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    Siba by MNg

    Version: 0.10 | Updated: 05/29/97 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: mikeyng@ugcs.caltech.edu (Mikey Ng)
    Newsgroups: rec.games.video.sega
    Subject: [FMM] Siba's moves v0.10
    Date: 29 May 1997 06:52:28 GMT
        To stir up some interest, I've got some of Siba's moves listed below.
    I believe I've used standard VF notation in move terminology.  I've also
    included damages (from training mode) and believed attack levels.  Please
    note that I've just started on this, so take it with a grain of salt. IF
    anyone knows of like some "official" information, (Gamest Mook and the like)
    let me know, please! :)
    Sword Moves (all moves flash)
    b,f+P		Swinging Sword		60	M
    b+P		Guard and Strike	57	M
    f,f+P		Lunging Strike		120	M
    d+P		Ground Attack		20	G
    d+K		Ground Kick		13	G
    u+P		Pounce			40	Pounce
    f+P		Elbow			35	M
    d/b+K		Low Kick		30	L
    P		Punch (no punch system)	12	H
    d/f+P		Uppercut		34	M
    K		Kick			25	H
    d/f+K		Side Kick		30	M
    P+K		Jane-esque move (F)	55	M
    P+G(dashing)	Tackle			32	M
    d+K(dashing)	Slide			26	L
    f+K(dashing)	Knee			32	M
    P+G		Shoulder Throw		50
    P+G		(side) Neck Breaker	40	side
    P+G		(back) Atomic Drop	50
    P+K+G		Headbutt (F) 		45	M
    Bits of Advice:
      The sword attacks are unblockable.  They are rather slow, however,
    so make sure that you make contact with your opponent if you're going
    to use them.  Siba also has no punch combo system, so after a float
    opportunity, look for perhaps an uppercut to a sword slash of some kind.
    Use the sword attacks any chance you get! :)
      Siba is a slow character who hits for a ton, if used correctly.  He has
    no quick and easy combos, but is still able to level tons of damage, esp.
    with his unblockable sword.
      Note: when fighting AGAINST Siba, don't be afraid to E around his straigh
    sword attacks.  The attacks are slow, so you can easily get a side throw
    or your favorite combo against a sword-happy Siba. :)

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