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    Bahn by TMorozumi

    Version: 2 | Updated: 03/09/96 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                               Bahn.FAQ V.2 
                               By Takeshi Morozumi
    I am still a beginner with FV and this FAQ is not deep at all. This FAQ 
    is for Bahn beginner. I will add more moves and comments about each
    moves as I learn about this game more. 
    I decided to write this FAQ because I think that Fighting Vipers is a
    great video game. FV is very popular in Japan and in fact, FV is the
    second most popular game in Japan next to VF2.1. Therefore, I want the  
    people here in US to understand the depth of this game also. I am not
    saying that "This game is popular in Japan so you have play it!!!" but I
    believe that FV should get much more attentions. 
    If you found some mistakes, please send me an Email to:
            Takeshi Morozumi
    WHAT'S NEW??????
    I corrected some typo. I added my translation of the Bahn's stratedy in
    Gamest Mook. 
    I got no response for the version 1 of this FAQ. I think that's because
    the FAQ wasn't so interesting to the people. Maybe, you guys know all
    the stuff already. I added the fighting strategy so I hope more people
    will like this FAQ.
                                    Level           Damage
    /*** BASIC MOVES ***/
    *Punch          P               H               14
    *Kick           K               H               40
    *Crouch Punch   dP              L               20
    *Crouch Kick    dK              L               22
    **Guard Attacks**
    *Guard Attack   bP              G,H             33
    *Guard Attack   bP,bP           G,H             33
            You can do this move up to 3 times. If you did GA(Guard Attack)
            and if the opponet inputed GA after that, the opponent can
            revearse the attack. You can also revearse the opponent attack
            also. However, the opponent can't reaverse it anymore.
    *Dash           f, f
    *Crouch Dash    f/d, f/d
    *Back Dash      b, b 
    *Crouch Back    b/d, b/d
    **Ukemi(any good English translation???)**
    *Ukemi          P+K+G
    *Wall throw     f,P+K+G 
            When you got thrown toward the wall, you can stop.
    *Wall throw     b,P+K+G
     Jump back
            When you got thrown toward the wall, you can jump back.
    **Standing Up**
    *Forward Roll   f
    *Back Roll      b
    *Roll toward the
     Screen         d
    *Roll away from
     the screen     u
    *head hop       P
            # In order to stand up fast, press K and G fast and circle the 
    *Flush          f,b,f,b,P+K+G
            Bahn takes off his armor.
    /*** BAHN's MOVES ***/
    *Kobushihanabi  d/f+P           M               36
    *Iron Elbow     f+P             M               28
            If hit, the opponent falls down. Pounce!
    *Steel Elbow    f,f+P           M               45
    *Combo Elbow    f,f+P,f+P       M               45,30
    *Combo Elbow2   f,f+P,f,f+P,f+P M               ?               
    *Rising Upper   f,d,f/d+P       M               40
    *Rising Upper*2 f,d,f/d+P,f,d/f/d+P
                                    M               40,60
    *Kouhadan(upper) b,d,b/d+P      M               20
    *Rekkouhadan    b,d,b/d+P,P     M               20,20
     (upper + rising upper)                         
    *Yakuza Kick    d/f+K           M               30
            If hit, the opponent falls down.
    *Hi-Kick        f,f+K           H               30
    *Head Attack    P+K+G           M               45
    **Armor Breaker**
    *Jingi Gekitouha d/b, D/F+P     L               33
            This move is fast and breaks the low armor.
    *Spirit Elbow   b,f+P           M               45
    *Super Straight F+P             M               55
            The opponent can't reverse this attack with the guard and
    *Body Check     b,f,f+P+K       M               100
    *Elbow Body Check f,f+P,b,f+P+K M               45,60
    **Dashing Attack**
    While dashing:
    *Dash Straight  P               M               25
    *Shoulder Tackle P+G            M               40
    *Body Check     P+K             M               60
    *Knee           K               M               40
    *Sliding Kick   d+K             L               40
    *Hop Spin Kick  u+K             M               30
    *Jump Kick      u/f+K           M               50
    *Wall Throw     P+G             
    *Wall Scratch   (Wall)P+G                       30
    *Throw Down     b+P+G                           30
    *Head Butt      b,f+P+K+G                       50
    *Atomic Drop    (Back)P+G                       100
    *Setsuna Otoshi
     (Wall throw + Atomic Drop)
                    P+G,f,f+P+G                     100+
    *Sudden Death Combo
                    P+G,b,f,f+P+K                   *
            This Combo kills the opponent even if s/he has full life. The
            opponent should be just 1 charactor away from the wall. I've
            never done it:)
    **Down Attack**
    *Pounce         u+P or U+P                      50
    *Spit Kick      d+K                             15
    *Todome         d+P                             15
    *Indou          d+P,P                           15,10
    /*** STRATEGY ***/(translation from the Gamest Mook)
    Bahn doesn't have many combinations but most of his attacks are
    powerful. Therefore, it's better to have some distance from the opponent
    and use super straight and hand sweep which are powerful armor breakers.
    Let's talk about the short distance strategy first. If the opponent did
    the combinations, you can counter them with guard and attack. If they
    started with P or d+P, you can stop their attacks with d+P and the
    elbow(f+P). When you stop the combination with d+P, you should use the
    elbow or the upper(f/d+P) which are quick mid-level attacks. Or you can
    use the hand sweep(b/d,F/D+P) or throw. However, the opponents can stop
    these attacks doing d+P. If the opponents used the d+P, do the spirit
    elbow(b,f+P). This move avoids getting hit by d+P by a back step and you
    can hit them after that. 
    If the elbow hit, and the opponents didn't do ukemi(P+K+G), you can
    pounce the opponents on the ground. If the opponents did ukemi, you can
    hit them with the super straight. However, the opponents can kick you
    after ukemi. In this case, step back and throw them after they reached
    the ground.
    If the upper(f/d+P) hit the opponents, and they did ukemi + kick, you
    can step back and when they reached the ground, you can throw them.
    Otherwise, you can hit them with the upper again. If they didn't do ukemi 
    and they hit the ground, you can pounce them.
    If the hand sweep hit them, you can pounce them.
    For the mid-distance strategy, you do a lot of super straight. Even if
    they guarded it, they can't counter it. Also, they can't do guard and
    attack. If the super straight hit them, run to toward them. If the
    opponets didn't do ukemi, pounce them. If they didn't do ukemi, hit them
    with the dash attacks. However, they can stop your dash attacks with
    jumping kicks(U+k). If you could react to it, press the joystick to the
    opposit direction(b) and stop. Blocked the jumping kick and throw them.
    Thanks to:
    Gamest:                 This magazine is always the best arcade magazine.
                            I hope you guys can get FV version of the Gamest
                            Mook so you guys don't have to read this cheap FAQ.
    Yukinobu Miyamoto:      Mr. Miyamoto, I think, is the one of the first
                            person constructed the move lists. His address
                            is: miyamo@jedi.seg.kobe-u.ac.jp
    People in r.g.v.a:
    People in r.g.v.a.k:
    Takeshi Morozumi
    Kage, Akira and Bahn:)

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