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    FAQ/Walkthrough (JP) by SRuchet

    Version: 0.6 | Updated: 09/09/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

           GGGGGGG  RRRRRRR        AAA  NNN    NN  DDDDDD     II  AAAAA
       GGGG         ..   RRR   AA"  ..   NNNN  NN  ..   "DDD  II  ..   "AAA
       GGG    GGGG  RR.RRR"   AA"   AA  NN" NN NN  DD    DDD  II  AA    "AA
       "GGG.    GG  RR   "RR  AA    AA  NN    NNN  DD .DDD"   II  AA    AA"
        "GGGG...GG  RR    RR  AA    AA   NN    N"  DDDDD"     II  AA   AA"
           "GGGGGG                                 DD"                AA"
              ""GG                                                  "AA
    Grandia walkthrough & all-purpose guide, v0.6 (09/09/1998).
    What's new since 0.5 :
    Ascii art. ^^;
    Added Bonus Dungeons section
    Corrected some mistakes & added explanations for some areas.
    Added Equipment list.
    Disclaimer :
    Welcome to the world of Grandia ! :)
    This walkthrough has been written by Sebastien Ruchet (ruchet@worldnet.net).
    Feel free to distribute, however in its current form.
    Please note that it's the author's first attempt to talk about a game, and
    that the author is french. Some explanations or words may seem quite odd
    to you, but... Anyway, let's get started ! ^^;
    Summary :
    		Introduction........... Grandia ? What's that ?
    		Part 1................. The story so far
    		Part 2................. Control system
    		Part 3................. Battle system
    						Weapons / Skills
    		Part 4................. Walkthrough CD 1
    						1st continent
    						2nd continent
    						over the end of the world						
    		Part 5................. Walkthrough CD 2
    						a new continent
    						bonus dungeons
    						toward the end
    		Part 6.................	All-purpose lists
    						Action Replay codes
    						Equipment list
    						Weapon techniques & Spells
    		Appendix............... Credits & Misc. stuff
    		Grandia ? What's that ?
    Grandia is Game Arts' (Alisia Dragoon, Lunar) latest RPG on the Sega Saturn.
    It has been in production for two years, and was awaited by Saturn owners as
    the ultimate RPG ever. Actually, all I can say is that if you like the RPG
    genre, you won't want to miss it. It has so many features and yet a
    state-of-the-art scenario, lots of attention to details and on top of that
    its technology pushes the Saturn to its limits.... The possible references
    that come to mind when playing are Secret of Mana for the battles, Final
    Fantasy Tactics for the 3D view and Hayao Miyazaki's Laputa for the overall
    Please, no FF7 vs Grandia crap : if you like RPG, you have to play them both.
    Many times. :)
    * Part 1                                        *
    * ------                                        *
    *     The story so far                          *
    *                                               *
    The shogun Baal (48) awakes from his sleep... "Same dream, again."
    Two people enter : Myuren (23), Baal's lieutenant, and Leen (15), Myuren's
    second. We learn that Myuren is also the son of Baal.
    But far from that...
    In the charming town of Parm, Justin (14) is a boy whose dream is to become
    an adventurer. Sue (8), the purple-haired little girl, is Justin's childhood
    friend.  They always find new imaginary quests, seeking treasures
    or making a fabulous sword out of a wooden stick. Justin doesn't know his father,
    who only left him a small pendant. Justin's mother is named Lily (32) and
    owns a restaurant. Sue doesn't have her parents anymore and is raised by
    her grandparents. She spents all her time with Justin.
    Justin's rival in town is named Gantz. They always dare each other, Gantz
    to have the right to marry Sue later and Justin to prevent it.
    This time, Gantz proposed Justin and Sue with a tough one : he and his group
    have hidden in the town 4 legendary items that our heroes have to find before
    the night, otherwise Sue will go to him.
    The story begins as Justin is thrown out of a tavern, and Sue comes in
    having found one of the fabulous items : an old apron.
    Now it's up to you to find the others...
    * Part 2                                        *
    * ------                                        *
    *     Control system                            *
    *                                               *
    Ok, now you can play as Justin. After noting that the direction button lets
    you walk over the town, here are each button's function :
    	A	Menu
    	B	Cancel / Run (hold)
    	C	Talk / Activate
    	X	Map (in towns)
    	Y	Zoom in
    	Z	Compass change
    	L	Change viewpoint right
    	R	Change viewpoint left
    In the menu the choices are : Item, Equip, Magic, Skill, Status.
    You may notice that there is a small circling arrow in the up-right corner.
    It is the game's compass. It is used only in dungeons, so this is why it
    is aimed at nothing when you're in a town. But in a dungeon, it'll point towards 
    the exit. Pressing Z will switch between the modes "point the exit" and
    "point the entrance". The red spot stands for the north. The closer  you are to 
    the exit/entrance, the faster it s will spin around itself.
    You will learn to love it... Even if levels become more and more designed
    to trick you if you follow right at the beginning the direction it points to.
    When you reach the second continent, you'll find that generally, the game
    works like this :
    	- you arrive in a new town
    	- at the entrance are the inn (talk to save) and the weapons shop
    	- you find the village's elder and your new taks is unveiled
    	- you fight into a dungeon
    	- hit the boss (quite hard, may help)
    	- back to the village
    	- new destination allowed
    There is no "open" area in Grandia, but instead a hi-res map that will show
    you the places where you can go.
    When you travel you may find a rainbow cone : these are the savepoints.
    Its first option is saving, second is heal everyone, third may be
    hint or quit if a game hint is available and fourth will be quit.
    Game hints are hints on the game system, not REAL hints. :)
    Near the save points is often the magic bag : it is connected to another
    dimension, and it allows you (via a menu "drop", "take" and "stop") to stock
    some items in a special dimension. Don't hesitate to have a lot of herbs & such
    in stock, just in case... ;)
    * Part 3                                        *
    * ------                                        *
    *     Battle system                             *
    *                                               *
    On your way in the game, there will be many encounters. When you are in
    contact with them, the screen fades to battle mode.
    Please note that if you run into the enemy while facing them, the battle 
    will be normal. If you get them by surprise (touch their back), you will have 
    priority (the blue message at the start of the battle, meaning "attack 
    first"), and if they touch your party's back you will be "ambushed" 
    (yellow/red message).
    It is generally not a good idea to try to avoid ennemies with three people
    or more in your party, because 1_ you won't succeed and 2_ when ambushed
    you lose a lot more hp.
    You see your heroes and the monsters in a 3D field. Initiative is based upon
    the bar you see at the right-down part of the screen.
    On this bar are the characters' and monsters' icons. They scroll to the right
    towards action. When they reach the before-the-last line, they have to choose
    an action (see below). When they have choosen, they scroll the last part of
    the bar at different speed based on the choice they made (magic takes a little
    time, while combo is immediate for exemple). Once they have done their action
    they start again a the left side of the bar.
    If your character is hit when in the last part of the bar, he may experience
    a "cancel" or a "counter". Cancel cancels the character's action (augh!), and
    counter just delays it.
    When it's up to one of your characters to act, a circle pops upon his head.
    Here are the options proposed, pressing right each time.
    	Combo : your character will hit twice the designated opponent. If
    he/she kills the opponent with the first blow, he'll turn the second to another
    one. This is the most damaging hand-to-hand attack.
    	Critical : you character will deliver a slow but massive blow on
    the designated opponent. It is less effective than Combo but puts the
    opponent back on the time bar.
    	Protect : two choices are possible here. The left option will have
    your character protect him/herself. The right option will let you move him/her
    to a safer place.
    	See :	let you point on each character/monster to see its status
    in the down-left window. Useful if your understand japanese, because the
    action prepared is also indicated !
    	Flee :	err... :)
    	Auto-battle : you can either put some of your party characters in auto
    mode, or all at once (respectively left and right choices).
    	Item : Notice that the "resurrect" item is named "yomi no fukkatsuya" (the
    first japanese letter looks like a reversed " E "). It's a potion, try each one
    you own until you find some that can't be used on a living character. It resurrects
    at full health...
    	Skill / Magic : switch through skills / magic lvl 1 / 2 / 3 by
    using L and R.
    When you win a battle, you are shown the gold and experience you gain and then
    the effect on your party.
    * Weapons/Skills *
    As you may notice, each character may equip different types of weapons.
    For example, Justin can equip a sword, a mace/rod or an axe, and Sue only
    maces and thrown weapons/bows.
    If you go in the inventory menu and choose the skill item (4th), you will see
    which spells are to discover/discovered and going again to the 4th item will
    show you the character's skills with the weapons.
    Reaching certain levels with certain weapons (and later also with magic !)
    will let your character remember a special skill technique, which use the
    character's skill points (SP).
    For example, Justin has his "V-slash" skill that requires a sword skill to
    level 1. To master the "W-break" skill, he has to be at level 6 with swords
    and level 4 with maces. And later on you when he learn the magic of fire
    will he have a new skill, requiring level 12 with sword and level 8 with fire.
    This is a VERY effective way of having the player use all the weapon types
    he finds, as the only way to increase a weapon's level with a character is
    to have him/her use it.
    Available weapons are Swords, Knives, Maces, Axes, Bows and Whips.
    * Magic *
    The magic system has innovative aspects.
    If you want a character to learn magic, you first have to find rare items
    in dungeons : the mana eggs (blue diamonds alike in the dungeons ; red 
    diamonds in iventory)...
    In a town's weapon shop you will be able to use your mana eggs to "purchase"
    a magic skill for your character.
    There are 4 basic magic skills :
    	Vaan :    fire
    	Huy :     wind
    	Keroma :  water
    	Digan :   earth
    Having a character learn several magical skills will let him access to the
    more powerful skills :
    	Inazuma :   lightning (fire + wind)
    	Fubuki :    ice/storm (water + wind)
    	Shinrin :   wood (water + earth)
    	Bakuretsu : meteor/explosion (fire + earth)
    Beware that different characters will access different spells when acquiring
    a magic skill !
    An innovative aspects resides in the MP. There are three spell levels, and
    each level has its own MP (just like in FFI)
    For example Justin may have 16 MP for lvl 1, 8 for lvl 2, and 1 for lvl 3.
    You gain power, magic skill levels, more powerful spells and MP all by using
    spells. An intensive exercising of the lvl 1 basic fire spell, Vaan, will
    let Justin or Feena learn lvl 2 fire spell VaanFlame, thus increasing the
    lvl 2 max MP.
    Ok, this is may be too much at the moment... So let's go on with the
    * Part 4                                        *
    * ------                                        *
    *     Walkthrough CD 1                          *
    *                                               *
    "If you read it entirely now, I'll kill you".
    It's an excerpt of a Curse of the Monkey Island walkthrough I used to consult.
    It worked for me.
    Will it work for you now ?
    * 1st continent * 
    Ok... So right after the introduction (see "the story so far"), Justin has
    to talk to Gantz and bring him the old apron (the lengendary armor, that is).
    Find the other two items (one in town, one in the haven northeast) and bring
    them to Gantz also. He will warn you : the last one won't be that easy.
    Find Gantz' little brother : he's the one fleeing at your approach.
    Talk to Gantz again : he will tell you the 4th item is in the chest in his
    house. But, as he says, you won't find the key ! :)
    Talk to his little brother. He has lost the key, and you will help him find
    it in the dark area (Justin will knee to look).
    When you found it, go to Gantz' house and take the wooden sword. Bring it
    to Gantz, and escape the people right to your own house (the one with fishes)
    to the other side of the town.
    It's dinnertime... Welcome to another of Grandia's innovations : some times,
    at night, you have the opportunity of discussing with your party. Your mother
    will tell you about her past : she has been in love with a pirate (sailors ?),
    Justin's father, and has wandered a lot in her youth (she used to be called 
    "Skull Lily" !).
    In the morning, go to the museum southeast of the town and go speak with the
    director. Justin had handed him over his father's souvenir, a small pendant with
    a little green "spirit stone" ("Seireiseki"). The museum's director has interest 
    in an ancient civilization, the one of the Enjools. Those people, literally the
    kouyokujin (light winged people) has left small traces of their existence.
    Our wanna-be adventurer had handed his stone to the director to see if he
    could authentifiate its Enjool origines. But he doesn't know whether it's
    true or not.
    As he sees Justin very interested in his works, though, he gives him a letter
    allowing him to go to the archeological site Saruto in the north.
    Justin and Sue don't hesitate.
    Go through a moutain area to reach the military camp. You will be allowed
    to enter with the director's letter, but the 3 women officer won't let you in.
    But when they go in you just have to follow them...
    Justin will see Myuren and Leen for the first time down there. His stone opens
    the passage for him and you will penetrate what lokks like an Enjool place.
    When you are in the Y corridor just be at one end and press the button twice.
    Inside you will meet Riete, or better her image, which will greet Justin as
    "the one who carries the spirit stone". She tells him that he has to travel
    to the east over the sea to find Alent, the last place of the Enjools.
    When you go out you trick Myuren but have to fight a Rock Bird.
    Back to Justin's house...
    Ok, now you have to go east, to New Parm. Only way is by ship, but you've got
    to find a pass to get onboard. An ex-adventurer by the name of Jin is said to
    have a pass... Rumors are that he goes to the "adult" bar where you found the
    key to Gantz' chest.
    The bartender will let you in if you find her son, who has the only key.
    He's one of the guys at the haven.
    At night, you crawl to the bar but there is no trace of Jin. You will have
    to go and meet him in his house. He has forgotten his wallet and you will
    bring it back to him at the same time.
    As he lives pretty far, you will have to use the train. (BTW, the little girl
    standing before the train station says her mother has lost her broach in
    front of the museum... Find it for her, it is located on the sewer plate.)
    When you leave the train you meet Jin, which proposes you to a test to find
    out if you are a real adventurer that would earn the pass. The cave's not
    difficult, just be sure to kill the Orc King's servants before attacking him.
    You now have the pass... But there's a problem.
    Leaving home
    Justin doesn't want to bring along Sue. She's still a child, and the trip will
    be dangerous. She's very disappointed...
    Justin says nothing to his mother, and leaves the house very early. Before
    leaving though, he hangs up his photo on the wall where all his ancestors
    are (all great adventurers), and promises himself that he will surpass
    them all.
    At the haven, he finds out that his mother has slipped in his pocket a letter
    to the adventurer's guild leader in New Parm. It seems that she knew him
    quite well in her youth.
    Justin then hops into the departing ship...
    Life aboard
    Justin is treated as a guest on board, and enjoys every part of it. Feel
    free to wander around, visiting the machine room for example.
    But there are rumors that there is even a little girl with a ribbon on board,
    and Justin spots Pui that came to find him !
    Sue is on the deck, and the captain and the crew want to throw at sea this
    illegal traveller.
    The only way for Justin and Sue to stay on board is to begin to work for
    the crew.
    Go to the crew's quarters, it will be there that you sleep now.
    First day, first work : go to the luxury rooms (you now have the key) and help
    the maiden. For one it's just showing Pui to please a passenger, for the other
    it is cleaning a small spot in the bathroom.
    Second day, second work : you have to clean the deck. Just keep the gauges
    as up as possible to finish the work in time (timing's important).
    Third day : cleaning again, but you hear rumors of an upcoming guest. This
    person will be the #1 adventurer in New Parm ! Justin is very excited and
    then encouters this famous person : it's Feena (15).
    Justin, Sue and Feena start to feel as friends but the girl senses something
    weird... It's in fact a ghost ship that shows up. All the crew turn to
    cowards when Feena proposes to go and inwuire, and she ends accepting Justin's
    offer to go with her.
    When you return to the ship, New Parm is in sight.
    * 2nd continent *
    Feena's problems
    When you arrive in New Parm, Feena leaves : for some reasons she doesn't
    want to enter the town. She does however invite you to come and see her later,
    as her house is not far from the town.
    You go to the adventurer's guild only to find that the person to whom your
    mother wrote is not in charge anymore, the new chief is named Pakon and is
    a real jerk. He is also obsessed by Feena (now that's why) and thinks
    that she's crazy about him but hides her feelings... ^^;
    You don't want to work for him, so you leave out of town to find Feena.
    Her house is a big tent, and all things go well... Until Pakon arrives
    to take (by force) Feena with him ! He wans to force her to marry him, 
    threatening to cancel her Adventurer's license if she won't obey.
    He has this martial arts expert, Chang with him and Justin's no match.
    You now have to rush to New Parm to... Stop the wedding. Enter the church
    by the backdoor, and go for it. Chang's not very difficult, mainly because
    he's alone. :)
    After that, Feena, who didn't threw out Pakon that much because he was 
    holding her job, gives it out and decides to go with Justin and Sue looking
    forward to true adventure, again, with or without a license...
    Adventurer's life
    Ok, now you've got to go to Enjools' ruins south-east of New Parm.
    I recall a big dungeon on several floors, and stone headed columns
    advancing and hurting you.
    You will meet Riete, and she will tell Justin to go east again, over the
    "end of the world"...
    This famous "end of the world" is, as Feena shows Justin, an immensely high
    wall that no one had managed or even thought to bypass. People just think this
    is the end of the world.
    But on their way...
    The boy and the fog
    Your party find a strange child. He's got long ears and a... err...
    horn-like protuberance on his forehead (like a unicorn).
    He's also wounded, so you bring him back by Feena's.
    To heal him, you will need a special flower. Go search for it near Feena's
    house, in the moutain (you have to break the gate !). There are plenty
    of white flowers (+ 35 HP), but you are searching for the special red one.
    After that, he recovers but unfortunately you can't understand him. As he
    seems to offer you something to eat, you are arrested by the army (remember
    the 3 women in the Saruto ruins ? they're back... :).
    After you escape (did Leen drop that key intentionnally ?) for the second
    time, you will have to search for the boy. After going through the aeration
    pipes and noticing that Myuren speaks the boy's strange language, you will
    reach a savepoint and a door requiring a secret code.
    You have to follow the pipes to the place where the 3 women are to hear them
    pronounce the code. The first two will say false codes, but the third, Mio,
    will say the right one : right right left left down up down up.
    At the door the options are, beginning at the top : up down left right.
    After entering the code, you will be able to free the boy, and eating the nut
    he gives you will give you the ability to understand him.
    You have to go now to his village, which his hidden because in a deep fog.
    According to the village's elder, this is all due to their protective god,
    the lightgod. For you to continue your quest you need the village's
    treasure to unseal the fog, bug the elder won't hang it out to you.
    He proposes you to go and bring back the sacred wine that stands before their
    god. Just go and do it. Notice the god is really an Enjool artifact.
    At this time the army comes in : Leen swears to Myuren she will get back
    the last piece of "it"... She's talking about the protective god of the
    village. Justin, Sue and Feena show up and then Feena realises that Leen is
    her twin sister, who left the house long ago (she knew she had been in the
    army but she wasn't expecting that) !
    The protective god is nonetheless taken, but the elder gives Justin and his
    friends the village's treasure : your task is now to face the end of the
    The end of the world
    Long but enjoyable adventure piece. Reminds me of Zelda.
    The only difficulty is to fight some nasty birds near the top.
    It will take several days to your characters to reach the top. They will get
    discouraged and will be about to go back, thinking the wall is really
    endless. But just when they are about to go back, our friends reach the top.
    And, guess what, it's not the end of the world. :)
    Some strange machines appear and crudely toss them off the other side !
    Justin awakes near Feena but there's no trace of Sue.
    * over the end of the world * 
    Fight your way through this all-new (and beautifully designed) vegetation
    and you will find the house of Gadoin (38), a lvl 30 warrior. He has some
    powerful magic and skills, and he and Dite village's doctor Alma have taken
    care of Sue.
    Gadoin joins you and you get to go to Dite. There he seems to be very
    concerned with the ready to fall rain, and talks to the elder.
    Go to the inn and talk with Gido (??). Gido is a Moge, rabbit-like people, and
    he appears to know an AWFUL LOT about who you are, what you do, and what
    you will face. But he just won't tell you. :)
    Red Rain
    After you sleep at the inn, it starts to rain lightly. It is very dangerous
    here because after a moment the rain starts to turn red and becomes very
    toxic. Gadoin says he needs another hero to go get the Sacred Trident, and
    it appears to be Justin.
    You go to what appears to be a giant toxic mushroomic palace. Your aim here
    is to make a certain bridge turn 90 for you to pass (it will be shown so
    try the switches). You must push the blue/purple switches, NOT the red ones
    (the red ones will call reinforcements).
    When you arrive to the trident's room, you understand why Gadoin needed
    another hero : you have to choose a path, the one of the moon or the one of
    the stars to get the trident, and if you don't choose the right one, you
    will die.
    Gadoin's plan is to go first. If he chooses the right way, no pb. If he
    misses, Justin will have to take the other way.
    Justin and his party are shocked.
    Gadoin chooses the moon's path. Unfortunately, he is too big to get into
    the path ! Justin proposes himself, but Feena won't let him go.
    He says then he will trust her and go the way she will choose. She asks for
    the way of the stars, and Justin goes to the trident.
    However, when he takes it the palace scrambles, and Gadoin has to rush out.
    Justin's alive, though, thanks to his spirit stone, and all he gets is a
    good slap from Feena for so much fear.
    Justin's now a hero, but he wants to go see the local Enjool ruins. These
    are the Twin Tower, way south. The party has to go by the village of
    Ganbo first.
    Ganbo is known by Gadoin for its festival and its warm atmosphere due to the
    nearby volcano. But...
    The village is very odd... They adore the frog as a god (ok, in fact a kaeru)
    and when the party approches someone it's :
    	- if it's a man, noticing Feena : "Augh ! don't come near me !"
    	- if it's a woman, noticing Justin : "Whaa ! go away !"
    When you go talk to the Elder, asking for a boat to go to the Twin Tower,
    he observes that Justin and Feena form a well-matched couple and proposes them
    to be the stars of their festival. They accept...
    Then everyone in town goes in "couple frenzy" and they all thank you for
    your courage and the "power of true love", calling you "the couragous couple".
    Ok, now the trick is that the volcano has been taken over 5 years ago by a
    dragon, and the elder said the first couple in sight would be sacrificied to
    him, for the warmth to come back. Justin and Feena, the "couragous couple",
    are thus catapulted to the volcano...
    After some exploring, they find Gadoin and Sue and get to fight the dragon.
    Back to Ganbo it's the big party (no shame for those people), and you get your
    first very romantic talk with Feena.
    Twin tower
    A man of the village brings you there.
    There is no dungeon inside, but a seal that no one has managed to open.
    Justin's spirit stone however sends in an Enjool's place Justin, Feena,
    Myuren and Leen.
    They are separated in the transport, and to get back Feena and Myuren have
    to team up, so do Leen and Justin.
    Feena's story : she has been hurt at the leg. Myuren is very kind with her
    (watch out Justin ! :), and explains her a lot of things about what they see.
    He asks her if she really thinks that light-winged people were nice people,
    because if so why have they diseappeared ? And why then have they build
    the end of the world ? We also learn that his mother was an Ajin (like the 
    people in the fog), whom his father married only to learn more about the 
    power of the light-winged people.
    He also tells her that he likes this world...
    Justin's story : he rescues Leen from the nasty frogs. But she draws out her
    sword and refuses to go with him if he doesn't give her his spirit stone,
    which is apparently a piece of an Enjool thing like the god of the fog village.
    Before the danger Justin throws it to her, telling her not to waste her
    life for such silly things. They travel together and she becomes impressed
    by Justin's happiness and sense of adventure. They encounter Riete again, 
    who tells Justin to once again go east, over the sea, to Alent...
    When they reach the exit, Leen tells Justin to quickly give her his hand, and
    she gives him back his stone.
    The two of them still see the same painting, of what seems to be a light-winged
    people under the wrath of "something". Also a statue of a four-armed goddess.
    On the way back, Sue behaves strangely. When she passes out they hurry to
    see Doctor Alma in Dite. When she sees Sue, she yells at all the party that
    they're morons to bring a little girl like that onto big adventures.
    She's exhausted and needs a lot of rest.
    On the other side, there is no way for them to go at sea easily because of
    the scaring mermaids. They decide to use an ancient device (Enjool ruin) that
    permits, fueled with a rare orb that can be used only once, to go wherever
    you want in a blink.
    Sue resting, you go and find it. But when you come back, Sue has overcome
    her "I'm an adventurer too ! Don't leave me aside !" way, and has decided
    to stay there. Doctor Alma even says it would be better for her to go back
    to Parm.
    Justin decides then to use the orb he has to take Sue back in Parm.
    It is now a very, very sad part with Sue trying to hold back her feelings till
    the end... Snif !
    Gadoin's idea
    Gadoin has gone back to his house at the root of the end of the world to
    think about an idea of how to cross the sea.
    When you go to search for him, he duels with Justin and then says he has
    to train more. He'll give our pair his family boat to try the travel.
    You go get the boat and it's the start...
    Mermaid's trap
    Interrupting a very romantic moment with Feena (again), a mermaid begs
    "mister the hero" to go and save her friends.
    It's a trap, and Justin goes in big way. After fighting that big fish, you
    realize that you're about to touch land : you have crossed the sea !
    The game now tells you you're going to save, and then play on the cd #2.
    DO NOT forget to save. :)
    * Part 5                                        *
    * ------                                        *
    *     Walkthrough CD 2                          *
    *                                               *
    NOW things are getting interesting. :)
    * a new continent * 
    You land up on a beach and decide to go into the land. You encouter Rapp (15),
    a "bad boy" from Kafoo village. He wants to capture you but as you help
    him fighting a creature that kidnapped his little brother, he invites
    you to his village (usually there's a rule forbidding to bring in strangers,
    but you may pass this time).
    The Kafoo village you see is a new one : the old one has been entirely turned
    into stone by some people. Justin and Feena want to go see it, and they
    are scared to see even people have been turned into statues. Even Rapp's 
    parents became statues...
    They decide to help Rapp to take care of these people. Unfortunately, they
    discover it is the army who did that to them...
    As they head for the facilities, they discover Milda (19), a VERY strong
    woman that attacks them, quarrelling with Rapp
    After defeating her, you realize you have the same goal (why no talk ? :)
    and you get inside teamed up.
    Inside you find the 3 women : Saki, Nana & Mio, who take care of a strange
    organic creature... A creature that seems to draw strenght from its
    environment, thus turning the environning people into stone.
    Justin crawls in and releases it, and it's the battle against what is named
    Gaia Battler. Tough one, may be wise to go for the main body directly.
    Village's rule
    After you beat it you take its eye and go back to the village. Milda is not
    at all allowed to enter due to the rule (after all she's from Lene, the
    enemy village of Kafoo), and Rapp who's now friend with Milda is very upset.
    But Feena has a bad feeling... And she's right : the army comes in, and
    begins to slaughter people to get Gaia's eye.
    The leader of all this is Leen... When she faces the party Gaia seems to
    resurrect from its eye.
    Leen's words are then : "I would have prefered not to show this to you,
    Feena. You really think that light-winged people are good ?".
    And she unfolds her wings of light... Astonished, Justin and Feena don't
    believe their eyes and then pass out. They all wake up without having
    seen what has really happened.
    Feena is really shocked to learn that her sister is one of the light-winged
    people... And they have to quit the village now. Rapp wants to go with them,
    and they decide to go see Milda's "darling" who is said to know a lot of things
    about Alent and the Enjools.
    Special areas
    On the way there are two bonus area. Entrance to special caves designed
    for people that love to battle. It has no connections with the storyline,
    and may be played when you're about to finish the game.
    (Monsters are a bit tough for your level at this moment)
    They may be useful when you notice, for example, a lvl 1 spell Feena has,
    which requires Keroma and Huy both at lvl 99. :)
    I've been told it exists a third bonus area in the desert, with a pyramid but
    I haven't found it, and I'm not too convinced it exists.
    In the first area, the cave, you get a special accessory that halves the
    cost of your character's weapon techniques. 
    In the mansion you get a sword, and in the pyramid you're supposed to get to
    fight multiple bosses (quite hard).
    See "Bonus Dungeons section" for more details.
    Milda's village, Lene, is quite far. You have to stop by the town-oasis of
    Jeelpadon on your way.
    This town is quite unique : three tribes live each one in a third of it.
    You have the Lafene (human), the Arcada (beast-like) and the Moge (rabbit-like,
    the eldest). Notice the architectural differences between the three parts of
    the city : the Lafene part looks like a 19th century european city, the 
    Arcada part is built in arabian style...
    Here you'll find a lot of awfully expensive weapons, which may help you to
    guess you'll come back later.
    After a night in the hotel, you're ready to continue...
    After some more mountains, Justin and the others eventually arrive to Milda's
    homeland, the beautiful village of Lene. Now is a very funny scene...
    See, so far Milda has talked about her boyfriend naming him "Darling".
    But in the village, not only do you discover that the boyfriend's name IS
    Darling (which could be spellt "Darlin", too), but also I can guarantee a good laugh
    when you see him.
    Anyway, another thing to note is the name of the reindeer-like cows they grow and
    eat. They're called "Rapp-stgh", in short Rapp... And that is not making Rapp happy.
    In the village you have to talk to the three scholars : Darlin, Derlin and Dorlin.
    Unfortunately the later is a bit on the crazy side since he lost one of his horns 
    during the village's moving (in there former place there had been a strange tragedy 
    just as in Rapp's former village)
    You'll have to go get his horn south of Lene. The people in the former Lene have 
    been trapped into jewels and the village itself became an illusionnary place. Entering
    the houses will take you to other places. You'll find the horn on the floor, in the 
    room, and discover the thing that caused the village to be transformed : it is the 
    same as in Kafoo.
    After you return Dorlin's horn, he instructs you that the medal you possess (the 
    one Riete gave you) is one of the two opening the two sacred caves. One is Alent and 
    one is the cave under Jeelpadon. As the medal you have is the one opening Jeelpadon's,
    you have to go there in order to get Alent's medal.
    Jeelpadon, again
    Milda chose to stay in her village (noticed her bedroom ?).
    Ok, back to Jeelpadon you have to drop the medal into the fountain at the
    center of the town. The problem is that when doing that, the water would
    at the very moment enter the cave and you couldn't enter.
    Your task, as the Moge seem to rule the city, is to find the Moge's leader
    and convince him to stop the water.
    A young Moge girl comes to you saying he's waiting for you... And that you'd
    better now make him waiting, because he's getting easily upset.
    ido asks you why you want to go to Alent. I think the right answer is the 
    second one, "to protect the ones I love". Gido then says you got the chief's 
    approval... which means HE is the chief.
    He lowers the water and joins your party. The thing about him is that he hits 
    three time when using the command "combo". Unfortunately, just like Milda, he 
    can't use any magic.
    Justin opens the entrance with the medal...
    Jeelpadon's cave
    Ok, listen to me now for your own good :
    	- keep a good bunch of healing items in the "magical bblue chest"
    	- keep a savegame out of the cave
    Not too scared ? :) It's simply that you have now a long way to go.
    Upon entering you notice the strange paintings on the walls. It give the
    creeps to Feena who says she feels them as if they were alive...
    After battling your way through zombies and using Mario 64-like platforms, you
    finally get the other medal.
    However, on your way back is the army, leaded by Myuren and Baal in person !
    You have to find a different way to escape.
    But as you manage to get out of Myuren's men, Baal takes Leen with him to
    a secret room, and makes her awaken the wall's paintings... The dreaded
    As they're about to break your escape attempt, Feena falls to her knees.
    "My body's so hot... It's burning... What's happening to me ?"
    In his control room, Baal notices something interfering with the Golems.
    "Impossible ! There can't be a force as strong as the light-winged people's !
    But what if... Another light-winged people ?"
    As energy bursts out of Feena's body, the Golems are all turned into stone.
    Baal : "Fantastic !"
    And guess what, Baal takes the exhausted Feena with him, Justin not able
    to do anything to stop him.
    Baal goes with her to his airship, when Justin is hided by Myuren, who, we
    understand, doesn't buy to his father's plans.
    Justin rushes out of the cave, only to find the airship flying away.
    Airship attack
    But it is forgetting about Rapp and Gido. They managed to bring a flying
    Manta-Ray, and as Justin hops on it is "chase the airship" time.
    The party eventually crashes on it, and you can enter.
    Inside is a serious battle against the army's three women (... again. :).
    Try to kill Mio, who has the least HP, to break their "delta attack".
    Then you run in corridors, and as Rapp tries to control a computer he breaks
    it and the airship begins to crackle.
    You run, but Justin finds himself alone around Baal's appartments.
    Now is confrontation time between Justin and Baal, Feena watching.
    Ok you're alone, so USE skills. A Tenkuuken (32 SP) followed by series of
    W-break worked very well for me.
    But it was just a game for Baal, as he reveals his hideous right shoulder.
    "Give me your spirit stone fragment, and I will release her... Think, what
    is the most important to you, young boy ?"
    Justin has no choice. Being who he is, when he has the stone Baal throws
    Justin out in the air.
    But Feena is despaired, and manages to jumps after him. After a quick dialog,
    her wings of light opens and their fall is almost stopped... The moment when
    Gido and Rapp arrive on their Manta-Ray, finding them thanks to the light. 
    * Alent * 
    Ok, now back to Milda's village to see the three scholars.
    Dorlin tells you the location of the departing point to Alent : it is the
    Rainbow source south of their village.
    After some mountains (yes, again), you arrive to this source. Justin opens
    the passage, but Gido stays behind : "My task is over now".
    Justin and his friends go in, and are transported by the rainbow in space !
    There is Alent, a very mystic place. You will have to find three bosses
    you already fought (in boosted versions), the two laters in a row.
    They are : the four-tentacled monster you saw in the phantom pirate ship,
    the ogre guarding the horn in Milda's ghost village, and the dragon from
    the volcano.
    Once you've beaten them you're allowed to enter...
    There are inside many Riete's. In facts, they are just replicas she made.
    They will explain to you a lot of things, and then you meet the actual her.
    Summed up, she says that Gaia destroyed the Enjool's civilization. When she
    shows you the gravestones, those are from her people. Blue ones are for those
    with sad ending, red ones for those with happy ending.
    And then is hers. But it is up to Justin to make the destiny decide whether
    it will be red or blue...
    Now, believe me or not, Justin talks to her. He says that she should try
    to control her destiny, and try to change the world herself.
    ... And Riete joins your party. She's weak with weapons, but ohmygod, you'll
    tremble with excitement looking at her magics.
    Fun is "Magical Art", a lvl 1 fire lvl 11 spell, where she "draws" Alent's
    guardian to summon it, and most efficient for attack is lvl 2 bakuretsu
    MeteoStrike, costing 10.
    * bonus dungeons * 
    Since your party is now final, you may want to visit the bonus
    To my knowledge there are three of them :
    - The first one, "The tomb of the warriors", is located at the west of 
    the North part of Jeel desert.
    - The second one, "The castle of dreams", can be found at the west of the 
    south part of Jeel desert.
    (The first two bonus areas can be found with the Compass, which will indicate
    three locations instead of the normal entrance and exit)
    - The third one, "The magic tower", can be accessed by finding a path in the
    rock south-west of the east part of the Savannah grassland (the place where 
    you land after leaving Alent). You have to make your way into the rock, 
    blindly. Note that there is a rare item-selling chest at the entrance of 
    the place - do not miss it, even if you don't want to do the dungeon !
    One thing to say about those dungeons is that they're really bonuses.
    Don't expect to get your levels up quickly there : you get VERY little 
    experience in all of the three dungeons. However, they all contain good 
    weapons/armors, and training you characters' magic there would be a good 
    idea, since you have to use a lot of magic if you want to survive there.
    You might be able to get the characters' strongest spells by training there.
    I suggest you do them in the following order :
    The castle of dreams
    [Recommended minimum level : 25]
    This one's really easy : short, with a save point you can go back to easily,
    and an ordinary boss to defeat. The ghost girl at the entrance explains that 
    there is a curse on the sword inside the castle, and asks you to remove it.
    Inside the castle you'll meet quite strong monsters, and some can't be hurt
    with weapons. Finding their magic weak point shouldn't be too difficult, and 
    remember you can go back to the save point as often as you want. DO NOT miss 
    the knife on the floor (upstairs on the left). In the room with the stairs
    going up, a very good whip for Feena is hidden nearby the door (you can't 
    see it). Also, a Mana egg is hidden under some wood so that you can't see it, 
    so be sure to check everything. Once you've beaten the boss, you'll get the 
    sword "
    One strange thing, though, is that there is a huge door in the hall which 
    won't open even after you beat the boss. I guess it can't be opened.
    The tomb of the soldiers
    [Recommended minimum level : 30]
    This second dungeon is a lot tougher. First of all, there is only ONE save point,
    at the entrance, so you'll have to do it at once, and it's long. Be sure to bring
    along quite a lot of items (especially status-remedies). The first time I did, it 
    took me about 2 hours and a half to do it, and I got stuck several times. So if you
    want to do it entirely, be prepared !
    There are five floors in this dungeon : two floors of grottos and three temple-like
    floors. The first time I got there, I ended up in a temple-like room with a treasure
    in it, and I thought that was all. But it would have been a little cheap, so I 
    searched around and discovered that there was a door in the same room, leading you 
    to another part of the dungeon.
    The tricky thing about that dungeon is that it contains fake walls, which 
    will become corridors if you "touch" them. So be sure to check every room's walls.
    Also, at a point you'll need a key to open a big blue door. The key is in another 
    hidden room, pointed at by one of the bird statues. 
    Your aim is to collect four Items, the "Soldier's souls". Those items don't have 
    to be used anywhere, but once you've got all four of them, you gain access to the 
    chest that you couldn't reach before, which contains an accessory halving the 
    cost of wepon skills (Energy Charm).
    The magic tower
    [Recommended minimum level : 40 ?]
    "For those who seek training..."
    This one's a real challenge. This is with no doubt the most difficult dungeon of 
    Grandia : it is long and tough and tricky, and there's no save point.
    But - thanks god - if you get out of the tower and go to the save point, when you
    go in again, the monsters don't "come back". So you can play it cheap and go back
    to the save point as many times as you want.
    BTW, I STRONGLY suggest you get Feena's "Owaru sekai" (Ending world, Fire Lv. 27) 
    spell before you go there. It is one of the only spells that will kill or almost
    kill the monsters there.
    The entrance is hidden in the east part of the Savannah. Go southwest, and find
    a small passage in the rock. Go there blindly, take the invisible item which is
    somewhere in there, and get to the other side. Inside is a item-selling chest 
    and the teleporter taking you to the magic Tower.
    Once you get there, there are six weapons around you. Take them : they are the zero 
    weapons. You get a zero whip, a zero axe, a zero rod, a zero knife, a zero sword 
    and a zero shuriken. Those weapons really give you +0 atk. It is said in their 
    description "for intensive training", so I guess this is just it. Using them, it'll
    take a longer time to kill monsters, so you'll gain more points. But those weapons 
    won't help you for the tower...
    The monsters here are A LOT tougher than anywhere else in the game. Moreover some 
    don't fear certain weapons, such as the sword you found in the castle of dreams, 
    which does 0 damage to most monsters.
    I suggest you take at least 2 weapons per character.
    Here are the weapons that should be efficient :
    - Main gauche for Justin (The sword giving you +10 defense)
    - Imashime no muchi for Feena (Atk +58, found in the castle of dreams)
    - Shinsoku no kodachi (Atk +60, found in the castle of dreams)
    - Kirakira rod for Riete (starting weapon) / Inochi no Tsue (found in the tower)
    First, I suggest you kill all the monsters around the tower so that they won't 
    disturb you when you go back to the save point. The tower has four doors. North,
    East and West doors (Red, Blue and green doors) will lead you to treasures and 
    money, but the south door (grey) will let you access the upper levels, with a 
    lot more treasures and traps.
    You'll find the Daichi no ono (Earth Axe) for Justin which will unfortunately do 
    nothing to most monsters of the tower, and a Inochi no rod (Life rod) for Riete.
    Beware of the "brain bats" who are able to cast a spell called Dezun (aka 
    "X-Zone" in FFVI). This spell kills everyone : if they manage to cast it, 
    you're dead, so you *MUST* kill them before they do.
    This dungeon is really long and hard. I tried it at level 33 and it was way too
    difficult. So far I've reached floor 6 or 7, and I gave up there because I got 
    tired of having to go back to the save point every 15 minutes. I think there are 
    7 or 8 floors, there will be an update when I finish it.
    * toward the end * 
    Final attack
    Back to Lene, you meet with Dorlin who was joking asking you to come back
    with his sweet Riete. He doesn't know what to say now, except being
    respectful. Please note that Riete is very naive.
    Your target is now the main base of the army, as Baal has now with Justin's
    spirit stone all of they keys to resurrect Gaia.
    Guess what ? Some more mountains... :)
    Army's HQ
    Big surprise for you when you arrive. Myuren has made a "coup d'etat", and
    none of the soldiers attack you. You have to find Myuren (look at this statue
    in the room with a soldier down), and then take the small passage to meet
    Now is the battle. Baal himself isn't very difficult. Just focus on him.
    His right arm may heal him of about 400, but who cares ? :)
    Once beaten, you realize that he's possessed by Gaia. He in the end shouts
    that he is now to be united to Gaia.
    As Leen comes and saves you, you witness from Myuren's airship the expansion
    of Gaia in the country.
    Save Jeelpadon
    Feena has been promoted lieutenant (or so...) in Myuren's army. Go get her
    in the base camp and talk to Leen. She explains you Myuren's plan : as the
    only way to defeat Gaia is to use the two light-winged people's power, they
    have to begin an operation.
    But it means abandonning Jeelpadon to Gaia, and Justin just can't do that.
    Your party rushes to Jeelpadon, and finds some people still alive. Leen has
    come to and shows them that they can't defeat Gaia : only her and Feena can,
    she says that they were born to do that. But she gets hits in the head by
    one of Gaia's tentacles, and you have to defeat a Gaia Battler by yourself.
    When you've done it, she opens her eyes, as many more of them appear in front
    of you. Now Feena says that, in spite of her sister saying they were born
    to destroy Gaia, she can't think of anything but protecting the people
    she loves... She asks very firmly to Justin to help her and think about
    protecting the people, and her wings unfold... A wave of power comes from her
    and turns all of the Gaia Battler and Gaia tentacles in the region into stone.
    A little rest
    Now Leen is wondering. She tells Myuren that maybe they're doing a mistake,
    because she thinks now that Feena is right : Leen never saw before the power
    her sister demonstrated, and she thinks that only this kind of power can
    annihilate Gaia.
    But Myuren is very firm, and convinces back Leen to help him.
    The army begins to move, without your party... You've got to talk to them,
    and to do so go to the army's HQ. With Gaia's influence, all of the monsters
    have changed. Moutains, maybe for the last time.
    * finally * 
    Leen's sacrifice
    On your way, Gaia has gone a transformation... Seems like he is still a larvae.
    When you arrive to the army's HQ, go see Myuren in the command room.
    "Justin ! But Feena's with you ! Then Leen is alone... ?"
    All camera cut to Leen, who is at the cannon devices (the HQ is in reality an 
    ancient Enjool artifact...).
    She talks longly to you, saying that she's gonna gain time, and that Justin
    has to help Feena find another way that the one Leen herself is using now,
    for it won't help them and will repeat errors from the past. She then tells
    Myuren how she'd loved him... And manages to fire to Gaia, getting killed in
    the process.
    Justin's feelings
    Back to the tent in Jeelpadon. Feena is shocked.
    Nonetheless, Myruen comes to see her and tells her she is now humanity's last
    chance. He needs her strength to fight, and says he will wait for her choice.
    Justin doesn't know what to do and begins to feel useless. Go see Gido, and
    he will tell Justin that he has to help Feena the same way he did when they
    protected Jeelpadon. Gido thinks this will be the only way to defeat Gaia.
    But when Justin comes back, Feena has leaved. Hurry to the army camp to find
    her leaving with Myuren. Justin tries to tell her they have to find another
    way, they won't listen beacause he has no other solution to propose.
    As they go away, Justin realizes he has no power to do something by himself.
    Rapp and Riete leave him alone, saying he fouled them when he promised to
    change destiny.
    Justin now wanders, alone and desperate... And feels the need to consult
    Gido when he sees spirit fairies around him.
    Back in Jeelpadon, he finds Gido distributing all the Moge's money to
    the town's people. Moge have been secretly planning this event and their
    appetite for money was in fact plans for future.
    Justin tells Gido he's alone now, and that he can do nothing. Gido tells
    him to look around, and see... And around are all of Justin's former
    party members, Sue included. They all cheer him up, and Gido explains
    to him that his strenght is to have friends.
    He is also the only one to believe in spirit fairies, and so they have
    choosen him to represent them.
    Explanation on the spirit fairies thing
    Ok, those are the yellow spheres. Justin's spirit stone's exact
    translation should be "energy-spirit-stone". The big one that
    Baal seeked to reunite was a gift from the "energy-spirit", aka
    the fairies. May mean also "purity-mind". You should get the
    concept. :)
    Sacred land
    The spirit fairies open for Justin and his friends a door to their realm,
    which amazes even Riete, because that hasn't been since the creation
    of the world.
    Go inside fo another example of the game's brilliant architecture. There
    are some chests ther you won't want to miss.
    After beating a quite weak boss, Justin proceeds to talk to the spirits.
    He says that he understands that once they lived in harmny with people,
    and that he wants to bring that time back. He says that he understands
    that he can change destiny, and that he wants to do it a lot.
    Then the spirits present him a new spirit stone but he disagrees, not
    wanting to repeat the past. So the spirits transform it in a sword...
    The attack, rescue, and everything
    Get back to the army's HQ. In the back a door has opened. Go in it and
    you will be able to enter the light-winged people's tower, where Gaia
    has achieved his mutations...
    Lots of tricks, ennemies, and useful items there. Don't be afraid to
    user Riete's magic, because one of the monsters leaves an object
    refreshing 20 MP to each magic lvl of a person.
    You will eventually encouter Feena and Myuren, and Justin will have to fight
    Myuren to show him that, at last, he's not the one doing the right thing. :)
    Just use the same treatment with him that you used on his father : lots of
    quick W-break.
    What to say next ? Gaia has like 5 areas. When reaching the 4th, you will
    fight Baal (head for Baal him(it ?)self).
    After that you have to fight against Gaia Core. Don't try to go for the
    back Gaia, focus instead on the two "Megaia" in the front. They are
    the nastiest because they spawn the tentacles. When you defeat them Gaia
    is a pleasure to kill. But is it dead... ? :)
    Important advice :
    use the internal ram to save your game in the last dungeon. I've heard
    that using a ram cartridge could halt the game a this point.
    Of course you can play the entire game BUT this dungeon & saving on a ram
    Bon courage.
    * Part 6                                        *
    * ------                                        *
    *     All purpose lists                         *
    *                                               *
    * Action Replay codes *
    Ok guys, the author will never recommend using this kind of stuff, but...
    "Master Code"
    F6000914 C305
    B6002800 0000
    "Magic buy enable without mana Egg" .off
    160c0e62 000f
    "Infinite money" .off
    1600edd4 007f
    1600edd6 ffff
    "Maximum exp" .off
    1607c08a ffff
    Note that those codes speed down the game so don't use them all the time.
    * Equipment list *
    -Despite certain weapons sharing skill categories, Sue can only use Bows, and
    Rapp can only use Darts. Riete can only use staves.
    Name              Attack  Extra powers
    Zero Sword          00              
    Mokken              07    The "Elemental Sword" 
     (Wooden Sword)
    Namakura Gatana     09
     (Discarded Katana)
    Ceramic Sword       12
    Tetsutoku no Ken    14
     (Iron Sword)
    Great Sword         16
    Oonata              18
     (Big Knife)
    Army Sabre          22
    Meitou Himura       24
     (Famous Blade Himura)
    Dragon Killer       26    Good against dragons I would imagine
    Kengyo no Katana    29
     (Swordfish Katana)
    Shadow Sword        34    Movement -15, can get an instant kill
    Guil Sword          38    Increased chance of enemy dropping item
    Honoo no Tsurugi    38    Fire damage
     (Fire Sword)
    Ice Blade           40    Ice damage
    Silent Sword        40    Silences target
    Main Gauche         44    Defense+10
     (Left Hand :)
    Seiken Rolentz      49    Reduces target's defense
     (Sainted Sword Rolentz)
    Ikazuchi no Ken     50    Casts Raiga
     (Thunder Sword)
    Seirei no Ken       70    Heals your SP when you attack
     (Elemental Sword)   
    Name              Attack  Extra powers
    Zero Rod            00    
    Ki no Bou           05    
     (Wooden Club)
    Gun no Keibou       07
     (Soldier's Club)
    Kinzoku Bat         10
     (Metal Bat)
    Koufu no Kanazuchi  11
     (Workman's Hammer)
    Iron Mace           19    Speed -10
    Seinaru Mace        20    Good against undead
     (Holy Mace)
    Fire Rod            25    Fire damage
    Amegumo no Tsue     26    
     (Rain Cloud Staff)
    Home Runner         36    Knocks back enemies
    Jigen no Tsue       38    Teleports during attack    
     (Dimensional Staff)
    Morning Star        40    Movement -15
    Kirakira Rod        42    Raises spellcasting speed
    War Hammer          43    Movement -10
    Lashiik Hammer      50
    Shogun no Tsue      55    Heals you when you attack
     (Shogun's Staff)
    Inochi no Tsue      58    Raises party's maximum HP during fights
     (Life Staff)
    Mar Bou             60    Raises magic level by 2
     (Mar's staff)
    Seirei no Tsue      63    Casts Halbel
    Hell Spike          65    Can get instant kill
    Name              Attack  Extra powers
    Zero Axe            00    
    Kijiki no Ishiono   08    
     (Stone Axe)
    Hand Axe            10    Movement-3
    Kikori no Ono       23
     (Woodsman's Axe)
    Krepp no Kama       25
     (Krepp Scythe)
    Frog Axe            28
    Hakai no Ono        35    Casts Zunga
     (Disaster Axe)
    Ryuukotsu Axe       38    Movement -10
     (Dragon Bone Axe)
    Mabbutatsu no Ono   41    Can get an instant kill
     (Splitting Axe)
    Buster Axe          52    Movement-25
    Daichi no Ono       68    Explosion damage
     (Great Earth Axe)
    Name              Attack  Extra powers
    Zero Shuriken       00    
    Omochia no Yumiya   05
     (Toy Bow)
    Tetsuguri no Darts  07
     (Iron Tip Darts)
    Karyiudo no Yumiya  16
     (Hunter's Bow)
    Army Darts          18
    Flint no Yumiya     20
     (Flint Bow)
    Hisame no Yumiya    20    Ice damage, Casts Shakia
     (Ice Bow)
    Tobiuo no Yumiya    25
     (Flying Fish bow)
    Kafuu Shuriken      26    
    Tenshi no Darts     28    Heals when you attack
     (Angel Darts)
    Boomerang           33
    Saboten no Toge     38
     (Cactus Needles)
    Fire Darts          41    Fire damage
    Hama no Yumiya      45    Good against undead
    Thunder Arrow       50    Increased range
    Discus              53
    Maten Boomerang     60    Good against demons
     (Demon Heaven Boomerang)
    Majin Shuriken      64    Speed+20
     (Demon Shuriken)
    Name              Attack  Extra powers
    Zero Knife          00    
    Hametsu no Knife    00    3 extra attacks for the combo command, Defense-40
     (Knife of Destruction)
    Kudamono no Knife   09    
     (Fruit Knife)
    Hunter Knife        18
    Flint Knife         20
    Toppu no Knife      24    Wind damage
     (Charging Wind Knife)
    Konpeki no Knife    25    Water damage
     (Azure Knife)
    Piyolin Knife       33    Paralyzes target
    Doku Doku Knife     35    Poisons target
     (Poison Knife)
    Icepick             38    Ice damage
    Assasin Dagger      50    Can get instant kill
    Chimerareta Knife   55    Good against Humans
     (Blood letting Knife)
    Shinsoku no Kodachi 60    Casts Ranna
     (Divine Knife of Speed)
    Force Knife         65    Casts Wao
    Name              Attack  Extra powers
    Zero Whip           00
    Kawa no Muchi       09   
     (Leather Whip)
    Ibara no Muchi      15
     (Thorn Whip)
    Kirisaki no Muchi   20    Good against formless enemies
     (Rapid Mist Whip)
    Reppu no Muchi      27    Wind damage, Casts Ranna
     (Violent Wind Whip)
    Shakunetsu no Muchi 30    Explosion Damage
     (Burning Whip)
    Orochi no Muchi     33    Poisons target
     (Great Serpent Whip)
    Namazu no Hige      43    Water damage
     (Beard of Namazu)
    Teiou no Muchi      53    Raises technique level by 2
     (Imperial Whip)
    Imashime no Muchi   56    Reduces target's movement
     (Punishment Whip)
    Hikari no Muchi     65    Raises technique level by 2
     (Whip of Light)
    -Footwear is ordered by the movement bonus instead of defense bonus.
    Name               Defense  Extra powers
    Apron                01     The "Legendary Armor"
    Kawa no Muneate      01
     (Leather Breastplate)
    Bouken fuku          02 
     (Adventurer's clothes)
    Sagyougi             03
     (Worker's Clothes)
    Sports Wear          04
    Furubita Yoroi       04
     (Old Armor)
    Muneate              06
    Heishi no Fuku       07
     (Soldier's Clothes)
    Shell Armor          08
    Shikan no Fuku       09
     (Officer's Clothes)      
    Yousei no Robe       10     Resist Confuse and Sleep +2 lvl
     (Faerie Robe)
    Kaeru Shirt          10     Water +1 lvl
     (Frog Shirt)
    Shinobi no Fuku      10
     (Ninja Clothes)
    Tatakai Bikini       10     Attack +4
     (Battle Bikini)
    Kengyo no Yoroi      12      
     (Swordfish Armor)
    Ooyoroi              12
     (Great Armour)
    Hiryuu no Vest       14     Resist Fire +2
     (Flying Dragon Vest)
    Skull Armor          15
    Chameleon Armor      18     Retreat when struck
    Gusarikatabira       19     
     (Chain Mail)
    Saboten Armor        21     Resist Technique seal +3     
     (Cactus Armor)
    Prag Suit            21     Speed +15
    Dark Armor           22     Heals SP when you are damaged
    Madoushi no Fuku     23     All magic +1 lvl
     (Mage's Clothes)
    Mink Coat            25     Resist Water +5 lvl
    Moge no Fuku         30
     (Moge Clothes)
    Warrior Mail         32     Resist Technique Seal +3
    Aura Armor           35     Technique +1
    Taiyou no Gi         45     
     (Sun Clothes)     
    Seirei no Yoroi
     (Elemental Armor)
    Name               Defense  Extra powers
    Nabe no Buta         01     The "Shield of Light"
     (Trash Can Lid)
    Kawa no Glove        02
     (Leather Gloves)
    Orc no Tate          03
     (Orc Shield)
    Koua no Tate         05
    Hiryuu no Kote       05
     (Flying Dragon Arm Guard)
    Koura no Tate        06
     (Shell Shield)
    Escargot no Tate     07
     (Escargot Shield)   
    Kinoko no Tate       09     Resist Poison +1 lvl
     (Mushroom Shield)
    Power Shield         10     Attack +7
    Leaf Shield          12
    Wanigawa no Kote     12
     (Alligator Leather Arm Guard)
    Makyou no tate       13     Reflect attacks
     (Magic Mirror Shield)
    Rafa Ka no Tate      19     All magic +1 lvl
    Gauntlet             20     Attack +10
    Mahou no Tebukuro    20     
     (Magic Hand Guard)
    Tsukikage no Tate    21     Resist Ice +2 lvl
     (Moon Shadow Shield)
    Heavy Shield         23     Movement -20
    Hikari no Kote       25     All magic +1 lvl
     (Arm Guard of Light)
    Seirei no Tate       45     Resist Conditions changes +4 lvl
     (Elemental Shield)
    Name               Defense  Extra powers
    Tetsu Nabe           01     The "Hero's Helmet"
     (Iron Pot)
    Ribbon               01
    Goggle               02
    Fuwafuwa Ribbon      02
    Anzen no Helm        03
     (Safety Helm)
    Kamigasari           03
    Kaizoku Boushi       04
     (Pirate's Hat)
    Pearl no Kabuto      07
     (Pearl Helmet)
    Tetsu no Bandana     08
     (Iron Bandana)
    Stone Head           09     Resist stunning
    Kimyona Boushi       11     Teleports during attack
     (Strange hat)
    Dokuro no Kabuto     12
    Akeba Boushi         12     Resist Confusion +3 lvl
     (Akeba Hat)
    Hanetsuki Turban     13
     (Feather Turban)
    Saboten Helm         13     Resist Magic Seal +3 lvl
     (Cactus Helm)
    Shinpi no Kamen      17
     (Divine Secret mask)
    Ogre Helm            20     Movement -10
    Tenshi no Boushi     23     Regenerate HP
     (Angel Hat)
    Death Mask           26
    Otoko no Hachimaki   28     Attack +15
     (Man's Headband)
    Holy Crown           38
    Houou no Boushi      28     
     (Phoenix Hat) 
    Seirei no Kabuto     
     (Elemental Helm)
    Name               Def/Mov  Extra powers
    Jigen no Kutsu      00/00   Teleports during attack
     (Dimensional Shoes)
    Queen Heel          00/00   Immunity to technique seal
    Fushigina Kikutsu   03/00   Teleports when struck
     (Mysterious Wooden Shoes)
    Niji no High Heel   05/00   Teleport when struck
     (Snake High Heels)
    Tetsu Geta          13/00   Movement -20
     (Iron Clogs)
    Battle Boots        20/00   Immune to instant Kill
    Hiryuu no Kutsu     04/05
     (Flying Dragon Shoes)
    Kanjiki             08/10
     (Snow Shoes)
    Beach Sandal        00/15
    Army Boots          02/15
    Glass no Kutsu      00/20   Speed +30
     (Glass Shoes)
    Shinobi no Warashi  05/20
     (Ninja Shoes)
    Ogre Boots          08/20
    Odekake Kutsu       00/30
     (Fancy Shoes)
    Hunter Boots        01/30
    Mahha Boots         05/30
    Usagi no Kutsu      05/30
     (Rabbit Shoes)
    Sneaker             00/35
    PikaPika no Kutsu   00/35   
    Wolf Boots          10/40
    Air Sneaker         00/48
    Wing Boots          07/50
    Lion Boots          26/48
    Seirei no Kutsu     30/50
     (Elemental Shoes)
    -Still working on this one
    -See Accessories for explanation
    * Weapon techniques & Spells *
    Sw(ord)                                   Fi(re)
    Ax(e)                                     Wa(ter)
    Ma(ce) also Staves                        Ea(rth)
    Bo(w) also Shurikens                      Wi(nd)
    Notes :
    -Unless specified a technique or spell targets a single enemy or ally
    - All indicates all enemies and party indicates all allies
    - Area targets everyone with a certain space. The space is centered on a target
    ally or enemy and the radius varies depending upon the particular technique.
    - Certain characters learn certain spells ( Except for Gido and Milda ). Under
    characters who may learn the designations are: Ju(stin), Su(e), Fee(na),
    Ga(doin), Ra(pp), Ri(ete). Riete and Feena have spells unavailable to anyone
    Notes :
    - Until you get the Astral Charm raising weapon levels takes a while, except
    with the Hametsu no Knife (which combined with the Renzoku Dama gives you
    six attacks). Save your knife advancement until late in to the game,
    because a charm/knife combo can net you 80 knife skill points and leave an
    enemy alive(because of you low knife skill) to take more damage.
    Two characters use the knife at the end.  
    - Criticals should be used very rarely, preferably never. Combo simply has so
    many more benefits (more damage, more skill points, is not so bloody slow
    to connect)
    - Keep your advancement balanced. You want to be able to reap as many skill
    points as possible from every encounter (preferrably 8 points per enemy
    struck) and you want to always be able to fall back on another weapon when
    one starts earning too few skill points.
    Name              Cost    Effect                              Learn
    V Slash           14      Attack                              Starting move
    W Break           20      Attack                              Sw 06/Ma 04
    Shockwave         30      Attack area                         Ma 07/Ax 05
    Tenkuuken         32      Critical attack                     Sw 12/Fi 08
     (Celestial sword)
    Gurenken          32      Fire attack                         Sw 12/
     (Red Blaze Sword)
    Hyogaken          36      Ice attack                          Ax 16/Wi 10/Wa
     (Ice Fang Sword)
    Raimeiken         40      Lightning attack                    Sw 23/Fi 17/Wi
     (Lightning Sword)
    Ryuujinken        45      Attack All                          Sw 16/Ea 07/Fi
     (Dragon Circle Sword)
    Fushimi no Aura   45      Temporary attack invulnerability    Sw 16/Ma 25/Ax
     (Aura of the Deathless Body)
    Tenchishinmeiken  90      Super attack all                    Sw 32/Ma 29/Ax
     (Heaven and Earth Sowrd of Divine Clarity)
    Name              Cost    Effect                              Learn 
    Puui Nikkyu Kick  8       Attack                              Starting move
     (Puui, Body Ball Kick)
    Ganbare!          18      Heal Party                          Starting move
     (Cheer Up!)
    Manmaru Waka      30      Attack area                         Ma 07
    Geki Chimakuri    28      Attack all                          Bo 10
    Netaiakubi        5       Sleep enemy                         Ma 10/Wa 03
    Puui Fire         36      Fire attack area                    Bo 12/Fi 02
    Fight!            16      Increase party attack power         Ma 08/Ea 02/Fi03
    Name              Cost    Effect                              Learn
    Knife Nage        10      Attack                              Starting move
     (Knife Throw)
    Shibire Muchi     15      Paralyze enemy                      Starting move
     (Paralyzing Whip)
    Nekketsu Nage     28      Attack all                          Kn 10
     (Hot Blooded Throw)
    Homura Muchi      32      Fire attack area                    Wh 14/Fi 12
     (Flame Whip)
    Raitei no Muchi   38      Lightning attack                    Wh 24/Fi 15/Wi15
     (Thunder Emperor Whip)
    Name              Cost    Effect                              Learn
    Hiryuuzan         14      Attack area                         Starting move
     (Flying Dragon Slash)
    Oukoukagiri       24      Attack                              Starting move
     (Great Burning Slash)
    Ryuujinken        45      Attack all                          Starting move
     (Dragon Circle Sword)
    Name              Cost    Effect                              Learn
    Kasumigakure      5       Move to opposite side               Starting move
     (Mist pattern)
    Bunshingiri       27      Attack                              Starting move
     (Body Split Cut)
    Yuudounage        14      Attack                              Starting move
    Happonage         40      Attack                              Starting move
     (Eight Directional Throw)
    Disk Cutter       30      Attack                              Kn 10/Sw 07/Bo15
    Nekketsu nage     36      Attack area                         Bo 12/Fi 10
     (Hot Blooded Throw)
    Shunsatsuken      25      Instant kill attack                 Kn 16/Sw 14
     (Instant Killing Sword)
    Makyu             40      Attack                              Kn 20/Sw 18/Bo23
     (Magic Ball)
    Shinmakyu         85      Attack all                          Kn 24/Sw 25/Bo32
     (New Magic Ball)
    Name              Cost    Effect                              Learn
    Milda Kick        16      Attack                              Starting move
    Daichi Zeri       40      Attack all                          Starting move
     (Great Earth Strike)
    Milda Ranbu       75      Attack                              Starting move
     (Milda Chaotic Dance)
    Name              Cost    Effect                              Learn
    Moge Shot         14      Attack                              Starting move
    Moge Bakudan      38      Attack area                         Starting move
     (Moge Bomb)
    Doping            20      Raise ally's ability                Starting Move
    Moge Nusuri       10      Steal item, fight must end in 10    Starting Move 
     (Moge Steal)             turns to get it
    Name              Cost    Effect                              Learn
    Akai Shou Geki    28      Attack                              Starting Move
    Yuuwaku no Dance  34      Drain MP                            Ma 12
     (Dance of temptation)
    Notes :
    - The best way to raise spell levels depends on you situation. For Water, Wind,
    and Earth use the non attack spells to try to get everything in one fight.
    They give a consistent amount of points even if you level is much higher than
    theirs. This way you do not have to constantly seek out fights. 
    - Do not give Sue more than two mana eggs, because she leaves midway through
    the game. 
    Although there are more than enough Mana eggs for everyone, you may not find them all.
    Which can be problematic since you can not return to certain places to look
    for stuff you missed.
    - Thanks to Robert Lee (no not the Confederate) for telling me about Feena's
    Time Gate spell. I seriously hope he had a Gameshark code for getting it.
    If you really want to learn it and do not have the benefit of a code, you have
    to go through the magician's tower extra dungeon for the Ether Charm to double
    your rate of advancement.
    - There are no name translations for certain foreign sounding spells because
    they were made up and not actually Japanese, at least I do not think they are.
    Name              MP/LV  Effect                              Learn
    Vaan               1/1   Attack area                         Starting spell
    Vaan Flame         4/2   Attack area                         04
    Vaan Flare         7/3   Attack all                          09
    Vaan Strike        5/3   Attack                              18
    Hell Vaana         8/3   Attack                              25
    Name              MP/LV  Effect                              Learn
    Keroma             1/1   Heal light                          Starting spell
    Muunia             2/1   Sleep all                           03
    Mikeroma           4/2   Heal party light                    05
    Keromam            3/2   Heal medium                         08
    Mikeromam          8/2   Heal party medium                   12
    Yomi               6/3   Ressurect                           16
    Mikeromaximum     12/3   Heal party heavy                    20
    Name              MP/LV  Effect            		     Learn
    Digan              1/1   Raise party defense                 Starting spell
    Gragin             3/2   Attack area                         03
    Diplos             3/1   Reduce enemies defense              06
    Magneit            4/1   Paralyze                            12
    Grangeo           12/3   Attack all                          19
    Name              MP/LV  Effect                              Learn
    Hyui               2/1   Attack area                         Starting spell
    Ranna              1/1   Raise movement in an area           02
    Hyuslash           6/2   Attack all                          06
    Hyunelun           8/3   Attack all/ Disperse party          23
    Name              MP/LV  Effect                              Learn
    Wao                3/1   Raise ally attack power             Fi 05/Ea 05
    Zunga              7/1   Attack area                         Fi 06/Ea 07
    Zundeo            10/2   Attack all                          Fi 10/Ea 10
    Meteo Strike      10/2   Attack                              Fi 13/Ea 15
    Dezun             18/3   Attack all                          Fi 18/Ea 20
    Name              MP/LV  Effect                              Learn
    Cure               1/1   Cure poison                         Wa 02/Ea 03
    Boz                1/1   Poison area                         Wa 03/Ea 05
    Stram              3/1   Drain power                         Wa 05/Ea 06
    Kururu             1/2   Confuse enemy                       Wa 10/Ea 10
    Refres             3/2   Cure Technique seal                 Wa 10/Ea 12
    Byune              4/3   Raise speed                         Wa 13/Ea 13
    Halbel             5/3   Cure all conditions                 Wa 16/Ea 19
    Name              MP/LV  Effect                              Learn
    Shakia             2/1   Attack                              Wa 02/Wi 03
    Pikin              3/1   Reduce movement all                 Wa 05/Wi 06
    Colde              3/2   Reduce speed                        Wa 08/Wi 10
    Fiora              2/3   Seal magic                          Wa 10/Wi 08
    Shakiid           14/2   Attack all                          Wa 12/Wi 10
    Name              MP/LV  Effect                              Learn
    Raiga             11/1   Attack area                         Fi 05/Wi 04
     (Thunder Fang)
    Raiden            13/2   Attack all                          Fi 10/Wi 09
     (Thunder and Lightning)
    Tenrai            13/3   Attack                              Fi 19/Wi 15
     (Heavenly Thunder)
    Ryuurai           20/3   Attack all                          Fi 21/Wi 19
     (Dragon Thunder)
    FEENA special spell (Kouyokujin, = light-winged people)
    Name              MP/LV  Effect                              Learn            
    Setsumei no shu   28/2   Party cure all conditions           Wa 22/Ea 23      
     (Tree of Life)
    Owaru Sekai       33/3   Attack all                          Fi 27
     (End of the World)
    Toki no Mon       99/1   Stop time                           Wa 99/Ea 99
     (Time Gate)
    RIETE special spell 
    Name              MP/LV  Effect                              Learn            
    Magical Art       11/1   Draw Alent's boss who attacks       Fi 12
    Star Symphony     12/2   Raise party's stats                 Wa 20/Ea 20
    Zekkai            26/3   Prevent enemy from attacking        Fi 23/Wi 24      
    * Appendix                                      *
    * --------                                      *
    *       Credits & Misc. stuff                   *
    *                                               *
    The author is a RPG, fighting and strategy-game fan. He likes the Super Robot
    Taisen saga the most, and aside of his studying in an engineer school works at
    AnimeLand, a french magazine about animation and japanese comics.
    He's also the translator of the OAV (japanese cartoons) series Ranma 1/2 and
    Please Save My Earth for France.
    Ok, enough third-person now. :)
    Having finished the game, my last save has a 45h counter. And, guess what ?
    I frenzily rushed. The point is that Grandia is a very perfected game and
    has an awful lot of details in it. Ranging from moving background objects to
    mini quests within the towns, also looking at the number of people in the
    towns, you may gulp and say this is a great game. (I wanted to say that... :)
    It may be stupid, but the main reason I wrote that is that I was stuck 1 hour
    in Dite looking for where to sleep, all because I thought the inn-keeper
    sprite was a jar. When I went to gamefaqs.com to seek info, I discovered that
    no one had made something on Grandia yet (on their report), so I went in.
    I hope it will help some of you to understand the game, and would like very
    much feedback, corrections, and also infos on the middle part of the game
    where I can't remember. Also if there are places where you have difficulties
    (nasty boss, nasty trick) and I did it and didn't talk about it, please let
    me know.
    And finally, if you mail me please include "Grandia" in the subject.
    Misc. stuff
    Angels or Enjools ? Concerning the name of the ancient civilization, I
    originally used the name of "Angels". It was pretty obvious to me why...
    But my girlfriend made me realize it couldn't be written this way, because
    it is in japanese "enju-ru", which transcribes "Enjool". Moreover, it sounds
    a lot like a french-sounding word written in japanese, so the right spelling
    may actually be "enjour" (if you pronounce in the french way), or "enjool", 
    if you pronounce it the english way. If anyone has an idea about this... ^^;
    For those of you wondering what says the voice right after the credits in the
    ending, this is Sue talking and she says something like :
    "And this is the end of our story. Justin became world-wide known...
    (changing to Parm) And our world changed a lot, too.".
    For those who wonder who did the voices for the main characters, a few of
    them are well known if you are used to japananese animation.
    There are :
    	Feena		Noriko Hidaka (Akane Tendo, Noriko Takaya, Jean, etc...)
    	Rapp		Kappei Yamaguchi (Ranma Saotome, etc...)
    	Riete		Kikuko Inoue (Belldandy, Kasumi Tendo, etc...)
    Thanks to, in chronological order :
    Stephane Juventy (paddle@hol.fr) for the first reactions and some active
    support, including the Action Replay codes.
    Longlong (hobbes@po.pacific.net.sg) for tips on the special areas.
    Krispytoad@aol.com for the VERY big weapons, spells and items list (gulp !).
    Feena@worldnet.fr for the ascii title, the bonus dungeons description and 
    the proof-reading.
    Ok, I think I have to do a (c) Sebastien Ruchet to finish. All Grandia-related
    material is (c) Game Arts & ESP, 1997.
    Thanks for reading ! :)

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