ascending hop kick or hop punch
    FLOATS BEGINNING WITH  (the best float starter)
    : d/f, d/f + P
    1) P~K                                              63 pts damage
    2) P~P                                              56
    3) f, f + P~f, f + P                               70-80
    4) f, f + P~b, f, f +P+K                           80-105
    5) d/f, d/f + P~b, f, f +P+K                     90-127 (!)
    6) f, f +K~K                                         55
             (2nd kick hits only against wall then  87)
    7) b, f +P+K                                         80
    8) b, f +P+K+G                                       67
    9) d/f +K+G~f +P~b, f, f +P+K                      80-90
    10) d+P~f +P+K                                       69
    11) d+P~f+P                                          65
    12) d+P~b, f+P                                       69
    13) P~b, f+P                                         63
    14) b, f+P                                           65
    ....And many more
    Akira isnt that great a pouncer, so use your best judgement on when and when 
    not to pounce. When you pounce succesfully though you can expect your damage 
    to increase 30 or so points.
    The next best float starter is the  D, f+P+K  shoulder ram.  A lot of the 
    stuff written above will work well- so there is no use in me repeating myself.
       After any of the float starters you can follow up with a  :
    f, f+P
    f, f, f+P
    b, f, f+P+K
     Thus ends my Akira float FAQ...
    *NOTE= All combos were performed on the training dummy so the
    amount of float potential may increase with lighter opponents.
    **No one appreciates Honey (Candy)'s  unlisted  3-hit chain:
    P+K ~ P+K+G ~ P       -its cool.
      Mr. FILTHY says:
     You can do anything with this as long as you give him credit.

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