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    Game Script by Shotgunnova

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          Game Script by Shotgunnova/P. Summers -- shotgunnova(at)gmail.c0m
               ______   ______       __  __     _   _____          __
              / _____| |_____ \    ,' _| \ \   | | | ___ \     /| |_ '.
             / /             ) )  / ,'    \ \  | | |/   \ \   ( |   '. \
            / /   ___   _   / /  / / |\    \ \ | |       \ \  | |  /| \ \
           ( (   \_  | | '-' /  ( (  | )   /  \| |  /|    ) ) | | ( |  ) )
            \ \    | | |  _ (   | |__| |  / /\ ' | ( |   / /  | | | |__| |
             \ '-._| | ( ( \ \  |  __  | ( (  \  ) | |_,' /   | ) |  __  |
              '-.___ |  \|  \_\ |_|  |_|  \/   \/  | __,-'    |/  |_|  | )
    DISC ONE        \)                             (/                  (/
     01) Port Town of Parm ................................................. WK01
     02) Sult Ruins ........................................................ WK02
     03) Port Town of Parm [II] ............................................ WK03
     04) Leck Mines ........................................................ WK04
     05) Port Town of Parm [III] ........................................... WK05
     06) Steamer Ship ...................................................... WK06
     07) Ghost Ship ........................................................ WK07
     08) Steamer Ship [II] ................................................. WK08
     09) New Parm .......................................................... WK09
     10) Feena's House ..................................................... WK10
     11) New Parm [II] ..................................................... WK11
     12) Feena's House [II] ................................................ WK12
     13) Rangle Mountains .................................................. WK13
     14) Dom Ruins ......................................................... WK14
     15) Feena's House [III] ............................................... WK15
     16) Garlyle Base ...................................................... WK16
     17) Luc Village ....................................................... WK17
     18) End of the World .................................................. WK18
     19) Valley of the Flying Dragon ....................................... WK19
     20) Dight Village ..................................................... WK20
     21) Typhoon Tower ..................................................... WK21
     22) Lama Mountains .................................................... WK22
     23) Gumbo Village ..................................................... WK23
     24) The Twin Towers ................................................... WK24
     25) Dight Village [II] ................................................ WK25
     26) Pirate Island ..................................................... WK26
     27) Virgin Forest ..................................................... WK27
     28) Cafu Village ...................................................... WK28
     29) Tower of Doom ..................................................... WK29
     30) Zil Padon ......................................................... WK30
     31) Laine Village ..................................................... WK31
     32) Zil Padon [II] .................................................... WK32
     33) The Grandeur ...................................................... WK33
     34) Laine Village [II] ................................................ WK34
     35) Alent ............................................................. WK35
     36) J Base ............................................................ WK36
     37) Zil Padon [III] ................................................... WK37
     38) Field Base ........................................................ WK38
     39) J Base [II] ....................................................... WK39
     40) Aftermath/Epilogue ................................................ WK40
     41) Updates & Contributors ............................................ WK41
     42) Legality .......................................................... WK42
    01) PORT TOWN OF PARM                                                    [WK01]
    [Following the FMV depicting an ancient civilization, a man groggily wakes up
    in his throne-like chair.]
    ????: Umm... I guess I must have dozed off... I had that dream again. The
          bastards! They're hounding me... Mullen. Where are we now?
    [A blonde-haired man stands near a blue-haired woman.]
    Mullen: It's only been half an hour since you asked last. You look tired,
            General Baal.
    Baal: I keep telling you Mullen. When there are no soldiers around you should
          call me "Father".
    Mullen: Excuse me, but Lieutenant Leen is still here.
    Baal: Ha, ha, ha. It's just like you to answer like that. But you know that
          Leen is a very special part of our military plans. Aren't you, Leen?
    Leen: .... ....
    Baal: The third excavation of the Sult Ruins is almost finished. I'm counting
          on you two. Mullen... Leen.
    Mullen & Leen: .... ....
    Mullen: We have assigned an elite battallion [sic] of our Forces to this
            excavation. I am sure that we'll hear good news.
    Computer: The current time is 13:40 hours. Now passing through Parm airspace.
              Our ETA is 15:30 hours.
    Mullen: Leen, open the view-ports for General Baal.
    Leen: Yes, Colonel Mullen.
    [She opens the window hatch to show the coastal town below. Meanwhile, in that
    very town, a young girl runs through the streets, stopping when she overhears
    someone yelling.]
    Man: ...HEY YOU!! This'll teach ya, punk!
    [He throws some kid out of a house.]
    Teen: OWW!!
    [The man comes outside.]
    Man: Oh, Justin, not you again! You just don't learn -- trashing my shed
    Justin: I didn't trash it! Why won't you listen to me!! I'm staking my pride as
            a man and my soul as an adventurer on this treasure hunt!!
    Man: SHUT UP! There's no treasure in all that junk!! Now you've completely
         trashed it!
    [He wallops Justin.]
    Man: Anyway! Don't ever hunt for treasure in my shed again!! You hear me, boy!
    Justin: Ouuch.... That awful man, he...NEVER, EVER understands....
    Girl: ...Jussstiiiin! Justin, Justin, you OK? That sounded like it hurt.
    Justin: Oh, Sue! Did ya see that? Don't worry! A punch like that? Nothin' to
            it! For a first-rate adventurer, comes with the territory!!
    Sue: ...Right! So how'd it go? Did you find anything in the shed?
    Justin: Nah. Nothin' at all. It really was all junk. Must have guessed
            wrong.... But Sue, what about you?
    Sue: Of course, I found something! ...Tada!!
    [She shows an apron.]
    Sue: Here it is - the Legendary Armor! I found it all by myself!
    [Her hair ribbon reveals itself to be a cutesy critter that can fly.]
    Puffy: Puff puff!
    Sue: Oh, yeah! Puffy helped, too. (heart) Here you go Justin! The Legendary
    System: "Dirty Apron" acquired.
    Justin: Great, Sue! That's the first one!! That leaves the Shield of Light,
            the Warrior's Helmet and the Spirit Sword!
    Sue: Don't forget, we gotta get 'em by sundown or we'll lose.
    Justin: ... ....
    Sue: Yuck! I don't wanna marry that awful Gantz! You know, it's really your
         fault, Justin. You're the one that took Gantz up on his dare! You better
         take responsibility.
    Justin: OK! I know, I know. Come on, let's go show this to Gantz!!
    Sue: Puffy, let's go, too!
    Puffy: Puff, puff!
    [They run to the nearby bridge where Gantz and his crew are waiting.]
    Justin: We found it, Gantz! The first treasure!!
    Gantz: If it isn't Justin! Takin' your sweet time, aren't you? First-rate
           adventurer, smenchurer!! The "End of the World" was found and there's
           no use for adventurers!! You're way behind the times!
    Justin: There is no "End of the World"!
    Gantz: Huh? You don't even know that? You, a first-rate adventurer? There's no
           way you're gonna find the "Four Treasures" before sundown. This duel is
           as good as won! As you promised, starting tomorrow, Sue's in my gang. I,
           Gantz, will take her as my bride!
    Justin: No way, Gantz! We got plenty of time before sundown. Hey, Gantz, lookie
    System: Shows the Dirty Apron to Gantz.
    Gantz: ...Ugh! You found the Legendary Armor.
    Justin: Hah hah! How about that?!
    [Down by the stream, they find another curiosity.]
    Sue: Say, Justin. You thnk this pot could be the Warrior's Helmet?
    Justin: Yeah, I think you're right! This must be the Warrior's Helmet! He he
            he, just you wait, Gantz!
    System: "Battered Pot" acquired!
    [They show Gantz the find.]
    Gantz: What's wrong, Justin! You give up looking for the "Four Treasures"
    Justin: He he! Look at this before you say that, Gantz!!
    System: Shows the Battered Pot to Gantz.
    Gantz: ...Ugh! You found the Warrior's Helmet, too. The two remaining treasures
           are the Shield of Light and the Spirit Sword. Find the Shield first!!
           The Shield of Light! It's in a place where you "Always hear seagulls
    Sue: Hmm.... Seagulls squawking...?
    [They go to the port and find a shiny object.]
    Sue: Could this pot lid be the "Shield of Light"?
    Justin: Hey! Know what? It does look like a shield. C'mon, let's pick it up.
    System: "Pot Lid" acquired!
    [They return to the gangleader.]
    Gantz: Now what didja find? Show me!
    Justin: He he! I brought you the Shield of Light!!
    System: Shows the Pot Lid to Gantz.
    Gantz: ...Ugh! You found the Shield of Light, too. I guess you got three of the
           "Four Treasures".... But don't let it go to your head! You won't find
           the last one, the "Spirit Sword" so easy, Justin!!
    Justin: He he! The Spirit Sword? Piece a' cake! Then I win, Gantz!!
    Sue: But, we didn't see anything like a sword anywhere...
    Gantz: Listen close, Justin! The Spirit Sword is in the treasure chest in my
           house. But, it's locked so you can't open it!! Here's the catch! Where
           d'ya think the key is? Heh heh heh!!
    Justin: The key to the treasure chest.... Hmmm.... Did I see something like
    Gantz: Hey, Justin! Bet it's simple for an adventurer to open a treasure chest,
           right! If ya can't do it, don't ya go around saying you're an
           adventurer. Deal?
    [They search around town and find Gantz' brother.]
    Tentz: What do I do? What do I do...? Sniff, sniff.... Waah, waah! Waaaaaaaaah!
    Justin: Hey, what's wrong, Tentz! Why are you crying?
    Tentz: (Sniff, sniff....) I'll tell you, but will you promise not to tell
           I can't if you don't tell me.
            Tentz: Waaaaaaah! Oh, NOOO!! Gantz is gonna kill me! Waaaaaaah!
                   Waaaaaaah!! Somebuddy help me! (Sniff, sniff....)
           No way, I'll tell Gantz.
            Tentz: Oh NOOOO, Oh NOOOO! Don't tell Gantz that I lost the key to his
                   treasure chest!!
    Sue: Hmm, now I see. You lost the key to the treasure chest holding the Spirit
    Tentz: How, how did you know!? Sue, can you read my mind or something!?
    Sue: Tee hee.... Tentz, you're so gullible. C'mon, stop crying. We'll help you
         look for it. Right, Justin?!
    Justin: I guess we have no choice. ...Say, Tentz, where do you think you lost
            the key?
    Tentz: (Sniff, sniff....) Well, I just fell down near the river by the cafe.
    Sue: OK, I bet it's there. Let's look around down by the river!
    [They crawl around for a bit.]
    Justin: Hey, what's this? I found it!
    Tentz: Yeah, that's it! I'm so glad you found it! Thanks, Justin and Sue.
    Justin: Well, what'd you know! Tentz can be so sweet!
    Tentz: I'll never forget this, Justin. Well...I'll definitely remember until
           the day after tomorrow!
    Sue: Look at you. You were bawling like a baby and now you're back to the usual
    Tentz: Big brother Gantz told me not to give this key to you, Justin. But you
           know...I'll give it to you anyway! I can't be indebted to anyone, if I'm
           gonna be a man!!
    System: "Treasure Chest Key" acquired!
    Tentz: But Justin, you tell him that you took it from me by force, OK?
           Otherwise Gantz'll beat me up! The treasure chest holding the Spirit
           Sword is at my house. Come along with me, Justin and Sue!
    [They go to Gantz' house.]
    Justin: All right. Finally! Now we can open the treasure chest!!
    Sue: I'm so excited, Justin. Puffy must be too. (note)
    Puffy: Puff Puff!
    Justin: Here goes...! ... ... ... Here it is! This is the "Spirit Sword"!!
    System: "Wooden Sword" acquired.
    [They return to the bridge with their prize. Gantz' barricade is gone.]
    Man: Why do you guys keep pulling these pranks all the time?! Are you
         listening, Gantz?!
    Justin: Look at that, Sue. Greg is telling Gantz off good! Hee, hee. What a
    Sue: We told gantz to stop blocking the bridge. He really is stupid! It was
         Gantz who stacked those boxes on the bridge, so let's just act casual and
         walk by. (heart)
    Greg: Huh? Wait a second, Justin! Weren't you two playing together with Gantz,
    Justin: Surely you jest!? There's no way I'd be caught dead playing with Gantz!
    Sue: That's right, Greg, sir! We just happened to be passing by. Right, Puffy?
    Puffy: Puff! Puff Puff!
    Gantz: 'Course you wouldn't! There's now way that I, Gantz, would be playin'
           with Justin!! Me an' Justin are havin' a DUEL!!
    Greg: What!? What's the meaning of this, Justin?!
    Justin: B-busted! Make a break for it, Sue!
    [They run to Justin's house in South Parm.]
    Sue: Ha, ha, ha, ha...!
    Justin: Ahhhh, we made it! But he didn't have to get THAT mad. Right, Sue?
    Sue: It's just that all the regular things you do are bad. That's why no one
         believes you!
    Lilly: HEY! JUSTIN!!
    [She hits him with a tray.]
    Justin: OUCH! Mom! What did I do?!
    Lilly: How many times do I have to tell you? No dirty shoes in the kitchen!
    Justin: Even so, you don't have to hit me with your tray!
    Lilly: Don't talk back to me! You know the rules of the Seagull Restaurant...
           "Always Keep the Kitchen Clean!" Come on, I have work to do. Out you go!
           My little troublemaker. You could at least help, if you're going to be
           in the kitchen.
    Sue: Hello, Aunt Lilly. If you keep whacking Justin's head, he's gonna get
    Lilly: Tee hee hee he! Don't worry, Sue. Justin's brain can't get any worse
           than it already is!
    Justin: Mom! I'm hurt. How could you say such things about your only darling
    Lilly: Ha ha. Well, why don't you just be good, so I don't have to, hmm,
    Justin: UGH! I've been gettin' in trouble all day today!
    Lilly: Getting...in trouble? JUUU-- SSSS-- TIII-- NNNN! Now just what were you
           doing today? Listen, Justin. I won't get mad, so tell me the truth!
    Justin: Yeah you will! Even if I tell the truth, you still get mad. All the
    Lilly: Don't give me that! Have you ever really told me the truth? Come, now!
           Tell me straight!! What exactly where you doing today?
           Mom. Getting mad gives you wrinkles.
            [Lilly hits him with the tray.]
            Lilly: That's none of your business!
           I've been busy since morning.
            Justin: I've been busy since morning. All day. I had a lot of things to
                    do. So I didn't have any time to do any of the things you're
                    worried about, Mom!
            Lilly: Hmmm.... If you were so busy, what were you doing?
            Justin: Well, um, um, well... I forgot, it's been so long.
            [She hits him with the tray.]
            Lilly: You forgot? It was just today!
           I wasn't doing anything! Ask Sue!!
            Justin: I wasn't doing anything! Ask Sue!! Even I can't get into
                    mischief every day, right?
            Lilly: Is that right, Sue?
            Sue: That's right, Aunt Lilly! Justin didn't do anything bad today.
                 Y-y-you gotta believe me!
            Lilly: ...Really?
            Sue: Y-yeah.... Well, he wasn't nearly as bad as the day before
            [She hits Justin with the tray.]
    Lilly: I thought so! Didn't I tell you to tell the truth? I just can't believe
           this kid. You listening? I don't know what you did, but don't get into
           mischief that gets other people angry! Come, let's have dinner. I tried
           out a new dish. Why don't you join us Sue?
    Sue: But is it OK eating here every day?
    Lilly: Didn't I tell you before? You can eat here whenever you want. Both of
           you, come upstairs.
    [They go upstairs to dinner.]
    Lilly: Today, the curator of the museum came to have lunch here. Funny, he
           always brings a sack lunch. Oh, yeah, he asked me to tell you something.
           He wants you to go over to the museum tomorrow. He said he wants to
           return something that you left with him. Hope it's not some of that
           junk again.
    Sue: I've been running so much, I'm starving! That was a real adventure, huh!
    Justin: But you know, my ancestors all had much greater adventures! Look at
            their pictures on the wall!
    Sue: Justin, is that your Dad, the one on the end?
    Justin: Sure is! Some day I'll put my own picture along with the rest! Right
            next to Dad's picture!
    Lilly: Can I try guessing what you left with the curator? Was it the Spirit
           Stone from your Dad? Your Dad was not the kind of man to lie. But that
           being a Spirit Stone.... But you know, when I first met him, he always
           wore it around his neck. It was really special to him.
    Sue: Wow! Can you tell me about how you and Justin's Dad first me? Please!
    Lilly: We first me on board a ship on a night with no moon or waves. It was a
           very quiet night.
    Sue: Did you hear that, Justin? It was a quiet night on the sea! How romantic!
    Lilly: But suddenly, pirates appeared and took over your Dad's ship in the wink
           of an eye.
    Justin: Wow! A terrifying turn of events! C'mon, what happened then?
    Lilly: The leader of the band of pirates got a look at the Spirit Stone that
           your Dad wore around his neck. The pirate drew a sword and said: "Gimme
           that Stone!" But your Dad obstinately refused.
    Justin: Wow, that's just like Dad! What happened then?
    Lilly: Struck by the courage of your Dad, the pirate leader decided to give up
           being a pirate, on the spot!
    Justin: The pirate that attacked Dad, what was he like? Maybe a strong "Man of
            the Sea" type?
    Lilly: Ah, ha, ha, ha! Not at all! The pirate was a girl just your age! A
           beauty named "Lilly the Skull"!
    Justin: I've heard that name somewhere. Hmm, Lilly....Lilly...hah! Lilly,
            that's you, Mom!!
    Lilly: Ah, ha, ha, ha! You finally noticed! I was pretty young then. I did a
           lot of things I regret.
    [Justin finishes his plate.]
    Lilly: Huh? Don't you want to eat any more? If you want seconds, we have plenty
           OK, can I have seconds?
            Lilly: Here you go! Make sure you chew it well!
           I'm full. I can't eat any more.
            Justin: That was delicious. I'm full!
    Sue: Say, Justin. We're going to see the curator tomorrow, right? Don't forget!
    [The next day...]
    Sue: Good morning, Justin! Are you ready to go?
    [They head to the museum.]
    Clerk: Welcome to the great General Baal Museum, dedicated to the advancement
           of national archeology! Why, it's Justin and Sue. Welcome! Have you come
           to talk to the curator?
    [They find the man they're lookin' for.]
    Justin: Hi, Mr. Curator!
    Sue: Hello, Mr. Curator!
    Curator: Oh, you came at just the right time. Look, Justin! It's a new Icarian
             Statue! I just finished its restoration!
    Justin: Wow. Is this a statue of an Icarian? I've never seen this type.
    Curator: Yes, when I checked with Garlyle, it seems that it was found at the
             Dom Ruins on the New Continent Elencia.
    Justin: Wow! The Dom Ruins, eh? The biggest ruins on the New Continent of
            Elencia. I'd like to go!
    Curator: I bet you would. Bet you would.... Yes! It's what you look for that
             makes you a man, Justin. According to the Angelou myths told in Parm,
             Icarians used the power of Spirit Stones to create a dream world.
             Stories are told of floating cities and ships that travel to the
    Justin: Steam engines that run forever!
    Curator: The Spirit Sanctuary frozen in time!
    Justin & Curator: Great immortal priests who never age!!
    Sue: Are you two finished yet?
    Justin: Sorry, Sue! We'll be through in a minute!
    Sue: OK! But just a minute. (note) After all, I am a very understanding woman,
    Curator: Hah hah hah! Yet, if we consider these utopian fantasies apart from
             myths...these Icarians must have been thought of as kings who
             possessed great power. Archeologically, that much is certain.
             Archeologically, these kings must have created the Spirits and Spirit
             Stones in order to justify their presence.
    Justin: Awwww. That's not very interesting. Archeology has no romance.
    Curator: Hah hah hah! Sorry about that! I like dreamy stories myself. Justin, I
             guess you get bored when ancient myths become research.
    Justin: That's right. I can't quite get in the mood today! It might all have
            been true, right?
    Curator: That's right, Justin! I cannot prove that it is not all true! Oh, no!
             I almost forgot. It's about the so-called "Spirit Stone" left by your
    Justin: So you examined it for me! I bet it was real!
    Curator: Ha ha ha ha. I can't tell if it is real or fake. To begin with, the
             Spirit Stones only exist in myths. I tried to do a chemical analysis
             of the stone, but I couldn't. It is harder than diamond, so I gave up.
    Justin: Harder than diamond.... Really?
    Curator: Until I think of another way to analyze it, I'll give it back.
    System: "Spirit Stone" acquired!
    Curator: If you like, why don't you try analyzing it, Justin? I'll give you
             some hints. When you are finished looking at the statue, come to my
             office! I have something for you, ha, ha, ha!
    [The curator leaves.]
    Justin: The curator has hope for me! Mysteries of the ancient civilization,
            Justin the Adventurer'll solve 'em! The legendary Icarian Statue
            discovered at the Dom Ruins.... Hmmm... I can picture that.
    Sue: Justin, I'm amazed you knew that the Dom Ruins are the largest ruins on
         the New Continent of Elencia.
    Justin: Of course I knew! An adventurer needs to know lots of things! But you
            know, it's no fun just listening to other people's adventure stories.
            Elencia is awaiting me with mountains of exciting things. He he he,
            just look! Someday, I'll find the Angelou that no one else has been
            able to discover!
    [Parts of the statue fall off because Justin rapped on it.]
    Sue: W-w-what are you doing? Justin!?
    Puffy: Puff pufft! PUFF PUFF PUFF!!
    Justin: Now, ju-jus-just calm down! The only thing to do is fix it. C'mon Sue,
            help me!
    Sue: No way! It won't work! We should just be honest and apologize.
    Justin: I can't do it. You saw how happy the curator looked when he restored
            this statue. I can't tell him. I remember what it looked like!!
    [Justin puts it together...incorrectly.]
    Sue: You sure that's right? I think it looked a little different.
    Justin: Maybe...but it's about 70% right, don't you think? On a test, that's a
            passing grade, right!
    Sue: That's not the point, Justin.
    [They visit the office.]
    Curator: Oh, here it is!! I was keeping it in my pocket, so I would always be
             ready to give it to you and see your smiling face.
    Justin: Ah hah hah ha. Mr. Curator, are you getting senile in your old age?
    Curator: Hah hah hah. You're never at a loss for words. Anyway.... I just heard
             a loud crash. Did something happen?
    Justin: Wha-what do we do, Sue? Think we should tell him the truth? Maybe....
    Sue: Y-You figure it out. I don't know what to do! C'mon, say something or
         he'll know something's wrong.
         No. Nothing at all.
          Curator: Are you sure nothing happened?
          Really, really, nothing happened!
         Actually...I broke the statue.
          Curator: Hah hah hah!! Justin, you ARE a joker. If you broke the statue,
                   I just finished repairing, my poor heart couldn't take it.
    Curator: Putting aside the jokes, I have something good for you.
    Justin: COOL! What is it!?
    Curator: Hah hah hah! My present to you...is THIS!!
    System: "Letter of Introduction" acquired.
    Curator: The Garlyle Forces are searching the Sult Ruins again. I arranged for
             two people to visit.
    Justin: ...WOW!? Really? Thank you, Mr. Curator!!
    Sue: Isn't this great, Justin? (heart) You kept saying that you wanted to go
         to the Sult Ruins!
    Puffy: Puff Puff
    Curator: I'm just happy to see your faces. Show this Letter of Introduction
             and the army will let you visit. Justin! You go find out for yourself
             if the Spirit Stone is real or not!!
    [They leave.]
    Justin: Whew! We made it. Think we got away clean?
    Voice: AAAAAH! The Icarian Statue! I just finished fixing it!!
    Justin: Uh-oh! We're in deep stuff now! What'll we do now? You think we should
            go back and apologize straight out? Maybe the curator will forgive...
    Voice: Who was it! Who did this! Now I have to work day and night to fix it all
           over again!
    Justin: Nope. No way! If we go back now, he'll take back the Letter of
            Introduction for sure.
    Sue: You're right.... I feel bad about the curator, but let's come back and
         apologize later.
    02) SULT RUINS                                                           [WK02]
    [The kids arrive at the dig site.]
    Guard: Who goes there? This is no place for children.
    Justin: Hang on, look at this! An Intro Letter from the Curator!
    Guard: What? It is. What could that Curator be thinking, giving this letter to
           such children?
    Justin: Don't worry about that. Just let us in, OK?
    Guard: Mmmm. Oh well. You can go in.
    [They get inside the gate and hear some women speaking to their subordinates.]
    Purple-Haired Woman: 'TenSHUN! Soldiers, fall in! Salute!
    Orange-Haired Woman: Listen up! After traveling all the way from the New
                         Continent, we won't tolerate failure! Be sharp out there!
    Green-Haired Woman: Meet at the stage on level one. Call roll by regiment as
                        soon as you arrive and stand by for orders.
    Purple-Haired Woman: 'TenSHUN! Fall in! Right face! March! Double time!!
    [The subordinates exit.]
    Purple-Haired Woman: Say, Saki? It was your troops who made us late. Aren't you
                         a little lax on discipline?
    Saki: Don't give me that, Nana! The last time they were late, I made 'em all
          give me 3000 squats!!
    Green-Haired Woman: Oooh, Saki.... You're such a muscle freak. I'd make 'em go
                        without rations for 100 days.
    Nana: Oh, Mio! You're too kind! If it were me, I'd give 'em 5000 lashes! Then,
          I'd pickle 'em in brine and give 'em 100 days in the brig. Oooh, ho, ho,
    Saki: That would kill 'em!
    Mio: If Herr Mullen were to get wind of that he'd have your head.
    Nana: No problem! I'd just swear 'em to secrecy, and Herr Mullen'd never be the
          wiser! Oooh, ho, ho, ho!!
    Nana & Mio: Hoo, hoo.
    Mio: Come on, we need to get going too, or we'll be late for the rendezvous.
    Saki: Right, Mio. If we were to be late, it'd be harder to discipline the
    [They spot the kids.]
    Nana: How could children be here!? How'd you get into the Sult Ruins?
    Justin: Say, say! The ruins are underground, right? Can I see them? Take us
    Nana: How suspicious! Who are you?! I show no mercy, even to kids. Now ANSWER!!
          Run away right now.
           Sue: Just a second, Justin! We didn't do anything wrong. Why run?
                They'll suspect us.
          Talk with Sue about what to do.
           Sue: Um... I hate those three. They've got bad attitudes!
          Show them the Curator's Intro Letter.
           Justin: We came to visit the Sult Ruins. Look, we got a Letter of
                   Introduction from the curator of the Baal Museum!
    Nana: Letter of Introduction? This?
    Saki: Hmm?
    Mio: I guess...it does look real.
    Justin: See? We're not suspicious at all! So take us underground with you.
    Nana: Underground...huh. All right. But first just show me that Letter of
    System: "Letter of Introduction" given.
    [She tears it up.]
    Justin: Yikes!
    Sue: Oh no!
    Mio: Bye-bye!
    Nana: See? No more Letter of Introduction. Now you twerps are illegal
          intruders, maybe?
    Saki: That's right. (note) Now we must catch the intruders, torture them and...
          execute them!
    Mio: But since you are children, we'll overlook this just once. Leave the Sult
         Ruins at once.
    Nana: Come, let's go. Saki! Mio!! There's no time to be bothering with these
    [They leave.]
    Sue: How AWFUL! Who do they think they are!! Anyway, Justin.... Oh well, let's
         go home.
    Justin: No way, Sue!! An adventurer can't back down now!
    Sue: Justin, you really want to go down? Didn't you hear what those three said?
    Justin: I did.... But they are so secretive, there's got to be something there.
            They practically told us that there are secrets. An adventurer can't
            ignore that!
    Sue: Oh, Justin, but you know, I thought it'd come to this!
    [They continue to find soldiers gathering.]
    Woman: Garlyle Force, Mullen Company, fall in! Face...forward! Sult Ruins
           Special Survey Team...roll call! Squad leaders, front and center!
    Nana: Sergeant Nana, leader of the Bloody Rose Squad reporting!
    Saki: Sergeant Saki, leader of the Lightning Star Squad all men accounted for!
    Mio: Sergeant Mio, leader of the Desert Moon Squad all men present!
    Woman: Colonel Mullen will now address the troops before deployment. All
           soldiers, listen carefully!
    Sergeants: Yes, Lieutenant!
    Mullen: My dear soldiers, our squad will now commence the final excavation of
            the Sult Ruins. Operation Yggdrassil is entering the final stage! Now
            we only have to find the last remaining piece! I needn't remind you
            that the depths of these ruins are dangerous. You may even be risking
            your life. However! This is our time!! You, the honorable Garlyle
            Forces, will bring a great boon to humanity! Go! you, the elite of
            Garlyle, will open the door to the wisdom of the ancient Angelou
            Civilization! I am counting on every one of you!!
    Sergeants: Yes Sir!
    Woman: Bloody Rose Squad, you take the east. Lightning Star Squad has the
           west. Desert Moon Squad, take the south. You have your assignments.
           We're counting on you. Good luck.
    Sergeants: Yes, Lieutenant.
    [The soldiers clear out.]
    Woman: The time is 15:06 hours. All squads have begun operations.
    Mullen: Mmm... Leen, you've also become quite an able aide-de-camp.
    Leen: Huh...? Oh...thank you, Herr Mullen.
    Mullen: Ha, ha... Well...let's get to work ourselves. Let's go, Leen!
    Leen: Yes, sir!
    [The room is empty.]
    Sue: Justin, you hear that?
    Justin: Sure. Sounds like something's here. Let's go, Sue!!
    [They stumble upon some unaware soldiers.]
    Soldier 1: HEY! You see that!? It was Colonel Mullen in person!
    Soldier 2: Wow, I finally saw him in person....
    Soldier 1: What could there be in such out-of-the-way ruins?
    Justin: Hey! You hear, Sue? Sounds like something incredible's happening!
    [They soon eavesdrop on the three sergeants.]
    Nana: She is such an eyesore! That Leen...! Why does SHE have to come along?
          Just when we got duty that gets us close to Herr Mullen, she has to come
          spoil the mood!
    Saki: Yeah, she's just always next to Herr Mullen! She just GALLS me!
    Mio: According to my calculations, Leen's career as an aide-de-camp is almost
    Saki: Mio, are you plotting something? Maybe thumbtacks in Leen's boots?
    Mio: Oh no, a much more cunning plan. I put something in her food that will
         make her hiccup incessantly.
    Nana: I LOVE it! Herr Mullen is sure to look at Leen differently when he sees
          squawking like a goose.
    Saki: But we don't want any more failures like last time when you tried to make
          her sneeze incessantly.
    Mio: That was YOUR fault, Nana and Saki, when you put it in Herr Mullen's food
         by mistake, right!?
    Nana: Well, it can happen to anyone. Anyway! This is the demise of that woman,
          right!? Oh hohoho!
    [Near the dungeon's end, the duo finds more soldiers.]
    Soldier: Hmm.... Nothing happens. It's quite suspicious, though. Very unnatural
             to be just a statue. I think it's best to report to Herr Mullen.
    Soldier 2: Hmm.... I think you're right. Let's go!
    [Justin and Sue come out of cover.]
    Justin: That was close! If we didn't hide so quick, we would've been busted.
            This must be the statue those soldiers were talking about. It does look
    Sue: Justin! What was that? Justin, your bottom is shining!
    Justin: It's my pocket! Could it be the Spirit Stone inside...!? The Spirit
            Stone is...!? I've never seen this before!
    Sue: Wow! Is it hot!? Justin!
    Justin: Wha-what!?
    [The stone's illumination unlocks the statue's hidden passage.]
    Justin: So this statue was a door. It seems like we can go further down here.
    Sue: But...why did it open? Was it the light of the Spirit Stone?
    Justin: That's got to be it, Sue! This Spirit Stone is related to the ancient
            civilization!! That's it! This must be a real Spirit Stone.... Hee hee,
            hee hee hee! COOL, we're the first ones here! Even the guys in the
            Garlyle Forces haven't come in here!!
    [They find a door past some weird statues.]
    Justin: Cool! I've never heard of ruins like this. It moves by itself! I'm
            sure great discoveries of the Angelou Civilization lie ahead!! Right,
    Sue: Justin! The Spirit Stone is shining again!
    [The statues' light beams open the door.]
    Justin: Sue...!! Look!! Angelou is calling!
    [They find a dead-end room.]
    Justin: Did you say something, Sue?
    Sue: Uh-uuh! I didn't say anything.
    [A shining orb appears.]
    Justin: Yikes! COOL!! Whoaaa!
    Sue: Eek! What was that!?
    [A light blinds the room.]
    Woman: Welcome, he who holds the Spirit Stone...symbol of the promise between
           the Humans and the Spirits.
    Justin: Who...who are you!?
    Liete: I am Liete of Alent. I have lived through and inherited the history of
    [Sue and Justin see a vision of their planet from outer space.]
    Justin: What...? Wha-what's going on!?
    Sue: Aaaaah! We're gonna faaall!
    Liete: Don't be scared. This is the land you live in when seen from the height
           of the stars. Come, please tell me. What were you seeking when you
           opened the door?
    Justin: Gee...you're sorta putting me on the spot. Hey...! How did you know
            that I have a Spirit Stone!?
    Liete: All power is born from the light of the Spirit Stone. Without it, the
           Door of Angelou does not open.
    Justin: But Angelou is just a mythical world.
    Liete: It is no myth. The Stone that you hold is the ancient symbol of the
           promise between the Humans and Spirits. Look.
    [She shows the two images of antiquity.]
    Liete: A world created by an eternal promise, between the light of the Spirits
           and the wings of the Icarians...this is the world of Angelou. The light
           of the Icarians and the grace of the Spirits will not wane, lest all
           of the stars sparkling in the sky turn to embers. Ever since receiving
           the blessing of the Spirits, the people unyoked themselves of the
           original restrictions and began to walk along the path of evolution.
           The light of the Icarians and that of the Spirit Stones are the symbols
           of peace in this world. The Spirit Stone that you hold should really
           stay always with an Icarian.
    Sue: Say, Justin. Doesn't that sound a lot like what's written in the myths of
    Justin: I thought so too! If so, then how are the myths related to the Angelou
            Civilization?! Uh, Liete...is that your name? Please tell me! Are those
            myths true?!
    Liete: ... ......
    Justin: Please tell me, Liete! Are the myths of Angelou true?
    Liete: ...... One who desires one answer to one question...or many answers...
           must head for Alent. Do you desire many answers?
           I've got LOTS of questions!
            Liete: If you desire many answers, then you must leave on a long, long
                   journey toward Alent, ever toward the east. In your long
                   journey, you may lose your way. However, the light of the Spirit
                   Stone is sure to lead you to the right way. As long as you have
                   the Spirit Stone. He who has the Spirit Stone...if you desire
                   many answers, head for Alent.
           Ummm...what should I do?
            Liete: Well, then I have no more to say. The door to Alent opens only
                   for one who desires many answers. I see you want to know more.
                   Are you one who desires many answers after all?
            - That's right! So please tell me!!
            - Many answers, huh...not really.
    Justin: Toward the east? Alent...? Could that mean...? You want me to cross
            the sea and go to Elencia, the New World?! Liete! Is Alent...!? Will I
            be able to meet you, in the New World, Liete!? If I go to the New
            World, can I meet the real Liete and real Icarians? WAIT, Liete!!
    Liete: Don't forget...the light of the Spirit Stone will lead you to Alent.
           Now...go. I am Liete of Alent. I am the one to wait for eternity.
    [She disappears.]
    Sue: She's...gone...now. Liete...
    Justin: Ah.... 
    Sue: We saw lots of things, but...it almost feels like it was all a dream.
    Justin: Uh, huh.... That WAS really like a dream.
    Sue: Justin! That light! Did you just see a light!?
    Justin: Wha-what's that!? The Spirit Stone...it's shining!!
    Sue: Incredible! That's incredible, Justin!!
    Justin: It IS real...! That's right! This IS a real Spirit Stone!! Liete and
            everything we've seen is no fairy tale! It's all REAL!!
    Sue: You're right, Justin!
    Justin: I've decided! I'm going to Alent!! I'm going to meet the Icarians! I'm
            going to discover the Angelou Civilization and surprise everyone! And
            then...and then... Oh, WOW! Anyway, I'm going to Alent! For sure!! The
            only one who can do it is me...the adventurer Justin!! YESSSSS! I'm
            gonna show them!!
    [They backtrack and run into...]
    Mullen: ...! Who goes there!?
    Justin: Yikes! We're busted!
    Mullen: What is a child doing here? Where did you come from? Leen, go secure
            the exit.
    Leen: Yes sir, Colonel Mullen.
    Mullen: I have many questions for you two. Don't think you can get away!
    [He draws his sword.]
    Sue: Wha-wha-what do we do!? Justiiiin!
    Justin: I'll figure out something!
    Mullen: If you do not answer truthfully...know that your life is in jeopardy.
    Leen: Col...Colonel Mullen, they're just children -- please nothing rash.
    Mullen: I understand. But one who makes a fool of me, even a child....
    Sue: Thi-this man... He's serious, Justin. His eyes are not smiling.
    Mullen: First, tell me your name.
            Listen carefully! I am Alexander.
             Mullen: Alexander, you say...a valiant name. But that girl called you
                     a different name, right, Justin?
            My name is...Justin.
             Mullen: So you decided to answer truthfully. That girl there has been
                     calling out your name.
            I have no name for you to call me!
             Mullen: If you want to be coy, you need to think a little more. That
                     girl there has been calling out your name, Justin.
    Mullen: NOW, be prepared before you answer. Continue your foolish obstinacy...
            and that girl will die, too.
    Leen: Colonel Mullen!
    Mullen: It's unavoidable, in the line of duty. My boy, remember that this
            girl's life is in your hands. Did you open the door into here?
            It was already open!
            I dunno anything about a door.
             Justin: (dodging sword swing) Yikes!
             Mullen: I said to be prepared! Boy, I will give you only one chance.
                     You get no second chance!
             Sue: Justin!! You're bleeding!!
             Mullen: The door was certainly closed. That is what my soldiers
                     reported! I'd be honored to be the last person you ever meet,
                     but if you don't want that, answer seriously.
            I guess I did open it, huh?
             Mullen: My, my...is that so? But neither the adventurers nor our men
                     could open it until now. Now I shall ask you another question.
    Mullen: What exactly did you see in the depths of these ruins?
            I saw a mysterious, pretty girl!
             Mullen: A mysterious woman...? Liete of Alent! Liete...really
            A strange room, but nothing else.
             Mullen: Nothing? I see the lie in your face. Looks like you won't
                     cooperate. I have no time to waste. I will kill you and ask
                     the girl.
             Sue: STOP!! We saw a woman and strange lights!!
             Mullen: He, he. The girl is smarter than you. Be thankful to that
                     girl. If she were not here, you would be dead. A woman and
                     light...a woman... Liete of Alent! The lights were Spirits!!
            Strange lights and ancient images.
             Mullen: Strange lights...? Spirits...? Could be images from the early
                     ages of the Angelou Civilization. Hmm...I see. There still ARE
                     people like you who have the spirit of adventure.
    Leen: Colonel Mullen, what will you do with these two? You can't be thinking
    Mullen: Don't worry, Leen. Angelou is a major military secret. We'll keep them
            as informants.
    Sue: Whaaaaat! Are you going to take us away? I thought I could go home
    Mullen: My dear...sorry, but you will never see your family again.
    Sue: Huh? NOOO! You mean we're trapped for life!? NOOO! NO, NO, NO!
    Justin: Don't worry, Sue! The two of us can take care of these guys!!
    Mullen: My, my...but even if you escape here, there is still one trap ahead.
            You'll never escape Sult Ruins! He, he, he. So how do you plan to
            escape from me?
    Sue: Ooooooooh!! Justin...um.... (whisper, whisper)....
    Justin: Hmm. OK.... Here goes! It's sink or swim!! Sue, let's go!
    Sue: OK! Take that! Spin, spin, round and round!!
    Mullen: Huh!?
    [She steps on the floor panel and strands Mullen's team on a ledge.]
    Justin: Come! Let's go, Sue!!
    Mullen: Argh! So this is how it works! Come back here!!
    [They escape back to the B2 area.]
    Sue: L-look! Justin!! What's that!?
    [They defeat the boss.]
    Justin: What was that!? That wasn't there when we came!
    Sue: Yeah...that guy named Mullen said there was a trap. Think that was it?
    Justin: It doesn't matter. Anyway, let's get out of here!
    [They beat a hasty retreat. The stranded soldiers show up afterwards.]
    Mullen: I can't believe it.... They defeated the Rock Bird, too. Haaaah hah
    Leen: Col...Colonel Mullen!?
    Mullen: Those guys are amazing!! They managed to even escape me!
    Leen: Colonel Mullen...? Um.... Shouldn't we chase them?
    Mullen: Having a little information about the Angelou Civilization get out will
            not undermine our plans. Let him go. I respect his recklessness. What
            was the name of that boy?
    Leen: He said it was Justin.
    Mullen: Justin.... Quite a character he is. I had fun, for the first time in a
            while! Haah, hahaha!
    Justin: All RIGHT! We got away!! Hee hee. It wasn't a dream! I did have a
            great adventure.
    Sue: Just wait a second! Isn't it too soon to run away? It's evening already.
         Let's go back to Parm.
    03) PORT TOWN OF PARM [II]                                               [WK03]
    Sue: I guess there's nothing like an adventure to make you hungry. C'mon, let's
         go home!
    [They go to the restaurant.]
    Sue: Say, say, Justin. It's all great going to see Liete and everything....
         But, do you know how to get to the New Continent?
    Justin: 'Course I know! We just need to get on a ship!
    Sue: OK, then how do we get them to let us on the ship?
    Justin: Uh, well, we just....I know, we'll just ask Mom. She's sure to know!
    Lilly: Welcome home, Justin and Sue. Dinner's ready. Wash your hands and come
           I want to play some more.
            Lilly: OK. So you want to play some more? Be sure to be back before
                   dark, or your dinner will get cold.
            Sue: Aw, come on, Justin. I'm really hungry. Let's eat, OK!
           Great! I'm really hungry!!
            [They go upstairs.]
    [At the dinner table...]
    Justin: Say, Mom! How can we get on a ship to the New Continent?
    Lilly: What is this all of a sudden? Well, I always used to go back and forth
           on my own ship.
    Sue: That's right, you used to be "Lilly the Skull," right?
    Lilly: Well, if you want to know about ships, why don't you go to the port?
    Justin: That's it! That's one way to do it! C'mon Sue. We're going to the port
    Lilly: Anyway, Justin. Today you're dirtier than usual. Where exactly were you
    Justin: Not playing! With an introduction from the curator, we went to the Sult
            Mines and were doing si-untific resurch!
    Lilly: Whoo. Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha! You, doing scientific research!? Ah, ha, ha,
           ha! Now that's funny!
    Justin: What's so funny? Hmm, I wonder what si-untific resurch means anyway?
    Lilly: Now that you mention it, the curator praised you very highly. He said
           you were being very good.
    Justin: YESS! Now he might forgive me for breaking the statue. Oops! Now I did
    Lilly: HEY! Justin! I didn't hear anything about that! What exactly did you
    Sue: The New Continent is Elencia, right? Which is bigger - Elencia or Messina,
         where Parm is?
    Lilly: Hmm. Well, there's nothing on the other side of the "End of the World".
    Justin: Hey, I know! The "End of the World" is where the world ends on the New
            Continent, right!? Hmm, but you know, there's something that I don't
            quite understand. Is there really an end of the world?
    [They finish.]
    Justin: That was delicious. I'm full!
    Lilly: A way to get to the New Continent.... We'll try to find one starting
           tomorrow, right, Justin!?
    [The next day...]
    Sue: Good morning, Justin! Are you ready to go? C'mon, let's go to the harbor,
         Justin! Aren't we going to ask about the ship?
    [At the port...]
    Sailor: Even if it is the rule of the sea, throwing people overboard in a
            barrel is no fun. But that's what you get for trying to stowaway
            without getting a Steamer pass.
    Justin: A Steamer pass...? Oh! You can't get on a ship to the New World without
            a passport?!
    Sailor: Boy, don't you even know that? Except for sailors and soldiers,
            everyone else needs a pass.
    Justin: Well then, how do you get this pass? I wanna go to the New World, too!
    Sailor: Hmm? Getting one from someone else is the fastest way, maybe? I
            remember an old man in the cafe in North Parm telling adventure
            stories showing everyone a smelly old pass. I think his name was Java.
    Justin: He's an adventurer too? So I'll just go ask this guy named Java. The
            cafe is in North Parm, right?
    [They find a woman outside the cafe.]
    Woman: Aaah, he better come back soon, or we can't do business. AARRGH!
    Justin: Say there, we want to see an adventurer who comes to this cafe! Can we
            come in, Ma'am?
    Woman: Don't be silly. You're still a kid! Anyway, I'm busy! That silly boy. He
           took the key with him, AGAIN!
    Justin: Hmm. So someone took the key to the cafe and went somewhere, right? All
            right! I'll go find him for you!
    Woman: Wow. You sure? OK, if you bring back the key, I'll let you in tonight.
           Aaargh, that silly boy! He must be off at the harbor, watching the
           seagulls again.
    [They revisit the port.]
    Man: Not another day of washing dishes! The pay isn't bad but I get bushed. My
         hands get rough, too.
    Sue: Hey, Justin, this must be him! The guy who has the key.
    Justin: Right! It has to be! Hey, sir, do you happen to have the key to the
    Man: Huh? The key? Oh! That's right, I still have it in my pocket! Would you
         guys take it back? Say "Hi" to the owner for me. Tell her I'll be there
    System: "Key to the Cafe" acquired!
    [They return.]
    Justin: Ma'am! Ma'am! I found it! Isn't this it? The key to the cafe!
    System: Gives her the "Cafe Key"
    Woman: Yes, yes! This is it! Glad I can finally open the cafe! Thanks for all
           your help, you two. We got some good jellyfish stew in, so the customers
           will be happy.
    Justin: I'm so glad, Ma'am! So, as you promised...?
    Woman: OK, OK. I'll be ready to open in a little while, so come back then.
    [Meanwhile, on an airship somewhere...]
    Baal: It has taken a long time, Mullen. And the difficulties have been great.
    Mullen: Yes. I apologize, Father. There were unforeseen distractions.
    Baal: Refrain from giving me excuses. Just tell me the results. Did you find
    Mullen: Forgive me, Father. I have not lived up to your expectations. I am
            prepared for the consequences.
    Baal: ... ... Consequences? Mullen, if you are not capable of producing
          results, who is? I can think of no one. Make preparations for the next
          strategic plan. Prepare to move out!
    [He leaves.]
    Leen: Why is General Baal in such a hurry? The plan was proceeding smoothly.
    Mullen: He is probably just very tired. Father has his own way of looking at
            things. Your comments are not required.
    Leen: Forgive me, Colonel! I forgot my place.
    Mullen: Lieutenant Leen, I did not mean it that way.
    Leen: Sir...yes sir.
    Mullen: At any rate, we got nothing from the Sult expedition. Heh, heh. Ha, ha,
            ha, ha, ha.
    Leen: Colonel Mullen...?
    Mullen: The boy was amusing.... "Justin," I believe?
    Leen: Colonel...? It has been a while since I've seen you laugh like that,
    Mullen: I was thinking that it'd be nice to have at least one in our ranks with
            as much energy as that boy. At least we would be certain that things
            would never be boring! Ha, ha, ha! Leen. Prepare for departure.
            Destination: Elencia!
    [Back in Parm, it's now nightfall.]
    Sue: Say, Justin, I can't wait to find out what kind of an adventurer Java is!
         Let's go! Off to the cafe!
    [They reach the bar.]
    Justin: Here it is! I've never been to a cafe before. Sorta exciting.
    Sue: It's OK. Don't worry! No one is going to get mad. Let's go in!
    [They go downstairs.]
    Kirlian: Oh, MY! Welcome! You kids really helped out! In gratitude, you can
             have WHATEVER YOU WANT. (heart)
    Justin: Ah hahaha! COOL! But Miss Kirlian, did we do anything you need to thank
            us for?
    Kirlian: Don't you remember, Justin! You brought back the key to the shop
    Justin: WHAAAAT!! That old lady, was that you, Miss Kirlian!? Can't be!
    Sue: You didn't recognize her? By changing her mind and body with makeup, a
         woman is an enchantress!
    Kirlian: A woman is an enchantress, you say? Ah hahaha! You have a way with
             words, little Sue! Anyway, looks like Java's not here tonight. Too
             bad. You can ask the other customers about him, though.
    [They find a customer.]
    Man: Java, you say? Oh, you must mean that self-styled "great adventurer" Java
         from Leck.
    Justin: Not sure about "self-styled".... But please tell me about THAT Mr.
    Man: Hmm, they say young Java was the best adventurer on Messina. But since
         adventure went out of style, his only joy's been hanging around the cafe
         telling tales. They took the adventure away from the adventure, so now
         he's holed up in Leck Mines.
    Sue: Hmm, I didn't even know anyone lived up at the Leck Mines.
    Kirlian: I just remembered! That Java forgot his wallet the last time he was
             here. Knowing you, I bet you want to go to Leck Mines to meet Java,
    Justin: Hee hee hee. You got it! Actually I'm going tomorrow.
    Kirlian: Well, then could you take this to Java? C'mon, please? PLEASE. (heart)
    System: "Java's Wallet" acquired.
    Justin: To get to Leck Mines, we just take the train from the station, right?
            No problem! Leave it to me!
    Puffy: Puff! PUFFT! Puff Puff PUFFPUFF!
    Sue: OK, OK, Puffy, we get it. Puffy says he's hungry. C'mon, Justin, let's go
    [They go back to the restaurant.]
    Lilly: HEY! JUSTIN!!
    [She smacks him with a tray.]
    Justin: OUCH! Now what's that for, Mom?! Today my shoes aren't so muddy!
    Lilly: What TIME do you think it is?! It's so late, I was worried that you got
           hurt! Well, I'm glad that you two are home safe. C'mon, eat before it
           gets cold.
    Justin & Sue: YESSS, MA'AM!!
    Sue: Now we know where Java lives, so tomorrow we might be able to get a pass
         for the ship, Justin.
    Justin: Wonder if he's a great adventurer. Aw, I can't wait to meet Mr. Java!
    Lilly: I heard that you're going to the Leck Mines to see Mr. Java, right? It's
           dangerous, so don't go. I guess it's useless telling you, though. You
           ARE the son of an adventurer. But promise me one thing. You have to
           promise to protect Sue! Remember that you are a boy, right!
    Justin: Of course, Mom! I'm an adventurer!! That was delicious. I'm full!
    Sue: Tomorrow we're going to the Leck Mines to see Mr. Java. Don't forget,
    [The next day...]
    Sue: Good morning, Justin! Are you ready to go?
    [At the train station.]
    Clerk: Oh, there you are, Justin! Come to ask to see the engine room again?
    Justin: Not this time. Today I'm going to Leck Mines to bring something to
            Java that he forgot.
    Clerk: Must be something important. Don't worry about the tickets. Just today,
           it's on the house!
    Sue: Really!? Thank you, sir!!
    [They get on the train.]
    04) LECK MINES                                                           [WK04]
    [They disembark.]
    Engineer: Bye now. You two take care!
    Justin: Of course we will! Thanks.
    Sue: Thank you, sir!
    Engineer: I'm not a "sir" quite yet! Ah haha! I can't keep up with these kids.
    [They enter Java's home.]
    Justin: Huh? No one's home. How careless. Oh well. I'll just leave his wallet
    System: "Java's Wallet" left.
    [A crazy geezer busts in.]
    Java: HEY YOUUUUUU!! Who are you!? Barging into my castle like this! Why
          you're a couple of thieves!! Get away from my wallet!
    Justin: YOWZER!? No, you got it wrong! We just came to get a pass!
    Sue: No, no, Justin. He'll misunderstand you! His wallet, WALLET!
    Java: Hoo hahaha. Let is slip, did you? You can't be too careful nowadays.
          C'mon! Give up quietly! I'll cut out yer rotten hearts!
    Sue: Say, Justin. Is this man really Mr. Java? Sure he used to be an
    Java: Hey there little girl! "Used to be an adventurer?" Bah!! "Used to be?"
          Hah! I'm an active adventurer even now!
    Sue: Yow, you have really good ears.
    Justin: Excuse me, we came to ask you a favor, Mr. Java. Actually...
    [They explain.]
    Justin: ...and that's the story.
    Java: I see.... You want my pass to the New World. Hmmm.... Now boy, let me
          ask you one thing. What will you do in the New World?
    Justin: I want to go east. I'll head for Angelou awaiting me on the New World!
    Java: Wha!? Angelou, you say! Har har har har! That takes the cake. Eee
    Justin: Aw, come on! It's no joke!
    Java: Aaah, wahahan! Ah, sorry about that. But Angelou?
    Justin: Angelou really exists! I know it.
    Java: ...... Hmm. I understand you just fine. Depending on the circumstances,
          I might just give you my pass.
    Justin: Really!? So gimme! Thank you!
    Java: Don't be RIDICULOUS!! Who said you're getting it for free!? Overcome the
          trial before you and you may get that which you desire. That's the way of
          an adventurer!!
    Justin: Hee hee! All right. I'll take on that trial!
    Sue: That's right. No problem. Right, Justin?
    Java: Well said!! Listen. Never lose that spirit! Aaah, wahahan! Well, I'll
          give you a trial. Follow me! We're going to the mines in back! C'mon, no
    [They follow him outside.]
    Java: This is the entrance of Leck Mines. Monsters have begun living somewhere
          way back there. I can't stand their noisy groans! If you manage to slay
          their boss, I'll give you my pass. This is my trial for you!
    Sue: It's sorta dark and forbidding.
    Java: Aaah, wahahan! It's a mine, so of course it is! You going to give up and
          go home?
    Justin: You're joking! Of course we're going!! But Java, can you stay here
            until we get back?
    Java: Hmm, all right. Show me your spirit as beginner adventurers. Well? You
          wanna go now? Or do you want to rest first?
          Yeah, I want to rest first.
           Java: That's just fine. Can't adventure on an empty stomach. That's what
                 they say.
          No, I want to go now.
           Java: Ho, ho. I like your spirit. Now, go quickly and take care of 'em.
          * * Save Game * *
    [They go through and defeat the Orc King.]
    Sue: We did it, Justin! Now Java will give us the pass! WHAT!?
    Justin: This looks BAD! We'll be buried alive!! Run, Sue!
    Sue: Aaaaaah! Why did this have to happen!?
    [They run down the track.]
    Java: What're you waiting for! This way! Get over here!!
    Sue: Hey! It's Java!!
    Java: Wake up and get going! The mine is collapsing!
    [They escape via a long mine track and crash outside.]
    Java: Listen. A first-rate adventurer never gives up until the very end. But
          you didn't quite think about how to escape. I'm disappointed in you two!
    Sue: What, so we failed? But we worked so hard!
    Java: Let me tell you something... "A real adventurer never loses hope
          regardless of difficulties!" Once you get to the New World of Elencia,
          don't forget these words and devote yourself even more.
    Justin: Huh!? So Java, you're...?
    Java: You do have a little promise. Well, let's just say you passed. There, a
          pass to the New World! Take it, Justin!
    System: "Steamer Pass" acquired.
    Justin: YESS! Now I can go to the New World!!
    Sue: All right! (heart) Wow, how cool! Ugh! Maybe it's my imagination, but
         isn't this sorta stinky?
    Java: That's because it's soaked with my blood, sweat, tears and soul and a
          few other things. Eee heeheehee!!
    Justin: Ugh!
    Sue: Yuck!!
    Java: Listen, Justin. You have now received your wings. These wings are yours
    Justin: My own...wings...?
    Java: But don't forget, in times of real difficulty an adventurer does not rely
          on a pass. You must rely on your adventurer's heart; rely on your heart
          to support your body and move your feet ahead. Promise me, Justin.
          Someday, tell me your own adventure stories of a world I don't know. I'll
          wait as long as it takes!
    Justin: Sure, I promise, Java! I-I'll be going!!
    Sue: Thank you, Java! Isn't it great, Justin!! Come, we can't be doing this!
         Let's go back to Parm, Justin!
    [Sue walks off.]
    Justin: Um, Java. Can I ask you about something?
    Java: I know. About that little girl as everyone says, right? There's only one
          thing I can say. An adventurer walks alone. Understand, Justin?
    [Sue runs back over.]
    Sue: What's wrong, Justin? Let's go home.
    Justin: Sorry, sorry. Thanks for the pass, Java! I'll treasure it!
    Sue: Good bye, Java! Take care while you're waiting. (heart)
    05) PORT TOWN OF PARM [III]                                              [WK05]
    [They arrive back at the train station.]
    Sue: What's wrong, Justin? You were so excited on the way there, but didn't
         say a word on the way back.
    Justin: Is that right? It's nothing....
    Sue: Say! What's the New Continent like? I can't wait. (note) Our real
         adventure is finally going to start, Justin! It's gonna be rough now.
    Justin: ......
    Sue: We have to say good-bye to everyone. They're gonna be surprised! But you
         know, if both of us go away, Aunt Lilly is gonna be lonely.
    Justin: Sue, I plan to go away without saying anything to Mom. You be the one
            to say good-bye.
    Sue: Huh? What do you mean by that? I don't understand, Justin.
    Justin: Java said it, too. From now on, the adventure is no game. Sue, you stay
    Sue: What's this, all of a sudden! We go everywhere together, we do everything
         together! I thought we'd be together.
    Justin: I've already decided! I won't take a child along!
    Sue: ......!!
    Justin: The Steamer leaves at dawn tomorrow. You don't need to come see me off
            so early in the morning.
    Sue: ...... I'm not a little kid! I'm NOT! Without me, you'd never even have
         gotten the Steamer pass. Don't you realize that...?
    Justin: Sue...
    Sue: Well forget YOU!! I hate you!
    [She runs home.]
    Justin: I promise, Sue. I'll come back a full-fledged adventurer! And...on my
            next adventure, I promise to take you along. Huh?
    [Sue runs back over.]
    Sue: Justin! You TRAITOR!
    [She kicks him in the shin before running off again.]
    Justin: AAARGH!! OW!!
    [Justin walks home.]
    Gantz: Hey, Justin! Somethin' wrong? I jus' passed Sue, wailin' as she ran the
           other way.
    Justin: Oh, it's you, Gantz. ...It's nothing.... Nothing at all.
    Gantz: Oh? You have a lover's quarrel!? Keep that up and Sue's gonna be my
    Justin: Aaa...c-can I ask you to take care of Sue...?
    Gantz: Huh? What's wrong with you, Justin? Anyway, since I got wiped out last
           time, I'll think of another challenge. Remember that!
    [Justin goes back home.]
    Lilly: Welcome home, Justin. Dinner's ready. We're having your favorite stew
           I wanna look around a little more.
            Lilly: What's wrong? You always say, "Really, STEW!? All right!!" and
                   get so excited. Anyway, come home early. Even my stew is no good
                   if it gets cold.
           OK. Let's eat. I love your cooking.
            Lilly: What's wrong? You always say, "Really, STEW!? All right!!" and
                   get so excited. It's not the same without Sue around. Did you do
                   something to get her mad? I don't know what started it, but you
                   ought to apologize, being older. You understand? Well, eat then.
           * * Save Game * *
    [They go upstairs.]
    Lilly: It's been quite a while since we had dinner together, just the two of
           us. It's not bad, once in a while. But you know, it's sort of lonely
           without Sue around. Ask her to come over tomorrow.
    Justin: It'll be OK, Mom. Sue will be coming over tomorrow. She'll be coming
            over all the time. The stew today is really delicious! I've never had
            such delicious stew ever before in my life!
    Lilly: Ah, ha, ha, ha! Such a fuss! I make this all the time. This is one of
           my best dishes!
    Justin: Um, well, it's just.... Anyway, today it's extra special delicious!
            Extra special!!
    Lilly: OK, OK. I see. You're such a strange kid. It's just the same as always.
    Justin: Anyway, Mom. Where do we keep our photo album?
    Lilly: Photo album? I think it's in the chest of drawers over there.
    Justin: You think my birthday picture's there? The one with me swinging the
            sword around, so cool!
    Lilly: I think so, but what's the matter all of a sudden? The picture I took on
           your birthday last year is in that drawer I think. What do you want with
    Justin: Aw, it's nothing really! I just wanted to know!
    Lilly: Come to think of it, the Steamer to the New Continent leaves tomorrow
           morning. You want to see it off?
    Justin: Wh-wh-wh.... (GULP) What's wrong, Mom!? Why do you say that, suddenly?
    Lilly: Right now you're still a kid, but in a few years, Justin, you might
           leave on an adventure, too. So I....
    Justin: ... ... ... ... ... ...
    Lilly: Say, Justin, why don't you sleep with me tonight? C'mon, like you did
           as a baby!
    Justin: What are you talking about!? I'm not a baby any more! But no matter
            what, not today!!
    Lilly: Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha! Justin, don't take it so serious!! I'm just joking
           around with you. You're just too funny. You made me laugh so hard I have
           tears in my eyes.
    Justin: M-Mom.... Actually...tomorrow I'm...I'm, well....
    Lilly: ... ... ... ... ... ... I'm going to turn in now. Tell me about it
           tomorrow. Good night.
    Justin: Um, right.... Good night, Mom.
    Lilly: ... ... ... Justin, you get to sleep, too.
    [The next morning, Justin finishes packing.]
    Justin: Hmm. I guess that's everything. Guess it's good-bye to this room, too.
            All right!
    [He goes down to look at his father's picture.]
    Justin: Father... I'm sorry. I couldn't tell Mom after all. Father...and
            Grandfather, too. I'm going to the New Continent. I'm going to travel
            the world just like you did. Thanks to your Spirit Stone, Father! The
            Stone told me that Angelou isn't a myth. It's on the New Continent.
            Now I know. You must have felt like this on the morning of your first
            adventure, too. Father... do you.... Do you think I can really be like
            you? Everyone that Mom tells me about was much stronger, and much
            braver than me. Much, much more like an adventurer. ... ... ... You're
            right! This is nothing like me at all! Right, Father? I'll leave my
            picture here for you! I promise that I'll become an adventurer greater
            than you. Good bye, Mom! I'm going!
    [Justin walks to the port terminal.]
    Guard: You? You're the kid who keeps coming. I keep telling you, passengers
           only past this point.
    Justin: I AM a passenger. I even have a PASS! It's a real one. R-E-A-L!
    Guard: Hmm. It does look real. But it's so old and it reeks of something. Well,
           no matter. Passengers can't go back out once past the gate. Understand?
           Huh? Wa-wait a second!
            Guard: Oh? Something wrong? You forget something? Better hurry or
                   you'll miss the ship.
           Of course! C'mon, open the gate!
            Guard: All right. Take care, boy. Don't drink unboiled water. You'll
                   get sick.
            Justin: Hee hee. Thanks, sir! But I'm not so frail! I'm an adventurer!
    [Justin walks through the gate. The guard shuts it.]
    Guard: All the passengers are in. Maybe I'll go get some breakfast at the
    [Justin goes to the gangplank.]
    Sailor: Hey!! Wait up there, boy!
    Justin: Yikes! I guess Java's pass was too old after all.
    Sailor: Look, hanging out of your pocket! That's almost like a signal to
            thieves saying "steal me."
    Justin: Huh? Oh, thank you. Whew. What a relif. I can't go back now.
    [He sees the thing in his pocket is a letter.]
    Justin: Huh? What's this? A letter...? How'd it get in my pocket?
    Sailor 2: You there! Out of the WAY! Keep standin' there and you'll get knocked
              into the ocean!
    Justin: Geez! Fine. I just have to move, right?
    [He walks off.]
    Justin: This.... It's a letter from Mom! From "Lilly the Skull" to Mr. Gauss,
            President of the Adventurers Society. NOT TO BE READ BY JUSTIN!
            I guess I really shouldn't read it.
             Justin: Hmm, let's see here.... "Don't read this" -- that makes me
                     want to read it more.
            Oh well, I'll read it anyway.
             Justin: He doesn't help his parents at all, spends all day playing
                     "Adventure," comes home covered in bruises...gets scolded for
                     his mischief, brings home big bumps on his head. This hopeless
                     naughty little boy used to live at our house. One day this
                     naughty boy cried. It was the day he found out he'd never see
                     his beloved father again. Since that day, the naughty boy has
                     become a greenhorn adventurer. That adventurer named Justin is
                     friendly, simple and scatterbrained. I can't say he's anywhere
                     near full-fledged, but he's begun to walk on his own. On his
                     own.... When I see his single-minded figure in my dreams, I
                     can proudly say, "This boy is my son." Please, Mr. Gauss,
                     please help this red-haired greenhorn adventure - my son....
                     Help him follow his dreams!
    Justin: ...... Mom... ...knew...all along.... Huh? There's more.... Naughty,
            naughty JUSTIN! Knowing you, I thought you'd open this letter and read
            it! I thought you'd grown up a little, but I guess you are still my
            naughty little boy. Listen! Take care of your health. Your Dad used to
            say "An Adventurer's Health is His Greatest Asset." And...just one last
            thing... Wherever you go, try to follow your dreams with all your
            heart, but don't lose yourself! Good-bye, Justin!!
    Sailor: HEY! Whatcha doin' there!? You're the last one! C'mon, get on board!
    Justin: ...Mom, thank you. Good...bye... I'll be back SOON!!
    [He runs on the Steamer.]
    06) STEAMER SHIP                                                         [WK06]
    [The boat is now fully out to sea.]
    Justin: Well...let's look around the ship.
    [Justin hangs around and hears a sailor talk.]
    Sailor: We've got lots of interesting passengers on this voyage. Won't get
            bored on this voyage. A female reporter, gambler, pirate, mama's boy,
            and a girl with charming freckles and a huge ribbon. And even you, a
            boy traveling alone.
    [Justin runs back upstairs and spots...]
    Puffy: Puff Puff!
    Justin: Huh? Why? Why would Puffy be here!? I can't believe it...could she...?
    [On the upper deck, the sailors have stuffed Sue in a barrel.]
    Sue: Hey you guys, how many times do you ask the same question? I'm with
    Justin: So it is Sue!
    Sue: Oh! Justin!!
    Justin: Sue! Why'd you have to come!?
    Sue: Parm's no fun without you around, Justin! I want to go on adventures with
         you, Justin! And you just can't do anything without me. Right, Justin!?
    Captain: Are you Justin? You've really given us trouble. Such a wee little
             girl. The punishment for stowaways is being thrown overboard in a
             barrel! This is the divine rule of the sea.
    Justin: Please forgive her, Sue's just a kid! I'll make sure she never does
            something like this ever again.
    Captain: NO!! Breaking the rules of the sea brings the curse of the Spirits!!
             Come! Pick up the barrel!! Toss it into the sea!
    Justin: Yikes! Wait a SECOND!! Throwing such a small kid into the sea in a
            barrel is just too cruel! Please, PLEASE spare her!
    Captain: Well, there is one way. The girl told me you want to be an adventurer,
    Justin: Yes, that's right! I'm gonna be the greatest adventurer in the world!!
    Sue: Me too! Me too!
    Captain: Hmm. Adventurers are something a kindred to us sailors. The Spirits
             may not curse us. ... ... All right! You can become sailors on this
    Justin: Huh!?
    Captain: If you were passengers you'd be stowaways but if you're sailors then
             you can't be stowaways. How 'bout it? Will you work on this ship until
             we reach the New World? If so, I'll spare the wee one.
             Really? Now why should I trust you?
              Captain: Oh well, if you can't trust me. Come on! Throw the wee one
                       into the sea.
              Justin: Yikes! Wait, WAIT, WAIT!
              Captain: I'll take no more impudent talk. I'm asking you ONE more
                       time. Will you become a sailor?
                       - But I still can't trust you.
                       - OK, OK. We'll become sailors.
             I accept. We'll become sailors.
              Captain: Well, that settles it. From now on, you two are apprentice
                       sailors. Understand!?
    Justin: I understand!
    Sue: I...I'll be a sailor as long as I'm with Justin. (heart)
    Captain: Good. Take them to the sailor's quarters.
    Sailors: Aye-aye, Captain!
    Captain: You two get plenty of rest. Starting tomorrow, you'll work hard.
    [The next day...]
    Sue: ...tin, Justin!! Good morning, Justin. How'd you sleep?
    Justin: (Yaaawn!) I didn't sleep very well. That teeth-grinding and snoring
            kept me up.
    Sue: I'm still sleepy, too.... The bed was stinky and damp. It made me sick!
    Sailor: Cut it out! Newbies!! Can't sleep all day. Get up and get WORKING!!
    Justin: Well, let's go.
    Sailor 2: Listen close, newbies! Up until now you were passengers. From now on
              you're apprentice sailors. Don't forget that!
    Justin: Yes sir!
    Sue: Yesss, sir!
    Sailor 2: You two are in charge of swabbing the deck. You'll get instructions
              on deck. Now I'll give this to you.
    System: "Key to Quarters" received.
    Sailor: Remember to provide service if a passenger asks you to do so.
            Understood? Good. Now go on deck!
    [They go up top.]
    Sailor: Oh, the apprentices Justin and Sue. Coming to work without being
            called? You two certainly have promise. I bet you already know, but
            newbies always start by swabbing the deck. Ready? I'm gonna have you
            wax every nook and cranny of the entire deck. When you're ready, come
            to me. Are you two ready? We'll start now. Do you know how to do it?
            Tell me how to do it.
             Sailor: The secret to good waxing is a balance of power and speed. To
                     get started, press the X button. Then press the X button to
                     raise the power and increase the waxing speed. But if the
                     power goes over the maximum you'll get tired, so be careful
                     not to keep the button down. Release the X button to decrease
                     the power. A good rhythm with the button will keep the power
                     near max. The key is to pace yourself. You'll get a nice
                     reward, so don't slack off.
            I already know, so let's start.
             [They finish the swabbing.]
    Sailor: HEY! What do you think you're DOING! You're taking WAY too much time!
            And you call yourselves adventurers? Keep this up and you're washed up
            as sailors! Wanna be thrown overboard in a barrel?
    Justin: We just messed up on our first try. We'll do better next time!
    If Justin does better:
    Sailor: All right. I guess you did get finished. But do a little better next
    Justin: Whew. This is pretty hard work. Do you gotta do this every day?
    Sailor: Cleaning is part of training! Well, enoug for today. Go back to your
            quarters and rest.
    [They go back downstairs.]
    Sailor: You did all your work today. Great! You look tired though. Get lots of
            sleep tonight.
    [The next day...]
    Sue: Ouuuch! Owwww! My body aches all over!
    Justin: Your muscles are just store, Sue. You'll get used to it! I'll do more
            than my share of work today!
    Sue: Thank you, Justin!
    [They go back upstairs.]
    Sailor: Well! Looks like another busy day! Are you two ready? We'll start now.
            Do you know how to do it?
            - Tell me how to do it.
            - I already know, so let's start.
    [They finish again.]
    Sailor: HEY! What is this?! This is no better than yesterday! An important
            guest is about to arrive, and these decks are an embarrassment!
    Justin: Important guest? Is anyone on the ship more important than the captain?
    Sailor: Shut UP! It doesn't concern you guys. C'mon, off to bed!
    If Justin does better...
    Sailor: All right. I guess you did get finished. But do a little better
    Justin: Are we going to do this all the way to New Parm? Ugh! Sue, it's all
            your fault!
    Sue: Don't blame me! It was your fault, Justin, for trying to leave me
    Sailor: Good. The lens is squeaky clean, so the light will shine far.
    Justin: Say, what do you use that huge light for!?
    Sailor: Don't you know even that? For signals. Sailors and adventurers use
            lights to signal each other. Our guest will be onboard soon, so we
            have to signal to send a boat.
    Sue: A guest?! In the middle of the ocean!?
    Sailor: Of course! Don't look surprised. Our guest is the greatest adventurer
            in New Parm.
    Justin: An, adventurer!?
    Sailor: There are a few desert islands in these parts. Our guest has been
            searching for old treasure there. We're getting ready for the guest
            starting early in the morning tomorrow, so don't sleep late!!
    Justin: Cool! The greatest adventurer in New Parm!
    [That night, the ship gets its signal from a desert island.]
    Justin: Hey, Sue. What do you think that "greatest adventurer in New Parm" is
            like? Think he might be a giant man with a shaggy beard and bulging
    Sue: (Mumble, mumble....) Yeah, yeah, he's gotta have about five arms....
         (Mumble, mumble.....)
    Justin: Ugh! She's half-asleep.... Wonder what I'll learn at the Adventurers
            Society. How to disarm traps? Tips for fighting monsters...? Rats! I
            can't get to sleep tonight!!
    [The next morning.]
    Sue: ...stin! Hey Justin!! Get up or get chewed out. Hey, Justin!
    Justin: Mmmm mmmm. Just a little more...lemme just count to ten....
    Sue: Don't give me that! Didn't they say not to sleep late 'cause the
         adventurer is coming!
    Justin: .....! What are you doing, Sue? Get going or I'll leave you behind!
    Sue: Aggh, I was waiting for you.
    [They go to the upstairs hallway. A sailor is slapping the air.]
    Sailor: Yea-Yeah! Maybe like this? Hmm.
    Sue: That guy, what's he doing?
    Justin: That's silly. He looks like a fool. Hey there, what are you doing?
    Sailor: Oh, this? This is the greeting of cool sailors and adventurers. Ya
            gotta learn it to be full-fledged.
    Justin: Ya don't say. I've gotta master it, too.
    Sailor: No, no! You scoop your hand up like this!!
    Justin: Li-like this? Mmm, cool!!
    Sue: Oh, brother. Now YOU look like a fool.
    Sailor: YESS! Hey, you're pretty good at it.
    [They go outside to find the adventurer.]
    Sailor: This is the treasure you brought back? Incredible!
    Sailor 2: You sure a first-rate adventurer!
    Girl: I'm home! You all haven't changed a bit.
    Sailor 3: Yo, there! Welcome home, Feena! Boy I missed you! How've ya been?
    Feena: Tee-hee, I'm doing great! And the treasure, as you can see, it's just
           perfect. (note)
    Captain: Feena, you've outdone yourself again. I'm so happy to see your smiling
    Feena: Long time, no see, Cap'n! You look well too!
    Captain: Feena, I thought I'd never see the Golden Legacy of the legendary
             pirate Warren with my own two eyes.
    Feena: Aha ha, isn't it great? To tell the truth, I had a bit of trouble. It
           was one trap after another. Whoever set 'em sure had a bad attitude!
           They might catch some bumbling adventurer, but they can't catch me! At
           the very end though, I thought I was done for when I had these giant
           boulders on my tail. But I quickly found a cave in the side and jumped
    Captain: Whoa, hang on there! Let's not waste a good story. Let's go sit down.
             You can take your time and tell me about your adventure down below.
             I'll have the men carry your treasure.
    Feena: OK, Cap'n. Can you guys take caer of this stuff?
    [They start walking towards the Parm kids.]
    Justin: Yo, there!
    Feena: Huh!? Who are you two? Never seen you before.
    Justin: Um, well I-I'm Justi....
    Sue: Wow! A GIRL!? The greatest adventurer in the New World is a girl. That's
         so cool! And she's pretty, too. (heart) Right, Justin?!
    Feena: Hee hee. Thank you. Cap'n, will you introduce us?
    Captain: Of course, Feena. These are our apprentice sailors. Justin and Sue
    Feena: Hmmm. My name's Feena. Pleased to meet you!
    Sue: Say, Justin! Let's give her the high-five greeting!!
    Justin: That's right. We just practiced it! I'm Justin!! Pleased to meet you!
    Feena: ...! Ah hahaha. Didn't you know? That greeting is only for when you're
           full-fledged. OK. For now we shake hands! Let's save the high five for
           when you're a full-fledged sailor.
    Captain: Come, let's go, Feena. Don't be slacking off, eh Justin?
    Feena: You two, good luck on your ship work. Well, shall we go, Cap'n?
    [They leave.]
    Justin: Argh! She treated me like a kid!
    Sue: But she's so cool! I'd like to be like her.
    Justin: The greatest adventurer in the New World... She was pretty cute.
    [The next day...]
    Sue: Ugh, no fun at all. Cleaning again today.
    Justin: Don't give me that. Better 'n being tossed overboard, no? It's your
    Sue: Hey, it's already clean. Who cleaned the decks for us?
    Feena: Hey, you two! It's about time! You'll never be a full-fledged sailor if
           you can't get up on time! Good morning, Justin and Sue!! Looks like a
           hot one today.
    Justin: Huh!? You remembered our names? I'm shocked.
    Feena: A first-rate adventurer needs an excellent memory...or I'd like to say
           so. I heard about you from the Cap'n. So I thought I'd talk to you. I
           thought I'd talk to you while swabbing the deck, but you took so long
           to get here. At this rate, you've got a long way to go to be a full-
           -fledged sailor.
    Justin: Geez, you're pretty tough. But I'm an adventurer! So, that's OK with
    Feena: An...ADVENTURER? Hang on there...the Cap'n said you were an apprentice
    Justin: That's just my disguise! I've got a good cover story. You know, Sue
    Sue: No, I'll tell her! The problem was Justin here was trying to ditch me!
    Feena: D-ditch you?
    Sue: Now listen, Feena. Justin here is so terrible....
    [They tell of their adventures.]
    Justin: ...and that's it. Hey, I'm a great adventurer, right?
    Sue: Right?! You see how it was all Justin's fault, right?
    Feena: Ah hahahahahah!! I can see that you two are really good friends! Hahaha!
           You two are just too funny. I haven't laughed like this in ages!
    Sue: Say, Feena. Tell us something about you! No fair just talking about us.
    Feena: Hmm. You're right. So what would you like to know?
           Tell us about your adventures.
            Feena: Hmm, it's hard to say in just a few words. Well, we've got
                   plenty of time before we get to New Parm, so I'll tell you a
                   little each day!
            Justin: That means we'll be swabbing the decks for a while, too. Ugh!
                    Apprentice sailors have it rough.
            Feena: Ah hahah! You'll be OK. I'll help, too! It'll be fun if we all
                   do it!
            Sue: Yeah! Thank you, Feena.
           How do I start exploring the New World?
            Feena: So Justin, you want to be the greatest adventurer in the world?
            Sue: We're going to the Adventurers Society in New Parm. Feena, are you
                 a member, too?
            Feena: Um...well...of course I'm a member.
            Justin: Great! I'll become a member, too! I'll be an even better
            Feena: I guess so.... I'll go with you on your adventure. That sounds
                   like fun!
           Feena, do you live in New Parm?
            Feena: Where do I live? I do live near New Parm. I live alone. It's a
                   carefree life.
            Sue: Alone? You're tough, Feena! Don't you get lonely?
            Feena: Both my parents died long ago. I used to live with my big
                   sister, but not anymore.
            Justin: Wow. Living alone in the New World. Feena, that's so COOL.
    [The sky darkens.]
    Feena: I don't like that wind. And suddenly the seagulls...! I'm going to see
           the Cap'n. Justin and Sue, you ought to return to your quarters. See ya!
    Justin: She was laughing so happily and suddenly she's so serious. What's
    Sue: Say, look Justin! Suddenly there are no seagulls at all!
    Justin: You're right. I think something interesting is gonna happen. Let's go
            check it out, Sue!
    [They go the bridge.]
    Feena: Cap'n! A gale's come up and the sea's rough. Strange clouds are
           approaching, too.
    Captain: This is trouble. I'll assemble the men.
    Feena: But not only that, I have a bad premonition.
    Justin: Feena. Just what's happening!? Is something wrong!?
    Feena: Nothing to worry about, Justin and Sue. Go back to your quarters and
    Sue: Justin, let's go back to our quarters. Looks like some big trouble.
    Feena: Cap'n, we have to change course by as much as we can. Quickly, assemble
           the men!
    Captain: But, Feena...that bad premonition of yours -- could it be the
             legendary Ghost Ship...?
    Feena: Not that ship again. Cut that out. That's just a superstition!
    Justin: A Ghost Ship!? Tell me about it, too!
    Feena: Justin, didn't you hear? I told you to go rest in your quarters.
    Justin: No fair. Can't we stay just a little?
    Feena: This is not a child's game of "adventurer." Be good and do as I say.
    Sailor: Miss Feena, oh, oh, oh my gosh! Come on deck right away.
    Justin & Feena: "!"
    Feena: Captain, tell the men to make sure they act calm. The passengers will
    Captain: I can't stand it! If this is really the Ghost Ship, we're doomed!!
    Sue: Justin, let's go to our quarters.
    Justin: We can't go now!! I can smell a great adventure. Let's go on deck and
    [The deck is dark and foggy.]
    Sue: Wait, Justin. Look at that!
    [They see a ghost ship nearby.]
    Justin: Incredible! A real Ghost Ship!! Incredible!!
    Sue: Wowwww. It really has the mood down.
    Justin: I've decided! My first great adventure will be on that Ghost Ship!
    Feena: How hopeless! Isn't there a single real man of the sea on this ship!?
    Sue: Hey, that's Feena's voice! Over there, Justin!
    [She's talking to the sailors.]
    Feena: What we know for sure right now is...unless we do something about that
           mystery ship, we won't make it to Elencia alive! At this rate, it
           involves not only the sailors but the passengers, too! Show them a
           sailor's grit and guts!! C'mon, Cap'n! Instruct your men!
    Captain: Oh, no. We're done for! A Ghost Ship has really appeared!! We're all
             going to die now!
    Feena: That's just a shipwreck! The Ghost Ship is just a superstition. Anyway,
           we have to fix the ship!!
    Captain: You see, ever since that ship appeared, our ship can't move, even with
             the engine at full speed.
    Feena: Argh! Pull yourself together!! We've got to work together or we'll all
    Sailor: But Feena...what can we do? We're up against a Ghost Ship. We're just
            sailors, right? If the ship doesn't move, we can't do anything.
    Feena: Don't act so hopeless!! Aren't you men of the sea!? I'll solve the
           mystery of that ship! So who will go with me to board that ship? Isn't
           there even one brave man?
    Justin: Don't worry, Feena! We'll go with you!
    Feena: Justin...? Now look you guys! Even these little kids are showing some
           bravery! Is there no brave man among you who will go with me?
    Justin: I told you! I'll go with you on that ship! I'll bust up any ghost!
    Feena: Ghosts...?! You don't get it. Listen, Justin. If you believe in ghosts,
           you'll never become an adventurer. Justin and Sue, you just wait on
           this ship.
           If I don't go, who'll go!?
            Justin: If I don't go, who'll go!? I finally get to go on something
                    like an adventure! I'm an adventurer too!
            Feena: You know the situation, don't you? There's no proof that you'll
                   be any help at all, Justin! That ship won't let me bring along
                   someone who'll get in the way. My intuition tells me so!!
           I'm worried about you, Feena.
            Justin: But I'm worried about YOU, Feena. How can I let a girl go
                    alone on that dangerous ship?
            Feena: ...A GIRL!? How rude! I'm a pro adventurer! I'm not so clueless
                   that an amateur like you needs to worry about ME!
           No fair hogging all the adventure!
            Justin: It finally became a real adventure! No fair that you get to do
                    all the fun things alone!!
            Feena: Justin, you're thinking too simply! Adventure isn't child's
                   play. You could even lose your life. Think like that and a real
                   adventure would be way too dangerous. You don't have enough
    Justin: Argh! I can't stand it. I'll do it myself, then. Let's go, Sue!
    Sue: Huh!? But....
    Feena: Oh.... What do I do...?
    [The ship's crane is extended to the other ship.]
    Sailor: Ready to cross to the Ghost Ship, just as you said, Feena.
    Feena: No time to be fooling around! OK, OK, Justin, let's go together!! But
           if you get in the way even a little, promise to come back right away,
    Justin: All right! Of course! Just leave it to me!
    Feena: C'mon let's stop fooling around and go! Justin, Sue!
    07) GHOST SHIP                                                           [WK07]
    [They use the crane to board the ship.]
    Justin: Wow, this is an incredible ship. Looks like a real Ghost Ship!
    Feena: Are you chickening out, Justin!? Ghosts are just fantastic stories!
    Justin: Don't be ridiculous. I'm not afraid of a ship like this!!
    Sue: But Justin, how do we get down?
    Justin: How do we get down? We get down like this!
    [He leaps off the rope.]
    Feena: Oh, that Justin...!
    Sue: Justin, wait!
    Justin: Yeooow! This is such a thrill!
    Feena: Don't get too excited, Justin! Who knows what will happen.
    Justin: Sorry, sorry. My adventurer's blood is calling. I can't help it. Hee
            hee hee.
    Feena: I think we can go down from here. I'll go first, so you two follow me.
    [They jump down the grate.]
    Sue: Wow, pitch black. Can't see a thing.
    Feena: You two, no carelessness. Watch your feet.
    Justin: I could do this in my sleep. A first-rate adventurer, no problem! ...
            ...? What's this? It's soft and warm...and...
    Feena: Justin, you pervert!!
    [He gets smacked.]
    Justin: OOOOOOuuuuuuchhhhhhhhhhhh!!
    [They crawl out the drain.]
    Feena: Mmmph! Justin, what do you think you're doing!?
    Justin: Ouch! It's your fault, stopping suddenly when you're in front!!
    Feena: Oh, just forget it! Anyway, let's go! We can't be wasting time.
    Sue: Hee hee. Justin, your face is red!
    [They continue to the hold.]
    Feena: I think we can go down here.
    [They make their way to the treasure room. Justin wanders by some food.]
    Feena: Look out, Justin!
    [She pushes him aside as a guillotine flies by.]
    Feena: Justin, are you all right? Are you hurt?
    Sue: Incredible! That was cool, Feena!! But Justin... That was so uncool.
    Justin: Aw, come on. I was just a little careless.
    [They eventually find an ornate door.]
    Feena: Careful! I have a bad feeling. Like a predator stalking its prey.
    Justin: But Feena, this is a Ghost Ship. How does it catch its prey?
    Feena: Justin. Its prey is already here.
    Justin: Huh? Here...? Do you mean US!?
    Feena: Justin... Look around carefully or it could be fatal.
    [They enter the captain's room.]
    Justin: Hey, what's this?
    Feena: Looks like the ship's log. Maybe the log contains a clue to the mystery.
           Let's read it. "The ship was finally caught by the tentacles of the
           beast. No choice but to make a final stand. Unless we kill that accursed
           monster our voyage has no tomorrow...." It ends here.
    Sue: Monster? What could that mean...?
    Feena: Shhh! Quiet! Something's here! Be careful!!
    [A giant monster bursts out of the floorboards.]
    Feena: Be careful! This is the "Monster"!
    [They defeat the Squid King.]
    Justin: So the men of this ship were all attacked by that monster...?
    Feena: No doubt about it. It must have attacked the ship and preyed on the
    Justin: YIKES! What was THAT!?
    Feena: OH, NO! This ship has begun to sink! Justin. QUICK, we've got to escape!
           We're doomed if we go down with it!!
    [They run onto the upper deck.]
    Sue: Oh, no. What do we do!? The ship's sinking!
    Feena: Don't worry! Leave it to me!! A first-rate adventurer knows how to get
           out before getting in!
    [She hooks her rope onto the crane overhead.]
    Feena: Come, quick! Climb this rope!!
    08) STEAMER SHIP [II]                                                    [WK08]
    [They climb back on the steamer ship.]
    Sailor: I'm so glad! Everyone was so worried. We're so glad you got back
    Justin: Nothin' to it. That Ghost Ship was easier than swabbing the decks!
    Sailor 2: Hee, gotta hand it to you! Oh yeah!! I have news. They're gonna let
              me work on the ship! In the engine room! They're right in the middle
              of repairing the engine!!
    Justin: How about that! Good for you! That giant squid stopped the ship. It
            was quite a beast.
    Feena: I told you from the beginning. There are no such things as ghosts.
           Right, Cap'n?
    Captain: Good job, Feena! Now we can make it to the New World. I can really
             depend on you.
    Feena: Oh, Cap'n! Not just me. You've got to thank Justin and his friend too.
           We defeated the Ghost Ship by the three of us working together.
    Captain: Of course! You're quite right! I didn't imagine they could accomplish
             what they did.
    Feena: To tell the truth...I didn't think so either. You were quite an
           adventurer! You get a perfect score on your first adventure. You looked
           pretty good there, Justin. (heart)
    Justin: Uh, well, um...well, thanks.... This is sorta embarrassing.
    Sue: This isn't like you, Justin. Getting all red-faced like this. (heart)
    Puffy: Puff-Pufft!
    Justin: Puffy! What are you saying?!
    Feena: Ah hahahahaha!
    Sue: Ah hahahahah!
    [Later on, they go to their quarters.]
    Sailor: That was quite a deed you did! I see you in a whole new light. You
            weren't just posing as adventurers. You must be tired today, right?
            Once you've reported in, go ahead and turn in early.
            I've got other people to talk to.
             Sailor: I see. Everyone was worried about you. Don't overdo it,
                     though. Resting is a fine job too.
            I'm bushed, so let's turn in.
             Sailor: I see. You sleep well tonight. You can swab the decks again
             Sue: Whaaaaat!? Not swabbing the decks again! We're the heroes who
                  saved the ship.
             Sailor: Of course you're heroes! But you're still apprentice sailors,
                     right? So go to sleep!
            * * Save Game * *
    [The next morning...]
    Sue: Justin, good morning! Let's go swab the deck.
    Sailor: So, it's Justin and Sue. Come to swab the decks? Too bad. You're fired
            as sailors! You don't have to swab the decks!
    Justin: Fi-fired? Why?
    Sue: What for!? We were working so hard!
    Sailor: Ah ha ha ha ha ha! What are those faces for? Just listen to me, OK?
            We've reached the New World, Elencia! This voyage is at its end!!
    Justin: Huh!?
    Sailor: Ah ha ha ha ha! Look, go up to the bow. You can see the New World!
    [They go up there.]
    Sue: Justin, what's wrong?
    Justin: I can see it! There it is!!
    Sue: Huh!? Wait up, Justin! Incredible!! Say, Justin! With that much space, you
         can do a lot of adventures!
    Puffy: Puff Puff Puff!!
    Sue: Ah hahaha, Puffy. Don't worry. There's plenty of delicious food there.
         Right, Justin? Say, are you listening, Justin? Yoo-hoo, Justin?
    Justin: Oh. I heard you, Sue. The New World...we're really here!
    Sue: ...... I can't wait to find out what's out there for us, Justin.
    Feena: Good morning, Justin and Sue!
    Sue: Hi, Feena!
    Feena: Ahh. New Parm. It's been a while. You two, is this your first time to
           the New World? Welcome to New Parm! To elencia. The continent of dreams
           and hopes!! You two are very welcome. (heart)
    Justin: Continent of dreams and hopes...!
    Feena: I know your dreams will come true, Justin!
    Sue: Say, Justin! Get ready to go ashore!
    Feena: Tell me when you're going ashore! I'll go with you!
    Feena: So you two, are you ready to go ashore?
           Whoops! I still have to say good-bye.
            Feena: Tee hee. It's just like you Justin to make friends so quickly.
           YES! Ready to go!
            Feena: Great! We're finally going to land in New Parm!
    09) NEW PARM                                                             [WK09]
    [They disembark.]
    Justin: Yeah! Yippeee!
    Sue: We did it! We're the first ones here!
    [They run around excitedly.]
    Sue: Wow!! We really did it! We've come to a new land!
    Justin: You're right! Now, I can finally start the great adventure I've been
            dreaming about! Oh! I can't wait!
    Puffy: Puff! Puff!
    [They high five each other.]
    Feena: Uh...ha ha. You two are just too much. So, what do we do next? Huh,
    Justin: I'm going to the Adventurers Society. I've got an intro letter from
            my Mom.
    Feena: Oh. The Adventurers Society. You mentioned that before. I guess this
           is where we say good-bye.
    Sue: Eh? Aren't you coming with us, Feena?
    Feena: Sorry, but I have a reason. If you like, come see me at my house. Just
           take the road from New Parm and follow the Merrill Road.
    Justin: OK. As soon as I get the chance, I'll be sure to visit you!
    Sue: Good-bye, Feena!
    Feena: Oh, no!
    Justin: What's the matter, Feena?
    Feena: Um...I forgot something important. Justin, could you raise your hand
           like this?
    Justin: Huh? What for...?
    Feena: It's OK, just raise your hand. Come on, hurry!
    [He does.]
    Feena: Hmm...just as I thought. (heart) Well, here goes.
    [They slap hands.]
    Justin: Feena!
    Sue: I get it! The adventurer's greeting! Cool, isn't it, Justin!
    Feena: Hmm... Justin, you seem to have what it takes to be an adventurer. How
           about another adventure sometime! Well, time to say good-bye. May you
           have the protection of the Spirits on your great adventure!
    [She walks off. The duo finds the society building in town.]
    Clerk: Welcome to the Adventurers Society! What kind of adventure would you
           like? At the Adventurers Society, we've set up all kinds of adventures
           to meet the needs of our dear customers!
    Justin: Set up adventures? I'm not sure what you mean. Well, anyway! We'd like
            to go to Alent and see the Angelou Civilization.
    Clerk: Alent, for the Angelou Civilization? I'm afraid we haven't prepared any
           tours for that area. But if you'd like to see some ruins from Angelou,
           you can go to the Dom Ruins, south of New Parm.
    Justin: That's fine! We're sure to find something good if we go to the Dom
            Ruins! How do we get there?
    Clerk: Unfortunately, we've found that the Dom Ruins tour is kind of dangerous,
           so we don't send tours there any more.
    Justin: You don't go because it's dangerous? An adventure should be dangerous!
    Clerk: Hmm...sounds like you want to be an adventurer. Is that right? Come on,
           is that right or not? Then you need to be a member of the Society. You
           need the president's OK. He's back there, in the office.
    Justin: If we become members, will they guide us to the Dom Ruins?
    Clerk: I'm afraid no one goes THERE now. Once you're a member, you get a map of
           Elencia. You can go on your own. Oh, one more thing. If he asks for a
           password, it's "I'm Mr. Pakon's servant, uh-yup." Got it?
    Justin: Mr. Pakon...? My mother's letter is addressed to a "Mr. Gauss".
    Clerk: The President's office is back there. Please be honest and polite with
           the President, OK? (heart)
    [They go to the locked door.]
    Pakon: To enter, you must say the password! Say it right or I won't let you in!
           Pakon -- the cutest guy in town, yup!
            Pakon: Nya nya! I like your honesty, but that's not it, so you can't
                   come in, uh-yup yup!
           I'm Mr. Pakon's servant, uh-yup!
            Pakon: Ding! Dong! OK, you can come in, uh-yup uh-yup!
           Everyone admires Mr. Pakon, uh-yup!
            Pakon: Nya nya! I like your honesty, but that's not it, so you can't
                   come in, uh-yup yup!
    [They go in.]
    Pakon: I'm Mr. Pakon, President of the Adventurers Society, uh-yup yup! You
           need my help with somethin'?
    Justin: Huh?! YOU are the president?! You must be joking! I thought the 
            Adventurers Society President was a Mr. Gauss.
    Pakon: Gauss was my daddy. He died a long time ago. Now I'M the president,
    Justin: Really? I mean, uh, so you are.
    Sue: Justin, don't forget to ask about joining!
    Justin: Right. Well, since Gauss is dead I have no choice but to deal with this
            bozo. Anyway, we'd uh, we'd like to join the Society. How do we do
    Pakon: Our membership's already full, uh-yup. Ya gotta get some adventurers to
           lend ya their adventurer's passes, uh-yup.
    Justin: Now, wait just a minute! Look here, I've got a letter of introduction
            from my mother. My father was an adventurer. He knew Mr. Gauss.
    Pakon: Hmm...so I see. So? Ya thought this piece of paper would get ya an
           adventurer's pass? I'M the one who decides who gets to have a pass,
           uh-yup yup! Just toss that piece of garbage! I made up some new
           adventurer's passes when I became the president, uh-yup. Clever, huh?
    Justin: Wha...what is this? It's got Feena's picture on the cover and this
            kitschy pink color....
    Sue: Yeah, her picture looks horrible.
    Pakon: Feena's on the cover because she's a CUUUTE babe, uh-yup uh-yup! Feena's
           also our No. 1 adventurer. AND she's my fiancee, uh-yup yup! We're a
           real lovey-dovey couple and we're gettin' married soon, uh-yup!
    Justin: No kidding. But why would Feena want to marry some clown like you?!
    Pakon: Wha...hey, th...that's rude! Now I'm NEVER gonna let YOU into MY
           Adventurers Society, uh-yup!
    [They walk out.]
    Justin: (Sigh.) I didn't know the Adventurers Society had a new president. But,
            anyway why would Feena get engaged to someone like him? What do you
            think, Sue?
    Sue: Well, it's hard to understand but...I think Feena's got bad taste. Even
         so, we don't have any other plans. Let's go see Feena at her house, huh?
         I'm sure she'd at least lend us a map. To get there, we just have to leave
         New Parm and take the Merrill road. Com' on, Justin. Let's go!
    10) FEENA'S HOUSE                                                        [WK10]
    [After traversing Merrill Road, the team goes into Feena's small house.]
    Justin: Hmm...so this is Feena's house, eh? Looks like a really well-built
            house. I wonder if she built it herself?
    Sue: Cool! This furniture looks like it was hand-made by Feena. I'd like her
         to show me around here!
    [They see Feena's pink bloomers.]
    Sue: Aww! Look, look Justin! Oh, how cuuuuute! I'd like to have one of those!
    Justin: Sue, don't go around touching stuff. Feena might get mad at you. Hmm.
            These are, uh.... P-Panties!!
    System: "Feena's Panties" taken!
    Voice: Oh! Justin and Sue! You've come to visit! (heart)
    [Feena walks in.]
    Feena: I'm so glad you came, and so soon, too.
    Justin: Huh!? Wha...uh...I mean...it's just that...well...Sue?!
    Sue: Hi, Feena!
    Feena: Justin? What've you got in your hand? Oh! Justin!! What are you doing?!
           Those are mine!!
    System: "Feena's Panties" taken.
    Feena: Oh, dear! I usually don't leave this place in such a mess.
    Justin: N-no, I uh...it's fine, Feena. Really....
    Sue: What's wrong with you two? You're both blushing!
    Feena: I was just showing him something...that's all.... Well, hey! Are either
           of you hungry? Let's have something to eat!
    [They sit down for supper.]
    Justin: Mmmmm! That was delicious! I hadn't expected you to be such an
            accomplished cook.
    Sue: This mint tea is really good! Seems like Feena can do everything.
    Justin: Yeah, but Feena, you're living here all by yourself, right? Don't you
            get lonely sometimes?
    Feena: Oh, I guess so. But I wouldn't ever be lonely if you lived here too,
            Who? Me? But I've got adventures.
             Feena: A ha ha ha! I was just kidding! Justin, you thought I was
             Justin: Yeah, well, of course! But I was just joking! Ah ha ha ha ha!
            Still, um...OK, I guess so.
             Feena: A ha ha! Just kidding! Just kidding! Justin, you thought I was
             Justin: Naw, I mean, heck... I thought you were probably joking.
             Feena: Hee hee...still, I liked your answer.
    Feena: Well, anyway, Justin, was there something else you wanted to talk about?
           So, what is it you wanted to talk about, Justin?
           May I borrow your New World map?
            Justin: I wanna go to the Dom ruins. Would it be OK if I borrowed your
                    map of the New World?
            Feena: Didn't you join the Adventurers Society? They should give you an
                   adventurer's map when you join.
            Justin: Join the Adventurers Society? Never! That dude is no
                    adventurer! He's just a lousy tour guide! That President is a
                    blabbering idiot! How'd a fool like him get to be President of
                    the Adventurers Society?
            Sue: Feena, you're different, right? You're a real adventurer!
            Feena: Still, I'm at a loss. The Adventurers Society rules say I'm not
                   supposed to lend the adventurer's map to non-members. Also...if
                   I lend my map to you, Justin, I can't continue with my own work.
                   So, Justin, is that all you wanted to ask?
           Are you engaged to Pakon?
            Justin: That reminds me, President Pakon said something really weird.
                    He said you and he were engaged.
            Feena: No, really? Engaged, hmph! That's Pakon for you, spreading
                   nonsense like that!! No matter what I said, Pakon just wouldn't
                   listen to me. What a nuisance! That's why I came here right
                   away. I didn't want to run into Pakon. I really wanted to show
                   you around.
            Sue: Aha! Now I understand. I thought that was kinda strange. Now we
                 get it, huh Justin?
            Feena: So, Justin, is that all you wanted to ask?
           Won't you go on an adventure with us?
            Justin: Feena, why don't you come adventuring with us? To search for
                    the legendary Angelou!
            Feena: You said it was the Sult Ruins, on the Continent of Messina,
                   right? It would be incredible if the ancient ruins really did
            Sue: They do work! They do, Feena! A girl named Liete told me so! She
                 told us to head for Alent!
            Feena: Really? Is it true? Then the Spirit Stone is real?! I thought
                   Justin was dreaming. But that's great! That is quite a
                   discovery! So, Justin, is that all you wanted to ask?
    Justin: Anyway, I'm sure some secrets of Angelou are hidden in the Dom Ruins!
            So come with us to find them, Feena!
    Feena: Thank you for inviting me, Justin. But I just can't, I'm afraid. The
           Adventurers Society rules say I'm not allowed to go there.
    Justin: Really now, Feena! All I hear from you is rules, rules! Should there be
            any places, anywhere, where adventurers can't go?
    Feena: Justin...don't confuse pros with amateurs. Pros must follow the rules.
           That's the way it is for us pros. If an adventurer breaks the rules, his
           pass gets taken away and he's out. Justin, you must understand how hard
           it would be for an adventurer to be unable to go on any adventures! So,
           I need to hold onto this pass.
    Justin: That's where you're wrong! No adventures without a pass. No choice of
            destination without an OK. What kind of adventure is that?! No one
            decides where the wind blows. Only the wind can determine that. A true
            adventure is like the wind!!
    Feena: ......
    Justin: Why are you so quiet now, Feena? You're not like those nerds in the
            Adventurers Society, are you Feena?
    Feena: No, but....
    [Some weird music plays.]
    Sue: Huh? What's that music?
    Voice: My dearest Feeeeeeeeenaaaa!! I've come for you, uh-yup uh-yup!
    Sue: I heard someone say "uh-yup". Justin! That voice...!
    Feena: Wait here, Justin. I'll take a look outside.
    [She goes outside.]
    Voice: Yyyyaaaa!
    Sue: Justin! That was Feena!
    [They rush out.]
    Justin: Huh? Where's Feena?!
    Sue: Justin! Look, over there!!
    [They see Feena talking to Pakon and his goons.]
    Feena: Go on home, Pakon! I told you to never come here again, remember?!
    Pakon: Ah, but tonight is the night when our hearts will be united, uh-yup yup!
           Once you and I are married, Feena, we can wash our underwear together as
           a couple, uh-yup yup yup!
    Feena: Go wash your own underwear, Pakon. I've no intention of marrying you.
           How many times must I tell you?!
    Pakon: Oh, don't be shy, uh-yup yup. I know that you're really crazy about me,
           Feena uh-yup! Anyway, if you don't marry me, I'm onna take away your
           adventurer's pass, so there! Uh-yup! And if I do that, you can't go on
           any more adventures, uh-yup yup!
    Feena: Pakon...! Pakon...! That should have nothing to do with whether or not
           we get married!
    Justin: Pakon, you're such a sleazebag! Feena just plain hates your guts. Can't
            you get that into your head?!
    Pakon: What are YOU doing here at Feena's house, uh-yup? Are you her boyfriend
           or what?
    Justin: Me? I'm just uh.... Well.... I'm her friend, I suppose.
    Feena: No, wait a minute! Actually, Justin is my...my fiance! We're getting
    Sue: WHAT!?!?
    Justin: Huh? Oh, uh....Feena?!
    Feena: Look, we've got to coordinate our stories. If we don't we'll never get
           Pakon to give up, will we? I'm in love with him, Pakon. He proposed to
           me a year ago. So I'm afraid I can't marry you.
    Justin: Yeah, she's right! Keep your paws off my girl!
    Feena: Sorry I never mentioned it to you, Pakon, but I'm sure you'll find
           someone else and you'll be very happy.
    Pakon: That's too bad, my dear Feena. You've been claimed by that silly boy.
           Ya know what? I'll help you, uh-yup! This is the kind of thing I have
           my bodyguard along for, uh-yup! Master Chang! Come on!
    Voice: Yyaaaaiiiieeee!
    [A kung-fu boxer appears and knocks Justin out.]
    Voice: Juuuussttiiinn!
    [Later, Justin wakes up in Feena's house.]
    Justin: Ouch, ouch! Huh? What's this...?
    Sue: All right, Justin! You came to!
    Justin: Oh...did that...guy Chang beat me up? .......!! Sue! Where's Feena?!
    Sue: Those guys took her with them. Said they're gonna have a wedding. So,
         Justin, what should we do?
    Justin: I've got it, Sue! We're going to go save Feena! I won't let Pakon have
            his way!
    Sue: That's just what I was thinking! Let's go -- we're off to New Parm!!
    11) NEW PARM [II]                                                        [WK11]
    [The team has to find a back entrance to the church, but finally infiltrates.]
    Justin: OK, this is where we go in.
    Sue: Look, Justin!
    [From the rafters, they spy Pakon's twisted ceremony in progress.]
    Justin: Uh-oh! Looks like they've started already!
    Priest: MMMM...NNGG...do you, Pakon, take Feena as your lawfully wedded wife,
            to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health, for as long as you
            both shall live?
    Pakon: Oh yeah! Oh yeeeaahhh! You betcha, uh-yup yup yup!
    [Feena is bound and gagged nearby.]
    Priest: Now, if anyone objects to this wedding, let them speak now or forever
            hold their peace.
    Feena: MMMMM! NNNGGG!
    Justin: What's going on here! Father, this isn't right!
    Priest: Umm...and now...the groom may kiss the bride and be forever united in
    Justin & Sue: What?! K...kiss the bride?!!
    Feena: MMMN! AAAAAHHH!!
    Pakon: OK, Feena, here's where we kiss. I'll do the kissing. All ya hafta do is
           pucker up! (heart)
    Feena: MMMM! NNYYAAHH!!
    Pakon: Hey, it's OK, uh-yup yu. I'll kiss you gently. (heart) Look. (heart)
           I'm holding back... ... uh-yup yup!
    Justin: That creep, Pakon!! I'm putting a stop to this right now!!
    Sue: Justin, we can go this way! Let's hurry!
    Justin: Let's go, Sue!
    [They jump down.]
    Justin: Let go of Feena right now! If you get even one drop of your snot on
            her, I'll beat you to a pulp!
    Pakon: Uh-yuh? Uh-yuhhp?!
    Feena: Yyuucckkk!
    Justin: Let Feena go, Pakon! Or I'll bust up this whole wedding!!
    Sue: That's right, Pakon! A wedding should be a bride's dream come true! This
         is a sham and we won't allow it!
    Pakon: Hmmm...heh heh. Hee hee hee hee. Uh-yup! I'm not gonna let you ruin my
           wedding! Master Chang! Come get them! Come on!
    [Chang shows himself.]
    Pakon: Ha! I invited Master Chang just in case something like this came up,
           uh-yup yup yup!!
    Justin: Oh, it's you!! I'm not letting you get me again!
    Priest: ...... ............Fight!
    [They defeat Chang.]
    Pakon: Waaaah! Waaaaaaaaah! What are you doing, uh-yup?! You're messing up our
    Justin: It was messed up from the beginning! What kind of wedding is this,
            anyway?! You took Feena and forced her into it!
    Pakon: Yeah...(sob)...so what if I did? As president, I've got the right,
           uh-yup! OK, Feena! No wedding, no pass! So are ya gonna give it back?
    Feena: ... ......
    Pakon: I'll forgive you if you change your mind now. So, dear Feena, come fly
           into my arms, uh-yup!
    Justin: Feena! Come on! Let's get going! Feena!!
    Pakon: A-ha!! She can't do it, uh-yup! She knows if she gives up that pass,
           she'll never have another adventure.
    Feena: Pakon, here. Take your silly old adventurer's pass. I don't need it
    Pakon: Wha...? What are you saying, uh-yup?
    Feena: I...I finally remembered something. "An adventure's as free as the
    Justin: Feena!
    Feena: How could I forget such a thing? We chose the adventurer's path to be
           free like the wind and the clouds. No one decides where the wind blows.
           This pass cannot bind the soul of a true adventurer! Farewell! Tomorrow,
           I'll be one with the wind! Only I will decide where to blow!
    Pakon: WAAAHHH! My dear Feeeennaaaa!
    Feena: Thank you, Justin and Sue! You've rescued me!
    Sue: Yes, but now you're not a member of the Adventurers Society anymore.
    Feena: Right...and I'm so glad, too! I'm no longer who I was 'til today. So!
           Let's go! All three of us!
    [They leave. A crowd of well-wishers is waiting for a married couple.]
    Feena: Eek!
    Justin: Huh!? Wh-what the...!?
    Crowd: Hip hip hooray! Congratulations to the newlyweds!
    Person: Hey, look at this! So young and innocent! They're so shy--and so cute!!
    Person 2: Look -- they're made for each other! It's true. I'm so envious!
    Person 3: I sure hope someday I'll have a beautiful bride like her. ......Huh?!
              Hey, who are you?!! What happened to Mr. Pakon?!!
    Justin: Uh...what? Well, uh....
    Person 3: What am I saying?! I won't be a party pooper. This is a wedding -- a
              joyous occasion! Time to celebrate!
    Person 4: Yeah, that's right! So, let's wish them well! To their new life!
    [Confetti streams out.]
    Sue: My, don't they look good together! A LOVELY couple!
    Puffy: Puff puff puff!
    Justin: Ha ha ha...well, I can't believe it. What do we do, Feena?
    Feena: Wh-what do we do? Well, let's go back to my house! It's embarrassing to
           stay here!!
    [They run off.]
    12) FEENA'S HOUSE [II]                                                   [WK12]
    [They all plop down.]
    Feena: Ahh ha ha! That is so funny! Everyone knows I didn't marry Pakon but
           they keep on partying anyway.
    Sue: You should've seen Justin's face. It was so funny! He looked so
    Justin: Man, that was something.
    Feena & Sue: Ah ha ha ha ha!
    Feena: Well, you both must be tired, eh? Please make yourself at home and rest
           here as long as you like, OK? So much has happened since that day when I
           finished setting up this tent. I remember the day I let a little lost
           sheep sleep in my bed with me. And when my tent was almost blown down.
           This tent always gives me a warm welcome when I come back after a few
           days on an adventure. Tell me, Justin. How did you feel on the night
           before leaving on your adventure? Were you afraid?
    Justin: Huh? Afraid? Why would I be afraid? I was too excited to sleep! OK,
            maybe I was a bit worried.
    Feena: Without knowing it, I came to think that the real adventures are those
           sanctioned by the Adventurers Society. That's pretty strange, eh? I
           mean, people must've had adventures long before that society was formed.
           I'd really like to go see all those sights you'll be seeing. But....
    Justin: Feena...?
    Feena: OK, enough for today. It's bedtime. Justin and Sue, you'll be leaving
           early tomorrow, right?
    [The next morning...]
    Justin: Waa ha ha ha! Hey, where's Feena? I wonder where she went?
    [Justin finds Feena standing on a hill outside.]
    Feena: Oh! What a beautiful morning! Good morning, Justin! Did you sleep well?
    Justin: Huh? Oh, uh....
    Feena: Oh, I see.... Hey, Justin, do you know where the wind is coming from?
           This wind starts in the mountains over there, and it carries the birds'
           calls and the scent of the forest. I was thinking about the wind a lot
           last night. What does the wind see? If we were flying like the wind, I
           wonder if the things that you see would be the same things I see.
    Justin: Feena?
    Feena: I love the wind. I'd forgotten how this feels, thanks for helping me
           remember. Let's go, Justin. Let's go where the wind starts!
    Justin: Oh yeah! Let's go, Feena!! So when do we leave?
    Feena: Naturally. We're leaving right now! I wouldn't wait another second for
           this feeling...this moment!
    [Meanwhile, on a Garlyle airship somewhere...]
    Baal: Well Mullen, have you found the last piece?
    Mullen: Unfortunately, not yet, Sir.
    Baal: We cannot proceed with Operation Yggdrassil until you do. Find it,
          Mullen, and find it soon.
    Mullen: We are now implementing a plan in the forest near the Dom Ruins. We
            will have good news if we succeed.
    Baal: Yes...it's possible we will gain something. I'm expecting good news.
    [Back at Feena's house...]
    Feena: So, shall we head for the Dom Ruins? Has anyone forgotten anything?
           First we have to cross over the Rangle Mountains, south of New Parm. The
           Dom Ruins are in a desert over there.
    Justin: All right! Let's go to the Dom Ruins!
    13) RANGLE MOUNTAINS                                                     [WK13]
    [After a long trek through the mountains...]
    Feena: You know, it's pretty safe here. Instead of pushing on, I think we
           should camp here tonight.
    [They sit down to eat.]
    Feena: Hmm...that's strange. When I first met you on the Steamer, I would never
           have thought that we'd be camping together like this.
    Justin: Ha ha ha. That's because you didn't have much confidence in me at
    Sue: Yeah, but that's because Justin's really still a kid. She didn't have any
    Feena: Heh heh. But now I know I can count on Justin. Look how much he's done
           already. (note) Are you OK, Sue? After so much hiking, you must be
    Sue: Uh-uh, I'm not tired at all! Hey, we're all adventurers, right? This sort
         of stuff's a cinch! (note)
    Feena: Oh, OK. I'm relieved, then. If you don't mind me asking, what were your
           lives back in Parm?
    Sue: Justin was a real trouble-maker! Same as he is now. Feena, what were you
         like as a child?
    Feena: Huh?! Me?! Weeelll, hmm... I was always with my big sister. She was very
           kind to me. But two years ago, she left. She'd suddenly decided to join
           the military.
    Sue: You mean, your sister is in the Garlyle Forces? You know, we saw several
         female soldiers at the Sult Ruins. I wonder if she was one of them.
    Justin: Wait a minute, Sue. those girls were all mean and ugly. None of them
            could possibly be Feena's sister!
    Sue: Yeah, those three we saw were so mean. What about the one who was next to
         the blonde? She was quiet and pretty, too.
    Justin: Oh, yeah....
    Feena: Hey, Justin. Are we going to the Dom Ruins to look for Angelou
    Justin: Didn't we talk about this before? We're heading for Alent. The Dom
            ruins is just a stop on the way.
    Feena: Alent? I've never heard of that place before.
    Justin: I hadn't heard of it until recently. Maybe it was the Angelou capital?
            But you can bet it'll be amazing!
    Feena: But after the Dom Ruins lies the Misty Forest. After that is the End of
           the World.
    Justin: That's right, so where is Alent? We've got to go to Dom to find out!
            Maybe just to the End of the World.
    Feena: Wait a minute, Justin! No one's ever come back from the Misty Forest!
           You said "just" to the End of the World?
    Justin: Feena, you don't understand yet. There's no such word as "impossible"
            for an adventurer! We can do it!!
    Feena: Justin.... Your brave talk is inspiring me. You're right, we can do it!
    [The next morning...]
    Justin: Mmmm... I slept great!
    Sue: Mmmm, yeah. The air is so cool and refreshing!
    Feena: Good morning, you two! What a beautiful morning!
    Sue: Oh! Feena, you always wake up so early!
    Feena: Ha ha, well, of course. Looks like you two still have a long way to go
           to become adventurers! (heart)
    Justin: Ha ha. Aw, cut it out, Feena. It was the same when I first met you, up
            swabbing the deck of the Steamer.
    Feena: Ah ha ha. Justin, I think luck is on our side today. The air is very
           clear this morning, so we can see real far. Look! Look! There's the
           Misty Forest! And the End of the World!
    [A mist-covered forest stretches to the horizon.]
    Sue: Wow! It's huuuuge! All of that is the Misty Forest?
    Justin: Feena...I can see the Misty Forest, but where's the End of the World?
    Feena: Look higher up, Justin, toward the horizon.
    [Justin spies a gigantic wall, not just the cloud cover, obscuring the sun.]
    Justin: Oh wow! That huge wall is the End of the World?
    Feena: Right, that's the End of the World. So, do you believe me now? That IS
           the End of the World.
    Justin: Hmm.... I dunno...I need to get closer to tell! I've got to see it
            myself! I'm so excited now! I just know that Alent is waiting for us
            somewhere in that forest!!
    Feena: Heh heh...Justin, you're the first person I know who gets excited just
           by looking at scenery. So, let's get going, huh? Once we cross the
           Rangle Mountains, the Dom Ruins are right there.
    Justin: OK, let's go! Our first destination -- the Dom Ruins!
    14) DOM RUINS                                                            [WK14]
    [They find the ruins past a forest.]
    Feena: These are the Dom Ruins, Justin. When I came here before, it was full of
           Garlyle soldiers and I wasn't able to go inside. So, this is my first
           time inside the ruins. I don't know what'll happen now, so we must be
    Justin: OK, OK! Now let's go!!
    [They go through the ruins and find a gigantic, mist-filled abyss.]
    Justin: Gyaaah! Look over there! I can't see the bottom at all! Awesome...!
    [Eventually, the trio finds its way to the final room.]
    Feena: What's this pedestal for?
    Sue: Justin, haven't we seen this before somewhere?
    Justin: Hmm...this looks like...I know! We saw one just like it at the Sult
    Feena: The Sult Ruins? Isn't that where you saw someone named Liete?
    Justin: Since this is the same, let's try doing this....
    Feena: Justin?! Huh? What?...!
    [Liete appears before them.]
    Liete: Welcome, Justin. You've been blessed by the Spirits.
    Justin: We've come closer! Liete! What about Alent? Where is Alent hidden?
    Liete: There is no one in this world who would interfere with the blessings of
           the Spirits; or, with our civilization, which began to gather with this
           Spirit light. Our civilization began to spread far and wide. Angelou
           became prosperous enough to cover even the farthest reaches of the land.
           This building that you are in now is also from that period. Go east,
           Justin. The place called Alent is the place far from here. You still
           have a very long way to travel.
    Justin: East? From here? Pretty soon we'll reach the End of the World, Liete.
            Tell me, please! Just where is this Alent?
    Liete: There is no such thing as "the End of the World," Justin. There really
           is no end of the world. You can see that with your own eyes.
    [She disappears.]
    Justin: Well, then our adventure isn't over yet. I mean, we still haven't made
            it to Alent yet. Right?! Ha! There IS no End of the World! Are you two
            listening? I say there's something on the other side! Our adventure is
            not over yet!
    Sue: But Justin...didn't you see how tall the wall is? Do you really think we
         can cross it?
    Feena: And not only that...there's the Misty Forest out there. No one's ever
           returned from it.
    Justin: So, what's wrong? All that doesn't really matter! Don't you agree? I'm
            an adventurer! I can go anywhere!! And I can return from anywhere!! If
            people don't even go there, of course they won't return from it! I'll
            be the first one to do it!! Alent is waiting for us just ahead! Let's
            go, Feena and Sue!! Across the Misty Forest! To the other side of the
            End of the World!
    [They walk to the dungeon's entrance.]
    Feena: So, Justin, I know you said we'll be able to climb over that wall. But
           just how will we do it?
    Justin: Hey, I said it'd be OK, all right?! So don't worry. We'll find some way
            to get over it.
    Sue: Juuuusstiiiin! Don't tell me you don't know yet! I swear, you'd be lost
         without me.
    Feena: A ha ha ha! That's Justin for ya. Maybe we should stroll on back to New
           Parm and get prepared for this.
    Sue: I agree, Feena! Let's just think for a bit. (heart)
    [They reenter the forest.]
    Feena: Wait! Justin! Look, over there! Someone's collapsed.
    [They see a kid.]
    Kid: (speaks in unintelligible language)
    Justin: It's a little kid! He's unconscious.
    Feena: he's bleeding...! Oh no! He's got a bad wound!
    Sue: Look, Feena.... This kid has horns...and a tail! Hey, look! His eyes are
    Kid: (speaks in unintelligible language)
    Feena: Oh, good...! He's coming to.
    Justin: He isn't...an animal, is he? He looks so human. Hmm....
    Kid: (speaks in unintelliglble language, angrily)
    Justin: Huh?
    [The kid bites him.]
    Feena: Aaah! 
    Sue: Eeeek! JUSTIN!!
    Justin: Ouch! He's biting me! Stop it! Wha-whaaat's going on?! What is this?!
    [The kid collapses again.]
    Kid: (speaks in unintelligible language)
    Feena: Oh, he passed out again. We've got to help him, quickly! Justin, lend
           me a hand! Let's take him to my place. Hurry!
    Justin: Oh, OK! All right! Here, let me take him.
    [They leave. A few minutes later, the Garlyle Forces arrive.]
    Nana: Look, Saki. Look, Mio! There's a trail of blood here. I'll bet it's his!
    Saki: OK, everyone halt! Humanoid search unit! Stop here!
    Mio: That's strange. My calculations show that anyone with a wound like that
         shouldn't be able to travel so far.
    Saki: Nana's a bit short on common sense. She said standing watch is boring,
          so she went to buy make-up while on duty.
    Mio: Nana, I'll still be your friend, even if you get kicked out of the forces.
    Nana: You guys are so obstinate! Me, I can't stand the smell of animals! I
          can't do this without splashing on some perfume!
    Saki: But, what shall we do, Mio? That humanoid we caught is valuable! We've
          got to find it!
    Mio: Hmmm...but even so... I know! Let's use the Force's search hounds! (heart)
         If we stick to my plan, it should work perfectly.
    Nana: Excellent idea, Mio! What better way to track a beast than with another
          beast? Let's get back to the base and get ready.
    Saki: Attention! Humanoid search unit! About FACE! Back to our front-line base!
    15) FEENA'S HOUSE [III]                                                  [WK15]
    [They manage to bring the kid to Feena's house.]
    Kid: (mumbles unintelligibly)
    Feena: Hmm...what should I do? I gave him a dose of regular medicine, but he
           seems to have a slight fever.
    Justin: Well? Will he get better?
    Feena: This doesn't look good. This kind of fever happens when the wound gets
           infected. It could be fatal.
    Sue: Feena, there must be something we can do.
    Feena: If I had an herb called sulfa weed, it would fight the infection. But
           at this time of year....
    Justin: Hey, don't give up so quickly. Let's go looking for it. Who knows, we
            might find some.
    Feena: You're right. OK, let's go! There's a lot of sulfa weed growing in the
           rocky mountains behind my house.
    [They go outside.]
    Justin: Hmm...this sulfa weed...do you know where it grows?
    Feena: Over toward the rocky mountains. There's a fence back there now. Let's
           go! We can climb from here. A lot of mean monsters live up there, so the
           path's been closed for a long time. Just a minute. First, we gotta move
           this fence.
    Justin: Hold on, there's a faster and easier way. I can take it out with just
            one of my "board-splitting kicks"!
    Feena: Whoa, just a...Justin...!
    Justin: Aaaa-yaaa!!
    [He doesn't break it.]
    Justin: Oooch eeech ouch!
    [The board falls off as he's howling.]
    Feena: Are you OK, Justin? Did you hurt yourself?
    Justin: Oh, uh...heh heh. It just hurt a little.... Let's go find some sulfa
    [They go to the Herb Mountains and locate the red weed.]
    Feena: I found it! This is red sulfa weed! I thought all of it had withered
           away by now. Great! Now we can help that child!
    System: "Sulfa Weed" acquired.
    [They return back home and give him the herb.]
    Feena: Well, the fever is down. That's a relief for now, anyway. I'm glad.
    Justin: Whew! I wondered what would happen. That's a relief for me, too. Still,
            I'd like to know what kind of creature this is. It's got a tail and
    Feena: Hmmm...considering where he collapsed, maybe he's from the Misty Forest.
    Justin: In that case...maybe he's got something to do with Angelou? What do you
            think? I'll bet that's it! Maybe that's why he's got a tail and those
            horns! Hey, Feena! What if this kid is really an Icarian?
    Feena: Shhhhh! Don't talk so loud, Justin. You'll wake him up.
    Justin: Sorry, Feena. Guess I got a little worked up. Ha ha.
    Feena: Really now, Justin! I've got no idea whether he has anything to do
           with the Angelou. I've a lot to ask when he wakes up. Since he's
           injured, I think it's only right that we should take him back to his
    Justin: I agree! I hope we find out more about him when he comes to and talks!
    Feena: Well...you'd better get to sleep, Justin. I'll watch over him tonight.
    Justin: Feena, you should sleep soon, too. I mean, you've had quite a big day
            and all.
    Feena: Yeah, I know. Well, good night, Justin.
    [The next morning...]
    Sue: What's that? What's that strange music? Hey Justin, wake up.
    Justin: Feena...I must have dosed off.
    Sue: Huh!? Oh, no! Feena, Justin! That kid is gone!!
    Feena: Huh...? I wonder where he went?! That wound hasn't healed yet. ...? I
           hear a flute. Where's the sound coming from...?
    Sue: It's coming from outside. Let's go see, Justin!
    [They run outside.]
    Sue: There he is!
    Kid: (says something unintelligible)
    Sue: Hey, um...what's your name? I'm Sue.
    Kid: (says something unintelligible)
    Justin: You know, I don't think it's human, is it? It's got such a strange
    Feena: But it seems to be saying something. Maybe...it's just speaking in a
           different language?
    Justin: Another language...? You mean, there are other languages besides ours?
    Feena: Hey, little guy.... What's your name? Where are you from?
    Kid: (says something unintelligible)
    Justin: Hmm...we're not getting anywhere. I don't think I can understand it.
    Kid: (says something unintelligible)
    Justin: Huh, what's going on?! He suddenly reached for that nut. What will he
            do with it?
    Sue: Maybe it's a thank-you gift? I think he wants you to eat it.
    Feena: I've never seen a nut like that before. I don't know. Here, Justin, try
           a bite.
    [Just then, a bunch of Garlyle tanks appear.]
    Nana: I've finally found you! You little beast...trying to give us a hard time!
    Kid: (says something unintelligible)
    Justin: Wha...who are you?!
    Saki: Take a good look and you'll see! We're soldiers in the Garlyle Forces.
          Now hand over that humanoid!!
    Justin: Humanoid? Then...you mean this thing's really human?
    Mio: Say, didn't I meet you and that little girl once in the Sult Ruins? What
         an odd place to meet again. You guys don't have a choice here. Now hand
         over that humanoid or accept the consequences.
    Feena: Boy, you sure are bossy! So why are you so interested in a little
           humanoid like this?!
    Justin: We rescued this kid. Why should we hand him over to you without even
            knowing why?!
    Sue: Yeah, that's right! Don't be so tyrannical!
    Saki: Whaat!? I've had enough of this idle chatter! You don't know what
          tyranical means! These humanoids are classified as top secret under the
          Garlyle Forces Plan. Hand him over or we'll kill you all!
    Justin: Top secret!? Garlyle Forces Plan?
    Nana: Hey! Saki! You just blabbed about a top secret matter! Try thinking
          before you talk!
    Saki: Well, I had no choice! Either way, we have to take these guys back to
          the base!
    Mio: Yeah, now that they know too much, of course we have to....
    Justin: Enough of this nonsense! You think we're just going to give up
    Mio: From now on, you three have no right to disobey us. You want hard labor
         and starvation? (heart) All right, soldiers! Take them to our front-line
    16) GARLYLE BASE                                                         [WK16]
    [The teens are imprisoned. Sue and Justin share a cell.]
    Justin: Drat! Let's get out of here!
    Nana: Oh ho! Prepare to die! Because you won't get out again alive!
    Mio: Isn't this lovely. (heart) Now we can have a real execution. What would
         be the best method?
    Saki: Well, let's go! Nana! Mio! Listen! Be relentless. Put your hearts into
          it. Be on the lookout!
    [All but one guard leave.]
    Sue: They're gone...! What do we do now? Justin?
    Justin: Can't use our weapons, either.... Anyway, I have to escape from here
            somehow. Hmm.... What's this...?
    System: "Hefty Pipe" acquired.
    Justin: Great! This is really hefty. This'll do the trick!!
    Sue: Wow! A blow with that would really hurt. (heart)
    Justin: Great! We got hold of a weapon! Now...how do we escape from here? I
            know! Let's do it THAT way, Sue!
    Sue: Yes, I understand. Justin!
    [She gets down on the ground.]
    Sue: Yeoow! My stomach! Ow! Ouch! My tummy hurts!!
    Justin: Listen up. Sue is in bad shape! What are you gonna do?!
    Guard: Shut up! What is it!?
    Justin: Sue. Sue is in bad shape!
    Sue: Yeoow! My stomach huuurts!!
    Justin: Hey! Hurry, hurry! Take her to the doctor's!
    Guard: Oh, you little brat. Wait a second! I'm opening it now.
    [Justin coldcocks him.]
    Guard: Uggh!
    Sue: Hey it worked! Justin!
    Justin: Aha! My strategy never fails!! Come, now we rescue Feena and the boy
            and escape from here!!
    [They go next door.]
    Feena: Justin! You came for me!
    Justin: Feena, wait! I'm opening it right now! Unh...ggggh...! No good! It
            won't open.
    Feena: Stop that, Justin! You can't bust it open. You have to use the key.
    Sue: That's right, Justin. There's a room in back! There might be a key there!
    Justin: You're right. All right. Let's take a look!
    [They find an unassuming radio operator in the guardhouse.]
    Guard: How about you? I see...humanoid's in another room...? You must be
           looking now, right? They're only two children. Our lookout will be just
           fine. Don't worry. What! Who are you!?
    Justin: Yaah!
    [He knocks him out.]
    Sue: You did it, Justin!
    Justin: Heh heh. A tough match!
    Sue: Say, Justin. "The humanoid" must mean that boy.
    Justin: All right. I'll rescue him! All right! Here's the jail key!
    System: "Jail Key" acquired!
    [They go to leave and find a swarm of guards.]
    Justin: Hiyah!
    Sue: Eeeek!
    Guard: You twit!
    [Justin gets smacked around, and soon, he's in solitary, suspended by a rope.]
    Justin: Drat, only one more step away! Rats! Let me out of here!! What are you
            going to do with us!? Say something!!
    Guard: Shut up! Quiet in there!
    Justin: Lookie here! We're gonna escape! Remember that!
    [Leen walks in.]
    Leen: How is the middle prisoner?
    Guard: They've kept on shouting ever since. They don't quiet down at all.
    Leen: Is that so? I will talk with the prisoners. Let me pass.
    [She goes into Justin's cell.]
    Leen: ...... You said your name is Justin. You really made fools of us.
    Justin: What are you saying?!! Look how bad you treated us at Sult. Now, untie
            this rope right away! Let me see Feena!
    Leen: Shut up! I will not allow you mouth off like that!! You know too much
          about military secrets, ancient culture, and humanoids. The punishment
          for you three will be decided within a week. It should be the death
    Justin: You think we'll go quietly to a death sentence!? I'll break out! I'll
            show you!
    Leen: I said, DON'T MOUTH OFF!!
    [She slaps him, making him spin around.]
    Justin: Aw, crud! I dare you to do it. Waaaaah!! Unngh! I'll re-re-remember
    Leen: ...... Do you seriously think that you can escape from here? Perhaps, if
          you were alone, but you can't all escape. Unless you stole a military
    Justin: Huh... A-a military train...?
    Leen: All you can do right now is wait until we carry out your sentence. Be
          quiet until then. We will soon get our next orders from Colonel Mullen.
          You men stand by in the other room.
    Guard: But, Lieutenant Leen, don't we have to watch this punk?
    Leen: Leave him alone. If he makes any more ruckus, I won't mind if you kill
    Guard: Yes, Ma'am! Excuse us!
    [They leave.]
    Leen: I've been thinking this over, and there's still plenty of time until they
          carry out your sentence.
    [She tosses a key into his cell before leaving.]
    Justin: Pah... I'll remember that woman! Giving me a slap like that! Well, what
            do I do now? First, I have to do something with this rope.... Hey, I
            think I can wriggle out! Uhhnnngh! Somehow.... Unnngh... A little
    [He frees himself.]
    Justin: I did it! Great. This time I'll get away!! What? Could this be...?
            Great!! It's the jail key!
    System: "Jail Key" acquired!
    Justin: That woman called Leen dropped it. Heh heh heh. She's really a dunce.
    [He goes to the girls' cell.]
    Feena: Justin! You're all right!
    Justin: Wait Feena! I'll open it for you now! Great! It opened!
    Feena: Thank you, Justin!
    Justin: Hee hee. That was an easy one!
    Feena: I'm amazed you got out of your cell. What kind of magic did you use?
    Justin: Heh heh. The truth is, a soldier came around a little while ago, and I
            heard a few things. Then she dropped the jail key. She was so stupid.
            That's how I escaped.
    Feena: Wow. That's a little hard to believe. So you were saved thanks to her.
    Sue: Hey, Justin! Before we escape, let's go rescue the humanoid boy.
    Justin: Of course we will!
    Feena: Well then, hurry. Let's go look for that child before they come after
    [Using the ducts, they eavesdrop on the horned kid's interrogation.
    Kid: (says something unintelligible)
    Justin: What!? That voice...!
    Kid: (says something unintelligible)
    Mullen: (says something unintelligible)
    Kid: (says something unintelligible)
    Mullen: Aww...it's still useless! He's still so frightened.
    Leen: How did it go, Colonel Mullen? Did you find out the location of the
          humanoid village?
    Mullen: No. He's so scared his mind is shut. He wouldn't even say his own name,
            much less the location of the village. Nana's group probably went too
            far. They always do. They're ruthless. I'll have to caution them.
    Leen: Herr Mullen, what do you intend to do with that humanoid child? You can't
          be thinking of....
    Mullen: Well... Gentle Leen, is that weighing on your mind?
    Leen: No...not really.
    Mullen: Don't worry. We won't rough him up. We have justice on our side. This
            operation is meaningful. Still, I think we should go with the plan we
            discussed earlier. Well then, don't dilly-dally Leen!
    Leen: Yes sir, Herr Mullen.
    [They leave.]
    Sue: How are you Justin? Did you find that boy? I can't hear his voice here
    Justin: Sure, I found him! And THAT guy was there too. The one we met at the
            Sult Ruins called Mulley or something.
    Sue: What? That blonde guy!?
    Feena: That's the one. He said he would flatten Justin.
    Justin: Well, was I flattened? It was just a rough fight!! But that guy.... How
            can he talk to that boy? Who in the world IS he!?
    Feena: We haev to save that boy. So let's go!
    [They sneak down and find a keypad to his door.]
    Sue: Justin, look!
    Feena: If you push the right buttons, it might open the door.
    [Using the ducts, they spy on the sergeants in the locker room.]
    Justin: Hey!? What is this?!
    Saki: This New World is so hot! I got heat rash in my bra. and look, my
          underwear, too.
    Mio: That's very strange. According to my calculations, you don't need a bra.
    Nana: Stop talking about the heat. You're making me feel hotter. But anyway,
          why did Herr Mullen pick Saki? I wanted him to give ME orders.
    Saki: SEEEE! You understand now? Herr Mullen holds me in high esteem.
          Definitely!! By the way, was the beast's door combination "up up down
          down left right left right?"
    Nana: Do you have heat rash on the brain now? It's "right left right left down
          down up up!" Saki, you ARE hopeless. (heart)
    Mio: Both of you are totally wrong. It's "right right left left down up down
         up." Memorize it.
    Saki: Is that so? So it's "right right left left down up down up." OK! I've
          got it memorized!!
    Nana: In front of the beast, you can just ham it up saying "Rats, I forgot."
          Don't fail, OK?
    Saki: I won't fail at such a simple job. I'll just pop over and do it. Let's
          see. Right right left left down up down up. Right right left left down
          up down up.
    [They return to the keypad.]
    Justin: If you push those buttons, the door will open. Let me see. First...
            And then, next? Let me see. Now the third one.... This is the fourth
            one. Oh yeah. The fourth one... Then the fifth one... Let's see. The
            sixth one.... Um, let's see. Relax. Relax. Just relax, Justin. The
            seventh one.... This is the last one, right? The eighth one.... Yahoo!
            It opened! It's just like those three said!
    Feena: You got to see 'em change, too.
    Justin: That's right! Huh? Wait a minute. Feena!
    Sue: Oh, Justin. You're the worst!
    Justin: Sue! Not you too! Hurry. Quick. Let's go save that child!
    Sue: Changing the subject, huh!?
    [They go see the kid.]
    Kid: (says something unintelligible)
    Sue: It's OK. It's OK. (heart) We're going to help you now.
    Feena: Let me see. How do we open the cage? There must be a switch.
    Justin: Hey...! Will this open the cage?
    Kid: (says something unintelligible)
    [The boy offers three nuts.]
    Feena: Three nuts...? He tried to give them to us before. Is he telling us to
           eat them?
    Sue: Well, maybe.... They don't look poisoned. Here, Justin, you eat it.
    Justin: Fool! What are you saying? Aren't we in this together!? If we are to
            die, let's die together!
    Feena: Aha ha ha ha. Justin, you're so melodramatic. But as you said, Justin,
           everyone eat it together. (heart) OK. Let's eat on the count of three.
    Justin: Two!!
    Sue: Three!!
    All: Ooo...!
    [They start running around crazily and/or collapsing from the weirdness.]
    Justin: (unintelligible gibberish)
    Kid: Are you all right!? I'm sorry, guys. Did it taste that bad?
    Justin: Did it taste that bad...?! OF COURSE! What are you trying to feed US!!
            You nincompoop!
    Kid: Whoa! I'm sorry! But I'm no Nincompoop. My name is Rem!
    Feena: Justin! I can understand him now!!
    Justin: What? Now that you mention it.... It's true!! I can understand him,
    Rem: That nut was a "Communique Nut." It's part of the "wisdom of the lost
         culture" of my village.
    Sue: Amazing!! Well, we have a lot to talk about!
    Justin: Now we have to escape! Let's look for a way out!
    [On the way out, they meet...]
    Saki: Huh? You! How in the world did you get out of jail!? Aaaah! And you even
          brought that humanoid child along! My, my. You saved me the trouble of
          finding you. NOT!! My, my, the humanoid child.... You! You'll never get
          away alive!!
    [They whoop her in a fight.]
    System: "Master Key" acquired!
    Justin: Hey! I found something here! We can open a lot of doors with this!
    [They try to exit outside, but...]
    Nana: How did you three escape!? That fool Saki sure failed again! But we are
          not finished with you yet. Now you'll be the victims of my splendid
          moves! Oh ho ho!!
    [They defeat her and head outside.]
    Justin: We're in trouble! They found us!!
    Sue: Justiiin!? What do we do?
    Feena: Anyway, let's look for a way out!
    Mio: My, my. I thought it was noisy. And now I find you making a run for it.
         NOW we have a problem. According to my plans, you three are scheduled for
         execution tomorrow. I'll change the plan. I'll carry out the sentence 
         right now! (heart)
    [They spank her like a green-headed stepchild and run off.]
    Justin: Huh!? What's that?! That's it! The military train that woman was
            talking about!! Great! We'll escape on this!!
    Feena: Wonderful, Justin! Can you drive it?
    Justin: Sure...well, actually...I've never done it! But we'll figure it out!
    [They pile in.]
    Sue: Quickly, quickly Justin! Those guys are coming!
    Justin: OK. I've got it! This is it! Hey, hey, out of the WAY! I'll run you
    [Meanwhile, on an airship somewhere.]
    Mullen: I see...so the humanoid boy escaped. So far, so good.
    Leen: Yes, Colonel. But....
    Mullen: What is it, Leen?
    Leen: N-nothing. Nothing at all.
    Mullen: Very well, Lieutenant. Have Nana and the others trail the boy as
            planned. You will come with me to trail from the air. Prepare the
            Grandeur for departure immediately!
    Leen: Yes Colonel! She will be ready in 15 minutes!
    [Much later, the train is still rumblin' down the track.]
    Feena: Good morning, Justin.
    Justin: Oh, Feena, good morning!
    Feena: It looks like we got away from the soldiers OK. You've been driving
           this train all night, Justin, you must be tired. I'll take over if you
    Justin: Nahh, I'm fine. A first-class adventurer would never get tired this
            soon. How're Rem and Sue doing?
    Feena: They're each sound asleep in their own cars. They're so cute when
           they're asleep.
    Justin: Yes. But I hope they'll be up soon. I've got so many things to ask Rem!
    Feena: I understand your frustration, but let's let him sleep a while longer.
           He had a very rough day yesterday.
    Justin: OK, OK!
    Feena: Do you think I should add some more coal to the fire? I'd be glad to
           shovel it for you.
    Justin: Oh, no, that's OK. I'll do it!
    Feena: Well, then who's going to drive the engine?
    Justin: Oh, uh...umm....
    Feena: A ha ha ha! Tell you what, I'll drive while you shovel the coal.
    Justin: OK, you win! Now uh....
    Feena: Just pull on that lever over there.
    [He does and the train shakes.]
    Justin: Yaah! Wha...what was that?!
    Feena: Let go of it, Justin! That was the brake! Boy, Justin!
    Justin: Heh heh! I uh...I was just goofing around!
    Feena: Oh yyeeeaaah?
    Justin: Yeah!
    Justin & Feena: A ha ha ha ha!
    [Later on...]
    Feena: How are you, Rem? Did you sleep well last night?
    Rem: Uh-uh, not really. I couldn't sleep much. But you know, it's my first
         time to ride on one of these things! I like it! It's so fun!
    Justin: This thing is called an engine! We've also got engines like these where
            I come from.
    Puffy: Pufff! Puuufff!
    Sue: I wonder why little boys always dream about riding on things like this?
         Justin climbed into one once without asking. Boy, did he get chewed out!
    Feena: A ha ha ha! That's just like Justin!
    Justin: Ha ha ha. But did that really happen to me? Maybe. By the way, Rem!
            I've got a lot of things I want to ask you about!
    Rem: What do you want to know?
         Who hurt you in the Misty Forest?
          Rem: I was walking through the Misty Forest when these scary soldier
               ladies started chasing me.
          Justin: I'll bet it was those three ugly ones.
          Rem: I was running away as fast as I could and then I stumbled and got
          Feena: But why would the Garlyle Forces do something like that to you...?
                 I wonder if my sister was involved. Hmm...I hope not.
         You ever see the End of the World?
          Rem: The End of the World...? Oh, you mean that big ol' wall? Of course
               I've seen it! A long, long time ago, people used to live on the
               other side. My mother told me that.
          Justin: Really?! People live on the other side?!
         What's your home village like?
          Rem: My village is called Luc Village. It's hidden in some very thick
               mist. So thick that outsiders can't find us! I have to admit, I
               wasn't supposed to go outside of the village. But I had to see the
               world out here!
          Justin: Rem, I think that's because you're an adventurer by nature! Isn't
                  that right, Feena?
          Feena: Sure, even more so than this guy Jus.... A ha ha! Just kidding!
                 Just kidding!
    Rem: Hey, I know what! You guys should come see my village! I'm sure everyone
         there would give you a big welcome!
    Justin: Luc, huh...? Maybe they could tell us more about the End of the World.
            OK, let's go to Luc! Lead the way, Rem!
    [The train rumbles.]
    Justin: Yaah! What was that?!
    Feena: Eeeeek!
    Justin: What WAS that?!!! I'm gonna go take a look!
    [Someone's shooting at the train from aircraft.]
    Justin: Oh no!! It looks like.... New weapons? Are they chasing us?!
    [He returns to the others.]
    Justin: Look, they're after us! Some soldiers are catching up on us!
    Sue: Oh no! What'll we do, Justin?
    [They start defeating soldiers.]
    Soldier: Found you! Trying to escape, eh? Aaagh! You-you got me...!
    Soldier 2: Hah! there's nowhere to hide! Now behave yourself!! Filthy beast.
               You got me...!
    Soldier 3: Found you! OK, Lightning Star Squad! Attaaaaaack! Darn you. You got
               me...! Sgt. Saki's gonna have my...!
    Soldier 4: The pride of the Bloody Rose Squad is at stake! We can't let you
               escape! So give up!! How can I face Sgt. Nana...!
    Soldier 5: Desert Moon Squad, this is it! Get ready! To think I just got
               assigned to Sgt. Mio's unit...!
    [They return to the control room.]
    Feena: Great! The soldiers haven't made it to the engine room yet.
    Sue: But you can bet they'll be here soon! If we just stay here, we'll get
         captured, Justin!
    Justin: OK, look! WHen they get here, we'll just start whacking them as they
            come. And if we need to, we can slam on the brakes! Ooooookaay! Take
            this, you guys!! Here come the brakes.... Mmmmph! MMMMMPH! Dadburnit,
            this is hard to move! Mmmph! MMMMMMMMMPH!
    [The lever breaks off.]
    Feena: What're you doing with that brake lever, Justin?
    Sue: We can't beat them by just using one lever, can we?
    Justin: Heh heh. Oh yeah? Watch this! OK, here goes, before they get here...!
    [A while later, the control room is empty and the sergeants approach.]
    Nana: Hey, go faster, slowpoke! We've got to catch up with them, then we'll
          show the a thing or two!!
    Saki: What!! Is Nana trying to get ahead of us?!! I won't let her do it!
    Mio: All right, all of you LISTEN up! You'll each get 100 lashes if you fall
         behind Nana's or Saki's squad!
    Saki: All right, we're doing it! Our unit is first! I guess we've got the edge
    Mio: Wait a second, Saki! We've got other stuff to worry about.
    Saki: What do you mean, Mio? Your unit got behind ours.... What?! They're not
    Nana: Where the heck did they go? Don't just stand there! Go find them! Now!
    Justin: Ah-hah! They fell for it!
    [Justin walks in.]
    Saki: There you are! Justin!! You got me there back at the base, but you're not
          gonna win this time!!
    Mio: That's right! When the three of us work together, we've got triple the
    Nana: Now...where's that animal? Where have you hidden it? We can't let that
          critter escape!
    Saki: Hey, we can handle that later, Nana. First, let's beat up this kid here!
    Mio: OK, let's. I figure I can deliver a lightning-speed kick or two.
    Justin: What a coincidence! I figured I could do the same to you!! Feena! Sue!!
            Release the link between the cars!
    [He runs out as the cars uncouple.]
    Nana: Huh? What do you think you're doing?! Think you can escape like that?!
    Mio: You're just a bunch of stupid kids! We just have to put on the brakes and
         you'll just come right up to us, you fools!
    Saki: That's right, the brakes... ... Hey! There's no brake lever!
    Justin: Neener-neener-NEENER! That'll teach you to mess with me! I broke the
            brake lever! Not only that, I stoked up that firebox good and high!!
    Sue: Justin! You're brilliant!!
    Nana: Mio!! Quick, do something to stop this engine!
    Mio: It's...it's no good! We'll all just have to jump off!
    Saki: You idiot! How are we going to jump off when we're going this fast?!
    Justin: Well, it's time to say ta-ta to you three!
    Sergeants: Juussstiiiin! JUST YOU WAIT!!!
    17) LUC VILLAGE                                                          [WK17]
    [Later, the passenger cars stop near the Misty Forest.]
    Feena: Ah ha ha ha! How refreshing! And, hey, did you see the expressions on
           their faces?!
    Justin: You can bet they're desperately trying to stop the train about now!
    Sue: A ha ha! That's hilarious!
    Justin: By the way, Rem, how far is it from here to the Luc village?
    Rem: Hmm...from here, it's not far at all to Luc village! Let's go there!
         Whatcha say?
    Sue: Just look at this mist! It's like we're in a cloud of milk.
    Feena: I can't see what's in front of me. What should we do, Justin? Should we
           wait till the mist clears?
    Justin: I guess we should. We'll get lost in the mist if we keep going.
    Rem: Heh heh. Hey, it's OK! Us Luc Mountain folk, we never get lost in the
         mist! Watch this!
    Justin: Aaaawwwesome!! You clear away all of that mist!
    Rem: Heh heh. Pretty cool, huh? I play this flute to let everyone in the
         village know that I've returned. Also, in Luc Village, there are odd nuts
         called "mist-clearing nuts." I just used one to clear the mist! So, let's
         go, everybody! My village is there way! Come on, hurry!
    Sue: Aaah! Just a minute, Rem!
    Feena: He's gone.... I guess he just couldn't wait to get back to his
    Justin: OK, so there's get going, too! We'll lose him if we don't hurry up!
    [They stumble through the forest to the village.]
    Rem: This is Luc Village! I already told everyone here about you. And the
         Village Chief says that he would like to meet you. He says he wants to
         thank you! I'll be waiting at my house. So go on and see the Village
         Chief. OK? See you later!
    [They go to the chief's.]
    Chief: I am the Chief of Luc Village. I heard that you rescued Rem. On behalf
           of the village, I would like to thank you. However, I must ask you to
           stay only a short while in this village. After all, we're peace-loving
    Justin: What do you mean? You want us to leave?
    Chief: I wouldn't go as far as to ask that but...this is hard to say. It's
    Justin: Hasn't this village been visited by others besides us? Do you tell
            everyone to leave?
    Chief: No, that's not it, either. It's just that...to stay here, you must
           receive the blessing of the God of Light.
    Justin: So that's it?! In that case, tell us how we can get this blessing. What
            do you say, Chief?
    Chief: All right, I will tell you. The God of Light, who protects us, lives at
           the top of a mountain behind this village. Go there and bring back the
           bottle of nectar that is in front of the statue. That is how outsiders
           can come to be regarded as members of this village. The truth is that I
           wish not to disturb the peace in this village. But you rescued Rem, so I
           have no choice.
    [They go to God of Light Mountain's summit.]
    Justin: Hey, here's the nectar jar! Now the God of Light will bless us. Our
            goal is the End of the World. It'd be hard for us if we get kicked out
            of Luc Village now. OK, let's take it!!
    System: "Nectar of the Gods" acquired!
    [They return to the chief.]
    Chief: You really brought back the Nectar of the Gods? Then I have no choice.
           Now, you all must drink some of that nectar.
    Justin: Huh? Drink the nectar?!
    Chief: Once the nectar enters your mouths the God of Light will accept you as
           one of us. You could just put the jar to your lips without really
           drinking. It's the symbolism, that's all. Or you could simply be on your
           way. We wouldn't mind at all, you know. You could just put the bottle to
           your lips without drinking. Well?
    Justin: Hmm. Let's just pretend to drink it. Like this?
    Chief: Yes, the God of Light now regards you as one of us. However.... Please
           take my friendly advice and give up your plans. Toss away those
           unreasonable ideas.
    Justin: What's going on here? Unreasonable ideas?
    Chief: I heard from Rem that you want to cross the End of the World. To do
           that, you have to get out of the Misty Forest, endless though it seems.
    Feena: That's right. Doesn't the "mist-clearing nut" work for that? We would
           need something like that.
    Chief: Hmm. Those nuts are very valuable. We've only got a few in the village.
           They can't be given away so easily. Take my friendly advice and do not
           attempt the crossing.
    Justin: Man, how stingy! Now all we're hearing is "please quit, please don't
            do it"!!
    Chief: Young man with the rude mouth, we are not being stingy. The mist-
           -clearing nuts are vitally important to us as residents of the Misty
           Forest. They are treasures that our ancestors received from the
    Feena: The Icarians, he said? You mean the Icarians from the Angelou legend?
    Justin: Sir, do you mean that Angelou legends are told here in Luc? Please, we
            want to hear them all!
    Chief: Oh! Well...I suppose it couldn't hurt to tell them. It'll take awhile,
           though. According to an old tale from this village, in the distant past
           the world was bathed in light. A glorious world! The Icarians were
           protected, they did not suffer old age or illness. It was a peaceful
           world, they say. Then, our ancestors stole the wings of the Icarians
           because they wanted to be Icarians, too. But this was not a natural
           thing for people who had never had wings. And when those wings were
           attached to the backs of our ancestors, they turned black and blocked
           the sun from this village. Plants died first, then animals. We almost
           lost our light of hope! What a horrible time that was!! To keep the
           darkness from spreading, the Icarians built a huge wall around us to
           shut our world off from theirs.
    Justin: That wall...that's the End of the World?
    Chief: Yes. The wall meant that our ancestors were left with the world that
           remained on this side of the wall. The Icarians were nice enough to
           toss our ancestors some special nuts which can remove the darkness.
           Although the darkness was replaced by mist, we've since used these
           "mist-clearing nuts" to light our way in the forest. Without the
           "mist-clearing nuts" even we Luc folk would not be able to go through
           the Misty Forest.
    Justin: Wow...you got the nuts from the Icarians...? Now I want one even
            more.... So, what happened to the world on the other side of the wall?
    Chief: Today...the world on the other side is still a happy and peaceful place.
           They say that when we die, our souls return to the other side, to the
           ancient land of happiness.
    Feena: Hmm...what a mysterious legend....
    Chief: So, are you folks really serious about climbing that wall? Please take
           my advice and don't do it. No one has ever returned from there. Please
           rest, at least for today. You may stay at Rem's house. Rem's parents
           would like to thank you for rescuing their son.
    Sue: I'm dead tired. How about you, Justin?
    Justin: Hmm...yeah. Anyway, let's rest up today!
    [They go across the street to Rem's.]
    Mother: Did you finish takling with the Village Chief? It won't be easy
            traveling to the End of the World. After all you've done for Rem, the
            least we can do is offer you a meal and a place to stay tonight, OK?
            Eat and stay overnight.
             Mother: Good, you should eat to help get back your strength for
                     traveling. I've fixed a nice big meal as a token of my
                     gratitude for rescuing Rem.
             Rem: Oh boy! My Mom's cooking is THE BEST!
            Do not stay overnight.
             Mother: Would you like to look around the village some more? Please
                     come visit us again.
            * * Save Game * *
    [They sit down to eat.]
    Sue: That Village Chief is so pessimistic. Huh, Feena?
    Feena: Yeah, he certainly wasn't supportive of what we're doing, but...he must
           think about his own position. He can't help bearing the final
           responsibility. We should be thankful that he let us stay in his
           village. That mist in the Misty forest has made our clothing all wet. I
           can't wait to take a hot bath.
    Sue: Sure, I'll join you, Feena. But no peeking, Justin! (heart)
    Feena: Or maybe Justin would like to join us in the bath?
    Justin: Huh?!! Um, well, if....
    Feena: Just kidding, Justin! Boy, Justin, you just believe whatever people say!
    [Meanwhile, on an airship somewhere...]
    Soldier: Colonel! We've found them! To the northwest! There's a humanoid
             village at bearing one-zero. The platoon trailing the humanoid child
             has also reported that the forest's mist is clearing.
    Leen: All according to plan, Colonel.
    Mullen: Don't forget that our objective is to obtain what we spoke of. We've
            just begun! Prepare to effect personnel drop!
    Soldier: Yes sir! With permission, sir!
    Mullen: Lieutenant Leen. You will be in command.
    Leen: Yes Colonel. We shall obtain the last piece without fail, sir!
    Mullen: It is you who will be able to feel it's [sic] presence. FIND IT!
    Leen: Yes sir!
    [That night, in Luc...]
    Sue: What was that sound?! It sounded kinda like a train's locomotive.
    Justin: Uh-oh. It also seems that the sound is getting louder! What the heck
            is it?!
    Rem: I saw it from the window! It's some huge black thing that's floating
         across the sky! I saw soldiers like the ones who took me away. Lots of
         them came out of that thing and ran to the mountains!!
    Justin & Feena: The Garlyle Forces!
    Justin: But how did they find out where Luc Village is?
    Feena: I was wondering that myself. Anyway, let's go have a look!
    [They go outside.]
    Person: Oh no! Chief!! Some people are going to God of Light Mountain!! They're
            gonna steal the icon!! What'll we do, Chief? That icon protects our
            village. If they steal it our village is kaput! If that icon gets
            stolen...then...then I don't know what we'll do. Chief, it's times like
            these when we need your wisdom most!!
    Chief: First, everyone just calm down. Now...we have no choice but to fight to
           protect our icon. However, we have been living all by ourselves here in
           Luc Village. We've never fought any battles before. So even if we do
           fight this time, chances are we will all be killed. Oh! This is not an
           easy decision.
    Justin: Chief! Let us handle this!! If they're Garlyle soldiers, we know we can
            drive them off!
    Feena: Wuh...wait just a minute! Justin!
    Sue: Justin, are you OK? Why did you have to volunteer us?!
    Justin: No one in this village knows how to fight. So the only other option is
            for us to handle this, that's why! Besides, aren't we Rem's friends?
            Rem's home village is facing a crisis, right?! So of course we must do
            what we can!
    Sue & Feena: Friends....
    Feena: You're right! We ARE Rem's friends!
    Sue: OK! Let's chase those rude dudes away!
    Chief: Oh! What brave youngsters you are!! You'll fight to save this village?
           We must ask you to do what you can to protect our sacred icon. Our God
           of Light statue!
    Justin: Just leave it to us! OK, gang, let's get moving!
    [They start trekking up the mountain. Enemy encounters:]
    Soldier: Hey! I've been ordered to stop anyone from entering here. I'll use
             force if necessary! / Hmm...what a mess.... Our glorious Garlyle
    Soldier: No one, and I mean no one, may pass through here. I'll stop anyone and
             everyone. / What a fool! Why did I do it...what a mess!
    Soldier: What are the rest of them doing?! Can't they stop you brats from
             passing through? / S-Sergeant...go do your job, quickly.
    Soldier: Aren't you from Parm? What are you doing here? You don't look like
             you're willing to cooperate with us. / Now why would Parmians...be
             allied with humanoids...?
    Soldier: My orders are to regard anyone who comes here as an enemy. Prepare to
             fight! / We must get the final piece to him....
    [They go to the summit, but the icon's gone.]
    Sue: Look, Justin! The God of Light!
    Justin: Huh, from the air...!? Those creeps! They're hauling away the statue!
            We've gotta stop 'em!! Waaaaiiiittt! Give that statue back!!
    Leen: Justin!? What are you doing here?!
    Justin: Oh, you're the one who hit me, back at the base!
    Leen: Justin! Why did you come here...? Ah! ...Feena?!
    Feena: Sis?! Leen, is that really you?!
    Leen: Feena...!
    Justin & Sue: Huh? Whaaaat?!
    Justin: Feena, you called her "Sis".... Is this your sister, Feena?
    Feena: Leen! It is you!! Why are you doing such a thing...?
    Leen: Feena...I wanted you to be the last person to know about this.... The
          fact is, I'm a Garlyle soldier! Lt. Leen of the Mullen Division!! At this
          time, the statue is being confiscated for a military operation. So you
          must stand down! Good-bye, Feena.... Don't go near the Forces again, I
          don't want you to get hurt.
    [She jumps on the statue as it's being carried away.]
    Feena: Leen, wait! Why are you doing this?!
    Justin: Oh no! The God of Light!! I won't let you do it! Here gooooooes!!
    [He jumps off the cliff onto it.]
    Feena & Sue: Justin!
    Justin: Give back the statue, Leen! It belongs to Luc Village!!
    Leen: Why didn't you take Feena and run away? After all the risk I took in
          letting you escape from the front-line base.
    Justin: Stop complaining and give back this statue!
    Leen: Sorry, I can't do that! I've got to take this statue back. The honor of
          the Mullen Division is at stake! Get off this Spirit Stone!!
    Justin: S...Spirit Stone!?
    Leen: Don't make me force you off. I can't let you foul up our plans any more!!
    Justin: Wa...wait! Why do you call it a Spirit Stone? Yaaaaah! What's that?!
    [His father's stone glimmers.]
    Leen: This...this light is...!?
    [The statue splinters.]
    Justin: Oh nooooooo!
    Leen: That light's from...the Spirit Stone? Wow! So that's what happens...!
    [Later, onboard the airship...]
    Mullen: So I am to understand that it is Justin who had the Spirit Stone?
    Leen: Yes sir. There's no mistaking it. That light could not have come from the
          statue. It was from Justin. Please Colonel! Give me one more chance! This
          time I won't fail!
    Mullen: It's too late. The mist of the forest has begun to close again.
    Leen: But Colonel! I could...I could get it in time!
    Mullen: That is an ORDER, Lieutenant!
    Leen: ... ...
    Mullen: You sacrifice yourself too much. Be more cautious.
    Leen: Yes, Colonel Mullen. I understand.
    Mullen: That boy...Justin...I'll get him. I'll get him myself!
    [Meanwhile, Justin is back on the summit.]
    Justin: Ouch ooch ouch!
    Voice: Justiiiin!
    Feena: Justin, are you OK? You made such a loud noise when you fell!
    Justin: Heh heh...I'm fine! My rear's just a little sore. But I wonder...? Did
            I break the God of Light?
    Sue: Looks like most of it was taken away.
    Justin: I promised I would protect it. I'm afraid I've let down the village.
            Better gather up the pieces.
    Feena: I'll help you, Justin. We'll make a sincere apology to the Village
    [The villagers ascend the mountain later.]
    Chief: Oh...you're here, safe and sound. My, what a relief!
    Justin: I must apologize, Chief. I tried to retrieve the statue, but as you can
            see, it was broken.
    Sue: Not even half of it remains. The God of Light statue is a broken mess now.
    Chief: No it's not. It's OK the way it is. No matter how it ended, the fact is
           that you fought for Luc Village. For that, you have our utmost thanks.
           As a thank-you gift, please accept this.
    System: "Mist-Clearing Nut" acquired.
    Justin: Huh, really?! Are you sure we can have this, Chief?
    Feena: But Chief, sir...you said that mist-clearing nuts are very valuable, and
           are not to be given to outsiders.
    Chief: For a long, long, time...we've hidden behind a wall of mist in this
           forest, cut off from the world. However, by doing that, we've not had
           contact with great people like you. That has not been a wise policy.
           Now, when I think about it, the mist has enshrouded both Luc Village and
           the hearts of us villagers. We must learn to turn our eyes outward to
           outside world, as you do. It may take a while for us to do it. By the
           time Rem and the other children become adults, I'm sure we will come to
           know and understand outsiders.
    Rem: Hey, I understand them even now! Justin and I have already made a
         friend-to-friend promise, eh Justin?
    Justin: Ah! Yes. Yes, we did!!
    Chief: My, that's good to hear. Justin...I want you and your friends to know
           you'll always be welcome here.
    [They go to the eastern forest.]
    Justin: OK. Here's where we give that "mist-clearing nut" a try! It worked! The
            mist has cleared!
    Sue: Way to go, Justin! Or, should I say, "way to go, mist-clearing nut!"? Who
         gets the credit?
    Justin: Hey, hey! There's no question about that, eh Sue?
    Feena: A ha ha! OK, you two, let's go!
    [A ways in...]
    Feena: This looks like a safe area. Why don't we camp here tonight?
    [They sit down by the fire.]
    Feena: I still can't believe that we're on an adventure in the Misty Forest,
           heading toward the End of the World. And it's a REAL adventure! I never
           felt this way on those silly Adventurers Society adventures. How far do
           you suppose we are from New Parm? I can't see the Luc Village lights.
    Justin: Whoa, your voice just sounded like your sister, the soldier. What's
            her name...? Oh yeah, Leen.
    Feena: ... ...... I never thought we would meet her again like this. My sister
           was so kind to me. Also...she said she was looking for the Spirit Stone.
           I wonder what that's all about...?
    Sue: ... ... Hey, cheer up, Feena! I'm sure there's a good explanation.
    Justin: Yeah. You're right! After all, Leen isn't a bad person. No, the guy
            giving orders is evil!
    Sue: ... ......
    Justin & Sue: Feena...!?
    Feena: Sorry. I don't mean to worry you. Well, I guess I'm not acting like my
           usual self, am I? Right, Justin?
    Justin: Right! I like the smiling Feena best!
    Feena: A ha ha ha! OK, Justin! Well, I guess we'd better sleep now. You both
           must be pretty tired.
    Sue: Even though the mist has cleared, I can't tell at all how far we've come.
         When we saw the End of the World from the mountain, it looked so close. It
         seems like we'll never reach it.
    Justin: We've come a long way, I'm sure. It's just a little farther, Sue. Can
            you do it?
    Feena: Good night Justin, good night Sue. Good night, Leen.
    [A little later...]
    Feena: Hmm...a lake. Can we go any farther?
    Sue: Look, Justin! There's a river flowing through the lake!
    Justin: Huh? What's this all about?! What the...?! This lake must be some kind
            of illusion.
    [After awhile, they make it to the End of the World.]
    Feena: Wa...wait a second, Justin! Look at that!!
    Justin: Here at last! The End of the World! See, I told you! We did get here,
            didn't we?
    Feena: OK, you told me so. Now the question is, can we climb it?
    Sue: Yeah, can we? Just look how high it is!! I can't see the top at all!
    Justin: Hey, what do you mean?! We've come this far, so enough with the doubts!
            We're determined to climb it! And, anyway...nothing's impossible to an
    Sue: Man, Justin, you sure are gung-ho all the time.
    Feena: Yeah, but...he's right. Sure. Let's go at it full force! We'll make it
           somehow! Right, so let's go. I mean, we've hiked a long ways already.
    18) END OF THE WORLD                                                     [WK18]
    [The gang hikes up the wall a ways.]
    Feena: Whew! We've come a long way. This looks like a safe place to take a
           little rest.
    [They make camp.]
    Feena: Look, Justin! Look how far we can see! Is that Luc Village over there? I
           still can't believe it. We're actually climbing the End of the World.
           And look how far up we are!
    Justin: Ha! You didn't believe me, eh Feena? Nobody believed me. Not Java, not
            Gantz, nobody!
    Feena: Huh?! You mean Java the adventurer? Are you guys students of his?
    Justin: No, I wouldn't call us students.... But, uh, Feena...you know that old
            guy, Java? Uh, Feena...how come you know about Java?
    Sue: The End of the World's so awesome! It sure is high! (heart) Look, birds
         are flying at our height! They surprised me!
    Justin: Well, no matter how high this wall is, it must have a top. And we're
            going to get there!
    Sue: Uh-oh. There he goes again. Somehow, I don't think the world is as easy to
         explore as Justin says!
    Justin: Uh, Feena...how come you know about Java?
    Feena: Everyone knows who Java is. Why, he discovered the "Java Plain". He's no
           longer an active adventurer. I hear that he's retired. You sure know a
           lot of great people!
    Sue: You shouldn't say he's retired, Feena! If Java heard that, he'd get mad!
         He'd yell like this, "You bet yer boots I'm still active!!" That's what
         he'd say. (heart)
    Justin: Whew! This wall sure is high! But it must have a top, and we're going
            to get there!
    Sue: Somehow, I don't think the world is as easy to explore as Justin says! But
         he's OK as long as I'm with him. (heart)
    Feena: Well, we've got a big day ahead tomorrow. Let's do our best!
    Sue & Feena: Good-night! (heart)
    [Further on...]
    Sue: Hey, Justin. Shall we camp around here for today?
    [They sit down by the fire.]
    Feena: Are you OK, Sue? You don't have much pep today.
    Sue: I'm...I'm just tired of climbing this wall, step by step. And always the
         same old view, too.
    Puffy: Puff! Puff!
    Justin: Sue, what are you saying? Java told us about this, remember? "Overcome
            the trial before you and you may get that which you desire." That's how
            adventurers work!
    Sue: Yeah, but no matter what you say, this is so tiresome and boooooring!
    Puffy: Puff! Puuuuuuuuff!
    Feena: I understand how Sue feels, though. We climb and climb, and all we see
           is more wall. I'm starting to doubt there is a top!
    Justin: Oh, now even Feena's losing faith! Hey, we're adventurers! Adventurers
            go all the way and never give up!
    Feena: ... ... ... Yeah...you're right. Adventurers must never lose faith.
           Hmph. Looks like I got another adventuring lesson from Justin.
    Justin: I've got a feeling that we're at least halfway up. We'll be getting to
            the top soon!
    [They reach the tenth level.]
    Feena: Why don't we camp around here for today?
    [They do.]
    Feena: What's wrong, Justin? Oh, maybe you're all worn out?
    Justin: I don't know. It's really starting to seem like there's no end to this
    Feena: What's the matter, Justin? It's not like you to suddenly sound so
    Justin: It's just that we started climbing such a long time ago. When will we
            finally get over it?
    Feena: Well...good question, but....
    Justin: Anyway, who was it who first said that we should climb this huge wall?
            Wanna just go back? We've had a heck of a climb to get this far.
    Feena: ... ... ... Justin, have you forgotten? Adventurers never give up.
           That's what you told us. Or were you just making that up?
    Justin: No, I wasn't making it up!! What I said is true...but....
    Feena: I...I was thinking, I'd never make it to a place like this if I hadn't
           met you. I guess I had forgotten what fun adventuring is and what true
           adventures are all about. Justin, thank you.
    Justin: Feena.... You're right. You're right!! We're adventurers!!!
    Sue: You betcha! If we pool our strength, I know we can get over this wall!
    Justin: OK! Let's do it! You just wait, Liete! We're gonna get to Alent for
    Feena: Hey, look! Justin! Sue!! The sky's full of beautiful stars!
    Sue: Oh, yeah! Awesome!
    Feena: I'm sure it's just a little farther to the top. Come on everybody, we
           can do it! (heart)
    Justin: Huh?! The morning sun is shining! Until now, the wall was in the way
            and we didn't get sunshine till afternoon.
    Feena: You know what that means...!!
    Sue: You're right! That must be it!!
    Justin: OK! Let's go see!!
    [They make it to the top and can finally see the land on the other side.]
    Justin: ......!!
    Feena: How about that?! It's not really the End of the World. Look! The sun's
    Sue: Awesome...! It makes the world shine like gold! Huh, Justin?
    Justin: Aaah...!
    Sue: Hey, what's that?
    [She looks at some machine nearby.]
    Justin: Yaa! What is it?! It's moving!!
    Sue: Well, we've reached the top. Now, how are we supposed to get down the
         other side?
    Feena: Hmm...I don't see anything we can use to help us get down. We can't just
           scale down the wall either.
    Justin: Hey, do you hear a strange sound?
    Feena: Justin! Look!!
    Justin: Aaah!!
    [A weird helicopter-like machine picks up Sue.]
    Sue: Eeek! What are you doing?!
    Justin: Uh...uh...Sue!! You!! What are you doing to Sue?!
    [It drops her.]
    Sue: Juuuusstttiiiiiiin!!
    Justin: Aaaaah! Suuuuue!!
    Feena: Eeeeeeeek!!!
    Justin: Sue! SUE!! Where'd she go? I can't see her...!
    Feena: Aah! Justin?!
    [Two more machines pick them up.]
    Feena: Hey, stop it! Let go of me!! Stop it NOW!!!
    Justin: Hey, you! Let go! I said let go!!
    [The machines fly over the edge.]
    Justin: Ugh, hold it right there! I take back what I said earlier. DON'T let
            go, OK?! Hey, Feena! What should we do?!
    Feena: You're asking ME?! Just do something, Justin! Eeeeeeeeeek!
    Justin: Feeenaaaa!
    Feena: Juuustiiiiin!!
    [They fall.]
    19) VALLEY OF THE FLYING DRAGON                                          [WK19]
    Voice: Justin! Hold on, Justin!
    Justin: Uhhh...uhnnn.... Uhhh....
    [He comes to on a large leaf.]
    Feena: Justin!! Justin, are you OK? Are you hurt anywhere?
    Justin: What do you mean, Feena? I'm fine. Slept like a baby.
    Feena: Justin!!
    [She hugs him.]
    Justin: YYAAAH?! Wha-what's the matter, Feena?! What's going on?!
    Feena: A ha ha ha! What a relief! I was wondering what I'd do if you had died
           right then.
    Justin: Oh, now I remember.... We fell from the top of the End of the World!!
            Are you OK, Feena?
    Feena: Sure! I'm fine! Still a little dizzy, maybe. Hmm, what saved us from
           getting hurt? I guess we lucked out and fell onto this big leaf. What
           do you think...?
    Justin: Wow, is this a leaf? It's humongous, isn't it? Still, I wonder how...?
    Feena: Justin, look over there.
    Justin: Hey, it looks like.... It's true! We've crossed the End of the World!!
            All right!! What an amazing place this is. It looks like it's made for
            adventuring. Huh? Wait a second.... Oh yeah! Sue!! Where's Sue?!!
    Feena: I haven't seen her yet. We got separated when we fell. But I'm sure she
           must be close by. Let's go find her!
    Justin: Right! I'm sure we can find her! Let's go, Feena!!
    [They walk along the path a ways.]
    Justin: What's this...? Someone's shoes.... Wait!! These...these are Sue's
    System: "Sue's Shoes" acquired.
    [Further in...]
    Voice: PUFF! PUFF! PUFF!!
    Justin: Hey...is that Puffy...?
    Justin: Wait...hold on.... Take it easy, Puffy! OK, now where's Sue?
    Puffy: Pupuuff Puff! Puff puffff!! Puff Puff PUUUUFFF!!
    Justin: Wait. Calm down, Puffy!!
    Puffy: Pupuff Puff! Puff puffff!! Puff Puff PUUUUFFF!!
    Feena: Wait, Justin! We're not getting anywhere this way. Let's have Puffy lead
           us to her!!
    Justin: Yeah. OK. Right.... OK. So take us to her, Puffy!!
    Puffy: PUFF!
    [They follow Puffy to a weird house and flitters around a stew pot.]
    Puffy: Puffpuff!! Puff! Ppuuuuffff!!
    Justin: Puffy! And Sue? Where's Sue?!
    Feena: Ju-JUSTIN!! Look, over there! Next to the cauldron.
    Justin: Huh? Next to the cauldron...? It's...it's...Sue's bag!! Huh? But...the
    Feena: Ju-Ju-Ju-JUSTIN! Are you thinking what I'm thinking?!
    Justin: Let's not be foolish! Now calm down, Feena!!
    Feena: Yeah, but...but!
    [A man walks over.]
    Justin: Hey, you! Is this pot yours? What happened to what was inside?!
    Man: Are you hungry? I'm afraid I ate it all. There's nothing left.
    [Feena faints.]
    Justin: Feena!! That does it! HEY! Com'on and fight! I'll take you on! I'll
            make you into stew!!
    Man: Hmph! You and I, in a duel? Well, how about that? I'll be glad to take you
         on. I am Gadwin, Knight of Dight!
    [Justin is defeated and comes to after awhile.]
    Justin: AAAH...ugh...!
    Sue & Feena: Justin!!
    Justin: Huh? Sue...? Wha...how'd I get here?! He's not making stew out of
    Woman: Ha ha ha ha! That stew is Gadwin's special dish. It's Flying Dragon
    Justin: Who, uh...who are you...?
    Sue: This is Dr. Alma. She rescued me after I passed out in the forest. Dr.
         Alma is a very kind lady. She's just like my mother!
    Alma: I'm Dr. Alma. I have a clinic in Dight Village, up the road from here. I
          was surprised to hear a young man like you crossed swords with Gadwin,
          the greatest swordsman of Dight.
    Gadwin: Alma, you're insulting this young man. Even at his youthful age, he's
            a fine swordsman. His skill with the long sword belies his age. It was
            a long and interesting sword fight. Don't you agree, Justin?
    Alma: Oh, dear...Gadwin, you haven't changed a bit since we were kids. I guess
          that's just the way you are. Well, I think Sue is fine now. So I'll be
          returning to Dight. I'll leave the rest to you, Gadwin.
    Gadwin: Alma, what's the rush? You seem to be in a hurry. Is it because of the
    Alma: Yes, that is one reason. Already, some people have fallen ill. I may have
          to work all night tonight.
    Justin: She's gone...and I didn't even thank her.
    Feena: Well, anyway, I say it's time to get some rest. OK, everyone?
    [They sit down to eat.]
    Justin: I'm sorry, Gadwin. I jumped to conclusions about you. Thanks for
            helping Sue.
    Sue: A ha ha ha! When Justin misunderstands, he does it all the way! (heart)
    Justin: Hey, I wasn't the only one! Feena fainted when she saw the cauldron.
            Her eyes rolled up like this!
    Feena: Hey, come on, I didn't do that! Don't be foolish, Justin.
    Gadwin: Wah ha ha ha. OK, no big deal! Everyone makes mistakes, right? So,
            Justin, is it true that the three of you crossed that huge wall?
    Justin: The End of the World? Of course it's true! We came on an adventure,
            looking for ruins of the Angelou Civilization.
    Gadwin: Hmm, that is hard to believe, but...we're comrades who've dueled
            together. Your eyes tell me it's the truth. I'll help in whatever way
            I can. Is there anything else you want to ask?
            Tell me more about this strange place.
             Gadwin: This is the Valley of the Flying Dragon. It's the place
                     closest to the End of the World, and it has the world's
                     steepest mountains. It's a good place to sharpen your sword
                     and your skills as a warrior.
             Feena: That's right. From this side of the wall, this area must be
                    seen as the End of the World. So, it's like what the Misty
                    Forest is to people on our side of the wall.
             Gadwin: You can imagine how I felt when I found an unconscious young
                     girl here. Surprised the heck out of me! Wah ha!
             Justin: Gadwin, you've been such a big help to us, and especially to
                     Sue. We must somehow repay you! We'd like to help you in any
                     way we can, if you ever need our help.
             Gadwin: OK...Justin, may I consider that a man-to-man promise?
                     Well, not exactly a formal promise.
                      Gadwin: Those are the only kind of promises that I trust. A
                              man must never make a promise that he cannot keep.
                     Of course! A man-to-man promise!
                      Gadwin: That is the way it must be! I will not accept
                              anything less.
            Is a place called Alent near here?
             Gadwin: Hmm. I dunno if it's what you guys are looking for, but I
                     heard that there are large Angelounian ruins, even larger than
                     my village, which are located far to the south of here.
             Justin: Oh! Really?!! That's gotta be Alent!! Feena, Sue! Let's get
                     going right away! Come on, we need to get ready!
             Feena: A ha ha! You're amazing, Justin! You think Alent is going to
                    run away?
             Gadwin: Ha ha ha. Those ruins are quite a few days' walk from here. A
                     very distant place. Maybe you should come with me to Dight
                     Village. I'll show you around, and you can get supplies for
                     your long trip.
            Is Dr. Alma your girlfriend?
             Gadwin: No, Alma's been my friend since were kids. To train well, I
                     must live alone, away from towns and people. Alma comes out
                     sometime, but only to mend my clothing or to bring me some
             Feena: Uh-huuuh? Sounds to me like she's not just an old childhood
             Sue: Yeah...but I think maybe Gadwin's not too sensitive to her
             Justin: By the way, I noticed that Dr. Alma looked very grim about
                     something. Did something happen in her village.
             Gadwin: Yes...recently, Dight Village has had a bit of trouble.
                     Something happened.... Dight Village is a fishing village
                     along the coast up the road from here. It used to be a
                     prosperous village with lots of good fish to eat. I'm no good
                     at telling long stories. Maybe you should hear the details
                     from Dr. Alma when we get to Dight.
    Gadwin: Well, time to get some sleep. Tomorrow I'll show you Dight Village.
    Justin: Dight, huh? I wonder what that village is like? Isn't this fun, Feena?
    20) DIGHT VILLAGE                                                        [WK20]
    [The team enters the seaside village.]
    Gadwin: This is Dight Village. There's an inn right over there. I thought I'd
            guide you there, but....
    Justin: Hmm? What's wrong, Gadwin?
    Gadwin: It's something I noticed earlier. Clouds from the north are blanketing
            the sky.... Hmm....
    Feena: Huh? The sky sure does look strange. Looks like a rainstorm is coming.
    Gadwin: Hmmph! Please excuse me, but I must go talk with the Elder. Why don't
            you have a look at the sights here in Dight Village.
    Sue: He's gone already.... I guess he's in a big hurry. It's strange, though.
         His concern about a rainstorm on the way....
    [They go into the inn and find a rabbit-looking creature musing aloud.]
    ?????: Hmm...let's see, I took-a some medicine to Dr. Alma, but it's-a not
           nearly enough. Gonna have to make-a two trips. But you know, everyone
           gets-a better with my medicine. Just warms-a my heart, and fills my
           wallet. Don't you think it's wonderful!?
    Justin: Huh?! Um, I don't know, I guess....
    ?????: Well everyone is-a happy. Isn't that just-a wonderful?
    Sue: Oh, wow! A talking rabbit! I can't believe my eyes! Say, can I touch you?
         Just a little?
    [She tries to grope him but he slips away.]
    ?????: Hsss, what's-a with you guys? You keep-a calling me rabbit, rabbit!
           From-a my point of view, you guys-a from the other side of the wall.
           You're the stranger looking ones!
    Justin: Huh? How'd you know that we came across the wall?
    Feena: Who are you...?
    Guido: I'm Guido of Zil Padon, a traveling salesman, traveling throughout-a
           the world.
    [They stay at the inn. The next morning...]
    Justin: What's the matter, Gadwin? You came back to the inn pretty late last
            night, it seems.
    Gadwin: Yes...had a long talk with the elder. Uh, things'll be all right here
            as long as it doesn't rain.
    Feena: Rain...? Did you look outside? It's raining right now.
    Gadwin: What! Oh no!
    Justin: Gadwin, tell me...tell me what's going on!
    [They run outside.]
    Gadwin: Hmmph! Indeed, it is raining! Oh, no!
    Sue: What's wrong with Gadwin? So it's raining. So what?
    Feena: I think it's something else. Whatever it is, it's not just a rainstorm.
           Let's go see!
    [They follow Gadwin to the beach. Some villagers are gathered around.]
    Chief: You know, don't you, Gadwin? We have lost the Spirits' protection. The
           scene at the Typhoon Tower.... The earth soaked with poisonous rain.
           Dead rivers stained with ill fortune. Have you witnessed that scene?
    Gadwin: Yes, of course I understand. Soon, the poisonous rain will turn red and
            become the rain of death. To save Dight, we must climb the Typhoon
            Tower, as the legend says, and bring back the Spear of Heroes.
    Chief: And so I say to you, take this Hero's Armband and save our village of
    Gadwin: I am ready. I can't let all of that training go to waste. But Elder,
            two heroes are needed to retrieve the Spear of Heroes! If I go by
            myself, how can I possibly pass the final test?!
    Chief: Yes, but you are the only one here. There is no other hero.
    Gadwin: Hmm...what should I do?
    Justin: Hey, Gadwin!! I'll go with you!!
    Chief: What? But you're just a child. I appreciate your concern, but....
    Gadwin: Sir, you underestimate him. Justin is a man, one who has crossed the
            wall at the End of the World!
    Chief: Wh...what? This child? The wall at the End of the World?
    Gadwin: Justin... The Typhoon Tower is a horrible and dangerous place. Without
            the Spirits' protection, we may lose our lives. We've never been
            allowed near there. So I ask you, do you still wish to go?
    Justin: If I were afraid of danger, how could I call myself an adventurer? And
            besides...we made a promise, man-to-man, to help each other when the
            need arises.
    Gadwin: Gaa ha ha ha! You're right! We did swear to each other. Man-to-man, an
            oath between friends! Sir! As in the legend, two warriors stand before
            you, ready to save the village of Dight!
    Chief: Yes! So now it is decided!! In that case, allow me to bestow upon you
           the legendary Hero's Armband. On its rightful owner, it will shine! Let
           the Spirits guide these two heroes of Dight!
    Feena: Justin...are you sure you want to go?
    Justin: Of course I'm sure. We made a promise. Man-to-man. Heh heh heh, look
            Feena. Don't I look cool?
    Feena: What's all this about a man-to-man promise? Someone calls you a hero and
           you let it go to your head! If you're that reckless about sticking your
           neck into danger, you're just a second, no...a third-rate adventurer!
    Sue: What's your problem, Feena? What are you so upset about? It's not like
    Justin: That's right. What's bothering you? Challenging danger is part of being
            an adventurer, isn't it? It's OK! Everything will be fine! Just as it's
            always been, right?
    Feena: Justin....
    Gadwin: All right, Justin! We're all agreed. So let's get going! Our
            destination, the Typhoon Tower, lies to the north of Dight Village.
    21) TYPHOON TOWER                                                        [WK21]
    [The team starts climbing the rain-soaked mountain.]
    Gadwin: A hard rain is falling. It seems the protection of the Spirits has
            dwindled away.
    Feena: We should go back. Surely, it's dangerous to go any further!
    Justin: It's OK, Feena! I'm here, aren't I?
    Feena: No, you don't understand! I have a bad feeling about this.
    [They get closer to the peak.]
    Justin: Hey, what's going on? My whole body is burning!
    Gadwin: Look out! The rain here is poison!! In a moment, this rain will turn
            red! We have little time left! Hurry, Justin!!
    [They finally make it to the tower and work to the top floor.]
    Klepp King: Gwageratttz! Zupado gidabevwa!
    Gadwin: Mmph! That's the Klepp King! Set your mind on defeating him, Justin!
    Justin: Leave it to me!! But...he looks so weak.
    Klepp King: Grrrrh!
    [He transforms into a four-headed dragon.]
    Justin: Aah! I take that back!
    Gadwin: Do not flinch, Justin!! If you focus your strength, there's no opponent
            you can't defeat. Go!!
    [They slay the serpent.]
    Sue: We did it, Justin! Next, just pull out the Spear of Heroes!
    Gadwin: This is splendid, Justin. All that's left now is the final trial!
    Justin: That's right! All that's left is the final trial. What!? That monster
            just now wasn't the final trial!?
    Gadwin: For seasoned warriors like us, something you can topple with strength
            alone can't be a true trial. From here, is a place where men like you
            and me are tested. Let's go, Justin!
    [Upstairs, they find a weird room with two mirrors.]
    Justin: What's this? It's a dead end! Where is the Spear of Heroes?
    Gadwin: Justin! Everything ends here in the Room of the Mirrors of Destiny.
            This room itself is the tower's final trial of the Hero.
    Justin: The final trial...?
    Gadwin: The trial is written on that stone tablet. You better read it, Justin.
    Justin: ...??? Hey, Gadwin, it says something but I have no idea what it means.
    Gadwin: The stone tablet reads.... He who wishes to change destiny! Choose
            either the Mirror of the Moon or the Mirror of the Stars. One leads to
            the future. The other...to the Land of Death.
    Feena: Does that mean, if you select the wrong mirror, you're going to die? Did
           you know from the start Gadwin!?
    Justin: Gadwin is one man. He said that he couldn't save Dight. Maybe this is
            what he meant.
    Gadwin: Don't worry, Justin. I won't let you die! I'll go into the mirror
    Justin: Wait a minute, Gadwin! But what if...you choose the wrong road?
    Gadwin: In that case Justin...you go into the other mirror! It is certain to
            lead to the future.
    Justin: You fool, Gadwin. I don't want to hear that! That would mean that you
            had died! You're kidding Gadwin. Did you intend to do this from the
            very beginning!?
    Gadwin: You were just passing through as a traveler, and decided to help save
            our village. Your gallantry moves me. Don't make such a face. If I die,
            it will be up to you, Justin, to save Dight.
    Sue: Don't die, Gadwin!!
    Gadwin: Even if a man has to lay down his life, he must carry through.
    Feena: Gadwin, surely you will return. We are praying for the protection of the
    Gadwin: My name is Gadwin! Stone Tablet of the Trial! I will now follow the
            lead of the Spirits. I choose the Mirror of the Moon! Open up, Mirror
            of the Moon! Farewell, Justin!
    Justin: Gadwin!
    [Gadwin tries to get through the slim mirror.]
    Justin: What? What happened, Gadwin!?
    Gadwin: Hmmmph! This won't work! This mirror is too small for me!! I can't get
    Justin: Come on, Gadwin. And I was so moved by your sincerity!
    Gadwin: This is no laughing matter, Justin! Now, you have to go! That's what
            the Stone Tablet of the Trial says. YOU must take this road!
    Justin: Uhhh... I understand, Gadwin! My name is Justin! Stone Tablet of the
            Trial, I now follow the lead of the Spirits..
            I choose the Mirror of the Moon!
             Justin: Open! Mirror of the Moo....
            I choose the Mirror of the Stars!
             Justin: Open! Mirror of the Sta....
    Feena: Stop Justin!!
    Justin: Why did you do that Feena?
    Feena: Justin, that's not heroic, it's foolish! Both of you! Justin, why must
           you put your life on the line to rescue the people of Dight? If you die,
           your adventures will end? Is that what you want?
    Justin: What are you saying Feena? I have to go or the people of Dight will all
            die! Are you saying that's OK?
    Feena: I will go! I will enter the mirror. So, you can all wait here, Justin.
    Justin: You're talking crazy! We wouldn't have you do such a dangerous thing,
    Feena: No. This is where an adventurer's experience and intuition come in! So
           Justin, please! Let me go!
    Justin: ...... I've got it, Feena. If that's so.... Choose for me, Feena! I
            believe in you! The mirror you choose has got to be the right mirror.
    Feena: Justin...
    Gadwin: And I ask the same, Feena, show us the way.
    Feena: My name is Justin. Stone Tablet of the Trial, I will now follow the lead
           of the Spirits! It's no good. I cannot choose. If I am wrong... I...
    Justin: Feena....
            I believe in you Feena.
             Justin: It's all right. I believe in Feena's experience and intuition
                     as an adventurer... No! More than anything I believe in
                     Feena!! So, stand up Feena!
            The Spirit Stone will protect us.
             Justin: I will take the path Feena chooses. That way, we will be
                     together. It will be all right. The Sprit [sic] Stone will
                     protect us. Just as it has so far. So, stand up Feena!
    Feena: Stone Tablet of the Trial, I will now follow the lead of the Spirits. I
           choose the Mirror of the Stars! Open the Mirror of the Stars! Justin....
    Sue: Justin! You just HAVE to come back!
    Justin: Ahh. Of course! Well then, Gadwin! Take care of Feena and Sue, OK!
    Gadwin: Rest assured! Everything in Dight depends on you, Justin!
    Justin: Go! This is the one that leads to the future!!
    [Justin steps through the mirror and ends up in an isolated chamber.]
    Justin: Once again...the road that Feena chose for me is the right one. Thank
            you Feena!! This is it! This is the spear! Here goes!
    System: "Spear of Heroes" is pulled out!
    [The place starts to shake.]
    Justin: What's this!? What happened!? Waaah! Oh no! This place is collapsing.
            I need to get out of here quickly!! Waaa, it's collapsing!! Waaah!
    [The stairway collapses, but Justin's stone shines.]
    Justin: What, what is this light?
    [Meanwhile, in the mirror room...]
    Gadwin: Now, supposing that this enchanted tower collapsed. Justin successfully
            pulled out the Spear of Heroes! He is all the more a true hero!
    Feena: That doesn't matter! Justin...what happened to Justin!?
    [Debris almost falls on the girls.]
    Feena & Sue: Eeeek!
    Gadwin: Mmmmph! This isn't working!! Only a few hours remain until the tower
            collapses!! Feena and Sue, you go outside first! I will wait here until
            Justin returns!!
    Feena: No way! I will wait here! I won't leave Justin. Justin, Justin!!
    Sue: Feena!? Get a grip! Surely Justin is all right!
    Gadwin: I will stay... I made a promise to Justin. The two of us are in this
            together. It's inevitable!
    Feena: What are you doing Gadwin?! Let go!! Justiiiin!
    [He picks up the girls and runs out of the tower.]
    Feena: Oh no! The tower is collapsing...! Justin...!!
    [The once-great tower collapses in on itself.]
    Feena: Justin....
    Gadwin: The wretched tower has left together with the light. Oh, Justin, have
            you left us, too? ARGH! Why did YOU have to die!? If I didn't have to
            take these two back, I would kill myself right now.
    Sue: Justin is not dead, you silly Gadwin!
    [She kicks him in the shin, but he doesn't feel it.]
    Sue: Hey... Justi-i-n.... Waaaaaaaa!!
    Gadwin: Wha-what's happening??
    Sue: What is it? What's that light?
    Feena: Justin!
    Sue: What?!
    [Justin appears from an orb of light generated by his stone.]
    Justin: Ow! Aaaooww!!
    Sue: Justin!
    Justin: Aaaah...!
    Gadwin: Are you alright? Are you hurt?!
    Justin: Are you kidding? I'm just fine!
    Sue: Wow! Justin, you're like a real hero!
    Gadwin: That's right! You're just the man I knew you to be!
    Justin: Re-really? Com'on Gadwin...you're gonna make me get embarrassed.
    Feena: Justin....
    Justin: Feena, how about that! I did it! Aren't you impressed?
    [She slaps him.]
    Justin: Wha-what the heck was that for?! Uh, oh...
    Feena: Justin...you fool! I.... Look at me, I'm crying! You have no idea how
           worried I was...!
    Justin: Feena....
    Feena: Promise me, Justin. Promise me you'll never, ever worry me like that
    Justin: I-I'm sorry. I promise! I'll never make you cry again! I swear!
    Feena: Justin... you... you had me really, really worried.
    Sue: Hey. It stopped raining.... Look! Look, look everyone! Over there! It's a
    [They quickly return to Dight Village's beach.]
    Chief: Oh! You've returned, Gadwin! When the rain stopped, I knew you must have
           succeeded. Now, Gadwin...it's time to thrust that spear into the
           Dragon's Nest!
    Gadwin: No... I'm afraid that is not for me to do. Listen! People of the Flying
            Dragon! The dark clouds are banished! By the arrival of a hero, as in
            the legend! This hero's name is...Justin!! An adventurer who has come
            from afar! Let us all praise his name!!
    Chief: What! This kid did all that? That boy is now a hero?
    Gadwin: Elder... I told you at the beginning. There's no reason to scorn him
            because of his young age! Well...to the hero, Justin! To the Dragon's
            Nest with the spear! Only you have what it takes to do it!
    Justin: I guess I thrust the spear here. OK, I'm ready!! HYAAA!
    [Justin puts the spear into its slot atop the rocky structure.]
    Gadwin: Justin, thanks to you this village has been saved.
    Justin: Knock it off, Gadwin. You're making me blush. You know I didn't do it
    Gadwin: But Justin...I didn't do anything. Really. It was you who did
            everything this time. I want you to accept this, Justin. It is a
            fitting gift for a brave hero, for the retriever of the spear.
    Justin: Hmmmm...! In that case, I will ask Feena to accept this armband!!
    Feena: Huh!?
    Justin: If Feena hadn't chosen that mirror, I probably would have been killed.
            I mean, I just entered the mirror. It was Feena who showed me the way.
    Feena: Justin....
    Gadwin: Ahem...it is as Justin says it was.
    Sue: So, the armband is Feena's now.
    Feena: Well, OK... Thank you....
    Justin: It looks great on you, Feena!
    Feena: Thanks, Justin.
    Gadwin: So, brave hero Justin. What are your plans now?
    Justin: My plans? Well, of course I'm going to look for Angelou. Some big ruins
            lie to the South. You told me about them earlier.
    Feena: Justin, I'm sure you've kept Liete waiting by dwadling [sic] around in
           all these affairs.
    Gadwin: Ha ha ha! Around here, they call those ruins the Twin Towers. I'll show
            you the way there. South of Dight, over the Lama Mountains is Gumbo
            Village. From there, it's a boat ride to the ruins.
    Sue: What? A boat trip!? Sounds kinda hairy.
    Gadwin: No, it's not that far. And anyway, Gumbo is a warm and friendly
            village. Once you've arranged your boat trip, perhaps you'll have time
            to enjoy some local festivities.
    Sue: What? You said "festivities"? Let's go! Let's go! Right away!
    Justin: Ha ha! Sue's ready to party! Well then, let's be off, Gadwin.
    22) LAMA MOUNTAINS                                                       [WK22]
    [The team finds a clearing.]
    Gadwin: Hmm. There aren't any monsters here, and we have good visibility. Let's
            camp here today.
    Sue: I agree with Gadwin. I'm so tired.
    Gadwin: Now then, let's have Justin and Feena get us something to eat. Sue,
            will you help out here?
    Sue: Sure. That's great! We'll set up the tent. Let's do it Puffy!
    Puffy: Puffy puff puff.
    [Later, they all sit by the fire.]
    Gadwin: We should talk about the land that lies ahead of us. Is there anything
            you'd like to ask?
            What is the Village of Gumbo like?
             Gadwin: Gumbo is a warm village facing the sea. Thanks to the nearby
                     volcano, it feels like late spring all year. Though a coastal
                     village like Dight, Gumbo is completely different. It's
                     lively, with year-round festivals. Gumbo is an intensely
                     vibrant place. Whenever I go there, I feel irrepressibly
            What is the Gumbo Festival like?
             Gadwin: Owing to the nearby volcano, Gumbo is always warm. Thanks to
                     the volcano, the villagers celebrate often. They like to
                     celebrate after the third meal, and they live for the
             Justin: Heh heh. A festival sounds like fun! For me, 'festival' and
                     'adventure' are two words for the same thing!
            Tell us about the Twin Towers.
             Gadwin: I myself have not gone to the Twin Towers, but from stories
                     I've heard, it is situated west of Gumbo. However, the problem
                     is that between Gumbo and the Twin Towers lies mountains that
                     spew deadly poison gas. Consequently, the only way to reach
                     the Twin Towers is from the southern sea. In Gumbo, we'll have
                     to seek out a boatman.
    Justin: Aaah...the village of Gumbo.... It sounds like such a happy place!
    Sue: It sure does! It's just the place for Justin.
    Justin: Well, let's get off to bed. Once we get here, our next stop is Gumbo.
    Feena: Well, good night everyone.
    [Meanwhile, on an airship somewhere...]
    Leen: I am sorry, Colonel. The forces stationed in New Parm do not report
          having discovered Justin.
    Mullen: No reports...you say? Drat! Where did he disappear to? Have them
            continue searching New Parm. With the "End of the World," there is only
            one place for him to return to. Walking over the wall is impossible.
            Send the reports directly to me without going through General Baal.
    Leen: ... ... ... Do we tell him of the Spirit Stone?
    Mullen: We have yet to obtain the Spirit Stone. Without results, do you think
            Father'd be happy to hear just a status report? Do you understand?
    Leen: Yes....
    Mullen: Start the next operation now! There are still mysteries for us to
            solve. The mysteries of the Icarians....
    Leen: ... ... ... So, do we head East?
    Mullen: Yes...to the ruins. Move up the final inspection of our ship, the
            Lyonlot! Leen, we'll be on forced march starting again tomorrow. Rest
            up a little tonight.
    Leen: Y-yes sir. Thank you.
    23) GUMBO VILLAGE                                                        [WK23]
    [They finally reach the tropical village.]
    Gadwin: This is the Village of Gumbo. First we must find a boatman. We have to
            go to Twin Towers by sea.
    Sue: From a white beach in paradise, a boat ride into an emerald sea, (heart)
         a fine tropical breeze.... Whew! Brrrrr! Hey, it's cold! Didn't you say
         it's a warm village?
    Feena: And...it's so quiet. I don't hear any festival sounds.
    Justin: The sound of waves is all I hear. Gadwin, this isn't quite what I
            imagined from what you told me.
    Gadwin: Hmm. This is strange. The old Gumbo had an entirely different
            atmosphere. That bracing salt air is certainly that of Gumbo. It's a
            fishing village, but much different than Dight.
    Sue: Really? Aaah.... Aaaaaah.... Aachooo! It's awful cold, isn't it? Let's
         hurry and go into the village.
    Feena: C'mon. Let's go. We have to find a boatman who will take us to the Twin
    [They go into town.]
    Justin: Excuse me. You there in the swimsuit. You know a boatman with strong
            arms? We want to go to the Twin Towers.
    Girl: ......! Eeeek! What is it with you? Don't get any closer!!
    [She runs off.]
    Justin: Huh? What's wrong with her? Why did she suddenly run away like that?
    Sue: Knowing you, Justin, you probably offended her.
    Justin: No, I didn't! What are you saying, Sue?! Would I do something like
    Feena: Aha ha ha! What are you so touchy about? Aha ha. But it was a bit
           strange! Look. There are people over there too. Let's ask them about a
    [They walk further into town.]
    Feena: Excuse me. We're looking for a boatman to take us to the Twin Towers.
    Man: Huh? Waaah! It's an attractive girl!
    Feena: What?!
    Man: No-no-no! OH NOO, not a GIRL. You're a boy! That's right, a boy! A boy, I
         say! Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha.... Haaa....
    [He runs off.]
    Feena: What was that about?
    Justin: Aha ha ha! Hey, Feena. I think he mistook you for a boy. Yikes!
    Gadwin: Don't worry about it, Feena. From the moment I met you, I knew you were
            a woman.
    Feena: HEY! That's rude! Both of you. That's totally uncalled for.
    Sue: Well, I don't understand what it is, but something funny is going on.
    Gadwin: Whatever it is, this is very strange. Anyway, it doesn't seem likely
            that we'll get a boat to the Twin Towers.
    [They walk into the chief's house.]
    Chief: Oh, finally the honored guests have appeared! Now the festival can get
           going. Yipee!
    Justin: What? What is this!?
    Chief: I will come directly to the point! Will you be traveling with that young
           lady there?
    Sue: By young lady, do you mean me?
    Chief: No no. The other young lady. You with the matching armband. (heart) You
           two are a couple, right? Love through good and bad (heart) through
           suffering. (heart)
           Is it that obvious?
            Chief: I guessed RIGHT! A BELL-RINGER!! So you ARE a couple!!
           We're not like that.
            Chief: Not yet, then here and now end it with one kiss. Don't worry,
                   just kiss.
            Feena: No no! No!
            Chief: This is a reaction that leaves hope. A complete stranger could
                   never have that freshness and modesty. So, you are a couple
                   right? [option repeats]
    Chief: Well then! We shall recognize you two as the "Brave Couple"!
    Feena: Just a minute! First of all, Justin and I are not particularly a couple.
    Justin: Com' on, Feena. It seems to make him happy, and besides there's no
            harm, right?
    Feena: Still, what are you saying?
    Chief: Now, now! The "couple" has appeared! Prepare the feast!
    [Later, there's a festival in the "couple"'s honor. The chief plays ukelele.]
    Chief: It is I, (note) the Chief (note) of Gumbo. (note) Ah yes, (note) the
           Chief (note) I believe (note) that was five years ago. (note) The
           volcano, (note) the guardian diety (note) of Gumbo, stopped. (note)
           The fire in the volcano died (note) Gumbo (note) became cold. (note)
           Waiting for the couple. (note) When the couple comes, it will warm.
           (note) The legends say (note) they'll be a beautiful (note) couple.
           (note) If there is a couple, (note) we'll have a festival, (note) a
           festival of fun. (note)
    [The "Brave Couple" gets up.]
    Chief: Now about it? Do you think everyone had a good time? How about I sing
           one more song?
    Justin: No, that's all right.
    Chief: Well you do look tired. Why not take a walk outside, and breathe the
           fresh air? When you want to retire, tell me, and I'll escort you to the
           Guest House. Oh. Do you want to retire already?
           Naw, we want to play some more.
            Chief: Ho ho. Is that it? You'll enjoy the banquet some more.
           Yeah, time to go to bed.
            Chief: Are you tired, is that it? Then I'll escort you to the Guest
                   House. Yes, yes! Come here tomorrow. We'll have the finale to
                   the festival.
            Justin: Heh heh. The finale, is it? That sounds like fun!
            Chief: Oh, if you say so, I have preparations to make.
    [The next day...]
    Justin: Yesterday, I was really stumped by the Chief's song. When he said
            something like "I'll sing you my 99 best hits until morning." I
            wondered what we could do. Everyone was having such a good time. I
            wonder if the festival has ended? They talked about starting the
    [They walk out.]
    Justin: Well now. They said that today was the finale of the festival. What'll
            they be doing? It should be fun.
    Feena: Say, Justin? Don't you think the reception we're getting is kind of
           strange? Something's wrong. I have a bad feeling about this.
    Justin: Ha ha ha. You're being oversensitive, Feena. Didn't they say they'd
            have the finale in the tent? Let's go there!
    [They revisit the tent.]
    Chief: Oh! It's the "Couple!" The festival finale is finally here. Are you
           Please wait a little more.
            Chief: So please, let's get ready. Unless the star "Couple" is here, we
                   can't do the festival finale.
           OK! We're ready!
            Chief: Oh, that's great!! Like yesterday, the two of you can sit there.
    Feena: Somehow, I have a bad feeling about this.
    Justin: Let's do it, Feena. You don't want to offend the villagers.
    [They walk onto the stage.]
    Justin: What will they do? I'm excited.
    Chief: Attention! The finale of the festival shall begin! Now, certainly you
           were told that the village is worried about the fire of the volcano
           going out.
    Justin: Well, the Chief did sing to us in a loud voice.
    Chief: Great, OK. The volcano got that way owing to the fire dragon which
           appeared at the summit. As told in the village legends, a young couple
           of a man and a woman are to be offered in sacrifice to the fire dragon!
           Were you two told this?
    Justin & Feena: What!! Sacrifice!?
    Justin: Hold it a minute! We haven't heard any such story!
    Chief: What? Truly? Didn't I actually say that to you? This won't do. I tried
           my best not to forget! I've gotten forgetful lately. Well, now
           everything has been said. You two embellish the finale as the Brave
    [The tent falls back to reveal the stage is a giant catapult.]
    Danda: Excuse me, Brave Couple, we were afraid of being a sacrifice. We did not
           attain the love of lovers. To attain the love of two people, you have to
           be that Brave Couple who do not fear death! Hooray!
    Naina: You have shown bravery that will go down in the world history of
           couples. I will surely be happy with Danda!
    Justin: Hey! Wait just a minute!
    [The catapult fires the Brave Couple off.]
    Justin & Feena: Waaaaaah!
    Sue: Just a minute! Isn't this a bit much, Mr. Chief!! Hush about becoming a
    Chief: What? You can't say defeating a dragon is impossible. Still, it's fine
           if they are eaten for us.
    Sue: That's not a problem, I suppose!! This is terrible, Gadwin! We have to
         chase after those two.
    [Meanwhile, in midair...]
    Feena: Stupid! That's why I said I had a bad feeling about this! Whatever will
           we do now?
    Justin: It couldn't be helped! We didn't know!
    Feena: Really? They were acting too nice, didn't you think it strange?
    Justin: Well, Feena. I was enjoying the banquet! I guess we're opposites!
    [The Brave Couple crashes onto the volcano.]
    Feena: Yeoooouch! I hit my fanny!!
    Justin: Feena. Feeeeeeena! Are you all right?
    Feena: Aah...so this is what it's come to.... Justin, don't you feel a bit
           responsible for this?
    Justin: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know, it's all my fault. At any rate, we can't go
            back now. If we beat that fire dragon, there won't be a problem, right?
    Feena: Oh, sure. Change the subject. But, I guess you're right. Let's go
           Justin. I'm sure the fire dragon is at the summit.
    Justin: That's the Feena I know! Right on, let's go!
    [They walk a ways.]
    Gadwin: Look, Sue! Justin and Feena are over there!
    Sue: Yes they are! We finally found them. Hello! Justi-in, Feena-a!
    Justin: Ah! Gadwin! Sue!!
    Feena: You came here for us!
    Sue: It's only fitting! We cant let you two be sacrificed, can we Gadwin?
    Gadwin: Yes. At any rate, if we defeat the fire dragon at the summit,
            everything should be resolved.
    Justin: Great. Then let's do it! Let's go everyone!
    [They reach the summit.]
    Justin: Wah. It's hot! Is it because of that fellow over there?
    Gadwin: Justin, that looks like the fire dragon that causes Gumbo to suffer.
    Justin: Hey! Look. I am not so easily sacrificed!
    Feena: Justin! Don't be caught off guard! Look. It's coming this way!!
    [They slay the dragon.]
    Justin: YESS! We did it!
    Gadwin: Ha ha ha! Indeed, Justin!
    Sue: Now Justin and Feena don't have to be sacrificed!
    Feena: Aah... Justin, what's that glittering? Look, look. Over there, too.
    Justin: Huh? What, Feena? I see. These are the same things we saw at Typhoon
    [The volcano rumbles.]
    Justin: Wow. What's happening?
    Gadwin: The volcano has come back to life. It will start erupting right away!
    Sue: Yikes! This is the crater here. If it erupts, we'll all be sacrificed. No,
         more like sacri-fried.
    Feena: No time for word games. If we don't get out quickly, we'll all be toast.
    [They run off.]
    Sue: Look! The volcano is erupting!!
    Gadwin: Has the volcano come to life again? We had better hurry to the base.
            Let's go Justin.
    Justin: Yes, Gadwin! Run, everybody!
    [The team walks back into Gumbo Village.]
    Girl: Eeeek!!! It's a ghost! A ghost! Stay away!
    Man: You were supposed to have been eaten by the fire dragon. Why, Brave
         Couple, why?
    Girl: We were bad! Please, don't haunt us!
    [They run off.]
    Woman: Waaaa! It's looking this way!
    Man: He-hey, hey, hey! Souls of the Brave Couple! Don't lay a finger on my
         girlfriend! I, stoic and dangerous Murua will put you away with one blow
         from my right hand!
    Justin: Look, we have just returned here after barely defeating the fire
    Man: What? Is it really you?? You are really something! I am so happy that you
         were unscathed by the sacrifice! Hey, Leana! Run and tell the Chief the
         good news! There'll be a festival tonight!
    Woman: Murua, I don't want to go alone. Come with me. (heart)
    Man: Oh, my spoiled princess. OK Leana, I'll go with you. (heart)
    [They run off, too.]
    Justin: Oh brother.
    Feena: Come on, Justin. Don't be angry. Let's go, too.
    [There's a festival that night.]
    Chief: Auspicious! Auspicious! Never has it been this auspicious! Ja la la.
           Death to the fire dragon! Lu lu lu. May Gumbo be forever warm! A
           sacrifice is not necessary. From now until forever we can celebrate the
           festival. Ah this is great! To Justin and Feena who slew the dragon! And
           to Gadwin and Sue! These two couples will go down ever after in the
           history of Gumbo as the "Brave Couples!" Now then, please don't hurry.
           Eat more and drink here.
    Justin: No no. We've already had enough. We are so full.
    Sue: No more. My stomach's full, and I'm tired. Have you fallen asleep Puffy?
    Gadwin: Ga ha ha! I too have a full belly. I'm going back to the lodgings ahead
            of you. I'm hitting the sack, Justin, Feena. Since you're the guests of
            honor, you'd better enjoy it a while longer.
    Chief: Ja la la. I'm sorry you can't stay. Shall I see you to the lodgings?
    Sue: Good night, Justin. Don't stay up too late.
    [They leave.]
    Feena: What? Gadwin and Sue will soon be gone?
    Justin: Soon? It already happened. Feena, Feena! What are you drinking?!?
    Feena: What'll we do Justin? We have to kiss in front of everyone at the very
           end of the festival. (heart)
    Justin: What!? Really?
    Feena: Aha ha! It's a lie, Justin!! A lie! Did you think it was true? Say, it's
           gotten a little hotter. Shall we go outside and cool down?
           No, let's stay here a bit longer.
            Justin: But we are guests of honor for this party.
            Feena: All right. We can drink a bit more of this.
            Justin: Whoa. Wait a minute!
           Well all right, let's go then.
            Justin: It probably doesn't matter if we're here.
            Feena: Justin, you were making eyes at me just now.
            Justin: What are you saying? Do you want to go or stay?
            Feena: Aha ha. I'm just kidding! I'm sorry, Justin. Well, let's go
    [They go outside.]
    Feena: Ah, the evening breeze feels good. Now everybody is a couple in this
           village. I feel embarrassed just looking around. Look, they're
    Danda: Oh, Brave Couple, thanks to you, Gumbo is full of happiness!
    Naina: We owe it to you. Thank you very much. I didn't think that I would ever
           be walking together with Danda.
    Feena: Wonderful! You're a happy couple. (heart)
    Danda: You are also a marvelous couple. Right, Naina?
    Naina: Yes. A well-matched couple. You're right, Danda.
    Justin: Now tell me, Danda. Is there anywhere nearby that is cool?
    Danda: Let's see. Try going to the pier or the isolated islet. It'll be cool,
           and you can relax.
    [They walk to the pier.]
    Justin: Wow. They're all over the place! Is everybody a couple here?
    Feena: We shouldn't bother them, Justin. Let's go to the islet.
    [They do.]
    Feena: Just as Danda said, this is a quiet place. The smell of the sea breeze
           at night is wonderful, isn't it Justin?
    Justin: What? Maybe so. It feels like noon to me.
    Feena: Already Justin? Let's try going over there. The sound of night waves is
           so wonderful.
    Justin: What? Wait a minute Feena.
    Feena: Look Justin. It's just as if the starry sky descended. It's just like
           two people floating up in the sky.
    Justin: Truly. But as the adventurer Justin, sometime I would like to go up
            and face that star. Let's go together sometime to that most distant
    Feena: What? The two of us together to that star? Justin, you just said
           something nice. Do you know what it is?
    Justin: Well of course! That's only fitting for an adventurer.
    Feena: Oh Justin, don't you ever stop thinking about adventure?
    Justin: Hey! If we do this, we'll look like a real couple. Isn't that a laugh?
    Feena: Of course, we look like a couple. Our relation goes back to plunder and
           marriage in New Parm.
    Justin: What!? But-but that was because of that sniveling Pakon...!
    Feena: Ha ha. It's just a joke, just a joke! But Justin, I think it's been
           great going out on adventures with you, honest. Ever since I met you,
           adventure and trouble has been continuous. Even in this village, we are
           still wrapped up in confusion.
    Justin: Feena.... That doesn't sound much like a compliment.
    Feena: You can resolve these things just by taking it all on. You have that
           kind of wonderful strength.
    [She rests her head on his shoulder.]
    Justin: ......! Feena...perhaps it's looking ahead, but Feena, about myself....
    Feena: Shhhh. Quiet. It feels good just like this. It seems like you and I are
           the only ones in the whole world.
    Justin: What's that? The Spirits! They're here too, just like we saw them at
            Typhoon Tower and the volcano.
    Feena: Justin! Look!!
    [A cloud of spirits lights up over the sea.]
    Feena: How pretty!
    [The next morning at breakfast...]
    Gadwin: Normally, you seldom encounter the Spirits. That the two of you saw so
            many is extraordinary. I think that the Spirits favor Justin. Don't you
            feel that in your heart?
    Justin: Yes. I've been able to see the Spirits ever since we crossed the wall
            and came here.
    Gadwin: The Spirits appeared to Justin last night and at Typhoon Tower. Now
            then, these are more appearances than I've ever heard of before. I
            think that they must have something in mind for Justin.
    Justin: The Spirits are those softly flickering lights, aren't they? How could
            they intend anything?
    Gadwin: Now then, last night after we parted, Danda and his friend came to the
            Guest House. As thanks for saving Gumbo, he said he was making
            preparations so we can leave by boat at any time.
    Justin: Great luck. Now we can finally go to the Twin Towers. I thought that we
            would meet up with Liete when we crossed the barrier. Somehow we went
            the long way around.
    Sue: That's because originally Justin was bad at everything. Have you reflected
         on that?
    Justin: I understand! Well, that's OK. It means we've had that many more
    [They walk to the docks.]
    Danda: Say, Brave Couple! Still want to go to the Twin Towers? Well then, let's
           go. Let's go!
           Great. Let's go!
            Danda: Good. Let's do it. I'll get you there no problem. I can handle
                   anything in a boat.
            Naina: Aaaaa. (heart) You really are handsome, Danda.
           Wait. We'll be ready in a bit.
            Danda: OK. Let me know when you're raady. [sic] I'll be ready to set
                   my boat out for the Twin Towers anytime.
            Justin: Thank you, Danda.
            Danda: Sure thing. Just let me know anytime.
    [They disembark.]
    24) THE TWIN TOWERS                                                      [WK24]
    [They arrive at the Towers' shore.]
    Danda: We'll be waiting here for you. Don't worry. We'll be ready so you can
           go back with us any time. About the Twin Towers.... I heard from someone
           who's been there often to study the place. They're surrounded by four
           gates, but you can enter only via the north gate. All of the other gates
           are shut!
    Justin: Thanks for the tip, Danda!
    Naina: Oh, by the way...have a fun adventure! (heart) We'll wait here for you
           the whole time...
    Danda: Hey, that's right. We'll be waiting here, Naina. Just you and me!
    [They enter the tower environs.]
    Sue: Wait, Justin! Look! A tank from the Garlyle Forces!
    Justin: What would the Garlyle Forces be doing here? Have the Garlyle Forces
            crossed the End of the World, too?! This must be a mistake!
    Feena: No, look. See those markings? It's got to be a Garlyle Forces tank.
    Gadwin: Hmm...this is new to me. Are these soldiers very troublesome?
    Justin: Yeah, they can be. Anyway, if there are any of them in the Twin Towers,
            then we'd better be careful not to let them know we're here.
    [They go through the northern maze and find an entrance.]
    Soldier: Hey! Who are you? You can't come in here. The Garlyle Forces are doing
             some studies here.
    Justin: Oh, but wait. We're just, uh....
    Soldier 2: Are you the local guides? Were you sent here to help with the Twin
               Towers study?
               Huh?! Well, actually, we uh....
                Justin: Huh?! Well, actually, we uh....
                Feena: Hey, Justin. That gives us a chance to get in, right?
                Justin: Oh, yeah!
                Sue: That's right! Tell him we're guides and he'll let us in,
                Gadwin: Hmph! That is not the proper way for a man to challenge an
                        adversary! Fight him fair and square, Justin!
                Justin: What?! Hol...hold on there, Gadwin!!
                Soldier 2: What's all the chatter about?! I asked you, are you or
                           are you not our guides?!
               That's right, we're guides!
                Justin: Yes! Yes, we're guides!! Our boss told us to, uh, guide you
                        folks around here.
                Soldier 2: Oh, well then. We've been waiting for you. We're having
                           trouble finding the entrance to these ruins. OK, let's
                           get in there quickly. We can get into the details after
                           we're inside.
    Sue: I don't know how we did it, but we got inside without making a fuss, eh
    Justin: Shhhh! They'll hear you, Sue!
    Soldier: Come on, slowpokes. Go on inside!
    [They go into the central area and see an entrance.]
    Sue: Watch out, Justin! It's them!
    Justin: What's the matter, Sue? What...?
    Sue: Shhh! Everyone just hide, quickly!
    [They hide behind a tank.]
    Nana: What a boring assignment this is. Herr Mullen's stuck on studying towers.
          Maybe he'll give us new orders soon. (heart)
    Mio: If we hadn't messed up so bad in the Misty Forest, my dream of becoming
         Herr Mullen's aide-de-camp....
    Saki: That was one miserable experience. The train wouldn't stop and we wasted
          half a day. Herr Mullen was mad.
    Nana: Wasn't his name Justin, the one who broke the brake? He'll pay the next
          time I see him.
    Sergeants: He'll pay with his life!!!
    [They walk off.]
    Justin: Hmm, they're gone now. Sounds like they remember me.
    Gadwin: Looks like you've got women trouble. And you know a few tricks, eh
    Sue: Hey, Justin. Those three women, they were talking about a Herr Mullen.
    Justin: Oh, him... I don't know if I can handle him. Anyway, it looks like
            there's a door over there. Let's get into the tower before we run into
            Herr Mullen!
    [They go into the ruins.]
    Justin: What's this?
    Feena: It must mean something, but I don't know what. It looks like the Magic
           Circle. Hey, Justin. I think I see the entrance to a passageway over
    Sue: Huh? Uh-oh, Justin. It looks like a dead end ahead.
    Justin: You're right, there's a wall there. But if this isn't an entrance,
            where can we enter from?
    [They go to leave, but...]
    Leen: The latest report only said that the entrance is very likely to be
          somewhere in this room.
    Mullen: The way to get ejected from the Twin Towers is described in detail.
            It's a very helpful report.
    Sue: Hey! That voice...!
    [The two walk into the room.]
    Justin: Oh, it's you...Mullen!!
    Mullen: What the...? Why, it's Justin!
    Leen: Feena?!
    Feena: Leen?!
    Mullen: What are you doing here, Justin! How in the...you must've gotten over
            the wall at the End of the World!
    Justin: You bet we did! We walked and climbed over it!
    Mullen: Walked?! You really got over that wall on foot?! Ha ha ha ha!! That's
            amazing! You kids are really something!
    Justin: Yeah, what's so funny?! Don't make fun of us, you jerk!
    Mullen: Ha ha ha. No, no, you've got it all wrong, Justin. I'm just pleased,
            that's all. These days, it's wonderful to meet someone who's so artless
            and daring.
    Justin: Enough with the confusing chatter! Move, Mullen! Let us pass through
            or we'll do it by force!
    Mullen: Heh heh...if I let you pass through, will you hand me that last
            fragment of the Spirit Stone, Justin?
            What? Give it to someone like you?
            What'll you do with this Spirit Stone?
            If you want it, come and get it, fool!
             Mullen: So...it's just as Leen said. You really have it, don't you?
    Justin: ......!
    Mullen: That stone is not meant to be yours. Hand it over and I will let you
    Justin: No! Ya got that? N! O!
    Gadwin: We can't let him just suddenly appear and take the stone like a mugger.
            You can count on me and my sword, Justin!
    Leen: Feena! Justin! Just hand over the Spirit Stone! Don't risk your lives
          over it!!
    Mullen: Stand back, Leen. If the stone must be taken by force.
    Justin: Let's get him! Gadwin!!
    Gadwin: OK!!
    [Mullen rebuffs both of them.]
    Feena & Sue: Justin!
    Justin: Ugh...! That creep!!
    Mullen: Well...on your feet already, eh? Looks like this adventure trip has
            provided you with good training. I'm only going to say this once more.
            Hand over the stone, Justin.
            No way!
            Even if you kill me!
            No way, Jose!
             Mullen: Heh heh. That's just what I'd expect to hear from someone like
                     you. OK, come give me all you got. You shouldn't take any
                     regrets with you to the next world.
    Leen: Stop, Herr Mullen! We already know who'll win!!
    Justin: Nonsense! The winner has yet to be decided!
    Feena: Stop! Stop, Justin! You're gonna get killed!
    Justin: The Spirit Stone in my pocket...! It's starting to glow...!
    Mullen: The Magic Circle.... It's moving! Could it be the entrance to the
    Justin: Yaaaaah!
    Feena: Aaaaaack!
    [Mullen, Leen, Justin and Feena disappear in a flash of light.]
    Sue: Wh...what?! Oh no! Gadwin! Justin and Feena, they're gone...! Hey, where
         is everybody? Juussttiiiiin! Feeeennaaa!
    [Somewhere below...]
    Feena: Ugh...unnh.... I hear water... Justin...? Where am I...? Is anyone here?
           Hello, is anyone around? Juusstiiin! Suuue! Gaaadwiiiin!! Hmm, what's
           going on...? Justin... Justin!!
    Mullen: It's no good calling for them. The Magic Circle sent only you and me
            to this place.
    Feena: ......!? Ouch...!! My leg is hurt...! Don't come near me!! You're the
           one who made my sister do those horrible things to Luc Village!
    Mullen: ... ...... You're right...and I apologize.
    Feena: What...? Owww!
    Mullen: Looks like you've sprained your ankle. Nothing wrong with the bones....
            If you take it easy, it should get better. Just sit still and rest it
            for a while.
    Feena: ...... Where in the world are we? And where's Justin and everyone...?
    Mullen: We're inside the Twin Towers. It's a temple, built for the Icarians,
            back during the Angelou Civilization.
    Feena: A temple...for the Icarians...?
    Mullen: Have a look around. Several old murals remain intact. Those spread
            wings are a symbol representing the Icarians. Those miraculous wings,
            which lifted them between the human and Spirit realms. All human
            history began with legends about those wings. See the two shining
            objects, like two suns, on the wings?
    Feena: Spirit Stones...? Wait, that can't be right. The legends say there was
           only one Spirit Stone. Oh, I know! The Spirits, right? The Angelounian
           legends say they gave the Spirit Stones to the Icarians.
    Mullen: Right you are. As one would expect from Feena, New Parm's greatest
            female adventurer.
    Feena: Huh?! You know about me?
    Mullen: Of course I know. After all, you've been on our "most wanted" list.
            However...the truth is, I was rather surprised. You look so much like
            Leen, which makes sense since you're her twin.
    Feena: Oh, do you think so? People have not said much about the resemblance...
    Mullen: Not only are you both pretty...you both are willing to take on
            impossible challenges.
    Feena: Huh...? You're teasing me, aren't you?!
    Mullen: Ha ha ha! It's good that you're healthy enough to get mad. OK, this'll
            do for now. You should be able to get around now. Can you stand on your
    Feena: Uh, yeah, I think so. Thanks, uh....
    Mullen: Just call me Mullen. I'm a Colonel in the Garlyle Forces. I am Lt.
            Leen's commanding officer. But I think we should put all that aside
            for now and work together to escape from this place. OK?
    Feena: Uh, yeah. I guess that's a good idea.
    Mullen: So, shall we get going? Can you walk OK?
    Feena: Yes, I'm fine now. Let's go. Aaah!
    [Part of the passage gives way; Mullen catches her.]
    Mullen: Be careful. These ruins are rather fragile. Please stay close behind
    Feena: Th...thanks, Mullen. ... ...... I wonder if everyone's OK. I hope nobody
           got hurt....
    [Elsewhere, Justin wakes up.]
    Justin: Hmm...? Maybe...here...?! I remember! A light shone when I challenged
            that jerk Mullen to another fight. Feena! Gadwin! Sue! Hey, where is
            everyone?!! I guess no one's here. I've got to find them and make sure
            they're OK.
    [He fights his way through the monsters a bit.]
    Voice: Eeeeeek!
    Justin: Hey! What's that? Eh? It's...?!
    [Leen is across the abyss, cornered by frogs.]
    Leen: Oh! Oh no!! Stay away from me!!!
    Justin: Leen...! Are some monsters after you?!
    [Justin goes after 'em.]
    Justin: Eh! Leen!!
    Leen: Frogs...the frogs...! Keep them away!!
    Justin: Are you OK, Leen? Hang on, I'm coming!
    Leen: What? Why?! You would help your enemy...?
    Justin: Get over it! You don't really mean that we're enemies now, do you?!
    [He slays the foes.]
    Justin: That was a dangerous spot. Are you hurt, Leen?
    Leen: ... ......
    [She takes out her sword.]
    Justin: Yikes! Wha...what's the matter?!
    Leen: Justin! This is an order! You have the last fragment of the Spirit Stone.
          Now hand it over!
    Justin: Wha...what is this?! You were just crying for me to save you from the
            frogs, and now this?
    Leen: Just...just be quiet! It is my duty to get that Spirit Stone from you. My
          duty must come first!
    Justin: Ah, it was no big deal. But we'd better get out of here fast, or the
            frogs might come back!
    [He turns around and a bunch of frogs are inching closer.]
    Justin: Egads! That was quick! And look how many there are!! We gotta get outta
            here or we're gonna be their lunch. Let's run through that passageway!
    Leen: Don't try to escape, Justin! I'm a proud member of Herr Mullen's unit! I
          value my duty to him over my life!
    Justin: Oh, really! Well, I'm not so full of pride!! If you want my Spirit
            Stone that bad, you can have it. Here!
    System: "Spirit Stone" thrown to Leen.
    Leen: Justin!? Justin...why? Why are you giving up your most valuable
          possession so easily?
    Justin: Don't be silly! Why not? You think this stone is more important than
            my life or yours? Ha!!
    Leen: My life or yours?
    Justin: So just take it, OK? Now, I suggest we stick together for a while, at
            least until we find a way out of this tower. I'm trusting you, OK?
    [They run off but the flimsy path falls away.]
    Justin: Aackk!!
    Leen: Eeeeek!
    [They both come to down below.]
    Justin: Aaaahhh! That was a shock! Hey, Leen! Are you OK over there? Hey,
            Leen...! Are...are you OK? Are you hurt?!
    Leen: I just choked down some water. I feel a little funny....
    Justin: Oh...? Whew! Don't scare me like that! You'll be OK. Just a little
            water. I was wondering how we'd escape after being surrounded by those
            frogs. We're lucky that the bridge broke!
    Leen: Hee hee.
    Justin: What are you giggling about, Leen?
    Leen: It's just that, Justin...we just fell a long way from that bridge...and
          you say we're lucky! Hee hee...isn't that a little weird?
    Justin: What, you think we fell a long way? Ha! After falling from the top of
            the End of the World, this is nothing!
    Leen: A ha ha ha ha! Only you would think like that! Me, I was scared out of my
          wits. (note)
    Justin: Oh, you were, were you...? I'm an adventurer! I'm never afraid!
    Leen: Well, no one has fallen from as many places as you have! It's what makes
          you a great adventurer.
    Justin: Hey... I didn't say I'm a great adventurer because I fall from places.
            Anyway, before we leave we should try to dry out these clothes. Leen,
            help me find something to burn!
    [Elsewhere, the other two are staring at a sculpture.]
    Feena: It's a statue of an Icarian! Hmm...why such a large statue...? I never
           saw a female Icarian statue before. Those blue wings make her look like
           an angel with four arms....
    Mullen: In the ancient Angelou Civilization, four-arm female statues were often
            used to depict Icarians. The old myths and legends say that the Spirits
            and the Icarians were able to understand each other. They even say that
            the Spirits' energy was what fueled the prosperity of the ancient
            Angelou Civilization. But the Spirit energy was somehow lost and today
            the Angelounians survive only in myths and legends. Now the Spirits
            have turned their backs on mankind and no longer help us.
    Feena: And why is that?
    Mullen: ...... Certain mistakes were made.... Anyway, we're talking when we
            should be walking. We've still got some distance to cover. Let's go,
    [In that same room, out of sight and below, the others built a campfire.]
    Leen: Justin, that was pretty cool the way you got a fire going without even
          any matches.
    Justin: Ha ha. What do you expect? I'm an adventurer. Feena's even better at
            that than I am.
    Leen: Feena? Well...that's good.... So Feena's become a true adventurer.
    Justin: Hey...! You're smiling again. I'm not complaining! I'd much rather see
            you smiling! You've got such a pretty smile, too!
    Leen: Huh?!? Jus-Justin, what did you just say?!
    Justin: I mean, whenever I've seen you, you've always given us such a menacing
            look. Now, when I see you smiling, I can tell you're pretty normal
            after all.
    Leen: I'm...I'm sorry... I just...
    Justin: Just what? Come on, tell me.
    Leen: I feel happy for once, after hearing you speak of me that way. I'm not
          quite sure what to say at a time like this....
    Justin: Hmmm... I wonder.... Are all military people like you? Which reminds
            me, Leen. Can I ask you something?
    Leen: Sure. What is it, Justin?
    Justin: Why do the Garlyle Forces want the Spirit Stones so badly?
    Leen: ...! Thats a military secret... I'm sorry, Justin... I can't tell even
          you about that....
    Justin: Don't look so apologetic. At least I'm not asking for my Spirit Stone
            back. You can't help having to keep secrets. You belong to the Garlyle
    Leen: ... ...... Our clothes are dry now.... Time to go, Justin.
    Justin: What?! But my stuff's still wet. Oh, never mind.... I've got to find
            Feena, Sue and the others.
    Leen: This is the lowest level in the Twin Towers. Mio's report said that the
          exit is at the highest level.
    Justin: The highest level...that's the top of the towers! We'd better get
    [They find the statue Feena and Mullen were looking at.]
    Justin: Wow! That's huuuuge! That's gotta be the biggest statue I've ever seen!
    Leen: It's an Icarian statue...a relic from the Angelou Civilization.
    Justin: Look! That's weird! It's got four arms!! I've seen Icarian statues
            before. But they were always kinda abstract. This one looks a lot like
            a human. The real Icarians weren't this big, were they? This big one is
            like some kind of monster, eh Leen?
    Leen: I suppose so.... Well...let's hurry out of here, Justin.
    Justin: Huh...? Oh, all right.
    [They ride an elevator up and spot some murals.]
    Justin: Wow! Murals! Look at the murals, Leen!! I wonder... Are these murals of
            the Icarians? These murals.... Why did they draw such sad-looking
            scenes? That's just too weird! I mean, the Angelou Civilization was a
            wonderful and awesome world, right?
    Leen: Justin, do you really think that a past civilization could have been so
    Justin: Huh? What do you mean?
    Leen: If it was such a great civilization, then it wouldn't have perished.
          Don't you think, Justin? Also...why do you suppose they built that huge
          wall at the End of the World, dividing the continent in two? Perhaps the
          world of the Icarians and the Spirit Stones was really awful. Maybe it's
          not a world that we would want to live in....
    Justin: Don't imagine such awful things. Why would your Forces be interested in
            an awful world? Oh, sorry... I'm not supposed to ask. I promised.
    Leen: I'm so...sorry. I, uh... I was....
    Justin: Hey, no problem! Don't worry about it. Let's go, Leen.
    [After they ride the elevator, Mullen and Feena encounter the same mural.]
    Feena: What a huge painting! But... I wonder.... It's such a sad painting....
    Mullen: Hmmm.... This is a mural of the fall of ancient Angelou.
    Feena: Is that...an Icarian...?
    Mullen: In fact, that was the greatest error of the Angelou Civilization. Only
            Icarians can use the Spirit stone.... That was the law of nature, but
            humans forgot this and tried to create prosperity with their own hands.
            They began to reach for things they shouldn't touch. As a result, just
            as they reached the height of prosperity, they vanished. The Icarians,
    Feena: You...why do you know that?
    Mullen: My mother told me.... Yes...my mother was a humanoid.
    Feena: ......!
    Mullen: Among the humanoids, hers was a very ancient and gentle race. My
            father, General Baal, married my mother in order to obtain the secrets
            of the ancient Angelou Civilization.
    Feena: Mullen....
    Mullen: I love this land that my mother loved. Hmph...there must be something
            wrong with me, too. Telling this story to you, a complete stranger. It
            must be because of your eyes. I feel like I'm talking to Leen.... You
            look a lot like her. Come, let's go. The exit is at the top of the
    [Elsewhere, the elevator reaches the top.]
    Leen: We're at the top of the Twin Towers. This is the room where we were
          ejected by the Magic Circle.
    Justin: Hey...!? What's this...?
    [They approach a weird, lit-up orb.]
    Leen: Justin...what's that light coming from...?
    Justin: This is a gizmo from the Angelounian Civilization. You can use it to
            talk to Icarians.
    Leen: Aaack! Justin!!
    [The light covers the entire room.]
    Liete: Welcome, he who holds the Spirit Stone, he who is guided by the light of
           the Spirit Stone and wings of the Icarians.
    Justin: It's me, Liete! Me, Justin! I've made it this far!
    Liete: Yes, I can feel you very clearly. You have come very close. From where
           you are, Alent is practically right before your eyes.
    Justin: Liete, show yourself! Tell me where Alent is!
    Liete: Go east, Justin...you, the one who searches for answers.
    Justin: Liete!!
    System: "Medal of Wisdom" acquired
    [The light disappears.]
    Justin: Liete...what's with this medal...?
    Liete: That is the key to Alent. It will show you the way there.
    Leen: To Alent, she said? Wait...that's not right! What about the Icarians?!
    Liete: Cross the inland sea and head to the east, Justin. I must wait until we
           meet again. Then I will tell you everything I know about the
    Justin: All right...! We're going to be in Alent soon!! The Angelou mystery'll
            be solved at last! Liete said we have to cross the inland sea and head
            to the east. Come on, now's no time to be slow! Hey, we can use the
            Magic Circle to get sent from this tower! We can leave this place fast,
    Leen: "Leave"...? You call that "leaving," Justin?! Do you even know how to use
          a Magic Circle?
    Justin: Nope, but I'm sure if I try some stuff, something'll happen. It doesn't
            look too difficult!
    Leen: Incredible! Hee hee. I guess that's just the way you are, eh Justin?
          Here, I happen to know how the Magic Circle works, Justin. Stand back!
    Justin: Really? That's impressive, Leen!
    Leen: Colonel Mullen taught me. (says unintelligible language)!!
    [The magic circle teleports them outside the towers.]
    Leen: This is where we say goodbye, Justin.
    Justin: Oh, that's right. You only promised to help me escape. Still, couldn't
    Leen: Justin...I want you to avoid going any closer than this to the
    Justin: What?! But...why, Leen? It's been my dream to find them!
    Leen: Yes...that's right. You're an adventurer, after all. Why should I even
          try to say such things? Well, at least...just stay away from the Garlyle
          Forces, OK? ...... Give me your hand, Justin.
    Justin: Huh? B-b-but...why?
    Leen: Just do it, quickly!!
    Justin: The Spirit Stone... Leen?! But why...?
    Leen: I thought I could sacrifice anything if it was to get hold of the Spirit
          Stone. But now...I don't know if that was right. So...you hold on to it.
          I never saw you in the Twin Towers and I never got the Spirit Stone.
    Justin: I get it. Thank you, Leen.
    Leen: ... ...... Say, Justin? Tell me one last thing. What does the Spirit
          Stone mean to you?
    Justin: Eh?! Uh...that's a toughie.... To me, the Spirit Stone is...? I know!
            The soul of the adventurer!
    Leen: ...... Hmph...hee hee... Ah ha ha ha ha!!
    Justin: Don't laugh! I was serious.
    Leen: I-I'm sorry. It's sorta...funny.... That's all.... I think I finally
          understand...why Feena is with you and...why I met you. I will never
          forget you.... Good-bye, Justin!
    [She scampers off into the maze.]
    Voice: Justiiin!
    Justin: Huh? Leen...? No, wait, that's Feena's voice! Feena! Feeenaaaa!
    Feena: Phew, I finally found you! Are you OK?
    Justin: Who, me? Of course I'm OK! I just got a little confused there, between
            your voice and Leen's....
    Feena: Oh? Leen, you said? Were you with her just now? That reminds me, Herr
           Mullen said that you guys were ejected by the Magic Circle.
    Justin: Huh?! Mullen?! You were with that evil Mullen dude?
    Feena: Yeah, well, he really helped me get out of that tower. He's not such a
           bad guy after all.
    Justin: What do you mean, Feena?! That Mullen, I could...!
    Feena: Hee hee. Anyway, let's discuss all this later on. Riught now, our top
           priority is to find Sue and Gadwin. Let's go!
    [They escape the maze.]
    Sue: Juuusstiiiin! Feeeenaaa!
    Justin: Hey, there they are! Yoo-hoo, we're over here!
    Gadwin: We were looking all over for you. At least you seem unhurt.
    Sue: That's good! Gadwin got knocked out and didn't wake up for a while. I was
         so worried. I thought he'd take care of that Mullen guy in no time flat!
         Gadwin must be getting slow, I guess.
    Gadwin: I'm ashamed to admit, she's right. Even in such a wide world, I doubted
            such a master could exist. It means I haven't trained enough! Gyaah ha
            ha ha!!
    Justin: Guess what? I met Liete again! But anyway, we're all together again. So
            let's get back to Gumbo!
    [They return to the boat.]
    Naina: Oh! (heart) You're back already?
    Danda: Oh, we're heading back already? Naina and I had hoped to spend a little
           more time here. Ha ha ha.
           Sorry, but we need to go back.
            Danda: OK. I'll get the ship ready.
           OK, let's adventure some more here.
            Danda: OK! You bet! We can stay here a little while longer, right
                   Naina? (heart)
            Naina: Mmmm. I knew Justin would be nice enough to let us stay. Isn't
                   that right, Danda? (heart)
            Justin: OK, OK, I get it.
    Justin: Oh! Wait a minute!
    Gadwin: Huh? What's wrong, Justin?
    Justin: Danda, you're the best sailor in Gumbo, right? Listen. We need to go
            somewhere east of Gumbo!
    Danda: East of Gumbo? If we go east...there's only the Sea of Mermaids! Oh,
           but remember, Naina? We've got something very, very, very important to
    Naina: Oh, is it what I'm thinking, Danda? You're right! We've got to get back
           to Gumbo for a very important matter!
    Gadwin: Oh...it's just as well. So, let's go to Gumbo first.
    Justin: What, you too, Gadwin?
    Gadwin: We'll discuss the details in Gumbo. Please get the ship ready, Danda.
    25) GUMBO VILLAGE [II]                                                   [WK25]
    Danda: Well, we're back in Gumbo. We'd take you anywhere other than the Sea of
           Mermaids. O Brave Couple.
    Justin: Aah. Thank you, Danda and Naina.
    Naina: Danda, where shall we go on our date? If it's just the two of us,
           anywhere is fine with me.
    Danda: I'm with you Naina. As long as we go together, I don't care where we go.
    Feena: We-we don't want to disturb you two. Let's go, Justin.
    Justin: By the way Gadwin, what in the world were you saying about the "Sea of
    Gadwin: Hmm. This time of year is called mermaid season, when the mermaids are
            active in the eastern sea. That's why the ocean is called the "Sea of
            Mermaids." I myself have never actually seen a mermaid, but they are
            said to be creatures that take people's lives.
    Feena: Huh? That's a mermaid? I had a rather different image of them.
    Justin: Well, we have to cross the sea. Liete said, "Proceed east across the
    Gadwin: But there might be a way to cross the sea during mermaid season. The
            Elder of Dight would know.
    Justin: Then we CAN cross the sea! Why didn't you say so at first? Acting so
            important. Right, Sue?
    Sue: Un huh.
    [She sits down on the dock.]
    Feena: ......? What's wrong Sue?
    Sue: What...? Oh...you know. Aha. I guess I'm just really hungry.
    Justin: Ha ha. And you're always saying that I'm the glutton, Sue!
    Feena: Are you really OK Sue?
    Sue: Uh, sure, I'm fine.
    Feena: Yeah? All right, then....
    Sue: What are you all doing? Let's get back to Dight right away!
    Feena: ......
    [They return to Dight.]
    Gadwin: Let's go see what the Elder has to say. I expect the Elder knows a lot
            about the old ruins around here.
    [They go to his house.]
    Chief: Well, it's Justin, Hero of Dight! I haven't seen you for a while. I
           thought you were training with Gadwin.
    Justin: Heh heh. Please, this "hero" stuff embarrasses me.
    Gadwin: It's been a long time, elder. We've come to ask about the old ruins
            outside of this village. I was sure there's an old ruin that can send
            you anywhere you want to go. Thought it was around here somewhere.
    Chief: Hmm...to go anywhere you want, eh? I know! The Mysterious Vanishing
    Justin: The Mysterious Vanishing Hill?
    Chief: There's a little shrine where the hills start. It's got some ancient
           gizmo that can send you anywhere. But you can't use the magic launch pad
           until you get the "Teleportation Orb" from the top of the hill.
    Justin: "Teleportation Orb"...? That's a new one to me.
    Chief: The ancient gizmo will only start working if you use that orb, which
           holds energy from the Spirits. But I've been told the Teleportation Orb
           can only be used once, and then it loses all of its Spirit energy.
    Justin: Well, once is good enough for us! So, what are we waiting for? Let's go
            grab that orb!
    Sue: Um... Justin... I'm feeling...rather tired. Couldn't we wait till tomorrow
         to go get the orb, and just rest here today?
    [They go outside.]
    Sue: Justin...uh...I....
    [She collapses.]
    Puffy: Puff... Puuuffff!!
    Justin: Wha- what's the matter? Sue! Are you alright!?
    Feena: Sue! Answer me! Sue!!! Oh, no! She's burning up with fever!
    Gadwin: Hmmph! This isn't right! Justin! Quick! Take her over to Alma's place.
    [They go to Alma's clinic.]
    Alma: Hmmm...she's all worn out. This little girl has been on a very demanding
          trip, it seems. Justin...has Sue said anything to you about her being so
    Justin: Well, uh....
    Alma: Anyway...she didn't want the rest of you to treat her like a child, no
          doubt. And Gadwin, to think you were with them.... How foolish!
    Gadwin: I'm...I'm sorry...shame on me.
    Justin: Wait, it's not Gadwin's fault! I was the one who should've been paying
            more attention. Sue...I didn't realize how tired you were getting.
    Alma: Even though she is just tired, there should be no more of this for her.
          She's got to stay here and recuperate.
    Sue: Say, Justin! Listen, I'm...I'm fine now. I can go to a, you know, that
    Feena: Sue...we'll wait until you're all better before getting that
           Teleportation Orb.
    Justin: But...uh, yeah, OK. Um, I was thinking the same thing. So, we'll just
            take it easy for today.
    Alma: Not just one day! She must rest till the next full moon!
    Justin: Oh. Well, then we'll stay till then! After all, we can't leave a kid
            like Sue behind all by herself, can we?
    Sue: A kid...?! I...I'll just wait here. Justin, just you guys should go.
    Justin: Huh?! But, we....
    Sue: You heard me!! You know how much I hate being treated like a kid! So,
         listen to me! You guys go with Gadwin. I'll be FINE here BY MYSELF!!
    Gadwin: Hmm....I understand, Sue. We should respect your feelings. Let's go,
            Justin. It's what Sue wants.
    [They go to the M.V. Hill.]
    Gadwin: With this, we've finally gone half the journey.
    Justin: Well, we have to hurry it up. I'm worried about leaving Sue alone like
    [They slay the Massacre Machine.]
    Justin: Great. We defeated it! Say, Gadwin. How much further to the summit of
            this mountain?
    Gadwin: Yes, let's see....
    [Meanwhile, in Alma's clinic...]
    Alma: You haven't taken your medicine yet? I told you this medicine works fine.
          It works as soon as you swallow it.
    Sue: Heh heh. Me? I couldn't swallow that! I feel sorry for it.
    Alma: Well, you're just tired. So, with a little rest and relaxation, recovery
          should be very quick. I noticed you've just been staring out the window
          for a long time now. What's troubling you? Hmm?
    Sue: ... ... Ahhh, am I really just a kid? Huh, Dr. Alma? Isn't Justin kinda
         selfish? You know, leaving me behind like this. And now he gets bigger and
         bigger, all by himself!
    Alma: Hmm...you know, at his age, the boys shoot up like weeds. Girls, they
          blossom like flowers. You'll be grown up in another five years.
    Sue: Another five years, huh? Until then, I'll...I'll just...I'll just, uh...
         oh, I don't know.
    [Back at the hill...]
    Gadwin: The summit shouldn't be too far away. At this rate, we'll reach the
            summit in no time.
    Justin: OK! Let's go, Feena!!
    [They defeat another machine.]
    Gadwin: Hmm.... You've gotten strong, Justin. You're really something. I've
            seen you grow strong in the short while since I first met you.
    Justin: Heh heh. Oh gosh. Gadwin, you're embarrassing me.
    [They find what they sought.]
    Justin: So this is the orb that focuses the power of the Spirits.
    System: "Teleportation Orb" acquired.
    Justin: Well, let's go back quickly! Sue must be getting tired of waiting!!
    Feena: Justin... I-I wonder if it's all right to continue adventures like this?
    Justin: What do you mean?
    Feena: A physician like Dr. Alma might now always be there for us. Even if we
           make it across the Sea of Mermaids, there's still danger ahead. If
           anything happened to Sue, I....
    Justin: ... ......
    Gadwin: It's all right, Feena. Justin understands, too.
    [They return to Alma's clinic.]
    Justin: We're back, Sue! So, are you all better now?
    Alma: Hey, this is a medical clinic. Could you please keep the noise down? Sue
          has been anxiously awaiting you. Justin.... She wants to talk with you
    Justin: Don't worry! We've got the Teleportation Orb! Let's all cross the Sea
            of Mermaids!
    Sue: Jus.... Justin, I... I've decided...to stop adventuring...until I become
         an adult.
    Justin: Sue, what are you saying?! Didn't you get all better here? Are you
            still sick with something?
    Alma: You don't get the point. Physically, Sue has made a very good recovery.
          But...if she continues with the adventuring she'll just become exhausted
          again. Even if you take it easy on her, she'd still get worn out again
    Gadwin: Yes...she seems well again now. But she must still be frail.
    Feena: Yes, that's right. It's like Dr. Alma said.
    Justin: Wai-wait just a second here! What's wrong with everyone? Sue is our
            friend and companion. Right, Sue? You're feeling fine again, huh Sue?
    Sue: No, I've already decided! I'm NOT going on adventures. (heart)
    Justin: Sue...? ...... OK, here's what we'll do! I will stay here with Sue
            until she's fully ready to go with us. You said it, Sue, "Justin, you
            can't do anything without me." Remember? I'll put my adventures on
            hold, too!
    Sue: No way! Uh-uh, Justin!! You have to continue! I say so, OK? OK?! Justin,
         you're a true adventurer!! No matter how hard I push myself, I just can't
         keep up with you. Don't you understand that? Justin, it should be obvious
         to you.
    Justin: Bu-But, we can't just leave you here all by yourself!
    Alma: Hmm. In Dight, we believe it's best if those who are sick go back to
          their home town.
    Justin: To Parm...? ... We can use the Teleportation Orb!!
    Feena & Sue: What?!
    Justin: This orb...we can use it to go anywhere we want in an instant. So, we
            should have Sue use it!
    Sue: No, Justin. If I use it, how will you cross the Sea of Mermaids?
    Feena: Are you sure, Justin? This orb can only be used once, right?
    Justin: That's right. We can only use it once, so we must use it for the best
            reason! And right now, I can't think of a better reason than to help
    Sue: Justin....
    Justin: Look, we'll be fine, OK? Difficult crossings are just what an
            adventurer should expect! And, like you said Sue, I'm a true
    Sue: Justin.... OK, you're right. Thank you. OK, let's do it.
    Justin: OK! So, we're off to Mysterious Vanishing Hill!
    Gadwin: Hmm.... And then a difficult crossing.... Excuse me, but I should say
            my good-byes here, Sue.
    Sue: Huh? You can't go to see me off, Gadwin?
    Gadwin: Well,  it's...it's just that I have another matter to attend to. We'll
            meet again, Sue. I'm looking forward to when you become a "very pretty
            lady" yourself!
    Sue: Hee hee...sure I will! And then...I'll be sure to come visit you, Gadwin!
    Gadwin: Justin...I must ask you to see her off for me. I'll wait at the inn
            here in Dight.
    [They return to the orb's pedestal at the Hill.]
    Justin: OK! I guess I put the Orb here. Here goes, Sue!!
    [A weird-looking machine creates giant, luminescent doorways. Parm is shown.]
    Sue: Wow! It's Parm!! It's been a while. (heart)
    Justin: Incredible...! You really CAN go where you want.
    Sue: Justin, don't be selfish and cause Feena too much trouble. (heart)
         Understand? Now, let's see. Your handkerchief is in your pocket as always,
         your toothbrush.... Well, Justin...you'll be all right even without me!
         Justin, Feena... I guess it's farewell. Be well, you two!
    Justin: But Sue...will you really be OK alone? I...I could go back with you.
    Sue: No way! You promised, didn't you? You know, to continue your adventure.
         I'm ready to go. When we get back, we'll eat lots of Aunt Lilly's cooking,
         right Puffy?
    Puffy: Puffty puff!!
    Justin: Sue...you act...like nothing's wrong.... But me, I'm... I'm....
    Feena: Justin. It's not like that at all! It's OK, Sue!
    [She hugs her.]
    Feena: It's...it's OK, Sue.... Don't be silly. Don't try so hard...!
    Sue: I guess...you see right through me, Feena. But...but...I didn't...wanna...
         be...crying the last time you saw my face.... I don't wanna!!
    Feena: Don't worry, Sue. You don't have to hold it in. You were going to go
           back to Parm...and cry alone, right? ...... Right?
    Sue: Fee-Fee-...Feena!! Always...always, always...I want to be with you all!
         Always!! Feena can go on walking by Justin's side. But I wish I could go,
    Feena: You will!! No matter how far apart we are, your spirit will be with us
           all the time. Isn't that right?
    Sue: ...... Right!
    Feena: I promise, Sue. We will meet again. Justin, you and I will be together
    Sue: Thank you, Feena! You just HAVE to come see me!! Until then, you two have
         to continue on with the adventure. It's a promise! (heart)
    [She runs into the doorway.]
    Sue: Oh! This is it!! Say.... Look, look!! Well? I want you to remember me as I
         am now. OK? Both of you? If you don't remember me well now, you won't
         recognize me at all when I'm a beautiful lady. (heart)
    Justin: Sue...!
    Sue: Bye-bye! Hang in there! Be sure to follow your dream, Justin. You will
         find Angelou!
    Justin: Sue...thanks!
    [The doorways close, cutting off communication.]
    Feena: Justin...we came to see off Sue, and yet it's like she's seeing us off.
    Justin: Yeah, I know. Sue.... ALLL RIIIIIGHT!! I'll cross the Sea of Mermaids!
            I'll show you! I promise, Sue!
    [They return to Gadwin at Dight's inn.]
    Gadwin: Has she gone home, Justin?
    Justin: Gadwin.... Yes, I saw her off.
    Gadwin: Yeah, well...a man must learn to handle good-byes. When you can handle
            hard stuff like that, then you're a real man. By the way, Justin, I've
            been thinking about crossing the Sea of Mermaids with you.
    Justin: Oh yeah! Really?!
    Gadwin: Yes. When you finish getting ready, once you've had enough rest, come
            see me. I'll be waiting for you!
    [He leaves.]
    Justin: Yesss! Feena! We're gonna cross the Sea of Mermaids!
    Feena: Gadwin...he's been very thoughtful of us. We'll have to thank him! Let's
           go to Gadwin's place. Oh, but first we need to finish getting ready for
           the voyage.
    [They find Gadwin at his house.]
    Gadwin: I'm glad you came, Justin.
    Justin: OK, we're all set! Onward toward the Sea of Mermaids!
    Gadwin: Justin...you've grown a lot as a result of your work in overcoming
            obstacles. Now, you've succeeded at the toughest challenge, which is to
            leave your friends behind. So, now you are a full-fledged, grown-up
    Feena: Umm, just a minute, Gadwin...?
    Gadwin: Now, as a man, you must ready yourself in body and mind for your sea
            voyage. I will do this with joy!!
    [He draws his sword.]
    Justin: With joy? What? You said there's a way to cross the Sea of Mermaids....
    Gadwin: If you can beat me in a duel, crossing the Sea of Mermaids should be
    Justin: Whaaat! Bb...beat you in a duel? But, why do we have to duel?
    Feena: Right, Gadwin! Come to your senses!
    Justin: As you can see, I have all my senses! Do not interfere, Feena. This
            duel is a sacred man-to-man ritual! So! Let's go, Justin!!
    [They fight and Justin wins.]
    Gadwin: Hmm, that was good! Very good, Justin! You've grown more than I
            thought. Both as a warrior and as a man. I shall now teach you...my
            Dragon Cut move!! Sword power, earth power, fire power. When you master
            all of these, you can use the Dragon Cut. This move is an old family
            tradition. Only fully grown men can use it. I think you are ready to
            learn it. And one other thing, I left my boat at the dock in Dight so
            you can cross the Sea of Mermaids. You may use it as you wish.
    Justin: The dock in Dight? Great! We can cross the sea! Please come with us,
    Feena: You say we should use it as we wish, but it's your boat, isn't it,
           Gadwin? Really now, Gadwin.
    Gadwin: There's no need for me to go along. I thought I told you, Feena.
            Justin's a full-grown man now.
    Justin: Huh?! But, but then....
    Gadwin: Seeing how you're growing day by day, I have come to this realization.
            I must go on a new training journey. I'm always aiming higher and
            higher, to continue my growth as a man.
    Justin: Wow, Gadwin....
    Gadwin: Grown men shouldn't make such faces! We may well meet again, if our
            paths cross once more. When we do, we can cross swords again and praise
            each other's progress. Be diligent in improving yourself. I'm looking
            forward to next time! Farewell, Justin!!
    [He walks off into the valley.]
    Feena: Gadwin.... He has been watching over you during this trip, Justin.
    Justin: I'll do my best, Gadwin. I'm going to get bigger and stronger. I'll
            make you proud of me, Gadwin. Thanks, Gadwin.
    [They return to Dight's docks.]
    Justin: Hello, Dr. Alma. (note) Wow! Is that Gadwin's boat? What a boat! It's
            so cool!
    Alma: This has been his family's boat for generations. It's a strong boat; it
          can handle rough treatment.
    Justin: Oh, it's that strong, is it? So, it'll be fine in a small storm, then!
    Alma: It was a final gift, from a rather clumsy man. Please take good care of
    Justin: We understand, Dr. Alma. We'll be crossing the Sea of Mermaids.
    Alma: It's a present to you, now. Use it however you like. So? Do you plan to
          leave right away?
          Actually, we're still getting ready.
           Alma: Well, in that case, I'll keep an eye on the boat for you. Come
                 back when you're all ready.
          Of course we're leaving right away!
           Alma: You're still as energetic as ever. The path ahead will not be
                 easy. You may lose heart at times. But don't ever shy away from
                 what Gadwin and Sue expect of you. Be careful -- don't get hurt.
    Justin: Well, we're off!
    Feena: Yes, here we go!
    [They board the Sea Dragon and set sail toward the eastern sea.]
    26) PIRATE ISLAND                                                        [WK26]
    [That night, Justin wakes up.]
    Justin: Mmm...? Feena? Feena, where are you?
    [He finds her sitting outside.]
    Feena: Oh, Justin...you're awake. Look. Everywhere you look, there's nothing
           but ocean. Not a single island in sight. The moon is so beautiful. See
           its reflection in the sea sparkling like a diamond? Say, Justin, are you
           planning on standing there forever? Come sit with me.
           Uh, yeah. Sure.
            Feena: Why are you sitting so far away? Fine, I'll move over there.
           Well, no. I'm fine here.
            Feena: Don't say that. Stay with me a while. OK?
    [They sit together.]
    Feena: Hee, hee. This is the first time we've been alone together. What's
           wrong? Why the silent treatment?
    Justin: Um...hmmmm.... Well...you know...
    Feena: Tee-hee. You know...I've been thinking about things here in the night
           breeze. Say, you know what I've been thinking about? Guess, Justin.
           Were you thinking about me?
            Justin: I know. You've been thinking about me! That Justin, he's so
                    manly, so handsome and such a wonderful person! Guess not, huh?
            Feena: Try again!
            Justin: I know, I know.... Ha, ha, ha.
            Feena: Well, maybe you weren't entirely wrong.
            Justin: Huh?
           You thinking about everyone?
            Justin: I know! Were you thinking about Sue? She's so noisy and
                    annoying, but you sort of miss having her around.
            Feena: Uh-uh. It's not about Sue.
            Justin: Well, maybe Gadwin? "You mustn't skip a day of training!"
                    Something like that?
            Feena: Uh-uh, that's not it. It's not Sue or Gadwin. I was thinking of
                   you, Justin.
            Justin: What?! Th-thinking of me?
            Feena: Right.
    Feena: When I first met you, Justin, we were sailing over the sea. I'm
           remembering that time.
    Justin: That time, you said I was still a newbie and you wouldn't even give me
            the adventurer's greeting.
    Feena: At that time I never even imagined that I'd go on a journey with you.
           But you've grown stronger, braver, and so trustworthy, Justin. Your
           place in my heart grows bigger and bigger.
    Justin: Feena...?
    Feena: Long ago, when I was still living with my big sister... I was...I was
           so happy. But the day...my sister left...I was all alone. Even now, I
           sometimes worry. The more I think I'm happy, the more I worry. I worry
           that everyone will leave me and that I'll be left all alone again
           sometime.... Justin...do you think we can be together forever?
           Of course!
            Justin: 'Course we will! We're going to have adventures together
            Feena: That makes me so happy. Thank you, Justin.
           I wonder....
            Justin: Hmm, you never know what lies ahead. Adventure always brings
                    danger. But Feena, I'll protect you with my life, if I have to.
            Feena: Oh, Justin, you're so melodramatic. But, thank you. I'm so
    Feena: When I'm with you, Justin, I feel so safe and just so happy. It's
           because I'm with you, Justin. No one else, not even my sister, could
           take your place.
    Justin: Feena....
    Feena: Say, Justin...do you love me?
           Of course I love you!
            Justin: Of course I love you! Sue loves you, and Gadwin, too. We all
                    love you, Feena!
            Feena: Justin...I'm not talking about that kind of love.
           Why do you ask so suddenly?
            Justin: Hey, Feena, what's come over you all of a sudden? Of course
                    nobody's going to start hating you!
            Feena: Thank you, Justin. But that's not what I was talking about.
    Justin: Huh? Feena, what do you mean?
    Feena: ......
    Justin: ...... Feena.... It must be because of the moonlight. You look
            different than usual. I mean...well...you...look really beautiful. Uh,
            well, of-of course you're always pretty.... Um...what am I saying? It's
    Feena: Isn't it odd? I can say things now that I'd normally be too embarrassed
           to say.
    Justin: Feena....
    Feena: Justin...you're...you're special to me....
    Justin: Wha-what was that? That sound?!
    Feena: What? What's wrong? Did something hit us?!
    [They see a girl on the ship's bow.]
    Feena: Eeeek!
    Justin: A person! We have to rescue her!
    [They help the beautiful, scantily-clothed girl up.]
    Justin: Are you all right? Are you injured?
    Girl: Aaa....
    Justin: Wow. (heart)
    Girl: Please help me, my Hero! The pirates...the pirates!
    Justin: Yeow!
    Feena: Hey!! Justin!!
    Justin: Wait a minute! You have to tell us what's going on. I don't understand!
    Feena: That's right. That's right. Back away from Justin!
    Girl: I escaped from a nearby island. The pirates came and attacked us....
    Justin: What? There are pirates?
    Girl: Yes, there are. We were all captured by them. Only I escaped. Please,
          please, my Hero. Help us all!
    Justin: This is terrible Feena! We have to go help!
    Feena: Wait a minute. What island is this?
    Girl: That island over there. Everyone is being held captive on the island by
          wicked pirates. Please, my Hero! Help us all!
    Justin: We'll beat them! I, brave Justin, will defeat those wicked pirates.
    Feena: Hold it a moment, Justin...!
    Girl: Oh Hero, thank you so much!
    Justin: No problem. We'll beat them. Yesss!
    Feena: Your tongue's hanging out, Justin! What is this? You were just with ME
    Justin: C'mon, let's land on the island! Let's go, Feena!
    Feena: Forget it! That's the last time...! Justin, you're all gaga over her!
    [They land on the reefy island.]
    Girl: I will wait here for you to return, my Hero. Please help save everyone!
    Justin: Don't worry, we'll defeat them!
    Feena: Just a minute, Justin! Come here!
    Justin: What's wrong, Feena?
    Feena: I think that there's something suspicious about that girl. Besides, this
           island, it wasn't here before!
    Justin: What are you saying, Feena! That girl's friends were carried away by
            pirates! I'm not an adventurer, if I ignore that girl's pleas.
    Feena: Still, Justin....
    Justin: Well, let's check it out, Feena.
    [They find an island in the center of the reef. Girls are nearby.]
    Justin: ...!! Is everyone all right? The brave adventurer Justin has come to
            rescue you!!
    Girl: Oh, my Hero! (heart)
    Girl 2: You came to rescue us. (heart)
    Girl 3 & Girl 4: Thank you very much, my Hero. (heart)
    Justin: Come...come, everybody come with me!
    Feena: What are you saying, you fool!
    Girl: There is still one more sister captive in back.
    Girl 2: Please rescue my sister.
    Girl 3 & Girl 4: I'm asking you please, my Hero!
    Justin: Very well! Just leave it to me!
    Feena: Wait a minute, Justin! There's something very fishy here!
    Justin: What are you saying, Feena!? There's someone being held captive. We
            must hurry and save her!
    Feena: But...!
    [They enter the cavern and spy the girl.]
    Justin: Are you all right? The Hero Justin has come to save you!! Come, run
            away quickly.
    Girl: Hero...! I've been waiting for a man like you for a long time. I'm just
          starving. I can't stand it.
    Justin: What? You're starving?
    Girl: Come, my Hero, be my dinner. (heart)
    [A giant anglerfish rises from the depths, showing the girl is part of itself.]
    Justin: What!? What in the world's going on?
    Feena: It was a trap, after all! These girls are really THOSE mermaids!
    Justin: Really?
    Feena: It's coming this way, Justin!!
    [They slay Grinwhale and the island starts shaking.]
    Justin: What is it this time?
    Feena: This shaking...could it be!?
    Justin: The island is sinking! RUN, Feena!!
    [They leave before the island is destroyed. That night...]
    Feena: Why are you up? Aren't you sleepy, Justin?
    Justin: I'm just in a mood to think. I should've listened to you, Feena. I
            fell into the mermaid's snare. If I were alone, I might have been eaten
            by the mermaids. I feel so stupid.
    Feena: Don't be so hard on yourself, Justin. The mermaids did not eat you.
           And...I won't ever let you go alone, Justin.
    Justin: Feena...?
    Feena: Don't talk about going alone anywhere, Justin. Precisely because
           adventures bring dangers, having a partner who is always ready to help
           is.... No, that's not what I really want to say.. For me Justin, you're
           a special....
    Justin: Feena, last night you also said, "Justin is a special...." I am a
            special what? Tell me, Feena.
    Feena: I didn't think you were listening so closely, Justin.
    Justin: Well... I can't say I understood much....
    Feena: That's all right, Justin. Right now, I don't even know my own feelings.
           I can't find the right words for my feelings, and...I think that's
           alright for now.
    Justin: ... ... ... I'll be more careful from now on. You're scarier than the
            mermaids when you're angry. Ta ha ha.
    Feena: Well! Have you really been thinking?
    Justin: The morning sun.... The night has turned to light, Feena.
    Feena: New adventures for today have begun. Oh, I can see land! Justin! Look
           at that!
    Justin: What...!?
    [A new continent looms on the horizon.]
    27) VIRGIN FOREST                                                        [WK27]
    [The boat lands on the verdant beach.]
    Justin: Wow! Would you look at that!! I've never seen such a flower! Take a
            look, Feena!
    Feena: That's right. It's so different than the continent of Elencia. Dazzling
           sunlight, and lush vegetation.... We have really come a long ways,
           Justin. Justin?
    Justin: Isn't this amazing? Just a little more and we'll be in Alent and solve
            the puzzle of Angelou.
    Feena: Oh, Justin. You're always one step ahead of yourself, aren't you?
    Justin: Huh? What Feena? Did you say something?
    Feena: Yes, but nevermind! Let's go! Let's head for Alent!
    Justin: Great. Wait for me, Liete! I'll be there soon!
    [They walk into the forest and spy a tent.]
    Guido: Why, long time-a, no see! How have-a you been? Brave-a Couple!
    Justin: Oh, it's you. What's your name, again?
    Guido: How is-a this? Have you-a forgotten me?
    Feena: Aren't you the Mogay, Guido? We met at the lodgings in Dight. Hey? How
           did you know about the Brave Couple thing? We didn't meet in Gumbo.
    Guido: Well-a now. Why don'-a you rest in my-a tent and-a swap stories while-a
           nibbling on carrots?
    Justin: Carrots...?
    Guido: Well well, come-a on in!
    [They regale Guido with their tales.]
    Justin: ...Yeah, and it was beautiful! A bunch of Spirits were flying all
            around us.
    Feena: They were glittering and sparkling. Just like jewels.
    Guido: Really. You-a saw so many-a Spirits. Hmm...so the fact that you have-a
           the Spirit Stone does hold a lot of-a significance.
    Justin: Significance to the Spirit stone? I don't know anything about that.
            Guido, who in the world are you?
    Guido: Well, I'll-a teach you some of what I-a know, out of respect for the
           Hero's Armband.
           What does the Spirit Stone mean?
            Guido: The Spirit Stone is-a proof that the Spirits accept a person.
                   You, who has the proof, have a role to play.
            Justin: What is that role?
            Guido: Aha ha. That's-a for you to find-a out, Justin. For now-a,
                   continue your journey. Follow the lead of-a the Spirit Stone.
                   Wherever it takes-a you. Wherever. As long as you take-a the
                   right road, you will-a get there. You will-a find your true
                   role. What's-a wrong? Is there-a anything else-a you want to
           Where is Alent?
            Guido: Where is-a Alent? I really don't-a know. But, this-a much is-a
                   clear. The one who is-a qualified to go to Alent has-a the
                   blessings of the Spirits. Therefore, you must-a always be-a
                   true to yourself. This is-a the only way to get-a to Alent.
            Justin: Be myself...?
            Guido: What's-a wrong? Is there-a anything else-a you want to hear?
           What do the Mogay do?
            Guido: All-a our people are-a traveling to find it. Just as you are-a
                   traveling in search of Alent.
            Feena: What are you trying to find?
            Guido: A way to improve-a things because the whole-a world will perish.
            Justin: Wow, that must be tough. Wait! What did you just say? The world
                    will be destroyed?
            Guido: What's-a wrong? Is there-a anything else-a you want to hear?
    Justin: What is this, Guido? The world will be destroyed, and my true role...?
            What is all this about?
    Guido: Justin, can't-a you confirm-a that with-a your own eyes? I thought-a
           you were an adventurer. It's-a all right. Continue to-a travel, and the
           blessings of-a the Spirits will-a be with you. So you-a promise me,
           Justin. Don't-a quit your travels half-a way.
    Justin: Uh.... OK. I promise, Guido! An adventurer never gives up!
    Guido: "An adventurer never gives up."? Remember those-a good words, Justin.
           Oh, it's-a late. We'll-a stay here-a today.
    [The next morning...]
    Guido: You'll-a reach Cafu when-a you leave the forest. The people of Cafu
           they live-a in strange houses. Up ahead is-a the town where I-a live,
           Zil Padon. You come-a see me.
    Justin: Thank you for everything, Guido. Let's eat some carrots again.
    Guido: Just a minute. Wait! Aren't you-a forgetting-a something?
    Feena: I have my weapons, my armband... I haven't forgotten anything.
    Guido: What-a are you-a saying? Money. M-o-n-e-y. (heart) I-a put you up-a
           last night.
    Justin: What?! Didn't you put us up for free?
    Guido: "Suitable returns for suitable work." Isn't that-a common knowledge?
           100 G will-a do.
    Justin: Rats. You make a great business man, Guido.
    Guido: Thank you as always! I'll be-a here for a while. If you're tired, come
    Justin: You win. Well then, Guido! Let's meet again somewhere!
    [Down the road, they see a kid in green.]
    Justin: Hey, it's a little kid. What's a kid doing in a place like this?
    ????: Huh? Who are you? Do you strangers know the password? Oh! You guys have
          short ears! The tower rats have come this far! This is terrible. I have
          to tell Rapp right away! Aye!
    [He disappears in a flurry of leaves.]
    Justin: What does he mean by "tower rats"?
    [They walk onward.]
    Voice: Who dares destroy this forest?
    Feena: Unh!? I hear a voice from somewhere.
    Voice: This forest belongs to the people of Cafu. If you value your life,
           leave at once!
    Justin: Hey, hey, hey! I don't know who you are, but how dare you threaten me!!
            If you have something to say, stop hiding and come out here! Coward!!
    Voice: Who's calling me a coward?! Now you're in for it!!
    [Justin and Feena drop through the pitfall trap while kids gather around.]
    ????: See? It's them, Rapp! The ones we told ya' about!
    Rapp: All right, Nicky. Good job. Ya' did good!
    Justin: Stupid jerks!! You'll pay for this!
    Feena: We're just adventurers passing through the forest on our journey.
    Rapp: Ha! I never believe anything from the mouth of a broad.
    Feena: Huh?! What did you say?!
    Nicky: These scum must be with the rats in the tower! Take 'em to town and
           hang 'em!
    Justin: You punks!! Who the heck are you?!
    Rapp: I'm Rapp of Cafu!! Hmph! I guess someone needs to teach you a lesson!
    Justin: So, what? You want to fight?
    Rapp: Hey, Nicky! You guys go back to town, and tell the young'ens!
    Nicky: Right! OK, Rapp. We're going!!
    [The kids scatter.]
    Justin: You play dirty! Can't handle me one-on-one, huh?
    Rapp: He he he... You trying to act tough? Fool! Don't you worry your lil'
          head! By the time they get back here, you'll be history!
    Justin: Don't count on it! You're the one who's in for a pounding!
    Voice: Yikes! Rapp!! HELP ME!!
    Rapp: Nicky! What's the matter? Aw! You guys sure are lucky. I'll let you stay
          alive a lil' longer.
    [Rapp runs off, too; they find him near a monster who's ensnared Nicky.]
    Rapp: Nicky!! I'll get you out of this!
    Justin: Hey, we'll help, too! With the three of us, we can take care of that
    Rapp: What!? You? Are you kidding me? You and I are enemies!
    Justin: You fool! Who cares about that right now!
    Feena: Unless you two hurry...that poor kid!!
    Rapp: Drat. It's all or nothing now!
    [They defeat the Trent.]
    Rapp: So, you really weren't in with those guys in the tower and you helped me
          look after my guys. Well, everyone makes mistakes, right? Can we just say
          I owe you one? Nicky, you thank 'em, too.
    Nicky: Uh, yeah.... Thank you for helping me! I'm sorry about earlier on. I
           made a mistake. My name is Nicky. I'm Rapp's No. 1 apprentice!
    Justin: I'm Justin and this is Feena. We're on an adventure journey.
    Feena: Pleased to meet you, Rapp and Nicky.
    Rapp: Good. Nicky, you go back first, and let everyone in the village know.
          I'll bring the guests over.
    Nicky: Yes sir, Rapp sir!
    [They leave.]
    Justin: By the way, Rapp, you said something about "rats in the tower." Who
            are they?
    Rapp: Oh that? We can ask the details from Grandpa. Well, let's go. My Village
          of Cafu is right over there.
    28) CAFU VILLAGE                                                         [WK28]
    [They enter the village grounds.]
    Man: Hold it, Rapp. Who are these people?
    Rapp: Huh? Didn't Nicky tell ya that I've got a couple of guests?
    Man 2: We heard that you have guests, but we sure didn't hear about them being
           short-eared guests.
    Man 1: You'd never forget it's against village law to allow outsiders in, would
           you? After all, you're the elder's grandson. You've known that for ages.
    Rapp: Stop moaning! These guys are my guets. That's all you need to know!!
    Man 1: OK, calm down, Rapp. I understand. OK, I'll trust you. We will consider
           your guests as our guests. I don't suppose we have a choice, since
           you're so adamant about it.
    [They leave.]
    Rapp: That's right! So, would you mind goin' to hear what my grandpa has to
    [They go find the chief.]
    Chief: I've been waiting for you, Rapp. And who do we have here...?
    Rapp: Oh. This here's Justin and Feena. They've been a big help for Nicky.
    Chief: Hmm...now I can see how folks might mistake you for those people in the
           tower. You look a lot like them. Those abominable people in the Tower of
    Justin: What's the Tower of Doom and who are these people?
    Chief: The people of Cafu have not always lived in this area. The forest where
           we used to live has been tured to stone and destroyed. It happened right
           after those evil people finished building the Tower of Doom near that
    Feena: That's terrible.
    Chief: Yes. Rapp, are you going there today, to Old Cafu and the Petrified
    Rapp: Yeah, of course. You know I go there every day, so they don't get too
    Justin: ... ... Rapp, could you take us there, too? To the Petrified Forest?!
    Rapp: Huh? What do you plan to do over ther? That forest is dangerous, ya know.
    Justin: I've just got to see it with my own eyes! Please, Rapp?!
    Rapp: OK, have it your way. You adventurer types sure are weird. All right! So,
          let's go! The Petrified Forest is north of here! Everyone, follow me!
    Chief: Wait, Rapp! I know you've been told this before, but Cafu is a gated
           community. We've made a special exception for you as Rapp's guests. So
           please do not cause any trouble.
    [They go to the Petrified Forest.]
    Rapp: When I was Nicky's age, those guys showed up in that cursed tower. Then
          the village was turned to stone. Those who survived that time built the
          current village. Since I was a little kid, I couldn't do much work. But I
          became absolutely determined to destroy that tower when I grew up.
    Justin: What are those round rocks?
    Rapp: They're my mother and father. I always polish their stones, so they've
          become quite round. Aha ha. If I keep this up, they might disappear by
          the time I'm old.
    Feena: Rapp....
    Justin: Let's destroy the tower now, Rapp.
    Rapp & Feena: Justin?
    Justin: This isn't right! How about it, Rapp!?
    Rapp: Even if we wanted to destroy it, could we? With just us now?
    Justin: We can do it! Sure. We have to do it!
    Rapp: OK! Let's go Juss!
    Justin: Right! Let's go! Uh, wait a second, did you call me Juss?
    Rapp: Well, I'd fall asleep by the time I said Justin. Juss is fine, so it's
          Juss. Com' on! The cursed tower is on the other side of this forest.
    [They find the exit.]
    Rapp: Juss, this is it! The tower is on the other side of this.
    Feena: Let's go, Justin!
    Justin: OK! Everyone ready? We'll destroy that cursed tower with our own hands!
    Rapp: Look. That's the tower of the guys who turned the forest to stone.
    [They see a weird factory on a bluff miles away.]
    Justin: That...that's a military building!!
    29) TOWER OF DOOM                                                        [WK29]
    [They approach the military complex.]
    Rapp: ...!? Hold on, Juss. Something's wrong.
    Justin: Something's wrong...? Now that you mention it, I don't see any
    Rapp: Something's fishy. Look over there, something's burning. Someone's been
          here. It's just a feeling, but there's a Lainian behind this, and
          probably alone.
    Justin: What? Alone!? Against the Garlyle Forces!? What ARE these Lainians,
    Rapp: Hey, when a Lainian loses it.... Well, you don't wanna be there. Heh,
          heh...looks like we're gonna get to see a real monster! You ready, Juss?
          Let's GO!
    [They find an entrance.]
    Justin: A real...monster...!?
    Rapp: Juss! Over there!!
    [A muscular woman walks out of the door.]
    Feena: Eeek!!
    Justin: What...? What is that?!
    Rapp: Ugh. She's here -- that hussy woman of Laine.
    ?????: Don't toy with me! I'll beat y'all to a pulp!
    Justin: Hey, there's something weird about her eyes.
    Rapp: Hmph, she's really gone off the deep end this time. We're not gonna get
          off easy.
    ?????: Huh? You're from Cafu. And you two.... So y'all with them?!
    Rapp: Huh? What's it to you? Who you talkin' to? Don't go pullin' my chain.
          I'll pound yer face... Uhhh!
    [She tackles Rapp and he goes flying; she follows and punches him mercilessly.]
    ?????: Whew! Whoo! Aaaargh!
    Justin: Uh-oh, we're in trouble now. She's looking at us!
    ?????: My, my, ya didn't run away. Well, I wouldn't let y'all get away. You're
           gonna be sorry!
    [They defeat Milda in battle.]
    Milda: Y'all...y'all are tough as nails! What...what's your name, boy?
    Justin: I'm Justin. The famous adventurer!
    Milda: Jus...? Justin, is it? I'm Milda...from Laine. Ungh.... It's just as ol'
           Darlin said. We...must...destroy...the Tower of Doom.
    Feena: Jus...Justin! Didn't she just say that we have to to [sic] destroy the
           Tower of Doom!?
    Justin: Hmm...she DID, didn't she? Anyway, let's move her.
    [They relocate to an abandoned warehouse.]
    Justin: So she wanted to destroy the tower just like us? I guess she's on OUR
            side, then.
    Rapp: Ungh...argh...! OUCH! Ow, ow, ow, ow!
    Justin: Are you awake, Rapp? You OK? It sounded totally heinous, man!
    Rapp: You kidding me? It'll take more than that to.... HEY! Is that who I THINK
          it is!? Lemme AT 'er!!
    Feena: STOP it Rapp! It may be that she had the same reason for coming here as
           WE did! She was just mumbling about DESTROYING the Tower of Doom.
    Rapp: Yeah, RIGHT! Outta my way! Unless you wanna get hurt too!
    Justin: Rapp! Cut it OUT!! If you want to fight, then fight ME!
    Rapp: Juss...you don't...!
    Milda: Ungh...oh.... Y'all say your name was Jus...tin...? How come y'all
           didn't finish me off?
    Justin: I TOLD you, remember? We're ADVENTURERS, not soldiers. We've come to
            WRECK this tower!
    Milda: WRECK it...!? Then...y'all got nothing to do with the folks here? Well
           my name is Milda, and I'm here for the same reason as you folks. But,
           then they found me.
    Rapp: Brilliant deduction!! Of course they found you, you draw too much
    Milda: Y'all talkin' to ME...? Boy...?
    Rapp: Yeah. You got a problem?
    Feena: STOP it, BOTH of you!! Fighting each other is so POINTLESS! Come ON!
           Let's work together. The more of us, the less the danger, and the easier
           it is to investigate, right?
    Milda: But...well, y'all got a point. I also gotta apologize about thinkin'
           you was in cahoots.
    Rapp: Well we sure aren't in cahoots with no Lainian!!
    Justin: Rapp!
    [Milda walks over.]
    Rapp: What?! What's your problem, huh?
    Milda: As I was sayin', it was all my mistake! So, here, Cafu boy...take yer
           best shot.
    Rapp: ...! Naw...no thanks. Besides, I forgot about it already.
    Feena: Why Rapp....
    Rapp: Hey Juss, we better get the lead out. Come on!
    Justin: Right on! OK everyone! Let's TRASH that tower!
    [They climb to a laboratory tower and see something in a test tube.]
    Rapp: Wha... HUH!? Wha-whazzat!?
    Milda & Feena: ...!!
    Justin: Is it alive...?
    Milda: Hush! Someone's coming!
    [The bratty sergeants walk in.]
    Nana: OK. So we put aside Leen for now. But we still have the report to make
          to General Baal, right? What are we going to SAY? Gaia's growth has just
          plain STOPPED!
    Mio: Hmm, we ARE in trouble! Gaia's growth IS the most important thing int he
         operation. If the General finds out that it's not progressing, he WILL be
    Saki: Well Nana, it is YOUR day to give the report. You're good at lying. Make
          him think it's all OK!
    Justin: Gaia...growing...? What the...? What's going on? What does Garlyle
            have to do with this?
    Nana: I don't know. It makes my skin crawl, you know? I can't even LOOK at
    Saki: Well neither can I! I don't see how anything like this can create an
          ideal world!
    Mio: Now, now, you two. You wouldn't want General Baal to hear words like that,
         would you?
    [Baal's hologram appears.]
    Baal: How is Gaia? His growth is progressing, I trust?
    Nana: Yes sir! Please see for yourself General! Everything is proceeding
          accordingly! And soon....
    Baal: Idiots. Do you think I'm BLIND!? NOTHING is happening! You are USELESS,
          all of you!
    Saki: General...please forgive us! We assure you next time you'll see some
    Baal: That nearby village was completely turned to stone. Is that ALL it can
    Rapp: WHAT!? Does that mean that Gaia thing is what turned my old man and old
          lady to STONE!?
    Milda: SHUSH boy! Even if it DID, there ain't nothing you can do HERE!
    Feena: I...I start shaking ever time I see that man.
    Justin: Feena...?
    Mio: But Genearl Baal. What do those humanoids turning to stone have to do with
         Gaia's growth?
    Baal: You don't need to know that. Just follow your orders and keep your mouths
          shut. If you do, even YOU idiots will begin to hear his voice, as he
          awakens from his sleep. Heh, heh, heh. Ah ha, ha, ha, haaaa!
    Sergeants: YES SIR! We will make all possible efforts to do our duty, SIR!!
    Baal: Well then, that's better. Continue tending Gaia until you receive further
          orders. Understood?
    Sergeants: YES SIR!
    [Baal disconnects.]
    Rapp: I oughta...! C'mon Juss! Let's get moving!
    Justin: Right! We'll TRASH that Gaia thing, TOTALLY!!
    [They sneak near its tube.]
    Justin: OK, now! Before they see us!
    [Justin hits the console with his sword.]
    Nana: HALT! Who goes there!?
    Saki: YOU AGAIN! We'll get you THIS time!!
    Mio: This time you're TRAPPED! Trapped like rats! Or maybe I'd better say APES!
    Rapp: APES is it?! You're gonna be SORRY you said THAT!
    [Gaia's tube explodes and it starts expanding.]
    Milda: Wha!? What in tarnation is going on!?
    Rapp: You're asking ME!?
    Justin: Is...is this Gaia...?!
    Nana: As IF!! This is SO totally WEIRD!
    Saki: We SO had no IDEA that we were raising this...THING!!
    Mio: Well, according to my calculations...it's time to...get way OUT OF HERE!
    Nana & Saki: Um.... Ah...Mio! Where are you GOING!?
    [They escape, right before Gaia petrifies the nearby soldiers.]
    Justin: Hey the Spirit Stone must be protecting us....
    Rapp: Juss! LOOK!
    Milda: Looks like we ain't getting off so easy young 'uns.
    Justin: Then we'll just have to FIGHT! C'mon everyone!!
    [They defeat the Gaia Battler.]
    Rapp: All RIGHT!! We DID it!! Now the village will be saved! And not only that,
          my opinion of Lainians has changed for good. Because of you, Milda.
          You're OK!
    Milda: And I used to think that Cafu was filled with a bunch a' yellow bellies
           till I met YOU, Rapp boy!
    Justin: With two of the best adventurers, Rapp and Milda...together we're
            totally INVINCIBLE!!
    Feena: Justin, look. Is this...that....
    [She stares at a weird pod on the floor.]
    Justin: Gaia thing...? Heh, heh. Doesn't look like much all shriveled up, eh?
            But I still don't get it. Why would Garlyle try to raise something like
    Milda: I GOT it! Rapp boy, this here critter's what turned the old Cafu to
           stone, right? Well then, if y'all figure out what makes it tick, y'all
           might find out how to bring the village BACK too!
    Rapp: You GOT something there! Hey Juss, let's take this back. We can always
          chuck it if it's no good, right?
    Justin: Yeah. Let's go back to Cafu where we can have your grandfather look at
    Feena: ...... ......
    System: "Gaia Sprout" acquired.
    [They exit the tower.]
    Rapp: OK then. Let's get out of here. They're sure to give us a welcome in
    Milda: Uh...Rapp...? Y'all know I'm from Laine, right? Ain't there a problem
           with me going to Cafu?
    Rapp: Huh?! Whaddaya mean? WHAT problem!? We're on the same side! C'mon! Let's
    Milda: Well...if y'all say so. Thanks Rapp.
    [They return to the village.]
    Rapp: I'm back! We kicked bootie over at that tower!
    Justin: The people at the tower said they're raising some monster named Gaia.
            But we attacked it!
    Milda: There ain't much left of that Gaia. Seems like Gaia had something to do
           with your village turning to stone. Maybe there's a way to restore it.
    Rapp: Oh, introductions! This here's Milda. She helped us at the Tower of Doom.
          Man, is she strong! Heh heh!
    Chief: Rapp...don't you know the laws here? "No outsiders allowed in village."
    Rapp: Huh? What?! But!
    Chief: Since Justin and Feena are your guests, they get special permission to
           enter the village. But Lainians are a different story. They cannot enter
           for any reason.
    Rapp: You stupid fool!! What's it matter if she's a Lainian? Milda is our
    Chief: Hmph! The law's the law!
    Rapp: What a thick-headed old geezer!! Laws schmaws! Those laws suck!
    Milda: Hey. Hey, listen. It's OK, Rapp.
    Rapp: No, it's not OK! I'm ready to punch that old fool! This really makes me
    Milda: Sir, are y'all an elder of Cafu? I'll respect the laws of this village.
           I should just leave, right?
    Justin: Milda!
    Rapp: Dang it! Old man!! Will you still complain if she only comes as far as
    Chief: If she stays outside of this gate, then I don't mind.
    Rapp: If Milda's not allowed into the village, then I won't go in either! I'll
          just stay out here tonight!
    Chief: Still the same stubborn Rapp, eh? You sure have your father's blood.
           It's inevitable. You can use the Inn to stay overnight. I will take care
           of the Gaia sprout.
    System: "Gaia Sprout" handed over.
    [They leave.]
    Rapp: Hmph! Bunch of old worry-warts. Well, let's eat and get some sleep. OK,
          let's go, Juss!
    [They sit down for supper.]
    Milda: Mmmm... (munch munch)... this here... (chomp chomp) this here's some
           good grub. Hey, what's wrong, Feena? Y'all are just pondering away
    Rapp: Huh? You sure looked bummed, Feena. Are you constipated or something?
    Milda: Rapp! Y'all shouldn't talk like that while folks are eatin'!
    Rapp: It's just if she's all stopped up, she can cure it by shaving her head
          and thumping her rump three times.
    Milda: What? That's weird! It's totally different from what we do in Laine! In
           Laine, we cure constipation by drinking lots of salt water and doing
           about 1500 sit-ups.
    Justin: What's wrong, Feena? You seem so bummed out.
    Feena: ... ... Well, Justin, it's about the monsters we saw at the Tower of
           Doom. Oh...never mind.
    Milda: By the way, y'all said you're adventurers. So where're all y'all
           heading to, anyway?
    Justin: We are trying to get to Alent. I think it's somewhere on this
    Milda: Y'all said "Alent"?! Justin, y'all know something about Alent?! My
           husband Darlin, he's one of the Three Wise Men of Laine. He knows a
           whole lotta stuff. Anyway, I've often heard him mention some place
           called Alent.
    Justin: Really?! All right, then we should be able to find out stuff from him!
            Especially since he's a "Wise Man"!
    Milda: Well there you go! There ain't nothin' that my dear Darlin don't
    [They finish.]
    Milda: That was great, but I'm just stuffed. I ain't never had Cafunian food
           'fore. I've gotta say, it sure hits the spot.
    Rapp: Yeah, you bet it does! I wonder if they even got food this yummy in
    Milda: Don't be silly. Of course Laine's got food this good. Hey! Here's an
           idea! Why don't y'all come to Laine sometime. I can show you some good
    Rapp: Go to Lai- Laine? I've never even thought of that.
    Justin: OK, you betcha! We'd love to go along with you, eh Feena?
    Feena: Huh? Oh, yeah...sure.... ...... Listen, I... I need to go out for a bit.
    Milda: Huh? What's botherin' Feena?
    Justin: Feena...?
    [He goes outside.]
    Justin: Feena! Where are you? It's the middle of the night.
    [Justin finds her in a Home Tree's garden.]
    Justin: Oh, there you are, Feena. What's the matter? You're suddenly not
            feeling too well, are you?
    Feena: ......
    Justin: Well, anyway, things are OK now, huh? I was wondering how those two
            would get along, but they're good friends.
    Feena: I'm sorry, I uh...I've been thinking about my sister.
    Justin: About Leen?
    Feena: It looks like the Garlyle Forces have raised some kind of monster called
           Gaia, there in the Tower of Doom. If the yplan to use that monster's
           power for evil purposes, then my sister must have something to do with
           that plan.
    Justin: Feena....
    Feena: Justin, I'm afraid. I've got a feeling that something really terrible
           is going to happen.
    Justin: Hey, everything's gonna be OK. Leen can't be such a bad person. I mean,
            she's your sister, right?
    Feena: Still....
    Justin: Anyway, that expression doesn't suit you. What really look great on
            you is your smile!
    Feena: Justin....
    [The ground shakes; the other allies approach.]
    Rapp: Hey! Hey, Juss! It's an emergency!
    Milda: Those guys, the ones from the Tower of Doom. They're coming to get us!
    Justin: The Garlyle Forces?! Oh no! The village is in danger! Lets get back
            there, quick!
    [They reenter the village.]
    Soldier: You.... F- For the Garlyle...!
    [They defeat 'em.]
    Rapp: Gramps! Are you OK?!
    Milda: We'll all help you.
    Chief: Phew...this area seems secure now. But it seems they're still fighting
           at the higher elevations.
    Rapp: Come on, you've gotta let us go there! Otherwise, it'll be a catastrophe!
          Don't gimme nothin' 'bout yer laws!
    Chief: ...I'm afraid I'm just too old. I'm nearly blind and I'm pretty deaf. I
           can't see anything in this light.
    Milda: Hey, he wants to turn a blind eye.... So let's go kick some butt!
    Justin: Thanks, Elder!
    Elder: Be careful out there....
    [They find more enemies.]
    Soldier: NO ENTRY!! Aghh...! Just a little more...!
    Justin: Oh! It's...Leen!
    Feena: Sis!! How...? What's going on?
    [They find her near the Gaia Sprout.]
    Leen: Justin, Feena. I thought it might be you. Gaia is being confiscated by
          the Garlyle Forces. We will use our full forces against anyone who
    Rapp: Just listen to her! They think they can go around killing people and
          destroying villages!
    Milda: Y'all done turned one village into stone! Ain't that enough?
    Feena: QUIET!!! Sis, I'm asking you. Please stop all this. Why? Why are you
           doing it, Sis? You're making innocent people suffer. Is that really OK
           with you?! I...I thought there must be a good reason why you joined the
           military. Now I wonder....
    Leen: ... ...... What are you doing?! Get Gaia out of here, quickly!
    Feena: Sis!!
    Leen: Feena...I would like you to live your life as you wish. Free as the wind.
          However... I've no choice but to live this way!!
    Feena: But Leen...!
    Rapp: What the heck is she trying to say?! Step aside, Feena.
    [The sprout activates, petrifying the generic soldiers nearby.]
    Leen: If I could, I would rather not use this power. Especially not in front
          of you, Feena.
    [She grows orange wings.]
    Justin & Feena: ......!!
    Rapp: She's gotta be kidding! Hey...!
    Milda: Look, she's got...wings?!
    Leen: Maybe now you'll understand, Feena. As long as I've got these wings, I
          cannot fly freely. The Leen you knew...she doesn't exist any more!!
    Feena: Wh-what...?!
    Justin: I get it.... She's not really Leen. She's really an Icarian!
    Leen: Justin, I thought you had a very high regard for Icarians. So now I'll
          have to offer some proof!
    Justin: Leen!!
    [With a flash of light, her, the soldiers and Gaia disappear.]
    Justin: Leen...
    [They return to the chief.]
    Chief: Rapp...this is what happens when we break our age-old laws. Do you
           understand now?
    Rapp: What do you mean?! Look, we just destroyed the Tower of Doom! You are the
          one who doesn't understand!! You worthless old fogey!!
    Milda: Y'all should never talk to yer own grandpa that way, Rapp! This mess has
           been my fault.
    Rapp: Forget it! All he ever talks about is laws, laws, laws! As if the laws
          could save our village! Juss and Milda, they're my guests! Any
          complaints? Let's hear 'em now!
    Chief: You've said more than enough, Rapp. Our laws may not be able to save our
           village but they've prevented trouble. I am indeed thankful to your
           guests for their actions at the Tower of Doom. But tonight we've seen
           people get hurt and much misery has arisen in the wake of the tower. For
           tonight, please return quietly to the inn.
    [They go back to the inn.]
    Innkeep: I am well aware that you folks risked your lives to protect our
             village. As a token of our gratitude, please accept room and board at
             our inn.
             The innkeeper is an excellent chef!
             * * Save Game * *
             * * Cancel * *
              Innkeep: OK! I'm gonna fix an even bigger and better feast than the
                       last one!
    [They sit down to eat.]
    Feena: And my sister...it can't really be her! How could she...?
    Justin: Look, I'm sure there's some good reason why Leen's doing all that.
            Consider this as evidence: even though we were unconscious, Leen didn't
            take our Spirit Stone.
    Feena: ... ... ...
    Milda: Feena...that must've been a big shock, seeing your sister's an Icarian.
           I wanna see Darlin's face when he hears that Icarians really do exist.
           Yeah, well...I reckon we best get to sleep soon.
    [They go outside the next morning.]
    Justin: Elder....
    Chief: ... And after that, the whole village met and decided...we must ask not
           only Milda but also Justin and Feena to leave the village. It's only for
           the sake of protecting the village.
    Rapp: What!! Hey, old fogey! You got any idea what yer talkin' about?!
    Milda: Stop it, Rapp. I reckon we got here a mite too early, didn't we?
           Everybody'll understand sometime. I mean, y'all understood, didn't ya?
    Justin: I understand. Thanks for all you've done, Rapp. I guess we'll be back
            after you become an elder. When you do, we'll celebrate for ya!
    Rapp: Hey! Are you kidding me? I'm going too! It'd be way too dangerous for ya
          if you went without me!
    Justin: Huh? But I thought you were going to stay at the village!
    Rapp: I told you I don't like formality! We're too cool for that! Ain't that
          right, Juss?!
    Justin: Rapp....
    Milda: Hee hee! Haw haw haw! That's just what I'd expected to hear from y'all!
    Rapp: OK, we've decided. Let's blow off this lousy village as soon as we can,
    [They go to leave.]
    Nicky: Rapp...!
    Rapp: What's the matter, Nicky? Why're you lookin' so bummed? We'll be back
          sometime, for sure!
    Nicky: Really? Like REALLY really? OK, you promised me, Rapp!!
    Man: Please don't think badly of the elder. He's very grateful to you guys.
         He's got his position to think of.
    Milda: Well, I can tell by his eyes that he must've been up all night worrying.
    Man: By the time this kid grows up, I think Cafu will be quite different. It'll
         be a free village, not penned in by a bunch of silly laws and customs.
    Nicky: Right! I bet, if it weren't for those stupid laws, I woulda had more
           chances to talk with Milda!
    Milda: Oh! My, what a sweet thing to say!
    Rapp: Well, of course! This kid's my best right-hand man, you know! Bye, Nicky!
          You'd better get stronger by the time I come back!
    Milda: See, Justin. Some folks here understand. So don't you go wearin' that
           long face forever!
    Justin: Ah! OK, I understand, Milda!
    Rapp: It's fine with me to be leaving this place. So where're we going next?
    Milda: Hmm, good question. I got it! Let's all mosey on over to Laine! I'll
           introduce ya to my dear ol' Darlin. Ol' Darlin knows a lot of stuff.
           He'd have stuff to tell us about Alent, and also about them Icarians.
    Feena: Thanks, Milda.
    Milda: But I reckon it's a fair distance from here. Yep, first we'll hafta
           cross the Zil Desert and get over to Zil Padon! They got everything in
           that town!
    Nicky: Bye Rapp! Bye everyone!
    Rapp: Ah! Well, stay healthy, Nicky! Don't catch no colds or nothin'!
    [In the deset, he team walks by a tomb's entrance.]
    Rapp: Hey, wait a minute, Juss.
    Justin: Huh? What is it, Rapp?
    Rapp: The cellar ahead we call the "Soldier's Graveyard." None of the fellows
          challenged to train there has [sic] returned. It's a place with a
          history. Well, if you want to try looking around, don't particularly stop
          in there.
    [They find a strange castle.]
    Girl: O travelers...if you have strong hearts, please listen to my request.
    Justin: My bravery and strength are second to none! So then, what is it?
    Girl: This place overflows with curse and sorrow...and darkness, too. My sister
          was a lover of shiny things. She collected many things. Then, one day...
          somehow by a twist of fate, my sister got ahold of this cursed sword. Our
          father perished, and that sorrow brought this darkness. Please break the
          curse of the sword.
    [They travel to the final chamber.]
    Girl: Who are you? Stop! Stay away! This cursed sword will hurt you! Just like
          the day when it forced me to kill my Father against my wishes! Oh,
    Justin: It's all right! We have come to break the curse!
    [They defeat the Lord's Ghost.]
    Girl: Thank you very much. The curse of the sword is now broken. Now no one
          needs to suffer the same fate as my father. Yet the pain of losing father
          remains. I will pray here for his repose. I give you this sword in
    System: "Lightning Sword" acquired.
    30) ZIL PADON                                                            [WK30]
    [The team finds the bustling desert city.]
    Milda: It's so hot. This here's the inland town of Zil Padon. Let's al stay
           here t'day.
    Justin: Are we still far from Laine?
    Milda: Ah, to get to Laine, y'all have to cross the Savanna to the south. Now,
           that's a real chore.
    Feena: All right, it sounds like we should stay here today. We should look for
    Milda: How 'bout a place I've used before? Y'all see that big building right at
           the end of this street? It's a hotel.
    Rapp: Let's look at the town first! I've heard you can get some really strange
          weapons here!
    [They go into the hotel.]
    Clerk: Hey, starting a fight right in front of the hotel will spoil our image!
    [They go see the commotion outside.]
    Alqada: What are you saying?! Stop being arrogant! Rafane people are like that!
            We settled into Zil Padon first. You're in the habit of coming later
            and butting in.
    Rafane: Ah. No way. You Alqada don't have a feel for quality products. What
            would you do if we didn't buy your products? You'd starve right away.
    Rapp: Oh, is it a fight? All right then, let's go!
    Milda: Oh, not again... This here's a town where three peoples are bunched up
           in one place. They ain't so friendly with each other. Especially when
           the Alqada and the Rafane meet face to face, they commence to fightin'.
           Well, at any rate, let's find us some lodgings for today, and rest up.
    Feena: ... ......
    [Back inside...]
    Clerk: Welcome. Will you be staying today?
           With meals, please.
            Clerk: Would you like a dining guide?
           Maybe next time.
            Clerk: Oh Guests.... We worry about people walking through.
           * * Save Game * *
    [They sit down to munch.]
    Milda: So, what do you think of Zil Padon? Ain't it ridiculously large? There
           are three peoples centered here. The Rafane, the Alqada and the Mogay.
           It seems with the recent turning to stone episodes, refugees fleeing
           their villages have come flowing in.
    Feena: ... ......
    Rapp: But would you look at this food. It's bright red. Isn't it a little too
          spicy hot?
    Milda: This town is surrounded by desert. It's different than your village.
           They can't get a hold of fresh foods. The Mogay get most of it from
           other places. If they didn't use spices, it would be dangerous.
    Rapp: Oh, I see. You are a well-informed person.
    Milda: What? You'll have to repeat what you just said to Darlin.
    Feena: This is certainly a big and beautiful city, but the people seem to lack
           unity. In Cafu the people are united, and try to protect their village.
    Justin: Yeah, not [sic] that you mention it that may be true, but.... Maybe
            they're just hot and irritable.
    Feena: I wonder if the people in this town know about Cafu turning to stone? If
           they knew, they shouldn't be so unmoved as this.
    Milda: Among the three peoples in this town, the Mogay are different. They have
           a good spirit though.
    Justin: Ah, the Mogay! I know one of them. He certainly is a different sort.
    Milda: Every one of the Mogay are merchants. They show up everywhere. They come
           to Laine, too. They also have tihs saying, "Honor life." But that's
           common sense, isn't it?
    Justin: Well, "Honor life".... I guess it is common sense in a way....
    Milda: Did you eat your fill? Laine is still ahead, you know. We need to get
           some good rest.
    [The next day, they go to the Savanna.]
    Milda: This is the "Savanna." Y'all cross here to the South to go to the Brinan
           Mountains. The Village of Laine is up ahead. It's far away, but don't
           y'all worry. I can guide y'all right there!
    [Everyone arrives at the snowy range south of there.]
    Milda: Laine lies over the Brinan Mountains. Y'all are used to warm places,
           Rapp, this'll be a mite intense.
    Rapp: What? There's no such mountain that this Rapp can't cross.
    Milda: If'n y'all's so tough, all right! Well, let's go!
    31) LAINE VILLAGE                                                        [WK31]
    Milda: This here's the Village of Laine. Purty ain't it? The men of Laine are
           real smart. 'Specially the Three Wise Men. Ain't hardly no question they
           can't answer. Wanna ask 'em something?
    Justin: The Three Wise Men, eh? Maybe they can tell us something about Alent.
    [They walk into the village a ways.]
    Justin: What's wrong Milda? Did something happen?
    Milda: Darlin!!
    [They see a chubby, cowlike person.]
    Milda: Darlin Darlin Darlin!! I missed you so honeybunch! (heart) Darlin
           (heart) I missed you so!!
    Justin & Rapp: So...THIS is....
    Milda: Darlin, I missed those bulging muscles of yours so when I was away. I
           couldn't hardly sleep none.
    Darlin: I missed you too, Milda. Without you nappin' next to me I couldn't
            hardly read a line. But tonight we'll finally be able to have a nice
            dinner together.
    Milda: Together. (heart)
    Justin: To-to...gether? Wait...you don't mean...?
    Milda: Where ARE my manners!? Y'all forgive me, now. It's been so long I
           just.... Allow me to introduce you. This is one of the Three Wise men.
           My honeybunch sweetheart Darlin! Darlin, these are my new friends:
           Justin, Feena, and Rapp!
    Darlin: Howdy y'all. Thank you for takin' care of my Milda. Welcome to Laine
            and our home.
    Rapp: A talking...bull...?
    [Later, at Darlin's house.]
    Darlin: Well then, I rekon [sic] you're the ones who stopped the Tower of Doom.
            I speak for all the folks in saying we're in your debt, Justin, Feena,
            and Rapp of Cafu.
    Rapp: Don't mention it! We handle characters like that all the time, no
    Darlin: We've been trying to find out what was petrifyin' things, but we didn't
            know the Tower had a terrifyin' monster!
    Feena: Gaia...! What is that thing...?
    Darlin: You and that Guido feller said y'all seen people and forests turned to
            stone. Ain't that right? Then that might just have something to do with
            why the ancient Angelou disappeared from the land!
    Milda: Why Darlin, these young'uns are on a journey to search for the ancient
           civilization of Angelou!
    Darlin: Hmm...before we talk about Angelou, something I been meanin' to ask.
            What's that stone you have there?
    Justin: This? It's called the Spirit Stone. It's a keepsake from my father.
    Darlin: I knew it! The mythical Spirit Stone. It really DOES exist!
    Justin: I owe everything to it. My meeting with Liete, the quest for Alent. And
            look, I have the key too!
    Darlin: Wha...!? That MEDAL!! It's the key to the legendary Shrine of Angelou!
            The Medal of Wisdom!! But it was never found, how can it be?
    Justin: It was Liete who told me to take this and come to Alent.
    Darlin: I never woulda thought it. The Spirit Stone, Liete, the Medal of
            Wisdom. Well it's plain to see that y'all are the chosen one to go to
    Justin: The chosen one to go to Angelou? Me?
    Darlin: Seems as it's our duty as the Three Wise Men of Laine to teach you all
            we know 'bout Angelou. It's the least we can do 'sides thanking y'all
            for saving the Cafu Forest. Justin boy, ain't y'all got some questions?
            Who are the Icarians?
             Justin: We saw an Icarian in Cafu. A girl named Leen.
             Darlin: Now just a minute, Justin boy. What did you just say? Did you
                     say Icarian? So it's true. "When the power of the Spirit
                     Stones gathers in one, there shall an Icarian be born."
             Justin: And I've seen another one, Liete. Two Icarians, Leen and
                     Liete. But just what IS an Icarian?
             Darlin: Now hold on there, Justin boy. Liete ain't no Icarian. Why
                     she's the Priestess of the Shrine of Alent!
             Justin: I...I had no IDEA!
            How can we help the petrified people?
             Darlin: WE thought we would find the answer once we got to Alent. But
                     we could not get the key to open the door. Only the one worthy
                     of receiving the key from Liete is able to enter. The one who
                     was worthy. That's you, Justin boy.
             Justin: You mean...I'm the only one who can save those who were
            What's Gaia have to do with Angelou?
             Darlin: The ancient Angelou prospered thanks to a great power. But
                     they were destroyed by that same power. I believe that it was
                     a power that weren't meant for no human beings.
             Justin: A great power? Is it the Gaia?
             Darlin: Hmm. I believe this is a matter best answered by old Master
                     Derlin. He's the expert on Angelou history.
             Justin: I see. Then let's go talk to this Derlin guy.
    Darlin: Hope all this has been of some help to you.
    Justin: Darlin, you said that I'm the ONLY one who can go to Alent. But how
            can that be!? HOW do I GET there!? TELL me! TELL me Darlin!!
    Darlin: Haste makes waste, Justin boy. The time will come. You WILL be able to
            go to Alent. 'Cause you're the Chosen One.
    Justin: ... ... ...
    Milda: Ain't you a bear with athlete's foot! Calm down boy, Darlin knows what
           he's talking about.
    Justin: I suppose you're right. Sorry Darlin, Milda. Thanks.
    Darlin: There's plenty to learn before you find the way to Alent. Rest yourself
            here a spell, boy. Talk to the other two Wise Men. You can have the
            house near the gate. 'Spose y'all oughta see Derlin first. He's the
            Wise Man that knows 'bout the Wisdom of Angelou.
    Milda: All right, let's go boy. We're gonna see a lot of each other. Like it or
    [They go outside.]
    Milda: Right there's ol' Derlin's place, two doors to the west. Y'all see an
           ax standin' there? There's young'uns playing in front. Can't miss it.
    [They go inside.]
    Derlin: Mix in a li'l extract of sulfa, (note) root of mogi, leaf of lulu,
            (note) and to top it off.... (note) Oh, hello there!
    Milda: Ha ha! Yer hummin's a dern sight better than yer research Derlin. What's
           that, botanicals?
    Derlin: Ah, these are medicinal herbs. I just can't get enough of this research
            on Angelou. Who are these young'uns, Milda?
    Milda: Now where ARE my manners. Let me introduce my friends Justin, Feena and
           Rapp from the Tower of Doom incident.
    Justin: Nice to meet you. Say, we've heard that you're an expert on Angelounian
            History, and what we'd like to....
    Derlin: Say no more, Justin boy. I've heard about y'all from the that [sic]
            Mogay merchant feller.
    Justin: So...we're like, famous? Wait, a Mogay? Guido, perchance?
    Derlin: It's true that the situation in Cafu is very similar to the ending of
            the Angelounian Civilization.
    Feena: So then, it was the Gaia's power that destroyed Angelou as well?
    Derlin: I think you hit the nail on the head.
    Rapp: But even if it was Gaia, what's with all this people petrification,
    Derlin: We know that just before Angelou disappeared, an abnormal drop in the
            number of Spirits was seen. In other words, we think this drop in the
            number of Spirits was the cause of the petrification.
    Feena: Wait! Could it be, then, that Gaia grows by absorbing the Spirits?
    Derlin: That's a clever observation. If you look at it that way things start
            to make sense.
    Justin: Then is there a way to return petrified people to normal?
    Derlin: Well, if petrification is caused by loss of the Spirit, then restoring
            the Spirit should return them to normal. Hmm, the Words of Yore say how
            to return the Spirit.
    Rapp: You mean it's all written somewhere?!
    Derlin: But the page is torn. I can't read it.
    Rapp: WHAT!? Hey, if you're pullin' a fast one we're eatin' roast beef
    Derlin: Simmer down, there boy! No one's saying there ain't a way. Maybe if you
            went to Alent, or....
    Justin: So we DO need to go to Alent. But the problem is we don't know HOW to
            get there.
    Derlin: Old Dorlin's the one who knows about how to get to Alent. The problem
            is.... Well, it can't hurt for you to just go and see him anyway. You
            might get something out of him.
    Justin: All right then, let's go! Derlin, thank you for all your help.
    [They leave.]
    Milda: Old Dorlin's got it REAL bad for that Liete gal y'all talk about. Y'all
           think he'd have more sense. Problem is, ain't sure if he can tell you
           much just now. But, you never can tell. Dorlin's tower is southeast on
           the banks of the lake.
    [At his house...]
    Milda: Master Dorlin! My friend here wants you to tell him how to get to Alent.
    Dorlin: Ooh! ALENT!! Masters of the wisdom of Angelou! Place of the Shrine of
            the Icarians!!
    Milda: That's it!! If you know the way it might help the young'uns find a cure
           for all them petrified folks!
    Justin: I was told to come to Alent, you see? By Liete.
    Dorlin: What!? By Liete!? You're CERTAIN it was Liete!? You...you must TELL me
            about her! Were her eyes brown? Green? Or were they blue? Huh? Huh? Oh
            Liete.... Beautiful Liete.... Wait!! Liete...!
    Justin: What...? What...!? WHAT!!
    Dorlin: So YOU are Mistress Liete. You look exactly as I pictured you...
    Justin: No! Wait! I'm Justin! And this is Feena, and Rapp. Anyway, we want to
            get to Alent.
    Dorlin: Yes! Go young ones! From the Rainbow Spring to Alent, GO! To meet the
            beauteous Liete! Now I remember! About Liete...!
    Justin: What? Do you know something?
    Dorlin: I remember, I.... Who am I? Where AM I anyway?
    Rapp: What's he talking about? This geezer's had it.
    Justin: Milda? Are you sure this guy's all right?
    Milda: Well...something is wrong. He's been like this ever since he left his
           horn in the lower village.
    Justin: His...horn? You're right! No horn! So no horn, no information?
    Milda: That's about the size of it. A Wise Man's horns hold his knowledge.
           Right? Master Dorlin?
    Dorlin: Diddly dee, diddly doo... Mistress Liete...hmm.
    Milda: WAKE UP Master Dorlin!! Don't fall asleep with your eyes open!
    Rapp: Look. We're not getting anywhere. Lower village or not, we have to go
          get this geezer's horn, all right?
    Milda: Rapp's right. Won't do no good to just sit around here. All right then,
           let's go! The lower village used to be Laine. Sure was a right good
           place. But years ago, sumpin' real bad happened and we had to pull out.
           So we all moved up to the village we live in now. Now that I think of
           it, it musta been Gaia that caused it all.
    Rapp: So our village might be in the same situation, then. Where is this lower
          village, anyway?
    Milda: It's just southeast of the village gate. Just go out the gate and you'll
           find it.
    [They find the old village and its weird, polychromatic environment.]
    Justin: What the heck is this!? Was this EVER a village?
    Milda: Sure was, Justin boy. As big as the one we live in now. Come to think of
           it, it was a lot prettier too.
    Rapp: This is worse. This is worse than the petrified forest.
    Milda: Darlin says here space is warped and twisted. Monsters live here, too.
    Justin: Let's do it, Milda! He [sic] HAVE to do it!
    Milda: .... You're right Justin boy. But be careful, now, y'hear!? There's
           wormy-like critters around, and Dorlin's house was the farthest from
           the gate, so we got a long way to go!
    [They defeat the Gaia Battler at the town's center.]
    Justin: We totally whipped that dude! Now all we need to do is get Master
            Dorlin's horn!
    [They find a chest.]
    Justin: So this is a horn of knowledge.
    Milda: Yep! That's it! Ain't no mistake!
    System: "Horn of Knowledge" picked up.
    Rapp: I hope this'll make that old geezer talk some sense for once!
    Justin: All right! Back to Laine!
    [They return to Dorlin.]
    Dorlin: Oh! You are you, that's who! I remember you, I do! I couldn't forget
            if I tried to remember.
    Rapp: Talk about loony. Hold on Pops, just wait a bit and we'll have you back
          to normal.
    Justin: OK Milda, this is all we need to get the information from him, right?
    Milda: Of course! Here, all we need to do is put them here on these bumps,
           and...THERE we go!
    Dorlin: Heh heh...ha ha hah hah hah! Res...urr...ECTION!!
    Rapp: Hey... Pops...are you REALLY, REALLY all right?
    Justin: Master Dorlin! We have so many questions. Look at this!
    Dorlin: The key to the Portal of Angelou spoken of in the Words of Yore! One
            step closer to Mistress Liete...!
    Justin: So it's true! This IS the key to Alent!
    Dorlin: No, not to the Shrine of Alent. It is for a place you know well...the
            Shrine of Zil Padon.
    Justin: What?! Is Zil Padon a Shrine...?
    Dorlin: Yes. According to the Words of Yore, Alent was the Shrine of Knowledge,
            and Zil Padon the Shrine of Wisdom. Both floating shrines, and both
            possessing the key to the other, entrusted to those who were worthy.
            The three eyes on the Shrine door in the middle of Zil Padon judge the
            worth of the entrant. The Mogay, the oldest people on the ground, are
            said to possess the Medal of Knowledge. This is also the key to Alent.
    Justin: The Mogay...? Guido? With the rabbit ears...?
    Dorlin: The Mogay are a most ancient people, said to have descended with the
            Shrine of Zil Padon in the age of Angelou. The Mogay control the Shrine
            of Zil Padon and will open the door only if you prove worthy. To go to
            Alent, go first to Zil Padon and obtain the Medal of Knowledge, the key
            to Alent. Throw it into the Rainbow Spring and the long-closed door to
            Alent will open once again. When you reach the legendary floating
            shrine and meet Mistress Liete, burn her image into your mind for me.
            Then I will finally...FINALLY...have obtained the image of Mistress
            Liete with my OWN HANDS!!
    Rapp: Your own hands...? This guy's dangerous.
    [They leave.]
    Milda: Well ain't that grand, Justin boy. Y'all got one step closer to Alent.
    Justin: That's right. Thanks to you and everyone else, Milda!
    Milda: Justin boy...'fraid this is good-bye.
    Justin: What!? But...why?
    Milda: I know I'm real beholden' [sic] to y'all but...I just can't leave my
           Darlin'. (heart) Poor ol' Darlin didn't eat a thing while I was away.
           Now he's skinny as a board.
    Rapp: Waita [sic] minute...you call THAT skinny?
    Justin: I see...well, that's too bad. Guess it can't be helped. Milda, thanks
            for everything! Give our best to Darlin too!
    Milda: Justin boy...y'all might be havin' a hard time, and feel like givin'
           up, but don't, OK? Don't y'all DARE give up now! Feena girl, Rapp boy...
           you keep 'a goin' now, y'hear?
    Rapp: Milda, yer all right.
    Feena: Milda, give our best to Darlin'.
    Milda: I'll be here in the village, so y'all don't be strangers! Take care
    32) ZIL PADON [II]                                                       [WK32]
    [They return to the desert city.]
    Feena: Let's see... Dorlin said the temple entrance is in the middle of Zil
    Justin: But there's no temple in the middle of town. That's a fountain
            there...... I get it!! The fountain is the entrance!
    Rapp: Whoa!! For you, that's pretty good thinking, Juss! I wonder if you hit
          it. Let's check it out right away.
    [They visit the fountain.]
    Rapp: Hey, Juss, those Lainians talked about a temple door. Is that it?
    Feena: It certainly has three eyes.
    Justin: If we fit the medal in there, it will work. Good.
    Feena: Wait a minute, Justin! If we open the door now, the water will flow in!
    Rapp: If so, there's only three of us to drink it off. If Juss and I do half
    Feena: That's not right! Look, Dorlin didn't say that. We need the cooperation
           of the Mogay.
    Justin: That's right. He said that if we are not recognized by the Mogay, the
            door won't be opened. But the only Mogay we know is Guido.
    [A female Mogay runs over.]
    ????: Oh, you're-a really here! It is-a you, isn't it? The adventurer with-a
          the Spirit Stone. Just-a like the Elder said, a very cute-a red-haired
          one. Well-a, my grandmother she had a bit of that! But he's got bushy
          red hair.
    Justin: How did you know that I have the Spirit Stone? That's....
    ????: Tee hee, excuse-a me! I've been-a talking silly again. It's a bad habit.
          I am-a Gina. The Elder, he said that he's been-a looking for you.
    Justin: The Mogay Elder has?
    Feena: Justin, perhaps....
    Justin: Ah, if he recognizes us, maybe he'll open the door! Say, Gina! Would
            you take us to meet the Mogay Elder. Would you please!
    Gina: Of course! That's-a what the Elder, he intended when he sent-a me. The
          Elder's house is a cellar where the Mogay live. When you meet-a the
          Elder, he will-a surely be surprised. Oooo (heart)
    [They visit the specified house.]
    Guido: Oh. It's-a been-a long time. The Brave-a Couple! You came-a to me,
           just-a like you promised! This is a humble house ot meet-a people
           invited to Angelou. Well, please stay a while.
    Justin: Guido, you really did know everything. Did you foresee about Laine too?
    Guido: A merchant he lives-a by information. And the three wise-a men of Laine?
    Justin: That was very heavy! Thanks to a monster called Gaia, people and the
            forest were turned to stone. The only way to return those people to
            normal is to go to Alent. Hey, which reminds me! There's no time for
            small talk! Please, Guido! Take us to meet the Mogay Elder! They told
            us in Laine that the key to Alent is in the underground temple of Zil
            Padon. In order to open the door of the temple, you must be approved by
            the Mogay. I really want to go to Alent!!
    Guido: I-a understand, Justin. However, one-a thing before that. I want-a you
           to answer my-a question. Why do you want to go to Alent?
           I want to meet Liete.
            Guido: If-a you meet-a this Liete, what-a do you intend to-a do? Will-a
                   your travels end-a there? So far, you have-a always traveled. Is
                   that-a truly the only thought born-a inside you?
            Justin: No, it's just that....
            Guido: Can't-a you answer? Ah, no sense in meeting-a the Elder.
           To protect the world we live in.
            Guido: What-a is it?
            Justin: When I started traveling, I just wanted to try going. That was
                    it. But now it's different! I want to go to Alent to protect
                    this world!
            Guido: Protect-a the world? You're-a neither a Spirit nor an Icarian,
                   how-a could you do-a that?
            Justin: Well....
           To solve the mysteries of Angelou.
            Guido: Why-a you want-a to solve the puzzle of-a the ancient
                   civilization? Shouldn't that-a be over and-a done? So far, you
                   have-a always traveled. Is that-a truly the only thought born-a
                   inside you?
            Justin: No, it's just that....
            Guido: Can't-a you-a answer? Then, there's no-a sense-a in meeting the
    Guido: Congratulations, Justin. The Mogay Elder approves of you. You-a are the
           proper person to go-a to Alent.
    Justin: Huh? The Elder? What!? Could it be that Guido is the Elder!?
    Guido: I like-a you, Justin. You-a are always looking ahead. Way ahead of-a
           everyone else. Then let's go! To the underground temple of Zil Padon to
           look for the key to Alent.
    Justin: Guido....
    [He pulls a rope.]
    Guido: We-a enter the temple with-a this. The "barrier water" has been removed.
    Justin: Thank you, Guido! Great. I can see Alent! Well, to the underground
            temple everyone!
    [They revisit the fountain.]
    Justin: The water...has disappeared!?
    Guido: There's a board with three holes in it. If-a you fit the medal in the
           middle, the door to the underground temple she will-a open. We have-a
           no idea what-a lies ahead either. We've been-a too cautious to go in.
    Feena: Well then, we had better prepare ourselves.
           Well, let's go back and get ready!
            Feena: That's right, no one knows what will happen.
           I'm ready! Let's go!
            Rapp: Great! Let's go, Juss!
    Justin: Here? Good!
    [They put the medal into the slot.]
    Feena: This is....
    Rapp: What? This place smells like mold.
    Guido: Once you've-a come this far, you can't-a go back, right, Justin?
    Justin: Oh, of course! Great! Let's go, everyone!!
    [They enter a massive underground cavern.]
    Rapp: Wow, this place is bigger than I thought!
    Feena: I never imagined such a great shrine could float in the air!
    Guido: We Mogay have always lived together with the Shrine. Even before we
           came down from the sky. Same as Liete of Alent. OK Justin! Let's-a go,
           eh? The key to Alent has gotta be deep, deep inside! Andiamo!
    [After a boss fight, they find an object.]
    Guido: This is the Medal of Knowledge! Justin, you know what to do.
    Justin: We DID it!
    System: We GOT the Medal of Knowledge!
    Justin: OK, everybody, next stop, ALENT!!
    [They start the journey back, but then...]
    Justin: Something's wrong. The last time we passed here, I'm sure the floor was
    Feena: Justin, look!
    [From the cliff overlook, some of the Garlyle Forces can be seen.]
    Baal: Mullen! How long must I wait? Have you not found it yet?
    Mullen: I have made all possible efforts, General, but we still have not found
            any trace.
    Baal: The shrine's door was open. That means that the Chosen One is here.
          Wherever the Chosen One is, that is where the Spirit Stone will be! You
          know that as well as I do. Leen! Come with me.
    Leen: ....
    Mullen: With your permission, General Baal, let me point out that Lieutenant
            Leen is serving as my vital aide-de-camp. Without her, the search may
            be delayed.
    Baal: Mullen! Sometimes I wonder if you really want to find the Spirit Stone.
    Mullen: What!? How can you say that, General? The Spirit Stone is essential to
            Operation Yggdrassil! I am FULLY aware of the importance of my mission!
    Baal: Good! Then continue your search. And you won't have any objection to
          Leen's assistance, will you?
    Mullen: .... ....
    Baal: Continue your search for the Spirit Stone! Leen! We depart!!
    Leen: Yes...yes sir, General Baal.
    [They ride an elevator out.]
    Mullen: There is no time left! The honor of the Mullen Division is at stake!
            GO!! Find the Spirit Stone!!
    [The troops move out.]
    Mullen: I MUST find the Spirit Stone before Father does. I MUST!
    [He leaves.]
    Justin: Are those losers still searching for the Spirit Stone?
    Feena: That man...wasn't he at the Tower of Doom, too?
    Justin: Baal? What is he going to do with Leen?
    Feena: ....
    Guido: Let's-a not get caught, eh? I think we should find another way around.
    [They return to the shrine.]
    Rapp: Hey you guys! I think we can go down from here!
    Justin: OK, I'll go first! Be careful everybody!
    [They all jump down.]
    Justin: OK. Let's go!
    [They enter a large chamber with ominous-looking murals.]
    Rapp: I don't like the look of those!
    Feena: I feel like some great force is looking this way... Is it just my
    Guido: It's-a maybe no your imagination, bella. Look! On those doors! THE
           GOLEMS! They are said to be in this-a Shrine. If they start to move-a,
           even the Garlyle Forces are gonna be history!
    Justin: Start to move? But they're just PICTURES!
    Guido: Right now, pictures. They have been sealed until the time comes. But
           hey, I only tell you what the legend say.
    Feena: Everyone? Don't you think we had better get going? The Garlyle Forces
           are behind us, and besides...I don't LIKE it here!
    [They start crossing a bridge.]
    Mullen: Don't move, Justin!!
    Justin: Mullen!
    Mullen: Just hand over your Spirit Stone or I'll have to....
    [The place is surrounded by soldiers now.]
    Justin: What a PAIN you guys are! What is it with the Spirit Stone, anyway?
    Mullen: It's for your own good. You don't know the danger you're really in.
            I'll ask you one more time. Give me the Spirit Stone, Justin!
    Justin: Ask all you want! You're the LAST person I'll give it to.
    Mullen: You leave me no choice. If you won't give it willingly, I'll have to
            TAKE it by force!
    Justin: Is that so? Come and GET it then!!
    Feena: WAIT! Stop it BOTH of you! Why do we have to fight? Can't we work things
           out, somehow?
    Justin: But Feena! Work things out!? He's trying to take the Spirit Stone!
    [The area shakes.]
    Justin: HUH!? Whazzat!!?
    Mullen: The ground...? It CAN'T be...! No...he can't! If he uses them, many
            soldiers will die!! Father, have you lost your senses?!
    [Elsewhere, Leen is powering something up with Baal.]
    Baal: Steady...steady Leen.... The seal over the Golems is just about to break.
          Next we'll deal with the Chosen One and finally obtain the Spirit Stone!
          Ha! Ha! Ha! Haaaa!
    Leen: Ah! Unh...! Oh... Colonel... Mu...llen.
    Baal: Humph. Mullen, eh? He's pathetic! Like his mother. He'd have lived if he
          hadn't stuck his nose into the search for the Spirit Stone. But I'm
          afraid he is no longer useful. The Shrine will be his grave.
    Leen: Wha...? No... NO! Colonel... Mu...llen...!
    Baal: Hmm. You mean to disobey me? How interesting...and FUTILE!!
    [He cranks up the power generated.]
    Leen: AAAAAAAH!! Herr... Herr MULLEN...!!
    [Back in the mural room, the golems come back to life, destroying bridges.]
    Mullen: HURRY! RETREAT!! Ungh!
    Rapp: Look out Justin!! It's crumbling!!
    Mullen: LOOK OUT!! Aaaaah...!!
    [He pushes Feena back, falling into the pit in her place.]
    Feena: Mullen!!
    Justin: Feena! This way, NOW!!
    Feena: But what about Mullen!?
    Rapp: You can't do anything! MOVE it Feena! NOW!!
    Justin: Feena, you MUST come NOW!
    Feena: Yes...yes...!
    Justin: Arrrrgh...!
    Rapp: Hey, it's dangerous here too! We had better move it!
    [They exit the chamber and eventually stumble upon a...]
    Rapp: What IS this? There's a Golem here too!
    Justin: But it isn't moving anymore. Run by! We can make it!
    Feena: ....
    [They start walking.]
    Feena: Wait...! Justin...wait!
    Justin: What is it, Feena?
    [The Golem springs to life.]
    Justin: Wha...!
    [The behemoth breaks the path.]
    Rapp & Guido: Oooooh Noooooo!
    [The two fall into the pit.]
    Justin: Rapp! Guido!!
    Feena: Ah! Aaaaah!!
    Justin: What's wrong?! Feena? Feena!!
    Feena: Jus...tin... My body...so hot...can't take it. My body it's...burning!!
    Justin: Feena! Oh, no! FEENA!!
    Feena: My sis...ter... What...? Lee...n? Heelllppp!!
    [Meanwhile, in the control chamber.]
    Baal: Mmpf! What is this? This feeling...? It feels like some enormous power
          is beginning to move. That can't be!! Nothing can resist the power of the
          Icarians!! Unless...there were...one more Icarian...?
    Leen: Aagh...oh...! Feena... FEEENAAA!!
    [Feena's power destroys the golems. In the process, Justin loses his allies.]
    Justin: Feena! Rapp! Guido! Where ARE you?!! ANSWER ME!!
    [Justin returns to the surface after exploring the ruins.]
    Justin: Mullen! It's YOU! Feena! Where is she!?
    Mullen: Justin. So you survived....
    Justin: What have you done with Feena! Answer me, Mullen!
    Mullen: Justin. Listen to me. Take the Spirit Stone, and escape! NOW!
    Justin: Huh!? What do you mean? Just tell me where Feena is!!
    Mullen: I can't explain now. Just get out of here. Go! Escape from here, NOW!
    ??????: Hey, I hear voices!
    Mullen: Oh no! In here!
    [He pushes Justin in a house just as soldiers approach.]
    Soldier: Colonel Mullen, you survived!
    Mullen: Yes. I'm fine. Never mind me, how is the rescue operation going?
    Soldier: Sir! There are many men trapped under the rubble. All personnel have
             been assigned to rescue and medical detail.
    Soldier 2: Colonel, I don't understand. Why did General Baal bring us into 
               this disaster?
    Mullen: That's enough...! I will take this matter up with the General myself!
            Where is General Baal?
    Soldier: He has returned to the Grandeur, sir, with the Icarian girl. I believe
             she is called...Feena.
    Mullen: What!? Did you say Feena!? Delay recovery of the Spirit Stone! Get to
            the Grandeur before it leaves!
    Soldier: Yes Colonel!
    [They leave.]
    Justin: What? They have Feena!? We MUST SAVE her!!
    [Justin makes it outside the city and sees a gigantic red airship.]
    Justin: Wait! What is that?
    [Near the airship's bottom...]
    Baal: I may not have succeeded in getting that Spirit Stone, but I can console
          myself with another Icarian. Ha, ha,.. Mullen, you should be happy. Our
          plan is one step closer to completion.
    Mullen: General Baal! We have lost half our soldiers underneath that mountain
            of rubble. What will you DO about it?
    Baal: Half our soldiers...? Ha...! I shall fly in the Grandeur to J Base, the
          castle where Gaia sleeps. We have been fortunate enough to obtain this
          girl. Let us hurry and make a present of her to Gaia. You will take the
          Battleship Lyonlot. Join me once you have withdrawn the troops.
          Understood, Mullen?
    Mullen: Yes... General....
    [They load Feena into the ship. Justin watches from the cliffs.]
    Justin: Feena!! Blast!! How can I get to her!?
    Voice: JUSTIN!
    Justin: RAPP! GUIDO!
    [The two appear on a floating manta ray.]
    Justin: HUH!? Wh...what is THAT!?
    Guido: Have you no seen a flying manta before? I stashed it just in case!
    Rapp: JUStin... he-LLO-o, Get O-on! We gotta go rescue Feena, all right?!!
    Justin: Right! We're coming Feena!!
    [They pursue on the manta.]
    33) THE GRANDEUR                                                         [WK33]
    [In a room somewhere...]
    Baal: Heh, heh. How intriguing...so Leen has a younger, twin sister. Yet it
          makes sense, come to think of it. The Ancients made Icarian statues of
          four armed women. They meant to represent twin sisters. And you are,
          indeed another Icarian!
    Feena: No... I...I...I'm just a person! Let me GO!
    Baal: What are you afraid of, girl? You will be part of Operation Yggdrassil.
          The greatest step in human evolution!
    Feena: I'll NEVER help YOU!! Justin will come and take care of YOU!
    Baal: Justin...? Is that the name of the boy who has the last piece of the
          Spirit Stone? Coming to SAVE you is he? He shall be dealt with soon. And
          I will obtain the Spirit Stone.
    Feena: Justin will BEAT you! He's MUCH, MUCH stronger than YOU are!
    Baal: Heh, heh. My, my...how energetic you are my dear. But we will take care
          of that. In time, you will obey as Leen obeys me now.
    Feena: Stay AWAY from me!! What are you going to do to me!?
    [An alarm goes off.]
    Baal: What's that noise...?
    Feena: Huh!? Justin?
    [Meanwhile, outside the ship...]
    Justin: Rapp! Guido! Hold on! I'm taking her UP!
    [The emplacements shoot the manta down.]
    Justin: Wooooaaah!
    [They crash onto the Grandeur.]
    Justin: GUIDO! Are you all right?
    Guido: Well...I've felt better. Justin? Tell-a me why it is I'm-a always
           falling down when you're here?
    Justin: Hey Rapp! Quit napping, OK?
    Rapp: SOME people might be WORRIED about their friend at a time like this!
          Stupid pile of JUNK! I oughta just TRASH the whole ship!
    Justin: Not YET, Rapp. First we have to find Feena. Then you can trash all you
    Rapp: OK, OK. Only a little trashing until we find Feena, I got it.
    Guido: Anyway, ragazzi, we can no do nothing if-a we no get inside.
    Justin: OK. Look for Feena. And watch your backs too!
    [They make it to the engine room.]
    Rapp: Hey...what IS all this stuff? Any of this look familiar to you guys?
    Justin: Probably some kind of engine, but it doesn't look steam powered.
    Guido: Hmm. Impressive! This is-a made with ancient Angelounian technology!
    [They reach the control room.]
    Nana: Tee hee! Just WHAT did you think you could do HERE, Justin?
    Mio: Well, darling, according to MY calculations, he's here to help that poor
         little Icarian girl.
    Saki: Boy oh boy is HE ever clueless! Thanks for bringing us the Spirit Stone.
          We forgot it at Tower of Doom. You got away THAT time, but now you'll
          hand it over if you know what's GOOD for you!!
    Rapp: Got away? Yeah, right. I remember escaping after kicking your butts!
    Nana: Pipe down monkey boy. We'll settle accounts soon enough!
    [Unfortunately, the sergeants are trampled.]
    Rapp: Heh! A piece of cake. (note) But, pretty tough for girls.
    Justin: All right, where's Feena? Take us to wherever that old buzzard Baal is!
    Nana: .... .... H-ha! Ha. Ha. Ha! So you think you've BEATEN us? That's funny.
          Right, Saki?
    Saki: Right...? Oh! Yeah... RIGHT! We just LET you win. Didn't we? Mio?
    Mio: We did...? OH! Yes! We DID! It was all part of our PLAN! It was ALL
         planned from the start to give us some time. And you BOYS fellf or it!
         Ahem, according to my calculations the Grandeur is now about to arrive at
         its destination, J Base.
    Saki: YEAH! And then we'll get ALL our soldiers together and BEAT YOU ALL UP!!
    Nana: We'll get even with you Justin. And you too monkey boy and rabbit man!!
    [They flee.]
    Rapp: Look at them go. Now what, Juss?
    Justin: We have to stop the ship, somehow. There'll be big trouble if we reach
            the base like those oddballs said. Hmm, let's see. Mmm...ARGH! BOGUS!
            I don't know what to do.
    Rapp: Why didn't you SAY so? Here, lemme...just push something.
    [He screws with the control panel.]
    Computer: Setting acknowledged...final order will be executed.
    Rapp: Whoops! Hmm...oh well!
    Guido: Most likely Rappino, you break-a the ship. "Final Order"...capisci?
    Rapp: Yeah, right, well that's OK! I was gonna trash it ANYway.
    Justin: Whatever, look, we GOTTA get moving and find Feena, OK? Now we have
            even LESS time.
    [They enter a smoky corridor.]
    Guido: Ya know, something tells me, this ship may no be in such-a good shape.
           Woah! WOOOAH!
    [The corridor splits in half, stranding Justin.]
    Justin: Rapp!! GUIIII-DOOOO!!
    Rapp: Forget US, Justin!! FEENA! RESCUE FEENA!!
    Justin: Bu...but....
    Rapp: Shut UP, already! Rescue FEENA!!
    [Parts of the ship fragment off. Justin heads to the command center.]
    Justin: Let Feena go!!
    Baal: Well, well...so the man who holds the Spirit Stone is just a boy.
    Feena: Justin! Stay away!!
    Baal: Ha, ha, ha! So, the legend that the Sprit [sic] Stone's light and the
          Icarian wings call to each other is not exactly a lie. I'll give the girl
          back to you, my little Justin. However, only in exchange for the Spirit
    Feena: He's lying! Justin! Don't believe him!! If you give him the Spirit
           Stone, he'll just kill you! Please! Run away!
    Baal: My ship is about to sink. It's your choice. Which is really important to
    Justin: ...! OK. I'll trade. Release Feena. Quickly!
    Baal: Heh, heh, heh. You are a wise young man. The great mysteries of Angelou
          are beyond your powers. Come! Give me the Spirit Stone!
    [Justin throws the stone to Baal, who opens a hole beneath him.]
    Justin: Wooooah!
    Feena: JUSTIN!!
    Baal: HA, HA, HA, HAAAAA!! Finally, I have the absolute power of Angelou in my
          very own hands! DIE! You WORMS! Together with this burning ship! AH, HA,
          HA, HA, HAAAAA!!
    [In the pit, Justin hangs by a pipe.]
    Justin: Why you...! I'll GET you SOMEHOW!
    [Justin goes onto the ship's exterior.]
    Justin: Bogus! Is it a dead end? Wait, it looks like there might be a place I
            can climb up.
    [He reaches the top.]
    Feena: Justin!!
    Justin: Feeeenaaaa!!
    Baal: You're a tough little worm, aren't you? But why risk your life for a mere
    Justin: Keep your filthy hands off of Feena!!
    Baal: This Icarian is MINE, boy! You have no need of her powers.
    Justin: She's no Icarian! You're nuts! Feena is FEENA!! For the last time...!
            Let go of Feena...NOW!
    Baal: Ha, ha, ha! The little worm has a roar unbecoming of his size. Have it
          your way, then. You should be proud to die at my hand, then!
    [Baal loses the fight.]
    Justin: Feena! Are you all right? Let me untie you.
    Feena: Justin...I knew it. I knew you would come to save me.
    Justin: Of course! I would do anything for you, Feena.
    Feena: Oh, Justin! But wait! What about the Spirit Stone? You must get it back!
    Justin: That's right. Once we get it back, let's get off of this hulk!
    Baal: Not so FAST! Don't be fooled, boy! You have yet to taste my REAL power.
          The POWER OF GAIA!!
    [He grows some monstrous appendages.]
    Justin: Huh...? What the...?! You...you are UGLY, dude! I don't care how many
            times it takes, I'll put YOU in YOUR place! Aaaaaaaaah!!
    [Justin gets knocked down.]
    Feena: Justin!!
    [His mutated arm takes Feena.]
    Feena: No! NO...! Justin!
    Baal: HA, HA, Haaaaa! NOW you know!! NO human power can EVER defeat me! FOOLS!
    Justin: You...ugly...piece of.... Now you've REALLY asked for it!
    Baal: FOOL!
    Justin: RrrraaAAAAARGH!!
    [He knocks Justin off the ship.]
    Feena: Justin, NO!!
    [She breaks free and jumps off after him.]
    Feena: JUS-TIIIiiiiin!!
    Baal: Hah...! Foolish Icarian girl...choosing to die...! But it is of no
          consequence. I finally have the SPIRIT STONE! All praise be to Gaia!
          FILLS ME WITH POWER!! Ah, hah, hah, haaaaa!
    [The airship crashes. Meanwhile, the other two are in freefall.]
    Justin: MAN! How BOGUS!! Does this mean my adventure is over?
    Feena: Justin!
    Justin: Fe...Feena!! But why? Why did you follow me? Why did you follow me,
            Feena!? Now both of us will die! We'll ALL lose!
    Feena: Finally...finally...I won't let you go... Jus....
    Justin: Feena? Feena! .... Silly...if you were so afraid you fainted, then
            why...? Feena...! Oh, BOGUS!! NO! We CAN'T die, not now, not this way!
    [Rescued by Guido's manta, the team rests at the Brinan range.]
    Justin: Feena...is she all right? She's been sleeping for three days.
    Rapp: Say, Juss, she'll be fine in a bit. Just being alive is wonderful, right?
          If you worry too much, you'll go bald! It's all right! That battleship
          was whiffed out, and that fellow, Baal, kicked the bucket! There's
          nothing to worry about. Right, Juss!
    Guido: Feena she's-a waking up.
    Justin: ...!
    Rapp: That's great, Juss! And you were so worried about Feena!
    [Later, they reminisce about Feena's bright Icarian wings.]
    Rapp: Say, at that time, I thought the sun had come out! Well, thanks to that
          light, we were able to find you guys.
    Feena: Thank you for helping us, Rapp and Guido.
    Justin: Feena...are you really all right?
    Feena: Justin...I'm sorry. Because of me the precious Spirit Stone....
    Justin: It's all right, Feena! You're much more precious than the Spirit Stone!
            It worked out well. When Baal and the Spirit Stone burned, the weird
            plans of the army collapsed.
    Feena: ... Still, I was an Icarian....
    Justin: Icarian doesn't matter! Feena is Feena! I don't understand! What is it?
    Feena: Justin, let's go. To Alent. I want to find out. I want to know all about
           the Icarians and Gaia. If we go there, I'm sure we'll learn something.
    Guido: I-a too think that's-a good idea.
    Rapp: Me too! With Baal dead, my father's enemy is gone. But, it was such an
          exciting way to die.
    Justin: Guido... Rapp....
    Rapp: If you bring-a them the "Knowledge Medal," the Wise-a Men of Laine they
          should teach-a you the way to Alent.
    Justin: That's right! Let's go to Laine, everyone. Great, the adventure
    34) LAINE VILLAGE [II]                                                   [WK34]
    Justin: The Three Wise Men should know the way to Alent. OK. First let's go and
            see what Darlin can tell us.
    [They go to Milda's house.]
    Darlin: Justin, what are you doin' here? Y'all look like cats runnin' from a
    Justin: Darlin! Listen, I need your help!
    [They fill him in.]
    Darlin: I see. And what y'all want to do about it?
    Justin: Liete told me. "If you want the answers to many questions, come to
            Alent." Now I understand. I didn't when I began the journey. But now
            her words. There is something I must know. Not just something! So many
            things!! Angelou grew to encompass the world. Why would such a
            civilization die? The Icarians...the Spirit Stone...and Gaia. I must go
            to Alent!! It will all be clear in Alent! All the answers.
    Darlin: Boy, seems like the time has come. The time for you, the chosen one.
            Truth is, we ain't just scientists. We's the Gatekeepers to Alent,
            Justin. Couldn't let on, though. Not till you was ready. Which you is
            now, Justin. TO ALENT!
    Justin: Yes! I'll go! I'll go and find the answers!!
    Darlin: Good. It's Dorlin who knows the way to Alent. Y'all be careful now,
            Justin boy.
    Justin: I will and thank you Darlin. All right, we're heading out!!
    [They visit the lakeside tower.]
    Dorlin: It's you!! It's YOU!! I remember you well! Who are you, anyway?
    Justin: Huh...!? Not AGAIN...?!
    Dorlin: Heh heh...just kidding. What is it today? What have y'all come to ask
    Justin: Look! We've finally obtained the key to Alent!!
    Dorlin: Th-the key...to...! Another step closer to Liete! Good work young'uns!
            Good Work!
    Justin: Ah... Dorlin...? I want to go to Alent. There is something I must know!
    Dorlin: Hmm... I see the time has finally come. Ol' Darlin probably told y'all.
            We're also the gatekeepers for Alent. Guess it's time to show you the
            way. First, throw the Medal of Knowledge into the beautiful spring
            behind the village. You'll see a rainbow. The rainbow on the spring'll
            lead y'all to Alent. Then you'll find what you're lookin' for. To
            Rainbow Mountain and Rainbow Spring! Git a'goin'! To this place, Alent!
    Justin: Thank you, Dorlin. We're headed for Alent!
    Dorlin: I'll open the Rainbow Mountain gate. Be sure to find the answer! And
            then, Liete...with my hands I shall...!
    Rapp: What the heck are you gonna do with your hands, old man?
    [Meanwhile, at J Base, Mullen goes to meet with his father.]
    Baal: .... And you, Mullen...! Heh, heh, heh. The time has finally come. The
          time for the Spirit Stone to be one again.
    Mullen: FATHER! How can you mean it?! Don't revive this beast, I beg you!
    Baal: It's a bit late, isn't it? Besides, the revival of Gaia was the final
          objective of Operation Yggdrassil. Look upon him Mullen! Gaia is bursting
          with joy! I can hear his voice. How he longs to GORGE on the energy of
          the Spirit Stone!
    Mullen: FATHER!! Don't you understand!? Gaia cannot be tamed by human hands!!
            You are repeating the tragic mistakes of the past! Can you not recall
            the soldiers and humanoids cursed by Gaia and turned to STONE!?
    Baal: Worms! Mere FEED for Gaia.
    Mullen: Worms?! How DARE you!? Father...! If that is what you TRULY think,
            then ALL your talk of sacrifice and building an ideal worls was
            nothing but LIES!!
    Baal: There IS no ideal world without GAIA! He who does the will of Gaia shall
          be INFINITELY blessed! As I will be!! Ah ha! Out of my way, Mullen! I
          shall now offer the last piece of the Spirit Stone.
    [He walks out.]
    Leen: All hands on the aerial Battleship Grandeur escaped when she went down,
          except for General Baal. Reports from the Battleship Lyonlot assigned to
          rescue the survivors painted a very grim picture. And yet...how could
          General Baal survive without a scratch?
    Mullen: .... ....
    Leen: I'm frightened. When I see General Baal, I...I cannot stop shaking.
    Mullen: So it's as I suspected. He must NOT get hold of the Spirit Stone!
    [Back in Laine...]
    Justin: All right, off to Rainbow Mountain! He said it was behind the village,
            didn't he?
    Guido: All you gotta do is walk round the lake and you gonna find it.
    [They reach the peak of Rainbow Mountain.]
    Guido: Well Justin, you finally made it!
    Justin: Right! Now we can get there. It's NOT a dream!!
    Guido: .... .... .... Time-a to make-a the bridge to Alent. Throw the medal
           into the Spring!
    Justin: Just what I was going to do. Here goes!!
    [He tosses the medal in and a polychromatic beam of light appears.]
    Guido: Looks like-a my job is done, eh? Now it's-a your turn, Justin. YOU
           make-a the way!
    Justin: Huh? What do you mean Guido? Aren't you going to go with us?
    Guido: .... Justin. Remember what I told you when we met-a first time? I say
           to you everybody got a place in the world, a role to play. That's-a
           mean EVERYBODY, eh? I got-a my role, only I can do it, eh? Same for you,
           Compadre. You...no worry, eh? You figure it out when you get to Alent.
           You find-a your REAL role.
    Justin: My...real...role?
    Guido: I'm-a say good-bye now. Justin, Feena, Rappino...say hello to Liete for
           me, eh?
    Justin: You bet, Guido! See you again soon!!
    [They all jump in and float upwards, surveying the land below.]
    Rapp: Woohoo! Wow, this is high! Whoo-hoo-hoo!
    Justin: Incredible! We keep zooming through the clouds
    Rapp: Uhh...we're not gonna be droppin' down from here, right?
    Feena: Look, Justin!
    [They see a land orbiting high above the earth.]
    Justin: That must be Alent! All the answers will be there!
    35) ALENT                                                                [WK35]
    [They land on the odd, futuristic, space station-like structure.]
    Justin: .... So this is Alent? I...finally made it! FEENA! RAPP! How about
            THIS! We're really here!!
    Feena: You DID it, Justin!
    Rapp: All RIGHT Juss!
    Justin: OK! Let's get going. Liete must be waiting.
    [Inside the chapel, Liete is waiting for them.]
    Liete: Welcome to Alent. It has been a long time since guests have come. Liete
           welcomes you.
    Justin: Liete...I finally made it! Like I promised! Just like I promised. So
            teach me all about Angelou!
    Liete: I see you have come with many questions. Feel free to look for your
    Justin: Huh? What are you talking about? Don't you remember me? It's Justin!
    Liete: So your name is Justin? It is an honor to meet you. My name is Liete.
    Feena: Ju-Justin...! Wh- Wh-What...are...those...?
    Justin: Huh!? WHAT...!? They're all Lietes...! Wh-what's going on!?
    [They go speak to each "Liete" wandering around.]
    Liete: This is the place of remembrance for the Civilization of Angelou. Liete
           has remained alone over the ages to guard the memories of Angelou. Ages
           ago Liete's father said that she would see through sad eyes. I don't
           know why he said that. I have never seen Liete with a sad expression.
    Liete: Gaia is greed and evil that feeds on the energy of Spirit Stones. Gaia
           IS a degraded Spirit Stone. Its fundamental nature is to assimilate
           Spirit and grow. Once Gaia begins to grow, it will assimilate all
           Spirits for it's [sic] own growth. When this has happened, the world
           will be different. It will change into the World of Death.
    Liete: There are many Lietes here in Alent. But there is only one that has
           life. Because she must live alone in silence, she created us to make
           Alent seem like a living city. But, we are all illusions. So we
           disappear like this.
    Liete: The two medals are each symbolic -- the Medal of Wisdom of the Mogay and
           the Medal of Knowledge of Liete. The wise Mogay are merchants on the
           planet's surface. Knowledgeable Liete witnesses history from above.
    Liete: Originally the Spirit Stone manifested its powers only together with the
           Icarians. When one attempted to use the powers of the Spirit Stone
           without Icarians, the result was Gaia. Gaia is not simply an altered
           form of the Spirit Stone. It is a mirror of the greed and evil nature of
           its possessor.
    Liete: There are many races of humans: humans with long ears, with horns, with
           large bodies, with great speed. Long ago, all the races lived together
           without borders of strife. There were many races, all human. And they
           all lived together.
    Liete: According to legend, at the beginning of time, when the Spirits gave the
           Spirit Stone to humans, and it was known as the Spirit Stone, two twin
           sisters, the Icarians, were born of human parents. The Icarians and the
           Spirit Stone were of one destiny, one fate. It is said that when the
           Spirit Stone is one, Icarians are born. But the Spirit Stone was broken
           into seven pieces. Ever since, Icarians have ceased to be born.
    Liete: Oooh baby I KNOW your legs must be tired, 'cause y'all been runnin'
           through my mind ALL DAY!
    Feena: Liete...are you all right? You have such a strange look.
    Liete: Why, I'm fine...I was simply greeting you the way I have observed others
           do on the planet.
    Liete: Icarians are always born as twins. This is because twins and Icarians
           represent peace and harmony.
    Justin: Twins, Icarians, harmony?
    Liete: Even though twins are separate it is said their hearts are one. And the
           birth of Icarians is a token of the blessings of the Spirits of humans.
           Thus they are both considered symbols of peace and harmony. Now,
           please ascend to the Papal Hall upstairs to listen to the living Liete
           explain the rest.
    [They go upstairs to the library.]
    Justin: Liete! NOW you're the REAL Liete!
    Liete: Welcome Chosen One. Welcome to Angelou. Now... Justin, you who have many
    Justin: Liete! I came just like I promised! Now answer ALL the questions!
    Liete: It is my duty to give the answers to the one who asks. Justin. I shall
           tell you all that I know. What I have inherited is my many old memories
           of Angelou. Together with those memories, I have also inherited the name
           of Liete.
    Justin: Liete?
    Liete: Long ago in the ancient past, men could speak with Spirits. This is a
           story from an age when humans were merely a small part of this world.
           The people of this time spoke of many things with the Spirits, and the
           people also learned many, many things from the world. The light of the
           Spirit Stone, the symbol of the promise, continued to illuminate the
           world. The people gained sufficient power to travel, even to the
           faraway stars. But finally, the day came when men learned to steal. They
           stole riches from their own land and power from the skies, and last of
           all, they stole the Spirit Stones from the hands of the Icarian twins.
           They even tried to change the world with that light. Gaia greatly
           changed the appearance of the world. But, people had forgotten that the
           light of the Spirit Stones reflects one's very own soul. The people who
           had forgotten the promise had already lost the blessings of the Spirits.
           Halting the death of the world was already impossible, just as the 
           people could not halt their own desire. When the Spirit Stone broke
           apart the bond between people and the world was also severed. Perhaps
           people will never be at one with the world again.
    Justin: The Spirit Stone is the bond between people and the world?
    Liete: The Spirit Stone's light is the mirror of the human heart. Justin. That
           is the way YOUR Spirit Stone was. It showed me your heart. Look
    [She looks at upright tablets all around her.]
    Liete: The tablets of remembrance reflect the hearts of the Lietes across the
           ages like the Spirit Stone reflects the human heart. Red shows
           happiness. Blue shows the sadness in the heart of a Liete.
    Feena: They are almost all blue.
    Liete: Having destroyed the ancient world, Gaia was stopped in exchange for the
           lives of the Icarian twins. There has not been a red tablet since then.
    Justin: Liete. What color is your tablet?
    Liete: My tablet has not been colored yet. It will probably be blue.
    Justin: A sad tablet? But, why?
    Liete: Because there is one who is using the power of the Spirit Stone to
           resurrect Gaia and destroy the world.
    Justin: I see. That's Baal, isn't it? Grabbing up the Spirit Stones. But we
            stopped him from bringing back Gaia. We blew up the ship he was on and
            the Spirit Stone burned up!
    Liete: I'm afraid the Spirit Stone would never burn. As a matter of fact, it
           seems the pieces of the Spirit Stone are now closer than ever to uniting
           once again.
    Justin: What!? Then, does that mean that Baal is still alive?!
    Liete: Gaia will rise again when the pieces of the Spirit Stone unite. The
           tragic myth of Angelou is once again about to come true.
    Feena: Liete...am I to understand...? That if Gaia is revived only my sister
           and I can stop it?
    Liete: That is correct, Feena.
    Justin: Wait a minute, Liete!! The myth says that both Leen and Feena will have
            to DIE! We CAN'T do it that way! Isn't there another way? Alent is
            supposed to have all the answers!
    Liete: Here in Alent lies all of the past. But there is not even a single piece
           of the future.
    Justin: The future...doesn't exist...? Then what can we do? We came to Alent to
            get the answers we needed!
    Liete: Ask for the aid of the Spirits. Only the Embodied One who embodies truth
           is said to be able to open that door in the Spirit Sanctuary.
    Justin: The Spirit Sanctuary? And where is that, Liete?
    Liete: It is everywhere, and it is nowhere in the world. So it is said.... But
           you might be able to reach it. You who were able to reach Alent.
    Justin: Let me ask you one thing, Liete. You just said that the future does not
            exist here, right? Well what about YOUR future? I suppose your future
            is not here either, then.
    Liete: I do not choose the color of my tablet. That is determined by the age I
           live in.
    Justin: NO! You're looking at it wrong! If the age you live in colors your
            tablet then CHANGE the AGE ITSELF!! No one makes your future. Your
            future comes from the way you live your life! Live it fully and make
            your OWN future!
    Liete: Make the future...?
    Justin: Yeah! And you can't do that here. So.... Come with US, Liete! Make your
            OWN future, like US!!
    Liete: I am Liete, ruler of History. Perhaps the way I can make my future is to
           watch the future that you make. All right, Justin. I'll go with you. So
           that the future that you make can color my tablet red.
    [They exit the library and find a weird lift floating there.]
    Justin: Wait, where ARE we? Are we supposed to be here?
    Liete: Don't worry, Justin. This is the gondola, the only way to return to the
    Rapp: I can't tell if we're up high or down low!
    Liete: Don't worry, the gondola is quite safe.
    Justin: This will take us back to the ground?
    Liete: Yes! Climb aboard and you will drop to the ground in a flash.
    Rapp: Drop?! This thing drops straight down?!
    Liete: Of course! Straight down.
    Feena: Hang on there! If we drop from here...
    [The missile-like gondola shoots back towards the planet.]
    Justin & Rapp: Whoaaaa!
    Feena: Aaaaaaaah!
    Liete: Don't be so worried. When you hit the ground, you will stop quite
    Rapp: Hit the...?! LET ME DOWN!!
    Liete: Yes, yes! Down! Here we go!
    Justin & Rapp & Feena: NO!! NOT LIKE THAT!! Whaaaaaa!
    [Meanwhile, Baal stands in his study at J Base...]
    Baal: Ah, ha, ha, haaaa! Gaia...can you hear me?! I've finished it...here. Your
          castle! How long...how LONG it has been!! The wait for the day you awake!
          For the DAY...! The DAY I RULE THE WORLD!!
    [Mullen enters with soldiers.]
    Mullen: Attention all personnel! I am now the highest ranking officer of the
            Garlyle Forces. Operation Yggdrassil is now aborted! The Forces will
            now initiate the destruction of all Spirit Stones and of Gaia! Well
            then Fath...Baal! Hand over that piece of the Spirit Stone!!
    Baal: HA!! Don't be a FOOL! Gaia is superior! It is evolution's step up from
          humanity!! But you, with your humanoid blood, you would NEVER understand
          what evolution has wrought! Gaia is LORD of ALL!! MY lord, YOUR lord!
          LORD...of the WORLD!!
    Mullen: IDIOT!! What NONSENSE!! Your end has come, Baal!
    Baal: Ah, ha, ha, ha, haaaa! Mullen, you are but...an insect. Do you think you
          can defeat ME!!? AH, HA, HA, HA, HAAAAAA!!
    Mullen: Taste the powers of MY SWORD!!
    [Elsewhere, the pod has crashed on the Savanna.]
    Justin: Hmmm.... Around and around. Alent spins around.... Aaaagh! Is everyone
    Rapp: Ah, just barely....
    Feena: Where are we?
    Liete: This is the place you call the "Savanna."
    Justin: Does that mean we have returned in one piece? Then, how could this be?
            Gaia...where is Gaia!?
    Liete: Over there. I feel the signs of Gaia up ahead in a place beyond the
           Luzet Mountains. Well, shall we go, Justin?
    Justin: Ah! Without a moment's delay. We have to stop Gaia!
    36) J BASE                                                               [WK36]
    [Over the Luzet Mountains, they come to the Garlyle stronghold.]
    Justin: THIS was built by the Garlyle? Liete, do you think? Gaia...?
    Liete: This is quite different from what I had expected. It seems to be a
           separate edifice constructed on top of an Angelounian ruin. I sense the
           powers of Gaia inside.
    [They walk inside to find the place in a commotion.]
    Soldier: We've taken the Command Center!! And the Steam Cannon Machine Room!!
             The Control Room will be ours soon! If Colonel Mullen in the Tactical
             Command Center can arrest General Baal, our mutiny will have
             succeeded!! All personnel stand by! Until there are new orders from
             Colonel Mullen. All personnel stand by!
    Justin: Mutiny!? What is Mullen up to now!? What about Gaia? What's going on
            with Gaia? Come on you guys, let's go!!
    [They find a secret passage with the injured nemesis nearby.]
    Justin: Mullen! Mullen! Are you OK!? What happened to Baal!?
    Mullen: Justin...why? Why did you give Baal the Spirit Stone?!
    Justin: ....!
    Mullen: By giving him the Spirit Stone, you gave him the key to eternal
            destruction! Didn't...didn't you realize that?!
    Justin: B-but...I...!
    Mullen: Hurry! Baal must be stopped...or the world...! Gaia...he's going to...!
    Feena: Mullen! Mullen! Are you all right!?
    Leen: Don't worry. He has just lost consciousness.
    Justin: ....
    [They see a ladder nearby.]
    Liete: I see. It seems that this leads to an underground ruin. And it seems to
           have been used to build some sort of facility.
    Justin: BAAL!! I won't let you get away with this!!
    [They go through an old railroad line to find Baal by the remade Spirit Stone.]
    Justin: BAAL! Stop right there!! Gaia will NOT be revived!!
    Baal: You again...boy. You're too late. As we speak, the great power of Angelou
          will revive itself thanks to your Spirit Stone! Can you not FEEL the
          breath of GAIA!? Hah, hah, haa! AS WE SPEAK! Our roots are growing
          everywhere on the Earth!!
    Justin: You will destroy YOURSELF TOO!! STOP IT! STOP GAIA NOW!!
    Baal: No one...NO ONE! No one can stop me now!! We shall feed on ALL LIFE!
    Justin: What the...?! What is he TALKING about?
    Liete: He is at one with the will of Gaia. His unlimited greed has been the
           true cause of Gaia's revival!
    Baal: HA, HA!! So...the Icarian is here, too!
    Feena: ...!
    Baal: Do you think to trap me again? Hah, ha, haaa! Impossible! This time
          I'LL eat YOU!!
    [He grows a grotesque appendage, just like on the airship.]
    Justin: NEVER!! Gaia WILL be STOPPED!!
    [They whip Baal in battle. His voice rings out from somewhere.]
    Baal: So this...is what it's like...to exceed...human existence!!
    Justin: B-b Baal?! You...!
    Baal: I can hear the great will. I'll devour it all! The world! EVERYTHING!! O'
          Gaia! Grant your boundless power to me! Become one with me!! The time has
          come! Finally, the time of revival has come!!
    [Lightning almost strikes them.]
    Justin: Woah...!
    Feena: Eeeeek!
    [Leen runs in and uses her Icarian powers to erect a barrier.]
    Justin: LEEN!
    Feena: Sister!?
    Leen: Everyone RUN! HURRY!
    Baal: Why do you still resist? You should resign yourselves to your fate. It
          was you who gave rise to Gaia. If the greed of man gave rise to me, then
          ruination itself is your desire!! Come! Look! This is the form of your
          new god!! Mwahahaha!
    [Gaia's pod hatches and destroys J Base. Later, on the Lyonlot airship...]
    Soldier: Corporal Feena. Your orders, effective immediately.
    Justin: What? CORPORAL Feena!?
    Feena: Wait a minute.... You must be joking.
    Soldier: No Ma'am! As of today we all have strict orders to treat you as
             corporal. Colonel Mullen has briefed us on the details. Hadn't you
             heard, Ma'am?
    Justin: "Hadn't you HEARD, Ma'am...?" NO! Of COURSE she hasn't! What is Mullen
            up to?
    Rapp: Gaia's back, everything's a mess! Hey Juss, so what do we do now, huh?
    Justin: I don't know.... OK! The only thing to do is ask Mullen ourselves!
    [They reach the upper bridge.]
    Mullen: Gaia has begun to propagate with more speed than ever. We'll have to
            move to our next plan.
    Leen: Colonel Mullen. At this rate there will be extensive collateral damage.
    Mullen: Hmm... Gaia will consume a great deal of energy in order to resurrect
            and evolve.
    Leen: The only area with such energy in this region is Zil Padon.
    Mullen: But the Spirit Stone is gone. Now there is no way left for us to save
            Zil Padon.
    Radio: Battleship Lyonlot preparing to land. Destination--Luzet Mountain Camp.
    Mullen: Hmm....
    Justin: Hey Mullen! What's all this about Feena being made a Corporal?
    Mullen: As you all know, Gaia has revived and the situation is grave. We have
            evacuated J Base and are now heading to the Luzet Mountain encampment
            to regroup. The Garlyle Forces are now left with only one possibility
            of victory. That is to re-enact the myth. We must blow up the Spirit
            Stones that Gaia has assimilated. We'll use the Steam Cannon, made with
            Garlyle and Angelounian technology. That should halt Gaia's advance.
            But the destruction of the Spirit Stones cannot be done by humans. We
            must use Icarian power for that. Can we expect your cooperation...
            Corporal Feena?
    [They land in the Luzet Mountains and disembark.]
    Justin: What is that Mullen dude up to, anyway? Making Feena a Corporal!
    Rapp: How should I know? Where IS Feena, anyway...?
    Justin: Someone said Feena has her own Officer's Tent in the encampment up
            there. Maybe we could talk to Leen, too. She might do something about
            this Corporal business.
    Liete: Lieutenant Leen said she would go to the TACOM Center encampment later
    Justin: Let's just go and see.
    [They go to the officer's tent.]
    Feena: I'm sorry for running out like that. I had something on my mind.
           Justin...? I want to talk to my sister.
    Justin: That's a good idea. You'll be able to talk straight to Leen without
            this "Corporal" stuff. They said she'd be coming later to the TACOM
    [At the TACOM center...]
    Feena: Leen....
    Leen: I was waiting for you. Leave us alone, please.
    [The soldier escorts leave.]
    Feena: I have something to tell you Feena. Colonel Mullen has worked hard to
           prevent General Baal from obtaining the Spirit Stone. He has gone
           without rest or even sleep to remain in charge of the army and save the
           world from destruction. But...you know as well as I do, that in order to
           save the world from Gaia's revival, the Spirit Stone must be broken. Our
           powers are needed! Feena, please, HELP us! The Colonel needs help more
           than ever! We need to HELP him!
    Justin: Now WAIT a minute Leen! Mullen's ready to desert Zil Padon and let it
            be destroyed! How can you expect anyone to help THAT!
    Feena: Justin is right, Leen. I'm going to help save the people of Zil Padon.
           Together with Justin.
    Leen: According to the speed observed from Gaia's growth, Zil Padon might be
          overcome any time now. How can I allow you to go into such danger? No, I
    Justin: Leen, don't you SEE? That's the reason we HAVE to go NOW! I can't agree
            with any plan that is willing to desert the people of Zil Padon. Even
            if it IS supposed to save the world. WAKE UP Leen! Don't let Mullen
            FOOL you!!
    Leen: What do YOU know about Herr Mullen! FOOLED by him!? Fooled by his pledge
          to protect our Mother Earth with his LIFE!? I have made the same pledge
          MYSELF! I am ready to die too if need be!! If need be...!
    Feena: Leen, NO! It's WRONG! What sense does it make to trade LIVES to save
           the world?!
    Justin: We will save Zil Padon, AND we'll save the world!! Come ON, everyone,
            let's GO!!
    37) ZIL PADON [III]                                                      [WK37]
    [They walk into the town.]
    Justin: ......
    Rapp: What's up, Juss? All of a sudden, you stopped talking.
    [They notice the town is completely silent.]
    Justin: It's too quiet.... It's too quiet! I don't hear a single thing!!
    Rapp: Hey! Maybe everybody kicked the bucket!?
    Liete: It couldn't be. The town would only be like that if Gaia had attacked.
    Justin: At any rate, I'm worried about Guido. Quick, let's check it out!
    [The ground quakes.]
    Justin: Oh, no!! Are we too late!?
    [As Gaia's tentacles break into Zil Padon, the city petrifies.]
    Justin: Th-this...this is Gaia? Why couldn't we have gotten here SOONER!?
    Feena: How could we have known that Zil Padon would be swallowed up so quickly?
    Rapp: Juss...do you think the whole town...everyone...?
    Justin: No! It CAN'T be that bad. Let's see who we can find!
    Voice: Eeeeeeeek!! Get away!! Get AWAY!!
    Justin: ....! Someone's alive! Over there!!
    Feena: Let's hurry!
    [They see a villager cornered by monsters and save her.]
    Villager: Thank you so much for saving us!
    Justin: Where is everyone else? Have they all been...?
    Villager: Oh no! Most of the people escaped to the Mogay section. We were on
              our way there too but we were attacked by that monster that you saved
              us from.
    Justin: Good then, people did get away! OK you guys! Let's keep looking for
            more people in trouble!
    Feena: Please hurry and take shelter as soon as you can!
    Villager: Yes, we certainly will. Thank you again!
    Voice: Feena!
    [Her sister appears.]
    Feena: Leen! You came AFTER all! Leen...?
    Leen: .... .... Attention! Operation number 01025, codename Operation Earth
          Swell will be put into effect today at 14:00 hours! Corporal Feena and
          Lieutenant Leen are to report to J Base Cannon 3 and await further
          orders. Repeat! Operation....
    Justin: Leen!!
    Feena: Leen...I guess you just don't see it our way.
    Leen: Feena! This is an ORDER! You are under direct orders from Colonel Mullen.
    Justin: Leen!! Wake UP, will you!!
    Voice: Someone! PLEASE! Someone help my boy!!
    Justin: What? Is someone being attacked again!?
    Rapp: Hey, Juss!
    Justin: Right! I'm going! We'll have to talk later Leen!
    [They kill the monsters cornering a family.]
    Rapp: You OK kid? You get hurt at all?
    Kid: No! I'm OK! Gee, you sure are tough!!
    Justin: You BET I'm tough!!
    Rapp: And we're gonna pummel that Gaia thing till it screams uncle!
    Feena: It's dangerous here, so be sure to take shelter with the Mogay, OK?
    Villager: Right. I know where that is. Please be careful.
    [The sloughed-off pieces of the Gaia monsters transform into a Gaia Battler.]
    Villager: Be...care...AAAAH!
    Justin: Huh!? What's wrong!?
    Rapp: Hey Juss! Look behind you!!
    Justin: Was it still alive...?!
    Rapp: I know about this. It was the same in Cafu!
    Leen: That's right. You cannot defeat Gaia.
    Justin: Leen!
    Feena: Leen!?
    Leen: The only ones who can...are those who have the wings of power. Only we
          Icarians can!!
    [She grows wings and vaporizes the Gaia Battler.]
    Leen: Do you understand now, Feena? What our purpose is? We were born to fight
    Feena: ....
    Leen: The Colonel is waiting Feena. We must go to him.
    Justin: But Leen, wait! Look at these people here. Are you going to just LEAVE
            them?! I don't know what Mullen has planned, but how can you save the
            world if you don't save Zil Padon?! It doesn't make sense. Happiness
            isn't real if it is bought with the misfortune of others!
    Leen: No! You're WRONG, Justin! The Colonel... Colonel Mullen...in case anyone
          was alive... ...!! Aaaaaaah!!
    [A giant tentacle knocks Leen unconscious.]
    Feena: Leen! Are you all right!? Open your eyes, Leen!!
    Rapp: Hey you guys, shouldn't we be getting her away from here?
    Justin: Oh, you're right, Rapp. Let's take her to a safe place. Help me, Rapp.
    Rapp: HELP you?! Save HER?! No way, Juss. She's the one who wiped out our
    Justin: Hey Rapp! You're not being fair! Don't forget that Leen has HELPED us
    Feena: Please, Rapp!
    Rapp: .... Well...I guess you're right. You take that end, Juss.
    [They go to the Mogay section of town. Later...]
    Justin: Feena, it's lucky there was a doctor here!
    Liete: The doctor said that Leen has just fainted, and she would be herself
           again shortly.
    Feena: Everyone...thank you for taking care of my sister. Rapp...thank you.
    Rapp: Huh? Oh, right, it was nothin'.
    Justin: Now we have to figure out what to do about Gaia. Looks like even if we
            beat it, it still comes back.
    Liete: I think it is just as Leen said. Only the power of the Icarians can
           destroy Gaia.
    Leen: But...I don't think I have as much power as my sister.
    Justin: HOW CAN WE DESTROY IT?! How...?
    Villager: We can only wait for it to die!
    Villager: Once it attacks, it's all over and you know it. We'll all be
              squashed like bugs.
    Villager: WHY?! Why do we have to die like this!?
    Villager: It's all over. Look at this place. We might as well be dead.
    Justin: Hey...! Hey, wait a minute everybody! You're not giving UP, are you? I
            can't BELIEVE anyone would give up without even TRYING! We'll protect
            this town! Count on it! We'll help you. So come on! YOU have to fight
    Feena: Oh, Justin....
    Voice: Is everyone OK?!
    [Gina appears.]
    Gina: Thank goodness. It looks like it's still safe here. Such a big-a
          surprise! How come-a YOU here, Mr. red-hair adventurer boy? You get-a
          stuck in attack too?
    Justin: We didn't get stuck. We had heard that Zil Padon was being attacked by
            Gaia so we hurried over.
    Gina: Whadda-you say!? You come-a HERE when all this terrible thing-a
    Justin: Well...YEAH. But it looks like we weren't in time. Sorry Gina.
    Gina: You no gotta say sorry for NOTHING. My problem is-a the old man, he
          leave-a on-a business before the attack, so I'm-a not know WHAT to do!
          You all show up-a now so I'm-a feel MUCH better!
    Feena: OK then, I hope Guido's OK.
    Gina: It's-a NOT OK!! Everywhere it's-a monsters making trouble! Maybe they
          come HERE!
    Justin: Don't lose HOPE Gina! We won't LET them come here! We'll protect you!
            Don't worry!
    Liete: But...Justin, if the powers of the Icarians are used, Gaia is sure to
    Feena: The powers of the Icarians...? Form the wings that Leen spoke of? Is it
           our purpose to fight? Justin...I...maybe it's my purpose to fight. Can
           we fail to use the powers that Leen and I have?
    Justin: Feena...!?
    Feena: But no... It's not right. Fighting.... I dont want to fight. I want to
           protect. Protect you, Justin. And protect my sister. Everyone! I want to
           protect everyone!
    [She grows wings momentarily.]
    Justin: Feena. Wings...wings of light.
    Liete: Feena...there is a strength that is beginning to well up inside you. It
           is the power of caring. Not even the Icarians of yore who held Gaia at
           bay attained it. You are trying to find the key that will release this
           power from within you.
    Feena: The power...of caring...?
    [The skies darken.]
    Voice: LOOK OUT!! Stay away from it! Whoever touches that light will turn to
    Justin: The only thing we can think of now is destroying Gaia!! Come on! Let's
    [They see another Gaia Battler nearby.]
    Rapp: Here it comes!! I hope you're ready Juss!!
    Feena: Justin! Let's go!!
    Justin: I'm ready!! It won't get one step past us!!
    [They defeat the Battler but it respawns...with allies.]
    Rapp: It just keeps coming at us! Like there's no END to it! What are we gonna
          DO Juss?!
    Justin: We sure can't retreat. We've GOTTA protect these people! I'll fight!
            Again and again!!
    Feena: Justin! Keep hoping with me! We'll protect everyone! We won't let Gaia
    [The Icarian light shines.]
    Leen: Justin...! Feena...! What IS this power you have?!
    [The light spreads through Zil Padon.]
    Rapp: Hey Juss! JUSS!! HELLO!!
    Justin: Yeah...that BEAST Gaia...
    [Justin comes to.]
    Justin: What about Gaia!? Is Feena OK?! Huh?
    Liete: Every part of Gaia that attacked this city has ceased functioning,
           thanks to Feena's new powers.
    Leen: Justin...Feena...
    Justin: Leen...?
    Leen: I have an apology to make to you. For trying to force you to agree to
          abandoning the town to Gaia. And I have to thank you, too. For showing
          me the next road I must take. I'm going back to the Colonel. Stay here
          as long as the Forces are on the move. Leave everything to me.
    Feena: But Leen....
    Leen: Good-bye Justin, Feena.
    [She leaves Zil Padon.]
    Rapp: Well, anyway, we stopped Gaia, and now everything's OK! Oh right. I
          almost forgot. The Mogay have pitched a tent for us to stay in near the
          Rafane Gate. It's real colorful so you'll spot it right away. Let's go
          there and relax.
    Feena: I'm a little tired Justin. Let's go.
    [They go over.]
    Rapp: The tent that the Mogay pitched must be this one. That beast Gaia has
          wiped out everything. Guess I'll take a rest here too.
    [Meanwhile, back at the mountain encampment...]
    Mullen: Leen, why did you come back alone? Your orders were to convince Feena
            to participate in our operations.
    Leen: .... Colonel Mullen, are we not mistaken?
    Mullen: What do you mean?
    Leen: I...no, we the Icarians don't have the power to defeat Gaia. The power
          Feena used to protect the people of Zil Padon was clearly different than
          my powers. That power...that was not the power of the Icarians. It was
          much greater.
    Mullen: ....
    Leen: What we need now to save the world, is the power we seen in Feena and
          Justin!! Is that not what we are searching for, Herr Mullen?
    Mullen: Yes, Lieutenant Leen.
    Leen: Th-then!
    Mullen: No change in operations! Get Feena to cooperate by tomorrow morning!
    Leen: Colonel! PLEASE! Try to understand what I have to say!
    Mullen: You're the one who doesn't understand, Leen!
    Leen: Ah....
    Mullen: I have no time to listen to your dreamy stories! In order to fight
            Gaia, we need the power of two Icarians! There's no other way to save
            the world from destruction!! Don't you understand?!
    Leen: But, but...
    Mullen: We are all living a foolish, sinful existence. We may not be worthy to
            live on this Mother Earth. But even if this world is filled with sin...
            I want to protect it.
    Leen: ....
    Mullen: You should understand. Those Icarian wings shining on your back are
            also a symbol of sin.
    Leen: My wings...a symbol...of sin...?
    Mullen: Please help us, Leen. We need the power of the Icarians. You and
            Feena...the two of you.
    Leen: I understand...Colonel. Tomorrow morning...as scheduled.
    Mullen: Now that's a good aide-de-camp. I'm counting on you, Leen.
    [Back in Zil Padon's tent...]
    Feena: I have a great strength within me. But I...I don't know WHAT to do with
           it. Justin! Tell me! Why was I born an Icarian?! To fight Gaia as my
           sister did? Or....
    Justin: Feena, I'm sorry...I don't know why either. But don't worry Feena.
            Neither the Forces or Gaia have shown any movement. We have time.
    Feena: ....
    Rapp: Hey Juss! Garlyle's started to advance to the East!
    Justin: What? That CAN'T be! Without Feena they have no strategy!
    Feena: Oh no...! Do you think Leen plans to do it alone? Justin! Please! STOP
    Justin: You BET I'll stop her, Feena! Everyone! We're heading East through the
            Luzets to J Base! Let's go!!
    [They enter the Luzet Mountains.]
    Liete: Hmm. The monsters are beginning to be effected [sic] by Gaia.
    Justin: Monsters? Effected [sic] by Gaia? What does that mean!?
    Liete: It means that Gaia's energy is entering other beings, making them like
    Rapp: You mean they're getting stronger?
    Liete: Gaia is a monster that evolves. We must stop it before it can....
    [The ground shakes.]
    Liete: What is this? Oh NO! Justin!! Gaia has begun to evolve!!
    Justin: WHAT!!?
    [At J Base, the battle preparations are in gear.]
    Radio: Gaia movement observed! Metamorphosis proceeding to second form!
    Soldier: C-colonel!! Look!! It's Lieutenant Leen!!
    Mullen: ...!? What's going on!?
    Soldier: Sir! It's Lieutenant Leen! Lieutenant Leen was heading for Turret 3.
    Mullen: WHAT!? I haven't given the order to attack yet!! What is she doing!?
    Radio: Attention all personnel! Movements observed in Gaia's lateral area!
           Attention Colonel Mullen! Gaia's main body is heading towards J Base.
           Prepare invasion defense!!
    Mullen: Why? Why has Leen chosen a time like this?!!
    [Justin's team enters the control room.]
    Mullen: Still no good?! You still can't get a hold of Leen?! At this rate, we
            can't move!
    Justin: Mullen! What in the world is happening? Where is Leen?
    Mullen: Justin?! Why is Feena here? Leen couldn't have gone on alone. No, it
            can't be!
    [Leen's face appears on all the bridge's monitors.]
    Leen: Attention all hands. As of now, J Base systems are under my control. I
          repeat! All systems of J Base are under the control of Lieutenant Leen!
    Mullen: Wh-where are you?! Return immediately! Leen!!
    Leen: I know you're there. Feena...and Justin, too. I can feel you there.
    Feena: Sister...
    Leen: Now that we're about to repeat a tragedy of the past, I want to tell you
          something. Depending on the power of the Icarians will only repeat the
          sad fate of the myths. I am here to put a stop to this operation.
    [The soldiers cause a hubbub.]
    Leen: The real power to save the world...that power rests in Feena and not in
          me. That power is you -- Justin. It's just...your power is still very
          small and hard to grasp. That is why I will buy you time. I will buy you
          just barely enough time to save this world. Perhaps...to live means to
          repeat many mistakes. Gaia was also born from one of these mistakes. Herr
          Mullen...it was you who said that these wings are the symbol of such sin.
          Yet, if I am able to lessen the sins of those who may torment you... I...
          I can feel proud of even these cursed wings.
    Mullen: What are you saying, Leen?! I should be the one saying that! I wanted
            to release you from those wings that torment you so! That has been my
            wish for so very long!
    Leen: The people of the world mustn't repeat the same mistakes in the battles
          that lie ahead. They must walk a new path, fighting to create an unsoiled
          world! And...the person who can do this...Herr Mullen...is YOU Justin!! I
          know that it is you who can do this!! You will find the answer that will
          break the chain of sad fate that binds this world!!
    Justin: Wait! Leen! What am I suppossed [sic] to do?
    Leen: Colonel Mullen...please hear me out to the end. I love you more than
          anyone else! Much, much more!
    [The connection drops.]
    Mullen: Leeeeeeen!!
    Justin: Mullen!! Where is Leen headed?! How can I get there!?
    Mullen: .... ....
    Justin: Mullen!!
    Mullen: There should be a door part way up the stairs that leads to a room.
            Outside that door is the steam cannon that will be used to stop Gaia's
            attack. Leen...Leen is probably there.
    [Justin runs onto the roof.]
    Justin: DON'T DO IT!! LEEEEEEN!!
    [Leen and the steam cannon are swallowed by Gaia. Later, at Zil Padon...]
    Rapp: What's eatin' Feena, anyway? She's been stuck in that tent since
          yesterday. I guess it's normal, though. She did lose family. Maybe we'd
          best leave her alone. But you be sure to go and cheer her up later Juss.
          Me and Liete wouldn't cut it, you know?
    Liete: The light of an Icarian has now been lost for eternity. It is tragic...
           the past can never be changed. But the future CAN be changed with the
           power of will. That's right, Justin. You who are outside the ring of
           fate, and Feena an Icarian.... It seems that with the will of both of
           you, the future CAN be changed. Feena's will is still weak, Justin. You
           must help her make it strong.
    [Mullen arrives.]
    Mullen: Feena is inside, isn't she? I want to talk to her.
    Justin: NO! Not you or ANYONE! Feena doesn't want to see you. And it's your
            OWN fault!
    Mullen: There is little time. Stand aside Justin!
    Justin: In a pig's eye! You're not happy with killing just Leen, now you want
            FEENA TOO! At least you could TRY to understand what Feena is going
    Mullen: How DARE you presume to understand! Do you think YOU know the burden
            that Leen and Feena bear for having been born Icarians!? How could YOU
            even BEGIN to realize the weight of those wings?!! Know the shame of
            your OWN ignorance before you accuse OTHERS!
    [He pushes his way inside, and Justin follows a bit later.]
    Mullen: Think carefully. Now that Gaia has ceased it's [sic] activity, this is
            our final chance, Feena.
    Feena: .... ....
    Mullen: We must invade the interior of its body and crush the Spirit Stone,
            its power source. To do this, we need you. Because you are the only
            Icarian left in the world.
    Feena: And I will die...just like in the myths. Just like in the mural I once
    Mullen: You're right. I cannot guarantee that you will live.
    Justin: STOP IT Mullen! Do you want to repeat the same tragedy?! Don't involve
    Mullen: The operation starts tomorrow morning. Feena, you must decide the rest
            on your own. I will not force you.
    Justin: WAIT! MULLEN!! Have you forgotten Leen's words?! We must now find a NEW
    Mullen: Shut up, Justin!! How do you plan to find such a thing? Where is this
            new path of yours?!
    Justin: Well...
    Mullen: I will FIGHT! Fighting is the only way to open a new path!! If you
            think there is another way, then speak up now, Justin!!
    Justin: .... ....
    Mullen: So you have no answer? Are you trying to make Leen's death
    Feena: STOP IT! My sister...Leen must be really sad.... Those she left behind
           to be arguing like this. Go home.
    Mullen: This precious time that we gained in exchange for Leen's life is
            irreplaceable. Don't forget that.
    [Mullen leaves.]
    Feena: Justin, the "New Path" that Leen spoke of...you think it really exists?
    Justin: Of course! I'll definitely find it! You'll see!
    Feena: If that's so, you should have said so to Mullen, too! Why didn't you
           say anything to him? I'm sorry, Justin. I-I just don't know what to do.
    Justin: Don't give up! We still have time.
    Feena: It's so strange. My legs won't stop shaking. I'm scared. I don't want
           to die! Justin!
    [Justin leaves her to her thoughts.]
    Rapp: Yeah. Well, anyway. Feena probably didn't really mean what she said. So
          don't worry, OK? Relax! OK, Juss?
    Liete: I've never seen Feena act that way. It was shocking.
    Justin: Feena.... Leen, help me. Tell me what to do.
    Gina: Mr. red-haired adventurer boy!
    Justin: Gina!
    Gina: What's-a matter you, eh? You make-a face like that-a not handsome!
    Justin: Ha, ha! Even with the city in ruins, you Mogay NEVER get down, do you?
            What would Guido say at a time like this? That's IT! Guido! What
            happened to him, anyway? Has he come back from business? Maybe HE can
            tell me what I should do. Maybe HE knows my next move!
    Gina: Mr. big-shot Elder come-a back just now! He's-a want to see you! Says he
          gotta talk-a to you.
    Justin: OK! Let's go see him then! He'll know SOMETHING. He must!
    [They visit Guido's house.]
    Guido: I'm-a hear about everything Justin. Now you come to the big trial!
    Justin: Guido! Tell me! Please! Tell me how to save the world without letting
            Feena die! I just can't figure out what Leen meant when she talked
            about an "answer!" I just can't figure....
    Guido: Justin. Gaia is-a not dead. You still got big, big problem. And you, you
           face a big, big test. You take care everything, just you? I think it's-a
           time to ask help.
    Justin: Ask for...help...?
    Guido: I'm-a surprised you no think about it. Anybody fight better when he
           fight for others and not himself! That makes-a big power! Now you fight
           for MOST important person. You need-a BIGGEST power!
    Justin: The most...important...person? Of course! That's Feena!
    Guido: BINGO!! NOW you get it! NOW you know what you gotta do! You know? I
           think if-a you work TOGETHER with Feena, you gonna do it! Just like we
           fix up-a Zil Padon!
    Justin: Yeah, that's IT! Me and Feena, together! Thanks Guido! I'm gonna go
            talk to Feena!
    [They return to her tent, but...]
    Justin: Huh...!? Feena?
    Rapp: Hey Juss! She's gone...!
    [He sees something on the ground.]
    Justin: ...? That's.... Why that's the Hero's Armband. One of the Hero's
            Armbands Feena and I got in Dight. Wait...! NO! Rapp! She's in the
    38) FIELD BASE                                                           [WK38]
    [They find Feena and Mullen about to board the Lyonlot.]
    Justin: Feena! Wait!! You don't have to go! I'll stop Gaia, I'll do it!!
    Mullen: Justin...I understand how you feel. But you can't stop Gaia!
    Feena: Justin...thank you. I remember when you gave the Spirit Stone to Baal
           to save me. I knew how you felt then. But now...Gaia has been
           resurrected, and many people have died...even my sister. It's my turn
           now. I must protect from Gaia whatever I can. The world...and you too,
    Justin: Feena, NO, WAIT!! I gave the Spirit Stone to Baal so it's MY fault. So
            I should....
    [He runs after her but she knocks him out with her Icarian powers.]
    Justin: Aaaaah!!
    Feena: I was born to this...as an Icarian. It's something only I can do. If
           Gaia is not stopped everything will...die.... So someone MUST stop him
           NOW. It's...my duty as an Icarian. I'm an Icarian, and so I must go.
           So...to you...my sweet....Justin... JUSTIN...! Good bye. Don't forget
    [The ship disembarks as Justin awakens.]
    Justin: Rapp, Liete...let's go.
    Rapp: Huh? "Let's go...!?" What are you TALKIN' about!!? GO!? Go WHERE!!?
          There's only one place for YOU, buddy-boy...and that's where FEENA is!!
    Justin: .... ....
    Rapp: Hey!! SAY something!! You're going with Feena! Right Juss?!
    Justin: I...I can't protect Feena.... If I can't stop Gaia, then why go? I
            wouldn't make any difference.
    Rapp: .... .... .... You are the biggest IDIOT I have ever had the misfortune
          to know! I can't stand the SIGHT of you giving up!! I'm going with
          Feena... Juss!!? You're a COWARD!! I have NO respect for you ANY MORE!
          And we're NOT friends anymore either. Just...get out of my SIGHT!!
    [He leaves.]
    Liete: Justin...? Is this really the way you want things to be? Weren't you
           going to make a future that would turn my tablet red?
    Justin: .... ....
    Liete: I see. Then I have no reason to spend any more time with you. I shall
           return to Alent. Even as one who waits for eternity to pass, I have to
           say the time I spent with you was wasted.
    [She leaves too. Justin sees the sergeants riding a tank out of the camp.]
    Saki: Well, if it isn't JUSTIN! Looks like no one needs you now. Not that Herr
          Mullen or anyone else ever needed US either....
    Mio: Herr Mullen has ordered us to escort all the soldiers who won't join in
         the last attack to their homes.
    Saki: We wanted to join in the attack, but Herr Mullen said: "I'm leaving the
          rest of the soldiers in your care."
    Mio: We had our differences, but the army is disbanding now. I guess we won't
         see you again.
    Nana: Get away while you can, Justin. There's no time. You're one of the
          survivors now. Don't waste the life you have!
    Saki: All right MOVE OUT! We're returning to Messina!!
    [They leave.]
    Justin: Everybody...everybody's gone. What about me? Where do I go?
    [He starts walking back through the Savanna, but stumbles in the rain.]
    Justin: I...I wanted so much to become an adventurer. What am I doing in such
            a far away place...?
    [The ex-encampment's domesticated crow lands near him.]
    Justin: Hey there. Are you alone, too? Ha ha...you're just like me.
    Bird: Gaia, Gaia escape! You have nothing more to do! Run far away. Caw caw
    Justin: Do nothing? Is that it?
    [The bird flies off.]
    Justin: What made me think I could save the world...? Create a new future...?
            Rewrite history...? What was I thinking? Forget opening up a new
            future... I'm useless... I can't do anything!! Crossing the End of the
            World.... Finding a way to Alent.... They all don't mean a thing! I
            can't even protect the one girl I love! Leen...I'm sorry. I couldn't
            find that "New Way" of which you spoke, Leen.
    [He sees Spirits floating on the breeze.]
    Justin: Spirits? Are you calling me...? Hey...that's the way to Zil Padon.
            That's it! Guido! Maybe Guido can tell me what I should do....
    [He returns to the town and finds Guido talking with a man.]
    Villager: Guido, the money that you and the other Mogay gave us has been so
              useful. I'm ashamed of the things I used to say about you. I never
              understood what you were preparing for.
    Guido: Money is for times like these! Forget about it! Let's get to work!
    Villager: Yeah!
    Justin: So THAT's what you were doing Guido?! You Mogay knew all the time this
            would be needed? That's awesome! Wow. that's so totally not like me. I
            NEVER think ahead. I kind of wish I knew what to do like YOU all do. I
            want to be useful too. OH! I know! Guido! I can help you! Right? Let me
            help, Guido!!
    Guido: That's-a no good, Justin. I'm-a think you no cut out for this kind of
    Justin: Oh...bogus. Man, I never thought I was so worthless that even YOU'd
            kiss me off.
    Guido: What? Kiss-a you OFF? You not understand-a Mogay thinking Justin. Mogay
           NEVER kiss off-a NOTHING! You know why? 'Cause even something look-a
           worthless, it's-a got SPIRIT inside!! So people can can-a [sic] use
           somehow. We Mogay...we use-a EVERYTHING!
    Justin: But Guido...please. Let me help somehow, OK? I can't DO anything else.
    Guido: Justin...you STILL no listen to me. Everybody got his OWN role.
    Justin: But I blew it! I'm useless! What can I do!? Nothing!
    Guido: That's-a what YOU think. Justin...look at THAT!
    [The Spirits gather.]
    Justin: The...the Spirits?! What...? Why are they HERE?
    Guido: Back in the times of the myths, people and Spirits...they live-a
           together. Until Gaia break-a the people's-a hearts! And no one try to
           put-a the hearts together. No one could do it. But Justin! You make it
           this far! I'm-a knew you would!
    Justin: ME!? What do you mean I made it? It was NEVER me! It was FEENA who
            saved Zil Padon! It was LEEN who stopped Gaia! And MULLEN who'll fight
            the last battle! Not me! I'm not good for anything!
    Guido: Justin...maybe you want to be a HERO. But tell-a me, what can just one
           person do?
    Justin: One person? Alone? NOTHING! And me...I'm alone. That's why....
    Guido: So you think-a you just alone? Justin...you STILL no see?
    Sue: Jus-tin! (heart)
    Justin: Sue?!
    [He turns around to see Sue, Gadwin, Rapp, Liete and Milda behind him.]
    Justin: What are you doing here? And everyone else, too?
    Sue: Ehe, hee, hee. We're here! (heart)
    Justin: Everybody...why...?
    Milda: Justin! Your hard work here'll prove your [sic] a real man. Women dream
           of being saved by the man they love! Of course, that goes for Feena,
    Sue: That's right, Justin! It's not like you to get so down like this, Justin!
         Besides, aren't you breaking your promise? You said you would explore the
         world with Feena together forever!
    Liete: But Feena must face her fate as an Icarian. There's no way of escaping
    Justin: Li-Liete...?
    Liete: That's why you must create a new path! You're the only one who can break
           open doors shut tight against all reason!
    Rapp: Well, the point is, Juss that both me and you, we ain't cut out for
          thinkin' too hard.
    Liete: Exactly!
    Rapp: Rather than thinkin' too hard, let's just do it, OK! It'll work out
          somehow. I just know it!
    Justin: Rapp... Liete....
    Gadwin: Hmmm! I, Gadwin, certainly see your greatness as a warrior and as a
            man! You have good friends, Justin.
    Justin: Everyone...everyone...!
    Guido: Look, you can see that you are not alone. This is your-a true power! And
           it's-a more than these people! You brought together the world! YOU
           planted the seeds! All this is your power. So use your power to save the
           world! It's-a your job, no?
    Sue: Justin! Come on! Get off your duff! Aren't you going to save Feena?
    Rapp: Right! And you promised to avenge the petrified forest, right?
    Liete: The chains of fate are breaking. I think I'll be able to color my tablet
           by myself.
    Justin: Right...I still have power to use. All I had to do is work together
            with everyone! Why didn't I think of it?! I'm NOT alone! You're all
            with me! Spirits! Here I come!!
    [The Spirits combine and form a magical door on main street.]
    Justin: HUH!? What IS that!?
    Liete: That is the Gate of the Spirits! It is the same as the portal that
           opened to the one who embodied the truth in the beginning of the Angelou
           Civilization. I thought the Embodied One only appeared at the beginning
           of the world but now another is about to be born. The Spirits have
           deemed you fit to enter into the Sanctuary. To create a new world.
    Justin: The Spirits? Me...?
    Liete: You have been chosen to possess the new Spirit Stone. Let us go, Justin,
           to the Sanctuary of the Spirits. Rise to the will of the Spirits. If
           you rise to their bidding they are certain to lend you their powers.
    Justin: Yes, I will. I WILL! Let's GO TO THE SANCTUARY!
    [They defeat the Mage King and enter the sanctuary of light.]
    Liete: The path from here on is for the Chosen One alone. That is you, Justin.
           Tell the Spirits what you hope for. Once your wishes reach them.... The
           world...hmanity will change once again.
    [Justin starts out.]
    Justin: It's been a long way. But here I am. Here I am, about to learn the
            answer. I have come to find what you Spirits and we humans have lost...
            and what we need to protect. I have come to find what we will need to
            build! That's what I have come for! We humans...have been repeating the
            same, tragic mistakes over and over again. Just like the mythical
            Icarians! We have let Leen.... We have allowed Leen to DIE!! And now
            Feena...! All we are doing is repeating the tragedy again! Are we
            humans so weak...!? Can't we CHANGE things?! I KNOW we CAN!! We can
            CHANGE our destiny!! Enough of all this!! No more sacrifices!! I can't
            stand the thought of seeing more sad faces! I want to break the chain
            of sadness and build a world of harmony together with all you Spirits!
            So PLEASE...! HELP me DO IT!!
    [He makes it to the central platform; the Spirits create a new Spirit Stone.]
    Justin: We can't go on like this! Give me the power to fight! The power to
            build a new future!!
    [The stone morphs into a sword and drops to Justin.]
    Rapp: Way to GO Juss! I KNEW you had it in you!!
    Liete: The myth of yore has come to pass, Justin. You have finally obtained it!
           The power given to the Icarians to bring humanity together with the
    Justin: NOW I finally understand! The Spirits have ALWAYS extended their hands
            to us. In order to BUILD A NEW FUTURE!! The wishes of the Spirits are
            sure to reach them BOTH!! Feena, and Mullen!!
    [They exit the sanctuary and find themselves at J Base.]
    39) J BASE                                                               [WK39]
    [Justin notices the surroundings.]
    Justin: But how...?
    Liete: It seems that Gaia has begun the final stage of its metamorphosis.
    [Gaia sheds its outer shell and emerges as a spore-spreading insectoid.]
    Liete: There is no time left! The spores of Gaia have been flung to all corners
           of the world. If nothing is done to stop it, it will be a matter of time
           before Gaia rules the world!
    Justin: We CAN'T let that happen!! Come on Rapp, Liete! The underground
            passages of J Base should lead us to Gaia!
    Liete: Justin...Rapp...do you feel it? There is a crack in the building. Gaia
           is growing! There must be a place deep inside that leads to the heart of
    Justin: Could it be here?!
    Liete: There is no doubt it leads to Gaia.
    Rapp: Juss! Hey Juss!! What are you waiting for!? Let's GO!!
    [At the Icarian City's bottom, they find Mullen, Feena and some Gaia Battlers.]
    Justin: What's that!?
    Mullen: UNGH!! NO...! I...cannot...fail! Not here...not yet...!
    Feena: Help! SOMEONE!!
    Justin: Hold ON Feena! I'm coming!!
    Feena: Jus...Justin!?
    [He defeats them using the Spirit Sword's inherent power.]
    Justin: I've come to help! Feena! Mullen! Now I finally understand what Leen
            was trying to say. The Spirits will bless us if we fight with one
            heart, together! If the will of humanity and the will of the Spirits
            become one, ANY miracle can happen! We can defeat Gaia and build a NEW
    Feena: Justin...your sword...I can feel the power of the Spirits in it!
    Justin: This sword was given to me by the Spirits. It will forge a new future
            for all of us together!
    Feena: Jus...Justin! At long last...the Spirits HAVE accepted you!!
    Mullen: No. It cannot be! The Spirits could NEVER forgive humanity's sins! How
            COULD the Spirits ever forgive us for what we've done?
    Justin: Mullen! The Spirits have never forsaken us. The Spirits have never
            stopped extending their hands to us. It is WE who have forsaken the
            Spirits, Mullen! Just like you are doing now!
    Mullen: Wh...WHAT?! What NONSENSE!! Justin! What good is all your TALK!? Show
            me PROOF that what you say is really so!! Show me...with your SWORD!!
    Justin: All right. Mullen! En garde!!
    [Justin defeats him in battle.]
    Mullen: Ung...! Justin...! Th-this POWER! Have you been accepted by the
            Spirits? Has a human been accepted by the Spirits? So it was I who did
            not understand Leen. She put her trust in me! How stupid I was! If I
            had realized this earlier, I wouldn't have lost Leen!
    Feena: No Mullen. It's not too late. We were all wrong! And Leen knew that we
           would realize this. That's why she bought us time!
    Justin: Let's go together, Mullen! We can fight! If we all put our powers 
            together, we'll be much stronger than Gaia!
    Mullen: Can I fight once again? Have I too been given the protection of the
    Feena: It's OK, Mullen. Me, and Justin. Mullen, you and Leen. All of us live
           in this world. If we all work together, therein lies the blessing of the
    Mullen: To exhaust myself and fall in this place -- that was the path that I
            was to follow. But my fate has changed! Let us open up a new future
            for Mother Earth and for the people living on it! Let's go together!
            Justin. This time, I'll use my powers for all of you!!
    Feena: Thank you, Mullen!
    [Using an elevator, the team escapes into fresh air.]
    Nana: Herr...MU-llennnn....(note)
    [Nana flies by in a Garlyle plane.]
    Mullen: Hm? Sergeant Nana? What are YOU doing here? You were discharged from
    [The other sergeants fly by, too.]
    Saki: Nana! Just WHAT are you up to?
    Mio: Yes! Our plan was to go TOGETHER!
    Nana: Can I help it you were late?
    Sue: Here come the reinforcements Justin!
    [The rest of the gang rides near on a sand manta.]
    Gadwin: A NEW contest I seek! I have CHALLENGED the VILE BEAST!
    Milda: Justin! We decided to come and help out these here soldier boys!
    Guido: Thanks to you, Justin, there's-a no more army OR civilian! EVERYBODY's-a
           got the SAME enemy!
    Nana: All units in position!
    Saki: All aircraft charged and ready!
    Mio: Civilian shelters ready! Final attack preparations complete! All units
         awaiting orders, Herr Mullen. (note)
    Mullen: Heh! What AM I going to do with you? It seems that I must give orders
            for EVERYTHING around here! So be it, then! I'll provide cover from the
            outside! Justin! Feena! Focus only on breaking up the Spirit Stone!
    Justin: OK Mullen! We got it!
    Mullen: And Justin! Feena! Come back safely!
    Feena: You too....
    Mullen: It's up to you now, Justin!
    [He jumps on an aircraft and leaves.]
    Rapp: Looks like there was no need for all of us to show up! Oh well. Guess
          well just mop up, then!
    [They traverse Gaia's body and enter a membranous chamber.]
    Baal: Obsolescent human FOOLS! I give you credit for coming this far. Now that
          I have achieved the ultimate level of evolution, I am INVINCIBLE!
    [They defeat Baal. He then appears as a tiny worm-like critter.]
    Baal: I have achieved the ultimate level of human evolution! No one surpasses
    [They chase after Baal and soon find his final form.]
    Baal: We know you...we know you want something. We know you hate something. We
          know that all humans were born to hate what is richer than ourselves and
          strive to TAKE it. Even if you were to take all the riches that are left
          in the world your greed will NEVER be satisfied.
    Justin: Humans were NEVER born to fight and steal! We were born to open up the
            same path TOGETHER!
    [They slay Baal once and for all. A light opens up in the dark chamber.]
    Liete: From here on, Justin, Feena...your task awaits.
    Rapp: We'll be waiting outside. Go in and take care of business!
    Liete: From here on you can feel the energy waves of the Spirit Stone. It must
           be Gaia's core. Justin...Feena. You have broken the ring of your own
           destiny. Now break the ring of destiny for all life in this world!
    Justin: Right. I know what to do. I'll break it all. Gaia...the Spirit Stone...
            the fate of the Icarians.
    Rapp: Sheesh! He gets ALL the fun. When Gaia gets busted up this'll all fall
          apart, right? I think we'll just wait down there in a safer place.
          Whaddya say, Liete?
    Liete: Yes. Let's. The final destiny should be changed only by the Hero and the
    Feena: Shall we go, Justin? Together with everyone's hopes!
    Justin: OK. Let's GO!
    [They enter the Spirit Stone's chamber.]
    Feena: The Spirit Stone.... It gave power to the people...it drove the people
           to ruin. All in a sad chain of myths.
    Justin: When you think about it -- this Spirit Stone has taught us many things.
            This light has always illuminated the way for us to go. But now, the
            light is of no more use. From now on, we will illuminate the path to
            our future with our own light.
    Feena: Come, Justin, our long, sad fate is now at an end. With your sword
    Justin: Yes... O' Spirits! We will start a new age! Please watch over us!
            Let's go! Let's all go together! Yaaaaahhhhhh! Come oooooonnnnnn!
    [He destroys the Spirit Stone with his sword; the light explodes from Gaia.]
    40) AFTERMATH/EPILOGUE                                                   [WK40]
    [Justin wakes up on a hillside to find Feena holding his hand.]
    Feena: Hey, there.
    Justin: Feena. You're OK! What about the others...?
    Feena: Look over there, Justin.
    [They see the ruined structure of Gaia, transformed into a giant tree.]
    Justin: Th-that's...Gaia...?
    Feena: Right. Everything seems to have been born again. Not only Gaia, but
           this whole world. Can you feel it, Justin? The whole world is filled
           with the power of the Spirits.
    [Around the world, the petrified people return to normal. On a hill near all
     Justin's friends, Mullen stands by himself.]
    Mullen: Can you see it, Leen? Everything has been freed from the web of evil.
            Yes, even Gaia. The sad chain of fate has been broken at last. A new
            history of mankind will begin. The history that you desired. We may
            sometimes travel down a mistaken path. But...it will be all right. I
            am sure that we will be able to open new paths to travel upon. It seems
            that my work here has ended.
    [He sees a light.]
    Mullen: A Spirit...? Are you calling me?
    [Leen appears from a gathering of Spirits.]
    Mullen: Can it be...!? LEEN!?
    Leen: Unh...! Um....
    Mullen: Leen!
    Leen: .... He-Herr...Mullen...?
    Mullen: LEEEEEEN!!
    [They embrace. Justin and Feena can see the scene from afar.]
    Feena: I'm so glad. Leen...I can't believe it.... Miracles do happen.
    Justin: The Spirits carried her...and happiness here...for everyone.
    Feena: Uh, uh. No, Justin. It was you, who carried happiness here, Justin.
    [After the credits, Sue narrates.]
    Sue: This ends the story of Justin and friends and our adventures with the
         Spirit Stone and Angelou. The story of Justin the Adventurer became known
         throughout the world.
    [Back in Parm, Sue, now a young woman, emerges from the Seagull Restaurant.]
    Sue: Aunt Lilly the ship is almost here! Hurry.
    Lilly: The pie isn't done yet. Sorry, dear. I'm afraid you're going to have to
           go without me, OK?
    Sue: OK. See you! Let's go! Puffy!
    Puffy: Puff-puff!
    Sue: It's been ten years since that long adventure ended. The world we live in
         has changed so much.
    [A Lainian stops a human and Mogay kid on the bridge.]
    Lainian: Hey. Not you again. Don't you ever get tired of mischief like that!?
    H. Kid: This is no mischief. We're in training -- to become adventurers!
    M. Kid: You just don't understand!
    H. Kid: Yeah! That's right!
    Lainian: Do that somewhere where it won't bother people! Are you listening!?
    [Sue walks by.]
    Sue: Haha...well, maybe things haven't changed much. But you know, it has
         certainly gotten busier. Today is the day I've been WAITING for for so
         long! Justin and Feena are coming home after TEN years of adventures.
    [She walks to the sea port.]
    Sue: Tee-hee, I wonder what Justin will say when he sees I've become such a
         beautiful lady. He might just be so surprised that his tongue will be
         tied! I'm lookin' forward to it.
    [A bunch of red-haired boys and green-haired girls run off the steamer.]
    Boy: Yay! We're in Parm! Now, where's this "Seagull Restaurant"?
    Girl: There's yummy food there, right! I'm hungry!
    Boy: Hey, what's that?
    [They swarm around Sue and Puffy.]
    Puffy: Puff-puff Puff-puf Puff-puf
    Boy: Hey! It makes noises! It makes a neat sound!
    Girl: Yay! Let's get it!
    Puffy: Puff-puff!
    Boy: Neat! It's so soft!
    Girl: Oh! This must be Puffy! It's just like Daddy said. Looks kinda like a
    Boy: Huh? Not it doesn't.
    Sue: Hey, are you...? Where is your Mommy and Daddy?
    Girl: Over there. They're still on the ship.
    Puffy: Puff-puffff
    Boy: Ah. It's running away! Gonna catcha!
    Girl: Yaay!
    [The children chase after Puffy. A girl waits with Sue for the parents.]
    Sue: Ah! Justin! Feena!!
    [The camera fades out to overlook Parm, now a bustling city.]
                                        THE END
    41) UPDATES & CONTRIBUTORS                                               [UPDT]
     10-13-11 ----------------+ Started script
     02-10-12 ----------------+ Finished script
    THANKS TO...
     • Sailor/Ceej, for hosting my junk
     • Psycho Penguin, for suggesting I write for Grandia in the first place
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