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    Bean by Dr.Eggman

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    ------------------------------------------------	 CREATED: 30/9/00
    For the Sega Saturn                                      UPDATED: 26/12/00
    Virtua Stick 
    Standard controller
    Backup memory card
    FAQ by Dr.Eggman (eggman@dr.com)
    The latest version of this FAQ can always be found at
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    Phew! Now on with the FAQ
       -Bean's intro/win poses
       -Bin and Pin: Dynamite Dux 
       -Bean's appearances
       -Stf: Sound tracks
       -Stf petition 
    What? Bean the Dynamite? A cheap, slow duck that takes 
    loads of damage, and barely gives any back? Who would 
    want to play such a lame character?  The answer? Me! 
    I am writing this FAQ mainly because of the lack of 
    information about Bean the dynamite on the internet. 
    Unfortunately, poor old Bean seems to have been neglected 
    by most FAQ writers, as it seems most of them have left 
    him out of their FAQs completely! I am sure this is 
    because of Bean's bad reputation, caused by his high-level 
    of cheapness when played by the CPU. And hey, he's not
    that slow!
    Bean the Dynamite is a Sonic character created for the 
    Sonic the Hedgehog fighting game called Sonic the Fighters 
    (henceforth called Stf). This game had a limited release 
    in Japan, and barely saw the light of day in any English 
    speaking countries at all! However, it did have a _very_ 
    limited run in the US, under the name of Sonic Championship.
    Stf was going to be ported to the Sega Saturn sometime 
    in 1998, but by that time the Saturn was already dead. 
    So the translation never took place. This was a shame, 
    as it could have been a really cool game. Later, Bean 
    appeared along with fellow Stf fighter Bark in the Sega 
    Saturn game Fighters Megamix, as a hidden character. 
    Anyway, Bean is a green duck, who's speciality is bomb 
    attacks, and he is the holder of the green chaos emerald.
    In Stf, Bean's stage is a dynamite plant, but in Fighters 
    Megamix he appears in a watered down version of the South 
    Island stage which was formerly Knuckles' Stf stage.
    Getting Bean is simple, just play through 1P Mode until you 
    get to course E: Muscle. Beat all six fighters, and you will 
    face Bark at the Aura Icefield stage. Defeat Bark and he 
    will appear along with Bean at the player select screen, 
    on the bottom row (third from the left). Later, Bean will
    appear as the fifth opponent of course I: Secrets.
    f = Forward
    b = Back
    d = Down
    u = Up
    d/f = Down Forward
    d/b = Down Back
    u/f = Up Forward
    u/b = Up Back
    g = Guard button
    p = Punch button
    k = Kick  button
    , = Divides commands
    A+B = Do command A simultaneously with command B
    Upper case = hold in that direction
    Lower case = tap in that direction
    Like any other AM2 fighter, Bean has many moves at his disposal. 
    This moves list is mostly comprised of my own personal findings, 
    but two moves were found in an old issue of the UK Sega Saturn 
    Magazine (no longer in publication). Because Bean's moves have 
    not been properly documented, I had to make up the names of all 
    his moves. However, there are a few basic moves (which have been 
    carried over from Stf) that have official names. I got these 
    official names from Ida Kathry's Sonic Championship FAQ, which 
    can be found at Game FAQ's. Any official names are marked with 
    a *, while the names I made up are marked with a -. 
    NOTE: All the damage ratings for these moves were measured using 
    Ballz (the training dummy). If playing against stronger characters 
    such as Deku, Kumachan, Pandachan etc, the damage is usually a few
    points less for each attack (e.g. Bean's bombs go from 08 damage to 
    06 damage). Please note that all these moves were tested in Virtua 
    Fighter mode, so some information may not apply to Fighting 
    Vipers mode. To get around this problem, simply play V.F mode, 
    F.V sucks anyway. Also, I consider Bean to be more like a Virtua 
    Fighter, since he doesn't have any body amour like the fighting 
    vipers do.
    * Rapid Peck:  P
      DAMAGE: 5,4,4,4,4
    One of Bean's moves from Stf. Bean lunges forward at his opponent. 
    This can be done up to five times in a row, by rapidly pressing P. 
    - POWER PUNCH: f+P
      DAMAGE: 38
    Bean swings his fist and delivers a knock down punch. The slight 
    delay while swinging his fist, means Bean is vulnerable. This 
    move seems to be a variation on his 'Power uppercut' from Stf.
    Instead of knocking the opponent down like the power uppercut,
    this move knocks the opponent down.
    NOTE: The Power Punch can be comboed into the Rapid Peck, by 
    pressing P,P,P,P,P,f+P. The damage done by the Power Punch 
    increases by 1 point if done after the Rapid Peck.
      DAMAGE: 38 for Power Punch, 8-10 for each bomb.
    Bean does a power punch, then immediately throws out two bombs. 
    Obviously there is still the short delay before the Power Punch. 
    NOTE: The bombs do 8-10 points of damage, depending on what range
    they hit at.
    * POWER UPPERCUT: d/f + P
      DAMAGE: 24
    This is another of Beans moves from Stf. This move is similar 
    to the Power Punch, but does less damage (14 points, to be 
    exact). It has the same short delay at the start of the move 
    while Bean is swinging his fist. A good move for getting the 
    opponent into the air.
      DAMAGE: 24 for Power uppercut, 8-10 for each bomb.
    Similar to the Power uppercut, then throws two bombs, just 
    like the Power punch version of the move. The Power uppercut
    and the Power punch are almost identical, but use both to add
    some variety in your attacks.
      DAMAGE: 12,10,18
    Bean walks forward while kicking.
    NOTE: This can be done up to three times, by rapidly pressing 
    K. The enemy is knocked down after the last kick.
    - BOMB KICK: f+K
      DAMAGE: From close range:25 From long range: 20
    Bean kicks a bomb in the direction he is facing. The bomb 
    travels forward about half the screen before it explodes.
    This move is very easy to side step. 
    NOTE: This attack will NOT hurt an opponent who is down.
    Use this in Fighting Vipers mode for funnies results (it 
    sends 'em flying).
    - SIDE KICK: d/f + K 
      DAMAGE: 10,10,17
    This is Bean's mid-level kick. Bean does a simple side kick 
    to the opponent. This can be done up to three times, 
    by pressing d/f+K,K,K. This also knocks enemy down after the 
    last kick. 
    NOTE: This can damage an opponent who is in a crouching-guard
      DAMAGE: 37
    Bean does a strong kick. Knocks the opponent down. Good damage 
    (as far as Bean's moves go), but it would be better if it was faster.
    - BEAN SWEEP: f,f+K or RUN+K
      DAMAGE: 25-32
    Bean slides on the ground and does an upwards kick at the opponent.
    NOTE: this can also be done by pressing RUN+K. For the RUN+K version,
    the damage done changes depending on the range. If you start running 
    from close range, the move does 25-26 points of damage. But if you run 
    from further away it increases up to 32 points. Because of this, it 
    is better to start the move as far away from the opponent as possible.
      DAMAGE: 24
    This is much better than a regular peck because it does almost five 
    times as much damage! 
    NOTE: The running peck is a tiny bit slower 
    than a regular peck, but this does not present any problems when 
    using the move.
    - BEAN TELEPORT: d,d+G+K+P 
      DAMAGE: None!
    Bean ducks down and disappears, only to reappear in a different 
    location! If Bean is facing to the left, he will teleport to 
    the left, and if he is Facing the right he will teleport to the 
    SIDE NOTE: For more damage, you can easily follow up this move 
    with a side kick (d/f + K) or two (or three!).
    - GRAB AND HEADBUTT: (Close range) G+P
      DAMAGE: 40
    This is Bean's main throw. Like the title says, Bean grabs the 
    opponent, and gives them a good whack with his oversized 
    NOTE: Strangely enough, the only characters that Bean 
    is able to throw are: Bean, Bark, Kids Akira, and 
    Kids Sarah.  It also appears Bean cannot throw when he 
    is behind an opponent or to their side. Even though Bean 
    can only throw certain opponents, any opponent can throw 
    him (which really sucks)The inability to throw most opponents 
    puts Bean at a major disadvantage, however, there is one 
    small factor that (slightly) compensates for this: When Bean 
    attempts a throw, and misses, he has no 'missed throw 
    animation'. (Only a slight benefit I know, but it's better 
    than nothing).
      DAMAGE: 5,10,10,10,10
    Bean goes crazy and continually pecks his opponent over, and 
    over again. After this furious onslaught, the enemy twirls 
    around and topples over. NOTE: like Bean's G+P throw, I can 
    only get this move to work on Bean, Bark, Kids Akira, and Kids 
    Sarah. Does anyone know why this is?
    - FOOT STAMP: d,d,K+G
      DAMAGE: ???
    More coming soon...
    - PECK DIVE: U+P
      DAMAGE: 40
    This is the first of Bean's two 'stomp attacks'.
    Bean jumps up, and dives beak-first. This move is great for 
    hitting opponents while they are on the ground, but not much good 
    for anything else. This is really hard to hit with if the 
    opponent is not on the ground. It actually has a deceptively a 
    long range. 
    - BEAN HIT: u+P
    Bean hits his opponent a hard one, with both hands! Knocks down if 
    it connects with the opponent.
      DAMAGE: 14
    Bean hits his opponent a hard one with both hands, while stepping 
      DAMAGE: 14
    Bean hits his opponent a hard one with both hands, while stepping 
    - AIR BOMB: U,P
      DAMAGE: Each bomb does 8 points of damage
    Rapidly press P for more bombs. This move is more effective if you 
    jump of a wall first, so you can get maximum air! I can get up to 
    5 bombs while jumping of a wall, is it possible to get more? These
    bombs can be used to put your opponent on the ground, and then keep 
    them there! The bombs explode when they hit the enemy or the ground. 
    NOTE: The bombs always fall in the direction of your opponent, no 
    matter what way you face.
    SIDE NOTE: I would NOT recommend these bombs at all. Remember how 
    I said Bean has a bad reputation? This move is the reason why. I 
    NEVER use these things, ESPECIALLY NOT in VS FIGHTS. So don't you 
    EVER use them either! Believe me, it makes you look REALLY cheap, 
    like a person who plays as Ryu, and just shoots Hadokens all through 
    the match. Besides, they suck anyway. They only do 8 points of damage 
    each, and anyone with the slightest bit of intelligence will just 
    side step to avoid them. You have been warned!
      DAMAGE: 8 for each bomb
    Bean throws two bombs towards his opponent. This works better in at 
    close range. The bombs explode when they hit the enemy or the ground.
    * THROW BOMB: (opponent down) d+P 
      DAMAGE: 8
    Bean throws a bomb, then ducks for cover! This move is not as 
    good as other bomb related moves for several reasons. 
    Firstly, most other bomb attacks have multiple bombs instead 
    of just one, meaning more damage. Secondly, this move has a 
    lag time at the end, which leaves Bean open to attack, 
    especially if the move misses. The bombs explode when they 
    hit the enemy or the ground. I suggest using other stomp type
      DAMAGE 35
    This is the second of Bean's two stomp attacks.
    Similar to the above move, but Bean jumps on the opponent. Not 
    quite as good as the Peck dive because it does less damage. Still 
    good for getting the opponent while they are on the ground. However, 
    it does have one advantage over the Peck dive: Instead of sitting 
    there being vulnerable after the move, Bean quickly jumps back to 
    a safer position. You could use this move instead of the Peck dive 
    to add some variety to your game. 
    SIDE NOTE: If you are sneaky, you can use this move to jump over 
    roundhouse kicks and attack the opponent!
      DAMAGE: 12,12,16
    Bean jumps, and lands a kick in the opponents face!
    NOTE: After the first kick, this can be done twice more by pressing 
    K two more times after u+K.
    - MULE KICK: u,K
      DAMAGE: 25
    Bean must have been watching Ryu in SFIII when he created this move!
    Bean kicks with the bottom of his foot for 25 points of damage.
    - AIR WALK: U,K
    Keep pressing K to get the maximum amount of hits.
    A great move as far as Bean is concerned. Easy to hit with, and does 
    great damage (by Bean standards anyway) if you can get max hits! But 
    be careful, if you do it too many times during a fight, you will start 
    to look cheap. 
    - BEAN STOMP KICK: (while opponent is down) d+K
      DAMAGE: 14
    Bean sticks his foot out and kicks. This move is not very
    worthwhile due to the poor damage it does. I recommend using either 
    the Bean stomp or the Peck dive.
    - WALL RUN: (facing wall) f,f
    Bean runs up the wall. If you do nothing after this, Bean just jumps 
    off the wall. NOTE: Obviously none of the following wall moves can be 
    done in a stage without a wall. Bark can also do this move, I wonder
    if any Sonic fighter has this ability.
    - WALL JUMP (at the top of the wall) Jump away from wall
      ( using u/b or u/f)
    Bean does a large jump off the wall and lands on the other side 
    of the arena.
    - WALL PECK DIVE: (while running up wall) P
      DAMAGE: 40
    Bean jumps of the wall and dives beak first into the opponent. 
    - WALL SLAM (while running up wall) K
      DAMAGE: 35
    Bean jumps of the wall and sits on the opponent. 
    - FLYING HEADBUTT: (back to wall) b+K
      DAMAGE: 29
    Bean jumps of the wall, and fly's forward, head first! This move 
    looks like something E.Honda would do! This move has a good range, 
    and covers almost 3/4 of the screen. It is a good move to use when
    you find yourself cornered.
    NOTE: The damage done does not seem to vary at different ranges.
    - BEAN WALL PRESS (while running up wall) P+K
      DAMAGE: 10
    Bean jumps of the wall and presses into the opponent.
    - BEAN PRESS: b+P+K
      DAMAGE: 10
    Bean sticks his stomach out and hits the enemy.
    NOTE: This also works if the enemy is behind you. 
    All press moves can hit, even if you are facing away from your 
    opponent. You can keep doing this up to four times in a row
    to juggle your opponent.
      DAMAGE: 10
    Bean swan dives into the opponent.
    - BEAN TURN PUNCH: (while behind opponent) P
      DAMAGE: 14
    Bean turns around and punches the opponent. This move knocks the 
    opponent down.
    - BEAN TURN KICK: (while behind opponent) K
      DAMAGE: 9-13 (depending on range)
    Bean turns around and jump-kicks the opponent. This move knocks 
    the opponent up in the air. I suggest this move instead of the 
    Turn punch, because it is faster and has more range. The flip 
    side of this however, is that it does less damage.
    - BEAN TURN HEAD (while behind opponent) P+K+G
      DAMAGE: 8-10
    Bean turns around and hits the opponent softly on the head. 
    I cannot see the use for this move so far, it seems to pale in
    comparison to Bean's other turn moves.
    Phew! Well, that's all the moves that I have found so far!
    With Bean, variety is the key to success. Players who just jump up in 
    the air and throw bombs all the time are very predictable, and easy to
    beat. If you use air bombs all the time, not only are you making yourself
    look stupid, but you are disgracing the name of Bean (a sin punishable 
    by death...sort of). I recommend simply learning all Bean's moves and 
    knowing when its best to use them. That way you will avoid becoming 
    Ryu-like, and we all know hw important that is!
    - INTRO:
    Bean waves to the 'crowds' on his left and right sides.
    - WIN:
    Bean jumps up, and holds out his arms, then flashes a Sonic like 
    grin (while playing BGM: You win 3). (This is the same as Barks 
    win pose). 
    SIDE NOTE: The music that plays when Bean wins, is the track
    'Game start' from Stf. 
    - LOSE
    Bean lies on the ground, unconscious (gee, what did you expect?)
    -LOSE (with health remaining)
    Bean goes into a defensive stance.
    In 1988, a game was released in the arcade called Dynamite Dux. The 
    players controls either Bin or Pin two ducks, who must work their 
    way through several levels to rescue their owner, Lucy from a big 
    ugly monster. They also possessed several punch, kick and bomb 
    moves as forms of attack. You may wonder what this has to do with Bean. 
    Well several things actually. The first most obvious relation is that 
    if you pick Bean in his P2 colours (or colors as you Americans say) 
    he appears as the original Bin! Secondly, I suspect that the good 
    people at AM2 had Bin in mind when creating Bean. After all, both 
    ducks have the same kinds of attacks, and Bean looks like a green 
    version of Bin. Heck, they even have the same hair!
    Bean is in more places than you think...
    Bean appeared in the AM2 game Sonic the Fighters/ Sonic Championship 
    where he made his debut as the guardian of the green chaos emerald.  
    Obviously, Bean appears in the Saturn game Fighters Megamix as a 
    hidden character (duh).
    Although I have never played it, I assume Bean appears in Sonic Jam
    (in the Stf section of the Sonic Museum).
    And perhaps Bean's finest cameo appearance, is in the soccer game
    Virtua Striker 2! With a special code, players can select a 
    special team that has many wacky players in it, one of them happens 
    to be Bean! 
    One could argue that Bean appeared in Dynamite Dux...
    In the latest Yu Suzuki blockbuster Shenmue, Bean makes another 
    appearance along with Sonic and the gang. He appears as a prize 
    obtainable by playing a vending machine game. Upon winning the 
    game, you are rewarded with small models of Sonic characters, 
    including Bean!
    If you have played the import version of Shen mue you may have 
    seen several machines that you can win models from. For 100 yen, 
    Ryo will get an item ball. Inside the the ball is a model. 
    Different machines give you different models. So you need to 
    find a Sonic machine to get Sonic models... 
    There is a Stf C.D available in Japan called Sonic the fighters: 
    Sound tracks. Bean's theme song 'Try again' is track 10 on the 
    - Hmmmmm...
    Portrait E3 shows a picture of Bark, has anyone found any pictures 
    of Bean?
    - Stf PETETION
    Run, don't walk to http://pub49.bravenet.com/guestbook/show.asp?usernum
    =414036038 and sign the petition to get Stf released on the Dreamcast.
    Thanks for your support!
    Thanks to...
    Sega and AM2 
    For putting Bean in Fighters Megamix. It's not the best game in 
    the world (the graphics suck!), but Bean makes it a bit of fun!
    You can go to the official Stf page at http://www.sega.co.jp/sega_
    Jarred "Green Gibbon" Matte 
    For the information about Dynamite dux, Shenmue, and the stuff on
    Virtua Striker 2! Be sure to visit his page at www.theghz.com, it's 
    the best Sonic page on the 'net!
    Ida Kathry
    For the official names for Bean's moves, as well as other little bits 
    of information about Sonic the Fighters. You can find her Sonic the 
    Fighters/Sonic Championship FAQ at GameFAQ's 
    Or visit her site at http://www.angelfire.com/anime/wacky/index.html. 
    SONIC HQ (the ultimate Sonic source!)
    For their 'Marching kick' and 'Mule kick' move names.
    For the D+K 'Bean stomp' move.
    Visit the site at www.sonichq.org
    Sega Saturn Magazine (UK) 
    Issue #22 August 1997
    For how to do Bean's teleport and  foot stamp moves.
    VER 1.2 - 26/12/00 - Added foot stamp move      
                       - Added peripherals 
                       - Changed layout slightly
                       - Corrected how to do Bean Turn Head
                       - Confirmed throws only work with Bean, Bark and VF Kids    
    VER 1.1 - 9/10/00  - Added Bean turn head move. 
                       - Corrected info on how to do Beans D+P move
                       - Added Bean's D+K move
                       - Changed LOTS and LOTS of small things. I'm not going 
                         to list every single one of them here, though (that 
                         would be too many!).
    VER 1.0 - 30/9/00  - Hey what can I say? It's the first version! 
    Well, that's all for now. Check back for updates, and feel free to
    E-mail me with moves, comments etc!

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